Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on December 1, 1918 · Page 29
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 29

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 1, 1918
Page 29
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ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE, SUNDAY, DEClrRER 1. 1918. 29 ROCHES TERIANS DIE AND ARE WOUNDED IN NATION'S SERVICE lieutenant Clayton Knight, . Missing, Is Heard from in Hospital in Antwerp. i KILLED IX ACTIO. ) Thomas Cusack, Company A, 09th Ia- ''iloltzuian, Company T, 148th Infantry. , DIED Or WOISDS. liul Morath, No. 171 Fernwood avenue. Henry W. Miller, No. 237 Jefferson ave- BUWard nottenstcln, No., 712 Campbell ttrect. - . PIED OF DISEASE. " Thomas FranMs Klnsella, Battalion E, "i Field Artillery. POINDED. in Kane. No. ! Barton street. M A Chase. No. 209 (Melville street. Koy A. Claff, Company 15, SlOth Infan- Vi'ele, Comaany IS, lOCd In- Company C, SlOth Xo. 70 Lansdale street, Lave been notified that Private Henry It. Sawyer, of Company C, IJ031 Field Signal Battalion, Las been gassed and now is recovering in a base hospital. Mr. and Mrs. John Cusack, of No. 1 Wesley street, have received -word of the death of their son, Private Thomas Cusack, of Company A, 00th Infantry, who was killed in action on July V2th. trr. George Uwmm G. Bangbom Walter II. Wood, No. S3 Sherman street John Bonce, Company M. SlOthj Infan- rMorrU Feldman, No. 2D Woodward ' Arthur L, Eurk, " No. SCI Exchange 'private Rsvmond M. MoCorroack, Com-j.nny L, ClOth Infantry.' GASSED. Oor, . Slither, No. "9 Masseth street. Krank J. Fnller. No. VtS Rartlett street. IImry K. Sawyer. Company C, SOSd Field Signal Battalion. UKrOltTED MISSIXO NOW IN BELGIAN HOSPITAL. MtntennDt Clayton Knight, Royal British Air Forces. - KEPOKTLU MISSING RETCRNED TO ACTION. . Inward J. Herrmann, No. l,S9l Clifford ivrnuc. -it, i f Vord has been 'received hy Mrs. M. tiuthcr, of No. 9 Masseth street, btating that hfr fod, Private George A. Sutlier, of Gompauy K, I'.lOth Infantry, has been gassed and'-iww id in a convalescent camp iu France.!., . . Mr. aud iMhi, Henry of No. 171 lerownod avenue, have been of-finally notified of the death ff their son, l'anl Morath, in .France ou October Stb. Private Jfrutli died from wounds rc-ccnH in action. He was 2l years old ; ''5 , ,- ' - T 'J ' ' ; 1 , lived with hia brother, Harry Holtzman. at No. 907 Har-ard street- Before enteriBg the service Private Holtzman was engaged in the clothln? business at Penn Yan. At the openiDi; of Luetilities with (jermany he sold out to enlist. Hereceived his training at Camp Disc aud later was transferred to Camp Lcc, Petersburg, Va from where be sailed for overseas service. He-sides his brother, Harry Holtzman, he leaves one -other brother and two titers, all of this city. , Mr. and Mrs. M. Feldman. of No. 23 Woodward street, Lave received word from Uie Canadian government tbat tbeir son. Will " ' a 1 C -4 rf i MOB.KIS FEXtDilAH". Morris Feldman, was wonnded.on November 4th. He enlisted on Jtfay 22, 1318, in the Royal Engineers, Ninth Battalion, B Company, British Expeditionary Forces. THOMAS CUSACK. Private Cusack. was Co years old. He leaves, besides his parentSt five sisters, Mr Clarence "Ellsworth, of Fairport; Mrs,. Marvin Potter, Mrs. Leota" Aldrich and "Gertrude and Loretta Cusack; two brothers, Michael, of , Rochester, and John, of Worcester, Mass. Mrs. tid ward Hottenstein, of No. 712' Campbell t-treet, has received word of the death of her husband? Corporal Edward Hottenstein. of Company A, lOSfli Infantry, who died of wounds iu an Enjrlish hospital on October 