Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on December 29, 1917 · Page 16
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 16

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 29, 1917
Page 16
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ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE. SATURDAY. DECEMBER 29. 1917. 1C new advertisements CCOPARATIVE TEOPERATURE WARED TO ACT WITH COUNTY SYSTEM Furniture Movers PIANO MOVERS SAM GOTTRY CARTiHG GO. OFFICE POWERS BCILDISO. State St. entrance Both 'Phones Rodolph Schmidt a Co.'s' Thermometer. T. R. AND GOVERNOR George Eastman in War Savings Group Upstate. 1,020 MLES OF HIGHYAY OUT OF 1375 IMPROVED Monroe High among Counties in Road Making. OF BOOKKEEPING HIGHLY PRAISED . i DEC. 28. 131 J DEC 23 I -1 21 r. HeBUfl(eJilZ5iID0D3ll0DBC0.jDG. Bargains In Blankets The prices on these blankets offer a chance to purchase first class bedding advantageously. This is an opportunity that may not occur again. It "would be wise to stock up now. The comparative prices suggest the savings that can be had. $5.00 Blankets tan, gray and plaids, for .$3.98 $6.50 Blankets white, tan, gray and plaids, for. . .$5.00 $7.50 Blankets plaid, gray and white, for .$5.75 $8.50 Blankets white and gray, for -$6.25 $10.00 Blankets white, gray and tan, for. ..-.$7.25 $12.50 Blankets white, plaid and gray, for . $9.75 $15.00 Blankets white, plaid and gray, for ... .$12.00 $18.00 Blankets red, gray, plaid and white, for. . . .$14.50 $20.00 Blankets white, plaids, gray and red, for. . .$16.50 Boys' Winter Coats That give a great amount of comfort. These are very materially reduced in price. Chinchilla Overcoats for boys from 3 to 9 years of age; $10.00 grade for $7.95, $8.00 grade for $6.95. Mackinaws in attractive plaids just the thing to wear while skating; $10.00 grade $6.50, $7.00 grade $4.95. Satin Radiant AVe have only a few pieces of this beautiful fabric left from our general assortment. This has been a very active seller and those that are left are all good colors, 40 inches wide. Our price has been $2.25 a yard; will close out what is left for $2.00 a yard. ' tmr.Bll!BI!B!Iiail!BlllBll'0 H. B. GRATES A Heaping Measure is constantly delivered by a davenport that is made as it should be. We have many such. They carry a message of beauty and convenience, as well as restfulness, and are priced to give purchasers the best values obtainable anywhere. n A Few Item From Our Large Assortment. $34. 50 Duofold davenport bed; mahogany finished frame, link fabric spring, cotton-filled mattress; covered with Spanish Chase leather. A splendid value in a davenport bed of Karpen manufacture. 968. OO Overstuffed pillow arm davenport, with double decked spring seat. Independent spring edge, full spring back, covered in attract-i- lve tapestry. See illustration. $74.00 High back davenport, with independent spring edge seat, covered in tapestry. ,: 985.00 Wing type of davenport, made with three-division independent spring cushions, covered In narrow stripe blue velour, frame in Adam design. $95.00 Cane end and back davenport, upholstered in two-toned figured blue velour, complete with three pillows. $128.00 Luxurious davenport, with deep upholstering, pillow spring arms and back, loose cushions covered in high-grade tapestry. s $145.00 Handsome creation In blue velour, with broad gold strip running through. Luxurious overstuffing. H rt iiiia;t;wiwiiB!imiinii!Kim ARE YOU READY for the New Year? No man can tell what lies ON THE RIM V OF THE VAST UNKNOWN, but every man should prepare himself for the Inevitable tasks of the times. Hear Ludwell Howard Denny preach "A SERMON FOR THE NEW YEAR," Sunday at eleven. UNITARIAN CHURCH Temple and Cortland Sts. CO IXC. i!B!l!BlllB!l!B!l!B!IIBil!B!llBI)!g of Home Comfort H H H ia n mil Bs Economical I Do Tour Own Pain ing Let ns tell yon bow. HUMPHREYS PAINT CO. INC. BOTH PHONES How $2.00 Saves $15.00 A -woman's coat is generally faded, or she Is tfred of it after a season's vrear. Re-dyeing, at a cost of $2.00, fits it for. aifother season, thus hairing the original cost. Ston. 1767 Main 1741 LEARY'S Mill and platt StrteU. No Branch. Gasoline There will be plenty of gasoline for ypur car next year, ami at a reasonable price, In spile of all "they" pay. Better plan for that new car right now. Our stock of good used Chandlers of every, age and type was never better, but It's not going to last. ARNARD, Both PORTER & 6.5 REMINGTON j We Have the Wax that makes dancing floors re-I sponsive and house floors handsome. A complete line of reliable floor preparations. North Water, Near Main Kryptok invisible bifocal lenses give yon the advantage of youthful eyes. They epable you to see far and near without changing and are made in one piece. We fit, make and adjust them correctly. 