The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, March 28, 1938
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VOIAJMUXXXV—NO, 8. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS — THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTH*!* ARKANSAS AND SOtmiEAST MISSOURI Blythcville Courier Blylhevlllc Herald Mississippi Valley Leader Blythevlllu Dally News _HLYTIircVlU.K. ARKANSAS, MONDAY, MARCH SH, SINGI.R COPIES FIVE CENTS ^_ _ ^^^^ ^^^^ -r --- . - _ ___ — •• --- •• «»'•• "»J i'iirui VjCUMS UPHOLDS HOLDING COMPANY REGISTRATION Bill Approved Despite Bitter Opposition By Coalition WASHINTGON, Mar. 23 (UP) WASHINGTON, Mar. 23. (UP) —The senate today passed the New Deal reorganization bi!l over protests of an opposing Republican-Democratic coalition that it would concentrate excessive power in President Roosevelt's hands and jeopardize -the democratic system of government. The vole on the final passage was 49 to 42. The measure was approved in a snap vote taken shortly after the senate had refused by 48 to 43 to recommit the bill to committee and thereby kill it for this session. President Roosevelt's Iiersonal and political prestige was at slake ns senate leaders maneuvered the small New Deal majority to dctory. The bill now goes to conference f ith the house which pussed a more restricted legislation last year exempting the comptroller general's office and other Important agencies from reorganization. The Senate bill would abolish pre- audit powers of the government (iccountlng office. Fireman Finds His Own Automobile In Flames City Fireman Murray Daniels, was awakened Sunday midnight by a telephone operator who told him • someone had called (hat » par i,,! front of his house was afire ! He rushed out lo fln,| his'own machine, in flames. The origin of the fire, which almost totally damaged the car, is unknown. Ihc car ivns [iiirkcd in front of his house at 325 East Davis avenue. $500,000 Firemen's Headache ganization -------- _. - _ Early Signing of Barney Bill Without Predicted . Hearin Three Columns Advance In Heaviest Fighting Of Spanish Civil War Inio Friends of Gov. _„, ,„. „,„,„,. today said (lie chief executive would Walsh Flays Measure WASHINGTON, Mar. 28 (UP) — 'Senator -rjavid I. Walsh (Dem., Mass.) told the senate today that Jransfer, of congressional powers_to the hands of the president such as proposed in the government reorganized bill parallels events that have led elsewhere to the overthrow of Democrats. ' , Walsh opened the final day of senate debate on the measure— which is scheduled to come to Its first test on a motion to recommit tit 2 p. m. (c. s. t.)—as senators were besieged with telegrams from constituents urging defeat of the bill. -. "It is not too much to say that what we are considering today is the question of plunging a dagger into the very heart of Democracy." Walsh said in a speech prepared for delivery on the floor. Walsh said all the powers which wttdd be transferred to the executive are "rightly reposed in the congress" under the constitution. "What a spectacle to the country-'for this congress now to confess that It is unable, effectively to perform the duties that have been heretofore performed by our predecessors and which Is the duty and resoonslbilitv of the consress under the constitution" he said. Quintuplet PrUe S50 HARTLEY. la. (UP)—Taking a tip from the Canadian bachelor who started the "baby derby", the Bachelors club of Hartley has offered $50 to the first Hartley couple having quintuplets in 1938. SYDNEY (UP) —Kenneth Taylor, aged 8 and weighing only 52 Pounds, made a bicycle trip from Sydney to Goulburn and back, a distance of 540 miles. sign the Barney highway bill before April ], without a public hearing. Tins action, it was said, will enable the measure to be submitted to the federal bureau of roads in the near future: It is expected to bring Arkansas a tola! of $4.300,000 in federal aid for roads In the next two years. James L. Bland, secretary to the governor, said