Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on May 4, 1926 · Page 25
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 25

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1926
Page 25
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I-- "id.' ma' 1 mi. 4 of inn. t th. er.l.. ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE AND ROCHESTER IIERALD. TUESDAY . MAY 4. l'JLU 2.' H F nrda'.n! hr th . 3 ,v" of t he Citj of Itoch Pa.- ' i.) i tli. r. as Xn, Itort!T anl wwtfrlt nn S rtirv n r ;if having a 'f Zi f-t-r. t.i . , jn.snt iff tH-ssnrnnj. i J. Tins irl!n:ir!? shall take ' -t immMliatpy. ,in mulf-n t AM. Pent !n,rr, aftir , .rinn w-r h-ar(i. ai'li! ni-on ih .f rn'p wan pitf intu-t uiifti m-u ..JU sr mwting. 4.npt(l omnlmniiiij. j' S.--i;iii l Th- (Vmniisslmn-r of' Pt. :.- Wit-ks i hTfiiy ! graal a l,.fli- tr --r:u:-:,tt !' Ih S;ranl Tnrcr to 'r--: an-l mainta'n t- I- a'a-hni i rjat- front A VFVT'F ri.OSINC, I'lll! Tl. or Cnmmnn hMt-r, as ..- : -un 1. Th Common i ounHI h? Orr of R'hpr h-r-rT (lis ?n 'n"" i'thhr itrw til that ri!iin nf I'x-Mi'h Av.nuc iisri'-l a ..wn : Ail r -h itv ci .Vfi .1. thi. i - I I ,., t whn saii IR men i ai inril and, ar-i f"r nlr tin luU th4 tu lgf,t Ilia wt ; t., T. a.ii in, (hs nl.. nr. rl.- am im. I'l fnf that portion nf old B.-a.-h Ave I Ivin north of Rf-arh At-iiii- as j vti.l-! unl-r flnlinan- N". ft;'!. 1 from th w.-sr hnt of OnvmiUlt- i . r,t to the ritj I.lniv ! s,.i . tit'ti siii't lit H'-n Avpntii a ; rtt,,itl to Ih pistonili'il In said Final rili-isl""' No, n!tl, if a'-riiallv opened , jiut'lis travel, th t'ttr r'njrinn-T -h;ll . i,. a rcrtifiosfo of MKh fa I in !lo- ottii i' lork ordinanrp shall tak" ft- ' wriloi-it l fikd I'T tin- Kncinoor in tli' I'ltv 4'l'rk oftu-i , 4. 'I ll in nrdiitain-1' shall tak1 rf- inimodintrly. ' im inotioH of Aid. Ma-'Konai". aftr nations woro lo-ard. a'tion upon th' nlntan'O m post polit'd unlit Ilrt .pillar niootinc A.ptMl unanimously. : p.r Aid. I'lkf-- ; i:t.eolTtil. That Hittimino'ts Mai'aiiaut i spooitiod as thi kind of pavTnent I r ilii1 prtyilur of IMorrp Stroot from i fi-ll Arenito to Waldo Sirow. n addl- I to tht kind of pavpitiont sporitit-d j :i iIip ordlnanro for said improvt'ini'iu. j Alpti'd unaiiiniotisly. ! of t :im biiil'i.nj en rhf trfinis-s known an No. if S'. Paul s:nt. t" I" !"-jror.:nattIy ;r7 ft-t in in;rh, h 1 'i f-t in w.J:h. m.-hi" m d-p.h, u projei't iDii i.t .'nan !" tv: ti in- h-s ovi-r rh s:rv't lint aii'l to hp not Uss than (t f-t tile siitw.l:k. d"';t;ls of hua ar.1 ii..!i upon a dr.mius Hd ih n'j'! : upii i'uyr ;fh tli 0"iutn.s,.,n. r of ruh! c W.rk a bond in rtf pon.u sinii of' $;o o o i. ln.l''iu-;fyiuz til- t':ry avriii;l all los. !:a:h:r or dan..i.'i mhii'h ma rilt from tli ('onr rui : ion ir mmn'i'niD'' of aaid s :rn or i:-i appurtenant, upon hih bind any p'-rson Injur! hy r h rnnst ruction or mainfonano of a.d ;in or i' apj.ur;'iian--'i mar iiio jf. ' Iifcn or permission ahall not I granted unfit th- dosijn of .--aid sgn has beon ai'pruvtd by th- Art Co:nm:stion. v S'S-. ,1 I. icons? or permission mar b rvok'l by tho t'oni'uon t'ou'il or th t'nmmisHionor of 1'iitdli 'irks at any tinif ati'l th'roupu said si'n is ha 11 be i tmniodiati'lv roiiioi'i'd. So-, i, 'i'his ordniaii'-p shall taVp pf-fis-t immi-dia'otv . Aft'r aib'iratiiins -cr hard from all persons apiw-ariits;. tin orilinan'- was adpl-l by the fnllon-ine A v'S . Abterman t'aub-y. Ward. rakr, . flon. Kujanski, r;orsn. Marks. N-haiiniait. as.. Miln 4'lark. fh;l-sou. Hii-ky. Itush. Konnly, siaiil-brotlf. K'.io-h. Kutimil. .b'ns. ftorff'n. KnitloT. 1 on! myt-r, M M K'liaio. i'lke: '.'t. Nays - None. Ity Aid. t'auliy - LAW 'COMMI ITKH KEl'OKT. I.aan Str: from to William Strst. J:itues street from to A iiiianl Str?t. William S!rt from Cheat nut rhestntit S!rM Kast Arnn of south side Kast Amnu of sourh aide to l Kast Arenue of onth aide to to to Itv Aid. Tike- R.snlveil. That Hituininous Maoadam .e -ip'iool as the kind !' pavi'iuent .r the paviiii; or Waldo str-t from ,ii-e Street to MeNanshton street, in Ni.l.non to the kind of pavement spori-.eil in the orditianee for said iuiprie. i.enf . Adopted unanimously, Ity Aid. Tike Koaolred. Thar Fittimltioua Maeadam ii. uppcitled aa the kind of pavement for! he paving of Pitpnn .Street from Waldo Street t" t'tia Street, In addition to the: km. I of pavement, spoeiliod in ihei oniinatH-e for Raid Improvement. ; Aiiopt.-d unanimously. i KEOI'ESTKH rOMMf.VTrATIONS ASM KKrottTS FH(i! '( ) I; I't lit A-TI'iV tll'KK KKS, HllAKUS A0', I'KI'ARTMKN TS: l'ppnrt.nenf of Knirinopring Hi h, stT. X. Y.. .Mar.-li "7. li'.'. T- the Honorable, the Common Council of the ply of Jtocheater: lein'lemon As dlreeted by resolution of your honorable body,' I submit the followirijj eatiniates on the rosi of proposed Improvements : Stanford Koad and Norfolk j lM-hester, N. Y.. April 7, Iti'.M. To the Honorable the Common Coum'il j of the fit' ,f sier: i;entl,tnen -Your Law Cottini if re, to I wliieli was referred the ordinani'e : am h.'Hzitin the gate tif' a franchise for the liist nltnf ion of steam in certain streets in the City nf Koehesrer, be; to reptirt that we held a public hearinc en tin' said ordinance on r'ridnv. March lit. HCit. at which no one appeared in objection to the granting of the franchise. s your Committee after careful i consideration and inquiry Into the ) matter, respectfully recommends that ; the accompanying ordinance he ' adopted bv your llenorahle Ibuly. ; Kespectfullv submitted. PAIKK K CAl'I.KY. i MASK K.I.I. H. MAHKS. KI.MKI! K CHII.SON. I', T, riERsos. i CIURl.ES II. Sf'HACMAV. j I. a Committee. Received, filed and published. 'to Sourn s;de Court Mreet. Ceuri Slreet f-,tit west a;d of Wil 'Ham Sire.'t to 1 nion Sirpet. i I nion rreot tr,tn fcast Arenij aouiB side !rer Ali.'T. Anson i'la.-e frem point l t avutk hast Aieniie. Kyau Ailev from 1'o.nt l.s. fot a,i'b f.Jst Avenue. Alexander Street fr,,n t' point - feet aomh f Kast Avenue. Harrett Place from t; bb Street Swan Street. Swan Street frum Avenue Ma n Street East. .'io Mreet Kast Arenuo " aiui or Mam Street Kaat. Th City Clerk la herebr au-thonied ami dtres-'ted to publish notice of iin-h aaie ont-e each week for tiin-e Weeks li, the official papers. Hie Cotuptroller f the Civ ,.f lt,.,-lieSt,r u hereby aiilhorlaed ami dins-ted to conduct such attie. Sin-h sale must be ap. prove, ,y the Hoard of Kimia'e and Apportionment before it Inkes effect. Sec. il. I be t-rantee of t,.. f r.-im-hise siall le at all times to the fol-luwmjf euii.litions and Jiiuiiai ions : The cran!.- of i he fran. luss shall lay ts pipea anil lii:i ;ns and ronatrut't Us niaiilioles. uliw;ii. ccnii.-.-tlona and iippurienani-ca in the atere.,l,l 'at res-la .Helllles and pllbiie plaeea v where wheu and as permiti,.,! bi , . 'Conimis-' loner of Public Works uf the Cllv of liiMUeater. The itrantee .f I ho frauchise aluiil Hot open any str.-et siirrace or make any e.vcuvasiou without lirsi ubia iiiiik a penuit then-fur from the Commis slolier of Public Works of il,e fit, f KucUesier, and shall refill ,ucti el i-avatluu aud replace all pav-.