The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, June 10, 1936
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THEVILLE COURIEB NEWS VOI,. XXXIII—NO. 73 Bljlt«?Ul« Oourlv BlytbcvUi* UftUr N»»» BlytUevlll* Htrild uiMUulppl V*ll«y THK DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOKTHKA8T ARKANSAS AND BOUTHKABV MISSOURI BIATHKV1U,!?, ARKANSAS, WKDNKSDAY, JUNK 10, liWO SINOU-i COPIES F1VL! CRNTS .:*',•*' OF ARKANSAS TODAY Five Fugitives From Asylum Still M'Large [EKE- OF ST. PETER, Minn., June 10 (UP) — Wtlburt Jo.rrls.ten and Adolph Walworlh were captured near Cologne, Minn., today, leaving only live fugitives ; from the state hospital for -criminally..insane still at lai'ge. " ; : Of ihe five the three most dan-1 gerous were last believed racingi r , o „ ... .„,... .-. . through Iowa In a stolen car. one I 1 t'CU O. ballba Will UpCl'- was being surrounded by a huge posse live miles north of St. Peter, and Hie hist was thought holed- I up only ii short distance nway. Communications Interrupted But Damage Apparently Is Not Great A brief burst of dust-laden wind Ullh( » l j5 |1 >> c >>»» »ot been sighted early this afternoon, followed by n shower, apparently was niy- . theville's share of - a storm which Interrupted communications over - the mid-south, and did an unknown amount of ', damage. I Fragmentary reports from east-1 ern Arkansas, western Tennessee j and Mississippi revealed no lossi of life and only one injury but broken wire had temporarily isolated many communities, Reports received by the Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. from the territory which it serves in northeast Arkansas and southeast Missouri indicated llv^ l.!>.cre had been a general windstorm but that damage had nol 1'een great. Walnut Ridge was said to have been hardest hit in this section. I'owcr'Liiie Short-Circuited Power service at Luxora was interrupted for about an hour and a half this afternoon when the power line from Dlytheville was short-circuited by tree limbs which fell during the wind and dust storm. , Service men were busy tills afternoon making minor repairs and removing fallen tree granches from lines. The auxiliary power generators here were called into service 1 , to supplement power received over the transmission Hues. Rain Here .54 of an Inch How general the rain was it was impossible lo learn iiiis afternoon, hut if it covered the northeastern third of the county it was sufficient to mecb'm^st urgent needs in Mls- •'sissippi coiinty,'as most of^lhe rest of the county received a fair to good rain fast Sunday. The rain was exceedingly heavy for a short time but it did not last long. Farmers generally would welcome a fur frier thorough soaking. The local weather observer reported a precipitation of .54 of an inch. Cloudy skies held some promise of further rain. This afternoon's shower was preceded by n strong wind which raised a dust cloud over the city that for a few minutes almost obscured vision. The temperature dropped sharply from a high of SS for the (lav to 67 at 1:15. For a few minutes the wind was strong enough to indicate a possibility of storm damage but none was retried from this vicinity up until 3 o'clock this afternoon. since the break. Keynoter 'Warms Up' ate It Under Contract With Fair Association Carney Lnslle, high school coach, nnd J. A. Puckeil, nsslsl- nnt coach, will be In charge of the swimming pool at Wnlkei park, which will open In two or three weeks, it was announced this morning by Fred S. Saliba following 'approval by the cllj council lasl night of a contract under which. the Mississippi I I Counly Fair association will .sublease the pool to Saliba for the I summer season. The lease to Saliba provides for a rental payment, In advance, of $1,000, the amount .the i fair nssoclallon must, pay the citv I annually under the Icrms of Us | leas" if l>- rv>-ij nn ,i r-irnrpunds. burning "of 'homes ^cuoied by, J™ m0 """ 8S MC " WCPk ' At other