a public hearing would be held by the governor on other bills passed by the special session of the sistf general assembly during its 17-day session. No Indication was given whether the executive would allow any of .the bills to become laws without his 'signature by allowing the 20- day t period, for vetoing t o expire •buL; reliable sources indicated lie might follow such procedure on tile Vescy measure reducing the gasoline fax one cent |>er gallon. Ford Arranges Orville Wright Day of .Tribute DEARBORN, Mich. (UP)—On tile invitation of Henry and Edsel Pord, more (nan 200 of the nation's leading figures in aeronautics will assemble here April 16 to pay tribute to Orvillc Wright, first man ever to fly an airplane. The celebration, dedicating the newly restored group of Wright Buildings at Ford's Greenfield village, will be in honor of Orville Wright and in memory of his brother Wilbur, who died in 1012. The date is the anniversary of (lie birth of-Wilbur Wright. Invitations have been extended to aviation executives, senior air pilots, aeronautical scientists, World War pilots, and ranking officers of the army, navy and.marine corps Dedication of the Wright home and bicycle shop in which the first successful man-carrying airplane was built will be the chief event of the day. The plane was first flown Dec. 17, 1903. Belli the original workshop and the home were removed from Day- By United 1'ms Insurgent armies smashed Catalonia today in n terrific thrust at the heart of loyalist Spain. In the most desperate large scale fighting- since the World Wai- three nationalist columns, undei General Francisco Franco, crossed the cinc » flvpr and battered into retreat the government troops In the Fraga .sector, on the Cnta- Ionian -border. Italian and Mooi- Mar - 28. (UP)- j Ish forces were prominent in the Carl E. Bailey ! attack. The government nt Barcelona nulled now with communists Socialists nnd Anareiilsk-Synciicallste labor forces called upon loyalist men, women and children for n supreme effort .which appeared likely to develop into a defense to the death and to produce n grim chapter in modern history. Barcelona Key City When and If Barcelona's rich industrial center falls the collapse of Madrid and the rest of coast territory would be onlv a matter of lime. Meanwhile other developments along the international front included: 'Rome— Italian newspa|»rs. speaking for Premier Beuito Mussolini warned Prance not to seek to aid the Spanish Loyalist .government, lest such action cause war. Paris— Tlie cabinet of Premier Leon Blum, facing probable defeat later this week, struggled with widespread strikes mid with senate opposition 1 to its rearmament financing .'program. French officials viewed with grave concern the probable triumph of (he nationalists in -Spain, which would surround her on three sides with dictatorial powers. LONDON— Progress continued on negotiations for a treaty with T - , ------ ..... y Italy, based on the vitally important understanding that Mussolini will not seek political domination of Spain if Franco triumphs. Recording Used to Aid Student Voice Culture NEW YORK (UP)-A before and after technique is being rs«j j n corrective speech work .it Huntev College whereby students may hear their voices on phonograph records at the beginning and end Flames roared defiance to lirempn at every window In the six-story furniture establishment above yhcn the cnmetaman snappnt this fpectacular plcjture of a half-Jiiillion-doltar flro In Houston, Tex. Shooting flames In weird .rorit^ions eninhasrzed by the blackness of surrounding night, surged Uiroiigh the ro'of and spread rapidly to an adjoining church and 25 other business establishments, of Ihc fire was not determined immediately. Cause None Critically Injured, However, In jMisliaps Near Canithersville CARUTHERSVJLLE. Mo., Mar. 27 —Five Arkansas people ami eight from this city were injured In auto wrecks here today nnd early yesterday. Mrs. Clealus Mann, about 25, of near this city, was