-mnils and roadways ,,f every character iu as K'-ud eotnliiiuu as Is-fore the ex'ava liou and kein the ame ,n n-pair lor une year niter the dme has been so replaced or r.-stured. ni,, n,,. n,ut. to be consumed in perfumiing such work together With the leustli f ,ii,. ,ia, the trench or trenches mar be olien at any tune shall also be ih-i.rioio.-,l said C.imutis.siojer f in name fn Ormond Street and that 'the hiffhway evrendtnc from t'nmber. Street i land Sfreer norther! to Iaden Si reet and at present known as Chatham Kast Arenue Srreet, be chanted, in name to t'rtuond Si r.sst. Sec, r Thla ordinance shall take effect nimedlatet'. Adi-pif ! by th followlnr ote: Ayes Aldermen Canler, Ward. Peake. fTonc. Kujawskt, rierson. Marks, Sehatt-man. S.isso. Miine. Clark, ' hiis.-n. Ilick-ev. Huh. K.uneiiv. Kmch, Ktissniaul. .I.,s. Heririu. Kimb-r. I-ii-tiotrer. Mai Kenaie. Pik-- -4. Nays None. ASSKXSMKNT COMMITTFF. RF.PORT. Jlr Aid. Hickey Rochester. Y.. April Ki. To the Ho-nnrahie. the Common Council nf the City of Rochester ; ttcnslemen - Your Assessment Committee havinif considered the following: petitions does herebr report that il. appears that en-'h of the assesstnonts n ferre.l to In such petitions Is levied upon a parcel f land of which two or more persons are the owners and that the Assessors have rert tied that it is jusf to apportion such assessments re spec! ively upon the respective (lariN'ls f Jaud in the manner set forth in the ordinance hereto annexed, and we iherefore re ommend the ailoj-tiiMl tf saiil ordinance. Kesp.s'tfully airbniittcd, J F. IHCKKY. F T PIK US l. II. M FINCH .1 .1 KKNVKIiY. J. It KIMHKU. Cnnncll of the City of Rochester, at follows : .-i'in.i 1 The Cnmmoa Conocll ef the City of Rochester do orda.n anil d'-termiue that the ful'owlnj improvement is necessary and shall be maile, to wit: The InstsHine and operating of 41 paira of; ampere Inver-ed uiajnetite are lamps in Fast Avenue between Alain Si reef Kast and Alexander S:rvf. located as shown oa a map on file in tin- .i'r Kti4ins-rs 'lh.v ati.l ; nia ii'ainnij; lie same until J.ily i, , l'l.T, i S-c ? The who'e erpense of si.-lt improvement, "es: imatcd at (;." i 1 1 he esiima'e of the maximum cost i tr foot of property to b ase-se, ; lher.for i l.v annual!-. I. I:. i ) t le paid by the Citr at lare an ! nuaily f,r said p-riod from the Street! I. tk'hi inif Fund, the remainder to he I and h--ome due and parable in one j sum in each of said years an,) as. j sossed annually upon all the following ' portion and part of the Cltv which Ill s' I Council deems benefited to wit : J wrie ner or iois ami parcels or lanu on each aide of Kasl Avenue from ! Main Street- Kast tn Aterander Street, j sv. J This onllnance shall take; effet-f iuimeillafcly. Adopied by the followinff Tote: Andrewa Street to Franklin Street. Sec. 3 The nature of tb la work ta sucu that detailed plana and ppecMl-rationt cannot cms tuada therefor before ilie -otuinencemeut of the work, the Common Council declares It Im-practicable to do this work by contract, and direeta that H be dune by the Park I'epartinent. See, 4, This ordinance ahall fake effect immediately. Adopted by the following Tote: Acs Aldermen Cauley. AVard, Peake, Il.tne. Kujawskf, Pleraoo. Marks, S.'hauuian. Sasso. Milne, C'ark. t'till-son. He kev. Hush, Kennelv .' Stahl- brodt. Finch, Kmsmaiil, Jeens. Ber- l-ut in.-er, Ma-'Kenaie, Ty Aid. Chllaon riR!iT ORPIXANCE. ARNOf.n PARK CARP) AND KMHKLI.lStl.MK T. gm. K nil,. Pike-.'I. Nars None. Referred lo tee. I'ubll. Worka Commit By Aid. Ckllaon FIRST ORDINANCE. OXFORD STRPFTT CAftR KMBKLLISHMKNT. AND Common ! l!ee H.V AssessuH-nt Committee, ived. Hied and puliliyi,-.l. Aid, II . k -- Tax Ordinance Nn. M. Stihillvislnns. Aldermen Canler. Ward, Hone. Klljawski l'ieron. Sc ha u man. Sasso. Mi'ne, Chllson. Hickev Hush, Ken-s'ahlbrodt. Finch. Kussniaul, r,eri:;n. Kimls-r, lbntiui,-r. MlcKenT'e Pike 'M. Nays None. i Referred to Public Works Commit- I tee. A res P.-ake, Marks, Clark, neilr, .le-ns Ity Aid. Plerson -Ordinance No. t. ! Authorizing Sale of Frnnchlse for lb , Irlbution of SleHm In Certain Streets In the tit) of Rochester. Common hester, as sircet Sewer, Walks. t, railing ( lc'iiilniortt Iriye Sewer, Halks, firndititr Mjirtinef Aretute Warren-He Hitulithlc Pavement . . Minnesota Street Asphalt I'avement 1'nek. Sin-et Warrenite Hit - utifhic I-arempnt Kinisbnrn Road Wllllte Pavement .Iiolsoti Street Bituminous Material Pavement Superior Street Bituminous Material Pavement Jmlson Terrace Bituminous Material Pavement Mielilon Terrace Asphalt I'avement Curling Ron,-! Warrenlte Ititullthte Pavement ilMns Street Walks rumcroy Slree I'avement .... J'-rnld Sircet Pavement .... Orphans Alley I'svcmenf .... I. iaiider Road Pavement llintinif Road i'tveuienr II. ppcr Terrace I' .... I.uison Uoad Sewer, 'fading s''-iiier Sircet Walks ll-iere Street Walks . Crest Slreef Walks .. I'.er.e Street Asphalt lUdlt Wa,.n Street imoit Pifi'nn Street llletlt . Ki.r Street Walka Ibiifnrd Street Walka I'elknap' Street Sewer ' N'lmla Rnulerard Sewers "i:k, Grading Carlisle Rnsrt and Other S'reeta -anltary Outlet 4.7t 00 l.l.bnn no l.-i.OOO 00 .-4.0U0 00 ",4iio 00 .lono on l0,v on l.oft 00 2.SXXI 00 1.1.0011 00 He It ordain, -d bv the Ceuncil of the City of l(o follows : Seclion 1. The Common Council of the t'll.r of Rochester hereby author- izes nnd dirc-ts the sale at public auction to tlu- lilutiest blddi-r lind1 the reculafions llerelnal'ter nnd after public noiiee to be once each i,-ek fur three weeks iu the official papers, nf a certain franchise to lay, tiiainlHin and operate the necessary pipes and mains for the trans- I mission and delivery of gleam from central stations for heatliiK through and under the following streets, avenues ami public place In the City of Rochester. Also to construct, maintain and operate the necessary manholes, subways, connections atid oilier pipes or appurtenances necessary lor the proper transmission and de'livery of such steam, subject lo the terms and conditions heiTliialt.r net forth. Streets, Avenues and Public Places. STKAM STATION NO. .1 MSTRICT. Asphalt " "Asphalt Concrete Bitu minoiis Riftiminnu Bituminous Walks. f7,ooo mi 1.S.V) ("l Asphalt Asphalt rave-Pave. Pare. Jones Street frum ,W feet north of north line of Jay Slreet to south side uf .lay Slreet. Jay Street from west side of Jones Street lo cast side ail' Slate street. State street from north side of jay Street to s.iiilh side of Furnace street. Hrortn street tr.uu east side of Frank St ns t to cast 8i,u of jtruwn'a Ran-. Frankfurt Street from '.-INI feet north of tiorili line of llruwn Slreet to sotilh aide of Brow n street, Toronto Street fruiti Brown Street In Factory Street. Factory Sircet from State Street to Mill Street. kiolak street from east aide of Frank Sfrrs-t to Slale Slreet. Plait Street ftoin west side of Of-sen,, Slreet to cast side of sst, pa,,!. Slreet. i (iiseeo sireet from north aide nf "Oft (H) : Plait Street to point 4isi feet aoutn j oi eiiiiii sine r p'lini jsireer. FiiriiH.'e Street from west Stnle Sll-pet tn Brown's Race. Mill Street from nnnh side of Brown : S'reet to souili aulo (.f Cointnerclal , Street. lomineroiai street from nest of Mill Street to ilenesee River 6.000 00 i M,Ws) f) ; 19.0on oo 1 4 . .100 00 5. wo no 3..v) no s.Doo no n.i'iio on 2.'jii isi l.Soll (1 4,100 00 i: 17..W0 oo 0.