The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 28, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 28, 1930
Page 4
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As English Girl Star Won U. S. Tnmis Title o U U U U ) TRIP UP National Rnce Is Still Anybody's Maybe; Lyons Wins No. 20 (or Year. ; NEW YORK. - The Pittsburgh Pirates turned lhc league, leading Bruins of the National loop : yesterday while the P.rockl\n Robins pulled a similar stunt tin (he second place Giants and thrrnienod iho Jennie leadi-rs. The Macks nnd Stnril-j!.-. idled in the junior circuit. The Pirates smashed the offerings of tlie Cub pitchers for 29 hits including five .singles by Pie Traynor. English list a homer for the Bruins, lirame held the Cubs well In the pinches. The score was 10 to 8. - Tlie Brooklyn Robins came out of a seventeen (same losing streak to triumph over the New York Giants. 7 to 2. The Robins who dropped from firs: to third os they 15 nut of 18 games, reduced N«-w York's margin to n half came. Jim Elliott who ralieved Clurk in the second went the rest of '.he way for the Robins. The St. Lo'.iis Cardiauls eked out n win over the Cisiclnrmli Teed-, 2 ID 1 at Cincinnati. Sparky Adams, veteran infielder. tripled in the first inning ami later scored and counted again in the eighth for the Cards two runs. Hhem was the wining mid Rixy the losing hurler. The Phils defeated the Braves 9 to 3 in the opening of n four fame series. Fred Brickell. the outfielder from the Pittsburgh Pirates made his home clcbnt in a AUGUST w, Hi:io ll lll tiff. Mississippi County Building i: Loan Association of P/lythevllle. Arkansas. Witness my hand, as clerk of ^salcl conn, and Ihe seal thereof, [ on this, tiie 21s', day of August. • 1930. 1 W. W. HOUJPBTEH. Clflrk. l!y Murvey Morris D, C. Am;. 21-28, Sept. 4-11. XOTK:K or SCHOOL f F C\ N( 01 L,X-Uiamp Ccunty Hoard of Education of MIs- lljiro's Curl) Ex- | siss 'l ) l j ' Comity, has called :in r-lec- to Draw Crowd. . School District of Mississippi Coun-- ; 'ty. on the 4th day cf September, OT.CKOI.A. Alk. — The iiranfiRO- ' al which the (|ur.Hfli'd cirelors in 1 iriLiit of the Osccbhi Indiiins, ono.said Sdiool ni:,irici shall vntc on ,<j< ihc lending Independent bull ' -he qiwsllon of applying Joi- a loan .(.'•IIHIS nf the south, is conjp'.tting j from tho Revolving lx>un Fund. !:irsui.i;em<-n'..s (o care for the tng-'niHl H'» levying of a special tax of j ! i_'csi triiwd lu ever ultne.v a bull ---- ">'" !i amuially on the ayse.sseci ' 1 ifaiiie lifif next Tuesday when The valiialk-n of the taxable properly t Indian:, aurl thp Monc-tln liuffulofs '» 'he district so long as Ls nee- |ljritt:f with Jack Dempsey. lornicv essaiy to repay said loan and RITZ THEATER , HOME THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday Wednesday and Thursday tin boxiiii! champion In role of umpire. ' Tl'.i' day will b» a gala holiday ' h'Ti: ivilli fium'iiur Parnell on | hand to introduce the Manassa , Ma-.ilcr lo t!;c crowd mid Dwiglit | Bhukwc'id, Male highway coiu- inij>i(jiier and former hie IC-HBUC j nr '»,™'«t ' ball iiliiycr, and others here to make ! ""a*" 11 the day n bia success. £ A group will aiolor to Memphis and return Demp«ey here to um- i liire the giimc. fnancdiately after-' • wiirds he will return li> Memphis' • where he is scheduled to appear in I the ring where he gained popular-! ; ity as the greatest drawing curd : in the history of sports. But the | . one time champion v/Ill appear jicleice and not as a piincipal ; the square circle. UIBERT Ro])<M jn NATIONAL JEWISH HOME | LONDON, Aug. 28,-Lord Pn^s- i