The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, March 15, 1948
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BLYT THE DOMINANT NEWSl'AI'KH Ob' NOllTHEAS'l ARKANSAS AND SOUTUIiABT M1BSOUIU NEWS VOL. XLIV— NO. 299 Blyllievillt Courier Blythevllle Daily News Mississippi Vallev Leader Blytheville Herald H1,VT]IKVI1,1,1«:, ARKANSAS, MON'DAY, MAKCH lf>, 19-18 TWKI.VIO PACKS U.S. May Support Chile's Charges Against Russians Czech Coup Certaih | To Bring Debate in UN Security Council By Robert Manninir LAKE SUCCESS, N, Y.. Mar- 15. (up) -U. S, support of chile's charges that Russia engineered the Communist eoup in Czcclioslova- . fcia virtually guaranteed today Ilia the issue would IK aired before thi United Nations Security Council. An official source disclosed yes lerday that the United states would hack up Chile's demands for a de bate on the C/ech issue and littl_ difficulty was expected in lining up the seven votes necessary to have the matter brought before the c|un cil. Britain, Prance, Belgium, ani probably Colombia, Argentina an Syria were exacted lo follow thi country's lead. The Czech issue, which will con front the United Nations with crisis far graver than that present ed by the Iranian case two year ayo. or the current troubles ove partitioning Palestine, was sehe duled to come before the comic Wednesday. Some officials believed th Czech debate would determine whether the UN remains an international organization or is transformed into a Western nnti-Russian coalition. While a decision to give the charges a full hearing would not committ the United States or other Security Council members to any given course of action, it would be the signal for a verbal battle between Ru-ssia and the Western powers. ^Whether the United States would ^f further and support some sort of security council intervention in the Czech case—a commission of investigation, for example, or a resolution of condemnation--was not clear. Tile American UN delegation and the State Department were believed lo have some double about whether the Security Council can take any such action In the case without infringing on the most jealously-guarded article in the UN charter. That is the article which prohibits the UN from meddling in the domestic affairs of any sovereign nation. J.S. Treasury Surplus Tops $5.000.000,000 To Set All-Time Record WASHINGTON, March 15 (UP) —The treasury's surplus lias pass- d $5,000.000,000 for the first time i history. The surplus, spurred by record- ax collections, has risen to S5.07G,- 75,494.60. the latest daily treasury tatemeiu .showed. This compared vilh $1,307 ,«0,000.41 just, a year URo. 1 The new record surplus compared with the previous nll-time of $3,252,000.000 reached on March 31, 1917 President Truman estimated the surplus will be S7.-1BO.OOO.OOO. Three Men Killed In Mystery Blast Harvester Firm's Motor Testing Unit Becomes Shambles LOUISVILLE. Ky.. March (U.P.)—A powerful explosion i ped through the motor testin., building at the Louisville plant ofi the International Harvester Co.. to- Finns Prepare to.Make Pact With Russia SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS President Juho K. Pansiklvi. 01 Finland, eonlors with the drlcgnlton that will represent Finland during tin Moscow meeting to arrange a new pud with Russia. Loft to right: K. G. Iduuin; Dr. .1. o. Sooderjclm; Oun Paltoncn; Dr. Urho Kekkonen; Premier Manunn Pekkilla; President Pnaslkivi; Foreign Minister Carl Ki:ekell Relnhold Svenlo; Trjo Leino; Gen. Brick lleinrichs; Gen. Osknr Knekell nnd I. o. Viillervuoi I. iNKA Radio- day leaving three known dead, fourth man possibly dead, and eight seriously injured. Rescue crews irom me plant meanwhile dug through the twisted wreckage of the huilding In search of other possible victims. Bodies of Les Kuehenbrod, a crane operator, and a man tentatively identified as \V. E. Stilwell, Route I, Bueehel, were recovered at 10:30 a. m. Earlier the body of William C. Manion, 31, Anchorage, was found. A company doctor snid a furt'l man had been brought from the ruins, but