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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York • Page 23

Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York • Page 23

Rochester, New York
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HOLDS Passes Out on Eve of Beginning Term MYER DEPARTMENT STORE WARRANT CASTLEWAN DIES. OF BLOOD POISONING, RESULT OF CHRISTMAS DAY MISHAP i OPEN HOUSE FOR 2,580 VISITORS Dull MomenisbcarcoWhe Program Is Under Way. No-Competition Sale OF WOMEN'S COATS, SUITS, DRESSES FURS AND HATS We say no competition because there is no one in the city who can give field lie C3M a 11 u- r-r eu ore m-iQKtartl. ainst a pond -ilL-truc im further 2 history sunetiou wultanC t. a wit-; constti-ytnir to ill- lllfi- jpbt mitnlnr ber.

To tny lt-g, nres-If filled tb" ffooil urn Wed. quittul. From Slight Injury to Hand Condition Develops WISHING PuOL POPULAR That Leads to Death of Special County Judge and Former School Commissioner. you such values. COATS, Pupils of Director of Aquatics Give Demonstration Motion Pictures, Dancinfr and Games Ail Part of New Year's Celebration.

SUITS, One-Hall Oil On Women's WAS MAN OF MANY INTERESTS AND DRESSES, FURS Nearly everything that the Young ACTIVE IN AFFAIRS OF HIS CITY One-half off on all Children's Coats. All Winter Millinery reduced to even less than half price. Remember, every garment and every hat is included in this sale. held in reserve. The Opportunity Is Yours Now Grasp It 'ml Hi: ml.

ny inn. lit tv 1 1 1 her eaten''! her Jit tin? nil or- tii largo organization of sovi-ml thousand people which was able tt rover the entire city for any purpose within a fctv Jays, lie was. a director of the Itoi-hoster Patriotic ami Cotitniuuiiy l'uild. which provided "the War Chest, and ul.tho tiim! of his death was a director of the 'mum unity st. He was a member of the Home Iiofeuse League, not merely au honorary member, but one who was regular in drilling.

He even stood guard duty at the reservoir The death ef Special County Judge J. Warrant C'nstleinau oeeurretl shortly 0 o'clock last night iu the Hahnemann Hospital, where he had been a utient since Tuesday. Blood poisoning, i -em a slight wound he received when -iiuttiui a taxicab dour in front of the ltochester Club on Christmas afternoon, 'vas the cause of death. Judge Castle-tnan's condition became critical bit? Wednesday afternoon, and Jie did not respond to treatment. Judge Cnstloman, accompanied by Mrs.

Men's Christian Association provides for men was yesterday. There were billiard aud pool tables, ref re-luueuts all the jiriviU't'es that the large in three buildings offer. "Open house" was not a misnomer on New Year's Iay. About responded to the invitations that wen- made through the pre-s. In the Central V.

M. C. A. Huildiug things were lively from 2 o'clock in th- afternoon into tlm night. Shouts in the gymnasium, an orchestra playing in the lobby and gnat splashes in the big swimming pool made a dull moment im- i possible.

i Motion pictures, run off in tl.e issem-I bly hail, and pool and billiards were none so popular as the galleries around the pool. In the first and ml ssl- lories women sat and men stood the hois performed stunts. I'upils of the swimming director are taught to do all sorts of things that will tit them I to savo life in aa emerge ncy. uhherSale for Saturday a number nf nights iu the early part of the war. lie was active in all tile J.

WARRANT CASTXEMAN. campaigns for the sale Liberty bonds and Thrift stamps, Ho wits a momner of the Ctiamlier of lieni'see Valley Club. ester City Club, kooliosler Bar As iTcasiui; and perplexing problems of our large and rapidly growing school system. Just received 1,800 pairs of Children's Rubbers in all sizes 3 tq I0lt. A well-known first quality.

Sale price 49c Same in misses' size IIV2 2, at 59C i 'astlemau, ent to the Kochesti I nili i dinner on Christmas 1 'ay. Iu the door of I lie tuinb the judge auht the index linger of liis left baud and turned up a piece of skin les bait an inch miliar. He iiatliedt.he wound in the Uocliestor Club and put a bandage on it. The next day he put a piece Of adhe sociation, Koohcstir Historical t-oeicty, ltochester Yacht Club anil Helta I'si fraternity, a director of the tloneseo Boys Adept at Diving. Valley Trust Company, and trustee of tins Rochester 1" I Lio Library.