persons antagonistic to the order. Prosecutor Duncan C. McCrne Enid today. He said that "Cupl," Frank Rice, "Lt. Col." Clarence Frye, Vigilantes Organized to Burn the Homes of Their Antagonists DETROIT, June 10 (UP)—Arrest and nliht-long questioning of "Regimental Clerk" Albert Swanson and "Col." Roy Hepner. arrested by his Investigators last night, had confessed to firing the farm home of W. F. Mollenlmuer In Oakland county during the summer of 1934. According to McCrae's. investigators the "arson squad" numbered among its duties the searching out of homes , occupied by enemies of the hooded and robedi he Is permitted lo charge 10 cents for use of the pool by children under 12 and 25 cents for older persons. The wading pond, near Ihe pool, will he free at all times. .. Saliba said Ihls morning lhat he did not Intend to limit use of the pool on the free mornings to children under 12 but would permit Its uso without charge by all children and young people up to ntid then .-setting;, fire :• to to "get Father Charles E. Cougli- lin." The "spy" was Dayton Dean, order them. -'Police meanwhile wcr2 'investigating evidence that the Black Legion had placed a spy in the National Union for Socuu Justice o "get F " I the order's "trigger man." Margaret Dean, his wife, made the charge to Inspector John A. Wayne of the homicide squad, alleging that Dean had been as- joined the union to "what it's all about." "She's not telling th« n or 18 years of aoe.' Regular free periods will be designated, probably .Tuesday - and Friday mornings of each week. While his permits -him conlract apparently to charge '25 cc-nU for- children 12 years of age or older h'e-:'will- extend'-'the-. 10-cent rale lo apply to the'• 12-year-olds, nt least, he said.' , The contract will allow Rnllto lo make; charges for rental o) bathing suits, towels and soap ai the bath houses but will not allow him to make charges for the use of clothes -lockers. Ilclanil Explains. Proiiosal „ „,.„, u;i - - 'Je'I Roland, a director of th< signed to "get" the priest, and had' filir association,' spoke in behalf discoverl 0 ? the • leasing ° f the swinnnine pool at last night's • council ses- trutll M|slcn. He said that Ihe associa- said Dean, held for the kidnaping Charles Poole. with 12 others and murder of New York Cotton Storm Hoes Damage MEMPHIS, June 10. (UP)—A severe wind storm struck parts ol the Mid-South today. First re- jrarts showed considerable damage over scattered areas but. no loss ol life. One person was injured here Trees were uprooted, window; smashed and several roofs damaged by the wind which was accompanied by a. fairly heavy rainfall at Forrest City, Ark. Western Union at Memp'nis reported wires down in several places in East Arkansas, \vesl Tennessee nnd Mississippi. The wind whipped up a thick dust storm immediately preceding the rain. "It was the Worst dust storm we've ever had here," sheriff Howard Curlin of crittenden county said at Marion. Ark., where file wind uprooted several trees but did little damage otherwise. Wires Are Down Telegraph wires were out from I'orrest City to Memphis, from Memphis to Jackson. Tenn., and froiii Memphis to Jackson. Miss. At Little Rock a dust storm propelled by a. 30-miie-an-hour wind littered streets with waste paper and blew down nags and bunting on display in honor of President, Roosevelt. Showers were predicted! but It was believed they would te i over before the president speaks. The Southern Bell Telephone company at Memphis reported 4001 to 500 local telephones out of order In Memphis, due to uprooted trees and toppled telephone poles One Hurt At Memphis One person was injured at Memphis where several house.-, were damaged, almost beyond repair, The telephone company rcport- ed practically all telephone lines into Arkansas from Memphis \vere down. The injured person was Mrs. Joe Lee. who suffered painful cuts from flying glass. NEW YORK, June 10 Cotton closed steady. C|ien high low Jl'lj' HG4 1105 1163 Ocl 1091 1097 1089 Bcc 1083 '1092 1085 Jan 1089 1091 1084 March 1091 1C92 108U May 1092 1094 1085 (UP) - close ll«.