-.0 ii , 3 IMKi mi 1 11.000 oo : no s,.-,.r . . c-1" i.kllng I'.I.Si Rondel Park hi'llishineot I'er sinnuih Terrace Care'and r.'iirlicllishmcnt , ... Oruiend ,rw.t Tree Remov for the S . Care and ea so it Km. 12..VS) 00 loo.ono oo coo no east side nf de of North a ml Care ami and Kin- Care ami and ,2"0 00 noo oo SVT0 00 07.1 00 Oiior.l Sireet Care' and K 1','ili'sliinent J'l-niieuih Stre-t Care Kiubelllshmcnt ,. 1 "'k Park A h lliiilieliishmeiit , Ai'u.,1,1 1 -H t,.,rt, lieiliehlllellf . . , . ''iintiiouth Street iiubelllahinent "enter Park Care t Kmlielllshment "iima ii terrace (' Kmheliishnienf Me I Sireet Tree Planting J-liu Hrlve Tree Planting ,. Ni'iuta Boulevard Care and i-iuhelllsliuient .'l.irion St r-t Tree ing " , on. In I'la tit tntr eveinry Street Tree Plant . " Ohio Street Tr-e Planting Woodstock Bond Tne PWiniittg l'oriage Street. Tree' Plant. I ii k , , , , J'oiomae ritrcet' Tree' 'piaiii - ' (illili. trpet Tree Planting Keaperffnllv Bilbtniftci C. ARTIH R Plidl.K, City Kngtiieer. Received, filed and published. St reet are Plant. 'I' roe tioO 00 440 IS) 00 UO 175 Ik) 173 no 1 7(1 is; lu-i IMI "75 lai r.'S in l.'i (to ISO k) i."U im .".ill IN I 4 I S 00 '.'ii ot : ;imi tsi ! tentril Avenue from S!;i!e Slreet to nest i liter Street. s Front street from Central Avenue to a point Ml feel south ,,f south side of Central Avenue. Mill Sireet from north side of Central Annuo to north sole of Andrews Stris-t. Franklin Street front Oenesee Hirer lo west side of N'urlh Water Street. Freeman Street from south aide of Sin it li SI root to end of Freeman Slreet. Smith Slree! from (lenesee Klver lo eal side of Freeman Street. Curtice Si reel i west end of Curtice Slreet to west side of N. Y. C. K. K. National Sireet from west end ,f National Si ris'l lo cast side, of St. Paul Street. Cat.'iruet t reef from N. Y C, K. H. lo Mi-si siib- of St. Paul Street. Cork Street from south side pf Hand St ret-1 to cud of Cork Street, STKAM STATION. .NO. 8 DISTRICT. regulated bv Public Works, liie grauu f said franchise shall pay all reasonable expenses upon demand incurred by ihe cuv tr the appointment f au Inspector of inspectors to superintend and't such excavation and relaying of paveinenis and roadwaya and fur Hie appointment of au inspector or inspis-tors by said Comunssioner of Public Works to superintend and inspect tin- construction or repair of said mains, pipes, manholes, subways, connections, and appurtenance. The granteu 0f aid franchise shall at its own tost furnish to said City any and all maps, working or other plans, profiles, aurveya and drawings mad to a acaie or otherwise, aud all accessible ilat a. figures and Information that may be nstuesred by the Commissioner of Public Works or the Cit Engineer of tin- City ,,f Koche!er and n,s-essry or dcetned to be nccoKary for any purpose relatiug lo or iu con-t lion wiih saiil niains, pipes, manholes, subways, connections or appur-tena uces. Ihe grantee of the franchise shall provided K ' move me location or us published , "'tiii''1. manholes, subways, cou- " i.- oi It' .'iirtii' .s lieu auu as reiinireil by ordinauce of the Com Hum Council. The grantee of the franchise shall pay to tin- Cily annually a sum equal to two per cent. U"V) of the gross receipts from tiie sale of steam under this franchise, which shall be In tbu nature of a tax. The grantee of the franchise ahall covenant mid agree to indemnify and save harmless the Cl'.j of Rochester, Its boards, officers, agents and servants and e.ich and every one of theni against and from all suits and actions of eery inline and description brought Hgniuat It or Ihem or anv of them and from all damages and costs to which it. tin y or any of them may be put while said main.-', pipes, manholes, subways, connect Ions or appurtenances are owned, maintained or operated bv It by reason of lu jury y person or persona or property of any nature resulting from any aooldoiit, negligence or carelessness in the performances of said work of cons! nu'ting, maintaining or ciiiippliig. operailug or repairing said pipes, mains, manholes, subwavs. con- t tie ns or appurtenances r from anv improper or defective material, machinery, inst ruineiit or appliance used iu performing the same, or any act or omission of said grantee Said grantee shall further agree that after UuhI judgment anil alter expiration of lime to appeal against Ihe City of Ris-hcslcr or ihiv of Its hoards, omoers, iigcuis or scrvnnls, by reason of the aforesaid promises, said grantee shall pay to an Id City or to said boards, omoers. agents or' servant upon demand the full amount of said judgment, ald grantee shall ha..- notice of nil sulis. and the right to defend upon substitution aa purlv defendant. Before Ihe frunrhlse herein authored anil dire, -led to he sold become effective ihe purchaser of the same must deliver to and flip with Ihe City side I clerk of the Cily of Rochester a bond : In the sum or one niinureii tnousano i Re It ordained by the Common Coun- ; Cll or the I II y of Rochester as follows: I ; Ss-tion 1. That the assessment ofi Vd 14 lo Richard II liiikelow fori i.,ioilmnn Sireet and Webster Arenn-i ! Relief iiuMet Sewer againt I. of o. 1.1 of t he (fiioituian street il.itnesiead Tr.ict ! on tii- ca-t side of liooiltuan Sireet.1 1 corner Rookott street, jn the lsth Ward ' Of the Cily of Rochester being .10 f'. bv 71 ft. by i';i ft., 4,p apportioned as i follows: I j Tim' there be charged to and col- 1 looted from j ; VV. pt. 1...I 1.1. Richard H. Duk-- lnw c.-ts! sole (loiiduian Street. ! ! .'inx.llx.-.s.iti fpet ifi jn' i M. pt. Lot I.,. Jos. Tortori-tti and wile, south side K.vkott Slreet, .'tllsv.14 lili feel ; . 15 l- ! I K. il. Lot 11. Oillseppe Cliiap- pone, Sollllt si,p Ris'kett I , Si reer, .lnx-.'sxiiO 7 I'eet 17 70 I Ss'. 2. Thai the assessment of $''.-' , .114. ill to Saraohau tk Roseullul, ln-., 'for Sh'-re.r Street Asphalt Pavement.! j ird Hbis against Lot Nos. 14 to 4d In- j 'elusive, of Ihe Frank Sih-rer Tract on: : the east side of Shercr Srree! in the-' ;lih War.l of ihe City of Rochester.! being '.':sx'.,.x'Ji'r feet, be a ppon ioned 1 a s follow s : That there be charged to and collect, ed from Lots .10 to 40. inclusive, Sara clian A Rosenthal. Inc. oast side Sherer Sireet SlKxtflS I feet K 017 11 ! Lot ill, Sarnehan A- Rosenthal. j Inc., anil W. H. Burke Iron o- Sh-e Co.. east side Sherer j Streei. 40a lOx'Joti d-.-t 407 00 Sec. 1. That the assessment ofi 10. SI to Pairick Logan and wife for' iioodmatt Str-ct and Webster Arenuei Relief outlet Sewer against the east part of lot No. 40 nf the 14th Ward Association Tract on the south side of Pennsylvania Avenue in the lsth Ward nf Ihe City of Rochester, being 40x40x1 lis feet, be apportioned as follows: ! That there b- charged to and co!- looted from . s K. pt. Lot 4!. Pairick Logan ' " ! south side Pennsylvania Ave- j nn in rear, 40 x 40x'.'i feet ... 