The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 19, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, July 19, 1939
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XE COURIER German Forces Under Arms To Reach Peak During Next Month Mississippi Valley leader Blytheville Dully News MISSOURI By United Press fear of a new test of strength August is be newspapers disclosed today <- lhat official circles liave receive dispatches Indicating that Hi armed forces of the Reich will b in a slate of alert In.mld-Aiignsi that storm trooper vacations wll be ended and that perhaps 1 000 COO reservists will be under ami in Germany in addition to th standing army of about 1,000,000 When such dispatches reach al of the Paris newspapers at th same, time it Is certain that tin infc-rnialioi. came from Ihe hi°h fit sources. , * Thus'the French government el her has received positive information causing it to begin worry "it. again or It j s putting specia emphasis on less positive reports In order (c offset the possibility of anothei movp by Adolf Hitler such as led to the destruction of Czechoslovakia last year. Jt was significant also that Nazi official circles not only refused to deny (lie Paris reports but that 20 Banzigers were arrested In the free city on charges, of plotting a series of dynamiting: In behalf of foreign countries. Willie nbo;:i 200 Brilisli planes made a second training night over France the British ga'ifern'mener continued to watch developments •in the Far East anxiously where the greatest friction at the mo- "ment was between Japan and Russia: Japanese made much of the seriousness of their dispute -with Russia over coal nnd oil concessions on the Russian owned hall of Sakhalin island. - "Serious measures" may be taken by Tokyo to protect its interests by force of arms, if necessary, according lo Japanese sources in Moscow. Gets Scholarship -.lorry Cohen Sheudan Man Elected Depal tment Commandei at • Helena Convention •HELENA, Ark., July 13. (UP) — ; Marvin /Harris of Sheridan today was elected department commander of the Arkansas American -Legion succeeding B. A. Brooks of Fiwoltc- ville. : Mrs. V. P. Hussman of Little . Hock was elected state, president of (he auxiliary. Pine Bluff iras selected as 1940 convention j city. ' the . Other auxiliary -.'officers' included Mrs. L. J. Kosminsky, Texarkana first vice president; ifrs. Alebrt Bevens, Newport, 'second vice president; Mrs, Laura Springs, treasurer. Lee Cox, Hot Pour or five generations of •ocal Student Awarded Four Year Scholarship Io Cornell Whit is believed to be one o[ he highest ranking scholarships tei awarded to a Mississippi coun 5 student, has been receued by >J Cohcry son of Mr -uid Mrs - J O hetT- who is to have a John tyeXIullen scholarship to Cor ne» Unhersiti ithaca N Y for four years scholarship one of two of- annually to high school ARKANSAS, WBDNESDAY, JULY IS), 1939 TO itrain SINGLE COPIES "FIVE CENTS Tragedy Stricken C/r/'.s Suicide Attempt Fails niui "When will you be she 'old hlm nlSh Shc hailed n cab and was driven to a . She tone to (he house her ' " Ella struggled and cried for help alter she struck Ihc water and (| K not fight Parker's rescue attempts. He , - --. „„, s™.,,. >*iiv jiii,- iiita j/i ill) ( President Will "Pray More "-"' *" "" '° *' '"""'"" ' Tlinn Ever" For Avoiding European War WASHINGTON, July 19. (Up)_ The White House said today lhat 1 President Rcoscvelt "will pvay ns never before" lhat there will be no new crisis In Europe before congress meets again In January to consider neutrality legislation While House Secretary Stephen l. Early made no secret oi Mr Roosevelt's disappointment and anxiety al the decision reached by Senate Democratic and Republican leaders last nlgiit ( c delay neutrality action until nra t session "I nm certain of one thing," *nld harly. "Prom the time of ruljourn- iicnt until January, when congress ' ncels again, Hie president will prav as never before In all his life that there will be no new crisis In Europe. "But," Early said, '"information' received at the White