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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York • Page 16

Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York • Page 16

Rochester, New York
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in wj 271 MAIN ST. EAST KOCIIICSTKK DKMOrilAT AXI) CIinOXICLK, TTTICSPAY, JANUARY 4, 1021. 66 Likly's 271 MAIN ST. EAST 99 if mm JANUARY 2 to () (SOT, on si large CjlimMfiKy of esiiraiMe (Soodls- AIRES LOUDER TCWJ VIMS-SEE THE FIGURES I FITTED SUIT CASES WARDROBE TRUNKS SOME TRAVELING BAGS at HALE-PRICE A large assortment of bags that have become slightly shopworn, but are as serviceable as ever. Were $20.00 $10.00 Were $22.50 $11.25 Were $25.00 $12.50 Were $32.50 $16.25 Were $35.00 $17.50 Others at these savings Were $13.50 $10.00 Were $17.00 $13.60 Were $30.00 $24.00 Were $32.50 now $26.00 Were $35.00 $28.00 Were $37.50 now $30.00 Were $40.00 $32.00 Were $12.50 $34.00 Were $50.00 $40.00 Were $55.00 $44.00 Were $72.50 $58.00 Were $75.00 $60.00 Were $77.50 $62.00 Small Leather Goods at Half Price Many useful articles that were somewhat soiled during the holiday shopping season, but which anyone will recognize as wonderful value at the sweepingly reduced prices.

Men's Bill Fold HALF PRICE Men' 3-fold Bill Book HALF PRICE Photograph Frame HALF PRICE Cigarette Cae HALF PRICE Men Dressing Cae HALF PRICE Women's Dressing Cases HALF PRICE Playing Card HALF PRICE Women's Leather Hand Bags HALF PRICE Women's Velvet Hand Bags. HALF PRICE Women's Leather Purses HALF PRICE Men's Card Cases HALF PRICE Women's Card Cases (. HALF PRICE Game Sets HALF PRICE Handkerchief Cases HALF PRICE, Tobacco Pouches HALF PRICE ALL OUR WOMEN'S BEADED HAND BAGS, HALF PRICE Regularly $20.00 to $87.50, now $10.00 to $43.75 $56.00 now $60.00 now $64.00 $72.00 now $80.00 $100.00 $120.00 $140.00 Were Were Were Were Were Were Were Were $70.00 $75.00 $80.00 $90.00 $100.00 $125.00 $150.00 $175.00 Were Were Were Were Were Were Were Were $40.00 $55.00 $60.00 $02.50 $80.00 $85.00 $90.00 $92.50 $31.75 now $37.50 now $42.75 $49.00 $60.00 $65.00 $70.00 $72.50 $80.00 $84.00 $88.00 $100.00 $108.00 SUIT CASES $6.40 $12.00 $16.00 $18.00 $19.20 now $20.00 now $32.00 Were $8.00 Were $15.00 Were $20.00 Were $22.50 Were $24.00 Were $25.00 Were $40.00 Were $100.00 Were $105.00 Were $110.00 Were $125.00 Were $135.00 it LIKLY'S i LIKLY'S LIKLY'S IS SHOT ON RANGE, Sheriff Is Called to airport Hurls Rock Through Pane, Captured in Lively Chase SUES CLUB MEMBER $600 IN JEWELRY IS TAKEN BY BURGLARS Front Door of One House Is Found Kicked in. NONSUIT IS AFFIRMED BY COURT OF APPEALS Plaintiff First Was Given Damages of $34,000. After Woman and Constable Are Attacked by Disturbers Rifleman Plaintiff, Ad Man Defendant.

lhav gone outside th hotel, picked tip ia atone and sent it crashing through on of the side windows. ImuotJiatHr aftrr ai-t h. hr.k. Into a Huriug the absence of the family- a I'ti noon Inirulnr jiiiimied a tide door and ciil, nil lint lit No. tills aveuue, un-upied by Lewi It.