| 10D5 UMO 1091 1091 1093 tlon directors were without cx- lierience in the operation of a ucol, that Saliba had had expcr^ lence. lhat it would be dtfricnl' for the properly that he association directors 'tc supervise the pool thought the lease nnd pro- Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. June 10. (UP)— Trading picked up on the stock exchange today and prices made an irregular advance. A T and T 168 1-2 Anaconda Copper 33 1-2 Bethlehem Steel 523-4 Chrysler 95 i_.| Cities Service 4 5-8 Coca Cola 100 3-4 General American Tank 49 1-? General Electric 395-8 General Motors G3 3-c International Harvester 87 l-£ McKesson-Robblns 9 Mcnljoniery Ward 44 7-3 New York Central 35 3-4 Packard 10 1-4 Phillips Petroleum 41 Radio Corp 12 Simmons Hed 29 i-j Standard of N .1 58 5-6 Texas Co 31 7-f. U S Smelting 89 U S Steel Gl 5-8 Warner Bros 10 Zonite 65-3 vided for a very favorable rental, much better than the direclorr had anticipated. He frankly admitted lhat the lease was nn experiment but called attention lo safeguards hr various clauses o! the lease by which the fair association may terminate the lease if the pool is not operated as It believes It should be. He expressed confidence that the nssocla : lion and Saliba would be able to co-operate fi'lly In handling the pool. Members of the council licsi- Chicago Corn July Scp open 61 5-8 58 1-4 high <H 7-8 58 1-2 low Cl 1-4 58 1-8 clwe 61 3-8 58 1-1 u, 0, P. BELIE U. S. Would Furnish Most of Money: Rornh Wins Platform Or nun ids Townscnd's Organization Interested in Congress ttALTIMOHR .lime 10 (UP)— Hi 1 . I'Yilnr-ls I-;. Town.scnd prepared today t(> swing his old m;e pension and .share HID wealth forces actively into every phnso of the coming political cam|ml|:n—except the pi'osktenllal contest. The elderly lender of (he Townsend $2ll)-n-monlh pension movement said lie suw "no choice Ijctween Picsldent Roosevelt nnil Clov. Alt Landon, tlic probable Kcriiibllcan nominee. Like a Steiwer for a supreme clfoi-l. Senator Frederick Republican national convention as he warmed up for his oratorical elicit as keynoter. Steiwer was giving the loud speaker a-try-out as he dill this big-stretch,.act. tated at first lo give formal approval lo the contract, the position Hint the park and fairgrounds had been leased to the fair association and that the responsibility for Its operation was on Hie fair association. One al derman said he didn't see where the council had anything lo say about it whether "we like it or don't like It." Afler considerable discussion the contract was approved by resolution. Tlie lease was submitted to the city for approval, under ' n clause of the city-fair association lease} which provides that no sub-lease could be made without written consent of the council,'the fair association's attorney pointed out Missouri Youth K illecJl .While Attempting to 'Remove Truck Wheel STEELE, Mo.—Travis Floyd Wise, 17, of^ the Maplewood community near here, was killed Instantly last Friday afternoon in a peculiar accident. He had been lo Hie woods in the New Survey community for a load of wood when one of file tires on his .truck went n at. He was attempting to remove a dual wheel when Ihe jack broke, causing an exlra tire carriage to hit, him on the neck, breaking it. He was dead when Ills father nnd brther, who were abouV a half mile away, arrived at the scene. He was born and reared at Jasper, Texas, and moved here 18 months ago with his parents, who live on the Andrew Crawford farm in the Maplewood community. Funeral services were held at Ml. Zion cemetery Monday by Rev. J B, Cunningham, paslor of the First Baptist church ol this city. Besides his parents he is survived by several brothers and sisters «Yio live at Beaumont. Texas. They all cams for the funeral. Pickle Company Man Here »I), O.. .Mini' 10. I 