House indi- I rates that chances arc none too good ibnl the world will escape another crisis in the next few nonths." The information, he said ndlcales Ihe possibility that (here may be a new European fla'renu his..summer. Chairman Key Pittman of the enate foreign relation's committee- aid flatly that the president would Cei'taintv nf- V P tn HI, ill « special session in event of ullnl >' Ot Veto UlS- Euroiwiin war. rmifirrnc F f ( n .. i T The White House expressed doubt J? , g ^ L ! ' ° l S Io hat Mr. Roosevelt would take oc- Make Ul'astlC Changes aslon lo carry Hie ( iu<>stton of — eutrality revision to the country WASHINGTON .lulv 19 mf»i_ """fi nio C n!l!' 5 p °fr" 1S fortl ' com - j.; rhe )ea(lcr , cf « congressional drive «- ill plo the Pncine coast.^ to amend Ilic wage-hour law sur- ssut- It ' lc1 . fl "« to » ° r '-'king the rcndere to President Roosevelt lo- the voters Senator Hiram day and called for a commmnkr. ohnscn (Rep,, calif.) veteran iso-1 President Roosevelt had 5' red that shtuld Mr. 1 caled lhat he would veto -\nv -mine on Ihis course amending bill he found imsalhf'ac iiiir.ii + !•!«. ~. in _. +rt.... -.. .i »-, . ___ •im.jtuij -opt her ' " f ° U "' »<" asked t0moirmv ' drug „,„,„ „., mi^ v,uiii^i; ie could count upon the opposition nntching him step for step ' If he does lake it lo the caun ry snipped Johnson «e will ic slogan that this Passage _of legislation eliminating fered seniors in District Tenvofmhe United States, which is v madc* up of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas carnes with' it a cash .-value ! of ?JOOO. There are 30 of tiiese .'offered annually throughout Hhe •'nation. • ,... : .-' •; _ .' In addition to scholastic rating, which must be unusually hi°h in the school attended by the applicant and in Die examinations given by Cornell, the honor is awarded on tlie basis of character and 'general ability. Dr. J. o. Rankin of steelc, who Is an alumnus cf Cornell was selected by the university to personally interview young Cohen' before the scholarship was prawnled although he bad already passed the examinations with high honors.. Tliis valedictorian of the Blythe- ruur or nve generation^ nf n i ,, m .. ,. . , " ^^ ""^ -uijtnc- Swedish family may•often use"one ' n ! ^ °°? 8 rn " lill » n S *™ f^si,SA^^Ss^'"^"^ E? ;:'.!:»«'«("•*.!" £ SirE",;;,,';, 1 -'; s'S a ™ a ,S president of the National Honor tory and Rep. E. E. cox (Dem On.), leader of the house bloc seeking drastic amendments seled his follo«cis lo confci tluc ,_ accept Earlier Cox Imd • ot led as rules f' f /nnj lillj ™,\A"~" i ""' J '""" " U1IJU Jla >e leuwungj tile tiouse flooi 'until (he gone a long w toward pre.?erv!ng ', wage hour amending bill of Hen he peace of the United Stiles'In Onhnm 'A Baiden <Dem N C) the event- of a serious crisis in was considered : Europe. bowl for 175 years. :; Senate isolationists willingly accepted ; the responsibility that the president placed on them for deferring actiai at this session .Johnson hailed the decision io abandon neutrality action and said thai "lime will justify" the decision. Plan Last Rites Today For Paralysis Victim Funeral services will be held at four o'clock this afternoon for Donal« Houston Phillips, 17-months- oid son of Air. and Mrs J B Phillips who died yesterday noon of Infantile paralysis. Rites will be conducted by Den ten M. Neal, minister of tlie Church of Christ, at n lc Kelt Funeral Home and burial will be made at Manic Grove cemetery .Neto Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, July 19 (U p)_ Cotton futures closed very steady .today up 40 lo 50 ceiils a bate The rise was due to buying nlld covc . r . ing brought about by unfavorable . weather conditions in, part« of Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas, open high . low close - — --.- , .....IUMJH.I jiwuwi i »^v ub<,wjtii; <t IllUlltcr OI fl facciely during his senior year, and ! may be divorced with (he \i>r\n lin+K *».