As a roult of a decision handed down by the Court of Appctils in suit litoiighl by iivnuife A. Ciis'ii. ol Walker, nnd eleven iic-uitince eompaiiic against the Ne- York (Viilral ltailroad a ilts Uioti of Justice William V. Clark, in tvhich he granted a Au suit, is sustained. The insurance companies and t.ris-u sought to collect ilamage Iroiu the rullroud as a result of a lire at Walker.

Claiming that he was shot through indigence on a title range tit No. Aaill street ellt. llii the ItochlMer Itille Club, Jucub X. Wem, a vcll-ktiunn title shut, has lroiigiit suit iu Supreme Court to recover Ih.ihi damage Jroiii Joseph 11. Swopc, a wcil known Uochester automobile siiltsmiiii aud uiiN I't'tisiug maimgci'.

The suit is on the added liM of the Supreme I'ourt, trial term, culciuhir, and is schcdulis) to 1'ruLasv-o, and "lole jewelry lielouglng to! A. StMtid, tmuiier, mined lit tfii'J lucluijeil iu the hmt ere a diamond After lie had smashed window on the Kround Hour uf tlje Soy more Hotel, at South avenue aud Kly street, shortly before IU o'i Ioi last nlu'ht, John Noliu. ycara old, of No. T- Lawn street, led upiioiiuiitclv titty peixuis a incut chase through the downlonu act'tioii until he was captured in street east, near I'rimklin street, and arrested mi charge of intoxication. According to the story told by the police of the Franklin street station.

No-lin is km it to have been in the hotel nnd to have become involved in no argument with someone. Becoming efiraued at some Imnginnry offense, lie is said to rim and n-il up Kir atrorl, lu H1011. 1. JUaln alrert ou.t, tlnall) ti'lftg h.r I's-iruluan I.attin. uf tlii Kranklln atriwt alatiuii.

near Kiiuiktiu atrtft, John A. Iili, liroiM-IMor of th. llofi'l, di-nli-il lliut Hi. man nail tn Iu 10. It.

aalil be gte-saiil tho nuin l.ait.r waa III. on. who amaahM the window liul did not know whether tho ring, worth mini plntmiim "tick pin, worth a' mahogany eight day clock, valued at f- a black, cowhide traveling iig and several other rinai'. The burglary not discovered until Mlaiiit .1 o'clock and wu reported Near the New Yolk Central ltailroad -i nine to trial within the net lew days. track iu the viliace there was a lime hail hoati dun.

by throwing a Nolin I will h. given a hearing la City Court i nooning. one of the men in the pool room, with the result, he says, lint Clinton I. line. yrtir old, uf Fuirport, assaulted him.

When the constuble recovered sulli-clently he nent a riot cull to Juiler Ituy O'Lniighlin nt the county jail. O'l-ough-1 1 it iiolitli'd the sheriff, and in a few minium the pair and rounded out I'luler-slieiia William'ht anil deputies Michael! Andrew IScrg, Harry Orenburg nnd llcorge Hrnsser. The sheriff nnd hi depot it" were In Fairpnrt ithin nn hour. Tli Shi-rlfT lnvllirltim lf(t to thn rrel of (lllllnli S5 nlirt II. jr.ra rlrnrt.

t.n rlimc. of mmoiIi. Hitm dri. Tli yonm tniR wit. tnWin tifMr JuntU- of th l.r Il.imoii.l J.

I.m ami ller niunnlllisl tn tlie Kalrpurl liM-k lip. Tlii' wUI l. Ih-fura Jllltlr. Ililn ftpriiinill .1 Ylut'k. Afinr tli.

iwu arnau Htenff I'out'luujia mid hit dt'iiutlv viiliiMl fiw mmjJ rmiiti nod tn Hi. ihniri In an effort 10 lurnie to the polns- at s.ii 1,1 evening. I The family of Mra. Jhmic McMiiIioii. 1 of No.

