Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on November 24, 1907 · Page 17
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 17

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 24, 1907
Page 17
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ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE. SUNDAY , NOVEMBER 24, 1007. IS ('looker, author of "Acrow the Pacific" and many other successes, was selected to write the play, he being the only repre-tentatirs of tlm stage of California's gMen Iay alive and eminently capable f jiving a true picture of the period In Urainatic form and plot. Anion; 'lie non-orary members of the club are Davirl Bel-ico, David Warfiekl, I.otta Crahtree, Emily Thorn and others. FAD FOR STAGE ANIMALS. Managers Nowadays ar Expected to Furnish a Whole Menagerie. Not of hia own volition but became of the plotting of hia playwrihta, Charles Frobman has almost added an animal kingdom to the resource! of his enterprises. By some peculiar coincident every play he has accepted this season in soma vay or another called for the appearance f an animal in the scenes, Stage Director Seymour quickly found the truth of thin for ho no sooner completed the engagement of a cant than he had to begin cn animals and Ben Tonl baa bad a (lit it too. First came "The Dairymaids," with a comedy situation, calling for a real id ut' It . It was procured and became a Huntley Wright accessory. And this very )iiclt pint bus caused all kinds of trouble for where there has not heen a change in (ha cast during the run of the piece seven different ducka have appeared. It lids developed the new fact that no duck can play longer thai two weeks. How-ever, the present web-footer is beginning his third week, hazily and hopefully. 'J he duck as some one- might humorously remark is not a Teal duck but outs of the ordinary quack variety. This over, along cumo Krnncis VVinn with "When Knights Were Bold" and this tailed for a Great Dane; and then .Tolm Drew started reliearsuls of ".My Wife" and the tirst page of the manuscript called for a poodle dog. Things looked comfort-alilo for a while ami then Mr. Frubtunn h'giu with "The Morals of Marcu" for .Marie Doro and in this the author called for a hkek cut and a live one. Otis Skinner got hy without animals and so did The Thief," but for the A.le play "Katinr ud The Boys" in which William 11. Crane is appearing there was a cull for a horse rare. Further developments however, showed it only to be an eff H t, But in the meantime Sam Bernard hud started out hi "The Hirh Mr. Hogaeuheinier" aud the stage department hail to supply a worn and dilapidated cab horse only to rind out that Diisim Furuimi had to have a real mustang for "The Banger." It looked after that but Taul Kuban wrote a new song for 'The Dairymaids" called "The Hay Hide" and Mr. Fr.ihtnnn railed for a pony and curt, and the aiiimn kindgdom went on increasing. Of course there were the two "Peter Pan" comiia uies wiih dogs, crocodiles, ostrich", lions find wohes but on the pay rolls these are li'.iman beings. Now Mr. Frolimiiii's prop erty men are wondering if there in to be a "Noahs Ark" in "The Toy Maker of .Nuremberg," if Hattie Williams 's to make her entrance riding r walking lu "fluffy Humes and if there are to be whales m "Mm Hook of Holland.'" At any Tale at the end of the season there will be some bargains at the Frohman storehouse for a ftmu who wants to take nt a dog and pony show with ducks as nil added feature. MUSIC OF "PEER GYNT." Grieg Said That He Had Long Out grown SettlngHe Wrote lor Ibsen. Interesting information reKardiug Grieir's "Peer Gynt" nituic (ih four most popular numbers of which will be played in coin niemoration of bis death at the Philharmonic concerts in Carnegie Hall on Nov ember ljth, lliih), is contained in the mid October number of Die Musik, in which are printed five letter written by Grieg to a friend in Switzerland. This friend bad asked him for a complete list of the musical numbers he wrote for that Ibseu drama, and Grieg not ouly enumerates them twenty-two in all but indicates where they belong by referring to their proper place in the German version of that play published In the Ueclain edition. He