Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on October 29, 1908 · Page 10
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 10

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 29, 1908
Page 10
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HOUHESTKK DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29. 1908. 3.0 COMPARATIVE TEMPERATURE Rudolph Schm Idt ACo's Thermometer NO SIGH POSTED TO SHOW THE WAY AUTOMOBILES PASS KOSSUTH STREET SUBWAY ENTRANCE. Daily Circulation Week Ending Oct 24th. EXPENSIVE PLANS FOR BETTERMENTS the Very Best quality st moderate cost. J. G. Davis Co's CXT. It. IW7 1 ml) We have just received A 1909 Six-Cylinder "PEERLESS CAR This car is conceded to be the most luxurious car on the market. You are invited to call and see this car that is worthy of its name. Four-Cylinder Car Four-Cylinder Limousine Six-Cylinder Car . . Arthur McNall 14 SOUTH UNION STREET CHILLY FALL NIGHTS AND MORNINGS Before the furnace, fire is lighted, when the evenings are chilly and damp, the room in which you are sitting should be warm for your health and comfort. GAS HEATERS Furnish the ideal method of heating for this season of the year. They are portable and easily attached. Thecostof operating is trifling compared with the , comfort obtained from their use. ' Gas Heaters in Several Styles $1.50 and Up Rochester Railway and Light Co. 34-40 Clinton Avenue North 01. HSlOD Ttif Specialist for Man 101 NaywtMl IW( II CIlntM st flochaeter, H. V. Vm tiy hleatiS trtatmest dim calitf t mm ars tarti uli:ilr. Ungtr i rr HOBEKATE TKHMl Vf spsdaltr b VsrUM!. itrlelats. Jliooa FottwlBf. tmni Debility. Witting Wtk MM, Kutasy, BIM. FrMUU. tr.i Print Dkam Cli tai kt mU1 chat wtik m CWvlUTte AM AsVtCI flltt os uw ti 11 uMir tx triaoarrtw or flNl CHINA . Colonial Candlostlcks "Have you nem frit the glamor 01 the old Colonial days Old rruiliogany. old mannrri. Old lime oiks and old time way Whrn itatelinrM end courty Were aomrhow in the air; nd Chippcfldlf the roaster- Knew how to make a chair) Vfhea from the dusty corners Soft light of candle beamed, And on (he ancient sideboard Blue bowls of India gleamed) jf lave you never loved the luter Of the silks, that softer fade To a dream of vanithed roe. Woven in an old brocade) Far away from rush and clamor Lie those old Colonial day; ' Still about us drifts the glamor Of their quaint and stately ways." HcmyCWisnerGmpany a ' M I 99 $4,300 5,500 6,000 STORAGE Merchandise and Furniture and brtt 9quippe4 vankuns la th city, RochcstcrCartingCo. Traps for two tr the Famous Stub Century Tally bo, seating 30 people. Re-Screened Oats, Choice In quality. Right in price. H. D. STONE CO. MIU ST.. FOOT MOWN. IMKJRTtnS or $4.15 MANY OTHER STYLES ALL QUAINT AN0 STATELY m Granite Flour ia more satisfactory to use and really cheaper than the bargain counter kinds. Have the Aero Window Ventilator pieced In J'imkt home or factory before colli wrath' bcgl". Indorsed by physicians and experto i the greatest Invention of modern time. Tscful a ii window lift; ornamental and f'rsMnil Hnrt tn-ilny for our expert, or phone for Hrwititm. Residence windows, l jj.'i complete; factory and om.;e buildings, 1.75. Aero Window Ventilator Co. Hugh Smith 438 Powers Blk. Manager Roch. 'phona 8408 ROCHESTER RUBBER CO. Rubber Clothing Tha Kind Thai Kaept You -,-Dry and Comforlabla Women'. Rain Coats Wen's Rain Coats Men's Rubber Coats Men't Rubberized Jackets Wen's and Women's Rubbers Splindld Vafuts In Pun Sum Bectfa Rochester Rubber Co. 24 Exchange St. Just tew steps trom the Four Corners Empire Kind of Optical Service i,i lit nil times under the direct supervision of the proprietor, Mr. K. K.vArringlou, whose methods have been In mimy wn jrn instrumental in furnishing the Glnss-W earing Public with the advanced kind of optii-ul service it receives to-day. When in doubt about your eyes or your clans sea tin and w 1 best. , EMPIRE OPTICAL CO. 29 Clinton Avanua South Middle Star Backliy Bid). PEOPLE'S SUNDAY EVENING AT THE National Theater FIRST MIGHT Sunday. Nov. ist LEADER PAUL MOORE STRAYER Sb!. "Wat It Mn.." MHjor V:i!ifrton, Jrt W. B. Wrn ud br will pU briefly. Orchestra 7:30 to 8:00 O'aloeh ALL ARE WELCOME For Sale 1 908 "OVERLAND" Automobile, Runabout Single Rumble seat, (op, Solar headlights, , extra tire, fine condition. Must sell; got 1909 car coming. No. 1 East Ave. j OCT. 38, 18W I ... -'i. ! J.H --) U SO j. I j 1 r i ; AH - - 1,2 l ! If BK i 3pm sa ! 