80 ; K. nl. Lot 40, Atitoni! h'alaone I ami iv it-, siottli side Pennsvl- I aiila Avenue, 40xlnx!is f,-et.. ,14 01 R" It ordained by the Council of the Cltv of Km follows: Section 1, The Common Council does hereby ordain and ib- lare that j it intetiOs to ristmre file ftition mg tui-I provetnents to lie made: I The cleaning, car- and entbellisli-i ment ,.f t'viord Stni-t, lo-iweeu Mn- r-e An nuo and Pi.rk Aieiiue. in the iti'v uf Roctiesier, for ihe season uf i V':i. S-e. '2. The whole expense Ih.-re-if esiimaied at pssi, (t,p estimate of ! I in maximum cost per foot to the ! property to be assessed therefor being is oentsi, shall be and become due and pai able iu one sum, and shall be assessed upon all of ihu following de-si riooii properly which this ( oulicil deems hcncttied by such improvement, to wit : One tier of lots and ns ,.nl la ,1 Be It ordained hy Ihe Common i ,.,.h ,i,u of oxford i,,w... Council of ihe City of Rochester as : Monroe Avenue an. I park Avei follows: j s.s. 3. The nature of this work la Section 1. The Common Council i such that detailed plans and spccllt-deeiarps that if Intends fn require i cailona cannot le tnade therefor be-the following work lo be done, to i fore the commencement ' of the work, wit: (the Common Council declares It 'int. The sprinkling of all streets in I pr.-iioaiue in no tins work by con the Citr of Rochester, Pt AM. Piersnn FIRST ORD1XAXCK. SPRINKLINO FOR TIIE SKASOX OF l'.r.'O. Re It ordained by th Common Council of the City of Rochester a) follows Secttof 1. The 4omtnnn Council does hereby ordain and declare that it Intends lo require ih following Im provemetils lo he made: The cleaning pare and embellishment cf Arnold Park between Kast Ar-niie and Park Arentie. ia the Cily of R,ch-t!er. for the aeam of Sc. 2. The whole expense thereof, estimated at MVHH, ithe estimate f he maxlmuin cost per foot to the property to be- assessed therefor being JO ccntsi. ahall be and become due aud parable in one sum. atad shall he assessed upon all of the following described property which this Council M-Oia benefited hy amh improvement, to wif : j One tier of lots and parcels of 1.181 nn eaco s:ue ni arniiin no, neisnru hosier aa 1 c"1 Avenue and Park Avenue. I See. 3. The nature of this work la such that detailed plans and apeci ticationa cannot be made therefor be. fore the commencement of the work, the Common Cnnin-il declares It un-p-sei tea hie io tins wtirk by contract. See. 4 This ordinance shall lake effect Immediately. Adopted by the following Tote: Area Aldermen Cauley, Ward. Peake, Hone. Kujawski. Plerson, Marks, Sohaumsn. Sasso. Milne. Clark. Chllson. H'.ker. Huli, Kennedy. S-ahihrndr, Finch, Knsamaiil. Jeens. Hergin. Kimber, Dentinger, MacKensie, Pike'Jt. .Nays None. Referred to Pifblic Worka Committee. Hoe. S. Tkli erdlnauca shall take elTect lxaiediately. Adopted by tb followint rote: Area Aldenaan Cauley, Ward, Peake. Hone, Kajawskl. Plerson, ! Marks, 9 haumin. Sst. so, Milne, Clxrk, , Chllson. Hickey. Rush. Kennedy. Stahl-: brdr. Finch, Ku-wmaul, Jeen. Rergm. ' Kituiier, lieutinger, Maokenaie, 1'ike M. Nays None. Referred to Publie Works Committee. I ! By Aid. Bosh ! FIRST ORDINANCE. ; STANFORD ROAD AND NORFOLK I STRKKr srWF.R. WALfcM ! AND VeRADINO. Hy Aid. Rush FIRST ORDINANCE, WKRNKR PARK CAR?) AND KMBKLLISIIMKNT. I ract. Sis-, effect I Hy Sec. o 'l-lA whole expense of such improvement is estimated at $100.-4NHUNI ithe estlmale of the maximutr. cost p-r fronr foot to the property to be assessed therefor being ft cents', to become due and payable lo one uma and assessed upon the following properly which this Common Council tb-euis benefited, to wit : line tier of lots and parcels of land on each side of each street fir ponion there, f in which work is performed as herein directed: aliso all lots and parcels of land within lines drawn parallel with said street lines and 10 feet ui tant therefrom. See. It. It is hereby declared to be j Impracticable to have such work done I by compel it ive ,-ou'tact, and the Com-' missioner of Public Work is hereby ! authorise! lo do the eame by contract i or hy day labor, as he may deem for the best interest of the city. j Sec. 4 This ordinance shall take ' effect Immediately. j Adopted by the following vote: ! Ayes A'dermen Cauley. Ward, Peake, Hone, Kujawski, Piersun. Marks. ScUauiuati. Sajsso, Milne, Clark, Chll son. Hickey, Hush. Kennedy, Stahl-1 Trad iiroiit, rincn. Missmam, jeens. Hergin. Kim'ber, licntiugi-r. -MacKi-nale, I'iko Nay- tN'one. Referred to Public Works Commit lis-. 4. This ordinance shall lake , , Immediately. Adopted by the following rote : Ayes Aldermen Cauley, Ward, Peak, Hone. kujawski. Plerson, Marks. Sihiiuuian. Sasso, Milne, Clark, l liilsiui Hickey, Bush, kenned), Stahl-brodt, Finch Kussmniil, Jeens, Hergin. Kimber, Heulliiger, .Maclxctixie, Pike--24. Nays None, Referred lo Public Worka Committee. ordalne 4y ihe Common of the City of RiM-liesier as 011.2." Inc., to Ro-lii'Ktir Molor Terminal, for Subway construction against ltd I ulversilv Avenue. In l,he I'll, U'Wlkjl.. ,1, I li .. lion I, mirl ., I.,, I V... 1 1 IT loii loo ., ' ' ' "" '"- i ... 1, . ,. ' ' . , 'ow 1 tie whole in, ui uie i s, a,-rr i mi l n file soilfll eatiinafetl at sine 01 nroaii .-si reel in nil 1S warn of the city of Rochester, being ittsx fol- AM. Chllson FIRST ORDINANCE. DARTM01TII STREET CARE AND KMUF.LLISHMKNT Be It ordained by the Common Council of ihe City of Rochester, as follows: Section 1. The Common Council does herphy ordain and ibs-lare thai it Intends lo require the following improvements to be made: The cleaning, care and einlellish-nieni of Dartmouth Sireet, between Thayer Street and south end of Alvnrd in the Cily of Rochcslrr, lor the season of JH.'ti Sec, 2. The whole expense thereof, estimated at Jiililoo, (the esllmaia of the maximum cost per foot t,o the properly to be assessed therefor being 2 cenis) shall he and become due anil payanle In one sum, and shall be assessed upon all of the following de--crilH'd property which this Council deems benefited by such Improvement, : to wit : I one tier of lot and parcels of land I on each side of Dartmouth Stn-et, be tween Thayer Street and suuth end j of Alvord 'tract. I Sec. 3. The nature of this work la i such thai detailed plans and speeltlea-, lions cannot be made therefor before I the commencement of the work, the ' Common Council declares 11 luiprae- ItcHtil to do this work liv eontrNc! Sec. 4. This ordinance shall lake effect luituediaieiy, Adopted by Ihe following vole: exnenses thereof Ayes Aldermen i .iniey, sru, JtJiSMSI. H,ht estimate of Peak, Hone, Kujiiwslrt. Pierst'ii, nhw maxiinuui cost per foot tn th ,nn 1 .Marks. Scliaunitin, Sasso, Milne, Clark FIRST ORDFXANrE. Bv Aid. Pieraon R1-.NDKI. PARK CARK AND KMHfTLLlSHMKNT. Be It orda'tied by Ihe Common fVitn cil of Ihe City of Rochcstrr as follows: ttecnlon 1. The Common Council does hereby ordain aud declare that ii intends to require the following iiu-prove-uterr.a to be ma To : Ihe elealllli. ea re and embi-llis'limenl Be II Council t follows : i Section 1. The Common Council , does hereby ordain and declare that It Intends to require the fulhiwinj nn-proretnent to be made: The cleaning, care and embellishment of Werner Park, between north end of street and Monroe Avenue, In Ihe Cily of RooheU-r, fur the season of It'Lll. Ss'. '.'