2'M. According to a letter received by Mrs. Hottenstein from the .Red Cross nurse who' cared for her husband, Corponrl Hottenstein was admitted to tje. hospital on October 19th with a" very bad bead wbund. An operation was; performed at once and a irumber of pieces of bone removed freni the brain, but to no avail. The letter, written by Miss Itosasa Trustier, of Columbus, Qhhj, says: . "I want to assnre yon Oiat ho was buried in a Tery nice spot not far from hero "and that his grave is mafked. . The only thing for you tcr do is to feel that ho gave his best and hi all his life for his country." A letter from George S. e Wis, of Company B, 103d Engineers, to Mrs. Mutfnings. of No. 435 Westfield street, says that he has been -tfounded in the left arm -with shrapnel bullets' and that two operations have been necessary. " ' PAUL MORATH. V ' unci leaves beside his parents," 10 brothers, Henry, now stationed at Camp Upton and Geonge, of this city; two Killers, . Mrs. -Iiouis Klemcut and Miss ThdoiiMorath.. Private. iMorath trained, at Camp Di,x uud .sailed for France late in April. At 'the time of his death, he as serving' with Company .15, Gllih In-f an try, " V Mr. and Mrs. A. .Herrmann, .of No. 1301 Clifford avenue, have received a fetter from their son, Private Edward J, Frank Kane, of No. -19.Eartoa"street, b is received a' letter from his son, Private Leo 1arto, of the ;jSth Infantry, say- LEO KANE. - ( ing tliat he was wounded in the leg and arm when going over the top. He has ' lnen at the front since June 2Tth and cow is at aji American Red Cross Hospital in France. Private Thomas Francis Kinsella. of Battalion- E. Z221 Field Artillery, died of pneumonia in France. He vvaS a nephew r Street Superintendent Mich-aol E, Kinst-lla, of the Twenty-third ward. His home was in Minooka, 111., and he trained "at .Caiup, Grant before Puing overseas- Word has been "received by Mr. anl Mrs, Charles Fuller. -of No. 143 i-trcet. that their son. Frank .7. Fuller, of Company M. 310th Infantry, had liern qas.ed-and now is recovering in a ho&pital near Taris.. - Mr. and Mrs. It. l. Chase-, of No. Melville street, have been notified 1 that their son. Sergeant M. A. Chase, was wounded in action on October 9th- Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Miller, of No. -Z7 Jefferson avenue,. have been notified by the War" Department of the death of their son. Wagoner Henry W. Miller, of the With Ambulance Company, who died from wounds received in action iu October.' He was 24 years old and be- sides his parents leaves one sister, Irene Miller. . Word has been received by George C. Buell Company .that its former Shipping clerk, Erivat Arthur L. Burk, of No. 3C1 Excbanghe street, was shot In the leg while serving in -one of tho ilnal battles of the war. lie has been la a raria hospital. Mrs. John rienrette, off No. 81 Ardmore street, has.bcen notllied that her brohther, Private Raymond M. MeCormaek, of Company I ClOth Infantry, received a severe wound in the bead on "September 17th. Details are lacking-. Private .MeCrmaek left Rochester for Camp.Pix on April 20th and sailed for overseas early in May. FURTHER USE FOR STEAM New Industry " Gets Supply from Kailway and Light Company, From "the time the. tire Industry reached gigantic proportions many big tire manufacturers and. others contemplating going Into the tiretnaking. business have looked, over, the situation along .the civer flats and Brown's race with the view of utilizing the steam generated In fche coke-maUing process of the Rochester Railway and Light Company, which ' is peculiarly adapted for Uremaking, being of the right