identification was made immediately. The bodies of Kuehenbrod and Stilwcll were recovered from a pit Lone Oak Tops Quota in Drive To Aid Red Cross A partial report by Negro drive workers in the current Red Cross financial campaign today showod that collections by tliein to date imoimted, to $305.50. Total collections thus far in the drive in North Mississippi County, where a quota of 511,084 is sought, amount to 85,908.47. Other collections reported today include an additional $107.50 frotu the West End business district solicitation team composed of Jack Thro, Gus Eberdt, E. M. McCall and j Charles Perm. Their collections to '• date total S44B.85. i iKjne Oak today joined other communities which have exceeded their quota in the 1948 drive. Erby Hodge, drive chairman, reported collections of $70.59. The quota there was $70. The Negro drive workers in Blytheville are headed by Will Moss, who is assisted by Willie James and George D. Hollis. The drive workers named by Moss include Claudie Faust, Ma ttic Lean Brown, Beatrice Vussar, Mary Vaughn, Willie Ann Lofton. Amanda Johnson, Geneva Erwin, Myron Stricklin, Maggie Lee Love, Roxie Gillis, Essie Bennett, Viola Hall, J. M. Kimbrough, Susie Carter and Lois James. The Negro report of collections today listed contributions from the following; Negro First Baptist Church $2.50. Church of Christ Dif " ie S2.50, Dr. B. E. Roberts $10. Dr. H. Keith §5, and Will McClel- 1 55. beneath Die floor of the building. The floor had caved in on th e pit, and water was seven feed cicc ( > in it. The bodies, bndly crushed, were buried debris and water. Two men were critically injured. They were Alfred Zinsrnebte;, 27, JeffcrsonviHe, Ind., and Charles G. Wiens, Louisville. Injured were taken to hospitals all over the city, and some wci-c taken to the International Harvester dispensary. 'SlTeiephoto by Portable from Helsinki to Stockholm-radio (o New York.i Tf i Bank Burglar Nabbed With $7,250 Haul VALDOSTA. Ga.. March 15, <UP' —Taxl-drivi-r William Grndy Cur, ])enler just naturally gels siisnici- lous when a man tells him "I've .'<»t more money than I know what to do with." Atid that's just what a passengor told him In Tiflon, Ga., yesterday us he asked lo be driven to Vnldosta. So when the passenger tusked 'o lie taken to a cafe, Carpenter took him (o the police station Instead. The stranger clutched a sack-full ol money and tlie driver walked in with him. Inside, the man with all Ihe money look a quick look around a:ul turned to run, but police grabbed him. Inside tlie bag was $7,250 In bundles of casli marked with the names of three Ma con, Ga., grocery stores. The man identified himself as John Rogers Whittinglon 30. of M-t- con and finally,admitted he the money from the night Rites Conducted For Sam B. Coble Osceola Businessman, Former Alderman III Several Months OSCEOLA, Ark.. Mnr. IS.—Funeral services for Sam B. Coble. as?c 53. who died at his home Saturday : where he had been ill for several " OL : montll-s. were conducted yesterday. | 3:30 p.m.. al the Swift Funeral ... , Home Chapel by Die Rev. L T Lawrence, pastor of the First Pi'es- byterian Church. He was assisted by the Rev. H. J. Couchman, the Rev Russell J. Chlbb and the Rev. burned nnd L. R. Stitl. Graveside services were ben-MUli the' conducted by the Masons at the Ermen Cemetery. Born in Obion. Tenn., Mr. Coble moved to Mississippi County 48 years ago with his parents, the late Mr- and Mrs. James Perry Coble. They moved to Osceola several years Inter, Mr. coble was a veteran of World i War I and served 27 mouths with Cause of the explosion wii^. nut! Company B. lG4th Infantry. known. There was no fire following' lov '' ir >p his discharge, he returned it, but the building which housed thp motor test room was in shambles Tht iuoi wtij-^iovvn off r nnd there were gaping holes In the side wal!s.M n 8 Co. In 1D33 he rnHfried Mrs. Tractors and other pieces of equip-' ment were scattered like toys.' g ' , d,' to Osceola, where he entered bus- ss as an undertaker andjieaded Swift Furniture and took of the First National '* u.sing a key he had nuulur Driver Carpenter was credit! police with catching a barisf! .