the most seriously injured, being knocked un- of a course. Two recordings arc' ccnsclou s, receiving deep scalp made to show students their dc-i wounds ' ' 10sslble Internal injuries, fects and to show progress after- concussion of the brain; and the completion of voice cour-es I Mr ' nnci MrSl R ' R L " x - sr - ntso In a sound proof roo-n "carl'' hcrc - wcre bntl| y cnt niui bruised ic «hen their car turned left off the roo-n eact- reads ni sight a fable bv Aesop, which contains virtually all' !l' 8hway nt lhe ccigc ° r lcn ™ ulto of the sounds in the English Ian- le , I ? a , th ° f a tnick llml hnd — n III T€L YOU BY BOP BURNS _ I wish these foreign countries would settle their disputes and settle down. I'm afraid if we keep on hearin' so much about their troubles over there, it's gonna get us nervous on this side, too. People are a whole lot like chickens. They'll go along quietly in a bunch, pickln' up corn but the minute they get excited, they all scalier out. I went to get a Job down home one lime, and the merchant says "I hope you'll say with me—the last fella I had on this Job stayed 43 years and quit." I says "What did he ojiit for?" nnd the merchant says "Well, he was one of them nervous, excitable fellas lhat wanted lo be on the "Go" all the time," Ford research workers have found much of the original equipment with which the Wrights built their first plane and it lias been replaced in the bicycle shop. In other pieces, plans furnished by Orville Wright were followed. Huge Coin Exhibited CANTON, O. (UP^—Salt money, money lhat can be worn around the neck, and a 90-pound coin were part of a moneys exhibit displayed by Harold D. Gibbs. of Pittsburgh at a meeting of the stark Coin Club. Stock Priced NEW YORK, Mar. 28. (UP) — The stock market made a brief rally today. Trading lightened AT&T nc Anaconda Copper 2fi 1-8 Associated D G 4 7-g Beth steel .'] 471-2 Boeing Atr 24 5-8 Chrysler 4! 5-8 Cities service i j.g Coca Cola 109 3-4 General Electric 31 1-4 General Jlfotors 29 7-8 International Harvester .. 55 3-4 Montgomery Ward . 29 1-8 N Y Central n Packard '.'... 3 5 .g Phillips Petrol 30 Radio '.'."". 5 Schenley Dist ,..,'."]"" 191-8 Simmons 15 Socony Vacuum 113-4 Standard of N J 42 3-4 Texas Corp .. \\\ 34 7.8 U S Smelt 48 U S Steel 44 1-8 Some of the common errors rJ El "** rear ion;; .substitution of the •sound foreign inlot^iion, and poor breath and toiw con- ! *•""• * i i""v iv(jnv;y ;L pixviiuitj broken shoulder, oilier truck occu- Cotton NEW/YORK, Mar. 28 (UP) Cotton closed steady. May Jul Oct Dec Jnn Mar open high low close 814 878 870 873 880 884 875 878 8S5 — 881 890 888 890 890 893 879 881 835 890 pants were Frank Kelley and Ivfar- vin Spiker. All were given first aid and sent lo their homes. Early yesterday morning, five local persons escaped with minor wounds when they figured in a, | head-on collision with another car south of Portagevllle. They were- Van Allen. Mr. and Mrs. .Frank Jackson and baby, and Mr. Jackson's mother. Jackson was the most seriously wounded, requiring 17 stitches lo close head wounds. Names of the two occupants of • « * • • «j;7u oy& oy J 891 — — -n.\i|'niiw> "» Spots closed steady at 87n im i I " IC o!llcr C!tr ' fram Arkansas, were up '• i not learned. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Mar. 28 (UP)Cotton futures closed steady todav unchanged to two points higher May Jul Oct Deo Jan Mar « ™ >llg I({/J , open high low close 885 801 897 899 900 903 894 893 902 300 .903 880 887 894 895 899 902 887 891 895 898 899 902 ! Ore r«ik m August Seen TOLEDO (UP)—Iron ore traffic for 1938 will amount to about •10.000,000 tons, siightlv below recent highs, vessel Interests here believe. U is believed the season i will open ralhcr slowly and reach 1 n peak probably In August. c. * i . °v* yu Spots closed quiet at 807 up 2. Way Jul. open high 851-4 861-4 81 5-8 82 1-2 low 845-8 807-8 close 801-8 823-8 Chicago Corn May open Gl G23-8 J igh low close 613-4 607-8 613-8 023-4 621-8 625-8 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III., Mar. 23. 