The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 21, 1934
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Served by the United Press BEFTHEMLLE COURIER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOHTHKA <^\>,J^Z ^^ ~*- ^"*"•—*-«. ^, - — "I AKItflrWSAb AND KOtlTIIVAC'p vrlnfn.,,1. VOL. XXXI—NO. :5 IHylhPVllle Dally News lilytheville Courier Mly >t;1 Vl >H<!y Leader lilytheville Herald 3AS AND aoUTHKAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION W tt i', MAIJCII 2), )!):!• tT MEETS INfir.F, COI'IES FJVK CIONTS Off CWA Payroll Tomorrow Subsidies Good If Propcilv Usccl, Mili-luJl Tcll's WASHINGTON. ,\iar. 21 Control of all avliition under Waller Lambert Sentenced! for Murder He Admitted ' a I Prayer Service L1TTLR ROCK. Mar, 21. (Ui>,_ Tixiio.'ro'.v all county siipfrclson, <if women's CWA projects b.- charged and the slain payruii nf the CWA reduce:! le Iti.WU, a bui- Vtln issued by slaie lundmiii of ihe ariionlzall.')!! si Id nxltiv. • -- The order also said th-n Blythcville May Use 500 to 700 Mem Under Ncv Relief Set-Up Heads of various civic organizations, meeting at the invilalion of Mayor Cecil Shane with ihe city council and municipal officials in informal session at the city hail lonlght. v.'ill formulate plans wliere- by the city niay lake full advantage of its apportionment of Inborimder the new feueral woiks program Dial will replace the CWA on April 1. Only cities of 5.000 cr luon.' population ure to be aided under Ihe new program. The session, to open at 7 o'clock, will be devoted to planning projects by which the cily may ntiii/e to ilie fullest ine work of fiOO to 700 laborers to be paid by the federal i -- - - -., «.. u i».>uj<.-> government. Unlike the CWA pro- j Ark., jail, where lie wns held gram, now drawing to n ciose. no materials will be furnished by the government and it \vill be up to the municipality to furnish iliom in order to realize benefit from the relief program, not only for workers themselves but for the city. Mayor Shane declared. City officials heW an informal session iliis morning to receive a report of Mayor Shane on his re- liirn from a joint meelinj of may- ANNISTON, Ala.. .1far. 21 fUP) . —Waller Lambert. VI, who con- I tcssccl Hie murder in Aiinislon last] spring of Prater none dnrin_ services Jan. 28 at a Biytheville. I - ^ --- i ' anijlher charge, was Minlencrd to life ImprisnninrnL here yesterday. Lambert killed Bone In a poolroom here while at liberty on pal-foe, from the Alabama state prison. He hnd previously been sentenced lo 21 years for killing an Anniston policeman. Walter Lambert's- confession lo the murder nf Prater Bone occurred during Sunday prayer services Clin rh [llillrifk trt.. t state CWA director, detailed" the new program. Will Build Sf»,'r No projects have as yet definitely taken shape. Mayor Shane said, but one-certain lo be undertaken and completed is the concrele viaduct or slorni se wer along the old Lu- ineraie bay6u bed in iiie 1 easteni •section of the city. Materials for the storm sewer will IK placed before April under the o.'ti CWA program, wilh actual later to be performed under tr.e new set-up. Or.iveJ is to be rushed here at Ihe anticipated rate of 20 carloads daily unii! the CWA program draws to a close, to be used on street surfacing and repair work iiere under the new set-np, Mayor Shane said. This will insure sufficient materials for employment or a. number of men. First hand assurance Uiat approval of the airport project here as far as labor is concerned will be forthcoming immediately h;is been received by J. Mell Brooks, secretary of the chamber of commerce, who also has high ho;>e.s