111') —Republicans today Mewed the llrst compromise plank of a stale's rights | nlnlform and established Hie per- mancnl oltlelaldom iliat will gavel their convention to an end In a day or so wllh nomination of Clov, Alf M. Landon and lib rimnlnu mate. The national convention is In recess until i! pin. w'hen u pneki'd 'nail will hcnr former President Herbert,c. Hoover's parting word o( i advice before icIliKiulslihig nominn] parly leadership. Hoover Speak* Timl|;lit Mr. Hoover and ihe platform tonight nnd nomination speeches tomorrow Is Ihe schedule looking le Thursday adjournment. If the platform is delayed or Hie vlce- prcsldcnllal snarl refuses to untangle for Keynoter Frederick Stei- wor of Oregon, Lnndon leaders may move to delny the vlcc-preslden- lla] nomination until Friday. Tenlalivc .agreement on Ihe plank In Hie platform which would transfer administration ol relief lo tlie slates and force llicm to bear n portion of Hie costs was reached today by the drafting sub- comnilllce. of H. The plank, It was learned, wll' nol slale the portion of the burden which would be borne by the states. An original proposal' Hint a minimum of 30 per cent be written Into the. plank was abandoned The siib-commlttco prepared Ic slay In session all day In nn at- .lempt to complete Ihe platform le- Ira Blackwood's Parents, Friends I rmisfcrrcd Want Mini ST1IE OFRCIE MEETBESIBEMT Mr. Rooscvolr Will Delivei Ccnlcmiinl Ackliess at 6 O'clock HOT SPRINGS, Aik June 19 IUI')— Piesldenl l(ooso\clt arilvcd here today [rom Washington lo iitlc'iut Arkansas' one hundredth ii!(iih|:rsnry 'celebration ami , to speak tonlsht at;. Little Rock. Mr. Uou.siiv.ell ' was met at lh'6 Blidlon by ; city'- and slate oJIlc- luls and Inter beyixn a hiolor tcur which Included several: stops al points ol interest volt accompanied him. ROOJ.O- 16 lBrihe ; Tanks ! Henry. GJllls,'; of "Green j (flay, WIs., , rcprcxenlaUvc s>! Ihe IJii company, h 'pickle concni'n .which !:> Interested in the posslbililii's of development of Ihe pickle Industry' here,-"'arrive.-! here lost night ai|d will begin ,work Hits week on 1 seltrng up Brltie" tanks here'and at.Oseeoln for the storing of cucumber's. It Ls understood that Ihe lanks here will be set up luljilc'oiil to the Cofton Belt' tracks near Hit Texncp bulk' plant. Approximately 30 acres of cucumbers are contracted for 'herl and similar amounts a'. Osceoli nnd Wilson. The venture Is still' In Ihe experimental tinge,' bill Indications arc that if the cucumbers grown In this sccllpn prove of u satisfactory grade a pickling plant may be established. Two Assessed $15 Each for Disturbing Peace Dr. O. B. Phillips nnd Mrs. Evelyn Wltson were fined $15 each on charges of disturbing the peace by Municipal Judge Doyle Win $3,429 Judgment Against Mrs. Gates A circuit court Jury yesterday afternoon awarded Clarence M- Rogers and Ralph V. Rogers of St Louis, nephews of the late J. B Bell, Blythevillc merchant, a verdict for $3,429 against Mrs. W. C Cates, formerly Mrs. Bell. The Rogers' sued-Mrs. Cales on her alleged promise personalty to !>ay a sum w'iilch they claimM was owed by the Bell estate in order to keep them from Inslilutiiif a threatened suit to make their charge against the. estate a preferred claim. The money was said to have been placed with Mr. Bell by t'ne bays' mother, to invest for them as' a tnisl fund. Shane and Fendler represented Roy Head, lire chief, called at-1 the plaintiffs, who reside at St. tentton to a serious fire hazard | Louts, M O ., and Holland anil Bar- Henderson nils morning. Martha Miller was fined $10 on a charge of . disturbing Ihe )eace but her fine was suspended. The disturbance was. -alleged to mvc occurrc-il In a Davis street residence Dr. Phillips .and Mrs. Wilson jjnvc nolicc of appeal to circuit court. Trial of Mr. and' Mrs. Robert ilubbard .charged willi disturbing the peace and operating a disorderly house in the 100 East Ash this morning. Points lo I'm Hatard The council also heard reports on the cost of installation of police signal' lights, which may be installed .at Main and Broadway and on top of the Blylheville Water company's tank and the Federal ..Compress company's 1 and No. 2 plant lanks. No. Chicofjo Wheat open high July 84 3-8 84 3-4 Efp 85 1-8 85 1-2 low 84 1-4 85 close 84 1-3 85 1-8 Livestock EAS ST. LOUIS, 111., June 10 (UP)—Hogs 5,000. Top 10.25. 