Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on August 29, 1914 · Page 12
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 12

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1914
Page 12
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ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE. SATURDAY, AUGUST 29, 1914. 12 REMEMBER THAT the Optometric Exactness of Empire Dependable Eye Examinations produces that essential "Something" of distinctive value in Empire Glasses that has so firmly established us on Clinton Ave. South for the past 1 8 years. REMEMBER THATEmpire New Invisible Double-Vision Glasses now make it possible for the wearer to obtain two seeing powers with one pair of glasses and without that telltale line or difficulties of the old style cemented kind. REMEMBER THAT Empire Tories are those Deep Curve Lenses that enables the wearer to see best in all directions with the least possible effort to the eyes and with the best possible results to the wearer, because of the clearer and wider field they cover. REMEMBER THAT Empire Glasses are furnished to the wearer as low as $3.00, $5.00 and upwards and include a Dependable Eye Examination, together with a pair of opthalmic lenses inserted in frame or mounting best adapted to your Eye Needs. REMEMBER THAT the Empire Optical Co., Inc., is located at 29 Clinton Ave. South, opposite Lyceum Theater, where E E. Arrington and 0. C. Smith firmly believe that Eye Needs in Glasses should be cared for not only Intelligently but Legitimately. THE REGISTRATIONS IN THE ROCHESTER COMMERCIAL SCHOOL for the Second School Year, which Will Open Next Tuesday, Sept. 1st show a large increase over last year. To-day and next Monday will be Special Enrollment Days The office of the school will be open from 8 to 6:30. Catalogue to any address. Telephones, Main and Stone, 4363. 27 Church St. IV A& If I S Children to Have the pow.r TO LEARN and TO EARN they must posset good eyesight. Before school opens have their eyes examined and if necessary, fitted with glasses which will give normal vision. Your attention to this matter will mean so much to the children's future. OPTICAL EXPERTS -TWO E. E. BAUSCH & SON CO. ?rjm fl Main SL Eirt and IS last hit. sgg""T Distance No Barrier r- Wlierever you live, you are not too far away to enjoy the results of our knowledge and skill in designing and executing wall decorations. We Go Everywhere to decorate homes, churches and public buildings. Let us estimate on your work. Colby Ik Ament Co. 57 State Street -iJt ', C ; You Want Your STORES - NEW ADVERTISEMENTS Yonnondio Lodge Notice. & Memberi of Yonnondio Iodge, No. MS,. V. and A. M., sr requested to XX meet St the Masonic Temple Katnr- day. Antrum 'Jnh, at 2 o'clock P. M., for the purpose of pavtmt onr last sad tribute to our deceased brother, William 11. Davenport Members of ntner lodges are Invited. JOHN K. TAYIH, Master. Charles II. Carson, tcretary. HOLTON HERR Head Instructor (or Castle House IN ROCHESTER August 3Jt to September 6th Instruction by Appointment ADORiaS 418 BKCKLIY BUILDING 'Phon. 6444 Sto KODAKS Film and SuppliM RUDOLPH SCHMIDT I Main t. last "A Once-Over" All our arts of description could give you but a faint Idea of any of our "('abaret Beauties." 8a wliat could wa do with sloven to tell you abootT You must come and see; ndmfaalou free, open all day. Call for Gallagher, stage manager. Fay, our lSO Rntcjt touring car t a Ightl HavaJook,- CUKna vrmir aexrnt WAauiNuicw'aiuuaa makes bread that delights the palate and feeds the tissues of the body. AK YOUR QROORR J. G. DAV13 CO.. Millar. Yonnondio Lodge No. 163 F.