„ ii. _ ,. _ , _ ,. ., . .. ^itui nil. Among the Mcors, if a wife does not become a mother of a boy, she won both the mathematics' and Science medals. Like his father lie plans to become a civil engineer and so will enter the Cornell School of Engineering in September. coiiMit - —« ...v.i inu cuiiAeni, of Ihe Inbe and con marry a"ain This continues until she docs °ive birth to a male child. Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July 860 883 839 830 824 811 873. CG4 851 843 B34 820 864 84D 839 829 . 820 BIO 878 864 851 842 834 829 Spots closed quiet al 915. up 5. Stock Prices NEW YORK, July 13 (UP1 _ Stocks showed impressive resistance to selling today and pushed Irregularly higher In the fina! hour of dealings. Anaconda Cop. Asscc. D. o Beth, steel . '. Boeing Air .. Chrysler . ... Coca Cola Gen. Elec '377-8 Gen. Mot '.'.'.'.'.'.'. 473-8 Int. Harvest- 5778 Mont. Ward ".'.".; 51 ," 8 N. Y. Central [[' 15 :!-8 Packard [ 3 3.4 Phillips Pel .." 353.8 Radio Schenly Dist. lo . Simmons . 2fi Sccony Vac. Std. Oil N. J Texas Corp. 2fi 3-4 GO 3-4 24 3-8 81 5-8 127 Woman Sustains Arm Injury; Four Men Fined .'•What officers termed a "free for all" early Sunday morning at Fletcher's Midnight Inn. a mile north ot Biyiheville on Highway 01, resulted in four men being fined in municipal court on charges of lighting. Mrs. Fannie McGregor, wife of David McGregor. 30, received n broken ami in the allray which Is said to have started about two o'clock in the ni:ming. Ten men are alleged to have been involved but only four have been located officers said. Willie Ingrain, 46, Alfred Curtis, 26. and Aaron Lcdbettcr, 28, nil of Luxora, and McGrcgcr were eai-li fined ten dollars on char"e r . cf fighting. At his press conference yesterday Mr. mosevclt said (he Burden bill would deprive 2,000,000 poorly paid workers of the protection of the law and cause ctngress to'approve unconscionably lo«- wages. "H. this statement meaiis," Cox pajd, i/Miat , ; tjlio Barren bHj, if adapted: by congress, would meet with a veto then it would be foolish further to contend for adoption of the measure.". He said he would advise Harden to "stop the controversy for Hie time being" and seek n'coinnro- mlse with the administration. Tonlo Natural Bridge is said o be the only bridge In lh e world upon which a furm is under cultivation. Lying between pine nnd Paj son, Arin,, com, vegetables nnd fruit are grown upon Its five-acre top. Eratosthenes, a native of Cy- renc, Is known as the father of scientific, geography. lie made a remarkable calculation of the earth's circumference at a .time when only a small portion of the globe was known to ' m«. Resurfacing Now Extended To Four Miles 'South'0 This. Cily Resurfacing of U. S, Highway C in Mississippi county,- which alati cd. H week a<jo, has progresse from the Arkansas-Missouri slut line.six miles noilh of here t the city limits of Biyiheville nn from (he southern limits to point four miles south The highway Is being rescale with an asphalt nnd gravel coat . to prolong the lliu of th pavement and to eliminate a slip pery condition caused by a coalln made several years ago. .Although the, work 'done wa VCI A \ unsatisfactoj \ to motorist i\hcn llicj first diovc our 111 hichwav, it h now much b'elte nftei hailng been picked and I Is believed will be an improvcuicn over Ihe former surface. : .Rapid progress is being mad on Ihe 40 .1-4 miles strip In Mis sksippi cotmly, which Is expecle< to be finished before over. summer i raffic Is delayed only for brie Intervals while north -mid soul! bound motorist.; take turns at iisinc the one-halt of the pavement lef open for traffic while Die olhe half. Is being resealed, Fined $25 For Assault On 14-Year-Old Gir Hurley Lcnr, 27, who was arrestec on a charge of assault following charges made by the father of a -M-ycnr-old well known Blytheville Sir), was fined $25 in mimicfpa coiirt yesterday. Chassenee, 161!) . century Frcncl jurist, mode an eloquent plea In behalf of some rats accused of destroying the barley crop, and when they were cited to appear In court, he said that they should be excused, since the presence of cats In the neighborhood ihodc'lt ti safe for them to Miners Herded To Jail In Harlan New York Col ton NEW YORK, July 19. (Ul>>- Cctton closed very steady 6 t-4 13 1-2 117-8 43 . 