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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York • Page 9

Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York • Page 9

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:

ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 1G, 1918. 9 HON SUBMARINE CARILLON BELLS JOY OF ENGLAND If You Have a Photo or Picture You Prize IF YOU ENJOY Good Singing or Dance Music VISIT THE "VIC-TROLA" ROOM on the FIFTH FLOOR and hear the NEW RECORDS you will find them very interesting and tuneful. OWNERS OF MACHINES will find a great collection to choose from HERE. Why not bring it to our PICTURE FRAMING DEPARTMENT, select a molding you fancy AND we will give you a figure for the work? IT WILL NOT BE EXPENSIVE. We show any moldings for you to choose from. of Technical Description Musical Qualities'. SHELLS STEAMER OFF OUR COAST British Ship Escapes Pirate Attack 80 Miles Off Shore. MUCH DZPNDS ON WEIGHT An Extensive Showing of Wall Paper Fifth Floor Patterns suitable for. every room in the house. ESPECIALLY PRICED. "Thorough Knowledge of Music, Good Hands and Feet, and No It is our pleasure to announce to the admirers and lovers of McCain to Be $1.00 on Oct. 1st The subscription price of McCall's Magazine will advance to $1.00 on October 1st. You may subscribe to the dollar McCall's at the old price, Gout," in List of Qualifications for Good Bell Ringers, "Writer Says An Atlantic Tort, Sept 15. Shelled by a German submarine in a fog this morning, eighty miles off the American coast, a British passenger steamer -escaped by altering her course and out ORIENT A RUG London Times As M. Josef Denyn showed at Catti ftock on ihursday, England 13 still the riDging isle." Without doubt most of us love the music of (bells, but "chauge- 75d FOR ONE YEAR $1.25 fr two years provided your order is placed immediately. Pattern Counter, Second Floor. distancing the U-boat. She arrived safely in port late to-day. Five shots were fired by the sabma rine at the steamship, which is in ihe transport service and was bringing home 96 wounded Canadian officers. None of the shells struck the vessel. The first screamed across the starboard which is peculiar to this coun try, can only be described as a mechan ical accomplishment of mathematical nrnhlpniM in whwh thnra sra nn considerations whatever, although in now, strucK tne water beyond, and ex in Rochester THAT WE WILL HAVE ON DISPLAY AND SALE a "Special Consignment," consisting of "Hama-dans," ossouls," "Shi-razes," "Kurdestans," and "Dozars." THE SIZES RANGE FROM 2 2 in. 3 ft. to 4 3 in. 7 ft, 2 in. ploded harmlessly. Instantly the cap tain altered his course and slowed down. The second missile passed over the port bow and the next three struck the water astern'. recent years composers of peals haves paid some attention to the elimination to far as possible of changes containing unmusical cadences. Bells for change-ringing are always diatonic from five to VI notes, while thobe for carillon use are chromatic, and, at best, four complete octaves in compass (4!) notes). Another consideration is the difference in the construction scale us fchowa in the following table: ALL READY For another great week's selling in all departments. THE EARLY PLACING OF ORDERS And the EARLY receipt of same has given us a big advantage in having ready for you at first call JUST THE MERCHANDISE YOU WANT AT JUST THE PRICE YU WANT TO PAY VISIT "EDWARDS" TO-DAY Puts Reliance on Speed. Though the ship was armed, the cap tain ordered the gun crew not to re- pond to the fire, determining to rely on There are NO large car pet sizes the 1 peed and' the low -visibility for escape. lot. For CarU'ns Kor Change Kinging As soon as the shells began to fall behind he rang for full speed ahead and the leaped away into the murk. Ctvt yrs. twt. Urs. a The U-boat then ceased firing. They Are All Perfect During the shelling perfect discipline was maintained on the steamer. Alter it A 1) 8 11 17 the fog closed around her she continued her voyage, with no further incident un 1 I 0 3 0 8 11 Hi 'Ji io A-l Condition They were secured about til she reached harbor. 