The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1930
Page 4
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t»AGE FOUR JARK.) COURIER NEWS 'Si IS IS " m~ THE BLYTHEVILLE COU11IEH NEWS THt; COUKIEU NEWS CO., PUBLIHUEliS 0. R. IUBCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINES, AdverlUitni; MRiiuser Boie National Advertising ne;«ieiitullve5: Ih8 'Hiomas P. Clark Co. Inc., Ne<v York, Phlhck'liJhiu, Allauia, Dallas, Sail AnloJiio, Hau Franclico. Clilrpso, El. Louis. Published Every A'.'.cnioon Except Sunday. Entered us second class mutter nt the post office ui lilythevlllc, Arkansas, under act ol Congress October 9, 1911. Served by the United Press BUBSCriH'TlON KATES By carrier In (lie city of Blylhivllle, 15c per week or SU.50 per year In advance. By nsiill within a radius ol 60 miles, f3.CO per jeai, $1.50 /or <K months, 65c for tin it' months; cy :n;nl In puilal zoiuu two to six, inclusive, W.50 fx:r ) car,-in zones Mvca t--i eight, J10.0G per year, nay able la erfracie. Each Community Must Aid Its Own People In some fashion the word lias gono around that ISIyllievillc i ;i niitl-suul.ii heiulquiirlurs for free food and clothing in the prc-cnl period of distress. As a result tlic local Red Cross olVicu is beinu besieged d.tily with families that in one way or ar.olhcr have made their way to this city J'rom Missouri, Tennessee and various counties of Arkansas. The only v?sources for relief work here are those contributed by the people of this community. It seems cruel to turn away folks that have come tor miles to obtain help, but und;r the circumstances that is all that can be done. There is a iieed in Blylhovillc and the country immediately tributary to it for every dollar, and every contribution of food or clothing that can bo obtained. To extend help to people 1'roni other communities would simply be to deprive our own people 'of Hie help they need. In circumstances like the present it is up to every community to take care of its own. JJlytlifvillc and other Mississippi county communities' arc endeavoring to do that. They cannot take care of' people from outside. It will be an act of kindness to unfortunate people in other communities if readers of this editorial will take every opportunity to advise them that cfl'oit siu! money spent in coming to lilyiiieviiL in the hope 01 aid will be wasted. men have died sine; the bank failed, and thu past four years have no doubt seen changes in the circumstances of others. The lesson which Dunklin county's expert:ncc in this case teaches, and one which noi'iis to be cmpha^i'.'.ed, is that personal bonds are mighty poor security for public; funds. Sometimes difficulty is txnenonc-d in collecting on surety bonds. Bui personal bondsmen almost always find a way of squirming out from under, The law ought to require the protecting' of all public funds by surety bond. The public official who is umibh to make I hat kind of a IJOIK! ought to he automatically disqualified. Fores/ Fires Losses Drop Statistics on practically every tiling show Imve rtotals for this year than for la-it year, and in most cases these lowered totals are disquieting. i!ut oim case has just com:- to light whore the decrease is very gratifying. Thai if. in Iho figures on the loss from forest lircs. The Forest Service at Washington announces that lire damage to national forest lands this year was held to $237,370—a ruthicliun of more than 30 per cent'from 11)20. This reduction was made in spite of the ilrync-ss of the weather, which made th;- fire hazard more dangerous than usual. We are accustomed to .-ceing Ihooo forest lire figures high in the millions. This great reduction is something over which we can rejoice mightily. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18, SIDE GLANCES By George Clark ' vcrc Irritations of tlic buttocks due lo chemicals in the excretions, Thus In some cases the action of a germ on the lluld that Is ex. crcted spills thu chemicals which It contains Into products, one of which Is ammonhi, uml the ammonia is irritating to the skin. In the case o( such irritation from the diaper, Ine growth of Hie germ which brings about the formation of ammonia may be prevented by washing the diapers In | antiseptic solutions. Obviously In cases of h-rliatlop of the skin such as have been described, the matter of first Importance Is to determine cuactly the cause. Usually with removal of the cause of the Irritation, the disease promptly disappears, particularly after the physician prescribes a healing lotion or ointment or some, other measure to aid healing and to protect the skin during the healing process. In some cases in which the skin has seemed to be especially Irritable, various means have been attempted to decrease the irrlta'- llcn. Among these are application ol ultraviolet rays to the point of tanning, and sometimes the use of Roentgen ray or X-ray to hasten the activity of the cells and to overcome the Itching. The relief afforded by such measures, however, is only temporary, anil it is important in every case to determine the cause j and to remove the source of iirl- ' talion. I . [ Be Sure You're Right— RECENT "P IDEA HAS ARISEN 1I> VEABJ-rjVrf NOSE-IMS! AIRPLANE 6 A DEffNESS.8W INSfEAD OF CUBliVGjl-f OFTEN CAUSES O? AGGWrtfcS DEAFNESS. "I'll bet if we could borrow that chimney he'd notice our OL'kiri"s." . i l WASHINGTON LETTER THE SLAVERY AMIINDJJEXT On Dec. 18. 1805, Congress parsed the !3ih amendment to tv.c constitution, abolishing Elav cry throughout the Union. It was the first amendment, out of the hundreds that had been proposed, which had. becri adopted in more than CO years. The Emendment Personal vs Suiely Bonds By thu vrnlict of a jury in Scolt county circuit court, Dunklin county, Missouri, 1ms been awtirdcd juclgmcnt for §77,773.11 agninst bondsmen of tho defunct Citizens Savings Rank, of Kei'i- nett, which failed in 1926 with 570,- 3S0.02 of L'ouii'iy funds on deposit. A siniiltir judgment was obtained in 1028, but the vaxlitt was;! and ihc ca. a c remanded by the state supreme court. N"o\v it. will undoubtedly KO to the supreme court again, and CVCM if the judgment is afl'irmed there (.l:c problem of collection will The ivsy everything looks no\v. covered with two or three inches o[ anow, It wouldn't be at, nil uivpvisins It we Ehoultl snow for Christma 1 ;. If I don't make a raise someway or cllier, ;now is r.bou! nil I cnn afford for Christmas. * -Y. -y. Tor several dins I have been vondcrins wl'.al I rould do v.-lili my ray. I haven't any taso- line with wliicli to run it. aiul no money to' i:mcl;;i:.c any v.iji. buv I r.olvod thj iivo'o'im today. I am Going to' Iratic the cr.r lur some Raso- llim and then use. the Gasoline to stait fires In the healing stove. Many of the smaller dry organi- fHA-f PEVcLQP Fl y.otvfs EGJ-S \VHSCH DO -THE— PAMAGE. Commission Halts Sale jewelry tarnished were be really sales at the held to [ * . . . i u <- ituuy a.u^a iu ute reasaincLe 01 Imitation Jewelry price and not bona fide replacements. Illinois Plans Bill POST City Managership seemed to that it ' the organized movement and, the gra- for i\p'.!?.i';ntly agreed as to the iai- po--!>;')l!ty of iir'duciii" such a : er '••cm among professional drys. they KO'I: seek a business man or. i lawyer of great prestige to assume i unified command of thc cause, coiniiumder-in-chief. There With fiioh a mini, mrr,t of (hem I:?- seme Mho said that Mrs. Mabel! ! vo=lamaUo " uas n ™ssary ]'?-r. they ran raise millions o[ Willebrandt would have teen'.nn' ! ' rC:V<m tne re-establishment of age actually did not amount ti j elected and one of these would ce dollars. iTcrull the business men of ideal"leader had she not tied her-1 s ' uvcry a(ter tne war - Congress more than 2 or 3 cents and the chosen to act as president of the on n tori'SHc self up with grape concentrates, j two i !cars ' ater Passed thc 13-,h packing hardly more man tn:«t rum. ci| T ccuncil. The coimcil would Mnbel, incidentally,' appeared be-; EmcIKiraent - Tnc members of the | The articles were represented in; then act as a whole in selecting a of ma of Almighty "God." As . further action