4P.M. (JJ itwo - t- S4 I ! -ft AH - DAM - 41 - - ii in 4P.M. lr.n To -40 I2MI0 TO-DAY'S DOINGS. Cnnrention llnll To-night onljr. cnnpprt ot New Virk Nymiilmnj Orchestra, Wlter Dam. foni'h tourturiliiK, 11:15 P. M. No. W 4'llnlon ivrniie nniith FmI protection, to Injur 10 A. M. to 12 M. MiiiiIi'IphI Unllillnu Moutlilv meetlui of Pnrk linnrd, if, M. City Hull, Common Cotiivll Chn mher Art-ureK liy Or. (IcorgB Stoikwe J, Prohibition camlliliite ror gov.rnur, 8 P. M. Bulern Chnrr-h-Anniml meMInf of St. John'. Cfa.rltnble Association, 8 P. M. Y. Jf. C. A. Miwle Hall Imperinl Hcota' Concert Coiniianr. under aupkT of Siottlih Women'. Club, S;15 P. M. No. 14 fiolmol Adureni on "Non Partlnan rollllrnl Iilr-nl." by profitnor Walter Kaucl. t'liliiiHrli before Civic Club, 8 V. M. THKATEIW. f-reeiim Thealer ThnradiiT. KrldnT. fialne- ly, -CJlrlKi" to-Uay, S;15 P. M. Boker .Theater All week, Vaughan Glafier and rompnnr In "Sheiloi'k Holmes :" to-day, V.lii and 8:1.1 P. M. Snllonnl Thenter- Thumdny, Friday, Saturday, "The (iniiihlcr of the Weal;" today. 4:1.1 and 8:15 1 M. Toole Opera Mouse All week, Taudevllle: to-day, 2:13 and 8:li V. M. Corinthian Theater All week, "The Pari lan Widows;" to day, 2:lj and 8:15 P, 11. WANTS MORE TIME TO CONSIDER HIS PLANS MayorDoesn'tlntend to Rush Convention Hall Matter. When Mayor EdRerton was asked yesterday why lie did Lot eetid the ordinance) providiiiK for the enlarginx of Conveiilioii Hall to the Common Council Tuesday iiiirht, he anid: "i'lic matter Is of such (treat importniM'i. and involves Mich, a eonsidera1le expenditure of the city's money, that I desired to give the whole proposition further and litore camful consideration. If it was jny own tnoney that was to he spent, it would be easy to decide, but it will he the people's money, and I must he convinced that it will he n investment for tho d of the whole, people Vfore taking any gtepa to hrinu it about." Th'e need of a larger Cnnrention Hull was emphasized during the riven t Indus trial Exposition, and it wn. proposed on the one hund to cliwe Monroe avenue to the nortli of tb hall and build an exten sion on thit side, or close, t 'apron street to the son tit and purchase adjoining property to extend the hall In that direction. Whether this ran be done without niakinj tin architectural monstrosity of the hnll is allot her question (o be eom idcred. Some architects nv it would he tnore desirable to Ihuild an entirely new hall than to try to patch additions on the present building. All features of the question will be eon-sbVered by tbe Mayor before deriding whether the ordinances shall be sent to the Common Council. PLAN MEMORIAL TO LINCOLN Mayor and Committee Working for Celebration in February, Mnvor Eilircrton hn4 hc?un to make plsiii for an elubornte celebraliou iu ltoch- estcr or the tuutn anniversary ot liincoin iiirth, February lth nex. A committee representing nil walks of life was culled together in his office yesterday to start the plans. The committee is composed of Harry V. Otarmuii .1..1.M W ThtilliOKnil .tarOAS 1. K. lMiffy, Uev. K. J. Htmua, Cptain f ront M. r.nos, llinsing u. eiuiore, l.rv 11.,.),. T.' Ilnrtnn nilil'ltpp 1 p. C. O. ArbertMiti. None of the details of the proponed celebration was dinrusxed yesterday, but it was decided to name a large general committee, to have charge of the arranv'ements. RAILWAY COMPANY GRANTED STAY