170-230 Ibs., 10.00-n>.15. 140-160 Ibs., 9.25-10.00. Bulk sows 8.60-8.85. Cattle 2,200. Steers 6.50-8.25. Slaughter steers 6.00-8.75. Mixed yearlings and heifers 0508.00. Slaughter heifers 6.50-8.50. Cutlers and low cutters 3 50-4.50. that would likely exist on Kentucky this fall, when the county fair operates at the municipal parked snugly against the ci-rb with cars parked along the narrow pavement on either side of the center parkway it would h! almost impossible for a fire truck ham and Harrison, Smith and Taylor represented the defendants. to pass unless all cars were parked' snug a:?aiiui the curb and that cars would be damaged when fire hcse are laid from the trn-k. Aldermen, particular 1 y first ward aldermen, sold they thought residents on Kentucky would be 6l a<1 to see tlle P° rl: " way removed and pavement sub- Seal 1'asses As Stamp FRESNO, Cal. (UPI— Eiroy Ron- li'scru, i(;tional conciliate half- mile champion, mailed home a card from Hie Drake Relays, using a 1S35 Christmas seal tor a stamp, it passed the postmasters at Wlllard. Omaha' and Fresno. stlluted but a suggestion tha 1 properly owners might bear the expense didn't meet with mud favor. slreet block, has been urday. On the same ila.\ Porter anil Edna for Snt- Katherine . .. . '•'• llornh"\Vfli Otter l 4 Unks...':V, Earlier Willlnm Allen .-..Whil Kansas publisher and one. of Clov Alf Landon's aides, Icmporarllj smashed n deadlock existing ue- twecti Ihe Kansas forces nnd Sen- alor -William E. Borah of Idaho over party platiks. White capitulated to Borah's demands, llial he he .permitted lo offer three main planks—cmicncy. Industrial .monopoly nnd foreign P9,licy—nnd .the. right to nppciuMo the full, convention If'llic sub-com- mlllce rejected his,, proposals. Bertram! II. Sne|l today called upon . Hip Republican party anil Democratic carry for: \vard a new crusade for America! liberties as he assumed the permanent chairmanship ol Ihe conven Hon. Snell Boosts, Slciwer Departing [rom his prepared text Sncll added a fresh rilllp lo Ihe fast moving boom for Kcynoler Slciwer as the parly's vlce-presl- denlial candidate. He referred to Stclwer's keynote address as expressing "the thoughts of millions of citizens." Sncll thundered his call from file convention rostrum as Unidon leaders, their b:in:lwnsoii gathering hourly s\)ecd. offered fresh concessions to satisfy Senator Borah's persistent platform demands. Landon supporters were seeking, by one move after another to appease Borah in 'hope of averting nil open brcnk and possible delay in convention .adjournment. Dclegales cheered Snell's assault against the New Deal in which he read a record of broken pledge:: and promises as former President Herlierl Hoover arrived amid enthusiastic acclaim to prepare for a convention appearance tonight. . Snell's denunciation of the agricultural .Adjustment., administration Removal of ha Rlackwoml, 22. from Alcalrn/. Islnncl prison In San Francisco liny, Hits federal (Ovemmcnl'ti prison for Incimi-j- btes. Is the hope of Mr. and Mrs. Dob Illackwood, his parenls, who live near Manila, and friends. lllnckwood was sentenced to 25 years In prison after trlnl and conviction In federal court at Cape Glrardeau. Mo., on April 14, 1031 on clmrces lhat he parltclpnled In Ihe robbery and sUmglnu uf Iheitins W. Curlis. poslmasler nl Gibson, hi Hiniklin county. Mo, Ocl.. 23, 11)30. E. K. Alexander, local attorney, has been worfclmj for several months on an appeal to inisoii authorities for Blackwond's ''cmoval to another prison, lilnci:- wood wnr. originally sent to Leav- einvorlh penitentiary but was lal- Iransferred to Alcalvay, KOOII afler Ihe latter prison was prepared lo care lo prisoners designate! by (he government, as its most dangerous., qnd confirmed cihnliuv! '-.ijjieii. -,..' : v,_._. j .