than ihe to WASHINGTON. (UP)—A scheme for the sale of bogus jewelry has been exposed here with an order from the Federal Trade Commit-' sion for a dealer to cease labeling imitations of diamonds with tre word "diamond " SPRINGMELD. III. (UP)-A city As explained by the commission. ma " a S" >»". similar to that prc- the dealer circulated coupons de- i se " teU to lllc !ast rc S^w session of scribing the spurious articles as ; thc lllm ° ls G «ncral Assembly by genuine diamond rln°s and stick- '• Rc P r "entative W. C. Chyno.veth, pins, together with certificate I DecalLlr ' ^ expected to be Intro- guaranteeing them for certain pc- , dllcccl at ltle session opening Jan- riods. New jewelry was promised if i" ar 5' 7 the old became tarnished, but 35' The Mil ^ to be sponsored by cents had to be sent "for postage j Chicagoans. Under its terms a and packing," although the pD3i- i sot of commissioners would did not amount the comitiy and nut dry campaign which will result in ..., ,. _,.,. ,. _, , .... . - -- -->•-- - ... p.n ulier rout of the wets in tr.e fore the drys and pcnvinced them; HollbL ' l;icn Joined in singing the | the advertising, the commission ricclion.s of 11)32.- i by violent assertion of I Little cf this leaked out frr:n ihe sincerity, and dryness. ! secret sessions, tut it represented C'annnn I,»ft Off Board doxology. The amendment con-'said, to be worth from $3 to $3.53 firmed the proclamation and ex- when the reguhr price at retail city manager. In order to adopt the nunag:r form of government, thc bilf The drys say th?y still'dtsap- l )Hi ' c of thc Dnitecl States. | common ngrcsment. The dry K-ad-j Tne dr; us :ul;,-,ii'.'.\t i.mong lU> MI.M-'.VCG iivovj of grape concentrates for;,; j tinit there wa? .'.?aloi«y nnii biek- wine-making, but won't Tight them I unless they, becrmc a menace to| tended it to all slaves held in any [ was from 15 to 25 cents. The al-' vkles that it must'be subinittsd ! legert'repliicements when'th's "iirst: to the people for a-vote. •• Now (hat women are reported smoking cigars ill Paris, exircc". ihc newest cre.itioiv! lo feature Havana wraps. erinj among them, but Ihi'y were unanimous in asserting that dis- ::cni:ou mti't b? ended, that thc pn-scnt prohibition laws must' k.2 vctaiiiecl wi'ilr-ut mcdiOcuticn and I p .-idler unt^r a single directlnj; i head to repulse the groimdyaining Scientists have announced the v.\i:h; of the cm til Eis six FCAlijllon tonr;. You m:jlu kno\v they'd civc it ir. round numbers. An editor sussests the broadc.^iin-; ot book reviews. Now you'll get tome KM! tcnu'j over yo'ir iTidio. menace i:rolilbition, in wliich case the drys would reek a five-line addition toj Section 29 of the Volsteatl Act which would destroy the new in- > t':'.at [be dry movement musi clustry. ; Mabel preserved her personal itatus \vith the cirys because sh.? lias always been their fair-haired Stnilosy Heard to Dci-iilc I child and many felt that to rcpu- Tlie Comniitw-c of .Sixteen or dinte her nc.\y would be both un- Ni'.licnn! stiategy Beard" of the pleasant and unwise. ;aiicnal C•-iterance cf Org.iniza-! The famous Bishop Jair.:s Cannon \vas left off the strategy board. He is in pear health. Dr. Wilson who had apiJeared for a while to] hove the (Irj: megaphone in his! exclusive p:^2?£ion, and McBride. The Iroiiblc with some men \>l:o lake i-.n im- portnnt step in life, says tile c:Iii-c sa ( ;e. is thcit they quickly lose their stride. vion.s f^U;>;:orting the 1 Eighteenth Amf 1:^:110^'. \vill decitio whelhc-r the I ne'.v unified dry ccminnnd sliauld I ro:i:i:it of cuo man cr u smull gen i rv;tl ;laff winch would iiavc clicta- 1 tovint pawn-;;, it may n,s'< fcrmn- j !iiiu a slr.lcir.enl. of imlicy to be I .s'.iLi^ciib.'d lo by carh of the 33 or^aiii/.i'.Ions in the conference. who .sought, the mantle of the dead Wheeler, are now but two men among 10 on the baard which will try to develop unified action. At The 1 fact was more than ever ob- first a board cf but 12 The president and Congress yrt alnii;;. as Hie ol:l dmile goes, like two Sjidiit;: powders in :i glass ol w.itcr. I vr n.s that t!'