The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1949 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1949
Page 17
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THUKBUAT, 'ATOTT. t, MOB DZb T Eil! I OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople THERES A ROW OF Z.7 WINDOWS 6ACH STEP I TAKE--SEE HOW MANY IN THIS WHOLE SHOP. IT'S GOOD FOR YOUR MATH TO PO THIS WHILE JUST LOAFINS ALONG,' YES, IT IS-- 1'M COUMTIM' TH' FIRE PLUGSj YES, ITS GREAT COUNT NOON WHISTLES OM SIWDAYS TO KEEP MY MIND IK) TRIM. VOUR VACA"OOh45 VOU N&eD A VACATION ASOOT Afc MOCH a mppo.uo THE zoo IM ALL tue YEARS LWED WERE, VOONC eee^ A80DT BO AS FREE VACATION, I've ACQUIRED *. PROP ERTY Hi VJilOS, G A»AE AWD FISH — T 1 L I- SPEND MOST OF TWe SUMMER (^ RE VOU GETTING P6RSOKKL BARTER ? British Baronet Gets Tourist-Luring Job 1 LONDON — <;!'i— A British tauo- nel who lias .spent years it] the United States hns been given the job of luring dollar-spenrilnp; Ameri- cnti travelers to this dollar-shorl country. r»he British Travel Association luMiied Sir Harold Bonllon. 5G, to be chief representative of the "Come to Britain" organization In North America. Until recently lie was special U.S. representative of a Canadian hotel and resort group. He worked for the OGER THE LODGER COmiCKT »T CatlNftEIG: , ________ ih«- f ..... Sly. Kutccr. !«• » P««? wltb i Uf Hotter I* nmi Inkr* over dial Ira uf ihe boil. \i-xc fcc lirvoMt* rh* fnnilly chauffeur And OM KB r*our- »U>n lo (he Army IJHBC. «ur* tvrlcc Inln mud.l. dltche« wlik Ihr llnh- rrtt rnr. H r nlno I.Hp. Mr-. Hnb- crl« In the klloheB. Jim. All is forgiven. Return home at once. You will n«ver Again be lite for an appointment and lose your job. We promise to buy an accurate new Bulova at DREIFUS Jewelers 316 West Main St. Blytheville "Meet Dreifus—Wear > Diamonds" 41ViCt, kWC s, or I should get out a linen clolli and begin lo set the table or five, the sedan, shiny as new, drew to a slop before our house. Out jumped Roger and, like a fool- man for a prince, he held the door open, A general in the United Stales Army stepped out of the car, followed by his aide. Time for debate was over. I whipped off my apron, ran frenzied hands through my hair. UNIFORM Headquarters • Baseball • Softball G«t Our Prices TAX! and TRUCK DRIVERS UNIFORMS All Colors - Gabardine i $12.95 HUDSON Cleaner-Clothier-Tailor ATONDAY Roger askeci for the keys to my car. As my eyebrows went up, he reminded me "pnlly that he couldn't allow the misadventure of the day before to So unerased. A wash job was in order. "I'm afraid I must insist dear lady. The fault is mine. The restitution is also mine." I told Roger 111 at in Montana we were used to dirty cars, that almost no one bothered to keep a car shinec up. He lisleticd patiently, with his hand outstretched, and his only comment was to wiggle his fingers in a come-on motion. I gave him the keys. About 5 o'clock that afternoon he telephoned from a downtown cocktail lounge to inquire what we were having for dinner, i was cooking a roast of beef, a lovely thing for which I had given all our hard-saved points. We'd got past buying meat with a thought for size or price; it wns the number of points required that determined whether we bought or not. "But good!" Roger exclaimed, "I've run into a couple o£ friends and we'll be right along." T heard the phone on his end click. As fast as one myopic eye and one farsighted eye could do it, I looked up the number of the cocktail lounge from which he said 'he was calling, and rang the phone there. I asked to have Roger paged. In a few minutes word came back that he did not answer. Long before I had got over wringing my hands and arguing with myself over whether I should simply lock all the doors, turn off r PHE front door opened and Roger boomed, "Lee 1 . 