33 U. S. Smelt ............... 51 3-4 U. S. Steel .............. so 1-4 Chicago Wheat July Sept open high 68 6-8 67 G7 1-4 61 5-8 low GS . CG 5-8 close 66 1-8 65 3-4 Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July open 855 84! 82C 821 813 801 high 871 855 835 855 825 814 low 854 840 828 819 811 799- close 869 854 84 2n 835 825 314 Spots closed nominal at 940, np July Chicago Corn open high low close Attorney Genera! Requests Investigation By St. Paul Federal Gram) Jury WASHINGTON, July Ifl. (UP)_ Attorney General Frank Murphy pduy ordered a grnnd Jury Investigation of the WPA strike situation In Minnesota, Murphy ordered u, s. Allomey Victor Anderson nl St. Paul to convene n grand Jury there "In view or the Information of tho P. B, 1,, showing that there was violation of federal law In the Minneapolis WPA strike," Meanwhile strikes by WPA workers against "security" wages for skilled relief employes dwindled (\s the federal government refused to compromise. After 14 days of strikes WPA Projects Commissioner P. o. Harrington said the outlook wns good for normal resumption of otxjra- tlons. . ' His statement was based on a survey showing tbat there were only 2fi,61l on strike at the close of business Monday compared with the 92,700 Idle a week, ago, Harrington's report showed that 32,682 strikers have been fired for violating Mis order tliat no worker should remain away from work more than five consecutive dnys. • .. - .. . Senate Opposition 5TRI- To Governors Plan For Refunding Seen foStt'n"N °- n , Us , OW11 , f™ 8 "™ wllicl ° fe'riSiy di£ iQi cnl, irom that introduced in the house. Transfer Of Vast TEPCO Properties To Municipalities Slated NASHVILLE, Tcnn., July 19 (UP)—The $13,000,000 properties ol tho Tennessee Electilc Powci com priny'.'will',l)o transferred to .15 municipalities, and • tho "Tennessee Ynlley'Authority 'on iAugus.1. 16 Sale of Tepco was consumated yesterday and, Wendell L. .wtllkic, president of Commonwealth and Southern corporation, announced dale of the transfci E ROCK, July 19. (UP) -Evidence of forthcom- " 1 ' )OS b II was , the aonatc committee held Sli'l Hoi And No Relief In Siglit Yes, It Is still hot , , . but not quite BO hot as It !ms been. May's high at 2:30 o'clock wns 05 degrees, according to Uncle Sam's thermometer, which is "In Ihe shndc". Yesterday the ; mercury went to OH and did not mil jjcloiv 73 throughout the night, on ll )0 previous night the low was only 70 with 07 the high ror Monday. Sunday wa* n nice, cool day with 82 for tho maximum and <w for tho minimum after four dnys of weather when the maximum was from oi to 100 degrees, Little change In leinperaiure Is anticipated through Thursday, according to wenthcr (arccnslers to Dlslilol Byrne. ...- «. i.iu Luiu.-iivi v-nui. uy • piruBnijj da oi mesa si.otH Negotiations for purchase ot Top- ' bonds obtained $20,000' tn cash from 'co had been inuleiwaj for moro a New Oilcans bank Bjine icfuscd than -two years, to name the bank TVA officials announced that While the piuhh officials prc- transfer of Hie pioperlles would result In annual power bill savings of more than $'1,100,000. TVA estimated lhat the transaction would add upward ot $4, 500,000 to its wholesale power revenues, Increasing 'the authority's annual Income from the sale of power to $11,500,000 within a year after,the transfer. Special Session Eliminated NASHVILLE, Tcnn., July 10 (UP) —Need for a special session of the Tennessee legislature was eliminated today after the agreement for sale of Tennessee Electric Power company properties was reached. Under terms of the cohtract. the Commonwealth and Southern corp-' oration, holdings company for Tep- co, wll pay nil taxes, both county and slate, which became due July Under the original contract the company would not have been liable for the taxes and the state would have been left "holding the " . The senate bill would peg, interest rules of (he proposed bonds nl Ihrpe .per celil, install state constitutional officers as members of Ihc board of finance, have the bonds mature In 10, 20 and 30 years and set a?lde $1,500,000 annually for liquidation purposes.