. The whole expense thereof, esiimaied at fW.'usl ithe ealiuiate of the maximum coat p property lo be aseessi-d Ing 10 cenrsi, shall be ati'l be-fitne due and payuhie iu one sum, and shall be as-essed lipcr. sil of the following Jcscribeit priper(y whi-h thla Council deems bi-hctltcd by -lie-Ii ImprovemeLt, to wit: tine tier of lots ati'l pracels of land on each side of Werney Park, between nonh end of streei and Monroe avenue. S-. 3. The nature of Ibis work Is such that detailed plans ami specifications cannot !le made therefor before the eonimcnermeut of Ilia work, the Common Council Ueeiares 1t Impracticable lo do this work by con-irai-t. See. 4. This ordinance ahall tako effect. Immediately. Adopted by 'i following role: Aye -- Aldermen Can ley. Ward, peake. Hone. kujawsikl. Plerson. Marks. Sehaunian. nsn. Milne. Clark, Chllson. Hickey. Hush, Kennedy. S'ahlbredL Flm-h, kussmant, Jens, Hergin, Kimber. Dentinger, Mai-Kenale, pike ;M. Nara None. Referred lo Public Works Committee. M'c, 4, imi no ass-ssineiit of SIM.-i ..e u i. .. .."'. ';-. of fc. be apporitoued charged to anil cop aide of N , th the illleil, Hon RK PORTS Of- STAMiINtJ COM-MITTFKS. North Water Street from Strict Kast lo north side of in -r SI reel. Liberty Alley from north aide Main Suv.-i Kast to end of Liberty Alley. St. Paul Street front north, side of Mam Slreet Kast to south aide, of Pleasant Slreet, .Mortimer Si reef from N'orih ; Street lo Clinton Avenue Nonh, I Division Street from St. Paul Sircet ' lo Cliutou Avenue Nonh. i Clinton Avenue Norih frotu J able of Franklin Street lo Main ! Last. Siniih Water Sireet from north aide I of Main Sircet Kast to end of South 1 llnll'f Street. ! biy si reel from Sou Mi Waier ' to Stonu Mrecf. Souih Avenue from north Main Morn Water south Street lollars. which shall lie In form and ! executed In the manner prescribed bv i j the Corporation Counsel of the ity "f . Rochester, be execute. 1 by such i purchaser as principal and by a surety , corporation or sureties satisfactory to Ithe Comptroller of the Cily of Roches-iter, which bond shall provide for adc-j quale security for the prompt pa.rment in!' sue sum accrilillir to Ihe City of Rochester and for Ihe performance of anv and all obligations under the term and condition of Ihe franchise heroin ftulhermod and directed to be sold, and shall provide lor the securing, by said purchaser, said Cuv of Rochester. Us 1 hoards,, agents and sonants. i and aclions as hereinbefore provided, and in case of the insolvency or death of any of the -Kiireties upon said bond, the sa.ii! purchaser upon request of Ithe Comptroller or other proper ottl . i cer of the City of Rochester sha1! give; !a new bond of the same tenor uud ef-! feet and subject to the souio approval I as the bond originally to to- given. Tin- grantu- f Ihe fruu hise shall be ' ! all limes be subject lo reasonable po j jlire regulations and ordinance enact-j , ed or lo be enacted hy the Common I Council. j Pal ment to the City above provided (shall be ib-diiolil'le from any special : .franchise tax on the property and; j premises covered herehy I The franchise herein authnriited and j directed lo bo Hold shall be for a period ; 'beginning on the day of ihe approval j I oi 1 1,,- sub of ihe fi-anchls' heroin by ; ithe Board of Kstimale and Apportion-: I ment and ending iwenty file years ; from said dav. t Sec 4 This ordlnaii-v shall tako ef feet imno-iiiati-lv. After allium ions were hoard from . .all persons appearing, the onll uti to , was adopted by the following mir: : l lows ; I 'i hat tlo-re be I li'eted from I S, pts. Lots Hit. 109. MS. ltr j Riu-hester Motor Terminal, Inc.. sotiMi aid Broad i Street. ItiSvHKxISO feet ,.JlS,ai",1 ! N. its. Lot s 11.0. 10M, iids, pt;, I j Cily of Rochester, south side I I Broad Street, lUSxIlVsx'.'.TI ' l feet .1 00 i Sor. .1. That the assessment of H4 - , HMi.l.t lo Uo. hesier Motor Terminal, ' Inc.. for Subway Construction against Hie ninth ;.art of Lot No. SI and ihe i south part of Lot No. of the Rttt ! Acre Tract on the south aide of Broad 1 Street in Ihe 1st Ward of Hip City f i Roc-healer being l.'UxIWxIS ; feel be apportioned aa follows. That there be charged to an. I rol- I lected from S. pt Ihos SI and S2. Roch ester Motor Terminal. Im-south side Broad Street, 1,4 i.ix IS f.-et Jll llSll.1 Lois SI ami -'. Citr of Rochester, smith side "tread Slris't, ISAllxj,-, f,. : n pt Lots SI and S.'J, Cily of li, , ester, south siib- Bro.t.l Sins-t, l.V.NSxl ,:1 reet .1 oil Ss-c. 0. That upon tin- nsvtneni t sums h'-n-in specified and thus rlioned. the Cily Treasurer Is ln-re-aulhil.ed ami dins-ted lo releuse saiil parcels of land, .respectively, from lieu of the asseasiucuia above an. respis-t iveiy, 7. Tills ordinance ahall take iiouiciJiatcl v. Adolited bv Ihe following role: Ay Aldermen Canler, Ward. Peake. Uawski. Plerson. MarU. Seiiaiimaii. Sasso. Milue. Clark, Chll-soii. Hickey, Hush, kelinedv. St. hi. 'rout, r in. -n, r ussuiaul. .1 erty to 4ie assessed thsTefor heln.r 11 j'-entsi, hull be and be-oino due and i payable In one anin, aud shall be as-I sessed lllion ail of Ihe following tle- scribed property which this Council I deems hoiielPed by a ucii Improvement I to wit : ! One tier of lots and parcels of land on each side of Runde! ,rili f,mr..n Oxforil street an, pnivpr,T I Sec. 3 The nature of this work 'Is such that detailed plans and sped ficatioiu cannot be made therefor he-! for the commencement of the work the Common Council declares b im' practicable to do this work bv contract Sec , 4. This ordinance shall ink effect Immediately. Adopted by the following role: AyesAldermen Cauley. Ward, Peake I Hone, Kujawski. Plefson. Marks' I Schsiiman. Sasso, Milne, Clark. Chllson! Hickey, Rush. Kennedy, Siahlbrodt! Finch. Kiissmaul, Jeens, Hergin Kimber, Dentinger. VaeKenile. Pike ! Nays None. Referred to Pjjhl'c Works Committee. By Aid. Plerson FIRST ORDIXANC K. PORTSMOI'TH TKRRACK CARK AND KMBKI.I.ISHMKNT. Ry Aid. Bush FIRST ORDIXANC. CROSMAV TKRRACK CARK KMIIKLLISIUIKNI'. Ha It arda'ned fcy the Ommns Oron-' ril nf the mty of koeheater. aa fnliarws: Seefioa i. The Common Council does herwby nrdala and d-lar that It Intend! to require the foiiowlcj lm-' proremeat to be made: ' The conatrnction of PortUn-1 i cement wslk 4 feet wida on wxc' ltd : of Stanton road, from Ml. Hope are- nue to Norfolk Wrrwt, egcept where j good flag or cement walka now ezirt ' siiiii-i antlally aa good aa the new ws k. ! which may be flaid If n'. ronformtng t the proper grade ami alignment; ! aiso th neressrry erosewalk roadway and at defalk fradji, inrlud ng : Ih? change of trade at aaid slreet In ! Jl -rordance wt'ti .he prohle of fll in ; ' i:'e of u City K iiineer, on jr ! before the awarding of ibd contract, i for the work n?rein is-riie(L A too, the construction ei tu