1 want you lo meet General Brown and Major Smith. They flew in this noon and are leaving in the morning, I couldn't have them pass through ami not be exposed to Western hospitality." General Brown and Major Smith both looked as surprised as I did. Roger hung up their caps and coats in the vestibule closet, herded them through the living room, tossing a lighted match into the nc-wly laid wood in the grate as he passed the fireplace, and on into the giir- dcn room. Setting them comfortably, be opened the panel to the bar and said, "Gentlemen, what'll it be?" I was curious myself as to what it would be, since Last week's bottle had been emptied Sunday and Robbie was not yet home. But Lady Luck was riding high on Roger's shoulder. No sooner had he asked the question and received the reply, "Whisky and soda." than the horn of the hunter was heard on the hill. Rnb slammed Ihe garage door and came in with a quart Roger took charge of the bottle and turned to the bar. Over our coffee and cigarels nnd benedictine, General Brown said, "I shall never forget this town. It will always stand out in my memory as a unique city. In the course of my career I have visited many places in the world and many cities in this country, but never until today did I experience any- (he hotel desk, a gentleman came over beside us. As soon .i\s we hiiri finished registering, ho looked at llie ciiriLs. called me by nsune and said. 'I've never had the pleasure of buying a general R drink, 1 With that, be reached into bis pocket and pulled out a Sit) bill. 'You'd oblige me very much if you'd drink ihis up.' " Genera Drown laughed. "We hud n.nile r lime returning the money without ofTcnding the old fellow. Later, in the bar, another man stepped between Smith and me. Placed nn arm around each of us. litei iilly pinning our arms to our sides, Then lie browbeat the bartender into giving him our checks." General Brown looked at Roger. "You saw him, Sergcunt, He wns buying your drinks, loo. Thought you were part of our parly. w a s scarcely n n y time after Ih a I that we were kidnaped for tii No," he fopeitleci, "I'll nevci forget this place." • * • 1 KELT thai the Chamber if Commerce should hear about us. Ant] about the man with the $10; Tuesday morning I WAS good tired and good ami nuul, bad driven the visiting army back to their hotel nnd forgotten turn until very were sill] on the sink. At 2 o'clock that afternoon 1 had a can teen corps meeting to attend, am! 7:30 thai nighl nutrition to launch, frame of mind lo have a third for dinner. Just in ease, and lo make absolutely sure, Roger to tell him to before he cnme home. "You're going out?" he said. "No. Bui we're having ha bad managed to salvage enough meat for hash and bones for soup The balance of the week we woult be eating eggs, and fish. *'Jnsl you and The I.Ulle Man? Roger hnd The Little Man, and though Rol squirmed, he did nothing lo stop it "Yes." "Thai's the good company mean. I'd miner eal hash wit! you two than sit /cast," FRECKLES ft HI8 FRIEND* By MERRILL BLOSBBR Too I>arg«, Marf« Aw* A eoeoy-sowai OFF IMt" PORT BOW/ WARM u wy iJELio! AREMt \TMATS Me.GoaGeousT YOU TUE BO/ J WHIP OUr TH€ OtD WHO SINGS ? J Aur/6RAPU BOOK ' "I don't mind having the air races in the house, but ilo 1 have to b« the pylon?" IMUSCILLA'S I'Ol* V ^ Vt^ I*f NOT A \rrfJLp.' ' |^.0q> J r , <y it irlSv^vm^r )•- <• J •&"" *' >i$ Nn Waste [Motion By AL VEUMEER the lights, and pull down the thing like this. When we stood nl (To Be Contiiuird) Kor bxpert PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Tall lh'01 NICHOLS DRUG American Creosoting Co. of Lonis- vllle and the Barrett Manufacturing Co. of New York before and during World War I. In 1018 IIE married I Louise McGowan of Indinnapoli.s. Britain expects to earn more than] 580 million (his year from 130.000 j visitors from the United Stales and 20,000. from Cnnarta. ! You Are Cordially ' Invited to Visit The I Accessory Shop i > Feminine Apparel ' J \liil,el HiiRiin Jessie Sril* ] ; flnlel \oble Klrig. I KlytNeville. Ark. "George is a whiz at breaking records , , . why, only last week he got a loan on his car from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION in two minutes //of." COTTON FARMERS Chemically dclinted collon seed *ernmiaie quicker, • nd plow the same week. Krdure rlmiipinr rcpm-ic and produce more cotton P*M~ acre. STATE CKKTIFIKD VARIETIES AVAII.AHLb l>. & P. L No. 14, |iui ;"iO I'b, H.IR.. l>. A P. L. No. I.'!, Per 50 Lb. Bii K 10-00 Slonevllle * B, Per 50 Lb. Ha* 10.00 Stoncville Z C, Per 50 Lb. Bai 10.00 ! Kowden 41-B, Per 50 Lb Bajt 10-00 Hall & Half fUibirdt Per -ifl t.h. Bae 10.00 I Cokrr's 100 Wilt Resistant. Prr M Lb. BaR 10.00 Paala. Per 50 Lb. Rajf N>-<H> Km]iirc, Per 50 Lb, Bag I0 - 0(l Come In and iilncr vnur ordrr or *el vonr supply tnriay- BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 806 Blylheville. Ark. Phone 851 Branches: L*arhviHe, Ark.. Hornrrsville, M mnd Senath, Mn. ' m 79 .STUDEBAKER GIVE YOUR CAR Spring Sparkle Inside and out vnur car should b« given (he attention H of expert mechanics who do the kind of job you want done. Motor tune-up, lubrication, brake-adjustment, whatever your car needs (u perform its beat we'll do at Chnmblin's always rc-HSon.iMe prices, living ^ your car lo in Sales Co. "Your Kiiemlly Sludebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phone 2195 'STUDEBAKER 1 COME ON BENDED KNEE. I THROW MYSELF AT YOUR _FEET... WHILE YOU'RE DOWN LL BET VOU CAN'T (EMEMBER WHAT YOU SAID THE NIGHT THERE WOULD YOU MIND LOOKING FOR MY liy MICHAUl, O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE i Mutual Dislsislo I'D ADVISE YOU 10 GO. II S QUITE A PLACf AND YOU MAY LEARN SOMETHING: . _ I'M GOING NOW ^ ™ HAVE « 1A1.K WITH FOG CHANNEL'S INVITED UP TO HIS FARM fOR THE f WHY WEEK-END, 6UT IF THAT FQILY CREATURE'S GOING 1"\ JEAN TO 8E THERE. I'M MOTf VOU UP AT THE fARMTHISWSEK INSPECTOR 6ROWI. By LESLIE'TURNER This Mils Him! WASH TUTiliS VOU DID WHAT! X WHY. VES...OF COURSE!!, BCOLIOHT CATHV AFTER I GOT SOUE HtRE? 6UT— ycWlEl A«E'S WAITIU* lr\\ I 1A1 TfluUI I MAVEWT SEEN VOU "\ VOU MEAW '43 IU EWGtftflD. \ FOKGOTTEW? I BROUGHT WHAT'EE VOU DOIMO IN JCMHV TO VOU FROM 1HI6 NECK Of THE WOODe/ LOWOOW, FELL A'...RIG«r __^ ftFTEE IGOT VOUB-- By FRED HARMAN , Dress Itchciir.sal BUGS BUNNY .( TODA.Y I'M ONL.V PRft.CT1CIN' / TOMORROW I'M 6ONNN POT F'LM IN fitVB POSSS /.ATE? IT'S WOKKIN' S^WELL .' ) I SNAPPED y/^ FIVE / ^x TIMES ' WEN WILL I ME PICTURES, BUGS JOST GOT A. MEW Y CAMERA, PETUNIA..' / HOW'S By V T HAMI,IN Hd RIGHT WHAT OUT ILL TE.-XR TO SHREDS.' By EIXJAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES (

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