The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1930
Page 5
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1930 BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.V COURIER NEWS Pupils Bring Gifts for Poor Instead of Exchanging i Presents. The closing of the Blythevillo [ public schools yesterday fcr a twoj v.ceks Christmas holiday was marked with programs appropriate lo tl« season.In practically all Blades the pupils gave gilts for pcor families instead ol exchanging with friends and the spirit of giving was prominent in the ap-1 jjropriate programs presented yes-! :irday afternoon. j In the senior high school the j senior school class spcnsored the' irgrain as is the custom. A play, "The Christinas Lady of the Big | House written by Miss Luna B. Wilhelm, senior sponsor, was present ::l in five scenes with Orlnci Hutchins, Gccrge Matthews, Wood-1 io\v, Fisher, 1. O. Westurook, Mary Cummings and Bob Burns taking part. A dcuble quartet of Mary Ellen Stevens, Lillian Brlscoc, Virginia Tompkins, Lester Gill, Curtis McCarty, and Otis Osbom sang and Woodrow Fisher and Thslma Worthington, accompanied" by Miss Leone Callicott, played a medley of Christinas carols in violin duets. Simla Claus, with Hie help of the seniors, distributed miniature bells to tte students and faculty members. Fill Fourteen Baskets The seventh and eighth grades of junior high school filled 15 large baskets for poor families tc- lw dis- I'ibnted on Christmas day. These] were presented at the program yes- "Aiidrce's Story" Tells All That lerday. Pupils ol the fourth grade AVill Ever Be Known Ab&ul th ssug a mod'ejr of Christmas carols and the story ol Christ's Birth war, read by Patty Shane before the Rev. P. Q. R'Tie. pastor of the First Methodist church, a talk. In the Central Ward elementary rchool students of Mrs. Joe Trieschman and Miss Mary Outlaw pro- romance, produced by a man who is mi artist wllh words as well (is willi black-and-white sketches. Kent, with two companions, went from Nova Scotia to Greenland In a sailboat. The boat wns wrecked on the Greenland coast and hf hiked overland to an Eskimo Eettlii- men.t, lived among the Eskimos for seme lime and then came home uy siearner. j That is the essence of Hie narra-! tlve, It Is adventurous enough, In all conscience; yet this voyage v.'os, like nil really noteworthy voyages, a ipiest for spiritual things. Storms and .shipwrecks were mere Incidents. The excitement ol using thrown en a rocky atid desolate! coast was net half as moving us the excitement of winning the friend-: ship of those authentic stone-nu!.- men, the Eskimos. Tne ocean voy- j age was memorable; but infinitely mure memorable were those days ;of idling in Greenland, where noth-; ' ing of consequence really "happen- j ed." ' All of which, of course, is Just another way of saying that in n book of this kind lhc Important! j thing is not what Imppens so much . I ns it Ls, whom does 11 happen to? ' On any voyage, you sec only what you have within you. It is the- good fortune of the reading public that Mr. Kent has much within. •WK TO KATHRfM CblUtf MAOoH/CA- PAGE Radio Stations Plan Synchronized Broadcast WASHINGTON, <U1>>— A plan lor Eynchnml/allon or the operii- tlon of two or more broadcast transmitters on a bluglo wavelength i has bcvn laid before Ihc- r-ederal liiullo commission. Such a plan It Is snld has long been Hie dream ot rndlo engineers. As outlined 1u applications to the commission, two ol the associate stations of Use National Hrondcast- Ing Company, WT10, Hartford, Conn., mid wiiAt,. lialtlmore, will synchronire with key stations In New York. Both stations, which have hitherto shaved a wove length, have been silent on alternate days. Under the new plan WI1AI, will broadcast on the same wavelength ns WJZ, In New York, and \\TIC will coordinate its tvansiultlcr \\llh WEAK hi die meantime, the two stations ivlll rclnin the wavelength of lOSO kilocycles now jointly allotted lo them. WllAL will use Ihls channel one day, while WTIC synchronizes wllh and broadcasts IWi life at the close of (he eighteenth century. The author's sturdy Uritlsh patrictbm. with Us srnu-j iiKiimpUon that anylhlng done in ThEBOQK SURVEY sented programs. The Second giade Kiddie Band, sponsored, by Mri. Trieschman, gave a musical program for the fourth and fifth .trade pupils and ths Kcv. M. Callaway. Presbyterian past'-r of the First church, addressed "outlaw's class. Other numbers cf ;his program Included Chrirtmas soiigs. story "Once Upon A Time." Pal Harrison; Christinas Story, Billy I.:gactt; play ''Santa Claus and The Toys That Came To Life." pupils. Boxes ware prepared by, the . . Lange elementary school students 1'T distribution among the poor as l part of .he program made numbers: songs, " . up of Christmas Pram," Cletis \Valden; piano solo, Sara Pauline Evrard; Tragic tollocn Expetlilion to Xha Arctic—Original I'hotagraphs and Diaries Tell of Explorers' Gallant Struggle. By BRUCE CATTON NBA Service Writer All that the world is apt ever to know about the Andree Arctic; expedition is contained in "Andrce's Story," just issued by< the Vikinj Tress. This book, edited by the Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography, presents 'In detail everything that was learned alt?; the discovery of the explorers' bodies and diaries on White island. The record probably is as complete as it ever will be. And what a fascinating, tragic book it makes! Andrce's diary Is translated—or as much • of it as coula be deciphered after its 33- year immersion in snow. The photographs he took, burled in the !„•; for three decades, are. prlntsd. Every remark that any. of_ ihs thrsi ^nen wrote down is prese'utcd. And. | I. ay, third grade pupils; song j in addition, eminent scientists have j "Jingle Bells"; play "Santa Goes analyzed the progress of the expe- >v ivrrnFSTixr TIPP r>»- THE GKK\T WH L1AM P?fT < lilt GKhAl WILLIAM I PUT England s Greatest Statesman, j by E. Kcble Chatlerton, is a readable and spirited lite of ' William 1'ilt, that amazing young man who became prime minister of England at the age of 20, or thereabouts. and who kept (he job. with a brie! Intermission, for a quarter of n century, checkmating Napoleon and j making the British empire mighty.! j The book gives one a very good ' i portrait of Pitt, b5lh as a man and | ] as a statesman, and also provides I an interesting description of Eng- | one the whole the book Is very pleasing. You can buy It from the nobbs, Merrill Co. for $4, iropams from Wt'AF; and on the 'ollowing dny the positions will be evcrscd, wllii WBAL and WJ7- In the synchronizing roles, TltAII.S OWNEll TO IIOSI'ITAI, I'lri'SFIELD, Mass., (UP)—Mrs. Carrie Prycc's Scotch collie was not nl lioniv when she was Uken unexpectedly lo Hill crest Hospital. Nevertheless Ihe dog appeared next day :il her bedside. Mrs. Pryce was iiiy.silhcil as lo how her pst Icanv cd cf her whereabouts. itetnc classified •ads comesfrwnvritliin, Ladies prefer the Telephone On A Strike," Ijoys and girls of the fcnrth. fifth and sixth grades. ! Ccllect Food, Clothing Ti'; children and faculty of the Euubury elcmenary school assembled 11 large amount of food .and clothing fcr distribution by the Occdfcllcws club. The OA the 5A, tr.e 3A, the 5B and GB2 classes prepared r.r-paratc gifts. Several of th? classes had programs. The 4A r.nti 5B groups presented the as- s:mbly program with these pupils taking part: Josephine Salina, Ei'iene D;.mon and Mai:orva Salina cave rcatiinsjs, Winfreri Crawford and Sue Ramey played the piano, Ivis Kleban and Wilkdyne Massey for a tr.p dance and two playlets v.-cr? also given. Stories, poems. Bible readings dition and have done Iheir best 111 in the gaps. From the diaries and log-boDk5. it appears that Andres's halloa:! slaved in the air fov approximately three days after leaving Spitsbergen, traveling some 250 miles in a northerly direction. Then fog rain weighted if down and the aerial part of the journey ende:!. Andree got the supplies out of in 1 .' basket, loaded them on the three sledges which were carried, and led his men along the ice in an effort to reach Franz Joseph land, \ where there was a large each food. On- cf In-: ^k well Kent's "X by E." from Rock- M . • j About all 1 can add now is: Don't miss it. The price is S5. A BOOK OF BEAUTY' BY KOCKWELL KENT Another book that is strongly you is "N by E," by Rockwell Kent, December We're here to make it easy for tlio woman motoi isl. Just telephone when your air needs oiling ''nil Sjreiisinj;, repairs or Mtljtistnu'iits. We'll call i'or the car ami have it back to your home at the hour promised. There's no extra charge for this call-iuxl-delivury scn'ici;. If you want to .see it clciiu shop, juat pay us a visit. We are careful to Keep grciisn from your steering wheel and upholstery. You will lind our mechanics courteous and capable —our charges, very low. Washing and polishing. Tires, accessories, anti-freczc service. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY • lilylh'eville, Ark. Phones: 810-777-811 i-ncl music made up the numbers Eivsn iu the 6A class. Three part tinging was represented in the song •Silent N'ight." The play "Santa Takes a Rest given by Hie 4A group in, which Byron Smith, W. H. Davis Geneva Brown. Jill Burton, Polly Nash. Alice Sr.h'b:,, James Aiuler- •-nn Vcrn:n Thoinpscn. Jack J.;n',; : iis Junior East, Homer Wehster, rd'.vard Workman and Kebexah Saphian took part. Other students i.oh pari in the chorus with Willo- ciyuc Massey and Iris Kleban lead- ins the numbers. Pupils o! tbJ ''A class invited C-rlr mctlicrs tc the program -.vhlch wns :.s follows: song "Away In A Manser"; story "The Three Billie Buddy But fate was against them. For 11 weeks they plodded on toward the 11 southeast—and all the while the I wind was cariying the ice in an | j opposite direction, so thai after month's desperate wori: they w?rc . I actually farther from I-'ranz Jes:pli I land than when they started. So; they turned about and tried ID make some islands In Ihe vicinity | ] of Spitzbergen; and again the ice- j drift was toa much for them. They struggled painfully, averaging n | mile or so a day. and finally re-'. solved to camp on the ice for tlrj | winter. Then, just as they had built an ice hut, their ice floe crashed on the desolale shore of White Island; and on Oct. 5 they went ashore. And then comes silence. The few remaining entries in the diaries are fragmentary: snd en Oct. they cease forever. On White Island the men itol. but we-can -.Vi?= Men". John Tom Reeder. poem "Merry Christmas Lo:-." Clyc 1 .: Matheney. (iwcat: story "A Christinas Joke. I never know when or how. J. B. Eider; playe "Marion's Christ-1 Thc e[iUors of the baaK I'arty." Maiy J~ Fisncr, j (tley j rozc (0 ^^^ The explorers Rachel Korsythe. Virginia ™' n } sr> [ had plenty ol Iced, but they did net 1. D. Rhodes, James Moore, *- w ™ \ tak( , tnc |) 10 pcr kind of clothing. In Mr.v Beard, Nionia Bryeans; po^ii, ^ Arctic summer, during the hike "A Christmas Night," Gladys Jonn- i ^^ ^ ^ (hls md nQt maltcr . ton. | but when winter hit White Island I It became a fatal lack. [ One could write columns about this book if one had the space. New Indiana Terminal To Boost River Traffic | For Cold Wet Days Ladit's Kippers Specially Priced at S3.31, S1.07, SI.17 and Men's Rubber I5ools slandnrd grades S3.97 and Two .67 Glen's & Hoy's Emli- cotl-John.-on Work Shoes The licculnr S3.00 Kiiuls, 'this Sale Across from Home Theatre Oi;r Xmas Snlo slarls Sadirdny. Entire Slock of Kine Shoos in the house at Less Than Wholesale Cost. It EVANSVILI.E. Hid. lUP'-Rc- vivnl of Ohio river freight traiii- iscrution is expected to toKow coui- liicucii ol a new lull million dol- tcrirjinal hcie. But the groups of lounjins. snvj- ir.:r ncsrn labciei'5. will be lacmn?. Electiit cranes and conveyors %\m replace Hie negroes who u>ea to pack freight on thrir backs m ti« . u'.d da\s ttl'.en Evnnsville iwui-i icV.ed with its river tr.imc. ! lhc new terminal is rxpcctccl 101 l:vin? the increase In river trainc fnrcrist when the- Govcvnm:"; iprnt niiliicns in canalization, will be ready January 1. \VII.I.S \VIXi: STOCK i ARTHIN'OTON cLcecisV Eng.,! 'UP' — Half of lAid Brotl-.ortcn'S! block cT \vii:.\s was b:r|tieatlied f' the Rev. Thomas Brackonbury here. WANT The \ SHORTEST \ LINE \BETWEEN USE (PHONE HAVE LADIES SHOES In the Xmas Sale l-:nlirc slwk cf S:f, SI and SS. Dross I'umps, Oxfouls r.n'.l rnncir.i in Fine Kid, rnlrnl, 1«7.aril rombinitlriiis and Fine C-iIfskins— Rhc'; nr rirmvn in several new models.—At tin's price >ou ought to l>uy .it least tvvu pair. Choice of the house fnr 1 days only. 1'er pair MENS and BOYS SHOES & OXFORDS In the Xrmtj Sale Entire stork of line Ivid ?.ntl Calf Dress Shoes and Oxfords, Black or Tan, Included are Enriicoll-Jtlin.' on Special Six and Club Oxfords. $5 am! $G values. Not a shoe in lhc cnthc lot offered WJrth Iris S3.30. Choice of t!ic house fcr •! days only. I'cr pair NCTICE The. rrfgular annual stockholders mci'llng of (he Blylhevilk liulldins; & I.ijiui Association will be held in the office of the iiTU'tary IP. Ihc 1'lrst National Hank building on January 5, 1031 at -1 1'. M. • Blytheville Building & Loan Association VV. M. BURNS, Sec'y GIFTS MEN DESIRE! S to we itr; i-omelhinff that's pmclical; something (hat's worth while — siii'li arc Ihc Cifls thnt most men desire ill holiday lime. And whore cim you find' a better Store than this Man's Store for gift buying? Everything At Sale Prices Silk Lounging Robes Blanket Balli Robes Flannel .Lounging Robes Wilson Bros. Slnrls, Bradley Sweaters Wilson Bros. Hose New Neekwear ' Allraclive Silk Scarfs Goll' Accessories j\len's F^eatber Gloves Pajamas of all Kinds Wilson Bros. Underwear Initial and Fancy Handkerchiefs Jlickok licit Sets SUITS and O'Coats and Dobbs Hats AT EXACTLY Half Price A Fine Gift and What a Bargain! 2-Pair For $12,50 CO. s^^j^ jm^^^iS i^

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