Injunction Asainst R. S. & E. Held Up to Allow Appeal. Supreme Court Justice Sutherland yes terday granted a stay of execution of judgment obtained against the Koeneatcr, Syracuse & Eastern Railway by Ieander M. Shaw, of Fairport, on September tth. Shaw had sued to have the company compelled to pay him for damages done his property in John street and for no Injunc tion restraining the company from opera ting its c:i past hi door or across his 1 in mi. The injunction was granted and Shaw s-ns given a verdict of f.'OO.ia for the alleged damage, jesterdays order stays both decisions until the Appellate Ihviswn shall have had time to consider an appeal entered by the rnllway company. Municipal Court Judgments, The following judgments were taken yesterdny in Municipal Court: Sigmuiid t ialewski stiiint Nathan Wolk, lit. 70; fieorge It. I'm per against Uicltard O. Rclls. $'.'CW.3'i; American Adjustment Company against Herbert llarnmn, $l'J.i."; I C. I.angie Coal Company agiiint Henry Hohtuan, $ll.ftrt; Mary Jones, as executor, against hnries IV Maver, $111)7; (lately Outfitting Com pane against Henry Standenmnier, $1 1 SO. Salesman Sues lor Commlsalons, In Trial Term of tinpri'ine Court, Justice Arthur K. ttherlamt U hesrlug the actlcn brooght by Wtlllam B Holers against Uie Baca Kails Katiber Shoe Cuutnaay to re cover 4t alleged to 1 due la commissions on sales. WHltsm C, Koltluiels and Bay-ninml K. Westbary appear for the plalntltt and Isaac Adler, of Adler k Adler, for the defendant. Kvtdeoc was elrsied yesterday afternoon atnl the case will be given to the juiy this morning. Athletic Club Incorporated. A certificate of incorporation of the Imperial Athletic Cluh was tiled yesterday in the ors of the County Clerk. The club h orgituuwtl to promote physical culture and entertainment for Its members. The directors are Henry G. Natt, Charles Cunuinghata aud Louis Gettlcr. BRING UP AT THE PFAUDIER PLANT Nothing Near Proper Turn to Show West Avenue Grade Crossing la Closed Much Delay and Inconvenience Due to Absence ot Signs No sign has been placed iu West ave-Uile to show tho whereabouts of tlie Kossuth atreut subway, or to Indicate Unit, the subway is optn lor trallic. Nor is there anything to indicate thut it is impossible for vehicles to cro the New iorii Central trucks west of the Weot avenue cixjss-iug of tha Bufi'alo, Hwhcster & l'ittsourg railway, l'eoplo in automobiles, wagoiu and carriagas, have been put to much iu-convenience und delay by tlie alwence of anything to fhow them the proper road to take. The fact thut there is a sunway under the B., It. & V. and the New York Central at Kossuth street is not generally known. Comparatively few people know where Kossuth street is, anyway. It was pointed out three or four years ago that the tUingerous crossing!! of the B., It. &, V. and the N. Y. C. at West avenue could be avoided for people on the Buffalo road 'by the construction of a subway, and the matter was taken up by the oily, the town of Gates and the railroads concerned. It was decided to have the subway in KoMilth street, the first f treet east of the U., It. & P. roiinhouse. By using the subway the necessity of crossing any railroad tracks is removed, and the Buffalo road i reached as easily by that route n by the old grade crossing In front of the Central Railway Signal Com pany's office. When the subway was opened both the Buffalo road and Field street crossings over the New York Central were closed. In the absence of signs or other guides. people who do not know the ttreets and romls In that part of the city, believe that the proper route for them to follow is to go straight ahead, cross the B., R. & P. tracks and continue out West avenue. Not until they get anywhere from a quarter to n half a. mile from the subway do they find that they have made a mistake. They sometimes go as far west as the works of the pf u older Company, which are fully half a