ne,--, sary sewera of lorm and duutjuaiona i approved by the Health Office-, off on I appeal by the CVumisfitnuer of Public Safety aa provided by the City Char, iter, in Stanford toad. fr).nMt. llopi I RM-niic tu Nor o k sireet aai In Nn'-: folk street from Stanford road to : Lat.imora drt-e. Also manholes aa follows: At each end of the aewer, at. all Intersecting sewers, and at aarh intermedials puces t shall aocnra a I manhole for every 3V feet of aawer. i Also street laterals at all Intersecting j streets, not now having aewer tonne--'turns of lorm and sutbclency approved I by Ihe Health officer. Also surface sewers at the corners of all afreet In-; lersi-ctions and at auch Intermediate 1 places as shall secure a surface newer - lor every IMO feet of afreet length, : Also lot laterals ts ill vacant lots and tots having buildiuga thereon to whtrt i I here is now no lateral conveyed, or : none of form and sufficiency or in ' number as approved by the lleallli Oltlrer. Also manholes, aurface . ets, stre-t and lot laterals for such i improvement tu be iu number, toon ! aud dlineusloua approved by tioj i Health otbeer. or ou aiiiM-al by iUii foot to the coioiiiissioiii-r or runiic iamiy, a' V"- therefor be- i ""' ' 10 -n ""' . . h rec. . ipo suvis cjs-mss b . , ltu.proviueiu eatitualed at e4.70o.wt. I 1 1 He estimate of ihe maximum coat per i fool to the property lo be asaeaard therelor being s.itl. to be and be-: come due aud payable in wen equal i installments, and assessed upon ail ef the following described property, which ; thta louuoil seems l.enenied aud proper to be asweased for the eipeiiae thereof, I to wit : tine tier of iota and parcele of land ; on each side of Stanford Road, front Ml. Hope Avenue Iu Norfolk Street, and on Nifrfolk Street, from Stanford Koad In Lattlmore Drive, and alto an lota and parcel of Jand within lines drawn parallel with aald street lines and It) teet distant therwfroin. Sec, 3. This ordinance shall take effect liumediaiely. Adopted by the following toI: Ayea Aldermen Cauley, Ward, Peake. Hone, kujawski, pier-son. Marks, Sehaunian, Saseo, Milne, Clark, CTiikson, Hit key, Hush, kennedy, SUhlbrtwH, Finch. Kuwmaul, Jeens, Bergin. KWm-ber, Dentinger, Mackeniie, Pike 34. Nays None. Referred to Public Worka Committee. AND the foiuthon Rochester, as Hergin, Pike-- Hnuhcr. Detiiiiigor, Mackenzie .'I. Nays Noue. By Aid Chlls,,,, - I'lTILIC Works ciiMMIITiT RKPoRT. Re It ordained by the Common Council of this Cily of, as follows: Section 1. The Common Council j do,sj hereby ordain and declare that It I Chllson Dicker. Hush. Kennedy. Siahl- brodi. Finch, kussmaul, Jeens, Bcrgiu, Kimber, Dentinger. Muckenxie, Pike -24. Nays None. Referred lo Public Works Commit-! tee. j By Aid. Chllson j FIRST ORD1XANCK I DARTMOI TIf STRKKT CARK AND , KMHKLL1SIIMKNT. lb It ordained by Council of lite Cily of follows : Sis-tion 1 The Common Council does hereby ordain and declare that It iulonds to require the following liu- i provoiuPul to be made ; j The denning, care and ettihelllsh-i mi-til of Crusiitan Terrace, Jvlasi's I Monroe Avenue aud Pinnacb- Road, in jttte City ,f' Rochester, for I lie season i of lll-'li. S.s-. ', The whole est t ma to! at $-7.1 iai, the maximum cost By Aid. Kiiaamanl FIRST ORD1XAXCF.. KLM DltlVB TREK PLANTTNO. Be It ordained by the Common Otin-cll of Hie City uf Rochester aa follows: Seciiou I. The CViuttjou Council nf the Cllv of Rochester de ordalu and ideferuilne that the following iiuprovt-t uieut is necessary aud shall be made, i to wit : j The planting of trees on Kim Drive, i from Wiuion road to end 0 afreet. See. 2. The whole eiense of aucH I Improvement, estimated at tlriS.fki, (the j restimate of the maximum cat per foot expense thereof i to the property to be asseesed therefor fthe estiuiate ofi being loci, to be and tsecotne due and per fnt to Die , payable In one sum and asuessed npon the Common Rochester as te It nMalned by Council of the City of follows: Secilon 1. The Common Council does hereby ordain and d'-elare that It In-lends'tn require ihe following Improvements to to made: The cleaning, rare and embellish-ment of Dartmouth Sir.n-t, between Park Avenue and Thayer Street, In the City of Rochester, for Ihe seaaon of l' See. 2. The whole expense estimate! ai nue i-i-i,i.,.,t , rll,t the maximum cost per foot lo thoj H(i(, properly lo be assessed therefor lie ng : ll. cents), snan oe aim ,,e o, .,- and payable In one sum. and shall be j Adopt HSSt'Ssott Upoll Bll OI I IU- I wins; .x ,V property to be assessed then-ror io-ing . all of the following described property In cental, ahall be and become duel which this Cniltv-11 deems beneflied and payable in one sum, aud shall be.;and proper tn he asaeseed for the ea-asscssetl upon ail of the following de. j iene thereof, to wit: one tier of jots and parcel of land on each side of Kim I'rlre. from Wln- t his Council improvement, i rib-, I properly which j deems benelltPll by inch i to wit : 1 J One tier of tots and parcels of Jsndi I on each side of Crosman Terrsce, be- j tween Monroe Avenue and Pinnacle, Road. I See. 3. The nature nf thla work Is such lhar tleiaile'1 -rlans and specift-, caiions eannoi be made therefor tie- .,! rfici. it hm h. rh p.rtr' .- ! the Common Council ileclares It Im- thereof, j ,,...,'.. , .1.. ,1.1. ...b K. ...... from Wintnn Road to the end of street. Sec. ,1, The nature nf tblx work In such that detained plana and aneclfi. cation cannot be made themfor before fhe commencement nf the work, the Common Council declare H Imprac ticable to do this work tie eontract. I ahall take i 4 This or.Jinsnce Immediately. I by the following Vote: - Aldermen Cauley. Ward I, .scribed property which this oitucii , ke. Hone. kujawski. Plerson dooms beiu'liicd by sii' li Improvement, Marka, S-liauinan. Sasso. Milne, Clara, to wit: i i tit isou, ti.csev. nusn, ixetineuy. sisru One ib-r f lot" tid parcels of land X.AW COMMITTKK RKrOKT. Py Aid. emir? Rorhwitcr, V. V., Airi '7, lid. th H-irtorahiP, (hp rnnmvin Omin- ctl of th t'tty t ItfH-li.'tiixT: Iintl(mtni- Your I .hit Cnmintrti' tn whirh w ref?.i'r..i (he p,itivnii(m vt the Strand ThoattT, r.Mti.t rmc h ilrpnup or iirriiilft.un to r'irt ritct aiui iiiAtntaln n ntpn to tf rts.-hc, tht frimr of the ItuMiltrti, im th.' prt'uiUrM known N". t'C S( I'liul S(r.--t. hvg t-i rtMrt thuf we havt iifii I he iMiiif 'iir wrv xHr fnl ronsitli-rtti iuti mix! r-lTtftlly rri'i.uiH.t-iHl thfi( (hp m-i-oiii M'Vvlnr nnlitiMiHv In Sii"((i ,i 4y your ihiiUtrH'iii JH'tttv Hp-M u !!t wnhinitTi-tJ, PATKhK I'UI.KV, HSKKI., n. u.;ks Utl.K H St'll.U MAN, V T 1'1KRSI, KMrV.WK K. VII If SON. Kplrod. fiirj hA piihlishtMi. B.t AM. Kiijawixl - OrUimnft N. W. r(mnilklrnfr nf I'uhllr nrk Anlhnr-To (irant ( Mumim or frrml- 'n ta stmitti Th4f.(r T t rm-t fit( Mwinlttln feign . In tfnt f th HHlltlintt K no wit a No. rr Hi. In ii I httwi. H U ' red br Vntinin ('miii,;, f i,e t'i'y tf Km h- it, a. (i)lltiri: AvcHAldfrinpn run In v. Ward. I'tk, 1 limit. Kills' w-ki. I'inn-on, Mrtrk. MIllp f i k'.,t,si,.an WMds 1 Inn I'lftrk .'hil Mum street Kast to ixirth fcidt- ;ria.l iii.