__ bcr before the crime was dis:over ed. B. Swift. I Active In civic affairs, he was a r,.., 0 . . , ,. . .1 member of Ihe First Presbvterinn denlia, d tr?r^nd C hrS S 1 °"«»=h. «« City Council for ,0 aw-.v Houscwivp- siiri , ili..- r t - ve!u ' s nlld a Mastm n " d Shriner. % H^f-S :. :»--,f & -^i-sas s ( the p£-ere\noeked ^<% the j ™»^ E ^^^ \ D/GS //? H'lS 1 ' and Mrs. John Lillierap of Oseeohi. ******* •" I'lJ All work in Ihe productijn pafi I Active pallbearers were. C E of (lie plant was suspended, throw- nea,,, Frank Williams, Mike Nailing approximately 2,000 persons out n nB . Arthur Bowen. E. L. Tnlta- ferro. Nathan Welnljerg, lleiulrix and Irn Wrigtil. Cobb Funeral Home of ville was in charge. Landlords Lose Rental Decision Production Credit Association Lien Is Given Priority LITTLE ROCK. Mnr. 15. tUI'l- The Arknnsus Supreme court rule loday Hint three Greene Count landlords nnd no claim to the rlc crop BI-OWII by R. E. Colemnn uu( tie Imd paid off n SSti.OOO mortBau held by ttic White River Produ tion Credit Association of Newpoi The court reversed n cirecn chni eery Court decree. It sniri the u tion of II. M. Fenrs. A. R. Cart and B n. Bone In wnlvhif- the claim to one-fourth of the cr as rent on 480 acres was "ntaoln nnd unconditional." The three landlords hntl nrgu that Colemnn acted fraudulent In using proceeds from rice pro on his leased land in paying i an nckllMnnnl t'nortiinRC whon I: weather in 1!H4 caused a crop la urc on DCO acres of his own Cltiy CouuLv laiuL. ,„. fTtVf trioV trikes to Bring Marshall Pleads For More Aid to Greeks and Turks est for Nation's taw Labor Law Many Coal Miners Idle and Packers Facing a Shutdown By l.uur«i»<r (ioiulrr United I'ri'ss SI.HT ('DnrsrumilciiO WASHINGTON. Mnrrli K.. lUl' 1 -.Strikes and tliri.-nleut'd strikes in lie roil! and meal pntkliiK ludus- •l<\s confronted the Kou-rnnu'lll to- ny with its ni-st major lubor crl- Is since pussnur- of the Tiilt-lliul- \v law. l-'edeial labor experts believed 'n'stdent Trinuan would decide to-1 :ny whether the novornineiu should nti-ivenc in imiiiilnln u tmnds-otr ill limit- In the purklni; hinise strike fhrduled l<> In'ilhi at mldnlnhi. A special ranuicssloiml commit- ee meanwhile reported Uiul the even months til tin- net show It l.s vorkinK to tin- iitiviintum- of the public wt-lfiuv." Tlie ri-piul wns lennunced by font cummithT Demu- Tiils nnd by lenders ol nri-iiitlKcll uljtir. Al-'L President Wllliiim (liei-n silitl len |)resent lubor rontlncis expln: 'and not unlit then will il he ptusl- )le lu Judy died s of I lie luw on illectiv, lini-Kiilnliiil "ml [ii-iiccliil abor-nunmCement rchillons, " Under In,- TulI -I Imlley net. Ihe piesldent eun .slop lor iitiout HO dny.s my tlnciik'lieu strike tie nmslders . ilnniu'i- lo the nnlloniil beiillh or nfely. The Mrst .slep wuuld be up- polntment of u fi\cl-i\n<lln« pnncl to study (lie dispute. Alter tlml, he t-mild Instruct llle illlorni-y Kdimil lo ui't n ti-inpui-iiry Injunetlon ;ulnst n .slrike. r:irk(-rs l-'uce n Slmtilmvii Uepre.scnlilllVfs of Ihe CIO Untt- I'acklnKlmusc Workers nnd tin today but prospects ni'iil ncre fur from bright. A walkout would Involve about 100,000 workers lit Kit) plants ri-presensoj; n third of the industry. The muss walkouts in the soft con I fields CI",!H»<| UK- Rri-nlcal concern to the government but ollteliils said there wns no iiui-stion of federal intervention nl the moment. U wns clear, however, llmt the government would net If the coal walkouts blossomed intn n (•enenil slrike. Cyrus ChliiR, heud of f--> federnl Mcdlnlltm and Concilia l i Service, tins .suld re|ieittedly Hint the government, will not lolernle \VASIIlNCiTON, Mnn-li 15. (U.I'.)