Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on June 6, 1907 · Page 14
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 14

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1907
Page 14
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14 ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE. THURSDAY, JUNE 6. 1907. iifts for For Yotmg Women Wcllesley Bags Auto Bags Envelope Bags Canteen Bags Purses Pocketbooki Card Cases Dressing Cases Jewel Cases Safety Pockets Manicure Cases Sewing Sets Hand Mirrors Music Rolls Music Cases Trunks Umbrellas Traveling Bags . Cane Suit Cases Matting Suit Cases For Yotmg Men Coin Purses Bill Rolls Medicine Cases Card Cases Pocketbooks Letter Books Watches Watch Fobs Stick Pin Gases Money Belts Safety Razors Pass Cases Address Books Bags Suit Cases Telescope Cases Steamer Trunks Steamer Rugs Collar Bags Cuff Cases Wi will tell my ol ttieie goods e ba refunded or any purcbato Henry Likly Co. 155 Main One More Full Carload BiTESS A snmber of attractive designs from $7.75 to $ 16.70 $0.95 Qalota Oak 0al Mirror Rounfod 118 styles el Brass and Iron Beds, 158 styles of Odd Orstssrs, all woods, 98 styles ol Chiffoniers, all woods, THE BEST ( DESIGNS ( I QUALITIES 1 ( VALUES H.B.GRAVES i r r m yyTf ks . AT vT FROM $12.00 TO $100.00 SIZE for every family, a price for every pocket- dook, ana every give satisfaction. who wi rT T I fitfi jJ LI our (SI - - a Sr fal ILL 7JJa !K 1 ! 5v sill! 3CC jiff: 'fr... . When la our basement ask to see the Knorr Ironing Board, with which garments of every kind can be ironed in one-third the usual time. New Prize Cups in Sterling Silver Department. Store Closes Saturdays at 1 P. WI. During July and August Graduates Our Store Is Headquarters for Many Practical Things Which Will be Appreciated by Your Young Friends. Bottle Cases Drinking Cups Playing Cards Salve Jars Hair Brushes Tooth Brushes Bath Brushes Hand Brushes Visiting Cards Watch Fobs Collar mt Cuff Boxes Mileage Cases Cigarette Cases Cigar Cases Coat Hangers Military Brushes Elastic Band Boxes Razor Cases Dressing Cases Pouches approval, and noniy will that li aot satisfactory. Street East. roR mis 4-Drawer Dresser Solid Posts Tap 20 a 3a 14 84 Dauhhs From Top Comoro B9 Inehos High Qood Coblnot Work $2.38 to $78.50 $7.75 to $118.00 $4.98 to $105 0 A Largo Doublo Floor Devoted Exclusively to Chamber Furniture Samples. IN LOW PRICES IN MEDIUM PRICES IN HIGH GRADES Fair Prices Guaranteed Goods IF YOU BUY IT AT GLF.NNY'S, ITS SURK TO BE RIGHT." REFRIGERATORS ALL PRICES reingerator warranted to Complete line in basement. The fact that many visitors look all around come back vnouujr iu uu in me nest Wence of the superiority of values. NATIONAL-$14.00 to $40.00 Zinc and Enamel Lined. 18 style and fine. umniKy nit fl Spruce and Enamel Lined, Lin l.) style and sixes. GARLAND Si: 00 to $19.60 Zinc LiDed 3 Style. National Ico Chests Six sixes. ' $6.25 to $15.25 NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. KINMNG'S BLUING ALWATf PLEAfEl At All Grocr. dot farthsr tin the tooth hnifh . with irliiob jmi i THR CHARCOAL 'VTirRICR btmiiM Qiutotl penMMte rry rrrviM of ib Uioth ttrac-tun. Ho gist. Try n Vitk Inif (To., TTtiIs Prog, Co., GuliM lm Co., f'ailie ling On, The Only Plaster That Don't Fall Off Rochester Pulp Plaster Co. ., 154 Wast Avenue CONFIDENCE When you wish the best bread flour made, just call up your grocer and say: "Please send mo a sack of Hie Flour" Don't allow him to send "something else." STERILIZED INSTKUMBMTt AMD ANTtSXPTIO PAIM1E3S TREATMENT. CORNS REMOVED fS CTS. AND DP, ROCX. PHONB 1834 INOROWINO NAILS, DISEASES OP THE SWEAT GLANDS. WEAK ANKLES, CRAMPS IN THE TOES. AND PAIN IN THE FSET CURED. GEORGE E. BUELL, PEDIC SURGEON lOI CHAMBER OP COMMERCE BLDO. "Trtth ant Sunt, Coti It Cat" Bread Making Rtducad o s Selene Thttthebtker'i r la md an rl.olrUlof thst modal HOLSUM LOAF always proves Gifts for June Brides This store Is resplendent in bean tifnl mementoes for tlin brides of June Quality Jewelry without the accompanying high prices. There's a reason why we ran quote you Ia VrUet for trudtworthf mer ohandise. SILVERWARE CUT GLASS FANCY CLOCKS WEDDING RINGS 21 South Ave. Greater ! OHTHBIO im Ml M bulldlncs are covered with umt EOQiing H Durable, Economical. 