adds: "You are quite right. It m too bad that the 'Beer Gyut' score has not been printed complete. But the publisher has issued the two suites and the songe (contained in it), and does not wish to compete with hinwelf" "Ibsen's drama is a masterwork of the very Hrst rank, but unfortunately you cannot gather this from the wretched translation," "Many Nor wegians formerly believed, as I myself did. that Beer Uynt represents ouly an excep tional type. Unhappily it has been shown in the last years bow shockingly true to IU the poet sketched that national char acter. Ibsen exposed a dangerous aide of pur whole people mercilessly. ' There was time, ha adds, in another letter, "when I. too, did not appreciate the great contrast between Bjornsone and Ibseu $ conception of the Norwegian national character. Yet I should like to exclaim with Holberg: 'Gentleuieu, you are both right' lu other words, BJoruson and Ibsen complement each other in their views. The Norwegian people, especially the peasantry, has shnrp-iy contrasting qualities, and it is obvious that Bjomson, the optimist, glorifies the people, whereas Ibsen, the pessimist, scourges it The composer may titly unite within himself these opposite views without seeming untrue. "It is long," he gays, on another page, "since I wrote the 'Beer Gynt' music and the Ibsen songs. So long that I conduct ad play these works as if they were not by me. I wished to continue in my development, and I have eontinued, so that I feel differently now. How I should have liked to be able to give expression in tones to my mental development up to the latest period! Bodily infirmities were insuperable obstacles, aud now the end is near. However, I am reconciled." CASE OF ARTISTIC TEMPERAMENT Lulu Claser Insists on Discarding Good Money-Making Proposition. Klaw & Krlanger announce that L'llu Glaser't season in "Lola From Berlin" will end in Washington, Saturday evening, Nov. 30th. The closing of Miss Glasei'e eason in this play will termiuato her contract with Klaw & Erlanger. In making this auuuunctmeut, Kluvv & Krlanger said: "Here Is a most itnomal-wis state of affaire. 'Lola From Berlin has made more money for Miss Glaser and ber management than any play in which he has toured within four years, exceeding in this respect both 'The Madcap Princess' and 'Dolly Dollars.' Yet for Mm reasou truly femiuine Miss Glaser does not care to go on, and we have therefore decided to termiuute her season in it. "We feel it due. to Mr. J. J. McNally, the author, to make this statement, because druing such- strenuous times as these It seems so unusual to close uo a play which is making money. But 'Lola From Bni'liu' has made money from the start end the audiences have tukeu Mi Glaser to their hearts in this nle. and there la absolutely no cause for Its closiug except Mil Glaser's desire to do so." ENTIRE DAY IN DESCENDING ML PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED IN MOVING HEAVY MACHINERY. TRANSPORTING NEW STEAM TURBINE Eleven Freight Cars Required to Bring It to Rochester-From Sum mit to Foot of Mill Street Hit!,- Crossing the Raceway Bridges The steam turbine and generator that is to be installed by the Rochester Railway and Light Company in its steam station on the river flats near Piatt Street bridge, is In the city aud is being transported lu sections to the plant. The machinery filled eleven cars, box and gondola. It is expected that many engineering problems will be eucountered and solved before the last pioce is delivered at the station and the powerful machine is ready for its trial start. The first scries of problems developed wheu the base of the turbine was taken from the freight house to ti.e station. The difficulty was encountered on the hill that leads from the north end of Mill street to the river tints. The base weighed twenty-two tons, and was so heavy that nn ordinary team of horses could not hold it buck. A line of snubbing posts was erected beside the roadway from the summit to the base of tho slope, and a strong rope for snubbing purposes was provided. When tlm wagon carrying tbe base ar rived at the summit of the hill, and it had taken an entiru working day to geP tho base from the car to that point, tho rope