— Secretary of State (,COI-RO {;. Mni'slmll siiicl today Unit as a result of Communist mliniKlntion, Ifiuul mid terror," the "hour is more fateful now thnti il wii.s ODO ycnr I>K<>-" And IK; lolil Hie Somite Koi'0%1, Relations Committee llwl tlie niiLion miiKl avoid "fear which would lead to sterile nmclioii al.road. Mo added that "hasty action" likewise must nejmmled, Icsl Amei-icnn resources he wasted. Marshall's comments were mad* before tlie committee In support of the new request for-$215.003,000 la military assistance for Greece and Turkey. "Tlie hour Is Itr more fateful now than It W aa on ye»r« ajo," he utlri. "By Intimidation, fraud, and terror, Cnmmunht regimes have been ImpoHtil on Hungary and C'Keuhufilm'nkU." And Mishiill added that o'.her KUI-OPCHII nations faced » similar I In eat of "belriK drawn against their will Into the Communist orbit." Regarding Greece, Marshall told Ihe committee itiul guerrilla band* with outside aid Imd doubled their number and Increiucd their arm.-i since the Inception of American aid to (he non-Communist Athens gov- einrnenl last year. Yugoslavia. Albania «nd Bulgaria, Marshall sniil, have "tloulcd" n Uulte-ri Nuttons resolution of last October calling for a halt to for- eluu assistance to the Greek guer- rllln bnnds. And he reminded the Semite committee thai Russian and I'olnnd have boycotted the UN" llnlkuu Committee to work for lie rice. Tlie secret my faced growing de- mnruls In for a frank ap- pmlsal or the world situation. Ctmirmnn Style.s Bridges. R..-N. H., of the Senate Appropriations Committee culled on the administration to say exactly how seriously It regards the threat of war. "And we want to know specifically what Is going to be done about it," he snld, Administration Making Plans The administration's program for meeting Ihf: world crisis is not ready. U Is only in the discussion stage. When ready, the program may b« coupled wltli a blunt statement by President Triton n. That would hav» the effect of inKMiK notice on Russia that expansion Into Western Euioue would be considered a threat t» tlW *4lM'|i*ce and to U. S. sc- Beneficiaries Of ERP Confer British and French Propose to Bring in Zones of Germany PA II IS. Mur. IS. ,U|>)-All An- Klo-1'rciK'li proposal | 0 engross the three Western -/.ones of Clermiiuy Into tin- Klnopenn recovery promnm was put forth today nt the o])enlnn of n Ki-niiLlon eonlerenec nn the icliiiblllliitlon plan. l-»rclgii Secretnry Krnesl Hevln nnnounccd nt Ihc outset of Hie uieelliiK Hint llrltuln niu l-rnnee would propose Jointly nt this eonferentre thai their y.oues mid thnl of Ihe Hulled Slnte.s be llirmvn Inlo Ihe EKP or Mnishall plntl. Amerlenn, Hiill-,1, nn d French di-li-Kiiti-.s niji'i'i-ii on such n ]irci|M)- snl nt n recent London meeting on .. Oeriminy. They deelded Hint llnk- packers held coufeienires In Chtcunii l " K G|1 '"'»i'y with the Blip was for u settle- ""' 0|U5 ' w "- v lo l»-iurr that the way defeated country contribute IU share to the recovery of Euro]* 1 . The conference opened at 3:04 p.m. In the clock room of the l-'rcnrh forelKll office. The Ifl del- eKatSci:.-. v.'c: 1 ,- rtr.~;;p,:J mound nn Immense oblong (able covered with BITCH cloth. All o( the delations except those of Switzerland ntid Iceland were hencled by foreign ministers. This was tlie first meeting of tlir EHP count lies since last Summer. At Ihe iniuiRural session the line between Ihe i-iisl and the West wiis dellneaied clearly for the first 4m« when the •viti «pher«- of work. Purge Attempt Is Directed at Sen. McClcllan LITLE ROCK. Ark.. March 15. (UPI—A Little Rock newspaper (The Arkansas Gazette) said today tha-^ powcr.ul Washington intcr- asts are seeking a man to oppose U.S. Senator Jolin L. McClcllan of Camclcn in this Siunmer's primary election. The paper said the move is being made to keep McCellan out ol . Harold Blythe- City Officials Go To Fort Worth For Conference P. M. Bennett Dies in His Home on Ash Mayor E. U. Jackson, City Attorney Percy A. Wright nnd Airport : Manager Ernest Halsell are In Fort ...„ _. _.. Worth. Texas, today conferring with Mrs. Roy McKay ol Tallulah. La., ollicials of the War Assets Admin- I istration regional office there. Pink M. Bcnncll. 