1 r - l ... . rorsaie oy an nara-H'are dealers or direct of the manufacturers. 1 UNCORPORATEO) 82 Mill St. Rochester, N. Y. !f!w'a?a!iiSiIaSila"ilHiaAS 1 i$m i mji i (Hi J means COlPARAnVE TEMPERATURE Rudolph Schmidt ACo's Thermometer JUNE 5 10US , JUNE 5, IHOT JASP-1 f AM AH r s r I- m p67 BAM. -i lit i sen. h 3pm. ( jp.MHIr-sa a win -II TO-DAY'S DOINGS. Annnsl parada and InnpectUin of the To- jice ana rire aepartments, it v. ai. So. Hfl rilutoti arenne north I.eiral pratea uon, in itar cumit Jl A. M. O u. Rrlrk 'hurch Instltura Annual athlbltlon and renoptlon nf tho IiihIIiuih, H P. M. Hanttit Chnrih. Brockoort Annnal enn Tentlon nf Monroe Couuly Political liqnalit i.iun, it' mi a. Jl., l:.n and (:J r, M. tJDltaiian rhnr.h CnnvuntJnn of Pxlara. tlon of Women' Utmrnrj and Educational urfaniaaaooa, A. at. TnBATElUl. Lyenm Thaater All weak. Taadarllls) to- aa.T. s:iu ana a:iu r. ju, National Then tor AJ1 week. National Tha ater fiiork Company In "lrrlenda; ' to-dajr, x.ia ana a:ia v. si. Baker Thantnr All week, Bakr Theater fitock Ompinj' In "Only a Hhopglrt, ' to-day, v. M. Cook Opera iTmiae- AII week, Tauderrtlla: to day, 2:1.1 and 8:18 P. M. RECEIVES ail FROM WEST VIRGINIA CITY Rev. H. R. Chamberlin May Go to Morgantown. Iter. H. R. Chamberlin, aselatant pator of the Lake Avenue Baptist Church, hn received a unanimous call from the Ijlrst Baptiat Churah of Morgantown, W. Vu lie tiaa not announced his decision aa to the acceptance of the call, but it ia thought that he will give a favorable anxwer, ai the opportunity offered by the Morgan-town church Is a very attractive one. Mr. Chamberlin has been assistant pastor of the Lake Avenue Baptiat Church aiuce September, 11)04, and has made au excellent record. Aa part of bis dutiee be haa been auperiuteudent of the large S in-day-acbool of the church and has aupplied the pulpit In the absence of Ir. Barbour. He la a aon of Her, Carey V. Cbambe -lin, of Beverly, Mass. He ia well equlppej for hia work, having been graduated from the Boston Latin School In 1SI7, from Harvard College In 1901, and from tho Kichster Theological Seminary in 1304. II received the degree of maRter of arta from Harvard in 11X12, and that of bachelor of divinity from the Rochester Seminary In 11)07. During the past year Mr. Chamberlin has been aecretary of the Genesee Baptist Ministers' Conference and baa edited tho Hocheeter Baptist Monthly, with signal ability. ' Morgantown ia a rapidly growing city of 12,000 people, a hundred miles south of Pittsburg in the ralley of the Monnn-gahela river. It is the seat of West Vir ginia University, which haa 1,200 stu dents. The First Baptist Church is ono of the leading churches of the city, with a membership of 400, including the prev ident and several other members of tlio university faculty. HAY REPORT OF CUSTOM HOUSE Receipts a Large Amount List ot Vessels Entered and Cleared. The report of the United States cnittom house for Muy issued yesterduy by Deputy Collector Wall shows the receipts for the month to have been $:!7,l)S4.74, of which $y7,KS;i.l7 waa paid as duty on imported merchandise, the balance beiug in niirtcelluueoits receipts. Imported mer chandise wa valued at $110,214 and do mestic merchnndiiie exported at ?I.tO,S.