of securing at least part of the necessary materials without extra ex- peme. Ccntidcr Other Projects Among ether projects 10 lie urged arc the following, it is understood : Widening of Main, • \tyjlmu or other streets where properly owners consent and will agree "to furnish materials. Cleaning of alleys and cultin'! down t 0 proixr levels. Resumption of the ami-malaria program in the city and its environs. Extension of streets and possibly construction of a viaduct or tunnel on some east nt:d west street at Lambert hnd been jnilerl on a charge that while without foundation said. serious officers was here L'ollllV, Jh^' I nuiro wllh iirultr iui-y '•111:1 mail riililiury. ' ivill Kice I rial In i I li< 1 liulilnp. Misji *lmwn -alinvf in ' 11: slie w;i.s I;I!;PD !'•»• llnest ill l!;il(i- iiJ'Mliart, n-)m j;,- <-c leii'n-nro in Uio 'Is ID be taken on of the of the money lendeis." 'If ihe KiiviM-innriu Is uolng to i money on aviation In Hi In par rcn) !<•- i ire oljialnrd and that money' for yiimbllng by .sjiiv- •s." Mltehell said, testified br-loiv the IIOILM- office ctinunliu'e consiileiii,;; |ieiinani>nl airmail ieijislallon iu:d admiUctl in: fnvored, uiuler strii't ferternl controi, contliiiiancc cil ainnail subsidies of private line.-, Miiclirll. chief nf ilm A .E. r. air force, said, however, ilia: !' is n question in my mind, whether Dir ainnail .shouldn't fcc, carried by tlie government." blamed "himc hcadcdr.ess" by war deunrlnieni ulticlals for wlnii ho termed the Inefficiency of u:r eor|).s Jlying riiuljimeni. Sflllfinciil ot I'fir hasteni . Di'sirocl by v iokyo Governmi'iil WASIIINCITON, Mar. ^1. (UP) — jvcrnmeiii has In- dlplninatic conver- Uniled Sillies in i; ab'iut mi Imint'- of Lill far easlrrn iK-lween ihis diat,- with' 1|llo .s,lo,,s . annlrv and Japan I. 1ly rivaled today ' FREE HTiR IM The Alabama slayer admlucd he , hart ItlMcil Bone and later, under 'C..,. W/' ri t \i questioning by Floyd Sharp, Jail OOn Wms Change 01 VCI1UC turnke o c n ' • - " " turnkey, lold of Ihe killing in de tail and of his wanderings over the country in an effort, lo avoid apprehension. Lambert was working on a government fleet Job at Huffman when lie was jailed hern on a chnrge preferred liy n woman who srml Lambert had attacked iier. Investigating officers said there was little meril in Ihe complaint. Arkansas Income Tax Payments Show Gain LITTLE ROCK. Mar. 21. lUPl — An increase of S124.U49 over the total 1533 March federal income tru- collections fo : - Arkansas was announced today by Internal Revenue Collector Homer AlSlns for March I to is this year. Taxes paid before the deadline from Pemisco! to New Madrid County CARUTHBRSVILLE. Mo. —Trials af ilenryand J'.nker .Morgan, falh- er and jon, ehargert ivith :-uvdtr hi connection with ih c fmnl .*„.•- I r.e diplomatic ronversallnns. as<). \ivro revealed today with Hie simultaneous publicallou In Tokyo and Washington of the lexis of nussa^es vxclianp-d belwceu the- rriary uf siale cor<le!i Hull. Willie Rose, Formerly of Steele, Dies in West STKELE, Mo.-Word has been received here of ih e fleath Suiul.iy at Phoenix, Ariz., of Willie Rrae! a former resident of thu; city, iilm had been III o( tubi-rrtilosls for 'scv- ernl years. Trie body left phoenix Tuo.viay morning and wa-j expected to arrive ijcfc-Thursday mcrnliig. --J'u- neral ssrrices are ]>lanned for 2:3(1 Thni-sdiiy nfa-rnoon at the liaptisl church, with the ifcv. u. K. roster of cariithersvllle otficiatinij. Mr. Rose was born in oibson county, Teiinc.ssce, sinreh 17. I3(W. lie came tt> this county in early SB*^^ sut^ sivis? sr^iivS .lapan Would Trade I.01X5N. Mar. 21. iUI'1-Japan is seeking