The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1946 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 23, 1946
Page 10
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BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COU1UKH NKWS oi-ui 'vz 'iiuav ' Novel Propeller Thai's a ship propeller, being hoisted aboard a-Navy landing ship for experimental inslalln- • lion at the Pacific Shipbuilding' nnd Drydock Company's plant .at Everett, Wash. Called a eycloidal propeller, ils b;ise rotor I' is seven feet in diameter. Each'; of the «n.x vertical blntJes re- i volves on ils own axis as the J main rotor turns. Cycloidal pro- j pulsion is said to triple a shipj j speed.j ' Pope Discusses World Problems - Qraich Leader Looks .' For U.S. To Carry On •• Fifht Against Hunger 1W HAMtY VWOUSON Staff Corrtsoon-Ifnl IftUi. In all countries Fr«is). VATICAN CTTY. April W. <UP> —Pnf>« Pius Monrlnv er-mterl a" •udirnce to the U"1tTl Prpss mid m* imoresslon Is Itifll IiU holiness to kwfctnc to the Unllfd Rtntw is IT shinlnir hone to lend the world «it. ol postwar confusion nnrt to help win the pfwsent desperate fight •rstnst the threat of famine in m«nv lands. Se»t«l in his scarlcf-wallod library before 8 brown wonrlen desk covered with red frit, the Ponn Htseussed world problems frankly for twenty-seven mlmitos. Hh con- »pni»tlon moved easily between &i»liih and Italian. •;Th,. suorei^e pontiff nnppsirrd in perfect health and eave the Impression of havinff a thorough ffrnsn of world problems. H* was attlrrd in white robes, a white skull cap »n<4 wore the pectornl rross. '.Paying warm tribute lo the Ira- dltionil eenerosity of tho American people, the none repeatedly ex- prw«ed hone that the western world would continue to make a mnlov contribution to allevlatp humanity's present dire need for food. ; I believe that the Pontiff has confidence that South America. twrtlcularly Argentina—which the Holv Father singled out In discussion of the famine threat—will help to rescue great numbers of the human race who have Insufficient bread. -; Participating In thc audience were Virfrfl Pinkley. United Press vice- president for Europe, and J. Edward Murray, Rome manager of the United Press. .\ . Kide Jeep Through Rome ! We drove an AmcrVcan Jeep through the sunnv streets of Rome :up to the towcrlnt dome of Saint Peters Cathedal and thence turned left to trip entrance of the court yard of Saint Damusus and the Apostolic • palace. Tlie blue-clad Swiss guard with bavonetetl rifle came to attention, saluted and examined our credentials briefly, waving us on. , We entered the apostolic palace •nd ascended by elevator to thc second flood. We were escorted to the Papal Throne room where the Pop, receives ambassadors and talk- ring, set with n ed briefly with members of the stone. He smiled Noble Guards, wearing blue iirid gold uniforms and carrying ceremonial swords. The throne room is hung in scarlet and thc throne rests on a red carpeted dais. Thc [loor is covered with crimson carpet on which is inscribed around the edges the latin words for "Ftxlth, Hope. • Charity, Temperance, Justice and Prudence." After w e had talked with the -Noble Guards about 10 minutes, Harold MacMillan, former member of the Allied Comlssion for Italy «nd now a. conservative member <of the House of Commons, emerged irom the Pope's library. We were Bert on the audience list. The lioonslgnor in waiting to the Pontiff, robes, examinee ' «jnr ; credentials, and said, "Avantl liberals like Llie new editor, Suit I H:\varliio, ana the demo-ltb«ial ed- ilor, SciiHlor Alberto Bergamlnl, who owned the pupcr since It first appeared Immediately after the last *'nr. before Fascism took It over. Onydn'js editorials toTd Italians what their political Ideas could he If they desired to continue their old tradition of discussing politics espresso." said was Publication Of Ex-Duce Organ Startles Rome BY AI.IH) FOKTE Unltrd 1'rcss Staff; Correspondent HOMB (UP)—Itomiins could hardly Ijellcvc tlicjr ears the other day \vhen, unexpected, newsk's started shouting, "liny the Olornalc (I'ltalia. 