-M. Manufactured merchandise exported with tha benefit of a drawback amounted to $5,871. There was paid out in draw backs $723.24. The number of foreign vessel entered from foreign port u.s twenty-eight, and of cleared thirty-one. Twenty-four American vessels entered from foreign ports and thirty cleared to foregn pors. Thirty-x American vessels entered trom domestic lrls, and twenty-sit cleared for domestic iiortg. BRICK CHURCH INSTITUTE EXHIBIT To be Open To-night, When Address Will be Made by Samuel Havens. The stimuli exhibition ,and reception of the Brick Clinrcii Institute will be held to-night, beginning ut N o'clock, at the in-mituio building. No. lO.'l North Fitshugh Klrcit. The work of the pupils in all departments will be shown, sewing, millinery, manuiil Irainftig, Jiaske-try, etc, Tha directors of the institute will act aa a Heception Committee, ami not alone members of ihe Brick Church and congrega-in but all who care to see the work or are intweated in the Institute are cordially invited. At 8:.'!0 o'clock Hamnel Havens, lately of New York, now a member of Ihe Hoch-ester bar, nill deliver n adilress on thti social work of flt. George's Churdi, New York, In which he was Actively Interested. Undesirable Citizens Arrested. gsrh Blsiid rheffurr and llnnisn Hofner were gathered la together by l'atTOhneii Wad-dlugton and Trant yesterday afternoon and auut tu headquarters on charges of lutojtca-tlon. l'smicl1nt wai nude from tiie Kocn ester nriihan Asylum on Cohb't Hill that a man ud a un tvere fighting near there. When the pollcemeu arrived iti coirple were fun ud In the trust at .Vlonme avenue and Culver road- Tliay had beoonie frtemda again and were about to drink Tram a bottle err whisky. Tha wmnan'a etraw hat was torn to pieces and Hofner had a long aerated across his noes. No Room lor Mail Matter. Complaint was made yesterday at the rtnc-hesier postoihce that the mail lsie In apartment houses are frequently filled with circulars and other advertising mutter by boys ai-ting as distributors. The terson making the complaint waa told that it was not within the province of the postal officials to act in tha matter, as the boies vers private ones erected for the convenience of patrons, and ili was tub) to set the Mayoc or TAM.1 P TO JAK- t- T5 MAM. '- .h h r ho 5km. - fcM.--J 1 Ml en ) i 0ft TP.M.j !- w 9P.KH P ra tttm.i h n CITY OFFICIALS EXAMINE WORKS GARBAGE REDUCTION PLANT IS IN FULL OPERATION. RIGID INSPECTION OF NEW PLANT Mayor and Aldermen Lunch in Building While Reduction Process is in Full Blast Problem ol Garbage Disposal Is Apparently Solved Mayor Cutler, members of Mio Common Council tind other city otlicial yewter-day inspected (be new plant of the (iena-ses Heduction Company locaitod on th river flats in tha Second ward. The plant was tttrthoriied about gix months ago, and the contractors r held ito inavs done remurkably well fat cynstrucrting a largo plant equipped with lioavy machinery within tho specified time. Through this plant all the garbtige of Kochostor must pase, and from the demonstration made yesterday befora tha city offliiali it appeared that all of libs eta i ma of tfis company are adBrjuatiily founded. In a driving rain tlia Mflyor ajnd citj officials assayed to reach he river flat via Falls street. Owing to lmprovementa in progress, tha artreet -wa a so of nvud and almost impasnhle, and it was with great dltflmilty tliat the visitors were ulda to reach the plant. Edward M. Cooper, of Philadelphia, and James nnr-rison, resident manager of ',ha company, received rthe members nud conducted them through the plaut, wliich Is fireproof, constructed of brick and ol with concrete foundations and facings and rt four stories or shout seventy-fiva feet in height. The garbage will be carted to the plant by the wny of Falls street lu covered wajroiis to a platform ovnr the receiviug tunk at the northern end of the street. While the city officials were present several loads of garbage were brought in and put through the plant, end Omeral Manager Harrison explained the process to whloh this garbage was subjected. He said: Explanation of Process. "The material Is brought to tig in covered wagons and is dumped into s carrier at the brink. From th carrier tbe material is brought to tbe moutha of twelve large digesters, which have t capacity of fifteen tons each. Aa fast aa one of these digestera is tilled