Heir!, British Secretary of State for Colonies, has announced to a Philadelphia uniform and hit three . singles aad a double. • ; Ted Lyons pitched his 20lh vie- j tory of, the tearxm for the Chicn- ! go Cubs yesterday in n 5 lo •! win ; after Braxlon hud been credited • with victory In the tlrst game of' a dcublehe.ider. 14 to 5. The In- j dlaus, on the losing end of both | sames, fought hard to overcome ihe \ Sox in the second encounter but . Lyotis was bearing down all the way. Walter Stewart held the Detroit; Tigers to five scattered hits for i his 10th victory of Ihe season ns ; lhc Brownies won In n wall: 5 tn 0. Stewart also batted In two runs \ tor his team. j The first foreign player to win I In womeii's national tennis championship In the 43 years of the tour| nniacni's, history, Betty NuOinll, England's !9-yr;i'-old court o.ucen, proved Invincible to American I : ilai-f. N;w to occupy the throne vacated by Mrs. iHen Wills Moody, tl« Enjilish girl champion is ' [i"""c"in"7" *T vl>:L ' uy 1H al!ue Ior j not ^ published in a loicluivd above (left, v.-llh Mrs. Lawrence A. Harpe- of OJkland, Calif., whom she defeated al G-l i delegation o'f Jcw\ "th-iTr™", '?, •" K^TT 1 ' '"" '" °"° of a B0neral | 1-4 in the :«..m,,u,te deciding match at the We, Side Tennis Chib. Forest Hil.s. Long Tsiand! ! ^ mandat?^' PaSS ^d JoCf'oT les "iL^e^™ I They're slir.wn at the rii:>u in action In the final i;imc; Miss Nntliall is in the fprcgiound. i " ol <'ontem])latc n Jewish slaleimore than ten davs before said ! there. It does ' tiosial vour first sliot and yon know you says. nrc going to piny the second. Much , of the second shot depends on ihe | Chancery Thanks. Sir. Muany Belly Nulhall is Ihe new tennis chainpion of the United Stales. The English girl, left off. the llrilisli Wlghtmnn Cup team last- spring, cime to the United Slates on her own hook and knocked oil the Araerican tennisers in a most mat- ter-of-fncl way. But (his depart. nieiit has one sugKestion lo oiler; ! Miss Nulhall oujht lo drop « lluli- ' note of ihimks .to Mister'Helen I Wills Moody, the young man whs married Ihe Ammcmi rhnmploti and kept her at home du/iiu; thu . tournament lo fry his cgiy. ', 1)1!) Vt)U KNOW THAT— It is Interesting lo note how the 1 footb.ilt pluyrr spends the gocd old summer lime. . . . Thus. Indiana's candidates are strung out over the country in all kinds of uuiilut pursuits. . . Grorpc Ro=s. halfback, worked In a boiler fnelory In Wubasli. . . . ATI Thomas wk'ldcd n shovel with a load gang. . . . Walt Waraska peddled ice in Detroit . . . Joe Zellcr was \i hand in (he Easl Chicago sleel mills . . . Vic Dauer did his dally sliul in th;> Gary .steel mills .... Paul J.isj]L-r filled up masry iceboxes in For^ Wayne . . . Wall Koenig worked In a Clevelnnd fiictory . . . Ben Mankowiki workixl in a Uitroil aulomobili' taclory . . . Jeny Hay worked on n farm. . . . Herman SluLski loih'd hi the Chicago stockyards . . . . mid. oh yes, four of the boys spi-nl thi' do'^ days In sunnier fCl'.OOl. Memphuins Save Siip|3ort- ci's from Hear I 1'ailurc; I 3 cbs Lose Close Baltic. contemplate n nn-j election) Jewish home, however, lie! Interest thereon. Such election shall be held at Hickman school 1 on the 4th day of September, 1030, i between the hours of 2 p. rn- and! 4 p. m.. and otherwise In the same | manner as Is provided by law for j holding annual school election. i Witness our hands this 2nd day' 1030. ! Harrison G. li. SegruvcE J. F. Tompkins • Ceo. Hill '\V. W. Shaver by Willie Lawson. County Board of Educa- '.ion for Mississippi Coun- tTlie foregoing resolution is to be I 9 I 