The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 21, 1934
Page 2
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f JM» BLYIHSVILLE, (AKK)' COURIER NEWB Social Calendar THURSDAY'S EVENTS having Mrs. RaUnd Green Thursday Bridge club. •Thursday Luncheon club meet- Inc with Mrs. J. A. Ixicch. Kill care cltUj nseedng ui Women's club. Home and Qarden department of Women's club meeting with Mrs J. D. Barksdate at 2:30 p. n>. out to nW aclim In JloUls or cdiicallon. prnbailon wuik and. juvenile courts, anil contlmi- Twin Daifhters Born Mr. and. Mrs. J. R. Eieartmnn, of Armorel, announce (lie birth ot twin daughters yesterday nltcr- noon at the BlyiJiciille hospital The babies. who h«vc not yel ton named, weighed five and six pounds. * * «, Cemetery Ass-n Klttte OHkers Olficej-s of tlic Maple Grove Cemetery association for the new year were elected In a meeting Jfsterdny at the home of Mrs Frank Webb. They are: Mrs. W. M. Crow, president; Mrs. J. D BarteJale, vice president; Mrs K ' P. Blotneyer, secretary. PBns were made for (lie annual tag which group has each election day. All lee course iras served by (lie hostesses. Mrs. Webb and Mrs cro*. in a brief social l»ur. in- eluded in throe present were three »e£ members, Mrs. c. N. Ncal Mi*, Ed Craig and Mi*. E p «£*)"?- Mrs. J. E. McCrnckin. oi Memphis, houwgtiest of Mrs. Sal- He^Hiibler and Mrs. E. P. Hnrdln w» a guest. Federation Directors Plan Program of Future Activities the iirosmm of activities lov A o'junilnu an apartment at Hot j Spilnjjs for ilir as women «x|icit- Brts q/ Neits Mostly Personal <-d to ;o from Uiis i:oiii]ty. connn|tu<t! of Mrs. Mrs. W. K.'Taylor ami ,. ullb ,,. _ Icr, Mli!i Murye Ethel, have re- Mrs, A. E. KobltiMju 01 liiniwl from Memphis where Miss rnuniv fnrf^H 1 ""^ U0 ''' rtl °' ,"! c ' l ' c ' liclivil| e. Mrs. John Merrill ot '''aylor received treatment at Dr. fn n „ S n ?, w ™ w »Y' ul >':WI!bo,,, Mrs. w. K. Hunt of <**.:- Hammond's clinic. !. n .. Q .. ! nm !" B I 1 " le )iol<;1 Noble |0 ln and M.S. Walter Wood yesterday, heard rciwrls ol recent | Luxora was appoint activities and formulated plans!will be' clecied ut tin for coming projects. Mrs, John w.' Osceolc Edrington of Osccola, president, jnetidcd at the meeting, attended by H members. To obtain a probation officer for Mississippi county, wJih bopc.s of this leading to a juvenile court "- to assist In obtaining M In Oltlccra Mis. Etlrlniitoji, who has .served lib county director ol CWA pro- Jccus lor women, was given 11 rising vute ot lor her work. n , l , i of the group In the ' A commlltci: 01 K C'oJeiunii served samples ol the pumpkin preserves, to Ix: given ut Ihc not Springs mceli til the inceliiie. Members ol the (ward present .-...til us t.i v/l 1.L1L LAJillkl JM L'dtm, i. ol Liiximi. iwerc: Mines. Ii. L. Roach of Wil- iwiwl I'roctor. jaoii, H. C. LungMon ul Luxora, O. confer W |th z.1 a. H^L~,,n" Lfw'l'wnn^m o^SJta.T I) judge, rcgardhis the probation G . Byute. A. K. Hobf,,™,, L K Attend Cfclfc 5 ' *• c - Ca'os and Mrs. Hcr- Cross entertained the Ttws- C ' UlJ a " d a n««b«r of _ s week at the Gate home. Yellow Jonquils aixj other spring turners .ttmllvely decora ed "c rooms whe « lfl ° Ior rook officer and Juvenile court, and Mrs. Crigecr was appointed to obtain more Information which iniiy be used in the campaign lor stricter marriage laws. After hearing a rcporl that saOO will have been spent, liy June 1 jor the tclK)hr.5hip 101- Minis lassie. D _..._• .. ftUemllng ainlc j t Conway, 11 was to appropriate enough money for the year's work to be com- Jlelcd. lu completing nc " • •• ,.,:„_ „-,,,'" "" £or lllc l W1 ^6ON. Ark.