with garbage it ia sealcii and steam at a pressure of 125 pounds is turned on the mass. The garbage la cooked or steamed for a pertad of six to eight hours. At soon as on of the digests is filled the pouts are directed to another digester, and provlion has already been made to take care of all of the garbage output of the city. As the city ts Increasing in size it may be necessary within the lite of the five-year contract wticn this company has with the city, to Increase tbe number of digesters from twelve to six-, teen. That would give OS a capacity of iu tons dally. Koom for the additional disasters has been provided and their In stallation will be a matter of only a fow days after the demand for them Is apparent. ' "Wben'one of the digesters '.s filled and seated It Is subjected to steam at high pres sure and toe garbage ia thoroughly cooked, After tbe period of cooking, which takes place on the upper story of the nlmit. the residue is drawn off Into tanks or receiv ers on tha third floor. Fans Carry Away Gases. "On this floor large fans rarry away all the gases which may remain over the boiled product'to a receiving vat. Where they are disposed of. At thlj time the residue Is ahnost white and almost odor less. 'The partially tiurifled matui-'.al nas.s through different receivers until It reaches the ground lloor of the plant, -where the liuuid portion is drained off into separate vats, while the solid portioiu are forwarded to a hydraulic press and placed under a pressure of 125 pounds to the square in-h. i He product as it emerges from the press is absolutely without odor." Uurlng the whole protens, wltt the ex ception ut the iiortlou of the trip between tn wagun and the digester, thers was no odor aud durlug I his part of the process. tue ooot was not particularly offensive aud could net be detected at a distance of mty feet from the carrier. The liquid material, as said. Is drawn off into separate vats and I again treated with ebeialcaU to remove all organlsun aud fnts reuialutug. The oils are separated aud stored in two large steel tanks on the ground floor and form one of the by-products of the plant. Finally tbe remainder, which Is water la turned Into the Ueuesee river. . In Readiness (or Work, The plant Is In retidluess to bandlo the garbage of the city Just at mn aa the Im provement of Knlls street Is completed, which will be within tbe week. Among the city ofltiials at the test yewter- dny afternoon were the Mayor, City Engineer rUher, Commissioner Etwoofl, City Clerk Clements, Aldermen Tavlour, William Ward, P. A. Ward, Kencaly, Wuuder, Seunildt, Atl-meroth, Tunner, May, Hie, Mura, leek and Hitter, and Deputy Commissioner Schlenker and Kind Combe of the'licpaflinent of Pub lic Works. The lack of odor or offrmivencsa waa re marked upon by all of (lie aldermeu present. At the close of the test,. Mayor Cutler said that he was lallsned that tbe plant would do the work required, effectively. City Engineer I'lsher believed that at last the city had solved the problem of the disposal of its gnrt'uge. The plant of Mie Genesee Reduction Company In nu the river flats between Piatt and Vincent street bridge The cost of tha structure and mn'htnTy Is !H0,iX and the oonipnnr hss a contract to dispose of the eily'e garbage for a term of five years. Eunoi Philol Club Excursion. The Kunoi Philol Club held Its first moonlight excursion of the seaoi on Tuesday evening. The company chartered the good ship Hambler, aud left the Exchange street dock at o'clock. Arriving at Spencerport, the pleasure seekers enjoyed dancing and returned to the city at 2 o'clock Wednesday morning. A banquet was aerved at tbe Manhattan. Coi- era were laid for forty -five. Nabbed in State Street. George Pearson, STi years old, arrested yesterday afternoon in Sln'e street by Infective O'Brien, Is wanted iu Wheat land for abandouinnnt. He is accused of having deserted bis wife and four children in Uucember laat. Pearson said ha had been