1 ' It .seemed Impossible to,, thorn thnt the old xeinl-ofMctal Fascist orgnn, edited by Vlrglnto Oaydn. would ever appear attain. The only chanife in the nawspapcr from Fascist dnys Is a microscopic "Nuovo" (New), placed above tlie name of the paper.. The newspaper Is printed with the same type format used by the old Ciiornale tl'Ilalla and Is Identical In appearance. The only change is in the editorials. Once upon a lime Virginia Ony- In, Italy's Julius Sticlcher, hurled ils thunderbolts from the columns of the "Man who was sent by God of the newspaper ngainst the "decadent Democracies" and the 'crumbling Pi lit o- Detnoc i'a Is." Edited by Uheral Now the, editorials arc .signed by over thetr cups of "cafee' Anything that Gayda sound truth. Gayda was "tipped off" cverv morning at 10 a.m. by Pnlnz/n Chlgl. the latter as foreign minister havlnu received MIISSO- llnl's directives. It Klvep a ncwsnancrnian, who for years translated Gayda's fiery anti-American editorials, a sense of relief to see trie .same newspaper appear with a front-page story from Mussolini's home, town, pre- dnpplo, stntlnc that the house where Mussolini was born has been lifinsformed Into n Karbage dump. 'Hie same newspaper only five yours ago front-oaged a story describing a "humble pilgrimage" of the KlnK of Italy to the birthplace Trilussa k allowed to say anything he desires." The,: Glumalc (TUalln'.f reporter who visited Mussolini's birthplace nt 1'rcdapplo says that he spoke lo an uncle of thc late dictator, who told him thnt ail Musollnl's relatives have decided to change their name to Mlslllnl or Maslllul. He also tells how Mussolini's castle. Rocca delle Caminate, overlooking the small town of Prcdap- pio near Forll, has been he.nded over to P.O.W.s who have just returned to Italy from Nazi concentration camps. He adds thai at thu entrance of Predapplo the sturdy farmers >>ive erected ;\ blatantly painted sign reading: "Very important warning. Muss«llnl was NOT born at Predapplo." Sic transit gloria mundl. Scientific Trend the United States in 1936 when he was the Papal secretary of Stale and he recalled having travelled across th c country by plnnc. He s|X>ke In terms of America as n Brent and generous country and expressed thc belief that thc United Stales would be among thu leaders in reconstructing the war- torn world. As happened so frequently during Ihe audience the conversation again turned to food and the Holy Father expressed Die urgency of get- tint' any food surpluses in the western hemisphere to areas of famine. I received the impression his expectation was that, the needy areas would receive grain from both North and South America, pnrtlculnrly the United States and Argentina. As the conversation proceeded the Pope frequently gestured with his long, artistic hands and the ight reflected against his Papul u deep sapphire frequently and in soft, even tones, often raciously soliciting our opinions n many subjects In most detuo- ratic fashion. Before him on the ucsk was a lock a brown portfolio filled with iapers and three ordinary pens vlth steel points standing upright n n box. At the end of the desk was a Jox filled with rosaries and sacred iicdnllions. Thc Palace library is .1 argc room, hung in red. Thc Pope's desk Is just to the right of the entrance door. A number of small gilt chairs are brought out and placed In front of the desk when the Pope grants an audience. No books were hi thc section of the library In which we were received. The books are kept in other-rooms and brought Inlo the Pontiff when he desires them. jvfv impression is that the Pope would be pleased If the peace treaties were formulated speedily, especially the one with Italy. The Pope seemed especially concerned wilii Italy's need for the .stabilizing Influence of a definite treaty as soon as possible. At the end of thc audience the Holy Father pressed a button bc- sitie his desk, siunmoning the Mon- slgnor In waiting. We rose and the Holy Father extended to us his personal blessing with a Kentlc movement of his right hand In the sign of the Cross. to lea'l the new Italians. On thc third pace, the new Qior- nale d'ltalla publishes a poem In Homan direct commemorating Mussolini's death about a year alto in