Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on November 7, 1917 · Page 3
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 3

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 7, 1917
Page 3
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ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1917. 0 We Win the approval of the ladles "who are desirous of obtaining' a dressy" Park Drown Boot at a Moderate price. The one described below Is Yery good looking: and very high talae for fh -"ey. Price $6.u Tamp and top made of Dark Brown Kid. Imitation Tip. Small and neat perforation around Tamp and lace May. 9-inch height. French heel. High arch. High-grade 3IcKay Sewed soie. A A, A, B and C Widths. Sizes from np to and including 8, In aboTe widths excepting- sizes and 3 which we do not have In AA and A. Ladies who need narrow widths In sizes 7 and 8 please note. These are not the best shoes we have, but they are good and Tery high Talue for the money. We guarantee them. IIANDREWS ST. END THE WAR! ENROLL TO SAVE FOOD SIGN "THE CARD" TODAY Save food and keep your 0 home looking beautiful. Don't put off having new decorations until ' ' after the war." You need them now, more than ever before, for their effect of comfort and cheer. We , will be glad to submit ideas and estimates on the war basis of conservatism and economy. ' WALL PAPER AND DECORATIONS Colby & Amsnt Co. 57 State Street Ma'n 1085 Stone 10SS cam: TIB T TnTT . UDiES' COATS, SKIRTS, DRESSES EXCISE -AH SUFFRAGE IN WESTERN NEW YOKE:- SAFE KEPUELICAN MAJORITIES SUFFRAGE FAILS TO RECEIVE EN OUGH SUPPORT TO CARRY. GAIN OVER LAST TIME But Ami Sentiment Proves Too Much for Cause. PICKETING HEAVY HANDICAP Indignation of Many at Antics of President-Baiters Finds Expression in Negative Vote Returns from Some Districts Delayed by Superior Interest in No-License So far as Western Xew York is concerned, suffrage has been beaten. The majority against it is not as big as a barn or as overwhelming as an earthquake, Uv.t 'twijl do. Reports from the county seats of Wayne and Orleans show that in both these counties the amendment was deftat-ed . by large figures. Livingston scattered reports indicate a heavy and vote, and Ontario reports a close vote and probable loss. Some of the larjj!f towns lika Corning and Hornell were repotted to huve gone quite strongly for suffrage, bin the majority of reports were the other way. The two cities mentioned were a little more than S0O in favor of suffrage, and Geneva was just about as strong against it. A strong effort was made by the suffragists in Western New York, nd at the same time the antls staged mire lively demonstrations. While the "cause" went down to defeat, so far as this section is concerned, again, it is only fair to say thnt the opposition was much lighter than two years ago. If it had not been for the unties of the "picketers" in Washington it is by no means certain that there - would have been another story, for thus aiitics are declared 4o have angered many who were at least neutral in the matter and made them bitter opponents. Winning Candidate for Yates County i mill UIIM.!"' umui-""MMj I 4?lids4l EXaSE QUESTION BRINGS HEAVY , TOTE W HANYTOWHS. "DRYS" RAKE GAINS Towns Formerly Wet Now in "Bone-Dry" Territory. "WETS" ALSO WIN TOWNS Eesults to Date Indicate that in Host Counties What Advantage There Is Is in Favor of No-License Sentiment Cider Problem and Drug License Fight Features James Monroe Lown. Pcnn Yan, Nov. C. James Monroe Lown, who was elected by the Republicans ns member of the State Assembly to-day, is a graduate of Penn Yan High School, Hamilton College and Harvard Law School. He began the practice of law in Rochester-and returned to Penn Yan during the early part of 1916, where he is engaged in the practice of law and in farming.'' , Newest New York Styles $1.00 down, $1.00 a week, on $15 purchase. On purchases of $20, $25, $30, $40 or $50 liberal terms are gladly arranged. Coats $12 to $35 Suits $18 to $40 mess's $s U 233 SfcirJs $7 to $12 lilk Petticoats $3 to $6 Sweaters S3 to $8 Kiilioery $3 to $10 Glr.s' Coats $3 to $9 Mirations Free Cisi ci Civiit cor pricss are tie same ' . WE DO AS WE ABOTI ! 