was attached to the rear axle and the wagon was started dofcn the bill. Because of the great weight, it was necessary to move the wagon very slowly. The snubbing rope was kept taut, and the horses were required to huul the wagon, the speed of the wagon being regulated by means of the snubbing rope. When the wagou had proceeded a sufficient dis tance from one post, a new rope was attached to another post, and when It had been placed in position and hauled taut, the first rope was removed and used as the second rope when the next change was made. An entire working day was vsed in descending the bill. "The following day, when the turn toward the plant was made, it was found that the base was so wide that it would not pass between the truses on the bridges over the various raceways along the base of the cliff. It was necessary to raise the floor of the bridges a mitfl-civit distance to enable the wagon aud its load to pass. This is the heaviest single part to the machine, and It is now at the plant. The shaft is about twenty-three feet in length, and it will stand vertical when installed. All of the rotating elements of the turbine and generutor will be raised over the top of the shaft and be "threaded" on it in their proper order. There are many delicate parts to te machine, and great care in the installation will be necessary. After all the rotating parts of the turbine have been threaded on the shaft, tho casing will be put on, coveriug all of the turbiue parts, and then the generator will be InsfaTled above the turbine. Special steam pipes are required, and the pipes have to be sent for bending to Hartford, Conn. If there Is no delay the turbine will be ready to go into commission in about six weeks. Charcoal Stops Gas On Your Stomach Wonderful Absorbing Power ol Charcoal Whan Taken In the Form ol Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges. TRIAL PACKAGE SENT FREE. Charcoal, pure, simple charcoal, absorbs 100 times its own volume of gas. Where does the gas go to? It is just absorbed by the charcoal the gas disappears and there Is left a pure, fresh, gweet atmosphere, free from all impurities and germs. That's what huppeus in your stomach when you take one or two of Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges, the most powerful purifiers science bas yet discovered. You belch gas in company, sometimes, by accident, greatly to your own humiliation. That ia because there is a great amount of gas being formed in your stom-ch by fermenting food. Your stomach is not digestiug your food property. Cna i inevitable. Whenever this happens, juste luse oue or two or Milan Charcoal Losenges right after eating, and you w-i, be surprised how uuickly they will act. No more belching; no moie'sour risings. Hat all you want and what you want, and then if there is any gas going to be formed, one of these wonderful little absorbers, a Stuart Charooal l.ozeuge, will take care or ail tne gas. And it will do more tiiau that. Krory particle of impurity in your stomach nnil intestines is going to be carried away by the charcoal. .No ouie seems to know why it does this, but it does, and does it wonderfully. You notice tbe difference iu your sppetite, general good feeling, and in the purity of your blood, right away. You'll have n() more bad taste in your mount or una oreaiu, eitlier from drinking, eatiug or smoking. Other people will notice your bail breath quicker than you will yourself. Make your breath pure, fresh and weet, so when you talk to others yon won't disgust them. Just one or two Stuart Charcoal Loscnges will make your breath sweet, and make you feel better all over for it. You can eat all the onions and odorous food you want, and uo one can tvll the difference.. Besides, charcoal is the oeet laxative known. You can take a whole boxful and no barm will result. It is wonderfully easy regulator. And then, too, it filters your blood very particle of poison or impurity in your blood is destroyed, aud you begin to notice tbe difference in your face first thing your clear complexion. Stuart's Charcoal Loaenge are made from pure willow charcoal, and just a lit tle honey is put in to make tlk'm palatable, but not ton sweet. They will work wonders in your ttmn- eh, and make yoil feel Sue and fresh. Your blood and breath will be purified. We want to prove all this to von. Just send for a free sample to-day. Then after you get It and use it, you will like them sit wll that von will t r.. druggist and get a 2.