I You have served the school- of our city so long. hrsf. as a member of ihe Jkiaril of uca on aud then us jire-i-j dent of the board, that we had to tliinl; I of you as one of our own force, mid now i although juit hare left us to serve the people of the county is very iniproiant I otlico, nevertheless we shall eont uue to think of you as one of us. a loyal, hig- hearted friend, wise, fui'-seeging and 'ever available counselor, a liitu I ever iu the iiceessity of provi 1 ng our and girls with the liest teachers Leaves Wife and Two Daughters. astlemau du.

I Final Cleanup of Slippers Several odd lots of men's and women's House Slippers where sizes are broken at to 3 umrrieil Mis ltochester, ot She died on All toiler -o, JSiK), In Blanche Wagoner. February IMth, lXrJ. Kiist -2. T.i:i7. On who i to be obtainable, housed in buildings Aucusla Wagouor, An-amuteur would bo ipiiie impressed by the dives some of the lads made.

Fight or ten started from the tower and came into the pool amid bursts of applause. Among the dives they niiide were the seal dive, somersault, backward rjsh. dive, corkscrew, salmon and dolphin dives. Latae iulhe afternoon members of Luru Chapter of the Woman's Auxiliary, served luncheon. Mrs.

J. l.llmit is chairman. Maurice Shepaid. assistant physical director, look charge of the swimming demonstration. Ward Stepp, physical director, conducted an exhibition of adv.iueed Indian c'ub w'th he? I'mcst possible equipment, that they may receive the heneiits of the marned siiryi es daughter ter.

ciiy; thr Trininir-r, 'JViuimer. no of hiin. He leaves also tw.i I'datielie and Nancy; a sis-Thomas II. Husbands, of this 'e half-brothers, Thisidore of Washington: Horace C. of Cuba, and Sidney C.

Trim-West Vircinia, and two half- sive tape on the wotiud. lnat evening. Friday, ihe attended a reception given by former (Supreme Court Justice, Arthur K. Sutherland, and remarked rhnt his left linn bothered him sotio-l what. The ue.vt day Dr.

Frederick I iiumer was summoned, and he dressed wound. CasUeinau Lad icnlperatitre of bH depress, and Ir. Ximmer advised hiui to stay at home, i Removed to Hospital. On Tuesday his temperature had not and his condition warranted bis to tlie Uahiieiuaiiu vhieli is near the Castlemun Lr. Jauiesou as suuunoutsl in -oisultiitiou with l'r.

Zinmier and five incisions were made into the judtfe'H left armpit to remove the pus that had formed. Three drainase tubes' vcre inserted. The temperature as re- but not the poisonous condition, His1 condition became worse and his rt n-i-keiieik Heart stiiunlauts were I 'chest and fullest education, founded i upon the highest ideals. "Veil have been all this us, and I more. Vv'e ever honor and lo you for what you have ibme.

VVou hale stood for the he-t and ue know in your new othee you will ever be found sei'COer I llllil lil'lll foil L' I i I Mrs. .1. C. re.nceck. sisters,, of, and Mrs.

Otis W. 1 ARCTICS We ask you to think of us when in need of Arctics for every member of the family. The sizes in women's Arctics are broken. Our assortment for children includes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 buckles. ALL AT LOWEST PRICES Mass games wire by 1 sum members of the senior ela.vs.

The 1 i justice. OUT act tieilijf telliperi'U ill that lug heart ef yours, which; takes in all Louisville. The funeral will bo hcid from the home. Mount Vernon avenue, on Sunday afternoon. WORK FCRTuBLIC SCHOOLS WARN3 OF.PlttlOUS i-i-es in tiie gymnasium ended will a I ba-ketball game between young men land married men who were in Cie team ll at curried ofi the championship of the state in President Holds Heccption.

1 I Mou from the Turuverein were BANK NOTE FOR $100 ailuiiuistereJ, but the pus worked dow a- Superintendent Weet Tells of That to the hip- 1 'rs. i.eoiire n. Cdstlam.m. V. Goler, lonh liobv and John K.

Williams 'ere ii-i of Herbert S. Weet. superintendent Federal Reserve Bank sues Description. Drawer Legg'ngs for Chi dren Another shipment received of those popular Drawer Leggings for In black or white Jersey. In sizes 2 to 6 years at In sizes 7 to 10 years at S1.69 S1.93 to give an exhibition.

Wrestling bouts were won by llohart Ward Sidell, Joe Young, Fred Huff, Karl New and Richard Weber, (leorge lirown, assistant plivsical led tt wand drill by the senior class- Kurlier iu the afternoon Louis S. Villi Ikes, presideut of the Y. l. C. held a reception, assisted by Herbert, Fun-dale, general secretary: J.