&A.M. Schedule o( Communications r, dept. 1st, regular, first digrre. r, Wept. JMh, special, first degree. y, Hept. l.Mh, regular, tlrst dcgri-e. f, Kept. KM. special, second decree, y, Sept atli, special, second do- y, Oct. 6th, regular, second decree, y, Oct. llttli, special, third degree, y, Oct. aith, regular, third degree. Oct. 2Krt, spnclnl, llrt ileitrce. y, 0t. 37tli, peclal, third deree. Oct. WHn, 11, rt denre. y, Nov. :M, regular, flrt decree. Nov. Oth, pecial, aecond degree, y, Not. 10th. apeelal, flmt degree. Not. ISth, apeelal. econd degree, y, Not, 17th, regular, aecond de- , Not. 20th, apeelal, third degree, y, Nor. 24tU, apeelal, aecojid de- Xot. 27th, apeelal, tblrd degree, y, Dec. lut, regular, third degree. y, Iec. 8th, apeelal. third degree, y, Pec. Ii(h. annnnl commnntca- JOIT R. TAYIrtl, Maator. I H. Caraoii, Secretary. Bradford 1 Day Excursion Sunday, Aug. 30 Special train , leaves Rochester 8:30 A. M. via BUFFALO, ROCHESTER & PITTSBURGH Ry. Your Vacation Pictures will prove a source of lasting pleasure if properly finished. Otherwise they will be far from satisfactory. That a good many Ko.lak users recognize this fact is evident from the flood of orders in our finishing department. Were our facilities on an ordinary scale, we surely would be "snowed under." As it is, we are giving prompt service. This is the last of the half holidays for 1914. Take your Kodak with you! Marks & Fuller INC. 28 State St. Kodak and Kodak Supplle Safety First Avoid Accidents i ?" I mmmam I Hianie Flout $1.5 O 9 C0E1PARATIVETEMPRATURE RMdotnh Rchmlttft Co. 'a Theroisraetee- AUG .28. 1913 AUG 28. 1914 ft 60 1 60 11H .J pT 61 H j 6J u fc6 r 70 r- 71 IT u.71 AH-j MA M -I a -i lP.K-i 4S.H. JPH t 7P.KJ ISO A 66 I AH - 7: 72 IIAM if. -74 74 74 JP - 7U 70 -6 . 66 '66 . TS. ). a 66 3 HCNSEI AKI HI NRHK. Run sots Atnwt aith at 8 52. Sun August :;oili at 5:S3. rise A Mat law require every motor vehicle to show llphts during the period beglnnlnc ' minute after sunset and ending- 30 minute before unrle. ' TO-DAY'S DOINGS. Kearle rnrli Cnm lhaka at Hocheator Hallnuv anil Uclit Employees' Association, 11 A. M. to 4 P. M. J-3rit lllc;h School Commuulty Chora re-Jieomil, 7:45 P. M. Lower M:iplewood Part Reunion of Welwter family, 10:0 A. XL City Hall Meeting at KepnMlcan County Committee, 10 A. M. Snlvntlon Army fltadel Hollelujnh wed-illtig of Cnptnln Kutell.i Vnnce, of Olean, nml Cuptalti Ilcufien 'l'unncr, of thla clif, 8 P. M. Itnac'ioll Park Internatloreil Ia(fiie hoMwtl," Itocliester Ta. ProTldence, 2 ami 4 P. M. Memnrlnl Art (rttllery (I'lihlWtlon -if pntiittniTH owned In HooheKter, lncludlntr li'riitip of old lunnterii, 1CI A. M. to 5 P. M. THEATWllS. ' I.yeentn Then ter 'Raymond Hitchcock In "The Beauty Shop," 2. 15 and 8:W P. M. Temle Theater Vaudeville, 2:1(5 and 8:15 P. M Corinthian Theater "Trociirteroa," 2:15 an l 3:15 P. M. Kamllv Theiitor VnnilBvlllo, 2:15, 7:30 ami 0:l.-i P. M Cluti Then ter "Garden of love," 2:13 and 8:111 P. M. MAX LOWENTHAL DIES AFTER ACTIVE CAREER Prominent for Years as Editor and Business Man. MAX LOWENTHAL. Max Ixvwenthal died yesterday morn-inir at the home, N. 14 Bu-klngham afreet, ncrej 71 years. lie leaves his widow, four aons, Harry M Eujrene M. nnd Arthur M. Iiowenthal, of Roohestor, and Sidney Ixiwenthal, of X(;w York; fMtr daiiKliters, Mrs. Herbert Harris, Mrs. Pnvld, Hayes and Miss Edmi lyoiv-enUinlj of Rochester, and Ir. Kuthcr Ijowcnthal, of Smith Oilers, Northhampton, Mas!., and a brother, George liOtventhal, of Jtnchester. Max 1owenthnl was one of Hobe. ter's best known business men, interested in all projects for the public good. He was born February 22, 1843, at Bolkenhaln, Silesia, Prussia, and at an early aue came to this country with his fnther, who entered, business in ' New York. He obtained his early education in the public schools of thnt city. After leaving school Mr. Lowonthnl was apprenticed as a compositor and later was employed successively in an editorial capacity by Harper Tlrothers, the Methodist Book Concern, tho Bible House and Theodore DeVinne. In 18(14 he came 4 Rochester and beenme associate editor of the IBeobachter, a German newspaper. Later ho entered commercial pursuits nnd in 1873 Rtnrted in Ihp knitting goods business w;th wrjih ho has since been identified, the firm ' name being Jfax Lowenthal & Sons. Mr. Lowenthal took a prominent r"t In educnlional afTnirs and was one of the founders of the Mechanics Institute. He was active in Tarious independent political movements. HEARING FOR FRANCHISE MEN Chance to Object to Full Valuation Asked by County. Comity Attorney Webster and Clerk Chamberlain, of the Board of Supervisors, returned yesterday from Atbany, where they hsd a conference with the Stats Uiisrd of Tax