mile west of Kossuth street. A party of men and women arrived at the works yesterday forenoon. The road they had been following stopped there. One of the men 'ilighted and entered the office. "We are going to Buffalo." the man said, "and apparently hare mised.our road Where should we have turned? The man to whom the question was ad dressed directed them aright. "It seeitis to me that a city like Roch ester ought to have signs, posted so that travelers crin find their way about." the automobilist said. "It might be a serious matter for a man to go a mile out of his way, as we have done." FOR USE OFELLWANGERHEIR Mrs. Laah Ellwanger May Spend $4,000 Yearly for Daughter. An urder signed yesterdny by Surrogate Brown permit Mrs. I.eah C. Ellwanger, widow of Edward K. Ellwanger, to reiuv burse herself from funds of the estate of George Ellwanger, now in lier lunula, fnf expenses incurred in taking care of her minor daughter, Margaret, since the death of the older Mr. Ellwanger. In her petition Mrs. Ellwanger represented that since November '2, 100", she had spent'i on the education of her daughter, all of which wna charge able to Margaret Ellwitnger's interest in the estate of her grandfather. The order permits Mrs. Ellwanger to be reimbursed to that amount and to use $1,000 yearly for the same purpose until the ward acquires majority. The Surrogate granted a decree of judicial settlement to Sabina C. Martitr in the estate of Bernard F. Martin. The estate is valued at about $-ir.0UO. All has been distributed except about 5O0. TO HAVE A REAR-LOT POLE LINE Clover Street Residents to Avoid Overhead Wires. Residents and property owuers in Clover etreet, which runs aotiUi from East avenue east of the Auburn branch of the New York Central have taken the steps necessary to have a rear-lot pole line con structed on their property. I be construction of this line will make it possible far residents in the sirect to have ele-- tric lighting and telephone services in their homes. The people living on the street ex pressed a desire to have such a line built, and took the matter up with the Rochester Railway and Eight Company. The company said it would build the line and give' the desired service if the necessary consents were given by the property own ers. Thit baa been done and the line will be built. The lots on the street are 400 feet In depth and the houses stand bark an average of about 100 feet from the street line. WISTAKEN AS TO THE COMPANY Western Newspapers Credit U. S. I ( with Activity. Newspapers in the West, principally in St. 1 on is, have made somewhat amusing mistake concerning the united States Independent Telephone Company, in con nection with the proposed independent long distance telephone line. They say it ia the U. S. I. company that Is taking the leading part In the movement. People in Rochester know that the U 8. I. company is practically non-existent to-day, and has been for several months. The company actually concerned is the T'nited Slates Telephone Company, of Cleveland, an entirely different corpora tion. Episcopal Women to Meet. The Western New York branch of the Women's Auxiliary of the Hoard of Foreign Missions of the Kplsconat Church will hold its annual meeting at Trinity church in this city, November 11th and l'-'th. The Junior and Halite bram-h will meet on Wednesday. November 11th. In tlie, evening Bishop William I). Walker, Ml Irene P. Mann, of the Japanese mis sion field, and John W. Wood, recording secretary of the Board of Mlssiona, will address a public meeting. Thursday awn ing and afternoon will te given to "biisi ness sessions. The Democrat and Chronicle Job print ing department has op-lo-dats facilities and u to-date tdeaa, SfOSDAY 5,mo TI KAV , , 55.2IMI WEDNKSUAI 5W0 THI.'KNDAY 4I0 KKIDA V ,)5(3fl0 SATIRDAr 55,220 Total for the week... .831,520 8TATK OK XKW YORK, I.. county or Monroe, W. 11. Mathews. President of the ftoches. tfr