—-The Itcd Heart- .clmg of the county fcdcralion' cd Slcp-clillH," ,i 8-acl comedy ::-, ?r c ° L oi ,',.^ ri L ]a * »•»?. *«- -'» »= »™»™ ^ ^ A 1. C. Laugston of Luxora', and A salad course was served. : . LuxQra .Society ~- Personal Mrs. S. s. 'Hie were a Jrogram on i visiting i . r. [ ° ilt " 6c ° U - Mrs " Woi "l''«ff. Lucille and The married coupks of tlic town nave organized a bridge club of 22 members. The -club held the first meeting inilhe home of Mrs. Russ?l Bowen Tuesday night. Mrs. j. D. Hires won ladies hl s h scon: and JP~ ^n^ 10 " high score f or men v h i^f 1 T lln * of < hc dilb will M held In the home of Mr. and ' nieht ' Mr. anjj ..Mrs . Pliili p OeorBc Miss ot ». BhlKey, Mr. George's broth- n lhc county were u . bt •.end UK; district mcellni; at Ilel- Ethel', friends"or"Mrs' missell' Ali- J«co» u-iii ^ U 1' S mccll "E M". ecu Rowell. Nell Ross. Joyce Maim «cote-,niu, yrcicnl 11 booklet or und Wl!;-,,a I'ortcr' Uri-c'- llic »l B inii! --poems Dy Misifcij,,,! biilier .Jumcs Konni.nofe •° U '" y club womc ". lo "« nilcrctl Garrison, Dicky Wcitbrook ^i^-"^ *- -'^^^nr^ ^Ki 1 H ml, PrCWJ '"' reprcwiKitiu «"fl Joyce Mann; cow girl chorus, redcration a^rmnii"iur"' C • C0 " nly LCiS JK "' C "'" :V ' ncvcrly " Clny I be Eiyeii by ihls proiip Frances U'cslbniok ami Eula Davis irs ai the meeting of Ihu Culhun; hlyh school chorus ~ ' •01 i-cdcratioii of Women's by Lou nougliis, Joe Ma ,,"' ''?' s l )rll! t' s May 21 lo Onrpenler, Lucy 'Donovan, Mareie .6. The preserves are being Williams, Owcndolyn Oreev Ruth "o'r'a 1"n rl?* , d ' l ' CC "?" urt . Mis5 wil "-'»is. Lcvndn Boycc and Vlr- quecn, Altn , " Hunt Taylor 0( . lCSl °' ' ler amUl Mni " Mkses Anna Mar-' , »„ a brfdge party in the home of -Miss WoV' cam,, " Miss Penny B. Johnson of E. their ho« 5e BaESt .. Mr3 Wunderlich and Mis ^^f 5 ' w - E - Campbell 0[ St. .Louis and Mrs. s. B. Simomon of Our- oon arrived Tuesday mommg be- Sleele-Cooter Society — Personal Mrs. Ida Mac Broni of KenncU spent last week end here as Ihe guest of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Williams. •Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Holly. Mrs Hiys Smilh and daughter. Kajel aw Mrs. Buel Holly left Tuebday morning for several days visit with Butt Holly at Mt. Vernon «Hh? C £. Hatl 5 ey ' '' no te ""Ployed with --the gavprnment fleet at ow-- last week end r.ere with Raymond Earls,- ,-ho has been In California hospital since last Sep- OTV, , ..«_- >.. ... !oo ^ ^ Irwn .an Hiid?ihs lias return. ne r. «nd Mr, rred smith Of ^- ,--.. r «nd here. J. -Jl.vWorkman went to i^S; W. 0 ?** 1 ** 11 -Monday and brought :Jiw nwth«r, Mrs j N Barnos, from t iio^plfal ihcre to her home in ParUetvUJe, Mr. - end -,tftf. Frank Crawford parents at an 8-pounS » • " ' - CV. »_ . She has f. Mrs. craw- be I»rd • her . -.of. miles in ^ountiMao'ui Utah which r.eyer have been vjtltw'by white "•' '••'••'-•' ; G. HjTrley. A. E. nobin.soii und B. H. Tuber of U-achvlllc. S. S. etcrnlwi-g. George M. U>c. Ilowurd I'roctor, C. K. CiiKBcr and E. F. Dlomcycr und Miss Cora Lte Coleman of ISlythevlHc. Wilson Clubs lo .•»vo, n-nu jh ntiencnng Stale i, ... uiclim college ut Conway, it was! 1 L'CSCIll i UIV ill lC(l (O niinrnnrfiif n nim..^i. ... 