'A^j^jt^^g^^fs \ "'"•'' i's i adopted within 15 days after the I (VrH^^MH^HBRf ! ^•"''"' '• uml ' : " 1(l I'^lllC Piclliru in'filing of the pelitl(j:i for the dec-1 \> f^^mK^S^k^^ i l.OVL^ itlld CKIMK walk jiion and the notic.; is 10 DC pub- ! liaiKl-in-hiiml in this dramatic lished once a week for two consecu-ISUtn l^aill'Ol and Oliver Tfardv I <i 1r i||:,., r .,,w| imnvimr ^;^ti,,- •live weeks In a newspaper published 1 j n '• ,- t \ " K , anl . a f- 111 " PlftUKi i,, the county. The nonce must | .. RR ATS » Cn '" , v , g , j° /''C midr-vwoi-ld—you can't not be. published in a sectional j N "".£ ' b Lomp "> anu bnun<l lalionl to miss )(. Matins 10c-30e i Admission MiiUiiec and Ni"lil 10t-3uc- ; 10c _ 2! - K . The Racketeer Aug. 21-28. first, u is a snrl of team game with only one player, only each shot is by a dlir.erent member of (he tcnni. You know that when one mem- Court. Chickasawba Dis-' trlcl, Mississippi County, ! Arkansas I Rast Arkansas Lumber Co., Plaintiff, i vs No. 4768 Larry Doyle's Idea The big difference between these Southern League W. L. Memphis 85 41 New Orleans 19 5ti • Atlniilu 13 61 Little nock 68 iW • Chntttmooga M 1U ! Nashville 57 1G ! Mobile 31 Of , „„,.„„„. ........ days and those, says Larry Uoyle, • j,t 0 \,ii e 37 second baseman for the Giants of a ' ' ....... ....... ' score of years ago. lies in the pilch- . Amrricaji League Ing. Larry says the pitcher «hc . starts a game loday quakes in his • Philadelphia moccasins as the parade of home- Washington run maulers inarches to the plate New York Larry doesn't tpllove the ball has (jlevelnnd been changed, but testifies Uial in . rx-trnit the old days one ball would be in I Chicago ..... use for several imiingj. --i-U'rois , st I oiiis now the pitcher has to throw a nic: ; Boston new shiny white targel every few minutes. Larry says Jo':in McGraw is n vreat manager because he impans confidence lo everj' ball player who wears a Giant uniform. It was Eagle-Eye Dick Kinsdta who took Doyle out of a coal rains Pittsburgh at Breese. III. Larry was a kid 20 • Baton years old when Dick told him to Cincinnati' report to the Gianls. At first Uirrv ! didn't like the majors. He bccamv . ___ hcmesick. He told McGrnw he want- ! n i i «• n i ed to quit. i raragould Kme Hands "You're a great ball player." was John .T.'s reply. "One of tlie esl prospects I ever had. !f you quit, you're making a mistake."" Larry was heartened by the words and he stuck. Pet. .644 .585 .f.71 .545 .SOT .431 .431 i .•>1G ATLANTA, Ga.'—The Memphis Chicks ix'hnvcd more like llu: | leaders of the Southern pennant scramble should act yesterday and walked awny with an 8 lo 3 victory [ivt'r the Atlanta Crackers here. I The Chicks got lo three Crackers [ pitchers for 14 hits while May held 'the Ciax to seven hingles. lUitche- susi. JciuicK nnd McDanlel led the ch3L-k hitters with three ivpiei'e. The New Orleans Pelicans made .1 clean sweep of the three 'panic M-rie:. with Chattanooga 4 to 'i. 11 ivn.s a fairly well pitched, name. C'il:i/.ner held the Lookouts lo nine scattered hits. The Barons won a close and exciting tilt from the Little Rock Travelers, 'J lo 1. Moore's hcmcr in (he third tied the score after Little Uurk had counted in the second. In the t'ouith a sacrifice put across the winning tally. Tin- Mobile Bears beal the Nashville Vols, 13 to 7 with nine ,',ins counted in the seventh. TAIil.K-TOl 1 FLYING Hated Aug. 21, 1930. ; W. W. HOLL1PETER. clerk, j ! Hy Elizabeth Blythe D C ' LONDON.