The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1930
Page 6
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.i'A<JK SIX ED1EI 1RED Grid Star and iVIollie T Mother of Singlon,. All- America Tackle, Will See Him Play in Rose Bowl. By WILLIAM UK.AVCHKI! . NKA Service Suoru Krtltor A little more than seven }go o piuisy Jittie toy nf 13 wit! i blnck eye limped Into the kltr:i?. -•f his home in Uirmiinliam. Al.i. His mother consoler! linn in ]i'.: ' ifllicllcn— wilh kind v.'crds u:u Jcllcious pie. That wss just aft?r l-'reddlt: ~inglon'5 lirst football scrimmage. ihe young man who was ch-:s;r :lmost. unanimously as Alt-Amcr- .-•a lacklc ihls year had to pUj .'ith boys older mid tanglier I!I:H: ilmself when he first lock up Hi- nine, nt Phillips llisb, in Ulr- . lingham. His mother, Mrs. llnllyc SliiE- :>n. gav<> him pie to cat and kinc ,-crds of encouragement lo hear. "You'll get a lol of h-ird knocks. . MI," said Mrs. 81113(011, "bui kj'.-p .ahl on fighting." , So Freddie, though sadly brnis;: 'nd generally pushed around du:-- ng his first fooiball scrimmagi 1 tnt right back after more the iu'sl .'ay. • • * When the mighty football toam ;' Washington Stale and Alabama -lash in the Rose Howl at I'asa- - jna New Year's day. there will U: ::o player to whom has come yrcai- .: fume limn the pudgy toy whos: :rst game of football sent him ::omc with (ears In his eyes. Up in the stands, among the .housands wlnfcc cheers will paj .ribijte to Slngton's football prow- FS, will be- his mother, he;- eyes bowing her prl'de in the boy's success. Rivals for the position Sin°u>n "layed in his high school days used -3 give (he pudgy Jewish boy some .^iiSh afternoons. But' Freddie 'ought, learned the game, became r.ToMcient, and began giving a few -•thers some rough nllerncons. He may give some Washington Slate .ilaycrs a disappointing New Year's . lay. For Freddie, today, with hi- ix feet Ihfee and 217 pounds, isn'l - i pudgy boy any longer. He represents 217 pounds of animated bim:- 1 About the time Freddie entered Alabama Mrs. Sington wns left a .widow. Her son wanted to abandon his scholastic career, take n job ir the workaday world and help a loir financially. ' Sirs. Shimon, hu-.veve;-. had o'.hei ambitions. Just ns sure as she w«« that he would become a great football player, she believed thai sonu day he would be n great hwver I; was a fight for her to keep the btn 'in college, but she did not shrink irom the straggle. Thus far Freddio has rewarded bor faith, not- only by earning r . nigli place among the countrv- gridiron great, but by excellence "in Ms academic work. Every year his name has appeared on the Alatum? honor roll. His schoDlwork recenUy TO recognized by election to -Phi 7 ,*. ^" Ppa ' a " hohlr i' h oiior f»« football men attain - <=!„"'.!! ^i ™ years of llre >'°""= Imnl = ? ° rmvded victor >- ™~( l ™ a ~- . B "t '« »is fight he ha' been^given valuable help by his When they cheer him In the Rose Bowl, they'll be chc-r n' .'JARK.) COURIER NEWS On The Outside Looking in CELEBRATIONS COMBIXFn GELLIVARE,- Sweden "jpf" A combined diamond wedding „„« ' c,, minm f Nord ™». a retired th" dfv f C n a "' nnd llis wife ' On the day of their 75!h wedding an- ^i^", cmn ection between Stockholm and Mallno. in the southernmost Swedish province of ticama. was established 40 vca^ eso. Today, with more than a' half a million telephone subscribers ™ talk to 2I I. By "UUKli" : Spurts (lie year 'Kuuml The owning cf Die nsw crnnry with Us excellent facilities for in- dnor sports Is Injecting new life inlo the .sjjni-iijj lealtn here ju at a time when interest of fan; and participants In various briajji- cl sport usually in.'ns to alii-- matters. In the past with the closing of Hie football season sport 1 action in Ulylhevillc faded Into sessions of tli° .stove leagu?. Not so this year, nuwevjr. 