Allen Farley, Henry 1. Sliedd, j'red S. Milter, II. H. tiravcs.

J. Kelso ami George; ailed into consultation on Wednesday afternoon. Further 'ucis'oiis were made, but an abscess formed above the left hip which ajigrava ed the condition. In a desperate utlompt to save. Judge Gistletuan'H lid' 1r' yesterday berformt'd a blood transf uvion from Mrs.

Custleman and their daughter, There was no response to this treatment, and tlm Judge's heart gave way under the Constant attention was fcm'ti Judge Custleman by lr. immer and four physicians he culled in eoiisultaCou. Koehester schools, said lust night: "For eleven years J. Warrant Custleman was a meiifber of the Hoard of lidueaiion. Huriiig the la-t four years of this time he was president of the board.

It. was kind of public service that strongly appealed to him and he porfonno'l, il. with rare devotion ami intelligence. His interest Iu the public schools grew- with his years of service and nothing gave him greater batisfac-tion than to do these things which were of help to teachers iun.1 pupils alike. TJ10 schools were constantly iu his thoughts ami affections, and cveu after he left the board he continued to tLiuli ami plan for their welfare.

"He always regarded the union high school us his greatest contribution to the Walch your change from the grocer. Mr-. Housewife. There's counterfeit Slmt bid about. In the eld days of the T'ouny there would have been no groat, fear of stung wiih it, in hadiiig, but H.

C. deals in bigger currency nnd one never can tell. I niversul fur-coat days make money cheap. Warning about the new counterfeit lias been sent to Ibe-he-tor banks from the Federal Keserve Hank of New York. It: is a counterfeit Federal lie-erve note on the Federal Reserve Itauk of Atlanta and apparently bears the signatures of W.

MeAdoo, secretary of the treasury; John Hurke, treasurer of the uited Mates, and the portrait of STORE DEPARTMENT MYERS Native of Monroe County. (i. Ford. Jack L. (lorhani was chairman of tiie New Year's Committee.

In tto evening members of Ihe association had a party. Kaoh brought Sliest. Au admission fee of cents paiii for a luncheon, old-time gamea were the order ami near the enj of the evening old-fashioned dances. A. Metzdorf vwts in charge.

i Young women who served as M. 27-29-31 FRONT STREET Saturdays Until 9,30 M. Open ticujamui raiiklin. Hlue cdoriiie hus John Warrant Castleman waa the -on of Jacob Frank 'astlemau audi 1 era Josephine Warrant and was born en July I'd, 011 tin- Warner farm. which is now part of I'aik.

lie I atlendod TuMio School No. and the; Koehester Free Academy, and was grad-j iiated from the I niversity ot ltochester with the class of 1V. After completing his college Mr. Casllciiiau took up the study of law i 111 the otlieo of Oscar Craig, lie became private secretary to Mr. Craig at the timu the latter was president of the i 1 I 1 i I bis-ll lipplie on In- lace I to the i seal ami numbers 1 C.

A. workers overseas decorated tlhT The i-Miiiierfeiis lobby and rooms with Ctristnuts greens. all boar the iiiiiiilx 1 New Year's Iay also was celebrated at I' a rn cause of public- education in this city. He saw iu this type of school organixa-i un ispial chance, for every boy and girl aceoiding to their ubilities and above all an unusual opportunity for really iu-lilling American ideals. He followed their extension with the deepest interest, What had proved to be so beneficial to one comnie.nity he wanted to see carried i to all.

Less thau a week before his about I the Mapiowood 1. ranch, ill 'riving I'ark people Sounds strange counterfeit lm hi tell yoil that there for such currency. avenue, and at the Kailroad 1. C. in Hyde park.

i. but bankers wiil is a strong demand Hig bills are milled out pur-es of wives aud FURS or red sweelliearbs to pay for mink capes seal coats. Nickel days are getting a in history. dentil he iiiiiiiied anxiously about the 'Mudi-ou and Monroe schools and cx-pressel the hope that nothing would prevent their erection. "Hot he worked with no Jess zeal ffr the physical health and well being of Mute Hoard of Charities, lie was ad-inilt'sl to the New York state bur iu 1SUI.

From 1M3 until 1M be us a member of the law tirm of Smith from to of the linn of Smith, IMirnfi Custleman; from W) to 10U of the firm of Smith. Cast'einaii Mosher; and iu I 'etuiiary. 1 1 1 1 he formed the partnership ot CaKtleinnn, Servis SCARFS 3JUFFS co a rs DOLMANS iEW C0MNRIN OFFICE Dr. David H. Atwater Has Ca on His First Day.