-,.,7'.- ^' It' Is tin<lerst6od"~iliat'~ Mrs Franklin n. Hoosevelt, wife of thr prctldent, has been asked lo inteiv cede In .behalf of lltackwcod. Ills relatives and friends claim that Blackwood was alteniling- n celebration in the community, Hollywood, In Dnnklln county, where he .lived. Hie night the poslmnster was rolikcd nnd sli jcd. Ills nUbl .defense :\i\'.;:d lo convince a federal court jury cf his Innocence when I,emori Brooks testified that Blnckwno:! participate! in Ihe robbery wilh him ii.nd Wes Wright admitted the robbery tint did not particularly Incriminate Blackwood. Elmer Cude of near Lcnch- vllle, who was one . 1 ^fef several nllbi witiH'sscs called by Ihe defense nt Blackwcod's trial, Is said to be clrculallnt; a petition In an clfnrl lo nid ntackwood's parents In their move to have him removed frcm Akalrnz prison. trial on charges of being inmates of a disorderly, house,' the Hub- batxl place, nnd Adrian Church and Mark Rogers will he tried. Church for disturbing the peace nnd assault and battery and Rogers for disturbing the peace nnd obscenity. Smith will face I as, a "fatalistic and nnconsliliillon- " , nl". instrument, passed. wil'n scarcely. a ripple of applause.. Party leaders were quick lo approve Ihe senlimcnts expressed by Snell. Wnllncc Townsend. Arkansas deleg.ile. said "I think he avoided extremes and It was a vsry ' 1 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. June 10. (UPi —Cotton futures developed n-lower trend today as tlle result ol liquidation from the lonj side. Prices closed three to ten polnls'low July Oct Dec Jan March May < pen 1160 1092 1085 1085 1087 10S8 hhh low 1160 1157 1092 1035 1039 1080 1087 1085 1087 1083 1C83 1088 c'osc 11 GO 1033 1035 1087 1030 l'087b 10, ipols closed steady at nso, oil Humming Bird Fed Honoy SANTA CRUZ, Cal. (UP)-Mrs Hoyal Healh has succeeded in raising a baby humming bird by hand. With a glass droppsr slic gives It a balanced diet of hone] strawberry syrup, yolk. water ami IViiiisrlvania for Landon CLEVELAND, June 10 (UP)— IVnmylvniila's 7S dclcgr.ies. in a noli at a caucus today gave Gov. Alf M. Landon 50 voles for the inrfidcntial nomination. Senator William E. Borah was-in second •;!,w wllli 13. . Tlie poll was forced on a motion by former Senator David A. Reed lo ascertain sentiment In Hie delegation in the presidential race. Other candidates in the poll who received votes were: Sleiwer, 4: Knox, 3; Dickinson, 3; ami Vandeticerg. who favored the first ballot fald shift to Laudon on giving the Kansas tolal of 58. 1, Eight delegates other candidates on they would the second, The highest volcanic peak Ir the world Is Sahnnia, In Bolivia Ii Ls 21,000 feet high. Tom C. Igoe to Talk To Rotarians Thursday Tom c. Igoe of Memphis, well known lecturer, will address the locnl Rotary 'club al- tomorrow'; luncheon al Hie Hole! Noble. Mr. many of . who has interviewed tne outstanding men of business, industry and professional men will lalk on Ihe "Lives 'and Experiences of Great Men," Friends here sny that Mr. Igoe Is a most entertaining speaker. 'I ho lorr included nh Inspection of the Army and Navy hospital, n visit to Ihe resorls. and bath houses, and a motor' I rip lo Couchwond, home of Harvey Couch, utilities niniinatc, on-Lake Catherine. Tlle presidential party wpro luncheon guests of Couch. Shorl- ly aflerwnrd Iho group umudad the. president's special for LlUlp Rock. Will Dine Will. Inc 1 , - Oespjle frerii'ent White - House statements - that Ihe- president'.! trip had no political Intent laid Mr. Roosevelt's own e\piessc<l hope that brarulcii'its of his speeches would niil Intcifcre with Hie UepijblLcan convention uullo lltne. observers saw n decided campntRn complexion lo his radio llinlni; tonight nml to the crowds Hull greeted him everywhere. After his address in-lho.'Cen- lci)iinl JVIium 'at 0 P M, he will motor lo Ihe: home of I Senator Joo T. Robinson, senalc j majorlly leader, for dinner. The. j visit Is iiilerpi'clcd In nmnj quar , tcrs'.os r 'an.,clforl to help Rob- Iilsqir liv'.