'UP)—Hogs: 13.000 Top, 8.93 170-230 Ibs., 8.00-8.25 140-160 Ibs., 8.00-8.25 Bulk sows, 7.15-8.00 Cattle: 3,500. Steers, 7.40-8.90 Slaughter steers, 6.25-9.50 Mixed Jiearllns, heifers, 6.00-8.25 Slaughter heifers, 6.00-8.15 Beet cows, 5.00-5.75 Cutters and low cutters, 3.75-4.75 Jo Turn Attention Purchasers "Holdover" Committee Compiles Legislation MTn.K HOCK, Mur. an. (UP) — A lon-i! of 1:1 I'inplcyiw, i-nltnd lh<> "holdover cijimnlllue" of lhe house, loduy slnrlwl compiling, (lie record of Hint body's n days of Ical.sln- llvo efforts. Hi-luting Hie holdover cominlUce l« Speaker John Uransford of Lo- O [(;,.«i-o llok ' ; ' " l 'l»'i!3cnlnllve» Carlton Hiiv- UlllCCli. rls of I'lne llhiif, Robert Crisp of I'lnm wore IjcliiB i-oinplnted (o- day for the! arrest of buyers of Wiinii Illcaally killed as (lie folow- up of tin; dramatic smashing of an aliened boolli-g (-unic rlnir 1^1- day and Snlurdny, when federal nn'd i|au)ily rOlllj-cTs arrested 10 Manila residents on chares of vlo- Inllng tho Kmnb laws ut tin- snme lime arre.sls were belnn nuiilii in Uirec' other sink's. Nairn's of buyer* have been ob- lalncd by olucers from Ihose »r- reslc<| nnd 11 number of \y<-ll knomi persons of Ihls section are Included In the list, according to Otlo Cuuimlniis, deputy slnte gamr- war- (16u. who assisted In tlio iirrest of lhe Manila men and women. Under the Inw, buy em are also punishable by lines und It la planned lo prosecute those who make 11 possible for the killers of the birds to prom by their alleged Illegal slaughter of game. Tho five men nnd women ur- rcslcil on slate clinrgcs of illegal handling of qimll will be tried In municipal court tomorrow niornlrt;. They are: Eli-io Crow, his wife, Mrs. Ella !Vfac Crnw, Olba Tshabranncr, Carl Newton and Mrs. j. w. Newton. The 11! arrested on federal charges of violation of the federal inlgra- ,tory lnw'''o(jklUiritr Stid-solllng duoks are: Pete Rice. Joe nice, Jake nice, Charles Newcomu. Lee Carlcr, Charles Cniicr, I>. V. Slovens, Ei-nest ncdwell, Duck Overdirf, Herman Nance, Murray Huttqn,. and Elvlc Crow, who is charged : wlth bolli federal and stale law vlola- tions. Those arrested on Ihc federal Sixty Two Year Old Man Denies Attacking, Slaying Girl SAN BERNARDINO, Calif., Mar. 28. (UPJ--A small girl, found ravthed and her skull fractured in tv brutal attack, was identified today us Belly Craven, who attended a show here last night with a male family friend. Police (iiieslionert the friend, H. H. Austin. 62, a day laborer. Austin admitted having been with the little girl In Hie evening but he denied allncking her. no sn | c] ( | m t lie took the child and five other girls, ranging In age from 1C to 17, lo supper and a (heater. Betty, who Is about 10 years old, was Identified In the county hos- pilnl. where she Is near death by her mother. The mother, Mrs. Mary Craven, had waited several hours before reporting to police after her "^lighter failed to return home last night. Eighty Eight Traffic Signs Installed Here The installation of 88 new traffic signs on Blythevillc's streets has been completed, if has been announced by police Chief E. A. Rice who today lotd of the plans for | enforcing the traffic laws. This makes a lotal of 112 signals now placed at street Intersections. The lew signs were obtained ividio'it cost to the city through an advertising medium. The centcr-of-street fixtures have been placed where accidents occur »most frequently to remind drivers of (lie proper thing to do. it has. wen pointed out by the police chief. He said: "If drivers will obey I the signals, traffic accidents will be cut to a minimum. We ask the cooperalon of all motorists in observing these 'Don'ls'-Don't double park; don't park in restricted zones; don't fall to clear the way for police, fire trucks and ambulances; don't pass cars on street nkrscctlons; don't fall (o observe the traffic signals." There is a minimum fine of five dollars for failure to