Commissioners rotative to frathliUs valuations lu Monroe county. They ked that the valuations be flgurd on tiasla of aoo per eeut. A public hearing has been set for 8th, wlen It is expected that franchise, holders In tills county will object to a 100 per cent, taxation. The holders arjrue that real estate In this county Is tssed at only eO to 70 pr cent, and that It la unfair to place franchises on a 1U0 per cent. bMs. 01 ee Clubs at Exposition. The Glee Club of the Univer.Jty of Rochester, ssslsted by the Pan Alumni (Hen Club, will slug la the peristyle at the In- dm-lrlal Exposition en College Sight. "ci- teinber 14th. A rehears:)! will be held Mondcy evening st S:iK) o'clock nt the fob verslty Club, No. 50 (Hubs street, and sii-ethei lh tvtnlng of September 7th. s f MBaMaaiiaaMiMMitMHMHMMiatMMiMl MAYOR FAVORS CELEBRATION OF FOURTH IN PARK Explains Attitude Against Unsafe Observance. - CITY A PIONEER, HE SAYS Bochester Among First to Limit Use of Fireworks Celebrations Have Been Held to Non-Dangerous Explosives Under City Ordinance Mayor Edgerton toe exception yesterday tu a recently published statement to the effect that Rochester was behind otur cities iu the adoption of an ordinance prohibiting promiscuous celebrations of the Fourth of July and that Rochester, with only one or two other cities, still allowed unlimited celebrations. The Mayor said: "Rochester is not behind other cities in providing for a safe and sane observance of the Fourth, but was one of the pioneers in this movement Roch enter does not allow unlimited celebrations with fireworks and explosives, but forbids the discharge of cannons, firearms, firecrackers loaded with explosives other than gunpowder and of firecrackers more than three inches in length. The hours in which the unprohibited fireworks may be used are restricted. Several years ago every lourth of July witnessed a long list of accidents in whicJi eyes, limbs and fingers were destroyed or mangled and other injuries received which resulted in death from iockjnw, especially through the use of cartridge pistols. Bochester's Ordinance. "To do --away -with this loss of life and limb, I sent a communication to the Common Council asking for the adoption of a more stringent ordinance, and on July 23, 11)112, the ajderman adopted an ordinance, which is now in force, as follows: Sx'tlon 1. Hectlon twenty-Bix of Hie Or-rtlivuue Kelatlng to Public Safety and (Jood Order, as amended July 1 l'Kfli, b hereby uiucnded so as to read as follows: e' Ji. Discharge any cuunou, firearms or tlreworks, or liulul a Ixmllrc; liidchoree, sell, or uder for sale any dynamite firecrackers so called or any Brecrackera con-tuinltii. mi exnliistve fluent other tlian iriin- puwder coin pounded of saltpeter, sulphur nml L-harcoul: discharge, sell, or offer for mile niiv nrecrafl ers of any kind or de- wrimloii inure than three (3l Inches In letimli or oue-balf tl-a Inch in diaulerter; discharge, sell, or offer for sale any toy pl.itol, so-called, except such a ore coa-lrncted to explode piier caps. Tho mayor mny, however, by proclamation, minpend the oFeratlon of this section so na to permit the building of 1 onllres and the dis'h irgJ of cannons, firearms, or fire-'wor'ka other than firecrackers and toy pistols of the kind almve specifically prolilb-lted, at such times and places as he shau deem best. .. .. Sec. !. This ordinance shall take efltct immediately. Giant Torpedo Come In. "While I have been given authonty to suspend any part of this ordinance at my pleasure, I have never exercised snch authority. Since the adoption of this ordinanco and up to last Fourth o July Rochester has had safe and sane fireworks celebrations, but this year the manufacturera, cut off from the sale of thei dynamite firecrackers, invented the giant torpedo and with them hoodlums did much dnmage. "Because of this fact I asked the Commissioner of l'uhlic Safety to inves tigate and report on wrhnt was being done in other cities to bring about safe and sane celcliration of the Fourth He gathered a mass of valuable corres pondence, inclosing ordinances in force in manyi cities, and it seemed to me that the ordinance in use in San FTan-cisco was the