1'heiv will 1» far more Interest In suart activities this winter, Bnskcioill Indoor baseball, vcllsy ball, oaitiiij and other recreational activities at the new nnnory gym will nnd mare actual participants in Die nctlvltl-s than ever before. Net only tha"' but, Blythcvllle fans are going tj tuke to basketball, as Die cage sport will be ottered them from now on with plenty of enthusiasm. I Congrats Both Ways ; Congratulations to Tom ' Short, [ I who will lead the Cliicks on tne ! gridiron In 1031. And ccn-ratub- : ::cns lo the Chlck;isaws. too. I Tom should prove :in utle leader of the 11. H. S. warriors next fall | He dwarves the honor nnd here's ; hcplng that the atMed responsibilities of captain will not burden the licet looted halfback when he tucks tlic leather undei iiis arm airl sweeps oil down the field, B1WSHIJNG UP SPORTS >\Wi COVEL&KlE OFTHG wii% BEAT NEW YORK SGAMK B&J ' WITHIN 7 DAVS IN THE WHO FINISH OFTHE i*l^b 1 1/*"\AO fx"Mhth ki*r" r-Tl ,-•— THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1930 Mama ShiKlun. and her little "y),ldt:l" . . . he's Frc:t Sln s l on of Al.i- All-Am;r!ra tl'.-klc. Bascli.ill's Chance During the recent mec'.lng of the major Ic.isue magnates In New Vork. there was a great deal of :OOSL- converration about this <|iic!-,- tlon ami that, and everybody go; lowhcre. However, there were one ir two very Interesting devcloii- menls. One of these came In the form of I .in announcement from I'rexy Jolm i -leydlcr of the National League i We arc going to pass It aloiv lor ' what it is worth. "Despite the nation-wide depression," said Mr. lleydler. "Ilic 55th :eason or the National League (by .'.'liich he means the 1930 season) .vas its best. Constantly inci'easin? expenses of opjralicn, ho-.vevsr <ej>t half HID clubs from mnklng DID VO() KNOW THAT— Paul lierlenbach, training in New York gymnasium for a :omeback attempt, provides a touching picture. . . His tiucler- ::lnnins nnd wliul are weak, bill lie carries on ... He was barred by the New York Boxing Corn- mission two years a'go as unfit. . . but still thinks he can get fight s^me place . . . Ilarrv Unny, manager of Paul Sivl-Jcr- :kl, has threatened lo sue th; 3t. Loins noxlns Commission. . . Paul nntl Mnxie Hcsenbloom put on an affair for I80G customers. . the boxing wasn't so very terrific, (hey teli us. so the referee chased (lie lads. . . and they got nothing . . . Maxis wai iu have- 'received $759; Swldcr- -ki. SSOO . . . proving that prices ara indeed coming down. . . Mas- Bacr, the Califrcnia' i-r ii.iw in New York.for some ts. is one ol HIL- "new scliooi" All-Thls cr Ail-That I'ut on the blindfold and start pleking-yoiir All-America All. Southern, All-Arkansas, All-pro I leam or what have yon? The all- I this and till-that selections are j growing more frequent every year lend some of them are falling inio | the catagory of worn oul jokes or , even worse. At leasl some of ihem ; bring forth hearty laughs. ! For instance, some of the sport' j writers who select, their all^.his I i teams and detail at length the good . qualities of their respective choices j failed lo mention even in the form I of a iwstscript that their only nc- jquainlnnce with the stars of whom i they wrlie is via the news stories I from [lie fields of action. • But one selection [hat commands a gcod deal of respect Is the all! opponent team -named by thct na- I1 tonal organization, the Irish of No- I trc Dame. Considering the strenu- i ous ' schedule of the Rockne clan 'with aggregations in all scctions-of the country played the all-opponent eleven named by the Irish players and coaches would stack up ns a prclty good test for scans' of I the so-called all-America picks. And did you notice on the al!