sending his wife money ever since h left home. The warrant was la-aued by Justice of the Peace Uutbri -d! WteatUnd. LOTS OF BUSINESS AT SHELTER Superintendent's Monthly Report for May Indicates It. Tha June meeting of the Society for tb Pievention of Cruelty to Children was hekl at the Shelter yesterday afternoon. It was well attended and reports receive.! were of a aatwfactory character, The May report of Superintendent W. A. Kil- lip follows: -Number of eases receiving attention, 132: complaints, 72: investigated, 72; sus tained, 00; not sustuiiied, ti; iu court, 4S; children at the Shelter, 00; boys, 50; girls, 10; locked up, 42; lost and returned home, lo; meals served to children, 251; children committed to Htate Industrial School, 2; to Buffalo Cntholic Protectory, 4; to Hyra-cuse Shelter, 1; to Children's Aid Society, 3; returned to State Industrial School, 1; texnimrarily placed In Church Home, 2; Judgment aiispemled on, 6; to report to probation officers, 11; cases prosecuted, DO; convictions, 27; casea dismkked, IK Donations during May w-?re received from Mrs. Fhimner Hayward, No, 84 East avenue, clothing; from Mrs. H. L., No. 274 Alexander street, toys ami games; from Miss Kline, ef Gates, shoea; from Mrs. Hakph, shoos. SENECA PARK PONY SHOW ON JUNE 15TH ! Silver Cup Offered by Park Board President. Park Commissioner Frank O. Newell haa completed plans for tbe annual pony show at Seneca Park and announces that It will be held on Saturday, June lath. For three yesrs the pony show has been au eveut ot great Interest to the people of Rochester, and the event has drawn large crowds of children, with a number of older persons. President A. B, Laniberton, of the Park Board, has announced that he will give a massive stiver cup to the winner of the pony contest; and it Is likely that other prizes will be offered. Tbe winners of the puny shows of WXS and 1MW will not be allowed to enter Into the competition this year. Last rear there were l-'l entries for the show In the different classes, and It Is expected that the competitors will bo more numerous this year. The Park Hand will furnish music tor tbe occasion. Tbe entries for the following classes will be received at the rooms of the Park Board, Municipal Bulldlug, Fltahugh street, up to Friday, June 14th: First class Single ponies, driven to trap, 42 to 48 laches. Second class Single ponies, driven to trap, 42 Inches and nnder. Third class Ponies nnder saddle, no pony to exceed 5-4 Inches and all pjnies to be ridden by child. Fourth c.aes rony pairs, IS Inches and nnder. APPROVAL FOR THE WHITLEY BILL Proposed Law Provides for Appeals from Municipal Court. At a special meeting of the Msyor and Common Coutk-U yesterday iuorulng, Assemblyman Whltleya blU dealing sl'ii methods of appeal from Municipal Court was approved unanimously. Under the present law appeals niay be taken to tJie County Court without reference to error In the proceed ngs. Under the Wbltley law, appeal may lis taken only where error of law or fact Is Shown, ' The bill provide that when appeal la taken, the County Court or other appellate court muat render Judgment accord n to ttie Justice of the case, without regard to technic 1 errors or defects which do not affect the merits, and may affirm or reverse, wholly or tn part, or modify the Judgment or order appealed from tot errors of law or of fact or because the Judgment la (xcssslve or tnauffl. clent, or contrary to the evidence or to law, and may, if necessary, grant a siew frlal or heartng In the Municipal Court The law. It Is said, has been dearred by lawyers of the city for yenre, CLEAR SKIES A PROBABILITY Clear Weather for Next Forty-Eight Hours, According to Indications. The Indications understand, the lndica-tlona point to better things in the Hue of weather for the next forty-eight hours. The probability Is thnt fair weather will provall durlug thnt time, whatever may be In store for those who long to hie away to their summer