1 J School Friday to serve lunch for the nil diiy school «-ui, n -,7 B •"• M '"' d ' BClloli<rsI "l> ot rrlday lie S|H)nsorshlp -. A. iiml Home E'con- ),-, oinli-ii clubs. Mrs. Hudson Wroui audltiuliun under unil. Mrs. P. f>. Jacobs of ^, .Ire. R L. Hoach of Wilson, Mr.s. i.i thc direcor. • &. Byerloy ol Leachvlllc. Mr.s. Tht , cllilrnct(; ,, s Hess nbere of n'lv !i °' lc lc u: to"plan he Sl!ctk: ' rlltlli " (l '" 1. lhc red headed stepchild, Ann lllcir ,', ' dauehtcr. Kathryn Walts, Dudley • < i. t;on ' Cfa'ite Slmw: tb of all federated clubs Farnnm. Virginia Speck; Mrs. Jane filantaishlp, iwo year old dimyhlcr of Mr. and Mrs. O. K. Dlankeiiship, Is belter today tul- lowliiB u Ijkxxl transfusion at n Memphis hospital yesterday. The baliy, with her mother, Ihc former Miss Lois Grimes, was visiting here when bile was slrlcken with 11 sX-ln Infection and she was taken lo Memphis Monday night when her condition became critical. She was accompanied by her mother and her grandparents. Mr. and Mra. o. D. Grimes. The U!iinkcnships reside at Clarksdalc Mii-s. Miss Jessie Srltc Is now Improving following a major oiieratlon performed at the niythcvillc hospital lust Frlttny. Mtes Shirley Wittcls IULS rcluni- ed to her home in St. Louis utter a two weeks slay with Miss Francis Roscntlial. Uilly brewer, who has been seriously ill Jram arthritis, is now improving hut will be unable lo al- lend school for the present because of u ivcaJtencd heart. .Miss Willie A. Lawson of Little Rock, who is spending some time In Mississippi county, Is at Osccola and Joiner for a few days. Mrs. J. E. McCrackln, fo Memphis, is visiting her sisters, Mri. Gallic Hiiblcr and Mrs. E, r Har- dln John William Wllks. son of Mr and Mrs. Hob Wilks, is /iiiile 111 from bronchitis. Mines. Loy Welch. Fred Rutherford. A. n. Holland und Charles L. Wylie were In Memphis yesterday. Sara Lou McCulchen. daughter of .Mr. and Mr.s. o. W. McCutc:-en. «'ho w.ts taken lo Memphis Bali- list- hospital Monday, underwent a. special treatment yesterday and hnd a sinus drain today, she will probably return home within a few days. Her Another and her aunt. ' ' "Sailty. ol Bntcsvlllc, her. „ H,,' ' « , *, \ L!1 "E slo » wrc ap- oriiif lilKh school ranted to make -arrangements for Nicholson. Triple Grand Coupe Gives One of Game's Real Thrills Today's Contract Problem Souib has the (Onij-itc, ;ii six licm-ls. West Ian;, in oi.i.'Li -the ace uf cliaiuouUs. iL-atiiag a club, instead. Can yi.u find the \\\:\\- tliat Mill gj\c you scvcn-oild.' ° A '.' S 1 : » A!" * K 7 i A ,1 ii > K tj s 7 e r, : J. K S 1 Solution in n<.\i Gl 4- A K S G : V* A K Q + A « S 3 » i*ipr.-; ,—_—, ¥ A l'i 7 I ¥ I' i * J i o :• G # s :> i Solution to Previous Contract Problem BV WJ1. E. MoKENNKV Sccrctiry. American Ilridcc trac ff The Proper __ Thing" "What kind of .•.andwiches slwiild be ciiten with the ringers?" Mast sandriclKs are hold w the PASTER L-/ Hayti Society — Personal WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21, Dr. B. M. Shacltlett and Mr. J. L. flaybinii ol Will Mayfkld College at, Marble Hill, Mo., visited In the home of tile Rev. and Mrs. J- S. Compere Tuesday. Mrs. J. W. Wilson of St. Louis, who has been here visiting her (laughters, Mrs. R. L. Gilbert nad Miss Prudence Wilson, for two weeks, returned lo her home Saturday. Tlie Rev. .1. W. Cunningham, Misses Claudia Marshall and Mable Alexander, and Woodrow Enderson were among those who attended the Association u. y. I>. u. meeting at Bragg City Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Miles culcr- tained as guests Sunday, Dr. and Mrs. M, C. Mills and son, Mr, and MM. Alfred Sl<-|ip and children of few Madrid. Mrs. Ida