--Ills N campaign foi re-< , noinlnntlbh.' , At the ivli'dup-of tho Ark-aims festivities the president and his party will set -Out- for Texas where'tomorrow, Friday and part 'of Saturday he .will participate in Texas centennial activities. United Press Correspondent , HOT SPRINGS, Ark.. June 10 (UP) — Irfis. Franklin i Delano Roosevelt lodny won Hie hcarls of &(H) Arkansas club women when she appeared us jjuest at a breakfast In her hoiior al a local, hotel. Upon leavinu the presidential train she was presented with a tiemendoiis bouquet of roses which she carried lo the automobile III which she rode to Ihe hotel. 3n nn address, lo the club women Mrs. Roosevell described her visll of last night to the Dycss colony In Mississippi county. She said she was very much hnpress- with the colony an;l believed It was on Us way to becoming a successful establishment. Mrs. Roosevelt mentioned lhat allhouyh she had never before been llirougli Arkansas except- in Iransll her correspondence ' from Ihe state made her feel closely nic-' mutinied with its residents. • Following the breakfast Mrs; Roosevelt joined the president .and. they spent ten minutes watching' u pageant presented by schoolchildren. ' v.' Oscar Fowler, Holland Farmer, Pneumonia Victim STEELE. Mo.—Oscar Fowler, 48, prominent farmer of near Holland, died at the Blythcvllle hospital Sunday morning after a short illness of pneumonia nnd flu. Funeral service. 1 ! were held at Hie "nomc Monday afternoon at 3:30 by Rev. D. K. Poster, pastor of the Bapllst. church In Caruthcrsville. Interment was made at Mt. cemetery. Zinn flfll Attends Funeral "Snubbed" al Colony'' DYESS COLONY. Art., June 10 (UP)—Mrs. Franklin n. Rpose-^ velt was "snubbed" by one of Ihe Dye-^> colonists on her \islt here last night. Tlie "snubber" was the pink, seven-day-old daughter of Mr.- and Mrs. Hugh llean, weight lOVi' pounds, In the little community hospital. ; MIT:. Roosevelt tried hard for recognition from the biby Bean but there was no response. Speaks (» Colonists In a brief talk to the colonists from the slops of Ihe administration building last night Mrs. Roose- Tlie Rev. W. V. Woirack Crittenden. - Ark., today to attend Ihe funeral of his brolher-ln-law, Robert Lee, of Carthage, Mo., who died there yesterday. Services will be held at the family cemetery al Ccnterlon. The deceased Ls a cousin of George Lee of this cilv. i velt urged Ihen! lo make the most of the opportunity t'nat had been offered them. I "We In Washington are watch- Is in i lng !hc P r °8 ress V' 011 nre making WEATHER Arkansas—Local thundcrshowers this afternoon or tonight Cooler tonight. Thursday. partly cloudy, ccoler in southeast portion. Memphis and vicinity-Showers and cooler tonight. Thursday partly cloudy and cooler. Tlie maximum temperature Here yesterday was 07, minimum clear, according to Samuel Norrls, official weather observer. | lloa talk. here In Dycss." she said. "We have felt Ihe people of thU community, through no fault of their own, were unable t/> main-: tain themselves and give their children Ihc opportunity t'ney wished for—an opportunity to work cut their own salvation. "We hoiK that yon prove, when given that opportunity, you are able, to make the most of it for your-. selves and your children. "You arc carving out your own success, proving for oUiers there Is hope. If you succeed, others will follow." A corsage was presented Mrs; Roosevelt by Becky McCall and Patricia Wise, of Blytheville, In behalf of the Blylheville chapter of Ihe Democrallc Women's club. Mrs! Lloyd V. Wise made the presents *

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