vacation. There ts uu assurance, however, thst the spirit of the storm which Is supposed to haunt such places as Mtdeciue list, White Ktier, etc., haa been pluented, and a snarl of frigid atmosphere may be thrown ou the already glutted market without warning. Temperatures lu the West are "moderate to warm," tbe Northwest reporting readings In the seventies. Hbih winds prevailed yesterday throughout the greater part of the hike region. Buffalo reported forty six miles. Cleveland forty two, Toledo forty snd Pittsburg flftytwo. The preclplintlon here yesterday was .07 ot an Inch. Oswego bad one Inch. A Summer Tonic. Now that the hot weather is here yon ivill need a gd tonic to make you equal to your best efforts. We call your attention to "fjlierty" beer, which is both sterilized nnd pasteurized. Km tied by uu at the brewery under the nTietet rules of jmniralioii; guaranteed under the food and tlnig act. Your order will receive prompt attention. 'Phone IV). American Itiewing Co. $8.00 New York Excursion Tfci Lehigh Valley. June 21st; good fifteen days fur return. A Summer Class In outdoor skeMiing In oil and water colors will he held at .Hummervitle on Saturday afternoons from li o'clock to sunset, beginning Saturday, June 8th; also other classes in and around Rochester, Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from U until 12 o'clock. These class's may be joined or quitted at any time. Tuition 2.V per lesson. For further information apply to Schuyler Bull, No. M4 Aterill avenue; Bell 'phone 302-L Lumpy Ice Cream The result of using an inferior freezer. The only triple motion freezer is the White mountain which freezes a smooth and even cream. Weaver, Palmer & Kirhraond, new location, 15 Kxchange street. Have Your Furs Store Where they will be in the watchful care of regular furriers. If we lake them you may rest assured thst they will be returned to yon in the best eondilicn. Our storage charges are very reasonable and include iuaurHUce. Telephone us ami our wagon will call. W. V. Orasr Co., 3S-40 Clinton avenue north. Home 'ph-ma 10UJ; Bali 'phone 3012 L Main, , .." EXHIBITION OF WORK OFPUPILS NOW IN PROGRESS AT THE ME' CHANICS INSTITUTE. EVERY DEPARTMENT REPRESENTED Manual Training, Domestic and Pine Arts Have the Largest Exhibits. Prizes for Pictures Representing Fairy Tales Public Inviteu Specimens of nil the many kinds of work taught at the Mechanic Institute were on exhibition yesterday and with tbe exception of the exhibit of the domestic science class, will continue on exhibition to-day and to-morrow. The domestic science exhibit will be for to-day ouly. As it is largely composed of the gowns made to wear at the graduating exercises, it will be withdrawn to-night The invitation to view this work is to the whole public. The friend of the institution wish that all shall become familiar -with the class wrork, and to illustrate what is being done. Cbias in operation will be shown today in domestic science and art. The public may visit kitchens B and C at any time between 0 and noon to see how a cooking lesson is taught la the Domestic Art Department, classes in skirt drafting will be conducted and there will bo a display of the cleverness of the graduating milliners in fashioning hats and their trimmings. ' It is probably tho most complete and satisfactory exhibition of students' work ner shown at the institute. The Manual Training Department ha an unusually large exhibit. The normal department shows tbe work the pupils will teach In tlia school grades, from the card-board and weaving of the first, second, third anil fourth grades to the simple work ia wood In! the tifth aud sixth grades and the morn complicated work as the puoil advances. i ia? tames are tun or tbe articles mad by students, from simple match strikes tabouret and clocks, bookstands nnd s. ome of the examples of veneunu work aud of clay modeling are- also line. table of work done by lioys betrveen th ages of 0 and 15, in the Saturday