pressure and quality and in sufficient quantity. lEochester has many . otiber, advantages to offer a tire concern. Efficient tire men lire here, taring moved to- Rochester from tire cities. These men would be glad-to get back Into their old business. Nevertheless, while speculation has been rife and upon several occasions long-drawn-out negotiations seemed about- to terminate successfully and enable Rochester to count a tire manufacturing plant among its varied Industries, building was never actually begun. V Yesterday marked, tie fcegtnnlng of the use of this steam "supply for curing tires, althoug'h for a decade the lighting company has been. supplying steam for various industries, . at the present time totaling several hundred." The Rochester Tire Works, Inc., having .completed its new retreading plant In the npper part .of the building, occupjed. by the Rochester Gas Engine "Company,- at Piatt strect and Browu's race, Jn fehe presence of prominent rubber men a valve was opened permitting steam from the main line of the Railway and Light Coinpacy to enter the retreadiag kettle, in which had been placed a .considerable number of tires to winch new treads had en applied. Forty minutes later the steam was Mown off, anj experts propoimged t'Ue rubber perfectly cured, and were enthusiastic over the-results ootaJneil. liDWAJRD J. HE HUMAN. Herrmann, who had been officially reported dead. The-letter establishes conclusively the fac't that Private Hermann is alive and well at the present time. Word has been received b Mrs. Wi!-. lard Richmond, of JNo. 115ft Jay Htret, from her brother, William G. l'angborn. of Company C.. 310th Infantry, who left for camp on April 1th, saying that on t.he -10th of October he wars bit in the arm with a piece of shrapnel and now" is in a base hosp'tal in France. Lieutenant Clayton Knight, .of the British Royal Air Forces, who was last heard from on October 5th, -when, his machine was seen to -descend. .behind the German lines, communicated 1 yesterday" by cable with his father, S. C. Kniuht. of No. CIS Parsells avenue. Lieutenant K night stated that he had been wounded and now was" recovering iu a hospital at Antwerp, Belgian. It thohght that he bad .been taken prisoner aud that he now has-'beea released. Air and-Mrs.. Isaac A. Wood, of No. saac A t, fiav Sherman street, nave reeeiveu woM iU-,t their son. Walter II. Wood; of'the r.Tth Coast Artilh ry. is in "a delta r-k a lion hospital on Statcn Island. Private Wood "was a .motorcycle dispatch bearer and was 'wounded when his machine fell into a ehrfl hole. His right arm auU left 4eg also were broken in the fall. Private Roy A. Cluff. of Company B, 310th Infantry, was wounded in action i on (.k-tober ISth. The wounds consist : of machine-gun bullets in the arm. - Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Russell, of ' Trivate John Bunce, of Company M, 310th: Infantry, France, who was repotted wounded . in action on September 3ttb, has .recovered and has rejoined his eomoanv for iurtner serMce. Private Bune enlisted on April 4th and was sent to Camp Dix where he re wired his training. On May 15. 