34 years' experience. F.H.Gerhard Co. 69 East Main Sx Bochxstui N.X THKEE EJIXT III HI I 1 1 II 1 1 f I IHK1 ! ALWAYS CALL FOR toZil Is III M1 Save time, trouble, delays, anoyance and money. A Home, Away irom Home THE OSBURN HOUSE Stntk Jtoenae, Sear Main St. Rochester's only first-class American Plan Hotel Ha for yrnri been noted as one of the most homelike hotels ia the country. No fns or feathers. Jnat good. food, good bedt and good service. It is the nearest hotel to the Lehigh, Erie nd trolley stations. 3io war prim. "Hefore-the-war rates still maintained. Breakfast or lunch 30e. rilnnrr 3c. Rooms $1 np. Tabic and servit-e first-class. t BOTHON 3A.M - :7A.M. AJt- fcr". f 16 C 11 h 9 h- 6 .15 A.M. -4 IP. 4 3P.M. I 4 P.M.- 6 P.M.- 7 P.M.- 9 P.M.- 5 mid- r DAILY CIRCULATION Week Ending Dec. 2 2d MONDAY TUESDAY 69,000 69,438 69,000 ,69,542 70,3S0 69,335 WEDNESDAY THURSDAY . FRIDAY SATURDAY Total for Week .416,693 SUNDAY, Dec 16th, 65,185. STATE OF NEW YORK County of Monroe ) ss. : W. H. Mathews, President of tbe Rochester Printing Company, publishers of the Democrat and Chronicle, being by me duly sworn, doth depose and say that tbe Democrat and Chronicle printed and circulated during the past week tbe above number of de.ily papers. W. n. MATHEW?, Pres. Sworn to before me Ibis 22d day of December, 1917. WM. II. COOK. Notary Public. TO-DArS DOINGS. Powers Hotel Address, "Italy and the War for Democracy, 'J .by Lieutenant Bruno Doselli, before City Club, Vi:oO P. M. Osburn House Annual banquet of Flower Citv Council, United Commercial Travelers of America, 6:30 P. M. Court House Meeting place- of Rochester Snowshoe and Ski Club for hike In Cor-betts glen, 2:30 P. M. No. 103 Canterbury road Meeting of Rochester Alumnae and undergraduates of Mount llolyoke College, 3 P. M. Memorial Art Jallery December exhibition of paintings, wood carvings, textiles and Penuel war posters, K) A. M. to 6 P. M. Municipal Museum ExhHition of historical relics, 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. THEATERS. Lyceum Theater Closintr, "Very Good Eddie," 2:15 and 8:15 P. M. Temple Theater Vaudeville, 2:13 and 813 P. M.. Avon Theater "Vaudeville, 2:15 and 8:15 P. M. j Corinthian Theater "Hello, America!" 2:15 and 8:13 P. M. Family Theater Vaudeville, 1:30 to 11 P. M. FOR TRUCK FOR RED CROSS Proceeds of West High Senior Vaudeville to Go for That Purpose. IIOSWELL IiIARSHLAXIi. The senior class of West High School is preparing for its annual dramatic production with a patriotic purpose. A minstrel show and vaudeville performance, to be given on two consecutive nights, January 11th and 12th, will not be the means of raising money for -a Class grift to the school or nnma similar purpose as in the past but this time all proceeos will go toward a fund for buy ine a ' motor truck for the Til rVnsa The West High pupils already have given a large amount to tMis fund, having donated all proceeds of the recent j . seuior uance. It will be the first time a West High senior class has planned to repeat a dramatic piece. Monologues, Japanese, trio, minstrel show, military girls, stringical quartette, faculty quartette and photographic slides of some of West High's soldiers now in the service are planned. Many pictures of the boys who left school in the spring to enlist have been obtained. Dancing will follow. MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED Permits Granted to Applicants at City Clerk's Office. Marriage licenses were issued ! yesterday at the city clerk's office to the following persons: ' " - James Francis White, Ottawa, Ont., and Marjjaret H. Buck, No. 31 Monroe avenue lioswell P. Aughney, Niagara Falls, and Mae Harvey. No. 4."iy Court street. Lieutenant Robert Patchen, No. 61 Gregg street, and Beatrice J. Holdridge No. 99 Union street Bouth. J. Russell Craib, Camp Meigs. Washia--ton, D. C, and Helen A. Moore, No. 233 Jlerriman street. Lerrfuel Ramsey Gale, No. 60 Normandy avenue, and Sarah Margaret Carrier, No. 8 Judson terrace. Have You noticed That the winter term at the R. B. I. opens next Wednesday, January 2d, for the day school and that you can begin a course in shorthand and typewriting or bookkeeping and the related subjects on that day? If not, think the matter over carefully and we think yoa will decide to start on that date your preparation for the good business positions that are now available for- trained young people. Adv. c All kinds of railway printing, including street car . transfers, at job department. Democrat and Chronicle. 'Adv. 15A.M. t 19 UN j .. 4P.M. 4 ! 