-jo of these Stuart ttiareoal Loenges. Send us your name and address to-day and we will at once smid you by mail a sample package free. Address F. A. Stuart Co., 'J0O Stuart Bldg., Marshall, Mich. TO DISCUSS PEACE CONFERENCE Dr. Crapsey Will Speak on International Gathering. In his sermon. lecture on "World Responsibility" before the Brotherhood today, Kw. Dr. Algernon s, Crapsey will dittcuss The Hague Peace Conference, giving his' iinpritisioiis of 'the not result of the big tnternutional gathering, To-day'a meeting will be held at 4 o'clock, inxtead of iu the evening, the change of hour being made necessary by reason of the theater having beon, engaged before the Brotherhood began its work there. All of the seats are free and s cordial invitation is extended to all who are interested. WILL INSPECT BARGE CANAL ROUTES IN PARK City and Canal Officials to ,' Consider Plans. Ii vision Engineer John P. Kelly and members of the 1'urk Board are to visit (Jenesee Valley Bark some time this week for the purpose of inspecting fho routes through the park that have been proposed and sun-eyed for the barge fnnul. The visit was arranged at a conference between Mr. Kelly and (!enese Valley Park Cjnnmi'ttee of the Park Board. The route that will be followed ihroiigh the park by tbe canal will be cbiwen by The Advisory Board of Barge t'jinal Engineers, but It is likely that tho suggestions of tbe Park Board will receive consideration. Two routes have been surveyed through the park, one vutriug through the grove a short distance south of the bridge, the other cutting through the evergreen grove east of the refectory, and making the removal of the refectory necessary. It is understood that the Park Board Is iu favor of the latter route, becnuso tho grove is natural, while the evergreen trees could be transplanted. It ia understood that a third route has been surveyed still farther smith, which calls for tlm removal of only a few of the evergreen trees along the eastern limits of (he park. Mr. Kelly said that there had been no decision readied in the matter of a route through the park, and that 'he would be pleased to do anything he could to save the grove near tbe refectory and the rrfeC' tory building. At St. Mark's Lutheran Church. Rev. Pliilip Laux, of Martinsville, the visitor of the Buffalo District Conference, will deliver an English end also a short German address at 7 o'clock this evening at St Mark's IynUieraa Church. The services will begin earlier than usual iu order to give Mr. Laux an opportunity to hold a meotiug softer the services with tho voting members of tbe charch. Court Reduces Bail. County Court Judge Stephens yesterday granted an order reducing the bail of Isaac Klkan from $1.01)0 to Klkan was arrested for breach of promise on the warrant of Fromme Koveleski, who claims she paid the man's pasage from Polii ud in order that he might marry her and that he went back on hia engagement after he arrived. i Swedish Sunday-School. The Swedish Sunday-school and Bible class have regular mcotlngs Sunday after-nooua at 4 o'clock at the First Baptist Church, Churrk and Fitzbugh streets. The Swedish parents of the city are especially requested to have their children atteud. HANNA INQUIRY CONCLUDED Coroner Will Give Verdict in Woman's Death This Week. The inquest into the death of Agnes Uanna was concluded by Coroner Killip yesterday, wheu two witnesses were examined. The coroner reserved his verdict lr. Mania C. Hirthifford again-testified. He suid he had been called to the Otsego street flut to attend Mis Hanna, and found her suffering from concussion of the brain. Sbo was semi-conscious and had a severe bruise on the right side of her face. Some one of tbe persons in the house told him that Miss Hanna bad been struck by a man at the Washington Hotel. He was unable to say who mado the remark. Dr. Iloibert II. Knapp, a physician at the Omnty Hospital, testified, to having seen Miss Hanna before her death. He