II Marshall ntreet, left their 'airport had hiikIIht outbreak hist night III lint Cottage Hotel. A Human wai kit on the bead with a billiard ne, a constable was nearly kiosked nut, Mid a riot rail waa vt-It to the) Monroe county jail, to which Sheriff S. oiiohinsu anil six deputies iHiided. thirty-live and forty person had been engaged in a battle in tin- hotel poolroom, the deputies- learned, ami It waa during Ilia melee Hint Hie womm an struck. According ti th story tnlil to the deputies after they arrived in I'airport, a iinarrel occurred in th pool riHim of ill Cottage Hotel, some of the otnhrvo Willie Hoppea trying to impress ui.on others Hie inilMirt of a certain rule.

A few list, were swung, the deputies were I old, wlicti Lllcn NidioU, yearn old, proprietress uf the lintel, attempted to stop th affair. Tint hght had progressed too far tK be ended in llint way, and someone struck ilr. Nichol on the liend Kith a billiard eno. When Mra. Nlchola wa felled wime person notilli'd Constable Krnnk O'Slrike tluit trouble wax In progress at the Cottage Hotel.

Constable O'Strike went to th hotel nnd found a number of men there, lie got into an argument with To Make Trip in Interest of New Medical School According to the complaint iu the suit, it is customary for ouc member of the rille club to slatul at one end of the range to attend to the target. for I he members who are shooting. On March tilh last, Worn ullcgcs, he was going uorllt on the rille range, and had gone about halfway, when a shot from Scope's gun struck him and seriously injured liiiu. Swupe, iu his answer, denies all the ulb gatiuns lutide by Werui. Louis K.

Fuller appears for Wern while Mcluerncy licihtold represent ope. AUTOMOBILES STRIKE AGED WAN AND BOY Another Man Walks into Side of Car. home at 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon and did not return until o'clock Inst evening. They found that th front dour had lus'ii badly damaged Hint entrance wa isisily elleitisl, A further eiutuiiiHtion that the iinuels bail Iiismi kicked, in. Lvery room had in en rauancked nnd jewelry valued at foUO home and the plniulilT charged that water from the tracks went don into a culvert, got into the lime and started a fire that destroyed the building and its contents.

Suit wa brought in Supreme Court and the plaintiffs ere awarded daiiiitge of the first time it was tried. The railroad appealed to the Apellate 1'ii which reverse! the lower court and granted a trial. The case was retried and Justice Clark granted a nonsuit. The Appgllate Hivisioti Inter sustained this move of Justice Clark's and now the Court of Appeals allinns the decision. Harris, l'cnch.

Ilarri iV Mat son nppcarcil for the railroad company. Islnlen. Anuuig the pieces taken were nii of Hi. aim wlie liiul liw. In tlin CottBire ll.vfel row.

Iml nullilus waa finilid to nfti'era' It ta aalil that riiiili" ha onoel a niimltMf uf arrf.ta alui th. ntaht of wlih'ti 1tix'l)iatnr yiiuiiff man an tu Tlltafi1, and tleil th. Kalrnort yonllia had anirtii. afnhiat him on lhat aiwuiit. Till, la on.

nlanaltn ilv.n of th on III. eonatalil. lt Wild Ducks Bred In Captivity. Four specifics of existing wild ducks are easily domesticated. These tire the milliard, tho black tnallnrd distinct species), the wood duck and the bliii-w inged teal.

The gren-w ingeil teal an 1 the cenvnsbnek (beloved of the psjuieurel liavo been fired miccessfully iu captivity. ICvehsnce. Oentle Diveision. Just because "marriage is a failure" some couple think they are justified In writing "compromising" letters. Cartoons Alngaxitie.

watche wtrth an. I s(l, a scurf pin set wilh dliinimiils and emeralds and val nnd at and a toilet set. The s-lii'e found thin 11 11 aitempl hail been made to jimmy the nide and rear window. was made tn the police of tjie I.yell inenne atutinn early yesterilny morning that burglur or ghnsta had taken iiossession of a vaennt house at Michigan and Snntee Some the neighbor were greatly mystified because of flashes of light from a lantern. Motorcycle Olhcer tiarry went to the house, and saw a lantern swinging in on of the room.