Davd U. AtatiT, of No. Olen- 0'h ftvejt(, vestcrrtay tho duties i-f t-'n; oilice of curonor, to whlcb. bo tvas cK'(-t'l in Novcmher. Hp Vns MeS'orn lu on Weiinesdav hy (Vjunfy C'lwrk Jamea L.

JIutohKlM. Ho 8ij'ocoU Mtltou M. Ch annum, who wan to srve the roniuimlcr of the term of Ir. Fmlrfck K. tfmlth, who UU'U last March.

Corwicr AtwattT ut tl; mrjr'to wneral djtys airo nnd btyan to liiiiixclf with CMixiiiinns. No cjio rrus re- CRASHeS hNTO L.GHT CATCHES Shock of Collision Causes Short Circuit on Car. Mlie children. The departmeut of phys-j leal education likewise, came to its pres- cut development while he was president I of the hoard. With the regular instrue-i it'll nlouK these lines in tlm schools he I wanted to see the health clubs nnd the boys' ami girls' recreational clnli.s to eu-j I courage the use of the health know- I edge gained.

He named the Live a Little Longer health courses for women Service in School Board. Iu October. Judo Custleman wis'untcd for school comniissHuier "it the Kepublican, Uemoenitie and Indiv tickets, and was elected in No Whell li, ley Street. ri ling in a oiiihikk Uov.ns, of No. 1' thid-lllcl a party ef friends were automobile hi Hudsou avenue and urged their extension, his conviction that only as because of ik evening near livntard street the mu- i the home became uninaimgHbU' beu Separate Pieces ot greatly reduced prices Large Variety From the costliest to the most moderately priced through such means came to know tow to care for th health of the chiMrru could the best resubs be obtained to hi virtnhtv.

600 Characters in Chinese Alphabet I'aris IVc. 1.1. --Ky The new Chinese phonetic si stem of rbout (iiM 'haructers approved by the Chinese National Hoard of IMucation i tuned It out ef (ho ear tre ks. It ran across the isiveineut ami collided with an i i eleeirh' Uht f'le, rtauiauirig i but injuring nene Us iM-eupanis. 1 VUie the bunts was torn from In front 1 of car and thrown on ttie a IioUmi that cb'-e to ill" street.

1 be sh" ef toe ci'lbsUm cai-el a short eir- cllitlllg of Hire- to the ear lb-1 IU calbd by Ibe ear w.l- lo il l'ia-ed has be taeght ec llent result i "Kvoii before he 'ook charge of thi children's court he strongly favored the ch id s'udy ihpartmciit ef the public schools nnd helped iu every way to se- cure its development. lie bad a spec'a! sympathy for the handieonped c' il and believed that sin children could not be intelii-eutiy dealt with exoi p- a-they were made a special study through kmi a department. After he took charge of 'he children's court he turned to this department and u-(d its ination on every possible occasion. "In these and in many other ays he i adraui'ed the cause of public education in this ciiy. Our schools here never bad a be tr nor more devoted fri-ni tl an J.

Warrant Castli'imin." among the brought I 'ranee by the I'ren. and ltr ti-h for) i war work, according to Men's iCI.ri-tian --s'w iation obieials. Most Chiio so were unable to road ther I language heu they came hero bur now a Chinese paper prints! here hus a The wisest use of Gift Money jTRIXti W.Fc vv.TU CHAIR 'cremation of h.WKt among them. Police and Ambulance Are Called to Scene of Family Row. roticemeu ef the Kranklia sin-ei ion and the ambulance of llni maun lies pital wi re cdb early yeslenlay iiiornlng to the building lit Nf.

North tercet, hero a b-ntle had tak. it pbe bciveen ui-'-liibers ef the Ii Motto family. January Fur Sale. Large assortment wolf muffs, $ltVtMj to $1,1. (it: genu tie beaver inuft-, muffs, M.tni.

ilanss tdow nsta rsi for store, our location, i', Clinton avenue south, next to ictvoia Theater, Adv. HATS $5 to $15.00 Formerly $15. OO to $45.00 UWli F.0.fl TEACHERS vember for a term of four years, iu-g-n-iiing January 1, In November. he was re-electisl for four years. in January .1.

lul he was elected president of the Hoard of Kdiieiitioii, which position he held until a year ago, when lie was appointed county judge of Monro county by Charles S. Whiimau to till the vaeune.v caused tiy rue resignation of Will K. Oillette. vho had Ik'OH els-ted county judge. In, tiie fall of Mr.

