The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 28, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 28, 1930
Page 3
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"Iio. lic-- t;lii]iln^ nx an i-.xlrn, Imx l>ro- ttrt-i-M-tl rniiMI}' niul I* mm- lirtdrr ccmlratM In une nf Ibc lBrscj-1 • lijjlux. Anne Mvi'H i*ltti Hvu nlhrr Btrlj,, MdNA KOUKISII.V, n un) 1 111 Elk.* rej lit-nil. llnil KVA HAHI,i:V, n ciuftl Klrl nlui ui (Imp* U vrrj- lilllcr. mill Mho Ems hnil 11 iraulc luvr i-viiprl**ncr, llvu nnil 31onu lire f&lrttM. but 31nLin ivotkH only occntlimnlly nnd KTJI very rnrcl), nntj thtH IK nnollicr rraaun for IICT ile.ii">nitc]ioy. 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"And I kuow you've been busy, too. I didn't' want to liotlier you. IJ "Bother mel" "Well"—ho laughed—"yon know how it Is. Tlioso eight o'clock and nine o'clock slndio calls ol yours. And 1 never kuow when lo go Lome." It developed that Anne had called merely to intinirc about dim. "And Mora and Eva have been wondering about you. too." "I was just about to call you. Anno. How about going lo the opening wllli me? 1'aul's lulling Jlarls Fan-ell." "I'd lovo to. Dan." "It's a date, then. Maris Far- rcll, by tlie way, said some nice tilings about you today. 1'aul and 1 wero out there to lunch." "Oh. you were?" "Yeah. Paul dragged me out with him. .Maria told me sho bad seen you rclicarsiug." lie, repealed what Maris had fc-iid. "Not so had, eh? You've made quite a bit with bcr, apparently. Both limes I've seen her now, she's bad something I'-ice- to E.iy about you. Personally, I tliinl; pho hns good judgment." He said nothing about seeing her _ s j before the opening, and when she bad said goodby he turned back to his typewriter, sat before it with folded arms and smoked ond frowned. Paul had gone, out for liie evening: he aiid Johnny Rid(Ilo had n dalo somewhere. But even in tho quiet and solitude of I r.N tho tlio etory :iut be re-read H with a feeling ot disappointment, on apprehension of failure. Ills first one. had come back to Mm wltli Us third rejection. Itorlmer was ready lo tear II up In disgust, anil he would have If Culllcr kid not Intervened. "Give It here," Paul said, and ho took It and lucked It away In r\ drawer. And he counseled Dan lo "let It age a bit." "It's still a swell Id!'••>, my Iwy. and thrco rejections don't change Hie opinion of my favorilo muvio critic ami columnist." "It's all wet," Dan said. "Listen who's talking! Tho guy who got after mo for tearing up the Clrcal American Novell I thought you bail cot used to rejections In New York." And lie insisted tlial Dan let tbo manuscript Ho for a month or Iwo out of sight, and Ihcn read It again and rewrite it. "Ohl stuff!" Han scoffed. "Sure—with this difference: that magazines nnd moving pictures arc two different markets, my Ijoy. Anue'3 familiar Magazines generally know iusl what tiiey want; tlic movies never know; tho Idea that gels kicked Into the ash barrel today Is a super- production tomorrow." Dan touk his new manuscript to the Amalgamated scenario dep.irt- meiit the next morning and left It there. And ho spent the afternoon playing golf wllh Jolinny Rlildlo, who had been after him for a week to get out and play. Johnny gossiped along Uio fairways, talker! Jokkgly aud dcprc- cs'.ingl? about his newest lovo af- you know, bin stuff!" I'.iul said contemptuously. "Anil Iheii lie enw Eva llarlcy anil, bo)',' Uio Etnile froze right on Ills faco nnil lio 'got as red 33 n beet nnd kept right ou nil. t'-TJUT tlal'a not ^ lurncil to look nt Bvn fair. "I hmg on for three weeks, am] then she announced her engage menu J)ut she's slill a clicul. Siio was supposed, for a, while, lo be engaged lo Dick (iracc, the stun 1 liver, but that was just a press agent *tovy." And be lold Dan that ho had no 1 been doing badly at all with public Uy fur Anne Winter. "I landed pictures of her in a number ol )ho fan magazines, an one of them took on a story, too Just a breeze, this Kiildle guy; jus a breeze." After their came they drove bac lo tho apartinc-ut lo wait for 1'au Collier, ami Paul was late- arm ing. When lie did come, in !is !:?. a ciucer look, and ho sank at one into a chair and said: "The funniest diirn thing bap peiicd Ibis afternoon." Ho reached for a cigarct. "I was walking along llio vard, see? and 1 ran Into Kva [In When 1 I Ihought sho was going to fnlnl. Slio was ns whlto aa a ghosl. She to bold on to my arm like tho very devil to keep from falling. I was scared for n minute." "What do you siipivosc—" Johnny lllddlo began louilly, but IJan held up a band. "Wail." be said. "What happened, 1'anl?" Collier luhuled deeply nnd Bald, "Well. 1 held on to her ami asked her it she was sick, and 1 tiled to slccr her Iiilo a. drug storo to get :thlng. But slio said no, fiho as all right—just .1 EudJen feel- g of falnlness. She Eniil slio got cm oucc in n while, but 1 think 10 wns lying. 