Printing Company, publishers of the Democrat nud Chronicle, being by me duly enorii, nntn depose and sav that the nemo-erst and Chronicle printed and circulated during the tiast wck thf nhov enmhpr of dally papers. W. It. MATHEWR, I'res t. Rn-nm to hfnr na thta Olth An nt OctO. ber, 180S. Wit. If. COOK. Notary rnblle. B. , -' ,, , J-i DECOY LETTER USED TO GOOD ADVANTAGE Young Engineer Arrested pn Robbery Charges. Edmund lioak, rears old, an engi neer, of Fancher, and Frederick Vleley, 'JS years old, a waiter, were taken to iiolley yesterday afternoon by Constable Charles t'lister, of that village, to be arraigned this morning before a justice of the peace on charges of highway robbery. Uoak will also be charged wilh forgery iu the necond degree. He is believed to be guil ty on boUi charges, but little evidence haa thua fur appeared against Vciley. Both men were arrested yesterday. On Saturday Joseph Crosgrey, a Holley bartender, came to the city with a letter of introduction from W. A. Downs, president of the bauk at Holley. Croegrey saw Director Whaley and told him that one night last week when he was on his way home two men stepped from behind trees in a dnrk etreet and struck him on the head. When he came to his watch, some money and a certificate of deposit for ?i5 were missing. Saturday morning Mr.- Downs received she following letter: I'lense send me an express money oner or fhanL AT. OliP fif the Rochester banks. I have found mr draft on the Holley bank. And send me the express order soon, for I need the money. I am broke down here. Send It to Rochester. lours truly. JOSEPH CR03GKEY. Whaley suggested that Mr. Downs mail a letter to the address given. "Joseph Grosgrcy, No. 3H North Fitzhugh street," using the bank's stationery, lliia was done, and yesterdny morning when a mail carrier delivered the letter at the North Fitzhugh street house Detective I.egler was on baud to see Honk accept it. Hoak told Whaley he met a man last- week in front of the New York Central station in this city whom he had met in Holley. He readily admitted that he had lately come to Rochester from Holiey. He said the mm gave his nnme as Crosby and asked Hoak to receive and hold any mail that might be addrewed to him at the Fitshitgh street liouse. He added that he supposed he was Teceiving Crosby's mail nt the time he was arrested, although he thoucht the name on the envelope was misspelled. Detective I.egler went to Honks room and found n letter addressed to Archie White. Smith Falls. Ont. It was In the s.ttne handwriting as the letter addressed to Banker Downs. Tlie stationery i a'so the same. In a suit case Iu the room ler founded a :onded revolver. TVtortii'e Simian wi sent from lies.i- miarters to locate Iloak's comnanlon. He found Frederick Vicley. and took hmi To headonarters. Vieler ' not thought to have hen mixed tm in the roWhery. TREE DOCTOR AND HIS WORK Patients" Some of tha Fine Trees On East Avenue ''laces. Some owners of fine residence plsees In Rochester sre milling efforts to save trees on their property that the elements or the hand of man have injured, the work being placed In the bends of a man who may be called the antithesis of the familiar "tree batcher." On tbe grounds of several of the fine homes of Kast svenue this "dentist is now at work with a force of experts, gouging out cavities, waterprootlug the Interior snU filling In with cement In the tree-saving programme in order that some faniLlsr landmark or some tree valued for Its frnlt or shade may be preserved to Its owner. The operatlous bsve occasioned much Interest. At the home of George Eastman, George D. B. Bonbrlght and A. Mt IJndsay. trees are being treated by John Ilavey. founder of the Pnvcy School of Forustry, of Kent, 0., who Is famlliarlly known s the "tree doctor." Mr. I'avev, who has hern employed by the owners of many of the larg estates along tbe Hudson In. treating diseased or damaged