y. Turicy, wno is Dis- .licl Worker for the Royal Neighbors, and Rjilph Plckens, who have ixwn here for the past few days visiting and attending IQ business, returned to Cape Girardcau Tuesday. The E. y. p. c. will hold iu monthly party Friday night, Ma rci, 2J, at, the home of Mrs. Owen Do," teacher ol the class. Mrs H. A. Crumby visited relatives In steele, Mo., over the week end. K Mr. ami M rs. Payne and family vbitc<l Mr. and Mrs. Bucy O*cnl of Roselaud Saturday and Simda • Tne Rev. BUI* Walteib will con- duel em-ices at Ekron Saturdav and Sunday. -»«iu ui \ In l-'lurcncc, Italy, a sirimgc and colorful custom, preserved from tne Middle Ages, annually commemorates tne passing of I*nt and serves as ,in augury for thc coming year. As ilxmsands O r natives and visitors wiuch in brealhless silence, lour white oxen draw a towering, orna- rarl fitted with explosives which at the proper moment arc cc: on by a naming metal dore. if the fireworks explode, great re- .-iiiK folloivs, for (his is believed to foretell an excellent liarvest. flijjirrs. In the case til a dill) sandwich or a large clnckcu sandwich fork is used and a knife is alto employed If ncccssnry. hard cheese ami [ilcklc.s be ciilcn with thc fniecr.s or a fork?" Hard chcetc is eaten with the fingers. Small whole pickles miiy be eaten with the fingers. Mixed p:ckle.-, arc usually eaten with a fork. thc week end guest or Miss Edith Harrison. Miss Madeline Dodd .spent Sat- uaiay wit hMiss Dorotlu- Mooi-e. ol Sleelc. -Misses Audrey Cowell, Edna Wright, ramie Farris and Mavis Heathcoc-k visited Mrs. Lulus Far- |i'is in the Blylhevillc hospital Kat- Uenton News Mrs. Willie DePrlcs-S and daush- Icr, Virginia, spent tlic week end with relatives in Hayll. Lillle Vivian dene Stuart Is ill with measles. •Miss Edith Byron of Steele was Children's Colds ^fA Yield quicker to ^-"TS 5 ,-— double action of vKiy? \/ICKS VAPORU» STAlNltSJ now, if you p/cfcr JACK APPLEBAUM The Fashion "Hits" of Paris Origin! EXTREMELY SMART . . . JUST RIGHT FOR SPRING ace ol diamonds and trnmpvd iviUi Ilir rii'iico of hearts. 'I""c nine o[ spades then was led land won in dummy with the king. ' rl<lC l: ' n? " f diamonds was returned "' ""'Tc t: ' llin ) >c f l th i s S00d ""' coup I have seen onh a w « or quadruple grand coup:, as combmatkm or cards nc:cssarv dummy MM ,iv ta diffic, ^ °il | !" c1llm ! ny ,, wU J , U " '' 1 l : the queen. Reluru- irie. lie trumped with Shapiro then cashed his kins ot clubs. ]>!ayed n small club, and won ^;; KM^.V?^ sSS?S«iS tifted In ' ' ' lcarls - K3Sl l5cl< ' nothing um lhc ^ s? h4 ^^£ h ^X fii T^i a " :c ^^^^ aild ' this hand t^tcresun," lntcrestl "S P'- Th. riav )™ 1 f!<! in dummy with the queen. e immediately returned a small heart • ' It he arc, South'* )'.,!d have been good, vhllc w;l!i the ten, [couin ovci-trnmiv.'d with HIP queen itV'o' 1 ' 1 "^ " 1<? lBSl ' r ' Cl; '" KaSt ' S 3CC »»'• A vrry ueal ;riplc B i- a iul coup. and pla^the jack from 1,1, o»nj Head'c'ourter" KcwISnt Ads. hand. •••. '] He then played lhc king o£! Hearts and West showed out. dis- i carding a diamond. A club vas discarded from dummy. East refused to win, playing the seven. East now had the ace and ten over Shapiro's queen mid eight. .The only chance Shapiro had In make Ills contract VSR literally to discard three of lib trump, so he 'M a small spade, winning In dummy wilh the ace. He returned thc Most Coughs Demand Creomulsion Don't let them gel n strangle Hold, fight SC-HIIS quickly. Cico- muliicii co:nbiucs 1 