1 K oi ,\ cab ami lok her home. Mona was there :nl I lurned Kva over to her. but v.i made me promlee not to lei or what happened. Can you lie tiat?" he finished. Dan got up from Ills chair That's a funny one." be eald louglitfuliy. And ho went over to iie window and looked out and aid. halt lo himself: "I wondc f that doesn't explain something bout Kvn." "l!ut Frank Maury!" Paul said "I kuow. Tilings work out tun iy sometimes, don't they?" "Who was the girl with Manry? ohuny Hiddlo nsked, nnd Tail aid be didn't kuow. "I didn't have a chanco lo get good look at her. Tilings happeiie oo fast. 1 couldn't tell you 11 mew bcr or not." "Maury, 1 hear, Is prctly swee on somo Los A'ngelcs girl. 1 can remember her name, but her ol man Is supposed to havo a lot money. Didn't he say something? Johnny asked. Aud Paul shook his head FOR RENT FOR KENT—2 or 3 light housekeeping, rhone 848. for i Paul's absence ivrite. it w« !oy. I bad just come out ot Hoi ry's, and we walked along togelhe missing tho lime of day aud lalkin about nothing in particular; an we were passing by Iho Monlina Ire when who should come buslin oul but this chntn'.i Frank Maur> You remember him, Dan.' Dan nodded. "Ho had some ilizzy , lonkin rooms ion — 1020 H^arn I FOR RENT—Five rcom house 27pklj 13^1 W. Holly, Call 987-W. a word. I'm telling you." Ho gc up and began to take off bis shir "I'll ho ready in a minute," he sal and be weat to bis room. Johnny looked over toward Da who had not left tho window, a ho caught liis eye. "Two am! I always raako four. Dnn." bo sai ami Dan shook his bead as If i! Ibing were loo baffling for hi. The telcphono rang while th were waiting for Collier, nan w •' half expecting it. and be hastened a 'Oh, 1 iton't kuow. I'm worried onl bcr. Moiiii snys she's been j'lug ever since slio got homo." )()()!( tltl!" Dan sn id [ 0 mm- self, am! ho gave Anno an ac- nut of what had happened. Ho oko In n low, calm volco llial was emit to reassure her. ami when -> had llnlshci) lio Biiiil, "Paul Is re now, It you'd like lo lalk to in." Hut .\rnic inlil him lliat was not ccessaty. "I—1 tlilnk I uuih'r- aml. Thank yon, Dau, very ucli." "It ll'.eic's anything 1 can do. nnc—" "I bmiiv, Dan, but llicrc's nolb- "Won't Kva aay anything nlioul "Not a word." Slio aihlc.l Ihat va was In Led and Hull she stub- ornly refused to sec a doelor, so icy lindii't called one. "1 hardly knew what to do. 1'vo ever beeu Eva Ilka Hut before, ho wns almost hysterical, but 1 hlnk she's calmer now. Hut Kva roods so: sometimes 1 get uneasy list thinking about her." 11 was llko Anno lo be loyal nnd ouslder.iie. Dan thought ns be loft lie telephone: Ihero wero few girls oiling nloug In Hollywood as well s she was who would Imve chosen continuo (he .irrnngemciu slio lad undo wiion she. hnd been nolh- ug more Iliau nn oxlra h?iRoU, knew Ihat Anno paid ii'.oro ban bfi- sliarn ol tho rent, bccauso ilona hail told him GO. lie went out lo dinner wllh Johniy nml Pnnl, nnd Ibey .continued n while to tnik nbout Kva •larky ami Frank Maury. Hut presently tbo topic '*'os dropped ami Paul began to lell Rltldlo nbout the screen story that Dan had dirtied In that morning nt Amalgamated, and ho cheerfully predicted its acccplance. X'ui ilitl not lake- the trouble to ;ue willi him, although ha hud lost nothing of the pessimism that had dwell wHh him for several cckr, pint. He and Johnny were llred after tiiclr soil game, and Jolinny left Ihcr.i not long afterward. Hrick In the apartment cuce more. Paul sat down to his typewriter lo hammer out his column aud Dan picked a book with n feeling of relief llial, his own manuscript finished. Ihcrc wns no