1D1S l.o Kftiled for service overseas. Before pntrin the service Private Bunce wa employed ; by the Brewster-Crittenden Comranr. in St. Paul street. His many frieuds in this city will be glad to hear of his safe recovery. Word has been received of the death of Private Sol Holtzman, of Company F, 14Sth Infantry, who was reported missins'on November 5th. He formerly Hark An starts , Men! Are you listening? nual Sale of Neckwear -that's tomorrow fvionday ! liii ' Al v W i feX fi $1.00 Tics $1.15 Ties $1.50 Ties $2.00 Ties $2.50 Ties $3.00 Ties 65c $1 15 $1.45 $1.86 02.35 $3.50 Ties S2.85 In variety it means the finest assembly of colorings that have ever come down the highway of Neckwear fashion. In materials it means silks that trace their origin to most every silk center of this and the old world. Grenadine satins from sunny Italy silks from Switzerland where weaving is an art for art's sake to-gether with the best that the looms of England have to offer. The shapes are four-in-hands either narrow, nledinm or wide, whilst the better grades carry you into large English ' squares. And most of them have slip -easy bands to make them behave well around a collar. m it f ARMTJRES BARATHEAS OMBRES . ORIENTALS Note the Materials REGIMENTALS GROS DE LONDRES CHARVET DE PARIS CHAMOIS CLOTH MOGADORS JASPERS BROCADED SATINS FAILLE FRANCAIS And to the Ladies, we say this: There will be no such affair as this one when Christmas comes around so why not make your gift selections now? You cannot improve on Neckwear as a gift to a man and for value yoti certainly cannot improve on these. DIED HECKER -Entered in to rest,; at her resi- iIphop. No. 45 Uana street. J ndav. No vember t'O, IMS,1" Ida M. Knobles Uecker,- wife of ljugo lieciier. liesides her husband she is survived by one daughter. Alice Becker; her mother, Mrs. Theresa Knobles and one brother, Jaspph. G. Knobles. Funeral Tuesday morning. December 3d at 8:40 o'clock "from the residence and at D o'clock at Holy Aptles Church. STIL.EWKI.E At bis homo. No. 2 Uewey avenue, Fairport. fcaturUny moruing, November r.0, 101S. Clair H"s Htillweil, aged ;;0 years. Me Is n'urvlved "by his wife, Ediih L. Stlllwell, aud two sons, Irwlu Hess and Eye.ll Emerson. . Funeral from the residence. .Monday afternoon, Ieceinber 2d, at l':00 o'clock. Burial at Pittsford. IN MEMOEIAM. SIlEEirjAN In loving "uiemory ef my dear husband. James tnerioan, who died November SO, 1017. A precltfus one from us is go'ne, A voice we loved, is still, A place is 2 acant iu oht home that never cari ie filled; It's oaly those, "who-have loved aud lost, A . husband so kind and-true. Can know this sorrow that fills our hearts, every day throughout the" year. ' Tou are npt .forgotten Jim, uor will you evyr1 be, , As long as life remains in me I will always remember ehee: , His Wife, Child aud Auut, Lizzie Lee. ROE In sad. but loving memory of our dear mother, Mrs. Mary" E'. Itoe, who passed away November S. 1011. yhat is home without a mother, -All the things a world may send. For "wlK'u I lost mj' mother, 1 lost, my dearest friend. . -She wore a crown of patience through tlje "years she struggled on. And those hands at rest focever," we're the' nanus mat maiae a home. Mother 1 am lonely. yilow I miss your smiling face. But you lett us to remember none on earth can take your place. m lU-r .Children. NICHOLS In loviug memory of JF. Craig Nlehol of Chili, N. Y., who was called home December 3. 1017, aged 27 years. Gone, but never forgotten. PETRlE-r-la memory of ' my. beloved husband, James PeUie, who passed away December H. 1917. One year has passed, how loug it seems. In all my thoughts your face still beams. My loss is great. I'll not complain. But trust In God to meet a --a in. His Wife, Eanra. LEWIS Entered into rest, Sunday morn-ing.