Castlcin.iii was elected special county judge. Onu of Mr. Ca-tlenian's duties as special county judge was to hold children's i inrt. For many years be had a di-op nterest in all that iHMtaincd to the eihi-i ation and widfarc of children and this ranch of tin' work he made some nota-1 innovations. He had a flinie ar-j ranged at the Shelter and all children, 'hat came before liini were subjected to' mental, physical and penealogical r.nmi-l nations.

All the il le e-e children on probation Jmbge Castleman saw to it that supervision was niade of their eiivinuiment and well-being. Playground Leaarue Director. It was this name interest iu that lead to bis beenmim; a member of the Hoard of Education in the first place. In 10O5 he wJ made a director of the rhildrcn'n I'laygromid League of Hoed-1 ester. This was his first public activity 1 cud it le.) uaturally to a closer study ot 'he problems of tne edm ation of child- "eii.

Judge t'a-thimiu advocate-, the; introducing of the one--tory lb'cho-tcr. 1 Judge Cttstleiiian as one of the most "al aud eutnn-ia-tie members of tho; ilnnuil of the I'niver-ity of K.h hestcr. The class of l.svi. of which he was otpmlier. has made a remarkable record itself iu the annuls of the college.

1'nring the year- of K'17 and IMS la lge Ca-t'elnan wss p'-esi 'e it of tic Alemni A--o. iaticii, aud in tbc r-etir ft'urwico l'Hi-e an endow ni -i ui I i- it loan of the 1 iuu la' Coiniiiitt'S' and ('He ttf CiC in.e-t i tie men in the drive. Huriiig the nar Judge O'tleuiatj -w as an ui'tirmg worker. He js colonel nud I lorgnuizcr ef the War Corps, i l'urlntf Ibe row Louis 1'eMoilo ul- Received by Judge Cattleman ou to swum; a chair iih nun Christinas aud Hiifhly Valued. force and it murlj t'roke tlie right of Unc of the gifts that Juds.i Kvn his wife, 'i he niuu receivisl on Christmas and one that "'irgeon found tout the b-g was badly him peculiar was a large mvn broken.

The R. B. I. pay School Reopen January 5th. You can register on or before that date for uny cour-cs aud s'ait at the besnuiug.

We train you for respousibie oriice po-itinus. Call up ltochester Business lustitute, Cilutou avenue S.u;t,. Adv. engraved resolution from the Koehester woman was net taken to the hospital. Teachers' Association, congratulating "nrrant fei him on his election as special county husband.

NOUN'S jtele ana nun "i me i ami ri spvt ihat the teachers of the citv lur DAILY RECORD OF DEATHS. eii 'ay w. 51 East Ave. SIS Look $(J. We are going to overcoats nnd move them nun k.

They are all Koehester made you can have jour choice for and Any coat in this is cheap at Acme S.iies p.1 Main cast. Adv. at lit home. No. 'jiis Aievinoer nce-i years.

b-nves I- wife. Mi an; a daughter. 1: i''h a Mr-, kllttierine linen, I'. Ui.s-nil. .11 cby.

Mr. Mcl.u vis. a banker for Phone Stone 1967 Phone Main 5393 I and a of.tifi toivard- him. The of the rcsobition I is ns follows; "The teaebei's, print ipals, supirv isors and of the sy-tein of the ciiy of KoeheMcr at a general mooting of the association, held at Con-: veiitiou Hail, Thursday passed a resolution dire t-' ing the Kjcutivc Comniitti'e to i-ire you and express of the 1 hieh have long been iu our hearts. Vmir re.

cut election to the office of ia! soint by oiu of the laife.t phi- nditiei ever kii" ii: this county ha. awakeni'd us agaiu to a deep of all von have meant to lin ami iil-u to the Take Advantage. liiiUni'rv sale mo Ladies (ircit 1 tnet en ery Sup-st, one tbcot at I'rutt-'oir. He vi er. CI the e-lMP- ill Ib.ett tor t'-n i 11" was a uo ao- of th- b'e 1 I'tf at No.

'Jl hvciic. The ha t'vll ruiliovf lo 'm Ma.n -i ri-i-t nt. pr Itee Hi ply IV. -1 Ml oi up Adv. IiratH juitvfi miv! tir-t-ciai! D.

C. "IVants" Bring Results Kvt-rv description ff bhli tne ami tin, otrhinir. l'UHM'rt atij I'hrntcV, i'nrtmvat, sconU tlmr. Adv. kn on-huge that ne nave int au ial 'iinsiler in all of th" everin- Buy a Thrift Stamp Tod3y..

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