7 8 10 11 hree vears mM 0 GOYEBNMKKT WEATHEK KEPORT 40 If You Are in Need of CROCKERY, CHINA, CUT GLASS, GLASSWARE OR LAMPS or if you enjoy SEEING PRETTY DISHES visit the THIRD FLOOR and you will be surprised and interested in the beautiful display. COME ANY DAY. Bring your friends. (Middle CI. ago when the VALUE was around 3,800. mmiSm UnitedStatea 'Weather Cuieau, Department of Agriculture, 75th meridian time. Km hester, N. Sept. 15, 1918, 7 P. M. THEY ARE WORTH TO-DAY $5,500. mimjiimwM But we are to NAME or STATION. The reason of Uiv heavier weights In the smaller bells of the cbange-rlnmg scale is to prevent them "being swamped by the larger ones, and tor this purpose increased thickness is an absolute In a carillon when the design of one ocil iaa lieen determined it does for all relatively, lint most important is the method cm-ployed in the tuning of thw bells. In earlier times it is certain that the principal aim of Kngllsh founders was to tnn-j correctly the hfth tone (Nominal) omitted by the bell, while the Continental founders spent all their attvntlon In getting the two lowest tones (IJmn Note and Strige Note) In perfect tune. The exact pitch of the bell is determined by the Strike Note. (ce After a lifelong study of the hells of Europe the writer has formulated tlie theory respecting the perfect tuning of hells in the following terms: (1) A bell must be "in tune" with itself before it can be in tune with others. (') Every bell has at least five principal tones ia it which can be accurately tuned. oi These principal tones are the Strike Note, Nominal, Hum Note (these three must dispose of them THE HAIRDRESSING PARLORS ARE ON THE THIRD FLOOR. No More Charming Hats Greet you anywhere than those that meet your eye as you step off the elevator on the Third Floor. ROCHESTER. 74JSW 98, 76S Abilene. Tex i Albany. N. T. at early prices. N. Atlantic CUy. Bismarck. N. 68 72ISE 68 60, NW so 6Sl 72SW 2E Boston. Mas. Buffalo, N. T. Charleston. S. C. Chicago. 11L Cincinnati, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio Denver, Colo. Here thev are: 14 Falr jClear Rain Rain (Cl'dy Fair be perfect octaves with each other). Tierce Des Moines, Iowa (minor Srd.t, ana yulnt (perfect 5th), thus Detroit. Mich. Dodge City. Kans 68NE 70 5SiW NW 10W 60) eeN 72SW K'NK Duluth, Minn Galveston. Tex. Grand Raptda, Havn. Mont. 18 ONLY "Hamadan" Mats, in sizes from 2.2x -Quint Strike Hot Huron 8. Daa. Jacksonville, Fla. Kansas City. Mo. 3 ft. to 2.7x3.4 ft. Prices from $19.50 to $24.50. IFair 10.. 27 ONLY "Mossouls" Rugs, sizes from 2.11x 5.9 to 4.1x7.2. Prices -from $32.50 to $65.00. 22 ONLY "Shiraz" Hugs, sizes from 3.8x5.5 to 3.11x6. Prices from $45.00 to $52.50. 14 Cl'dy Knoxville. Tenn. Angeles, CaL UhjIstUU. Ky. Marquette, Mich. Memphis, Tenn. Clear 17 ONLY "Cabistan" Rugs, sizes from 3.10x 5.6 to 3.10x6. Prices from $26.50 to 04iCl'dy Milwaukee. wis. Minneapolis. Minn. Moornead. Minn. A bell of this pitch should weigh (ap- Clear Clear Clear Clear proximately) two tons. (4) All these tones must 52! 66' NW 62 56! 84 Wj 7iSE 48 62-, 74 7SiSW 7 S21SW be In perfect New Orleans, New York, N. $59.00. 14 North Flatte, iseo. tune with each (5) The tone of a bell depends Oklahoma. Okla. (a) On the consonance of its competent 9 ONLY "Persian" Dozar's Rugs, sizes from' 4.6x6 to 3.11x6.6. Priced $79.00. 11 ONLY "Kurdestan" Rugs, sizes from 4x6.6 to 4.7. Priced at $69.00. parts. 241 (Clear 71 (l On the relative intensities of the Pittsburgh, Pa. Raleigh. N. St. Louis, Mo San Francisco. Cal Sault Ste. Marie Washington. D. various tones, which in their turn are de 60 62W so' 72j pendent upon the minute accuracy of sharp ly-defiued height, width, and thickness pro portions. Thev are Hats of individuality, just a little DIF Come and SEE how beautifully the deep, rich colors are blended AND if you have a PLACE for any one of these RUGS it will add greatly to the appearance of the ROOM. Fifth Floor. All these conditions can now be carried Weather Forecast. Western New York Partly cloudy iu out to the accuracy of a single vibration. uuu ii is-uut just to mention that such a FERENT to the ordinary ones, yet they do not COST anv more. Thev are of VELVET AND VELOUR most west, ram in east Jionaay, cooler; xues- ieutifie triumph is principally due to the day fair, cooler in soutneast. enterprise of Messrs, Taylor, of Louchbor- ourii, woo possess the most perfectly equipped establishment of its kind in ex-Meuee, and it is a matter of cougratula- ly. BIG, medium and little SHAPES, wide, medium and small brims. They are very attractive in appearance AND HERE you can easily find one that will be becoming, and you will find the price inexpensive. tVn that the best bells are now bein Local Observations. The nighest temperature