62 State St.. up One Short Flight -prn Saturday and Monday ftiehU. 8cB2SSBSt."mj")iyy CIAjRTDGE Mio New YiHl OW A Qfort 96-35 3fcry? ONTARIO CLEANED UP BY REPDBLICANS "Drys" Seem Ahead, and Suffrage la Close. Paniniliiimn fir C5. KemiSlii'nna cleaned the slate in Ontario county to- fiov kit hMrv nTurii.itiAs in npiirtv t"erv " i - JL . -77 - - instance, and In districts when; the plur- jnnhliraiii ; cnniliHltPl i- TIll:lUv Hulled tnrougn. ilerton t. i.ewi carried wis county 'by a plurality of alwut 3,000 and George M. Tyler, for member of Assembly, will sweep the coaury by 2,500 plurality. It is estimated at this hour (11 o'clock), the Board of Supervisors will he iroiig-ly Republican, not more than three diu-(bers of the twenty-one member beinsr Democrats. Naples, East Bloom Sell and Gorham are the Democrati-; towns. Fred II. Partridge was elected major of Can-andaigua by 504, which is double the .usual Republican plurality here. William I. Crowley, KepuV-ioan, was chosen city treasurer by an even greater plurality. All other Republican candidates were elected in this city except 5ue alderman, David Murphy, in 'the Second ward. So far as the counting of the Tote indicated at a late hour, all toarns voting on the excise propositions, Ka..t Bloom licld, Phlns. (iorham. South ' Bristol and Victor, are dry. The rote on the woman suffrage amendment is close in the county with the indications that suffrage may be defeated by a small figure. ORLEANS AGAINST WOMAN SUFFRAGE Gives Big Pluralities for All Republicans. Albion, Nov. 6. Woman suffrage was defeated in Orleans county by. a vote of 2,134 for to 3,024 against. Lewis. Uep., attorney-general, 3,119, Hod-sen, Pem.. 1,851, Block, Soc.. 88. Dr. Frank H. Lattin, Rep., assemblyman, reelected by 385 plurality. Fred L. Downs, Hep. re-elected, county Judge by 1,740 plurality. IEh S. Hill, Kep.. re-elected county superintendent poor, 1.5T5 plurality. Orleans county rotes on excise and town otSce in March. Albion is now only "wet" town between Rochester and Lockpo.-t, since Brockport went dry to-day and drys carried Middleport by 110 plurality. DANSVIIIX HITS SUFFRAGE. None but Republicans Placed on Guard by Voters. Pansvllle. Nov. 6. The town of North Pansvlile to-day passed the quietest election day in yie memory of its oldest inhabitants. The vote was: Attorney-jreneral. Lewis. Rep, 3.V5, Hodson. Deni., 2(B; member of Assembly, George F. AVbeelock, Rep. and ITo., r?T. Claude M. Undsley, Dem., 2SO; for 'district-attorney. William A. w; Uep. and Pro., 332. John M. Hasting Ieni.. 3i6; Xor coroner, ed R. Priesbaca. Ken 427. John P. Brown, Dem.. 217. On amendment No. 1. 21S to.- and 447 a?fio-On amendment S. 2. 245 for and -5X) against. ' , IJght Vote at Caledonia. Caledonia. Nov. 6. Not more than half the full vote was cast here to-dsy so many farmers are busy harvesting their potatoes and beans. The results are as follows: it-torney-general, Lewis. Rep.. 170: Devoe P. Hodson, Dem, 70; W. S. John Block. Roe.. C: members of AssemMy, Georse F. Wheel-ock Rep., 166'; Claude M. IJr.dsler. Dem.. S3; dlstriet-attomej. William A. Wheeler. Rep., majority. S3; coroner. Frederick R. Driesback, nep., majority 74; school director, Charles A. Place. Jn-. majority 21. Woman suffrage, for. 53. against. ,1V; amendment No. 2, for. TO. against. 