73. died In his lioinc this niornltii;. T'.W. 1901 W. Ash Si : of n hentt nttnck. Me: hud been in 111 health for several years. A retired farmer. Mr. Bennett was horn in New Albany. and had lived In nlythcville for .several ycnrs. He is .survived by his wife Mrs. Clcmmic Dennett, three sons. Hoy J. Bennett of Water Valley. Miss.. Houston Bennett of New Albany. Mtis . and Paul M. Dennett of Shaw. Miss.; three (laughters. Mrs. William Fiil«tiam of Blytheville, •uTect trmrihe men 'were nnT flable on their waivers for the niorl^a^e Blvcn by Coieman on cro!* on his own land. The Ml|irrmr i:ourl lirtil Ihal tho w-aivrrs covered :il] uf thr lund mentioned In thr niiirtRiif;r. It Lilsu rlllrd that until (he entire dehl was pah), Ihe landlords »'ere entitled In no p :rt nT thr proceeds from the ernjis ainl Uial tin: proof failed lo sliow Hint Ihe asM-eiallon received nicjre Ulan Us debt. Al the samp limp, the su^ieine conn upheld lower mini action dismissing the landlord'.s suit against M. o. Balciltinc. who of niilge. Tciin.. atomic Inlxirnlory crated by Carbide niul Chomlc-als c;cir]i. next I'rlday. 'I'lnit l«. Ihc ilay Mr. Trnman's llrsl board of incniirv nndcr lt,c Tnfl-llni-tlcv act Is ,lue ''"; '""""'• ""u-iicun ami rTcncn lo report n,, the dispute Involving /mlts * 1 . 10 " 1 " ." e <! KSW : lttl ™ 1 *!«> "'« the AFL ntnnilc It-ndes council. llolli sides liavc agii'ed lo maintain flic stiiln.s (|iio until Ilicn. Mr. r'ta „ Ihr {iTfTfifilnnr Hie \vn.\. "At Ihe recent lalks tn lAtulon. reiireseiUnllves there nKi'ced Unit llle nrltlsb, Amci'lcnn and French lo <iip"po ' before the Senti* i contmlllee today refiucst for »r75,000,- Truman will have lo ili-clde alli-r UeltiilK Ihe report whelhi-r to sci'k nn Injunclldii to hull llu- wulkouL i:\lin rcilii-ii Assiiinril CII[f;AtiO. Murch 1ft. iUPi —MX- .siiit '"* 1'°""' ttl ' 11 -' iissinm-d to slrike bad ! ''"'•*' llt W'lcnxo's huue slockyards . meeting with WAA ollicmls is being held in regard to acquisi- Missco DDT Spray Crews to Start Soon The DDT house spraying pro- Rram vviil begin in . Mississippi County in two and one-half weeks will be the fourth undertaken in as many years in the fiRht to knock out the malarial mosquito, the Malaria Control Supervisor's oifice here pointed out today. The spraying will begin in Mississippi County April i and will feature this year (he use of a stronger DDT mixture which will remain effective eight months, precluding the necessity of two sprayings during 1918. Halving the number of sprayings has cut the cost to householders from S3 to £2. Jury Panel Selected For Court in Osceola A criminal term of the Osccola District of Mississippi County Circuit Court got under %vay this morning in the Osceol.i Court House with the selection of a jury panel and arraignment of prisoners The first case set for hearing was that of Floyd Slaughter, who ap- « aled n Justice of the Peace Court cision on a charge of reckless driving. . . and Mra. Leo Royal ol San Antonio, Tex Funeral nrranEemcnl.s . are incomplete but Hincral services will be conducted in Neu Albany, Miss. , u , 1( . a|il . toilny us n mitlnlclit (ieaclllne np- and ilisiMised ! l>'"0achi>it for u iiiitlonwlde wulkoiil. which would shut down a third of the meat parking industry, Hope (or lieadiiiK off the slrike faded last nl^hl when Swift. ,t Co., one of the nation's blsi'.est. packers, rejected n government pro]iosiil for arbitration of the wane dispute with the CIO United Packinghouse Workers, Other major companies withheld i comment nn Itie proposal, but It follow an active fight "against President i' io11 by tlle cit >' of the deed to the . __ .. _.. . . Truman and his civil rights pro- I air base property. It is now being Holt Puncrnl Home is in charge gram. McClellnn has been a bitter I operated under an interim permit, j Mr. Halsell and Mr. Wri;;ht new ' to Port Worth in the former's plane l while Mayor Jackson, accompanied . and outspoken critic ol the President since Mr. Truman announced his co-called anti-Jim Crow program. The paper suggested that the group was ready to back an oppon- " by Mrs. train. Jackson, made giotip was ready to oack an opponent. "possiblj with enough from the Mrs, Ida Hamilton DlCS c'lmn^n"' 1 ' 0 ' tu rhmlcc " 1C C ' Uire '" So "' s Home '" Fl°"da ?