26 i INCREASE IN LOCAL BENEFIT How Difficulties of Carrying 0x1 Road Work Have Had Advantage? : Ts Explained by County Superintendent of Highways in Repoit The annual report of J. Y. McClin-tock, county superintendent of highways, filed yesterday afternoon with the Board of Supervisors, shows that of the 1,-375.34 miles of road in Monroe county 1,019.71 are improved. Mr. McClintock writes that the high price and scarcity of labor has slowed tip road building materially. I 'art of his report follows: . "Another year completed has farther demonstrated the efficiency of the New York state plan of road improvement, wherein each of the nineteen towns in this, one of fifty-seven counties in the state, has had a lively interest aroused by state aid, supplied to the extent of one-half as, much as each town raises 4y. taxation for road improvement. Work of Much. Local Benefit. "While it was impossible to let contracts for state work in fact, the contracts not completed, which were made in previous years, showed hardly any progress on account of the difficulty of securing sufficient labor in competition with the many great munition factories located here, offering more substantial pay than road work can bear yet the different towns were able by the use of small gangs of local men and teams to construct the ordinary mileage of new road and resurface the worn ones needing it at a cost which was reasonable in Comparison with cost in other years, and in so doing give -a benefit to local taxpayers and at the same time make valuable improvement to many farms by removing unsightly stone piles picked and piled up in previous years: in fact, in one case in the town of Webster it was estimated by competent judges that the value of one farm was actually increased by as much as $2,000 by. reason of the removal of such piles and the placing of them in the subbase of the Shore road. "Each year there is an increasing amount of work for the supervisor and town superintendent in the matter of accounting; the tate Highway Department has demanded more and more detailed statements in the manner in which the town moneys are -pent, and with this it would seem that in many cases these men are not properly paid: the at tention of the town boards should be brought to this matter. Making of Surveys and Maps. "Another branch of the work of this office is the making of surveys and maps for the district-attorney's office. This year eight surveys and maps have been prepared for that office, requiring not only time for making of surveys ana preparation of maps, but for conferences with the attorneys and attendance before grand juries and in court. During the fiscal year ended October 31st, Monroe county obtained $93,221.62 from the state as its share of, the motor- vehicle license funds. Appropriations from this fund totaled $00,000. The coun ty was left with $6,047.24 to be distributed. Of thia fund Mr. McClintock writes: "This money affords the means of making some important improvements, which without it might be deferred a long time, and also puts the responsibpi- ty upon us to demonstrate that it is advantageous to the state to allow the local officials to spend it. The law requires that each pf the pieces of work done by it shall be carefully planned and supervised by the county superintendent, so that it will require considerable additional work by this office, and we shall try to have it done on the same scale of efficiency to which we are accustomed in the county of Monroe." TO DETERMINE JNCOM TAX Internal Revenue Agents Will Give Assistance to Every One. Fity-three officers will start from his headquarters. In Buffalo, on January 1st, andSm January 2d everyone of them will be In the county assigned to him to help people make out their Income-tax returns, . Vincent Rlordan, collector of Internal revenue, said yesterday. The men assigned to this county will be at the places and buildings named below during the periods Indicated. Rochester, revenue office of postoffice building, from January 2d to March 1st. - Brockport, State Bank of Commerce, from January 2d to January 12th. Falrport. Town Hall, rom January 2d to January 12th. Honeoye Falls, Village Hall, from January 2d to Jannary 12th. "It will he well for every , unmarried person whose net Income for 1917 is $1,000 or more, and for every married person living with wife or husband, whose net income is $2,000 or more, to call on the Income tax man and learn whether he or she has any tax to pay,', Mr. Rlordan saM yesterday. "The person subject to tax who doesn't make return in the time prescribed is going to regret it. The government will get after all income-tax slackers. "The men In the field will have Income-tax forms for everyone, and persons who expect to call on him need not trouble themselves to write to my office for forma." Dies of Heart Disease. An autopsy yesterday disclosed the fact that heart disease caused the death Auburn, who. was found dead in a chair at No, 99 1-2 Weld street on Thursday night. Coroner Thomas A. Killip gave a certificate. " Valuable Horse Stolen. John Hellis, Jr., a teamster at No. 239 Win ton road, complained to the police yesterday that a horse valued at $30O "had been stolen from his ham in the night- There were six horses in the barn at the time, but only one particular animal was driven away. 1 -V4 I .