When he stepped on the porch there was a midden scattering Inside and two human forms vanished by a rear door and fence. The police say the ghosts probably hud designs on the lend pipe and plumbing in the dwelling. Max Nhiilmnn, of Ji-S Laburnum crescent, reported that his seven-inssen-ger automobile was stolen on Sunday night. It is valued at Walter (Irunett, of No. JSi.1 Avenue When John liahti, of No.

(ilcn-uond avenue, was driing an automobile west iu Monroe avenue, yesterday afternoon, it struck Itaymond Host, 10 years old, of oS slrwt. who was crossing the avenue near street. The boy walked against the machine and wa thrown to the pavement. He escaped with slight bruises. As Warren J.

Crane, So years old, of No. "ill! (Hon wood avenue, wa crossing Ike avenue at the intersection of (ilenwood avenue yesterday afternoon, he was struck by an autornobilo driven by Hamlet A. Winythe, of No, 730 Seneca parkway. He was thrown to the pavement and received nu Injury to his left leg. Worsen, 0 years old, of No.

(llintot, aveuue south, walked into the side of an automobile driven by Janie Selbert, of No. Comfort street. In Monroe avenue, near William street, last night. He received a wound over the rigljt temple, and was removed to the Hahnemann Hospital. United Shoe Workers Expect to Form Plan to Unite All Unions Outside ofA.F.

of L. ABigDrop 9 i I'resident lihees. of the I nl-versity of Itoi hester, will leave the city to-morrow for a trip the Middle West aud on to the l'lKilic const to luterfvlew prospective member of the faculty of the new Uochester Medical College. I'resident lihees made tld iinuonncement yesterday tnornins iu chapel after ho had been greeted by the students upon his entrance with cheeua for Lelaud Stanford aud California In Informing th. ntudent body of the plana that ham lieeo aiad.

ao far, Pr.gld.nt Ithw aald: "In gnawer 10 a gr.t mimhor of question, from all amuree. rononrntng th. building th. new Medlral College l. ra any that It would he a cnea of nutting th.

cart before tha hnree ern in think of beginning th. ronatriirtlna of the Imllilliiga before full and ailcqnata faeuPy bed been aeenrisl. Men who are to eorr on thetr work her. tn the future Aiuat of miirae have aonielhing to any about th. conatrurtion uf the buildings." How long Bheea will remain In the Weat will depend upon the denre.

of hla at III unlreraltle. and vnllegea that he wilt Huferrlug to the cheer for California from the lloclienter atlldenla, Pfeaideut Itheea tnt.rireted Hunt to mean beartr giset wlaliia frcira the I nivemtty of His heater, and hp aal.l he would take It noon himself to conrey the measaye to the atndent of Caltfornia and l.rlaiul Stanford, Josef Uievinne, Pianist. In speaking of Lhcviune, the Russian pianist, a New York jritic recently described his iinpres4on that he had never really heard the ftchumann "Carnaval" until the masterful version given by this great artist of the keyboard. This favorite work of S'hnmann is Included in Lhevinne'a program for iSochestet on Friday evening in the Hotel Seneca.

of the I nlteil Shoe Worker. Th Kx-ecutiv Honnl pbilirnd itnelf to lieht the open-shop movement and it expect no difficulty in securing the rntilioatiun of thin plnn ftl the hnniU of the general memherihip, it waa It nn declared by Thomas 1'. Lynch, of llusMu, Mx-retary Hint the I'niteil wa "nnrely a Dcnui-cratii' organization and that no question of nntimuil policy win determined until llie general membership bad nn opportunity tn pans on if. A number of reports were auliniitted at yesterday' meeting. Pisciixaiott of methods of fighting the open ahiip and threatened wace de-rreaaea etiKRed the attention yeMerdny of member.

of the Eset'iiti Board of th t'uited Shoe Workers of 'America, in Mwakin at Hotel To-morrow the board will ilicns plana fur briuu-ill); about a closer worklliK allinnce between the independent labor tiwniza-tionn of the I nited State. It in expected Unit plan will be loruinlnted lookiim toward tho nHiala-inntlon of the tinlioniil bndlea, whiih will ha to the ifcneral meiulier.hip C. reported that his coat, gloves, and hat were stolen from his locker in the Armory, The garments are worth A keyworkof entered the home of Cluiit t'oehrniie, of No. 7 Broadway, yesterday afternoon nnd -stole several rings and rosary, all valued at cJELL-0 a jl packages CAR HOUSE BATCHES FIRE Defective Chimney Responsible for Blare $100 Damage Done.