\mcral services tor Mr.s. Ida campaign "Party leaders were .said lo toe »~ un^i <n ^.ci ^ n,f.i MM i>n .->. m.i more interested in a candidate who ; Woodard Hamilton. 7-i. who died In could keep the senior senator busy j the home of her son, J. D. Hamilton in an election campaign than they were iti getting their candidate elected." the papc 12, in Lakeland. Fla.. Mar. conducted said. Chapel in Among those listed by the paper 2:30 p- in. Burial as being under consideration are Ermcn Cemetery. Attorney General Guy E- Williams, : Mrs, Hamilton was born in Fay- State Senator Clyde Byrd of £1 I elleviHc, Tenn., Oct. S3. 1874. Her Dorado, Prosecuting Attorney Su! j husband, died twenty years ago. Welfare Agency Spends $32,000 Monthly in Missco Mississippi County beneliciarirs of the State Welfare Department during the past winter have received approximately S32.000 a month, according to statistics furnished by Ted p. Coxey. stale dircc- Weather in Swift Funeral Home j tor ; ,„' sil-^ H^Mnt'suilivan. r'oun- Osccola. Wednesday at i t . (tirector ' will follow ' McMaih of Hot Springs, Tcxar kana Attorney Bert Larcy and Tor- mcr Governor Carl E- Bailey ol Littie Rock. . She is survived by the one son, J. O. Hamilton and one brother, K. I M. Woodard of Dell and six grand' children. 43 Missco Aviation Enthusiasts Make Sunday Trip to Martin, Tenn. Fifteen plane-loads,, of Mississ-< and Mrs. C. V. Sehauph, Mrs, Dale ippi Counltans flew to Martin, | S. BriRgs and daughter Cherce, W. Tenn., yesterday morning on a L. Howard, A. A. Fredrlckson, S. "breakfast flight" to Gil) Dove Air- C. Owens, Britt Owens. B. R. Hays.- John P. Pic Ids. Ralph Johnson and' I Dr. J. P. Brownson. The case loan In Mississippi County averages around 1,800 pnr- .sons with more than 1.200 ol these receiving old age be.vfits. Figures furnished by Mr. Coxey for December showed tlie followiiii! distribution of the funtJ.s in this county: Old Age assistance. 1,210 cases with grants totaling $20,284: aid ,» 16-1 dependent children, S3.7-15: aid to 57 blind persons. $1.003; and ft) in which general relief was provided as a cost of $1.023. from the nssi of li. In another opinion, tlip rourl held Hint subsistence paid to a World War fl veteran bv the KDV- crnmcnt must in* con.sUtcrrtl ns wages by the Woi'ktncn'js Compensation Commission in award Inji Mrs. Snrtlc Lee Cole 'and her three .small children S40 n week pnynieni following the denth of Aiirlry H. Cole- The $34-year-oltl C*ol<> ivus killed ' wns hrhcved thry would ! Jimp 19, l!)+G while working on :i j .Swifts Imd in n-jrrtLnR il. weklinj^ maehine owiu'd by Uic ' --. Wood Mercantile Co. of Corning. Earlier, the lo\\ ri court had rr- vnrsrd a commission drciskm In which Mrs Cole h-id been awarded $13 n week based on the $20 per week s^'^t-y actunUy paid Cole a.s an apprentice under the CM training program. "We think the $00 subsistence paid by the Rovrrnmenl, .. was a part of the W:\K- contract and thrrcfoj'e became » part of Cole's earnings nnd watrs," the opinion snirl. Tlie question o' whelhrr hotels and cafes should pay sales taxes on meals served their oivn employes was taken under submission. Tn an appeal lilrd by Revenue Commissioner OtUn A. Cook, the state argued that Unullnvrst Hotels, Inc. should pa v S29G1 in back sales taxes on men is served by its five hotels in Little Rock anri Hot Springs.! Chanccr; Comt had dis- mis.~cd Cook's claln aM'-r thr firm contended lhat thr mm Is were 1 served without contract. I in other action, thr court, liccn- 1 sod two Arkansas non as attorneys. Thry were Davis (irabain of l/>woll and .lames E. Slo-fii of .lonesboro. 