yesterday was 74 degrees against 91 the same day iu and In 1004; the lowest 33 against 73 in and 37 in 1S93; the mean, 61 against 82 in 1913, and 48 in 1S73 and an average of C3 for 46 years. The average humidity 63 ner cent. The rainfall .01 inch. The in our own country The bell is on a elh plane musically when played from the clavier, as in the carillon oroner. for which the most minute accuracy as to tuue REALLY as you well know you cannot tell much about an aosoiute necessity. Jlusic in two, three, or more parts is performed, so thac a HAT UNTIL you try it on. DO IT TO-DAY. highest wind 13 miles per hour from the every note must be in perfect accord. southwest. The weather. Cloudy day; ine carmonneur plays on a clavier ar raufred on the same principle as the Prices $3.50 to $12 and on up to $35 uianruds of an organ. There are two rows Have you purchased your season's supply of BEDDING? The past week saw the arrival of 10 cases of goods we should b.ave had on sale two months ago. The contents were mostly BLANKETS and FLANNELS Mighty valuable merchandise to own these days at E3ARLY PRICES, and we believe in giving our patrons ALL THE ADVANTAGES OF OUR EARLY. BUYING, hence these interesting "Specials." or keys, the upper representing the black ana the lower the white notes of the ordi Tans 98c to $2.98 nary keyboard. There are pedals from oue to oue and a half octaves in compass. Tha keys are struck with the closed baud, the light rain in evening. i Freuiont's Career. Exchange. The term "Pathfinder" was a complimentary nickname given John C. Fremont in the presidential campaign of 1S34J in honor of his pnthhnding explorations In the region of the Hocky mountains. Hut he did not find the path to the presidency, receiving only 114 votes to 174 for James Buchanan. little nnger beiug protected with a leathe covering, to prevent injury when plaving as the amount of tone produced depends The Cloak Room is Offering Wonder upon the amount of force with which the key is struck, it will be understood that earillon playine requires strength, as well as celerity und skill. The connexion be ful Values These Days in tween the key and the bell clapper is th: same in principle ns the tracker actiou used in organs. The bulk of the playing mine on tlie smaller bells, tbordi a FOOD PRICES SUGGESTED BY FEDERAL COMMITTEE (Revised September 13i 1018.) most effective when played arpegsriando luiuuiuuc mm diatonic scales can be reu SUITS COATS DRESSES FURS o'rei at almost any speed. All the musi liaei must be specially arranged by the piutaut for the- instrument on whi.1 he is playing, owiuir to the variation whir "J.48,'" the compass aud size of the beils us uemands skilled musicianship. Th The GARMENTS are ENTIRELY J'utcn Hscher quaintly and truly NEW, strictly up-to-date models, new .1 Ior cannon, piayins "a musiciau quires a thorough knowledge of music, Kood hands and feet, aud no gout." est materials, newest lines AND OBSESSING UNEXCELLED WORK BLANKETS $3.50 Cotton Fleece Blankets $2.98 Pr. Soft, warm quality, in white, tan and gray. 3-4 bed size. Special $2.98. $4.00 Cotton Blankets $3.39 Nice weight, warm Blankets, made for the full size beds. Come in tan and gray, with pink and blue borders. $4.00 value. Special $3.39. $4.50 Large Size Blankets $3.69 Good warm Blankets, come in tan and white, have neat pink and blue borders. $4.50 value. Special $3.69. $6.00 Beacon Wool Nap Blankets $4.98 These famous Blankets wash and wear well and are almost as warm as the wool blankets. Full size, bound with 3- ANSHIP. We feel sure we can-please Uye flour, 7 to 7 1-2 cents a pound. Bulk rolled oats, 7 to 7 1-2 cents a pound. Yellow cornmeal, 6 1-2 to 7 cents a pound. Choice hand-picked pea beans, 13 cents a pound. California pink beans, 12 to 12 1-2 cents a pound. Bulk sugar, 0 cents a pound; one-half pound 5 cents. Pearl barley, 8 to 9 cents a pound. Barley flour, 6 1-2 to 7 cents a pound. White corn flour 7 to 8 cents a .,,,.,.1 you. COATS FROM $19.50 to $69.00. SUITS FROM $25.00 to $65.00. DRESSES FROM $25.00 to $49.50. AND FURS AT 10 DISCOUNT. FLANNEL 23c White Domet Flannel 19c Yd. Pure white, soft quality, 23 inches wide. 23c value. Special 19c. 35c White Domet Flannel 29c Medium weight, soft, fleecy kinds, for ladies' and children's wear, 27 in. wide. Good 35c value. Special, 29c 39c Colored Stripe Outings 35c Yd. Extra fine, soft, warm quality, in pretty pink and blue stripes and checks. 