comply with traffic regulations ' charges were taken to Joncsboro Saturday, where they are to be | given hearings before a United i Stales Deputy Commissioner. Of Ihc 12, six were freed on bond today, Mr. Cummlngs said. Officers have declared Hint a ring of commercial hunters WHS smashed with the avrcst of M persons In four stales who wero charged with systcmallcally slauglilerlng thousands of wild ducks, quail and geese. These arrests constitute the largest single "round up" In the hls- Icry of this country's fight to conserve wild life. For two years federal and state game wardens have been preparing Ihc Irap they sprung to capture white and negro men and women through northeast Ar- l.llllit liock and Jou Poster of la- iioku. Uninsford predicted (hut (ho work of the nimmillco would be com- OF JOT HELD Court's Six .Tp One Decision D elhye r ed By 'Chief Justice Hughes ' WASHINGTON, ' Mar. «l». (UP) —Tlio supreme cqiirt today approved conslltutlonailly of registration and eomiJanion penally provisions of the 1035 public utility holding company .• net. The . reached by a six were cxneUwl lo coiiru'lclu their work wllhln three days. COL. E. N. today The lexan Became Famous As Wilson's Advisor During World War Days NEW YORK, Mar. 20. IUP>— Col, Edward Mnndcll House, who Iried lo stop the World \Vnr mid fulled, died peacefully In his sleep man who advised President Woodrow Wilson during Uio Work! War and was credited wllh for- iniilalliiR Die foreign policies of the Wilson ndinlnlslrtitlon, died four montlis before his iKItli birthday, ills wife, daughter r>nd u tow close associates were at his bedside. Lost night he seemed to he In fair hcnlth and' Itj wns bdlovcd 1'R was gaining^strength .after the long nines.!, riallng / rom ri[1 „[. tack of pleurisy Inst June. nni'ii in Texan where he acquired the title of colonel, House became one of ttio nation's foremost siales- nieii yet ho never held a public office or wanted one and performed Ills greatest service lo the conn- try lii on unofficial capacity. Hughes. Justice James O. Mc- neynotds dissented. Justices Ben- Jnmlri N. Cardozo and Stanley 0. Reed did not participate. •,, The high tribunal-'held that Uie registration provision requiring all tslor .with the securities and ex- Ister with the secillrldes and ex- uhnnge commission and the penalty .clause barring non-comply-' 'UK nuns from using tho mails or minting .in Interstate commerce are separable from the remainder of Iho act and constitute valid congressional regulation of Interstate- commerce. The cnse, accepted by the Industry and the government as a, test of the measure's validity, was re-, sardcd generally as the most Important litigation (o come befort the high tribunal during Its i»3i- 38 term. Hughes declared congress ,wns enlltleil lo demand from utility holding firms "the fullest information as to organization, finan cial structure" nnd all (hi! ac tivities which could have an bearing upon tho exercise of gresslonal authority," ac- any Numerous ArreiU Made In Minor Cases Here Eight persons were arrested by city and county officers on charges of public , drunkenness, seven on. charges of gaming, two for drivin? while under the Influence of intoxicating liquor, one for reckless driv- in?, one for breach of peace and one for petit larceny during the weekend, Allot these were triad In municipal court today excepkjhe" gnmlnst cases. ^. Rcxford Hopkins was fined $100 I after he entered a plea of guilty to la charge of driving while under [the Influence of intoxicating liquor. I George Morris was fined $125 when I lie entered a similar plea to a i nu ctucreci a sin Supreme Court Splits, 4 lo i stl l^ r clmrg p• .' Eugene Johnson •7 r ATI-- • i isugene ->, In Aiiirmmg Award when ll0 For Damages LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 28. (UP)— The state supreme court todav up- Tntedo Weighs Auto Inspection TOLEDO (UP)-A proposal for ,„,„„„ Jlms ,,, e , u ,„,. ,-, semi-annual automobile Inspection Christine Nelson, widow of