—A table-top teacher'. Nelll Reed, Any Ad Lilem. ' ' j for the rudiments of Ityinr; is be-' Aug. 21-28. Sept. 4-11 I ing im>ci hore to teach student fly- I — . i ers. The -pilot" is provided with I r » 'he Chancery Court of fie : n real joy-stick, a rudder bar anc! j Chickasnwba District of Missis- lhrot[li\ titled under the table nt | sippi County. Arkansas. WE SELL QUALITY that Is not duplicated at these PRICES Compare CONSTRUCTION and VALUES which he sits. On the table ut his < Mississippi County Building & Loan Association of BIytheville Ark., Plaintiff. vs. No. -1799 eye level Ls a large glass case containing a captive model airplane and the rear end of the ease is cpen so that the pilot, will feel .n [Tress McBride. ,;t als. Defendants wind ii|i lo 70 miles an hour. All The minor defendant Mary \iiii movrmi-m.s nf the controls at the iMcBridc. is warned desk are recorded by the enclosed piauc 1 . this court within thirtv to appear days and , answer the complaint of the plain-, W .... 8C .... 11 .... 13 6ti .... 01 .... 50 50 National S.cajuc ! W. '' Chicago 75 i New York 68 ! Brooklyn 70 : .St. Louis 69 G-l 65 !»,. .GOT .611 .584 .516 .417 .-JOO .394 .347 Pet .G0:"> .562 .555 .552 HUTE _ Denny Shute, This article is an appeal to ll'.c solfcr to play his y:iine a little ' mor? wi-.h his head and a bit less ! with his clubs. After all golf can ' be made n highly mechanical game j if one neglects lo get the most oui j of it by planning and visualizing the best possible results. i Most any prrscn can learn to stand i.p .it the lee :m:l drive a golf ba!! straight do-Ail tho middle o! tho fairway. Ai;d it doesn't takv ' much lo learn to hit ar, Iron shot , .biC decently lor certain distances. Bui I .W it does take some im^mation and ' .430 i f'.rcthouijht to look ahe.ul and sec .331 ', the shoi to come. That is what I ! mean. Golf is a one-man same: you pbv Follow the Thrift Route back to school via Penncy's. Wide selection, dependable quality •ml, in many cases, the lowest prices in years. Dcieat to Manila Squad Buying Football Teams Refreshing frankness conies to sweeten the football world.A dispatch from Macon, Ga.. recites bow • Brown Nicholson, president o! the Macon Junior Chamber ol Commerce, proposes thai ths town support good footbaU players a: Mercer College. "There's no beating around th? bush," says Nicholson, "if v,-e dDn't pay the expenses of athletes at Mercer they will go elsewhere. We've got & good bunch lined up this fall but we've got to pay their expenses. Think what S50.000 a game would mean spent in Macon during the fall—anrt that'? what would happen if Mercer had a good football team." You have to hand it to the enter- MANILA. Ark.. Ai:c. 28.—The Parngould nine defeatrd the Manila second team yest?rdav. 11-5 in a game of many errors. The local second team is maraud by E. Crow and has defeated many o: the best crossroads stores' teams in this vicinity. ParaijouM had a much stronger team than the one that the Manlla-llcrncrsv:'.:c. MM . alt-stars dsffated at Carchr II last Sunday. Crippings, Walnut RMse youth, who was on the mound lor lhc visitors, was never in danger. He struck out ten of (he reserve : players. A very s::-.a'.l MFCC! crowd saw the game. • Manila Second team .. S 12 4 i Paragould u is : < Batteries: C. Ashabranner, E . Ashabranner and Crow: Crippirnr ' and Taerelkeld, E. Yantis. FARMS IN NEW YORK prising go-getters of Macon. Evidently they have been reading the ] NEW YORK—As unbelievable a.