- During Ihe morning,senators and representatives gathered at the Capitol and at hotels for informal lalks. .Both legislative .chambers convene again at 2 p.m, Representative Roy Males of I'olk county was to seek a vote on Ills amendment to spend the first, $2,600,000 over $10,000,0(XI in highway Income on United States, and state highway construction. Oppose Governor's Plan LITrLE riOCK, July 10 (I]P)_ The senate refunding committee todny heard two private citizens condemn Oov. Bailey's proposed refunding bill, II. K. McKasklc, former, state ivelfaic department employe', appeared before the gio'up -and chaigcd tho bill as now written would open nn opportunity for "(he biggest sell out in tho history of (he stale. "Tlie oppoitunlly for a sellout Is greater . whero one man and a gionp of his aides handle negotiations for Ihe slate behind locked doors," McKasklc said. "Tho ,!e- fumllng should be done by the Bavcmoi and six duly elected con- slltutlonul officers who are responsible to the voters. "The state's IlnauclM condition has greatly Improved In the last' five ycais and there Is (pound/ for belief It will continue to Improve undci " ' • •• (cm. J Rossor Venablo, former 'candidate for (lie U. a/senate, appeared licfoic tho',, committee and chaigcd that the refunding'plan is ' anothei, schomt of the ni^ney "interest), of Wall .street io putahe state further in its debt. 11 , " >• Venable'sald that'tetloii''14~ of . Ilic bill did not list .'mortgages-, against the'land Ifm!/ had .been pledged for previous bontl: Issues. Local Group Attends Lighting Conference James Hill Jr., prcsldent.'of' (he local electric 'service company, attended a lighting conference with c-tlicr members of tlie Arkansas- " Missouri Power Corporation in Chicago last week. Bernard Joggers, sales represeh- tallvc; J. T. Hughes, commercial lighting representative; U S. Ben- Ish, commercial manager, all ,of Biyiheville, and Hosa Wilson, sales representative of Caruthersville, drove -up fcr the two day meeting which was held in cooperation with .lie leading light equipment manufacturers of the country.' Ai U -L i u Ncw "SWinj developments of the At Hospital Here commercial I\eld' as well as new . . fixtures fcr Ihc home were studied Jean DeL-mce.v. only nml roclhads of presenting theso' rje,- new lighting benefits to the public Orleans,Parish Grand Jiiry Indictments To Be Filed 1 omorrow NFAV OflLSANS, July ID (UP) — The long awaited Orleans parish charges against Dr. ".Jumts Mori- roc Smith impilfioncd foimu picsi- dent oi Louisiana Slate UnUciiitj will be Illed tomonow nccoidlnit Attorntj Ohmlcs piosccutor said he would nie 11 Uiaigc!, 10 ot tliLiu alleging foigeij nivd operation of a con fidence gaine. They \\lll atonic pi Smith o forging the name of Former Gov O K Allen lo L S U bonds nnd thnt by. pledging 25 or these $1,000 pared their charges against the former educator the federal government continued its Inquiry-Into the multiple .avenues opened by Dr. Smith's resignation last June 25. "This Is only the beginning" said Assistant U. S. Attorney General o. .John Rogue oi tho live indictments returned Monday by the gcderal granil Jury against live persons on charges oi ushift the malls lo defraud. New Born Baby Dies the picscnt refunding sys- Barbara Jean DeLancey, child of Mr. and Mrs. Frank u>i - Lanccy, died late' yesterday alter- wcre nlso presented, noon at the Blylhevllle hospital, seven hours following her birth. Funeral services were conducted thfe afternoon at the Cobb Funeral ircmc by (lie Hcv. E. B. Williams, pastor of the First Methodist jag" financially, probably nccessl- church, and bnrlal was made at tatlng a special legislative session. Maple Drove cemetery. Russell May Be Prosecuted Under U. S. 'Lindbergh' Law OZAHK. Ark., July 19. <up>_ fiigUlve lo Chicago to face trial Warden Jess Dunn of the Oklahoma Conviction under the Lindbergh (nln t\P-fentt, * nrvtr ,,..„!....]