-L-'or tiwh KonnPfiv Siahl- ,s'r' t't I hriMtt. Kii-h. Kunninmil. Jwiw, P.tki, .Miuprva I'la-p fruui Main Strnnt i l.nMrii:i'r. Mm'KMizi. .'Ik.- -4. N'ajs- Sun. lix.clM'-inr. , V.. Ii.r., T' lilt llt'iinrHiiliv ! I,.' 4'hihHhmj CiMhiril .f (hi- Vuy uf Um'h,.i,.r: U.i)tl( uii ti - Ynur Piihlif Wfirk roiumilm. rcxpi-ci fully rwitmrin-nds th,if th. f.ill.tWMijf first nr-linnifs r--f r rt"i 1 to t hi' in for considnriii ion h-dM.tcd hy Htiiiiiriitdt' ttmlv ; lfwcy A vi-nuf 'it mMil H'.iiirfa'lnir ; .iut-!jil!Htf fiiuil ird;u;iM-i' Nn, t.7i, KiiM'ki'i.nrkt'r Av-niU' I'.-nciruMif ; ( 'flr ftry I'lu.'c I'HVfHinur : ' Vt n ' pfiniry Kuad I'jiv.-nn'nl : .i.'a.,ry If ; tVtrt- .tni Kittht'lfishtiiiMtr : ('.iv-jinry Hill Il'-nd Tr- I'lfitit ins : (ar iiujn ' li-.ail Kant to , of r.;itu a nia in Miiir-rvH ai t. Siuiie Mrt-t. frtun Ma'n Street " inriH null' (l tourt Sirnvt, I ii!i St rwl fn-m Sttnit Si rfcl Clintfin Avcuiif .Smth. Inhi-inti'ii St rent from Stone Htrf-t to ntiilun AvtMiue Soitih. riiiiiou Avftius kSuuth .from U'd ift'e.'t Kast tit Mouth side Court Htret. rrniiKim si rr-t iron, koh.u niijw Orru.uid strwt lo Maui Strew Kant Nonh Si rn t f ru ru M a i a St ne t K t to Kunth ii of Amity S'mot. A. hillf Strive from .North , rwt la Siilliion st rt. Sttllsou Sirpnt from Knnt Anu to Dorih milt A.hilU's strnet. iilh Strt'r-i fr.-m Kt Atptiih to pot ut J) fH-t iiunh of mirth t.i.1- ot (ifuvp Str,'-i. Maiu Sirt-t-t Kitt from orih !t strict to ba Str-..i. Court .Strvt't from wesr Ridf of Clinton AvUM Sotuli to niiHt id.. rert Irtinl Strt-'L Curitaud Str.-t fr.lfli Hin S'rwt Kat 1 4 Mouth stiil"' of Cmirt Strotr. T'mid, Ktr.-nt fmiit 1'i.rt. ia ml Scrwt (o Cht't nut St r't, Chtwt nut Sf mpt from- K.iwf Arrniti to ..ii'h Ridn 4r( Tcinph Strnt. Kintui Strr from tatt tldo of Elm Str-,.t t.i 'ht'tnnt Srr-H. Klin StrM-t frtrtu west ulr of AMas Strt t rhfstiiin Stri'tt. . Ada- S.'rcf fri-iii Kim Str-ci ! Kmd!i fi'rt. Km! A ion f Tijfi tht in St rvrl l mat vidu Ak-tamivr hint. WMt i,ls pant' idtf STUF.KTS rOMMITTKK It KI(KT, By Aid. Kint b - HoihfHter, X. Y Ai-ril 2T, l.t'X To thf Horu.rablf, th Common Council of tin City of Kovhf sler : 0ntlxmen - Yonr Ptrwt Comm(tno, to which aM rvfnrrfd the trili nt rtdntlve to chautuif the tia im-rt if r lit'iklni sj'i.tre and Chathum Strwt to tirmond Strwt. IVic t r-uirt that wo Its (rj vt'ii t ht mt on r ia ruf til ronsidt-raliufi and ivnM,t fully worn iiH-ii4l Hiai th jif4iMii'riiiT)nf ordinance bf tdol'tt'd liv tour Monorchia Body. Rnrf nliv snlimit(t, H. M. K1 H. .1 A. Hl'SH, WM J. WARH, . MlI NK, WM II. Cl.AHK, Strain Crimmltt4. KtvtdvH, flli and i'tihllti'd. By Aid. Mark nllntnv No. ( httvnvlnr ftiiai mt ( hHlhttm ttrwt and I ranklin Hxftmr Ormoud Hn If itrdninrd br ih t'iirmn 'itn-cil of tho t 'ity f Hm'hi"-ffr. hm ft.lNiw : H-(ion V Thar th hirhwar ft-tnrtdinif from Anrtrp S'rn't ni.rrhfrlv nt i Hmt"Tiiinf S? r- ttd prpiu-it knowu a k ra.ifc.liu Siurt', be tbrftigvd Snw-rs. Walks arid t.r;i.nrj. ; Siarif.ini . Hoid WtHtt Sen. r. ;t!ks nnd rtd inn-; lr?inKton S. wcrt. Wnik-; Hn. ;radnii. : St. Paul S?r.'.t Walk; f Aiimndiij flnfll ordinaiM- ,o. iVsj.s. i Kturrru Hnad Kx'- nsion : l.n!i;irti j S'nft Sown r a. Ws'ks and fi radium . Mddopf S' f'N'f swr. Walks and I tiniditiir : Morrnn Street Tr. rian- "itr .MirtinL'iiriin c rc r I'avriiinn t tUU.d Avfitn- KafehHion HilUi.i,, i Nnv- Von- ! Av,-.hum Sanliarjr and Hrormwatfr Kcfcrrt-d to jSwra; M.trvfn Roa.t Sanitary and j l?. ; - i. no nairr i-wprt: a: n w,t v ra rK i Sflnifary aud Storniwatr S4-w,ts: Kd-; $trt Kxtn.i('n : r.yiMi 'IVrrai Tra.-t Walks and ; Unnfnrd j I andinir Jtod I'STt'int-nt ; Am-nd!nK i Final ordluaricw N.. ias ,pU Av-j imio l'aTrM'nr WidniBnjf and Hxur-j f.-.n.r 1 Knli)in''t sirn-t rarpmtit; j Oik Hilt it-w PaTmctit: Artry S;r't J ruTfiiient ; Indiana Str--t Trv Tlaut-I 1"1E. 1 R--r.",tfiinT sirhmiffd, ! Kl.MKR CHMiN. V. .1 WARM. .1 J. KKVNKI-V ' (TIXKlt-X M SiTIWMAN, K A DKVTI;KK. rnMic Work (Vmrnltt. Ilf",,!-"d, fl!d and inthlis'hfd. itttendti to roiiuir" th. follow int. iui lirovcun-nt s to In made : Tht clpsnlmf. fart and emtf!Hh.-nivnt of Port am out h 'r-rra-'t, l"-t wefii A vcnii a nd 1 nivcrsii y Avenue lu tht Cuv of UitchffiiiT. for tiie m-ii (fill) of til'.'ti See. 'J Th wholn pxt.-tirxt thnrnof. MtiHiati'd at $1 j'UM-t, nh' siimat nf th' IljiMltlllilil coNt t-r font to ) h" : Itropt'rt v lo ns'M.'d tlmrcfur hidiijc t i'4t (nim, slirtll Im uud Iiimi d in tiri'l 'av:ilil' Hi nn Hum. Mud whuti h ! HHfwK d nptin all ff lift- foiinwuiif d-i Hrrltu'd tro).Tt y hih tfiis finoil il4'tiis Im ii' li1 ed i.y liiirh in p r,iT" ; Ulf lit . tO Wll i iiuv tier of lotH and parrt'U ,.f hnid i on h'Ii tihto i,( 'irt Hilton t h 'Ifrrrtrc. j t I m (' n K, t A w n t . ami X'ni ve r. i t y A f.'iiiiH ; and a I ho all lots and nrrpi ! of land within line druwn tHruilfi i with Hire.'t linva and M f-'t; tli j tunt tht-rcfrtnu. Sw. :i. Tht' nainr of rhia wirk Is i atl'-li that (lit:il4i plftfiN ftn, I Hi4riri'-n- 1 1 on a crtniiot ( nrndf hjr-for t"f .r t'io ('omim'iMi'tiH'iit of thl wtrk, thf Common t 'on tin I d.cla r tt intprae- tu-jitd' lo do thia work 1 fontract. S-i'. 4 This ordiuin'O tak rflVarf imnifdiHtniy. f Adoptt-d hy th followlnir votn; Avna - .Mdopion Caniny, Wurd, ; IVgkf. IlftHno, Knjawk1, riron. M.irks. S'-tiMNHuit. SMI'. Milno, Clark. ChtU"n. Ihckv. lluh. K.Miiwdy. Stahi rtrodt. Kini'h. Ku-Htrunt, .1mis, iiorjtin, ! KiititH'f. IhMittii)ftr. MiicKnnjth', 1'ike- Mil i,Cll HI ill' OI J'.'iri lUOUt II r-i.'-a-., i"- twoi-n Taik Av.-Tiiit- and Thayer Sircft. Ve. ?(. The. iuU,nr of this work W mi'li that dwallrd I'Una -and apt-c ttca-fioits 1-aniiul lf Hind- thi-n-for lfotc I tht i-'oiniurnc.inv'nt of tin work, the j Common Council di-el.i n-n U ini.r;trttc-itt.ix to do thia work by cunt raci. j Sc. 4 Tins ordinaiH'tr nhiill tak; ! fiT.t t, iniiiit diutdy. ! Ad-jitcd tiy the folio wliiK Tote: I Avea Alderman Canity. Ward. !'ckr. .- I lone KnJaWHk . I'irai, Marka, S'hiiu : man. Sass... Milne. Clark, ChlNu. Hick-i hi'-h. Kfinietiy. StahH.rodi. K:n h, , I KtiniaMl. .let-iis. Merlin, Kimber, l-n- ;tini;er, MarKenxin, Vikv-'tl. I lroilt, KiiH-h, KtiHsmaul. .leeit. ht-rttiu. 1 K inrtier, l'euliiitf-r, Jackwuii. 1'ikt4- i .Naya- NNnit., Krferred ta PirMie Works Conimittp. Ity Altl, Hush- FIRST tiRIilN'ANCK. l.AT n;KK IiIilVK SKW KKS, WALKS AM i K A I I M - Nays None. Kefermd lo I'uhlip Works te Hy Aid. Chllaoo- riUST ORIINANCK, XICK AUK A ANP B CAKK KM HKIjUSII M KM. Jit it ordained by th Cmninnii Conm-il id ihw Cily i'f KtK-heater ai ftdinwa: ; Sciion 1. 'I'hp Common CoiitkII I d-fes hereby ordain and dectarw tht i It in!'iids to r"t ui r- t h lullowiiitf ; iiitproveno'tit to 1 iriri-Ie: Th' rtrHmiriji. car and f-mlvlJUh-! ment of u k Park A and H, tw-! t Hiu-n Fust A ven tie and Park Ave- i Iiiif. in Hi Hty of KocheMer, i nasou of !-!. ' Sec. I h whole IV if ordaiii'-d by t h Co mm on i'tiim'-tl tf th.. Chy tt H.M'Iiesrir, as follows srf. 1. Tli" Common Cmim-H doe he!vtv 4i rd tut and uiisn' it in- I Iniids to rjiiirc the foll.,w;is im-j (ir-n f(ii4u: io h made The roii-t rii-nott oi : Portland 'vtiU'iit CollltUll-i W; k fret H'hti on i Mt'h wide of (.all -I more iM'ne. from Ml, H-fpe Avt'niie to t'siHi fi'timn, es.i -.