simplest and most deslra blc. It provides for the prohibition of fireworks displays, except In community or civic celebrations in charge of exiperts. I sent the correspondence with a communication to the council, recommending the frnming of an ordinance to meet the necessities of the city, and think the request will be acted npon. "Wants Public Celebration. "If the law allows it, I would recommend an appropriation for a public eel- Dossenbach Composition on Seneca Park Program The Park Rand is to play in Seneca rrk to-morrow afternoon for the last time this season, nnd for the occasion Theodore Dossenbach has arranged a program above par. There will be several features. Foremost will be a number called " Jaline." It will be played by a sextette Llewellyn, Feehin. Simons, Remington,' Gardner and Hiekey and the' composer is Dossenbach. He wrote it some time ago, but, according to his frier.ds, is a bit bashful, and it was only after considerable persuasion thnt he was in-dueed to put it upon the program. One of tho soloists, Miss Marguerite Perrin is a Hocheator girl, though she hasn't lived in Rochester in about four years. She has been in New York. There she has been singing contralto In several of the large churches. She is visiting her parents snd was induced to let her name 1 printed on to-morrow's program. J. Guernsey Curtiss will Mng. Gardell Simons will give Graniers "Ilosatinu'' on the trombone, and B. B. Llewellyn will play the well known ' lullammntus" from "Stabat Mater." This, It is said, will bo the Inst opportunity this season to heur the latter two favorites. As it will le Sunday, Mr. Dossenbach has arranged a group of well known hymns, so that everybody's taste, providing it be musical st all, will be satisfied. ' Iu expectation of a large attendance, the car company has been approached and has promised to provide extra cms. The concert w ill begin at 3 o'clock. Tho program follows: Overture, tone poem "Ftnllndla" Hlbellns Pallet -"Henry, the Klghth" . Kalnt Haen t.n Introduction Kntree ies t'lans. (til Idylle Kcossaise. - te) Iansede Ia Gipsy. Id) (lli)iie Kt Final. Trombone solo "Hoeanns Orsnler tllniona. Fi-lectlnn "Adele' Hrlquet Vocal solo "The Palms" Faure J. (iiieniKey Ourfl$. fceitette. andanste "Adallne." Ilossentiacb Meditation -"Thais" Massenet tirnup of hymns, fKock of Ages,'') ("ld. Kindly Light.") INTERMISSION, Overture "Festival" Msea DAILY CIRCULATION j Week Ending August 2 2d. 3I0D.tT .... Tl'ESIHY ... WEDXESDAY THl'KSDAY .. FRIDAY ..... SATURDAY .. 73,984 72,500 73,920 73rS0 72,614 73,171 Total for week 439,582 Sl'XDAY, Anir. Kith, 6L250. Statt: ok vbw yobk, i County of Mouroe. I ' X. P. Pond, Secv. and Trens. of the Rochester Printing Company, publishers of tlie lieinocrat ami Chronicle, belna by me duly sworn, doth ilepoie and sav that the Demo-crnt nnd Chronicle orbited and circulated dorin;,- the past week the above number of daily papers. X. P. POND, S.-cy. and Tress. Sworn to before me tUs !d day of Auaut, 11H. Vf. H. COOK, Notary Public. ebrulion. The city makes appropriations for a water carnival and a music festival iu the public parks and I can see no reason why the city should not have a Fourth of Julyi celebration in one of the parks, say, for instance in Exposition Park, where there is a large grand stand and unlimited room for thousands of people to witness a firework display "The only way to act is to forbid the sale and use of all kinds of fireworks except In a public celebration in the hands of exports. If you sell children fireworks and explosives, they will use them wherever and whenever they get a chance. "I have always been in favor of doing away with the use of explosive and dangerous fireworks In the streets, and have taken steps to restrict their use as far as possible. Thnt Is why I dislike to see it stnted that Rochester, with one or two other cities has an 'unlimited' celchration of the Fourth." SALTER NAMED MAYOR IN LAKESIDE ELECTION Wins for Semi-Suffragettes at Manitou Beach. After a riotous election at Manltoa Peach last night, results Sashed on the screen in the dancing pavilion showed almost a complete victory for the Semi-suffragette party. The polls were open