_. i-_i _"i.t » .- . «***n UT.I 511 lftle s0to * t.°<l<y.ef Marching four abreast, more lhan 100 C. I irarlan, Ky., after rioting in coal mine area p.-Unlted Mine Workers unionists are herded to Jail In "in death of miner. As they were inarclied Into open nigh io, v close „ . ' •-'•••••"•• """"S "> coai mine area resmiea in death of miner. As they were inarclied Intc 43 1-2 43 1-8 42 5-8 42 5-8 Harla "; slrll! w rioted again, and more lhan 40 shots were need before order was restored aov A B 44 S-B « 435-B 435-8 Chandler ordered tank* and machine guns Into Burton, county lo reinforce national'guard. Jack Russell, escaped convict/who was capture*! here yesterday after a week's chase In which ofiicors of a half dozen mid-western states participated. The warden left immediately to return his prisoner to the Oklahoma state prison but ft was considered probable that Russell would be turned over to Chicago federal authorities for prosecution en charges of kidnaping and murder. Ife was captured yesterday by Sheriff champ Crawford and Constable Richard Hill who, posing as fishermen, "came up" on the Ok- ' lahcrna fugitive as he rested in a tcurist cabin on the bank of a 18 miles north of here. He law could carry, a death penalty. Crawford said Russell confessed all the' kldnaplugs except that of Hamilton. Russell Is Ihc 30-year-old son of a former Okinulgce, Okla., police chief. He was sent lo McAlcster, Okla,, prison a year ago fcr armed robbery of a telegraph otlicc. A. week ago he escaped from n guard taking him to visit an oculist, kid- naped R. E. Brown, a McAlester photographer, and began Ihc week , long escapade yesterday. lhat ended here . He forced Brown to drive him to Pittsburgh he Kans., where allegedly HamlKcn. Atter Ham. pc up a surrendered quietly, without a bat- I wls., 'where Hamilton's ' trail was picked up at Keuoshn ' tie. It was believed Oklahoma would relinquish HUsscll to the federal government,-which has the heaviest charge against him— violation of the Lindbergh law In the kidnap- In? nnd murder of Billy Hamilton, 23-year-old Arkansas City, Karis., flour salesman, Hamilton's body was found at Solon Mills,-. ill., and Russell was charged wllh the slaying by U. s. Commissioner Edwin K. Walker at Chicago. Walker said he was sending a marshal here lo return the abandoned and Bud Egholm, Oklahoma City, was abducted. Egholm .was released near Elgin, III. Russell left iEgholm's car In a Kansas City Oarage eatly Monday nicrnlng alter he stole a police car and kidnaped the garage al- lendant. The attendant was released a few minutes later and the 'car was recovered at the tourist cabin here. Police believed Russell sought lo reach his wife, an apartment man- Sanitarium Project PWA Contract Awarded FORT WORTH, Tex, Juiy 19._ (UP)— George M. Bull, regional PWA director, annsunced ' today lhat a $241,533 contract for construction oi an employes' dormitory and nurses home at'the Arkansas tuberculosis 5anlteilum, v Bonne- vlllc, Ark., had been awarded to the Harmon Construction Company of Oklahoma City. The Manhattan Construction Company cf Muskogee, Okla., was awarded a $46,680 contract for .'construction cf emptoj es ..cottages and a $76,600 contract for dairy buildings at the sanllorium. Seize' Liquor Cargoes At Dyersburg, Tenn. DYERSBURG, Tenn., July 19 (UP)—About $10,000 worth of liquor being transported to Mississippi has been seized here the past two days by Tennessee revenue agents because no state tax had been paid on the shipments. Out truck was .seized/Monday and another transporting' whiskey and gin was caught yesterday. 'Five inch were arrested and a hearing was set tor tomorrow after- WEATHER Arkansas — Fair tonight , a n d Thursday. Memphis and vicinity—Fair tonight and Thursday, not much change In temperature. . The maximum temperature here mo nm,-, »n yijAiiunviii, lumi- yesterday ^as99,iuinlmum74, clear, ager.. In Chicago, for revenge for; according to Samuel P. Norrts, cffl- her part in sending him to prison, jcial weather observer.

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