revision of Aiiii-rlcnn Im- uilgialii,n laws, abiindonnii'iil of Philippine naval and air bases, and recognition rif Mniichoiikuo In return for an offer lo maintain present naval ralius. It wo.s said in mor.l ri'llable .sources today. ft \viis snld that basis [o r nego- liaiions would be established In correspondence ' between Secretary of Slate Cordcll Hull nnd Ihe Jnp- icse foreign minister. Negotiations proper, n was ndtl- i'd, would be conductnl wlili Hull and ihe new Japanese ambassador vo tlie United States. -. r ,uma, of IL-m-v Mo™,, ^'^-, ' ™ 'f ^ ^'-; ^±,. t ' li :,?r ^:!.'' r r^l'^ s i ™^ n »" ««• Wc™^ $ • March 15 tH year were icsliniony Jiidne John K ,.... in-.-tructcd the jury to acquit Henry Morgan. Bond for Parker Morgan, pend- iii^ Iiis trial In New Madrid county, was fixed al $7.MI). and was signed by W. N. Fisher. Parker Nichols. Harry E. Keener and ParV-- cr -- r"i:oenix. oi ... Atkins said the velunis in his oiiin-'l Adkins was fatallv wounded on i - ic:i --denote a gencrn] upturn business in Arkansas." A total 'of H.G30 income tax turns were filed. ~ - ; --Slays Fireman c . _ SOUght to StOD r Ward avenue. Jusi n s he slirletl lo enter the Road building, where he wns to make tend pending preliminary hearing for his part in an j alleged fight with young Morgan I the night previous. Witnesses to I the shooting said Henry Morgan the latter started JACKSONVILLE. Fla Mar •>! ! UPi-Jermnn Williams. 28 •«'«"•"- ttay ° : lllfl of the Hie department. nem- * A(IJtills to enter the bniklins:. and ihni Rlrkl ' r " ll!<1 r ''° m within Hie jiall- UiiildiJig, iking n.s he shot and killed here today as he ' attempted to (bg .came out. Ing an open thoroughfa times. at all The widening of street pavement in ihc Walnut block, now m-.dcr- Cooling, said he thouglit Williams „.,,. i. -------- s;,.~ ., ------ ,. way. Is proceeding through co-operation of cltv and counly, bi:t not as a CWA project. IVe extension and graveling of Broadway south to Ihe Ulyllievillc canning factory and west t o the Cotton Dell slalion al Elm street, a CWA project, has been completed under the present works prn- New York Cotton NEW YORK, Mar. 21 CUP) — Cotton closed barely steads'. open high low close War 1205 1205 1190 1190 May 1212 1212 1192 1192 Jul 1222 J222 1203 1203 SJ 01 1238 1238 1215 1215 " ec 12« 1243 1225 1226 Jn " 1246 1216 1228 1228 Spots closed steady at 1215. off New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Mar. 21 (UP) —Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close 1190 1190 iirjo n97b 1209 1209 1193 1193 121S 1218 1203 1203 1232 1232 1216 1216 1229 1232 1226 1226 - ----- 12<3b 1227b Spots closed steady at 1203, off Mar May Jul del Dec Jan 11. fire hose. Charles Curvin. 23-yenr-old u, some east at-a west street at attempted to (lag down a negro to i W M UHI' T o i Hie I-'risro railroad Iracks. provld- ; prevent him from driving across'"' ™- nll»arns lo 36ek L. G. Thompson's Seat Bro bellboy, arrested after the lvos allcmpiir.g t 0 i, 0 ]d him Ihc negro fired throe shots. Chicago Wheat Revelations May Win Mercy for Young Spies I'AKIS. March 21. i UP) Robert and Marjoric Switz, young Americans Iield as ijrinelpal.s jn the grenl- est csj)lonage plo; ever iinco'vered, tlieir revelation of the ring's activities in France, Fjigland and Ihe A law, passed in 1880. makes it po.v.iible lo gram pardons to sus- I>eclcd spies wl o confess aud Implicate others before n-.i-v are brouslit lo irial. Andre Mo!se. ch;t-f romi-.