? dry niovemcnt had I produced no man who could seize | ;i^;l r'lrrci-o leadership as Wayne Wheeler did. Wheeler has had '.ureter, nor even any imitator. Tlic ictiscn Mrs. Ella lion!e of the W. C. T. U. was selected t-i head livj tn.ird ol strategy not thnl '.tit's [or Imricr.'liip tlmn many ctl^rs. b-.i; because s!ic was a logi- rnriiv.--.nisi for the various fac- I lions. nouuo?d. with W.ilson was aft- omitted. Associate V?r:••;.-. dry l-n;lcv.- tlesirrtl that.I ing of the Christian Herald and the; ro?:. iiif 1 . a> i:icy wo'ild like to world Christian Endeavor. Oliver! thn supreme command which i. lik 1 -!-.- tc i-r crratKi. but there Is too n:ucli tiivojsincil cppcsiti'n* to intcriinl Dis^utstun (if :in An!i Saloon .ifMic iv.^n as impo sible l;:cni'.ss ninny rrs.iii:?-ii:':-.s rcr?ni anv t,:r,r.r cf tlic lo;r;'.:r: to ns-crt its Ho.ird ol v.pvrniu-^. PiT.''imi :n:d rub-' ?.!• v.ils is wU'Sy tli-hk^il ;>nioii3 j (r i!rys. ef|vcip.l!v MI:I-" r.i.s pro-1 net-L Ti u\_ T OPEvj 'tivi oP AM \_ooi<_ CuZ. 'vWfrA£.>O TL .Tt: LAVS y-rr-rT-^EJ^r-.-^A =s±^.a ^ >sm ~i~S/r-iy ', t\ • ', \ -' *-V/-., V... \ x-rr/-_ .^'. ^C> ; .. <^.<r^ '-;VVi^ Then the names of Wilson, thc Rev. Eugene I,. Crawford—secretary toj Canr.on—and two others were added. Puck Husiness Men's Aid Thoie amrng the 1C wlio prob- nbiy will have most to do with shaping strategy arc Cherri'nglon of thc league and- the World League Ac.imst AlcoV.o'.ism. Superintendent Ailhui 1 H. Biiggs of thc California Anti-Snlo;n League. Daniel A. Pol- W. atewnrl of the National Temperance Council and James A.! Grain. , Tlie plan of thc drys to recruit j thousands of buriness men for the- fijhi is based en n realization thatj prohibition must be considered ns more than a moral issue is it is to sun ho. Tlic wets have been cap- :-uiinnuce. Dr. Chrcnco Tine Wil- itnlizing tlic big business men in t'nc-ir own ranks—such as thc du Pouts and W. W. Atteruury—and thc drys hope to overwhelm then^ In that sector, putting ever thej -al for ii nniinnnl prohiW.ion re- j iclo;i that prohibition is the big which v,as "nanimously i factor behind modern efficient mass production and profits. Many Industrial Chemicals May Affect Workers Skin J.fTw-iv.,.. .; .( -. ClKntYnr> tlwc'. I :;: cause eruptions rcsemUUn; cse due to the chemical found (i-,c:l fiiri. Eyebrow pencl's whioh contain mnscara or various r products produce In some rtdr.css and swelling ot the cl-.rmical £t:l>sirnces for liair cont.iin barium which produces an irrl- ;;(tio:i ot the skin. Some shavln, CIT.V.I-.:. l:;\ve a siiiricient amount of in them to irritate a sensl .iddiiiou to direct irritation j iic:n ;>>,;• cliemieal. there is the] possibility of reaction because the I i:cr.-o:i ir. especially sensitive to f ^ I,;.::; .-c:i-.f'i:ini3 f.nd lliat •;ciii-B. ni:r.e drug or chemical substanco. i ~J iv..-,ici: ;:, incorpci.itc.1 in hai: dyes. Net Infrequently babies have se- A successful housekeeper these days is a business woman. She has to be. She has her budget systems and account books. She figures closely to keep expenses down. She is a wise, shrewd buyer. She wastes neither time nor money. She knows exactly what she wants and where to get it at the most advantageous price. She'll tell you that she is a diligent reader of newspaper advertising. She considers it a trustworthy business associate. It brings her cleaner food—improves her personal appearance—eases her daily task—helps take the humdrum out of life tells her when, where and how to find things pleasurable and profitable- makes it possible for her to get one hundred cents' worth of real value for every dollar she spends. Every one can profit by reading the advertisements in this newspaper. That's the one best way to keep in touch with the lowest prices, best qualities and newest commodities that stores are offering and manufacturers are putting out for your benefit. Remember, you can depend on advertised products. Read advertisements. They'll help you in lots of ways.

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