000 In mllltnry aid for Greece' nn'd Turkey, He will Hpi>«r tomorrow be for* the Sennte Armed Services Committee. Chairman Chan Giirney, R., economic work of Lhi.s ornnnl/.ntlon. j 3. D., wiinls to know what is needed nnd you will lie «skrtl lo riiscuss | to meet the crisis and why. pioposiil lo fhrtt cffnil," he said. 1 Ueicnse Secrctai-y Jumps Porres- "'I'his in-opn.siil will huvi> n.s Ms object ihr lirJiittlnft of Ihe iJi'othicl.s of Ocnnnny uiul Us mnrkef.s in relation with Knnn>cnn I'ncovoiy." llcvln irlvi.'d In Paris at fl:UO n.m. Mr Is niic of H foreign ministers al lending .SwlUcrlnnd and Ireland nre n-pLTsentwl by their tn!n- Islei.s to PurLs. The conference opened with nn ominous overture In Clcrnumt Porra Mtl, iii Centi'nl Frnn<ji\ where Uojiimunlst nnd Dr GaiilMs!,i rioted twice yc.strrdny. '('lie riots were slopjx:d by iiollce There nrc two main Hems on the 1. Establishment of a permanent IG-iuillon "general staff" organisa- tion lo supervise economic recovery ' nnd administer American help. 2. Consideration of u progress report on self-help nnd developments j tit Joint economic planning since the last meeting in September. ArknnsAs; Partly cloudy, scattered showt']- s in North and Wrsl [K>rtloj)s loday and l]i E ; :;>.st and South poitlon.s tnnlKht. Coolrr in Northwest portion today. Tuesday, partly cloudy nnd cooler In North and West portions. Minimum tiii.s TiLorninn—5;j. Maximum yr.sicnlay -<]fi. Miniiimin .Sunday inorniiif!- Maximum f5!tlmtl«y--30. Sunset totiny—0:07. Sunrise tomorrow-- (i: IQ. Precipitation. 48 hours to 7 a.m. tori,'ly—none. ,'l'oinl since Jan l~-n.(>0. Mr an tempers turr. i midway be- twri-n hlph uiid lowi ')!J.f>. Normal mean for Maicli—51.2. This Il.itP I.wl Year Minimum thl? moi nine- 20. Maximum yf.stcrday—Not reported. I'l cripitniitni. J;ni. 1 to this dale -•3.94. Burglars Enter Store On fast Main; Get $50 i Tlif grocery ami nmrkot opera* : rcl by Albert Burke al the end ->f East Main Street was entered Sat- " nl: unl.iy nij!lit and police said loday I thai iiliout $,10 iti cash was reported I missing. The burglary wns not di.i- co\ric(l utUH lale Suutlfiy. Police said entry wn.s made Ihrough the rear door. An investigation of bui'Hlnry ccntinucd todny. New York Sl-ocks Mo. made the flight. Breakfast was " |---'"'"«"-iv.llltlLlglll.JJi VillVlil^L W its A total of 28 cases is scheduled served In the strata Club at Gill to be heard this Charles W. Light of presiding. term. Judge Paragould is Soybeans (Prices K.O.B. Cri Dove Airport. March open high low H 346 3WiA 312!aB port sponsored by the Blytheville Private Fliers Association. , . A total of 43 persons from Blythc- I Dr. George Cone. Harry D. Panlus. ville. Manila Osceola and KcnncU, J. F. Hemdon and Emmitl Dnnn, all of Osceola, joined tlie Rroup at Martin. H. O. Sellers nnd Jesse G. j Wright..both of Kcnnctt. Mo., also Attending from Blytiieville \vei - c : made the flight. L. S. Harlzog. Leon McOarrity. w. i From I. Osborn Jr.. Farmer England, Percy Wripht. A. E. Clark. C. B. Wood Jr.. w J. Denton. Mr. and Mrs A. A. Weaver, Mr. and Mrs. W. '=30 H. Ynrbrniight, Mrs. Leon Oennlng. p.m. | Mr. and Mrs. Bill Crawford and -. . iuer Connie, Mr. and Mrs. W. O. I month to different Reeves, Mrs. J. R. Crillendcn, Mr. area. Manila, the following attended the breakfast: Kennclh Gammill. L. G. Gammill Jr.. Bill Woodruff. 1,. E. Townscnd, R. A. Johnston and George Davis. The association has planned lo liold breakfast [iiglus once each >rts in this 2 p.m. Storks A T A.- T Amcr Tobacco Anaconda Copper . . i Beth Steel ! Chrysler Ck'n Electric Gon Motors Int Harvester North Am Aviation Drr.nblic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum Suulebakcr Standard of N J Texas Corp Packard i U S Steel M8 5-8 CD I--1 31 55 1-8 32 1-2 52 83 5-8 U "i-rf 23 ^-1 fl 1-8 Government to Keep Its Loyalty Secrets WASHINGTON. March IS iUP>- President Truman today instructed all employes of Threxccntivp branch of the government to relnse to an- .swer all supaenas for loyally information The President's i.clion was taken the face of fii-catened moves by the Hnusr Un^mcrfcan Activities Committee to seek a law that \vonld force government agencies 15 3-8 to provide this dati. The issue cnme !o a head in tlie ca.sf of Dr. F, U. London, head of the Huican ot Mnn'tards whose ass ciaiions have Xcn questioned 6U 1-4 by llic committee. : New York Cotton [ Mar. May July . Oct. open 3-123 3«0 high 3-128 to\v 3^oo MSB Ml!) M70 SO-12 3015 M8S 1130 