trees, has written much on the subject of tree preservation. It Is Interesting n see the men at work. The manner In which they clean ont a cavity In the decayed part of a tree, and the carefulness with which they prepare the cavity -before fllitng, reminds one of dentistry. The filling Is cement, so shaped that the contour of the tree Is preserved. Mr. Dsrey says that this Siting Is never a success unless water Is absolutely exc'.uded, and that when It Is properly done it not only serves as a physical support to the tree, but preserves the remaining wood tissues from further decay. In treallug trees having a tendency to split or that have already opened up. chains are put up in sncu a manner that the bark Is not Injured and, while tictng so high that the greatest amount of leverase Is obtained, the whole Is hidden by the foliage. Work ol Board of Contract. Bids on Jewell street grading and sewer and for printing and binding the VM1 report 'of the Comptroller were received by the Board of Contract and Supply yesterday. John Petrosal was the low bidder for Jewell street work, at "'A The John P. .Smith Priutins Company was the only bidder for the printing, at $710. No contracts were let. Secretary Pifer was directed to for four Gamewell tire-alarm box es. These boxes cost $11 apiece. , Walking Around the Countty. William J. Whiter, who says lie is hunter and a trapper, is in Rochester, on walking tour of the I'nittd Stales and Canada. He sinned from Kingston, Ont., October IS'th and has credentials-showing that he has been in many places iu Canada, as far west as Lake Superior. He says he will start from here Sunday on his way Kast. A Housekeeper Said This Morn- itig, why did T not make Junket to-day? Too bad! It is so easily made by adding one of Hansen's Junket Tablet to a quart of hike warm milk, sweetened and flavored to uate, aud th cuildrea km It r! . RAILWAY AND LIGHT CO, TO SPEND $750,000 IN 1909. PLANS TO BE SENT TO NEW YORK They Include Doubling the Steam Power and Further Utilization of Niagara and Genesee River Power Extensions of Service An expenditure of $750,000 during 100ft ii called for in plans that have been prepared by the electrical department of the Rochester Railway and Eight Company. The work includes improvements and exJ tensions in the company's plant, including wire and cable lines in various streets. The plans have been approved by the Rochester office, and will be forwarded at once to New York for consideration. The improvement in the business situation throughout the country has had a material influence in shaping the policy of the company concerning the plans for UlOO. Among the improvements added to the company's equipment under those plans will be a low-pressure steam turbine engine directly connected to a reciprocating engine. The steam turbine engine now in use by the company is high pressure. l he low-pressure engine will take the exhaust steam from the reciprocating engine and from it will develop the same arnonnt of power generated by the reciprocating engine, thus getting from the same amount of coal twice the amount of power that was formerly possible. Niagara Powar Apparatus. There will also be Included a consider able "amount of switchboard materials, together with apparatus for further utithing the power received from the Niagara I.ockport Si Ontario Power Company. Waterwheels, for further developing power from the Genesee, are also included in the plans. The switchboard materials will be installed where necessary in the various stations. The apparatus to be used in utilizing the Niagara power will he installed in the sttaions in Elmwood avenue, South Water street and elsewhere, while the waterwheels will be placed in the stations abutting on the -river. The number of electric trucks and light service wagons owned by the company will be iucreased. Additional testing equipment for the electric meter testing department