from T until S:30 o'clock, all election at Mant-tou Beach being helf after dark. Richard falter, Pemi-Buffragette candidate for mayor, won handily over Ms nesrest opponent, Harry Welsh, of the Old Line Progressive party. Fred Odenbach, Industrial candidate, accused of using undue Influence at the last moment, was low. The vote was: Salter, lfil; Welsh, 1; Oden bach, 91. In the-contest for distrtctattorney, the Old Uners came across with a vim, Difhlet Suter winning with 177. Elmer O'Hara, the semi suffragette candidate,, was the only one of that party to fall luto second plncc. He received HI votes. Frederick UurUe. of the Industrial party, received 65 votes. John Tennlson, snid to be the candidate of the Kemi-ButTragette party, emcrgeJ with the most votes for president of the Common Council. His total was 184. ' His nearest opponent was Keuiben Jones, claimed to 1 the candidate backed by the Old Line Progressive party, who received 147 votes. I"ntrtul: O'loitghlln, of the In dustrlnl party, received 71 votes. The election of a police Justice w a walk-over for How ard I'eake ,the Beml- .Suffraitette candidate, who received 27 votes. This was the largest vote cast for anv one candidate. Trailing along were 1'aldlng Skinn er, of the VM Mne Progressive party, with 07 votes, and Daniel Tomp-Ulns, of the industrial party, with 68. It was asserted last night that Mr. -Salter won because of his platform of good roads, an Improved wtr system, snd his promise to Install a rfee merry-go-round st .Manitou Iteaca. Mall Service to Vera Cruz. It was nnnounced at the postoffice yesterday that mail service between this country and Vera Cruz has been abandoned and that mail would be carried on merchant ships between New York and Galveston. The New York boat sails Thursdays and the boat from Gal veston on the 1st and 15th of the month. S5 1. t THEODORE DOSSENBACH. Cornet solo "Innammatui," "fluist Sister" Kosslnl Wewellyn. Intermeuo "Csvallerla Uustlcann" . . Mssejgnl (election "A Modern Kve " ... Ilollaeud (.roup of hymns ("Oh, That Will Be tllorv"). (Nearer. My liod, to Thro") Vccsl solo "tCye Hath Not Been" ... Paul Miss Marguerite rerun. Exernta from "Madcao Duchess' .... Herbert KODAK COHPANY IS OBLIGED TO SHORTEN HOURS Production Much in Excess of Home Demand. NO SHORTAGE OF RAW STOCK Working- Hours Based on World's Demand for Kodaks, and Company Will Be Unable to Make TJp Here Sales Temporarily Lost Abroad When the employees of the Eastman Kodak Company get their pay envelopes tu-dayi they will receive a letter from George Eastman, announcing that the company hus been hit by the loss of European trade and will for a time, at least, have to limit production, which means shorter hours. The letter from the head of tins Dig concern deplores the trttuation and holds forth optimism that a normal state soon will be regained. It follows: To our Employees: With the war conditions that now prevail In Europe, a considerable percentage of the market for ,koduk products Is absolutely closed. How long this cBndltlon will continue It is Impossible to foretell How long It will take fur business to again become normal after peace Is declared it Is even more difficult to foretell. Our factory production Is based on the demand for the whole world for kodak products. In spite of the fact that our huslness In the Lulled states Is good, our ircsent production is so -much in excess of be bom demand that a curtailment has become necessary. Reduction to Meet Conditions. Most of the manivtacturluit departments will, therefore, go on reduced time, t!iH varylutr, however, to meet the different conditions iu such departments. what we have temporarily lost In Luropo we cannot hpe to fully make up st home, but there is to be no let up In the working for more business lu the United States. Our sales and advertising departments have been Instructed not merely to continue at normal, but to nut fortn more than tho usual selling effort even when such effort means increased expenditures. ino snoiteuiug or hours has nothing to do with a shortage of lmuorted raw stocks. as bat ben retorted. At present there is nothing to worry atsrut along such lines and there la no likelihood