«| for n young married cc;;])!,-, inid n le United Press he iiad advised Iran to talk franklv. Claims Second of Twin Gosnell Boys A petition placing the name of W. M. Wililams 0:1 ilie bailol tor . til;: city election as a candidate lori alderman of the first ward was filed iP?' 1 - •••disclosed lhal MOMa 5' was followed by the of the other at five o'clock this Rumor Has It Fugitive May Have Changed Course lo Monte Carlo PORT SAID. Egypt, March 21. (UP)—Two American detectives watched all Incoming vessels loday for Samuel fnsull, who is seeking n refuge from extradition efforts of the United Slnles goveinmenl. The dclecllves arrived here by ulrpiaiie from Alhens. wliere the Chicago ulililies man eluded arrest by ci»l).irkiii|f for a secret destination in tliu specially chartered lilllc freight .••tramship MaiolLs. There had tx-cn no sign of tlie Malotis here today. Egypilan au- Ihoritlf.s were watching ships along wilh the Americans to make sure lhat insiin did not lanK .secretly. It was rumored here without more foundation than has supported counMc-is other minors that Insull had altered his destination nnd was Ijonnd for Monte CorJo. Aged Carson Resident Dies aj Daughter's Home son, died at 11 o'clock at tl.e home of his daiif E- D. liftman. Mr. Jones, wlio had be May Jul May Jul open high low close 7 7 . .1 «, T I'l M l ' Z 87 '' 8 0 mlr " 7 1-4 87S-8 8G3-4 S7 1-4! formed through today after a was Ihc filing perictl expires 10 days prio:- to April 3 Instead of 15 days as had pn-^ouslv been aiii'.oiinc:d. ) Mr. and Mrs C. H. n.ivcn- of , Ihe Gosnell community er, Mrs. nts lived „ of the hut a few hours. Courier News had been In- ! ""; ial ° r .,' 1P tab - v vh ° d! «' this ., ,. _ ,. „ I mailing will be made ted ay n i city nfTicial thai M oixn high 50 3--I 51 52 3-4 52 7-8 Ilie deadline for candidates who Corn wished Their names lo appear on Ihc b:il!oi was Monday. A study •of the state statutes liv other »*501-2 50 78 ' C " 1e " sho '- vcd lhc nl '" s „ , „ , 8 ''OPS not expire until 10 ri.i - n - •'• 4 to tho election on April 3. low P ri °_. Mr. Williams will run ns an op- ClOSinO StOCff PrfV/>c lponc:11 of L °- " Ptltc " Ti'ompson, ,/ ^vwi.n i j tuts (-,„. u . a , d alderman, who Is sc?k- Ing re-e.'ec{io:i. A. T. and T 117 1-2 Anaconda Copper . 14 1 8 Bethlehem Steel .. 40 , 4 Chrysler " ^ , „ Cities Service ....'.;"; 3 Coca Cola 104 3 1 General American Tank 38 General Electric .... General Motors ..'.'.'.'.'. Internnlionnl Harvester Mlddtewcst Utilities Montgomerj- Wurd New York Central Phillips Petroleum Radio Simmons Beds St. Louis-San Fnincisco Standard of N. j Texas Co. ... U. S. '' 21 30 40 1-2 Services Held Tuesday for William J. Whitney STEELE. Mo.—FimenU services were held at the residence Tuesday for William J. Whitney of the T'riendshtp community. 1 wise d.'ed -- Monday of tuberculosis. He 1-ad » C »- ror K uentral « I " l - b °? h> a '.f^l ""«! recently, Packard ul " Iral 35 jaiid wus believed much improved "I-..,. -•'. 51-4 but- became suddenly seriously ill Salurdiv. IS \'l M"' 1 ^^ Wh ° WW ^ >•*»" , ,',i?! d ' *'•" boni "' Collonn-coj Point. 44 7 a » T i T>OVCd to M«siss!p!>l but « 7-8 relumed here about seven months tigo and was farming in (he Friendship commmvTly. 50 1-4 — " k^,v (l .tvi.i. i <iv ujfty win be burled by the side of the other twin. The r,. o. Moss Un- dertakin ? company is in charge of funeral arrangements. The deceased is survived bv Mi parents and 10 brothers and sis- lers. Memphis Storekeeper Slain by Negro Robber ME.\fPHfS. Mar. 21 (UP)-lsa ac J. Olswanger. 