39c value. Special 35c yard. 39c White Domet Flannel 35c Yd. Medium weight, soft quality, one yard wide, nice for ladies' and children's wear, can also be used for sheet blankets. Good 39c value. Special 35c yard. 45c Kimono Flannel 39c Yd. Fine, soft, closely-woven quality, in a large assortment of floral and nursery designs to choose from. Good 45c value. Special 39c yard, 49c Colored Outing Flannel 45c Yd. Nice weight warm quality, one yard wide, in neat pink and blue stripes. Good 49c value. Special 45c yd. White Wool Flannels Wheat flour, bread, $1.53 to DURING SEPTEMBER ONLY YOUR INSPECTION WE SOLICIT Water at Meals. Exchange. The notion that drinking water at meals interferes -with digestion, by diluting the gastric juices," has been exploded, notes a health optimist. On the contrary, one should drink Plenty of water at meals; it helps digestion. But it is best that the water should be at the temperature of the air, tooled with a very little h-e in Another exploded idea is that the drinking of water at meals tends to uake one fat. It is absolutely preposterous. The fact, indeed, is quite opposite; inasmuch as whatever encourages digestion is bound to discourage an unwholesome acfuinulation of fatty tissue, '-est it be imagined that these are only ooe opinions, it should be rx-l'lained that they are fully indorsed bv 'lie exports of the government bureau of nutrition. Knights of Garter. Exchange. 1-2 a 24 1-2-pjund sack. Wheat flour, pastry, $1.53 to $1.02 1-2 a 24 1-2-pound sack. Blue Kose rice, 12 to 14 cents a pound. Broken rice, 9 to 10 cents a pound. Carolina head rice, 13 to 13 cents a pound. Seed-raisins, fifteen-ounce package, 14 to 15 cents. Seedless raisins, fifteen-ounce package, 17 to IS cents. Bulk lard, 32 to 33 cents a pound. Compound. 27 to 28 cents a pound. Whole milk cheese, 34 to cents a inch mohair binding. Good $6.00 value. Special $4.98. $10 White Wool Mixed Blankets $7.98 Good weight, extra large Wool, well mixed Blankets, will launder and wear; ends bound with fine mohair binding. Come with neat pink and blue borders. $10.00 value. Special $7.98. $12.00 Wool Plaid Blankets $9.98 Good, warm, serviceable quality, come in handsome pink and white, blue and white and grey and blue plaids; large size, nicely bound. They are-good $12.00 values on to-day's market. A limited quantity, special, $9.98, Pretty Figured Silkoline Comforts Made for the full size beds, nice weight, warm quality, filled with white, fluffy Special $2.98, $3.49, $4.25 pound. These prices are suggested for These Extras in Linens and Beddings FOR TO-DAY'S GREAT SELLING 25c Brown Linen Weft Crash, yard $1.00 Union Linen Silver Bleached Damask 79c $2.50 Hemmed Damask Napkins, 20x20 89c Table Damask, neat designs, 70 in. wide, yd. 39c Linen Finish Pillow Cases, 45x36 in. 35c $1.35 Seneca" Sheets, large size 49c H. S. pillow cases, 45x36 each 39c $1.85 Fine Quality Seamless Sheets, 81x90 in $1.59 50c Pillow Tubing, 45 in. wide, good quality, yd 45c 59c Unbleached Sheeting, 76 in. wide, yard Cotton Batting, per roll 19c, 25c, 29c, 49c, 89c, $1.29 Fancy Art Ticking, yard 18c, 25c, 29c, 39c, 50c The Knights of the Garter is the old- 1-k- lnot env all British orders. oruer is stated to hae been founded somewhere between June 24 and August 0, 134i. by that fearless, and Rochester. Outlying districts may charge additional to cover cost of transportation. Some of these articles may be obtained at lower figures from cash-and-carry, groceries. If dealers ask more than these prices inivairous mouareh, Edward III. Some time before that date Edward went a eonsiderable way toward foundiug an Nice for ladies' and infants' wear. Special 50c, 59c, 69c, $1.19, $1.25 yd. 49c Fine Shirting Flannels 35c Yd, In very neat color stripes for ladies waists," etc Good 49c value. Special 35c yard. "iuit oi tne KouiKl I able iu commemoration of King Arthur. A round table, nie 200 feet in diaaneter, was cou- consumers suouid report tne iact the Food Administration office. No. 20 Trust building: telephones Main 4070 or Stone 1433. Notice will be given in these columns of any changes, and prices on other articles will toe added as suggested by the committee. TOueted "Windsor, and here the fcniflnts' were entertained at the king's "pense. By so doing Edward gathered around him a host of adventure-loving spirits, who afterward greatly facilitated his scheme for war in France. W. EDWARDS SON; sE. W. EDWARDS SON;

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