A defective chimney set tire to a cornice on the street car house at St ile nnd Commercial streets last evening. An alarm from 1h.x 72 calltsl Assistant Chief Assistant Hattaliot: Chief Alotan and many coin panics, but the tire was not of a serious nature nnd was nuokly extinguished. Les than $l(HI damage was done, I Spark from a New York Central locomotive set tire to. shed in the rear of No. 1 Skuse park yesterday afternoon, llattalion Chief Lynch and tircn.en responded to an alarm from box 1 14 and extinguished the flames before much damage had been done.

shed was ued as a storage room by the occupant of the premises, Mrs, Walter Johnsoa. "ltenuty is onls skin deep," quoted the Wise tiny. "Ye, a clear conscience is more to be desired than a clear complexion," added the Simple Muf. TE0R0NT0 LODGE INSTALLS Grand Master of Slate Is Present at Ceremonjr. Installation of oflWra of Teernnfn Tda of tidd t'ellos.

took nlae. lat prenlng In the Od-: Timiite, Clinton arrmie north, Dl trie! Itejiulr nrand Jlaaler llnrry Pearee and kla anlta Inatallrd the nfltcra. Among the vrnM-Inent niPtnlieni of th fraternity irsrnt were I'lty Judge Wllltam C. Kiihlmeta, grand wa.ter Of th order In the slats, and (iramt Mar.tial I.eon B. I.altlnie, tmth of whom tr.

nteninpra of Teoronto. Th. ofniera Inatalled wre Nohl. grand, Jacob isnaler) it grand, Itnhert a. Wil.on-remiriltrui neiretary, Jtenrjr l'ltei Itnau, lal am'-retare, Kanmel B.

Oawrf Ireaaliree, lr, tlonard M. Klnh right aiienorler nnhl. ern.d, H. Jaroea Proec.) left nol.le grtod, r', v0 Uelderj warden. Carroll ilaiwnll; conditrtor.

of," said Pr. Ivove, "where a commercial rmslnrs house has mich an agreement with a college, However, the good results that have been procured from It are more than apparent, la this manner th salesman is in a position to go out 011 tho road and actually to offer the farmer a product that Is guaranteed to Int right In every way, liecnoe th farmer is thereby enubled to buy seeds that nave been tested by experts In this work at the agricultural college." lr. Lovb told of th benefits derived by the business house through such an arrangement and how lit waa possible to eliminate most of th waste that hitherto bad amounted tn an bnnual loss to the fanner of aerernl thousands of diillara, 1 COMMENDS SEED TESTING Stat College Professor Address Seed Company' Snleismen. At 'dinner meeting of tho salesmen of the Hickok-Kumsey Jseeil t'ompany Inst evening in the I'owors Hotel the kpenker waa I'r, H. H.

Love, professor of plant breeding at th Stale College of Cornell I'lllversity. His topic va "What the Farmer aud th t'ollog Kxpei-t from Seed Men." In HIm talk I'r. live laid stress on the agreement which the company has with the College of Agriculture for the listing of the seed it sells. "This la tho only instance that. 1 know ihe, Genesee Pure Food Company, Harry Strong; f.

Julian Metigeri I. Kayaaond A. Theim: right aupoortar rice grand (Jeorge S. Herrlll left snpeorter rlea grand. Oer-anl J.

Ieter: tnalde guardian. Oeorg. H. Tike; tsitaUle guardian, atacy Baehinan; Junior nat grand. John H.

Cnlvert. The reform of oMIcera ahoseil that th. smt year baa bei'n on. of the mot alnteasl In the hl.torr of the The annual ill call will he held on Monday Januarr lTth..

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