- 111? UsV GEORGE EASTMLAN". New York, Dec. 28. William J. Tul- Iy, director of war savings for New York state outside the city of New York, with headquarters at Syracuse. announced the appointment of an advis ory committee for his district as follows . Governor Whitman, Theodore Roose velt, Cardinal Farley, Mrs. Frank A. Vanderlip, George Eastman. John H Finley, C. A. Coffin, Norman E. Mack, William II. Wilcox, Jacob II. Setoff, Charles Edward Russell, Charles E. Hughes, Cleveland II. Dodge. George I. Skinner. George D. Pratt, John Mit chell. Chancellor Day. Mrs. John T Pratt, Jacob Gould Schurman, Frank N. Doubleday and Frederick W. Allen. EMPLOYEES RECEIVE INSURANCE POLICIES ' t. - . Todd Protectograph Company's New Year's Gift. A New Year's benefit that the Todd Protectograph Company had planned for its factory and office people ajr an nounced yesterday afternoon. Ralph Bar- stow, of the sales department, in a brief Speech to the employees, said that the firm had been -trying to work out some plan of showing its appreciation to its steady employees, some of whom have been with it since the business was established in 1S99. It has been decided, he said, to make a New Year's gift of a straighHife insurance policy for $1,000 to each man and woman who had been on the company's payroll continuously for five years or more, one of $900 for four year's service, and other amounts down to $500 for those in their first year. The premiums on all policies have vbeen paid by, the company, a , Each policy-holder was asked to name wife, mother or other relative as the ben eficiary, to be notified and to receive the amount of the policy in the event of death. The policies, several hundred in number, aggregating more than $300,000 of insurance, were then distributed. All are issued by one company, the Aetna Life Insurance Company, of Hartford, through Edward 15. Nell, manager of its Rochester office. " After the issuance of the policies it was announced that the yearly bonus distribution to employees of more than one year's standing would take place next Monday. This distribution has been a yearly feature in the Todd factory and offices on the day before New Year's for the past twelve years. It is a percentage of the wages paid to each employee daring the previous year. DESERTED AFTER MARRIAGE This Is Charged Against Han Who Enlisted in Canada. George H. Brown, 22 years old, of Toronto, was in police court yesterday on a charge of vagrancy. He will have a hearing on January 4th. In the meantime Isaac Martin, inspector of immigration, will make an investigation. The young man is now accused by the police and others of deserting the Canadian colors. A year or more ago Brown enlisted in the Canadian infantry, and served four months in the20Sth Battalion when he met Miss Agnes Dnnning, of No. 34 Fishot street, Toronto. A few days afterwards the marriage occurred and the couple came to the home of the bride's mother. Mrs. '.Katherine-Hamilton, of No. 231 Plymouth avenue south, this city. 1 Mrs. Hamilton's . married daughter, Mrs. Maty Lund, also lives there. Brown obtained 4 a job in the city. It is said that the wife's relatives became angry with Brown and informed the police that he was wanted by the Canadian military authorities. "See if you cannot arrange that I may rejoin mycompany, and I'll show them I have fighting stock in me," Brown said after his hearing yesterday. READY TO GIVE WAR SERVICE Truckmen's and Warehousemen's Association Makes Offer. Roland B. Woodward, secretary ofthe Chamber of .Commerce, has received from Arthur S. Blanchard, president of the Truckmen's and "Warehous-Piaen's Association of Rochester, resolutions that offer to the city and the Chamber of Commerce tts co-operation and services In any war 1 emergency present expected. For the officers of the chamber, Mr. Woodward has expressed warm appreciation of the offer. A copy of the resolutions has been sent to tbe Mayor as well as Mr. Woodward. v ' Leaves for France. Theron E. Bastian, president of Basil an Brothers Company, has left for France, where he is to engage in Y. M. C. A. work among soldiers. He was one of the fifteen Rochester men who have been selected for this work. Some of the others already are on their -way to France. Puts Monroe in First Place, v Auditors Declare. TREASURER'S EOOKS ACCORD His Accounts N"ot Only Balance, but Run In Harmony with Those of Supervisors' OFice, Auditors Find. Review of the Whole System The accounts of County Treasurer Charles J. Brown balance to a cent, according to a report filed with the Board of Supervisors yesterday afternoon bv tbe Jackson At Uson Audit Comnanr which has just made a complete audit of all the county's accounts for the period ot three years ended October 1, K)17 The examination was authorized by the ways ana -ueans Committee of the Board of Supervisors at the request of Mr. Brown. Monroe county in October, 1914, adopted the uniform bookkeeping system originated by the State Comptroller, being the first county in the btate to do so. The Jackson & Wilson Audit Company assisted in installing the new svs-ttm here at that time, and in the report just filed with the supervisors the examiners strongly commend it. Every bill and claim presented iu the three-year period has been checked. The report says in part: "The cash books of the county treasurer were footed and all entries checked to the county treasurer's general ledjrer. A trial balance was drawn as of Sep tember 30, J017, showing the books to be in balance. "We proved out iu its entirety the tax levy for the year 1910, and found that it had been properly distributed upon the various city wards and towns for the full amount as called for in the 191t budget. "The balance due on tax Fales and returned person.