need of his working tills OUR BOARDING HOUSE IS RAtHBR A BUi/J-T AUP •Tl DIReC-f rM-feRROtSA-T7o^ i ^, WGRP ~ ou& WORK'S Haul I -, -THAT MOBQDV -TIME OF OF EFFORT' I KAV/£ •frlAT" 5-fATg: TrlE LABORIOUS PHASES I'LL ASK YcU A 15 MORE OR IS A SCI £ MCE = BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES YKAH? By Martin l l FOR RENT—Seven room house at i 1030 Walnut, llivce bedrooms, Uvol FOR RENT—Three baths. Mac D87-W. Sen' 1st Call! furnished for li»lit housekeeping, 28pklj MO North Fifth St. "" FOR KENT—Nice front bedroom [FOR RENT—Two fimiishcd rooms. for rent in private home, one Mrs- Ted Green, Phone 05Q. block of high Lchool. 811 Walnut I street. For Rent Two stores on Second street, iilso cotton office up stairs with north skylight.' Grand Leader building. Apply on premises. I. ROSENTHAL FOR RENT—Two large bedrooms, convenient lo bath, Main, Phone 551. FOR RENT—Lii-lit Honsckccpiny rooms, furnished, 700 West Wal- j nut. 26c-tf FOR RENT—Nice three room apartment, bath, garage and private entrance. Phoiw 72-W. 2Gpk29 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 10! S- Lake St. 17ck-tf NOTICE From May 1 to September 1 au r denial ofllccs will be closed i«ch Thursday afternoon. Dr. I- H. Moore. Dr. II. A. Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis. V. R, WASHAM—Transfer Dally trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-U315 WERT Ho Makes 'Em Set Grist Mill and Poultry House- I will buy your corn and do cus- loni grinding. Will asso buy your chickens and eggs. T. R. Shepherd, 300 South Franklin. 2!nk29 WANTED TO RENT furnished house or apartment. Phone 508. 2Gpk30 WANTED—Three furnished rooms at cnce- Good localion. Call 334. 2Gpk29 WANTED— He-liable man between ages of 25 and 50 to supply old established demand for Hawlcigh Good Health Products. Surety Contract reci'.iircd. Company furnishes everything but the car. Good profits fo r husllcrs. Write the W .T. Rawleigh Company, Memphis. Term. or see me. G. \V. Matthews, Luxora, Ark. 2(ick9 Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 52 Ingram nid ff , Ulythcvllle, Ark „_ l- Closing Stock P tees A. T. ar.rt T 214 Aviation fi Chrysler 23 Cities Service 27 7-8 Coca Cola 176'j Fox 47 3-B General Elerlrh: 73 Geneva! Motors 44 3-8 Grissuy drunow . I T. and T Montgomery Ward Paekurd Radio Simmon., Uniled Gas U. S. Steel WOULONT Uuu. Bi!t he yaivncd over his tiook after a while, so ho went to bed, ml Tanl shortly followed; anil nst r.iidnii;ht the insistent ringing of Ihc telephone hrnu;;lit hlr.i slt- lin; up in bed with a Jerk. Ilo heard 1'aul stir In the next room, IjiitJiD called out: "I'll gel It." and switched on llio iijlus. It was Anne as.iin. Sho said, in a voieo Ihat wns half frantic with to answer it. "Korimcr speaking." "Thu is Anne," a hint of nervousness in her voice. "I'm In n boolli. Arc you alone?" "No, but It's ail right," he assured her. "Dan, have you talked wilb Dan. we'ro In trouble. Can yon come right Will you tell mo what hap- It's Kva. away?" "I'll be right over," he said. (To II o Continued) pened? Monn lohl»mc that I'anl brnnght Kva homo aiid— " "How is Kva now?" Dan cut In quietly. "Is she- all right?" ame on his ami. and wbcW he s me be- turned ou tiio old New Orleans Cotton New York Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 28. (UP)— Cctlon closed Rids win he received on tnc x>ne Oak school building at the Colton closed steady. 1H5 1150 11GO 1177 1106 lock a. in. September 2Gp};29, 2ll d, 1930. vllle, Snots unchanged at 1118. H, no questions will be asked. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WHAT'S THIS? LOOKS UUC, rr VJ/\S TUAT THEY DROpprlD,FELU IMTo Tue VIAIT A Mt4UT£...DONT TOUCH VT..."WATS OF REDDIWS'S WOSX IT'S A 8CW8...-*ESSR.... 1 JOST kWOVJ ITS A S°MB Or Sav,E KIND- LETS £0 QUICK AW T£U_ MO rr DIOMT... IT FELL JUST THIS SIDE OF. IT...GEE! 1 BETCHA To SLov/ us AU_ TO MlE HATCHED TWAT BLADE TO HES TRV'H By OS A.U. OP UMCLE CL6^ IS FEELItJG BAD EHoO THIS THIMS "L VJiSH HAD FALV.6M SWING THE CO.MI'OSKK 'M TED UP WITH THE sec THE: SAMt IHltiG t-JCOV TIME YOU GO.I D MATHtR HOHC WIB USTCN TO /" TvlCSi: FCUUOV.'S vou VU\_ SE.C \MHAT STAT1OV1 O.A.C. HAS OM V NIGHT 14 3-8 4f. 3-4 35 3-8 12 5-8 .. -12'- 170 7-8

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