performed an autopsy upon the remains. He said lie found evidences of chronic alcoholism and a discoloration of the braiu. The discoloration was due either to concussion or to meningitis. Surprised or. Birthday. .Mrs. Kathriiia Xeuffor, of No. 45 Morris street, was surprised Friday whon tho members of the .Missionary Society of the First German Baptist Church to the uum-bcr of lifty called at her home end presented her with a beautiful book and a bouquet of carnations ami chrysanthemum in honor of her seventieth birthday. The feature of the dinner was a cake in which were placed seventy large candles nd five smaller one to repreoent liojr children. Walker-Lefrols. Miss Anna I.efrois, daughter of Mrs. P. Lefrois, and Edward J. Walker were married Thursday afternoon at St. Francis Xavier church by Rev. Joseph Netzel, The bride was attended by her 'sister, Miss Frances Lefrois, aud the groom by John Beyerlu. Miss Carrie Bimrrlein, cousin of the groom, played the wedding march. A reception was tendered the immediate relatives of the bridal party after tho ceremony. $20 Diamond Ring for $18. Will you walk a block to save $2.00? If so, eee Handy the Jeweler, 88 State street, opposite Church. Beautiful Arms and Neck, Pearl Mist takes away all the redness and roughness from the skin and leaves it daim..y fair; cannot be noticed either. Fifty cents st drug and department stores. Hair Dressers Advise Dry Shampoos. Better than soap and water, Halr-Fluft is a vegetable antiseptic powder to be sifted on the hair and then bnished out; makes the hair soft, beautiful and sweet. At drug and department stores, 23 and 50 cents. You Are Entitled to a Discount I you buy wall paper from, sample books sent out by New York anil local merchants. You are entitled to 60 per cent, off on all patterns contained in books with red covers; 50 per cent, off on all patterns in books with green and black covers. Prices of goods are printed on the backs of samples in plain figures or a code. We will give you any of the patterns represented in these books at discount mentioned above. If the pattern is out of stock, we will give you the same quality. Do your own buying direct from store. George Weldon A Company, wall paper and viudow shades, NO; 11.1 Main street east, between St. Paul and Water itreets, Rochester, N. Y. BAKER THE HOUSE THAT HAS IMPROVED VAUDEVILLE IN ROCHESTER LADIES' TICKET .BTST Tills coupon will nilmlt any laly tree to the matinee performance of Klaw & Krianger's Advanced Vaudeville at tho ll.i ki r Theater on Monday, Nov. 25. 1907 If accompanied by oue paid reserved sent ticket. 't his coupon must be clipped and presented at tlie box omr before time for the jerfonnaace Muuduy aflernot n, aud an admission ticket will h l-stid in excliuiiue tor It wlieo out) other tb k"t a purcutiKed. D. FOR THANKSGIVING PLEASURE SEEKERS LAST WEEK OF VAUDEVILLE IN ROCHESTER Another and Final Festival of Stars At the Baker's Popular and Pleasing Pricet The Sensation of All Europe and First Time Here H A RTiFFN the greatest of ull Jwiidciir kiiis al toreakor juraurdinaj'y. EDITH HELENA V XX The X rh Klnizo-r who iowt.'iwn the most nmrvei- yui voio ever baivl. PRICES Matinee 10c, 20c, 25c Nights 15c, 25c, 35c and 50c We are anxious to make this last bill one that you will always re member pleasantly. No expense has been spared to make it reoresenta- tive, and you are sure to en joy Lest You Forget We Again Suggest Your Cutting Out These Programs To compare them with the sort of vaudeville you were compelled to accept before Klaw & Erlanger entered this field. Also it will be interesting to compare these with your bills at all future times. xx XX xx XX XX XV il. V PRESS ELDRIDGE burnt cork conwdl.