- opnoncnt eleven that Don Carlos, was ^.varded a plac W!M, THE VMTER, fticGRW LEARNED THAT, 60RIED DEEP IN THE fi^T / Q5UEl.E'SKIE MAD PIRED To 85 A TROMBONE PL ORC6R To U)1K THE HEART OF QRLFRJEND 3N 1 IMITATION TROMBONE CONCERTS EUERN TTME.HE PlTcHEO-lT CbSf WM HIS EFFECIWENESS ANP DROVE HIM '^CFTHE LEAGUE- FOR .PLACES ON CAGE Eilnn L. Amrinc of Columbus lives Give Sonic of It Recently Ihls department wcnton record rather vigorously In favor of intercollegiate football games or the. benefit of i!>e unemployed In this we were not alone. Th»re was a general cry all along the l!;-,o or ihe colleges to come lo the assistance of deserving people who .vcre oul of work during what Mr. Heydler now calls "ihe nation-wide' depression." A few of the schools responded notably the Army and Navy, [o It:popular appeal, northwestern a Big Ten school, gave $100.000 in he expcclatlcn that its garr.c with j Notre Dame next year would vicld thai much excess, Noire;. » j £ wos pointed oul by Father O'Dan- »cll. will share in this bequest. Others, here and there, me; th- need with games for charity. There weit some 'questions nt the lime about the appeal. "Why wasn't (his same dr-ma-i-i rr.nde of professional baseball?" was one of (he queries a c"lle7e sent us. " The answer is now given. In view of the wonderful 'srasop ! nnd all that, why shouldn't Ihr- ball ' teams in the American and National League set nside the receipts ol opening day for the help of lh- unemployed? No Reason for Anxiety Herbert C.ildwcll. the Comm»r-l3l TWO CIGARS. PER DAY Appeal sports editor In Ms col- LONDON. (UP)—For the last 35 timn, "Wise and Olhe'rn-3»" seems years Lady Sybil Emily llambro; slightly perturbed over the 'iu^Vn" has smoked nt least two cigars a Coach Wallace Wade has been g'iv- ! i«? bis Crimson line-up on the eve o r ccsst to play Washington Stale, j or five regulars to the second string If the nr - , If the general opinion down Ala- j eleven. Wade may even start his bama way among sport writers shock troops but before the game is over you will hear plenty of Cain, Campbell and Eberdt, along .with Elmore and McRight. means anything, Conch Wade has ', fully determined yet which team Is the best—his first stringers or the shock troopj. Tucker, the lad from Arkansas, if you remember, has seen rmitc a bit of action n the 'Bama varsity this season and the boy who used io whoop 'em up for the Rin'sell- viile Wonder Boys is a pretty fair grinder himself—as some cl the Army boys who played against Tucker several years ago. know. There is no particular reason for Hornersville Cagers Meei Cooler Tuesday COOTER, Mo.— The boys and girls high school basketball teams of Hornersville, Mo., will play Cooler high schoal boys and girls here, made good records, being undefeated this season. Cooler ^oys team has played excellent ball and are-expecting to hold the visitors-to a clcse-game. Cooler girls have a perfect record thus far, having won five games and lost none. The • probable lineup will be as follows: : Iris Michie, forward; Mary A. Reddkk, forward; Lillian Punderburk, guard; Evelyn Biggart, guard; Bethel Holly, ceil- j ter. ... Tuesday, Dec. 23rd. The Hornersvillc teams have First. Session at Armor/ Last Night; Another : Scheduled Tc:ight. ! Twenty-flve ambitious cag» ci"- iuidPtet initiated the new anir.'v | hall court last night with about a lw~ >'our practice session. Before the piactice sessi-n a tir- iness meeting was held at the gym *il!i Charles T. Kramer, in charge of basketball activities and head I or the raw city leugue. cxpla!n!n' • the future program of the league l-our teams "have already been cr- jainzcd-and two more are ic be fonrod making a six-team league instead of n four-team loop ar. originally planned. The personnel! cf he teams lias net yet been de- tei mined and all former basketball players or others with a desire lo take up the cage sport are urged I bv Mr. Kramer .to be on hand to- I night for another practice session | Places on the teams will be (pan! i until after the first games of the Itague schedule next w,::k. The four teams originally included In the league arc Hubbard Hardware, Ark-Mo Power company First National bank and Company M. The Frisco railroad will em« r a team and another team is t- b^ organized. Wednesday has been set a"lde for the regular drill night, of Company M, national guard, but Capt Crawford, commander cf ill? company, has announced that the .guardsmen have completed their drill qurta for the year and will not use their Wednesday ni»ht period until January. Tjiis will taave the Wednesday night period o;>.-a for other activities for a short time and the high school basketball teams will not use their allotted periods unlil school reconvenes in January. As a result frequent practice sessions for basketball and indoor baseball will be allowed the next two weeks. . All basketball candidates and others Interested are urged to lie on hand tonight for another tv.- hour-practice period. Friday night indoor baseball will again compose the evening program. Friday, Dec. 26 the first of the. basketball league schedule will be played. jy is| % There Wasn't Any Radiator on Grandpa's Sled— The N'ccd Increases The economic situation, we a-e tcld by several exports who have their hands upon the pulse of Industry. is going lo get no better and is going to do that repidiv indeed. By the time spring rolls nround. these prognoslicitors may bo found wroifg and we all may be Uhy again, but, have my n i & s§ Here It seem*, is a chance for' baseball lo show a big-hcarled in- tercst m the down a ,..d cut. Man i K they can | will return nexlyen. and "the next i and forever after. ' But the opjnlng day of the b?<c- ! ball season of 1031 may nnd raanv dcvctratolv seeking food. rr , tric ',.i than looking for nickels to sec ball i One day's receipts would indicil- j a Kindly interest in the welfare of should be proud to give. in (hose days to freeze up and "bust", except maybe Ihe old family pump i" the back yard, which was ((tiickly pui back t 0 vork with a ki'ttle of hot water. Yes sir, snow and ice at Christmas lime WHS a part of the program (hen, hut now its quite different. Ice this day anil lime might spuil your holiday. There certainly isn'l any fun in a fro/en radiator. Insure yourself a happy Christmas, Knd likewise a -safe ami sane winter of Iranyporlalion by letting us (ill your radiator today with G. P J Prestone Anti-Freeze Radiator Alcohol Bltico Anti-Freeze $2.00 Gallon $5.00 Gallon $100 Gallon $2.50 Gallon DRIVi; IN l'()U TI;ST -h. ' E«-s" -b «t members of the So-.ilh Carol- associations during ihe 1930 5C a- ton. The South Carolinians played Clemson, Auburn an:! Dixie Service Station Asl\ al Hroruhvav And That's Alt Wronj, Too During tournament play, lea Tn nM in •.«-„« < u . ' Dle B e1 ' A B ua Calientc's uncrtho- To aid in rescues from burnln 3; dCK . stroking g(> ,, professjc . nal . buildings, a German has invented smokes two packages of clgai-et-, a a sled upon which a'jerson can ba-day. Hj usually burns up another strapped and slid down 1 a ladder.' ' pack o( smokes at night. ON oxes Their workmanship is of high quality, their sides arc strong, and their holly-covered tops are handsome, indeed. Yet we hesitate to recommend them as Christinas gifts. Far more to be desired would have been the beautiful objects each once contained. Empty shelves make shopping an empty pleasure. Of course slocks are much more complete early in December than just before Santa slides down your radio aerial. Newly arrived then, they are fresher and cleaner as well: H will avoid disappointments and stem the flood of future tears if you in. sped the holiday displays al once ... If you do your Christmas buying NOW! ONLY 6 MORE SHOPPING DAYS! COURIER NEWS

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