that there will ue. l or how lone a nerlod It will b neces sary to limit production It Is Impossible to tureicii. nusiues may actually in time Improve In this country as a result of the for-elaau war; new markets may open tip. Photography is progressive; there are new good things unded way even now that mnv help to offset the loss of our Kuropea'n market So far as possible, In this time ot stress, wo will make the burden as light as possible for our employees. Condition Only Temporary. That we are Shortening hnnn Inctenrl laying off large numbers Is proof that we feel that the present condition la only te:n-porary. And furthermore, this method of temporary curto lment seem t.. , .h fairest because It makes a nartinl i-.,in,.' Hon In the income of the many rather than the entire cutting off of the Income of a lesser number, who at this time might nnd It Impossible to get other employment. H"' to "r organisation Intact, with the war over, we look for a lnri,.r 1 ever eximndlnff timrkni 1....1..L- pruducts and shall certainlv restore tlx normal work I no- hnura Justlli -ation for so dolna. ticKuming Monday morning, certain departments will close at 3 o'clock in the afternoon: others will sro .wt,.,. hours, either being closed certain whole aayg or earlier each day. The dennrt. ments in which the wheels of industry never cease will, put men on shorter shifts. Necessarily, those not affected oy the war directly will keem np the old scale. Mr. Eastman is not one who believes that America in a day is going to successfully manufacture products that only years of experience abroad have turned out. The Eastern company; be lieves itself fortunate in having about a year's ripply of photographic gins and other imported materials on hand. Bastian Brothers Curtailing. Bastinn Brothers Company has closed its typewriter key and prise ribbon departments temporarily, owing to no dembaud for either production. Typewriters have had poor sale since the outbreak of the war. due to the conserving of office funds, and necessarily this has not made the keys very valuable. Canada tins canrelled her contracts for priio ribbons that are bought for her fairs from the company. The Sill Stove Works had a fine bus-iness after the depression last winter, but the war's effects on American Industry and prices has reduced it so that now the company reports thnt it is running three nine-hour dnys a week. Another concern to be affected by the loss of heavy foreign trade is Yawman & Erbe. The lessening of sales has compelled them to run four days a week. A tone of optimism rings from tho manufacturers, however, that conditions will soon adjust themselves to hesvier production and a consequent lengthening of working hours. Meat Prices. The meat prices have dropped with us. We have bought a carload of cattle and slaughtered them for our own market, 1II-1S Allen street, near Stnto street, and, therefore, we can sell fur these prices: Hound steak, 2(c; porterhouse stenk, 20c; sirloin steak, 2Hc; pot roast, 12 l-2c up; Hamburg steak, 12c; lamb stew, 10c; veal stew, 14c; legs lamb, 14c; fresh beef liver, So; pork chops, 18c, 20e( 3 cans salmon, 2.rc; 3 corn, 2f)c; 3 tomntocs, 2."c; 7 sardines, 25c. Special prices on all groceries ami ineafs for Friday and Snturday. Don't forget the ' plnce, ltl-LS Allen street, three doors, from State street. Adv. Velvet for Trimming Hats snd dresses, the best blacks at money-saving prices. Store open all tiny. Niishanm's Lining Store, fil) Clinton auntie north. Adv. low Taxi Bates. Beautiful new 11)14 and 3915 Over-land cars at $2 per hour. Ford cam Jl.TO per hour. Indian Taxicab Co.t Inc. Call Chase or Stone 2i!27. Adf. Brick Church Institute Swimming Foid. Now open after redecor-atiug. Fresh filtered water, all modern conveniences. , Safe and sanitary. AJ. New Greenhouses for Balk Five new I., & B. Iron gTeenhottses. ten large cold frames, seedling and boiler house. New 8-room house of hard-wood, all lmproyements, state mad, near station. Established market for early vegetables, tomato plants. Bargain. See our special bulletin, with cuts. Garfield Company, (Rochester. Adu, .

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