-in, from English sacceasea. JOE FLYNN The vrtineJUn wtu Is "Tbe Man Behind the Book." Six Glinserettis i feature direct from the Barnnm circus. BELIONINI European Jogltlers. DESROCHES & BUiNCA rsrislss noyeity. Three ERNESTO SISTERS Preity ttigh wlrejirtits: AND S,viiil Mchisivs iiiniance nero of tbs 4rri'jLca; tinging iviuiwu iu uuUvill, Romany Operatic Troupe of 17 GRAND OPERA OL.OIXTS SUNDAY NIGHT And Other Blf Numbers SMvmt ptc rusts I II II I. ! IHH .WI. TONIGHT POPULAR SUNDAY NIGHT CONCERT PRIOES - - - Oc, 200, 3O0 SINGING, MUSIC, NOVEL VAUDEVILLE NUMBERS ZOA MATHEWS, JACK KEEFE, ILLUSTRATED SONGS MQy!NS PICTURES, NATIONAL ORCHESTRA TONIGHT ENTIRE WEEK Commencing Monday Matinee, Nov. 25th MATINEES MON., WED., THUR. (THANKSGIVING) AND SAT. HAMLIN AND MITCHELL'S ORIGINAL PRODUCTION THE WIZARD IN ITS SEVENTH MERRY YEAR OZ AND FIRST TIME AT POPULAR PRICES DIRECTION HURTIG AND SEAMON 60 -COMPANY OF SIXTY GO Tha Wonderful Cyclone Scene With GEO. STONE as the Scarecrow Augmented Orchestra Greatest of all Musical Extravaganzas t The Beautiful Poppy Field Scene RECORD OF 500 NIGHTS IN NEW YORK Prices, Mat., 15c and 25c Nights, 15c to 50c Dioimbtr t, i, 4 A MILUOXAIRE'S REVENGE Dsstmntr I, I, 7 THE C0WI0Y Witt. The Best Goods at Bryans' Port, Sherry, Angelica, Muscatel, Madeira and Tokay Wines, well agedt Quality select and absolutely pure at 25c, 35c and SOo per quart. Special Gallon Prices $1.50, $l.oo and , including Jug. Sensrim's Whlnky Sl.otfl rcwnr' Hootrh. Caosdisn Club i.oo I nhw n Rpoclnl. OomUrinaii & Worts.... Hollywood New York Club I ts HrniltK Rye l.ts Old Crow Rrs J1-5 Old Crow Bourbon l.ts Gibson XXXX.... l-so Klnlmn' Irlub !.! Old Biwbmlll'tt IrlRh.... l.'is Jamraoo'a a-Stur lrtith.. I.ss1 Black is .White. Cliuiubr-r'n Hroteh. ...... Kin WHIIkui '1'hren KVntlmr Hrmth'i Tmii (iin Burnett's Turn Hln Burnett's ry iln...... Unrdou'd Iiiy Gin...... Windmill (iln John Us Kuyper tjiu.... Cuoklng Brand... ...... .SI M Hennwmey 8 Slur Bran- . l.aa ly Ii-ss . in Martell'i S Star Braiidy..l.S . Apricot Brandy Sl.. I M . I'enuU Brnndy 1.25, 1.0ft . 1.75 TlKitr Head Hum.. MS . .55 Wrumth SS . .sb rnsrtrNim Or(n...ns, MS . Heiwdlctlno Lis. S.S8 1.SW Mnramuluo 5, 1.W l.ts Urn pt Jolee M, M 111 Um Frnlt Jutt-o ., Mi Cherries U Mriuloii. j& Olive OIL the most aeleet quality, Imported dlrwt from Jtnly, abtolutriy purs. (tuaf. antwd and analysed by eminent chcniit. The beet Olive Oil ever hroiiBht to Rm-h-eater. Sold In original Imported tins, t'ilils 40 cents, quart! tfu cents, nalf-sullons LJ5, " H Import'' and Tornetlc Champagne, Port. Sherries, Ctareta, Rhine Wines, Bao-ternea. Burgundies, CwktaUs, Cordlala, Alea and Bittern. Everything in the line. Mall erdara aeoi In plain boxea. Good delivered any part of Roe heater Free. Telephone your erdne. Either 'Phone SSI. Bryans' Big Cut Rate Drug House f jaa ' - i i About Furs 3V TH NEW tKAJDU SONG AS TENDER AS THE MOTHERS LULLABY C How nice to tend baby to aleep, eaaily, aweetly, toundly, with a Renin Mimic Boxt Ons mother wrote the Keg-ina manufacture: "I find it a splendid plan to have the Reglna play my boy to tleep." The Begin tone ia deep, clear, aweet and aootbing, and if the little one ia ailing or if you yourself are weary it will tend both of yo gently to the land of Nod, and vou'll both wake rested and refreshed. 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Dlended Sables should be especially - avoided, as tfiey turn green and present a shabby appearance in a short time. We do not want the readers of this '' article to get the impression that we do not manufac-. ture and sell the lower priced furs, furs that are used ! for hard every-day service, warmth and comfort. We are Farriers, and it is our business to supply the requirements of all our customers, whether they want a costly or inexpensive article, and we give the same care and attention to style and fashion in tbe more economical furs rbat we give the most costly. All articles of our manufacture are replete with "style" whether they cost little or much. We have everything in furs for ladies and for gentlemen. Importing and manufacturing our own furs, we are prepared to sup-1 ply the wants of 11 our customers at the right price. At the World's Fair we were warded the highest prizes for manufactured furs. We cordially invite every reader of this card to visit our establishment when in New York, and it will afford ns much pleasure to extend every courtesy in our power. Do not hesitate to come in and look around, whether you wish to purchase or not. Our new catalog sent free on application. C. C. SHAYNE a CO. 126 W. 42nd St. NEW YORK 129 W. 4ht St. Wailt D. & C. "WANTS" BRING RESULTS

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