- December 1, 101S, at the residence of her son. Leon D. Lewis. No. 11 Oliver street, Julia Gould, aged 63 years, widow ot Frederick H. Lewis. Flowers gratefully declined. T. All that's new all that's novel all that's ood in hats, shirts, gloves, and underwear for men. i ! ' I! t . . . nil : . . ' i 1 , ; ' I - x i l in l m . m m m? l ni m ji in ' US-117" MAIN STREET EAj ! I- . . i . i DIED nnJEntered into rest, Friday evening, -November 29th, J91S. at the family home. No S Eriem" St.. Charles J. Dill. He leaves to mourn hi ; loss his wife. Mrs. nna Biel Dill, and two sons, Gerard A. ana Eugene O. Dill; aud two sisters r.n brother. Deceased- was a mem- be- of the C. M. B. A., Branch Sf, and of the Eidelis Society of Holy Redeemer Funeral Monday mornicg. December 2d, ! nt 0-15 o'clock from the home. 55 Prieni st .aud o'clock from Corpus Christi ' Church. Interment in the family lot. iu Holy Sepulchre cemetery. COOK la this city, Saturday, November 191S at his residence, No. 43TA Lake avenue. Hiram Day Cook. lie leaves his wife Mary M. Cook; three daughters. r T. It. Bigler. Sirs. It. T. Black aud Hs8 Maud Jean Cook; three sisters, Mrs. Martha Yavou, Mrs. Saraji M. McKee iiid Mrs. Lncinda'-'Eoper; an aunt. Mrs. Xell'e ftalcv and four grandchildren. Funeral ser ices at the residence, Tues- 7a? afternoon, December S, 1918, at 2:S0 o'clock. . rrYSOLP? In this city, at the home of her dauzjiter. Mrs. Nancy Swarts, No- veinber 2li, WIS. Catherine Reynolds aged r vears. She is survived' by' two ' d-iu-'hters. Mrs.' Nancy S warts and Mrs. . -iary Knill. of Washington. .D. C. Irtuneral from 5.H Lake Ave., Monday ' forenoon at S:S0 o'clock.. Cathedral Chapel at 9 :.. KirCIlGESSNEU At her home. No. 550 Hudson avenue, Alvera lvirctisessuer, infant daughter ot Mr.' and Mrs. Martin Ki chgessuer. Besides ber parents, she lcHves'one brother. Charles. -Funeral will be, held from the late resilience on Monday morning, December "d at 10 o'clock. Burial will be made in 'Holy Sepulchre cemetery. rK vyWednesday, November 27, 191S. Marioric E. Craw, youngest daughter of Saniiiel S. and Ida A. .O.-aw, of Scott-vilte. aged 15 years. Futieral Sunday. StricUy private. Lock- port papers please copj. COIJSMITH In this city. Saturday, N-venibr 30. 1918, Mm. Sarah E. Goldsmith. She leaves one daughter, Mrs. Herman A. Ey. and one son, Herman C, both f this city: ' Funeral at 1 o'clock Monday afternoon from No. 110 Warwick -avenue. Inter-; ment at Holley, N. Y. : iwrnniED UILLER-STIEAVE-Mr. and' Mrs. Otto Stiewe, of No. SI Maria street, wishes to announce the marriage of their daughter, Louisa Marie Stiewe to Oliver C. lliller, of No. 25 Van Stallen street, on Thursday evening, November 21, 191S, -at Norfolk, Virginia. " DIED ARNOLD Entered into rest, in her S5th year. Mrs. Marriette J. Sperbect, widow of Thomas H. Arnold, of No. 224 South Main street, Fairport, N. Y. She leaves one son; William G. Arnold ,of Rochester; one grandson, Arnold J. Eamb, and oue great-granddaughter, Mona. It. Lamb, of Fairport. Funeral Tuesday afternoon. December 3. 191S, at 2:30 o'clock from the home of Charles I. Hart. No. 44 South avenue. Interment in Greeuvale-emetery. WELCH Entered into rest, imthls city, on Nov. Soth, 151S. John Welch, age 0d years. He leaves to mourn his loss, his wife, Emma Welch; 1 daughter, Margaret, and 1 sou, Ernest Welch. Remains were removed to the funeral parlors of W. II. Frick k Son, 494 South Ave., where the funeral will be held ou Monday, Dec. 2nd. 191S. at :S I. M. Burial at Mt. Hope cemetery. SCIILECTEK Entered into rest. Saturday, Nov.-SO. 191S, at the General HospitaL. Fred Schlecter. He is tmrvived by two MNters, Mrs. David ' Newman and Mn Elizabeth Fultou; three half-brothers, William Meyer, Anthony Meyer and Frank Schlecter; three half-sisters, Mrs. George James. Mrs. Oscar Hettig, all of this city, and Mrs. Arthur James, of Newark, SN. J. . Funeral will take place Tuesday afternoon. Dee. 3, 191S, at 2:00 from 301 Alexander St. GOODBERLETT A-t her residence. No. IS Warner street, fcaturaay. ovemoer so, 191S. Mrs. Mary A. Goodberlett, widow of Martin Goodberlett, aged years. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. C. II. Jackson ana Miss JLlizabeto dood-berlett; two sons, John and Joseph R. Goodberlett, sis grandchildren and one sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Sperl. Funeral Tuesday morning, December Sd at S:30 o'clock from the residence and at 9 o'clock at Holy Family Church. Interment at Holy Sepulchre cemetery. DI13D MASON In this city. Thursday. Nor. 28th, 191S, Charles H. Mason, aged 56 years. lie 1s survived by his wife, three sons, II. Archibald, Donald B. and Charles T. Mason; his mother, Esther A. Mason; one brother,. Fred E. Mason, of this city. Funeral services at the Third' Presby-teriau Church, Monday, Dec. 2nd, at 2 I. M. Burial private. - KELLEY At his residence. No. 13 Rose wood terrace, Saturday evening. Nor. SO, 191S Edward F. Kelley. aged SO years. He is survived by Ms wife, Florence A.; hU father aud mother; two sisters. Alma Christie and Veronica, of Taeoma, Pa. Notice of funeral hereafter. BERGER In this city, Saturday, Nov. SO. 1918, Paul E. Cerger, aged S9 years. He leaves his wife, Estella; one son, Henry; one daughter. Agnes Berjrer; a mother, Mrs. Agnes Thomson, of New York; two sisters, Mrs. Coustance Riechter, of New- ark. New Jersey, and Mrs. Clara Smith, of Hobokcn. New Jersey. He xwas a member cf Genesee Falls Ijodge, V. and A. M., and Damascus Temple. Notice of funeral hereafter. COLEMAN At his lsolne. No. 110 West Fil bert street. East Rochester, Saturday, Nov. SO, 1918. George Henry Coleman. He is survived by his wife, two sous, Frank and Eruest; fTTS father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. George Coleman, of Brighton. Funeral will take place Monday afternoon, December 2d, at 2:50 o'clock from Bethany Church. Winton road, Brighton. Interment in Brighton cemetery. GEERINOT At Pittsburgh. Pa., Friday, November 23. 1918, Harry E. Goerinot, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob L. Guerinot. aged 27 years. Besides UU parents, be Is survived by two brothers. Dr. Albert J. Guerinot. of Pittsburgh aad Dr. George - W. Guernot, of this city. He was a member of Rochester Council, Knights of Columbus and a former member of the Second Ambulance Company. The remains arrived in this city, Saturday and were taken, to the residence of Dr. George W. Guerinot. No. 638 Main street west, from where the funeral will take place Tuesday morning. December C'l. at 8:40 o'clock and at SS. Peter and Paul's Church at 9 o'clock. Interment at Holy Sepulchre cemetery. DIUD COSTICH In thia city. Friday. November 23, lSlSxat the residence on Woodman -road. Blanche A wife of Edward J. Costieh, aged Sd years. Besides her. husband. 6he leaves four children. Elmers G Walter E Roy J. and Edith M.-Costich; also her mother, Mrs. Mary Geiger; two brothers, George Wambaeh,- of Irondequolt, and Richard Geiger, withT the 57th Coast Artillery In France and. three sisters. Mra. William Thompson ef -Irondeqnoit, Mrs. Paul Zimmer and Ml May Geiger. both of this city. , : Funeral Monday morning from tti" home at 8:15 and 9 o'clock at Corpu, Chrlstl Church. Interment at Holy SepnV chre cemetery. , STRAUCHEN UN 265 North Street PUBLIC FUNERAL CHAPEL Tbono Bell 1840 Maui. Homo Stan llM HARRY C. HERMANCE UNDERTAKER i r; s I 31 Glbba Home, fettae 1524 itroet ISM 3jOH 3?lXaOXAMrjE3f.S CALL NEUN'S O North Street. TONK 1799 'PHONES MAI! 85S Oar BperbU Ckket Boaqaet SUM mp. ie "

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