113. REPUBLICANS WIN VICTORY ; GATHER MOST OF OFFICES WesternNewYorkOnce More True to Old Traditions. It" is very evident that the Republicans of Western New York found no reason for breaking away , from their party in the elections held yesterday. ' Not only ' did they generally hold the commanding position which had been theirs since the lairt election, but in a number of Instances they added materially to the advantage already in their possession. For Attorney-General Lewis it was a great day in this section of the state, ltarely has a candidate been tendered such an expression of confidence as came to him from the farms and villages and cities of Western New York. Even in places not always counted safely Republican, he carried the day. A very large majority of the choices for member of Assembly were Republicans. Jn some instances the vote was close, and there are some that it may require the count of the soldier vote to settle. So far as the smaller towns were concerned, the Socialist vote remained, as in former years, a negligible quantity. In some of the larger ones it showed a slight increase over other years, but nothing of consequence. Boards of supervisors in the counties of this region will all be Republican by comfortable majorities,, and some of them by a very large margin. In the case? of some of the minor town offices there was favor shown to Democrats for local, and In some cases personal reasons, but even in this case where personality played a larger part, the majority of places were won by Republicans. LIVINGSTON MUCH AGAINST SUFFRAGE Strong for All Republican ' Candidates. From the scattered aad incomplete early returns It looks as if the anti -liquor people had something of a held (Jay in Western 'New York yesterday. Several towns long in the wet colurn have already been reported on the dry side, and there are indications that there will be others when the tale is all told. On the other hand, the reiajse from dry to wet anticipated in some quarters docs not seem to have materialized. That eome dry towns have gone wet is indicated, but they are few and far between. The cider question which was precipitated into the fight almost at the last minute served to complicate matters a gotru bit, but if it had any real effect on the result, it is not apparent in the early returns. ' But there is another feature of the battle that does find a strong echo in the returns. It was said to be a part of the plan of , the pro-liquor forces to try and get that part of the question applying to drug-store licenses passed, even if the saloon and hotel sections failed. It was argued that in such a case, the town would not be 'bone-dry' and so the prohibtion against having liquor in a private home would not apply. At any rate it will be seen that a number of the towns have voted out saloons and hotels and - for drug-store licenses. There were a number ,of hot fights, but one of the hottest was that in Newark, 'Wayne county. Both sides claimed the victory to the last, and while on the first report the drys, have won on. the saloon v and hotel proposition, it is so close that the soldier vote could overthrow it. Geneseo, Nov. 6. Klectlon was quW in Livingston county to-day. The entireRe-pvrblican ticket was elected and suffrage was defeated in 33 districts out of 37 by a majority of 1,278. . . The result was as follows: SufTrage, yes 1.SS0. no 2,087; attorney -general, Lewis, Rep., 2.702, Hodson, Dem., 1,139, Block, Soc., 16; - assemblyman, Wheelock, Rep., 2.S03, Lindsley, Dem. 1,331; district-attorney. Wheeler, Rep., 2,073, Hastings. Dem., 1,322. QUIET AT MOUNT MORRIS. Town Votes Strongly Against Suf-" frag and for Republicans. Mount Morris, Nov. 6. Mount Morris esperienced the quietest election day in many years to-dny. not even the suffrage question being suSHcient to bring about anywhere near a normal . vote for an off year. In the five districts of the town there were 502 votes cast. The suffrage proposition was defeated here by an overwhelming majority. The vote in favor of the amendment being abo'ut one-ttird of that against it. ' The vote In Mount Morris was as follows: AUorney-peneral, Lewis, Rep., 2GO; Hodson, Iem 150; B.ock, Soc., 40; member of Assembly, George . F. Wheelock, Kep., ard l"ro., 313; Claude M. Undsley, Dem.. 1. - William A. Wheeler. Rep., received a majority of 120 over John W. Hastings, Dem., for district-attorney, and Frederick R. Driesbach, Rep., received a majority of 150 over John P. Brown, Dem, for coroner. Naples Ag-alnst Hotels. Naples, Nov. 6. Naples pave a majority of ." against - hotel licenses and 2t for licensing drug stores. It will be nearly morning btfore returns could be given on the suffrage question. WAYNE COUNTY IS , DWER THAN USUAL Several Towns "Out of the Wet " Suffrage Loses. Lyons, Nov. 6. The Republican town ticket was elected in ' whole here to-day with the exception of superintendent of highways and overseer of the poor which went to the Democratic candidates, both of whom were re-elected. Merton E. Lewis, for attorney -general, will have about 3,700 plurality, and suffrage will be beaten by about 2,500 in the county. Charles A. Knoble, for county clerk, gets the largest plurality ever received by a county candidate which is placed at 4.0O9. George A. Reeves, for county, treasurer, and Frank A. Gaylord, for member of Assembly, will each have about 3,500 plurality. 1 The Wayne Board of Supervisors will stand 13 Republicans and 2 Democrats which is the same as last year. Wolcott and Savannah : each elected a Democratic supervisor. Lyons goes wet by 287, hile Palmyra gets license by a small majority. Clyde goes wet and Newark goes dry With only exception of bottlers and drug stores. All towns dn the northern tier are reported as having voted dry- - PALMYRA STAYS WET. CONTINUED ON PAGE 1U. But by Narrow Margin Which Sol-. dier Vote May TJpset. Palmyra, Nov. 6. License won out by 9 votes to-day but the soldier vote may overturn the same, although, anti-license advocates have little hope that the final result will be changed in their favor. Palmyra voters were much more favorable to granting hotel and drug store licenses. Suffrage was beaten by a vote of 494 to 270. The vote on the four license questions was No; 1 For 416 against 407; No. 2 for 4S4 against 421; No. 3 for 510 against 397; No. 4 for 4G9 against 432. Other important results are: Attor-ney-Oeneral Lewis, Republican, ; 576, Hodson, Democrat, 193, Socialist 5, Prohibition 11: member of assembly. Gay-lord. Republican, 773, Benjamin, Demo crat, 215; county clerk, Noble, Republi can, 508, Morse, Democrat 214; county treasurer, Reeves. Republican 581, Reynolds, Democrat 206; coroner, Winchell. Republican. 558, Jones. Republican 552, Sherman, Democrat 213, Young, Demo crat 217; Supervisor, Sanford M. ioung, Republican 017; town clerk, Harry Aver ill. Republkan 597; justice of peace! Charles W. Wilhamson. Republican 639, Kingsley Young, Republican 505, Frederick Reeves, Democrat 186: Assessor, four years. Cook, Republican 540, Payne, Democrat 201; assessor, two years, Bel ty. Republican 539, Powers, Democrat, 208: Superintendent of Highways. Carlton Heddon. Republican 628; Collector, John Van Hall, Republican, 582; Overseer of the Poor, Hopkins. Republican. 543, Griffin. Democrat 100; School Di rector, Chase 518. . v- 1 . Sodus Goes Dry. Sodus, Nov. 6. Election left but one Democrat in position here. The cuffrace vote was close, 651 for nd 417 against, and the town went dry by 347 votes, all four propositions being lost. The Socialist vote wa's negligible. Attorney-General Lewis received T02 votes. Gaylord, Republican assemblyman, ai elected by a majority of 53S. outshining his former hljrh records. Otter majorities are: Supervisors, Ser-geant. Rep- S31: Tom Kirk, Dem., 127; ery. Rep.. VS, Ressue, Rep., 273; asse- rra. R?n- 1- lleaan. Rao- 23: a 8 & Special Friday and Saturday Sale VERY SMART COATS Many models fur-trimmed Wool Velours, Plaids, double-faced coatings, . diagonal velours and mixtures in , a large variety of elegant models. They are fine warm coats that you should ibuy $15 All sizes. now at this special price, $15.00, as such opportunities come once in a lifetime. There are button and plush trimmed models with large collars, some fur-trimmed. Alterations made fre of charge. Third Floor. HI B' 8 a o D o Q Extraordinary SUIT SALE . Some regular $45.00 Suits included in the lot. $23.75 Broadcloths, Burellas, Silvertones, Gabardines and novelties; about 200 beautiful suits taken from our regular stock to make this exceptional sale. The values are the greatest offered for many a day. 