will also he purchased. This equipment will include a precision clock. With- this clock in nse meter testers will he able when at worko cheek their pocket chronometers at any- time. Connection with the laboratory will be by telephone, and the ticks of the clock can lie counted by the tester wherever he may be. and compared with his pocket chronometer, thus insuring the accuracy of his work. Additional Street Lamps. In view of the growth of the city the company is also looking forward to ihe purchase of a considerable number of street arc lamps. A large amount of under-ground cable will be purchased, together with wire for pole line purposes. One of the pole line extensions to be built in WOO the year will be a new line to Rrighton, parallel with the Erie canal. The expenditure of so large a sum for materials and lahor to be nsed within a year would indicate a large increase in the working force. But if there is such an increase, it will not be noticeable for six or seven months. The contracts for J the materials will not be executed until ' about the close of the present year, for de ivery late in the spring. As the work will not be begun until the material are delivered, there is not likely to be a call for workmen until some time in May or perhaps in Juue. ORDERED HELD WITHOOT BAIL Alleged Assailant of Salvatore Russo Committed to Jail. In police court yesterday Justice Chad-sey ordered Salvatore Russo held without bail until November 17th. The Italian ia accused of having shot Salvatore Ronzot on Similar lust an. I l?,., ; ; :.: . condition at St. Mary's Hospital. Russo was arrested on Tuesday afternoon in the saloon at No. State street. He deniea that he had anything to do with the shooting. A brolher left town after tha light iu order to divert suspicion from the alleged guilty man. Richard Roberts will have a hearing to-morrow morning on a charge of assault in the third degree. The man is accu.d of having slugged a Creek vendor of chestnuts at fif. Paul street ami Central avenue on Tuesday. Pvtro'iuan Ford caught the youn- man after a chase. ,-' Jo'in Shnrie. 17 years ohl. of No. S.1 Mjrtle street, did not appear in court and his bail of $2 was declared forfeited. The young man exploded a railroad torpedo at Eyell avenue and Child street on Tuosday. The noise startled all in the neiglrborhood. FURLOUGH NOT ROUND OF PLEASURE Young Sailor Spent Part of It In Hands cf Police. Through the appeal of his sister. Nelson tiharpe, a sailor, was allowed to go in police eourt yesterday. The young: man was' arrested on Monday on the charge of having stolen a gold watch from Mrs, Jennie Cutlett, of Henrietta street, o May )!th last After that date he enlisted in the navy, and he was home oa furlough wlten arrested for intoxication. The watch was said to tie worth $;0, which made the theft a grand larceny. offense. Yesterday it was found that the watch was worth $14. Sharpe had -previously admitted the theft and had been held for the GranJ Jury. His sister declined to prosecii, the young man further and asied to fcavV him released. The court agreed to this. Having overstayed his furlough because of his police troubles, Sharpe went to the local recruiting office and reported bit ease. t Pays $100 for Carrying Gun. Alfonso Chipero was Bend $100 la police court yesterday on the charge of carrying a concealed weapon. He paid. He was arrested on Tuesday night by A"t-ing Sergeaut Hennesssey and Patrolman Sehmitt in the old Ramlazzo saloon at No. MS State street. The policemen threw the man on a pool table and took the gun by force. Y'esterday a foreman for Whit-more. Banner & Vicimw reported to Investigator Weidman that Chipero had threatened three times to shoot laborers in the firm's employ, Buttons Made to Order, AO sizes, ,'laiii or rim buttons, made from your own material. Wattfe, third Soar, Cccsvail kulldim. ,

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