E B Ls before the city council, hnvlng Nelson, against the Missouri Pacific won approval of the rules committee. The proposal carries a SO- cent fee. RAY OF JOY dcnl The case in which the high tribunal gave a 4 lo 5 decision affirmed a $5,000 judgment fo,- M rs. E. . ...j Missouri Pnr railway company. Evidence showed (hat (he nccl dent, a collision between a pas- wns fined $25 a guilty plea lo ' - reckless driving. His arrest grew' out of ah accident Sunday in which lie backed Into lhe car of Dick Potter, policeman) at the corner of,Tenth and Ash slrecls. ; Wllltc Wilson pleaded not guilty to a charge of breach of peace but was fined $16. Andrew Washington nleaded guilty to a charge of petit larceny and was fined $50. Eight men and women were fined $10 or forfeited bonds of that amount on charges of public drunkenness. ; Eullce Lloyd, Henry Pearson, Will Meadows, Henry Cherry, Walter Sykes, Fred Wells nnd Elmer --.i win-ecu a pas- Brov ™ will face trial later on' sengcr (ratn nnd a gasoline truck, I S 1 ""!"? charges, was due lo the negligence of Brake-1 man Burnclte, who was killed, as well as Nelson. Nelson was not watching for the passenger train, anparentlv because he believed it already had passed. It was running 45 minutes iate. In another case, the high tribunal pointed out. the widow of Burnette won n Judgment against the company for which Nelson was working, due to the lalter's negligence. | Nelson's widow in loday's case won a judgment, due to Burnctte's Legendary Indian Knife Is Token of Good Luclt GILLETTE, Wyo. (UP) -Did: Stone, local collector of Jndlari relics, prizes among his trophies a legendary .stone knife that, if tradition holds, should preserve him from ha*m. . , An eicerly Indian named Sago shewed the knife to Stone rnaiiy years ago and told how the Implement been handed down to negligence In nrt property«a elm, i "^ ;„« 6em «!*«* *« the side road. Tills case hart no *"««*« ? gencrat-ons by Fence 154 Miles Long PASADENA, Cal. <UP>_Callfor- nta s biggest fence is being built. It will be 154 miles In length and 6 feet high, and will protect open canals In lhe .Metropolitan water District. Attractive Leah Ray, ouuvc should be able to look forward lo harmony in her married lite. .Slip is Uie popular radio singer, 'and has announced her engagement to David A. Weblln, executive of a music publishing house. Tliey will be married at the Lillle Church Around Ihe Corner, New Vork's famed ac- lors' church. side road. Tills case had no bearing on the other, the supreme court said. In a Sebastian county case Ernest Craig, convicted of being a party to a riot, lost an appeal In a supreme court decision. Craig sought to have (he loner court's decision reversed because In his Indictment there wcre no other parties mentioned in the violation. State statutes provide that al least three parties are necessary in a liot cose. The high court held that cvi- dence offered in the lower court cs- tabllshed that there were at least above two ot 'i er "unknown" parties. A Polk -county decision in the case of the Sovereign camp of the Woodmen of the world vs. Don F. May was reversed and remanded for a new trial. Between SO and 60 thousand persons depend on fishing for their livelihood In Hull, greatest fishing port. England's granj.fallier. Drylim-cr lo Safe's his . will die of old a.g»." .. -Hlde gave the knife father, Straight-Old- 'Keep Shis nnd you at .. Straight , Old-Man died the ace of 101, he gave the knife io Sage, say : ng "Keep this and you will die of old age." In nr>s>.. >vj ihs knife to'Stone, Sage fiKl: "I rm up!? Rl-nu old man.'.' Handing the knife to Hie collector he sold, "Keep this and you will die of old' age." Slow) still lias the knife. WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy and warmer tonight; Tuesday partly cloudy and warmer. Memphis and wlcinlty—Shower* and probably thunderstorms tonight and Tuesday, warmer with lowest temperature 54 to 58, tonight.

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