( where i.'mh M ty: of celneni tlkr now i-vi Mil b-l a it! i;i ! i 'as jfood us Mie im'W w:iik. winch uusy 1 : retii id If not I'niilontistiK 1 he j.ritfier ! jfrade nnd alijntneni ; itln tii m-c! - AVD.sary eronrxWuik. roadway nnd sidewalk ; r:il ' tt ir. inchidtnK the -hjinfi of a d i-..rif in a-eoril,in'-e with the Toli!. on !! ilk the ofiirt of ihe 'ily Kitnineer, on or bi-toro the awarding; of the cou-tr;' t for i h work lit-rt m described. Also, i he C4in.t ruction of t ii nect-Mii ry ewers of f irtti ami diru-nitoiiH an- lrod by the Ile?il?ti OHi'-T. or on ap Ip4-;( 1 by t li t'omiii xt"iicr of Puhlu S;(fi'fy. n nroviifd b iht Ci'v Charter, in I-adiinor" lrive, from Mt. (lot" Avnnu- i f Hwt Iwuaii Itoad. A'o manhole a foMuwt; At wui of the for the ewT, at ll infer-t inn xi-wi'fH, and ;t HiK-h iiitertnediar hu-w a hii 4Sttenf therp- ! aeeur m ui.innou1 lor everv ner PuMle Works rommit- Aid. Marks FIRST OKDINAXCK OKMOND STItFKT TRFE MOV A Is. Bf it ordained by thp Common Pou we, I of the CHy of Kocbester, a follows: fHH'Tion i. i up . ominoB ounru ttj ; 4. tin City of Kofhestr do ordain and I ,.(.h AtvriO T PCCV FIRST ORDINANCES F(K IMPROVFMEN'IS, Ht Aid. riron FIRST ORDINANCE. yT AVFVf'K FRA mm SI'KFFT KT Tit At EN A DP H STKEET. ADDITION A L I.IUIIT IN(.. drermiiie that tht fodowtntf fuinrovt tnft is D-e-t,.iry afid chail bt Hiadf, to w't: Tli' reniovil of rnva on ('rmorid Srreet from Andrews Sirwt to Franklin Sfrevi. Se. Tht wholp fx fMMlSt- of KHeh lmrovenipnl, fs) i mated at O (t, tih estiuia'p of the maxuuii'tt eoit .r fmit to the property tn Im a- At-$ e4ted therefor U'ing 4 erntai, to he ! !Va'ke, and beeom. dn and parable In on 1 Mirks, aiim ard . "d tifutn a'l of lh fd- P,rk, i of, esiimaied at " l C'hi I of th matitniim crt it foot :m I pro(H'rty to bv. a. M d therefor be-1 lug -t cents i, thall be aud benine ! due and pavahie in oiw autn, and j ahall be asesed Upon all of ih" frd lowing ileaenbed property whb-h t f-1 ( ouncil deetns benefited by me ft impfivement, to wit : V iw Uft of b t a a n d pa rel o f ln 1 on wh aide nf Vina, Park A and B, between fcaat Atenn and Park Atettue; and alsn all lots and i parcels of land w.ihui tinea drawn ; parallel wi'lt ;t tl direct iJiiei fe't distant then-from. .1. the nature of thla work is that detailed plana and n-- H4-a;iona cannot be made therefor be for; the commencement of the work, t he CouiiD'iii oiinctl dec la ret It Jim practicable fw J;1 thia wurk by tsin tract. Set'. 4. Th's ordinance ahatl tak rfftst limiicdatcly. lowinf decrlt property whit h thia Council dema benefited ami proper to ho aHenned fir th fipnitsf thrv4if, t wH; rtn t'er of mi nd pa lnd t U ordainvti bjr tutt Cvtauoa tab idu t Ufntutid lM.rtvt Xfuia ( Bum. Adopted bV the following Tote: Aftlerin'! Pattley, Ward. Hone, Ktijawkf. JMen-n, Schanman, Sasao, Mil no, Chitson. HicVoT, Bosh, Ken nedy. St i hibrodt, F'neh. K 'ttnmsn!, .Jpens. Rt-rtftn, Kmib-er. 1 'ent ntjf"r, MarKenaie. Ptko- 24. Naya - None. Refrrretj to Public 'orka Com j of hwt, A!o lrw'i laterals at ail 1 intersect ma streets, uni now haviujc ! xi'Wfr coiine't.iojis of ftrm and miffl. Itieiicy approved by the Helih Dftir, AN surfa't Hewers t rhe corners of uti stref! ntersectiona ami at nh In- termetliktto pJe.'ti ax . stt.tll se4-iire a aorfae ttewer fr every ''art fet of itnr-et U'liiith Asso lot laterals tn alt i va-ant bus and lota bavinK bulldlnfa :Hireou t whit h thero i how no lateral i 4.iiTet.. or none of form and miffl jctt'io'V or In nmutM-r hx approved by the i Hs !t h I irtteer. A No ut.i titioif. toirf.'o- i wewers. ni rr-i-i ant) bt ltorHla f-ir such i?d ! Improvement fo le tn number, form and ditiifiitHma approval by the lltalth f irfiivr, or tin appeal b t he Cotumin-sioiivr f Putd r Safety, aa proi-Kbd by th Cit ? barter. Sec. The. whol expense f mirk improvement, esi ? ma ted ai $13,000 tR, ithe Ittiatf uf tb maattiiiim cust jer foot lt 'he proieriy u$ h asHeHwd therefor belnc oili, to bsp a nd b-omea due and pay abb1' iu wvh etiiti! in-staHtu!s, and a-eKed upon alt f the followiiijf 4scritrd property, whu-h th to Depart ment, Sw. 4. Thl ordlnane. ahall tak efft Immediately. Adopte.l by th fnllowHuf To(: Ayo4 - Alderman Patit-ey, Ward Peake, Hone, Kitjawaki, Plprton, Murks, S'-haiiman. Sasso. MDne, Clank. Chilsnti. Hitkev, flush. Kennwly. Sraltl-brodr, Fini-h, Knssmaal, Jen, Berfin, Kimber, Dentinger, MacKxnie, i'ike Nava -None. Itiferred ta Public Works Conv mitie'. By Aid. Knasmatil. FIRST ORDLNANCE. SHir.L STKEET TRFIK 1HANTINO. If ordained by fh Common PotiB' rll of the City of kochettr as follows: Sect bui 1 The Com in oil Council of th. C ty of Ko hester do ordafo ami deter m ine I hat the follow inn Improve tio-iit n iit-i-fSrtary and ahall be made, to wit : The t.i.iiitiujf of trra on Shil Street, from c mt ! Koad. to end of atreet. Sec. '. The whole eipense of am-Ji itiil'fowiii- nt, esthtta'eil at. lftm, (the et.ui:i!e of the lilai ntiim eont per foot to the property to hi a a. Mini therefor lioitnf loci, ti but and become dim and pviv.'tbb' III one Minn and assessed npon :ill of the following decribott property which this Coiindi dems benllted and proper to be assessed fcr th eipenw? threiof. to wit ; One tir of ofn and pareela of land on well side of Shie street, from H'm-ton Koad tf nd of atreet. Sec. .1. The. nature of thla work la amh tha' detaHexl plans and apeeifica-f ions ran not to mad therefor bfro the- eommencemetit of the work, fhe Common Connetl dee: area R lmpraeti. cable to do this work by eontnict, and d roi-ra that it be done by th Park Dpa ri menf. Se-. 4, This ordinance ahall take effeet Immediately. Adopted by tht following rote; , Are Alderman Caitby, Ward, Peake, Hone, K uj a w sk 1 , F lrao n, VCuka. Sihaumarv, Sasao, Miine, Clark, Phlistm. Hickey. Bush. Kennedy-Srahrbrodr. Fln-h. Kussmaul. Jen, Berifln. Kimher, Dentlns-r, MacKeu tie. Pike--24. Nays None, TNrrd mltt. to Ptabllc Worka Com- By AM. Knssmatil FIRST ORDINANCE CAKT.TSr,!T ROD ANT OTTIfcR STREETS SAMTARV Ol'TI.ET SEWER. Re U trd;i!ned by the Common Coun, cli ttf the City of RtM-hoster a follows! Hoot lou t. The Common Coiittcil rfo a hereby ordain and d-clarea that H in-tonda lo require the .following tmrove-U(tnt to Ih matte: The construct- on of the narr ('(ml! li'-fins thmellred anI urooer .sewer of form and dimension aprroro4 be -ed fttr the epen there.f, ' br the Health m-er. or on aoeal br !th t imirtiri"rtpr oi nimif ow.ieiy, - the Cily Charier, alon th-- sirlbsl tine: K-r'nninf in ropoaeri atretK known at trilffraMf Ion and !so a I l(- aad pa r- of landj,,! ronter tin of W inatead R1: with'n tin- drawn para!'l wi'h M d (nfe northerlr thyonih th aaid r-t litvsj and 1 feet d.ant there- icArimle K-U tu the a-ewer ia Try 99 to wit; tth ConimtstOoner , ;w ., sm P.r,Ti, r ;.nJ!px,;;',;.:X',r2', ' l-l of I.stilmor ,lrtv from . -..n-r it a ir M! Ilil AvfiiiB lii l eli-ml """' iaa arllslf Rfsl anrl a!s aM lv aal paf--is r( lar.'fii.k i.. hi,.

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