mijining classes has been set up. There lt ftimple bench, work and wood turning stil there is an automobile, run by foot pclv-er, made by Edward Peck Curtis, aged 111 years, Jn the mechanic arts course are shown examples of joinery, wood turning, pattern mskiug, machine tools, forging and tempering. A feature of the exhibit of the Fins Aits Department is a children's playground, decorated with stencils representing domestics and -wild animals. All the work was done by the children. Then is clay modeling, besides stencils on cloth and work in brass ami copper. In the painting room are pictures illustrat ing stones, commercial designs and other oomposit'iona. For ihe best pictures representing fairy stories, the first prix of $20 has been' awarded to Miss Louise Crossman for a picture of "Jack and the Bean Stak. The second priiss of $lt went to Frederick Lowenguecb. for a pic ture of "The Sleeping Beauty. ' There is also an exhibit of book bind ing and of work in leather. N'ew work; In pottery, knmyn as pottery "thrown on die wheel," forms a large part of the exhibit There are examples of wood carving end wrought copper and brass, paintings from still life and those of heads and figures. There were many visitors at the exhi bition yesterday, tmt many more are ex pected to-day, when work from all the departments will be act up. Miijs Anna K. IUshop entertained the members of the Domestic Science and Art Departments at her home in Pitts-ford Tuesday afternoon. The exercises wert held out of doom. Miss Ada J. White read history for the domestic scl- fnce class, Miss Amelia XL Venor for the domestic art chtas. Miss Florence P. Murray, 1'he prophecy for the dtitJtartsn science chess, Mi-sH Helen A. Peebe tlie prophecy for the domestic art class. Xli?4 Helen Xf. C'ouklin ami XJixs Christine A. Kose read verses for the two classes. ADDITIONAL PICTURES RECEIVED Exhibit ol Rochester Society of Artists Proving Success. Several additional pictures have been hung It; the exhibit of the Kocbeter Socle' ot Artists In the Cutler Amuugf the new pictures Is a group of wayside sketches In Europe, lent on lnvttatlon by ,Mls ory E. Moulson. of Rocbeiter. The gioupknu-lists of eleven studies, executed last njiter lu different parts of Europe. The exhibition Is large snd Uie rooms are well llirhtcd both by night and d.iy. It Is regarded as the best exhibition tbe society has ever given. The pictures are not large, but they hnve the outdoor feeling and color snd are attractive especially to lovers ef nature. THIRD ARREST IN BURGLARY CASS Two Men First Taken Into Qsistody Held lot Grand Jury. Frank Wardynskl was arrested In UudS"U avenue last night by letct,ves Nagle and Spilling, who sent Mm to. headquarters oa charges of buritlary In the third degree suit grand larceny In the second. Wardynskl Is the third man to be arrested tn connectlpn with the robbery of William P. Skromnk's store at No. BIS Hudson avenue on Saturday morning last. On thst occasion W In cash and some cigars, etc., wera stolen. The two other men arrosted for the bT glary have been hld for the firand Jury. Wall Paper. Buy ynnr wall paper direct from ortr store and do your own buying. We will sell you wall paper for oue-half the price asked by paper hangers, agents nnd can. vassers ' who sell wall paper from books with red, black and gteen cohort. Our price to you is one-half the Utie printed on the backs of their sample,. George Weldon & Company , 113 J'3at ilain street, between St. Paul and V at i streets. $ 1 .SOHammondsport andKeukaLaks Erie railroad, every Sunday; train 9 A. M. You Will Find C. J. Kallusch. The well-known merchant tailor. In ft, Central building. I.'iK Main street east. Including Meals and Berth It's ony $5.30 the ronnd trip. A grv short water outing, over Sunday. The My of Quints route to Ihe Islands. $1.50 Ithaca Excursion. June 8th and Hth, via Lehigh, Viln-. limit for return to June 1Wi

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