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The following are the total IS!: HorneU gave for ttorneygene!. twls Rep-, J.5B; Hodson, Dem., 7.. mock S K; Member of Assembly Rlcn-ST5l Franren,;Rep. iohn Seeley. Dem 741; Coroners. Otto Stewart, Rep.. CaSs'teo. Herbert Smith, Rp.. Corn-Tng. 1.578; recorder. Fay P. IUtbbun, Rep. no opposition; ity chamberlain. Hugo J. Hug , Dem. no opposition; overseer of the . . i.. The fol poor. I- naiy. - , , , iowing are the supervisors ri i.or-nell: George" R. Dore, Rep.. Charles F. McOuire. Rep.. and Leon U Hopkins, Rep. With many towns missing It Is apparent tnst the tight between Richard M. Prangea. Rep., and John Seeley. Dem., for mvmber of Assembly, is close. COBJJTNG'S HAYOB DEMOCRAT JSearly All Other Officials, However; "Will Be Republicans. Corning. Not. 6. Dr. George W. Lane. Democrat, was re-elected mayor of Corning at to-day's election over Mason B. Cogsr. Republican, by a plurality of 2S1. Nearly all the remainder' of the Republican ticket, however, was elected. The city will send three Republicans to the Board of Supervisors Instead ef one, and the next Common Council will stand ten Republicans and four Democrats. John C Wheeler. Republican, was elected city jude , over Frank H. Ferris, Democrat and Join C. Bostleman. the present incumbent who an Independently. Wheeler bad 2C3 plurality SYRACUSE WOMAN'S HANDS dAULY DEFORMED BY RHEUMATISM - .' " " Friends Can Hardly Believe wonder rui nange Var-ne-sis Made.-" One of the most remarkable cases reported to Norse Nightingale who is meeting the public at a local drug store is that of Mrs. Clark M. Gray of 833 Ackerman street, Syracuse, N. T. -X t " , ' 4 S3,' ' I i. t Nora Klbtbse. meetina pabUe mt lcal atre. 0 Mrs. Gray said: "Friends can hardly credit the remarkable change Var-ne-sis has made in me. I suffered from rheumatism for five years. Tbe disease started in my hands, traveled from joint to joint until almost every joint in my body was afflicted. "My fingers were badly deformed, I was unable to close my hands and ther were almost useless. My feet were very-sore, so much so that I had to pad them with cotton. I would not give op in spite of the extreme pain and in consequence for months I , had to literally crawl about the house. "For months I was helpless and had to be assisted from the bed to the chair, it was nece?sary for me to have an attendant all the time. I don't believe anyone can realize what it is to suffer from rheumatism unless they have had the disease., "Hearing about the wonderiui results Var-ne-sis was accomplishing I decided tr. r-ivA this msdieine a trial. I can't say that 1 saw any improvement at first, but by persisting in the treatment I am voxr free, from pain and able to do my own housework. I cannot speak too higLIy about Var-ne-sis and hope that some other sufferer will be helped to health through my letter." . Nurse Nightingale reports many Rochester and Syracuse people have been benefited by Var-ne-sis and gives tie names and addresses of those who eon-sent to allow their names for publication. It is to the interest of every suffer r f.,.rr rhanmt1n m TH If IO .lQCW Ifctlt" ingale at L,iggett's Riker-Uegeman dm? store. Main street and have her explain about Var-ne-sis and ber own recovery through this preparation. over Ferris. Other Republicans elected are: Herbert B. Starner. chamberlain; Gurnsey B. Hubbard, acting city Judge; Patrick Tracy John Semple. constables; . Daniel 'Vandosen. Fred M. Githler, Frank E- Cortright, supervisors ; H. A. Dewaters, Howard J. Dexter, C. F. Buck-laud. Harry G. WUlisford and Claxence lalar. allermen. The Democrats elected John W. Fedder assessor. Joha M. Bctk and J. J. Clancy aldermen. Coming g:MS women suffrage- majority SOT. Allen B- Proaena. JSorth Roe. Nov. . Allen R. Frogeus, a prominent resident of this village, died s.l-denly this afternoon, aged 68 years." He leaves his widow and a son, Harry seus. of Huron. V

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