Milan, referring to the former dictator as "Tho TJlack Cat who died poisoned after biting his tongue." The noet's name Is Trilussa. Released by Duee II is onlv fair lo mention that Trllussa, who is looked upon ns an Italian La Fontaine, published IKicms with Rntl-Fasclst hints in Fascist days. Once he was arrested and immediately released on Mus- .solinl's own orders. The Dictator Is said to have told thc police: *l' e C£it>JCs' for Hosiery I 1X3U1SVILLK, Ky. (U.P.l-Owen O. Strother, Louisvllle | believes lie. has found the solution' to the spat- \ tcred hose of milady on u rainy day. Strothcr has devised "leggings' of a ti anspiirent, waterproof material that prevents splashing the stockings. The leggings zip upward from the bottom and are being made st present In three sl/.es—all for adults. He plans later to add children's sizes. AKRON, o., (U.P.>—Thc weatli- rnnnn Is thinking of putting more scientific language Into his weather reports. Before thc war iwoplc used to call up and say "Hey, Is It goonn get colder?" Now he says they want to know if a "warm front Is coming over" or "What kind of air Is bchini thc clouds." nd v*L-iniii:inian Hay Robinson bhiines It on the Army and Navy courses in meteorology. Landys' Beauty Shop 2003 W. Main St. Phone 3990 Landys Rowlctt. \ : We '*'we'ht'"5 through three' rooms : . to the Pope's private apartments In e»ch of which was stationed member of the Noble Guard who . uluted as, we passed. Finally i came to.'» plain wooden door wide! the monsignor-In-waiting openei and ushered us into the papal U brary.,. The Holy Father smiled a wel cone as we advanced and bowci • arid shook hands. We took seats h thre« red covered chairs before hi desk. :The Pontiff glanced at our let t«rs ol Introduction and opened the conversation by addressini each of us by name. The discus sion proceeded then on the roll and function of journalism in worlc affairs and at the suggestion o the Pope we gave our Impression on conditions in the various countries ve had visited. Urges Flow of Ne~ws .The Holy Father emphasized the urgent need of a free flow of news and information to all parts of the world, especially at the present time, as a contribution in promoting better relations among nations which he regarded as essential to lasting peace. The Pontiff impressed upon us the great responsibility and op|»r- timity newspapers and radio have to disseminate truly democratic ideas and ideals through tlie distribution of impartial information. From discussion of our problems " as Journalists In reporting the news In various parts of the world 1 gained the impression the Holy Father has hoped that objective information will continue to circulate 'and. penetrate the areas which have been deprived by war of freedom of thought and expression. I mentioned thc Pone's visit to BAHY CHICKS— 3 to S days old—S4 to SI2 per 100 Several breeds — Feeds, Founts — Feeders. ELEVATOR FEKD STORK Broadway at It. R. Tracks ATTENTION LADIES Cash Paid for Men's, Women's and Children's Used Clothing and Shoes. 415 W. Ash St. PLANTING SEED! ' Delia Pine M Cotton Seed. DC- linted Ceresnn treated 100 Ih. lings. These seeds showed less than 5(1/1, Germination. $3.00 Per 100 Ibs. Come and Sec Them Before Buying LIMITED SUIT!,Y We :ire offering these seeds on account of the scarcity of planting seeds. BRYAN FARMS, OSCEOLA, ARK. PHONE 760 CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Blytheville" Phonographs — Records ;md Accessories. IlaUery and Electric Radios 21!) W Main Phone 3'M3 Pacific salmon die after ono spawnlntf. Atlantic .species spawn several years before dying. $25 Reward for information enabling me to secure a 6 or 7 room unfurnished house. Contact E. V. (Buck) Tomlinson Phone 2;«r> — 119 East Ash JOE B. 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AND DID THAT Fe.viWE SWE us THE BRUSHOFF WHEN SHE MOVED UPTOWN WITH THEN PEASANTS IN ERWNE ! BRIN KEY! AHc \HWUR VflU DKEW, \EDOE MIMU HERE'S A ACQUAINTANCE Of TCW.S TO SEE WUI A THEATRICAL (Al ROOMINS HOUSE IN THE BY FRED HARMAN S1AGE COULOWT VWE DISAPPEARED SO PAPOOSE,TUGS •^ELP^\ECE.^ 'HECMILEI!* THBR PENS'

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