-il taxes, as shown by the individual tax sales ibooks, agrees with the amount us called for by the county treasurer's general ledger." Check. Between Offices. In regard to the supervisor's office, where the new bookkeeping system is in operation, and where a controlling account is kept with the county treasurer, the examiners say in their report: "With the installation f the new bookkeeping system under date of October 1, 1914, the supervisors' office has aoted for the county as the comptroller dot?s for the city, so there is au actual check running between the Board of Supervisors and the county treasurer's office from month to month and from day to day. "The details of the various county funds are kept in the Board of Supervisors office, and it is here that a!J claims presented against the county are. approved by the various committees and audited for payment. They are then entered upon the supervisors records and charged to the various county accounts. A detailed distribution is made of the expenditures in each fund, and it is with this information in hand that the county treasurer's report to the state comptroller is made out each year. "There were found on file in the Board of Supervisors office receipted claims, payments of which were properly authorized by the various supervisors' committees and ordered paid by the board. These claims cover all charges made against the various funds for tho three years ended September 30. 1917." Institutions' Records Correct. The examiners visited the penitentiary, almshouse and Iola Sanatorium, and say in relation to their books: "We visited each of these counrv de partments and found their records to be carefully kept in accordance with the crsrem ns started October 30. 1914. and that the unexpended balances, as shown "by the Board of Supervisors' office, were in agreement upon the books of these various institutions." In conclusion the examiners say: "The new county system, as installed by us October 1, 1914. is shown to have been handled very efficiently, and each department has done its utmost to keep its records exactly as they were out lined. The book work has been very neatly done, and we have no hesitancy in saying that the county of Monroe stands at the head of the counties of New York state by having at its disposal statistical Information which can be furnished at once by each and all the departments; but -we feel particularly indebted to the bookkeepers of the supervisors' .office and the deputy county treasurer for their hearty co-operation and suggestions, which has made it possible for onr system to he satisfactorily carried out. Every courtesrv was extended to s by the employees of the various departments, to whom we feel very gratefnl." 1,000 HORSEPOWER SAVED To Be Taken, from Heating System in Novel Way. A thousand liorse power Is to be aflded to the power development of the Rochester Railway and Light Company by a plan described Thursday by Suner'mtenden. Thomas H. Yawger. By it exhaust steam now supplied for heating purposes to tne hi? factory of the Bausch & Lomb Optica' Company will he passed through a turbine, wilch is connected with an electric generator, and the energy produced will w turned back into tbe system of the company. The maximum amount of power will a obtained for about seven mouths of year, or as long as tbe beating requirement-of tbe Bausch & Lomb Company makeK necessary to push the steam across v river. The pipe carrying the stream is wt insulated, so that only from 5 to 10 rr cent, of it Is lost hi transmission. ' The Spanish Language Is the most ' valuable foreign language for American business. Our trade it" the Spanish-American countries is creasing by leaps and bounds and the demand for young people who can.sI,; and write Spanish is increasing in tne same ratio. It. B. I. evening classes Spanish will start Monday evening. January 7th. There will be classes bota for beginners and for advanced students-For beginners two lessons a week wui be given for twenty weeks and for advanced students one lesson per wee t0 twenty weeks. For particulars call a the li. B. I. office, 172 Clinton avenu south. Adv. -

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