58. died in a hospital loday. two ho;irs after n ne- gro robbed his dry goods store of M and slrnck him with .1 heavy monkey wrench. The nearo escaped. Oiswam?cr was the first while, homicide victim of lhc yenr here. Bomb Thrown in Berlin BERLIN. Mar. afiUPl-A bomb was thro™ from an automobile today no.u the Prussian Inierior ministry nnd ihp Adlon hotel The bomb hit ihe sidewalk and shatlcred the windows of a taxl- cnb. slfglilly injuring ihe driver and n passenger. trlbuted to pneumonia and complications resulting from cancer. Funeral services were held at Ihc hotne of Mrs. Pitlmtin al Carson of funeral arrangements. The deceased Is .survived by two KIlLs Joiics of MfnipiiU and (wo daughters. Mis. Ira Purtle ami -Mrs. Pittman. Assessed 'Value of Cut 12 Per LITTLE ROCK. Mar. 21. (UP)— According to a statement issued by the Arkansas Corporation Co:nmis- s.on here today the assessed valuation of property in the state shows a tfrop of some 12 per cent. Property in Arkansas was awess- <?d al S445.783.000 llus year .is compared to $471.000,000 111 19.33 Sixth Tenement Fire Claims Lives of Seven NKW YOIIK. Miln-h 21. 1IJ1>)- A M-rli-s uf tuliil li-ni-iiii'iH in-,.., niui slurli'd li'.ss Hum iw,, mi) nili s ,, BU i-uliu'ldfiii wilh tne i-iiy's .Jiilnst slum uparijiu-jiis ,.,„,. IllllU'd livhiy W |ll'll .V'V>-H |K.i- s ,,||. s lni'ludin K Hue,, i-muu-,.,, \ vm i |iin-ji«l in doudi in „ sp-tUM-uiur mi' thai wreck,'<l „„ "old ]aw" Mi'iii'luri'. The dciill-.s rnl.sed Ihi- loll n[ ihe six ri-ivni Iriiuic iiu'.s ID an ;vll h uiurr than 40 Injiiivd. LEGCmlJEED IN THEFI Jury Finds Hi m Nol Guilty of Rnihez/leincnt From Wilson Company OSC1-OI,A, Ark.. March 2l.-l'aiil I'-t'SBCtl of Keiinelt. Mo.. 32-yr-ar- 1(1 former innnagei- of llic Wltsuu Ullliii; coaipany, wn.s ncqnltlrd tiy a jury In circuit court here ycslcr- of chillies of cinbezzleniFiit. 'KBett. who became nianiwr of milling company In July. IMO, wlien the Wilson Power and Light company for which he had worked as bookkeeper since 1027, was bouglil by Hie Arkansas Power and LlRlil company, wns charged with the embezzlement of funds amounting lo $2,1)75, checked In small amounts on the milling company's account from July, 1930 la February, isn. I-CBgelt lold tae Jury lhat he hail never had a selllement with the company mid ihai E i, c |, n seitle- nient would show the company in- ilcbled 10 him approximately $1.200. afler deducting the $2,015 he Was' alleged lo have convened lo his personal ufe. •• • Claims Mnnry Ills His contract, with the Wilson Power and Light company called for a monthly bonus of $50 In ad- dilion lo his salary, which hnd accumulated to $300 when the company sold out to the Arkansas Power and Light company. He was 60- hiB lo work for lhc new company, he lesllflcd. when U:e laic R. E. Lee Wilson conlracied wilh him to become manager of the milling company at n salary of J200 per month nnd a $50 monthly bonus, nnd told him Die $900 accumulated bonus would nlso be assumed by t| ; e mill- iiiB company. H was also In his contract, he slated, dial the company would buy in his M shares of Wilson company stock at par value at any lime he should leave their employ. During (he lime of his employment, he said, he checked for his personal needs against the bonus due him, which over tlie |X?rlod totaled $2.475. nnd when he lefl surrendered his slock, valued al $1,400 par. He testified the American Surety company paid the Wilson Milling company his fidelity bond In the ntnount of $2,075 to avoid a lawsuit and to retain the good will of the Wilson company, which was a "en;, l^ggctt was reps' Bruce Ivy, Os:eo!a nl- Kaihtirlne Hepburn, chosen Ihe year's best movie nclirxs, u-tw merely Irylng lo be mixiesl alxiuL her honor by dodulng cameramen nnd rciwrU-rs on bourdltiK Iho bout ui New York for Knro|». Hut here's how an niert uiinciri- iiinii caiiKht thi' publicity-shy sinr on ship via ihlrd clnss Missourians .Resent Low Appraisals by Farm Credit Agencies MADYVILLE, MO.. Mar. '2\ I UP) -Rirm unrest, wlilcli found expression here a year'as" In mllilanl .lemoiuti-nMons asainst mortgage foreclosures, today threatened lo flare ngiilnsl t!'e new deal relief set-up. Farmers are so resentful of appraisal ]X>]|c!es of federal farm credit agencr.r, they are ornanl,:- tig "pitch fcirk leagues." Thp first .';:^-p fn the ren^ivrd revolt is scheduled for nexl Saliirduy when a mass meeting will b: ho'tl al Stale Teachers college. The cause of rcsriiliiiciil L-, ivc alleged policy of the federal farm credit agcncle.-i of ••rldiculniisly low op- iralsals anil ruthless foreclosures." "An Intolerable sldiation has developed." explained W. If. Burr, secretary of lh<> Nodaway County Farmers pi-o'.oclive nworiatlon. district Tlie I^eggelt case was Hie only Jury of the day. The grand Closler. Clark Doss and Kozeilc Burnett. Vrgt County Farm Improvements While impressed favorably with Lllf nllfllltv (ITIrl nmnl.t.l -* f , Bnd ci- i ^ Sh lp bu,ld,ng Company Makes Tunnev Director 3 NEW YORK. Mar. 21 (UP) — Gene Tunney. former heavyweight boxing champion, today was elccl- erl to he board of directors of the New York shipbuilding corporation. ..-._ „..,....,.,. and not. too clean and recommended lhat both the wliile and negro quarters be eriulpped with additional bathing and lollet faftlllles. Thlriy-nlne prisoners, including 29 negro men, 2 negro women and 8 while, are on the farm no* the Jurymen reported. A similar inspcclton of Ihe couii- ijr [KWr home resulted In a recom- mendallon that, the building housing the negro Inmates be condemned. The building, which is the old county Jnll, has no simllglit, or ventilation or.d cannot be maintained In a sanllary condition, according to the report. The white quarters were found In good condition The court house, recently repaired and ] redecorated by the CWA, R-.IS reported In exceltenl condition, as was the Jail. The statement O f Mr. linoleum for the kitchen floor was noted. One of the largest power shovels ever built is being u^d In Ger- Ihnn 80 feet high and can hnr.dlo 850 cubic yards of coal an hour, Missing Byrd Flyers Found Asleep on Ice Mass* 1 ' —Hescue parlies and parlies to rescue rcsciie'rs dolled Hie Ross ici harrier today. William C. Howlin aiici Cbv Bailey, camping cut wit!: iln-ir' fuel- Itss monoplane awaited gnsolinc. Admiral Richard on E. barrier. and nmm TO usi Railroads ami Their Workers Agree lo Mediate Wage Dispute. WAHIIINCITOM. Mnr, '21 (UP) — The i.illioad csccnlin-s Kiday JoL.. i'd ivlili union forces in ncccptbtg Pri'.sldciil Houscvi'U's tender or tin 1 sei vices of llic coordinator of traiKiiovladon to help compose differences on wanes. WASHINGTON. March 21. (UP) -President Roosevelt advanced today his efforts to tolve the railroad -tnijc controversy and then mot automobile munufuclni-ers In the flrsi of ti series of cniclnl confer- i'iici.'s by which he hopes to avert strikes Hint tlne;ilcn to paralyze his recovery program. Hallway labor leaders notified llic president they could not ac- certe to his pleas for conlinuahce of present u-n^c scales, but they agreed lo let Transportation Coordinator Eastman mediate thplr (IciimmLs for higher pay. Mpfls Auto Magnates .._• Mr. Roosevelt wns prepared to use all the -influence and power at his command to clop Die threatened nutoiuolille strike and curb labor unrest In other fields. 'llic capital was iciisc u.i the nn- tomoljlle conferences bcgnn. Mr. Roosevelt said lie wns ad- vimclnc no specific proposals In his initlnl discussions. The conferees Include such dominant figures as Waller P. Chrysler, Alfred P. Sloan, president el Clcnerni Motors, Alvln Mncaiilcy, president of" Packard, nnd Hoy D, -phapln. ~,.