< text of the Carnegie Foundation re-lit sounds, there are 320 farms port on the subsidizing of the noble within the confines c[ N'-.v Yori athlete, well, well!. City. This metropolis devoted to _ j industry nnd mo'.iev.maki:-,g houses The first automobile constructed 1250 farms in Queensborougli, 66 in by Cugnof, in 1769. is still on view^Staten Island and 4 In Bro-khu in the Paris Museum. . I They are all truck farms. ' What you expect you get with Anhcurct'Bnsth Budweiser Barley-Malt SjTup LIGHT OR DARK RICH IN hODY NOT BIT1T - chool Supplies at Low Prices i'cncil Tablets, o:ich ,(c. Ik 1 1'ulilic School Wrilinjj TitWels (8'/ 2 xll) ,cnth 8c Cuniposilion Hooks (S|/,x7). each -lc So Note Hooks, e;ich .([• :Miel!ins Tnfilets (lx!l), each .|c Dnnviii),' Tablets (12x9), each .|c Loose Leaf Tillers (H x 10'/ 2 ), package .... .!c, Sc Loose Leaf Hinders, pach ... 8c, 2,"k Pencils, each . l c , 2c, >lc 1'en and Pencil ConibinaUons, each -_ Sc Mechanical Pencils, each _- Sc, 'IDc I.fad Refills, packiitce ... lc, Sc I'i'nholders. each _. .jo I'encil Sharpeners, each Sc I'otmtain Pens (11K Gold Point), each !)8c Erasers, each __ lc, -lc Pen Points (10 in a box), box Sc Crayons, box __ .lc, Sc (Hue, Mucilage, Paste, each Sc Ink, bottle Sc f)iclionaiies, each i)Sc School Hafts, each __. -Iflc J. C. Penney Co. ft ft Siw Width Wt-igllt ThicknessofTirc Plies at Tread. . Rubber Volume. Price Oar Tin 4.75 in. I6,S01bs. .598 «n. fa plies $6.35 ^Mflil Of4*r Tire 4.7Zin. 15.68 lUs. .558 in. 5 plica 150 en. in. $6.35 C»m*<Aee Yourself . COIM* M n anH ftxaneiete, Ttr..<i«r<l<,»* OLBFIELD dnrTir. 7kM« <Casli ITtee) Tir« 4.M.2i_$5.55 $5.55 4.s(wi_. 6.i5 .6.35 4.75.19. 7.55 7.55 s.oo.2o_ 8.15 8.15 5.25-is.. 8.9S 8.98 5.25-21.. 9.75 9=75 0.00-20.12.55 12.90 i-pir Qthtr gtin PrcyvKHnMtb* Ltw DEPARTMENT n-2L'2 W Main St. Inc. STORE Hlylhcvlllc, Ark. H. D. TRUCK TIRES 30»s—.1945 »9.45 32x6 34*10 34.1O ft******* BATTERIES 15-PUte Scmlnrf- Here is EXTRA SAFETY anil PROTECTION for Your Labor Day Trip UNDER the non-skid tread of llicac famous Firestone Tirca i» a double breaker of two plies of cord fabric anchoredincuBli- ion rubber. This special construction absorbs road shocks —protects against punctures and blowouls —provides the foundation for tlie thick, to.ugli tread with deeper grooves— giving longer non-akid wear. OTUERmokeSof^ircBhnve only a single breaker of old- fashioned square woven fabric: •which Firestone discurtled •M'hcn they developed the !>al- loon tire. Some makes do nol have any breaker nl all. The Firestone Tire is act apart us an "All Cord Tire". A Department Store for Motorists We liavc joined with Firestone to firing you these extra valac tires at low cost. We also sell nnd service the complete line of Fircslono Tires, Tuhcs, Batteries, Hrnke Lining, "Rim* and Accessories, alsj Gasoline, Oils and Lubrication. Use one complete icrvkc—we will M*e.y««i naooej and Bcrvc yon better, ANcnort Super Heavy Italy OurTir. J,Mailorder <C»>hrrlc«) Super Tire 4.50?2i..$9.10 $9.95 4.75 19-10.20 10.25 S.OO-19-JO.95 11.75 5.25!20..12.J5 13.63 S.50-20..13, 0 90 15.15 6.00-20..14 0 ?0 17.10 C.S0.19..17.40 18.9S ?.oo-2o_ 19.O5 21-45 Other Slzti Pror>ortioRitcl7 Low COURIER I1 Orjtr Tlie (Oih Trice) 30*3 ^.-$4. 2O $4,20 4.40.21.. 4.79 4.79 4.50-21.. 5.35 5.35 v DOV1ILE GUARANTEE ^ Every lire w* sell Iwara trie Firestone name for the protection of our good customers. Every tire carries the unlimited Firestone Guarantee and oars. •^•A "Mail Order"" or "Special Brnnd" tire is inadebyBomcunknowninnmifarlurcruiid sold under a nnme that docs not identify liim to the public, usually Ixccatise be builds bis "first grade" tires under his own name. Drive In Today and Let Vs Equip aai Sa$rvico Yp«r Car! 777 TIRE & BATTERY STATION PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Call 777, 810, 811

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