major helps In rnr. Powcifnl but harmlrw. p;ras- ont lo take. No narcotics. Your own dnigglst is authorized to ve- li.nd yo'.ir money on the spot it ycur cough or coid is not relieved Creomulslon. _\<jv P?uS^./& to Miss Mavis Hcnthcock was the week end guest, of Mrs. Polly Shullz of golland. John DUllnEham is seriously ill with pneumonia. Mr. Evans of East Prairie spent the week end with him. Mrs. Aichic coweii died Monday. March 19, after two weeks illness of pneumonia. Funeral services were held at the Colemaii cemetery- Clear Lake News Mr. and Mrs. O T Via -p-nit the week end In Steele with ills parents, Mr. and Mis Will Via There will be preaching Im-c Saturday night aml Slmd(Iy • i tl Mis. \V, C. Smith Jiucl as their sw.\st for the week -uiti Mr. Smith's brother from WPOIM Ark. ' P,,T- A ' M "" B<:U Epm lllc "'I 1 '* end m Missouri with his d-iuch ter, Mrs. bee Woodasd Work will M art this week <m Uiu community canning kitchen T » local club now has 41 menfter- ' rolled. Sonic of the women I canning bed thfc, week tor Dan Haute, Ind.. visited with relatives here Tuesday. Mrs. John Eckerty returned to her home at New Albany, Ind after a visit here with her brother and his wife, Mr. and Mrs J. B. Sturm. Mils Lavcrne Sanders is in Fulton, Ky., this week visitiny with her father. Air. and Mrs. Jin 1 ! Johnson and son, HowaTd of Charleston, Mo were the guests of Mr*. Johnson's stain- and husband, Mr. and Mrs Lon Ridgeway Sunday. Ekron News Notes Mrs. Lambert has returned to her home in Indiana. Mrs Myrtle Phipps of Blythcville was the week end guest of Miis Lorene Wells. Mrs. Hamp Austin has been ill with clillls the past week ArUiur Doss is the guest of Mr. «nd Mrs. Owen Doss. Mrs. Florence Smith of Maiden, Driver G Positive Relief For Itchy Rash CoohoK and soothing Blue Star Ointment mclls on the skin,- sending tested medicines decnintAnorcs where ,1 quickly kills itchy rash, tetter, eczema, ring-worm and foot- itch torture. Ucbiug tads. Skin heals. Safe, sure, quick, (adv) - ; - A. Hall has returned lo his home •H Calumet after a two weeks vbit here. Mrs. l.Hah Oaines or Cahinict was the week end guest of Miss AS- ncs Kessler. b Richard Hall was the guest of Thomas and Eddie Games Sujidav and Sunday night. Mrs. Bertha Brok and Mrs. Bar- tn a Boles were in Half MOT,, 3a-- tirday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. c. F. Springer are moving back to this community. Read Courier News Want Ads. For Anything in l-'e*d and G '? cio " s "cwf'ock, ornbfo.dored |,, len on a *)cor, u , f .W I |h.haiacfc. BE OUR GUEST • SEE WHY THOISANDS ARE SAYING "«••» «S A FRIGIDAIRE '34" o O - louu ators slick »nd have lo bi pritd ihai ho or hammered looje?.. .Do you jrnill or nammerea jooje.'.. .uo you think that (Jefrntiinj;^//electric refrigerators is 'a nuinnce? 'Jhtuiitic our SprinK-Show- ,n 0 ( curr And he "/id r ii[ -, in , mod "? s ' .h ' Balk which Porcelain line of lhc FrigUlairc 'J4 is now in progrejj. s«c this colorful <lis- yoiisam>o»! "Ours it ilTigiUnirc'31." " — for dining and many casual occasions. Beige, AVry. Cray, Poti-etcr Blue. SIZES 14 to 20 Pictured ai> Frock wilhgtacGful neclc- line detailed with IQCC that gives that soft, flaf- teting look . . , and the lace at cuffs add fine finishing touches, Pou'der Blue, Aqua Beige,-Rue. SIZES-14 lo 20 ' .. s regstere and copynghttd by U. S. Pdtcm Office. EVERETT B. GEE SALES CO. 7* Distributor Prigklairc anil l)cln> •107 Main St. Phone (17

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