3-100 3-102 3325 30IG 2985 Smoke Cloud from Big Sawdust Pile Ablaze for Days, Extends 10 Miles A RITV p.ill nf malodorous smoke against thr ren;ainc<l over n portion of Ihr smoke, business and residenlial section of HlvtluH'illr torlay as the ,*-a\vdusl pilr behind the Barksrlnle Mnnutac- ttirlnp Co. on South Ilrondway ccm- low-lying layer of a reddish cast to the atmosphere overhead and also giv- tnl. who has Just cotnplcten R conference tit Key Wesl, Fin., with hla top military chiefs, will appear before Gurney's eoinmittee Tlmrsdny. Mnny congre-ismen have been saying lor some time that ERP would no I stop communism in Europe. Now Marshall, who hai nrgued for months that the recovery program was the best way of slopping n, probably will have to concede they are right, HOUSK Members Favor Union WASHINGTON. March 15. (UP) —An influential member of the House Foreign Affairs Commutes todny proposed n plan lo spur establishment of a European union among Marshall plan nation;;. Hep. John M. Voiys, R., O., announced that he would offer his plan as an amendment to the "single package" foreign aid legisiation which the committee started to write. The Vorys plan would give financial help to the proposed union. His n mend men t would require Hint at least one-half of the local currency pnid in cnch country for European recovery program mate- rinls l>e held in trust as part of the ~ in union fund. Up to $2,000,. ,__. would be set, aside for usa when the union is formed. The committee began writing n foreign aid bill based on the "single package" blueprint drawn, by GOP leaders. Republican leaders Rimed to piit the bill Ihrough the House by April | 10. They figured this would leava ample leeway for a compromise with the Senate in time to put aid legislation on Pre-sident Truman's desk before the critical Italian elections on April 18. Democratic members of the committee planned to make one final effort lo confine the legislation *,o the $5,3CO.OOO,C03 European recovery program overwhelmingly approved by the senate over the weekend. But there was no doubt the Democrats would fail. The bill was certain lo come out of the committee EVS a combination of foreign economic and military assistance. The House bill wilt be based . tinued ablfi/r for nl>oul dny- 15Lii , the appearance of a downtown tin' 10 residents in the sections o[ the city. largely on the Sen ate-a proved ERP U worse yesterday, however. brisk March wiiui out of thr _ ipasure but also will include rehab- nutlyingi ilitalion aid for China, immediate I military assistance for Greece and Firemen Keep Close Watch (Turkey nnd standby authority for The bla/x; in the sawdust pile '$[ military help to China, believed to have been started by! House Republican Whip Leslie O. youngsters playing on It. Fire Chief Arends. of 111., announced the intcn- south carried Ihc smoke over the^ Hoy Hrnd said today lhat the pile city, pilnls Hying nvrr the rily yes-' oiiginally 20 feet high and more tcrdav rcpor'i'd that the smoke r\- than fit) square at the base, was tended nrarly 10 miles north of the more than half consumed by the city. Mnrncs. but that it will require from; two lo three more weeks before the; fire will burn itself out. lion of the GOP leadership to put the bill through with a minimum of delay. Britain's Attle* Promises u i si rinu t ^ in iii'.-> 11 U4ii \n\: *,i*>,' in v- *» Jii uiu u nav:ii uni. r\ft^V vt \* OiTT m U f* • i 14 flier rcporicd. Krojn tlip air. il A fire hose lias been Inici at Hie LONDON. March 15. (UPI—Prime . Thr pall of smoke was visible be- Iwceii 10 and 12 miles from Ihc cHy. liorllon; scene of Uic burning snwdiisl since . . Minister Clement Attlee announced on* 1 looked n.s [lioii^h .- - -- - -- ...^ _ ^ „ „ nt t>«- rily \vrrc afire, he said. i Ihc lire hcgan and water has been! today the government will purge' liclil, lichls from lliri poured on it continuously. Night; Communists in state jobs vital W were reflected Set SMOKE »n Taj* U [Britain's security. Saturday biismcs.1 cJi.stricl

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