-resIdc;u .:J! Hudson and former secretary of commerce. Earlier the president, had conferred with senator James Cottzcns, wenlthy Michigan Republican and former associate of Henry Ford. Coiizcns indicated belief that Mr. Roosevelt liad some concrete siig- Beslion lo pin lorili. Will Hear I.abnr Tomorrow Tomorrow Die president will hear U'c labor side of the dispute from President Willlnm Orceu of tho American Federation of Labor and .1 delegation of unlcii leaders from Michigan. In resi)Mise to overtures from N'UA, GrcJii agreed the issue should be .simmered down for the lime bei"S to tlie quiMtion of workers elections and representation through A. F. (if L. unions. NIJA ofllclals were . . hopeful an agreement cDiild b° reached on Ihis basis. More than CO separate strikes involving approximately 35,000 workers were In progress today p.-s the federal government stni!;.i;Isd with luboi- (J-oWenij In the aiitcmoblle slccl and riilhoad industries/ Among ihe larger walkouts'were sirike of several thousnnd laxi drivers In N' cw Y ork and a .strike of 6.000 shoe workers In Harerhlll. In Cleveland ODD employes of the .•idresiop-aph-Xfultigi-aph corpora- lien voted a general strike. . lu Atlanta 1.000 FisliL-r body and chcv- ro.L't plant employes vo'.ed to strike If Hie Unilcd Automobile Workers union called ilieiu out. In Milwaukee a shot struck a window above Hie speakers staivl at " --"" of strikers near the Seaman • •xiii.i.11 njimmi t,. liyra ami " lany ui .-^risers near the Seaman \\ilJiaui McCormick. In an autogyro. Body corporation, breaking ui> the, sel oul to nnd tl'cm ycstcidiy. At meeting, the same lime two do? sled team left the camp here, also to seek th jnLvsing aviators. Byrd ami McCormick j,1:;lun Itowllu and nnllcy and lauded to rind li:ctu asleep in iiu'ir lent. Tak- Intruder Ransacks George Means Home Tile residence of George C. Means. 405 Dolniar. . . wn-.-, ransacked last . . merit duriii;; absence of the family nr.d a ring, watches, and a toy s*fe. containing a number of |»nnies nnd eld coinj. were tnkeu. The toy safe was louna near the Stc-rnbsrs gin ;h! s morning by Tal- ir.adge LangJey who reported his nnd to constable Harry Taylor. Missing from t;-.e toy were tho pen- c on a;aln. riyrd and McCormick i landed when (bry =an l}:r do; sled panics plodding soullr.vani ->ver Ihe mow covered ice. Fire Threatens Crowded Osceola Negro Section OSCEOLA. Ark.. March 21. — ..».«.». s Ir u;ii i,.c toy were mo pen- Fire of undetermined origin ori-jnles but remaining were the old glnntlns in the upper S!«;T of njcoir.s. ncRi-o boarding house belonging to No clues os lo the ideniity of tile Mat Qarrett yesterday afternoon. Intruder had been obtained today burned the house to the ground j • and created consternation amonc Stiff residents of- the crowded negro' section, west of Highway 61. when sparks from (lie bluze Ignited four other houses. Firemen prevented spread of tlie flames. Files Divorce Suit A. J. Horner has filed suit In chancery court seeking a divorce from Mrs. Martha Horner Incompatibility is n".<! Barnaul represent the plain- for Carrying Weapon Fred Tate, ne?ro. former Janitor at a local church, received n fine of S200 ami wns sentenced to 90 days in Jill! by Judge C. A. Cunningham yesterday on hLs pica ol guilty lo carrying a concealed weapon. WEATHER" Arkansas-Portly cloudy. coMer tonight and Thursday. Probably freezing in extreme north Mrtfoii by Thursday. ' Memphis and vicinity—Rain to. night, much colder tomorrow.

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