The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 20, 1934
Page 6
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TOTHE TOP Writer Finds After Hour With Hornsby Browns Are Still in League KJIITOR'S NOTJ. 1 : Tlifci it lln- Ihlril of a ^fries nf sloiic-s lium tiic league (raining lamps analv/- Ing iirnsjifds nf the d-ains fur Mir cumlni prmnul uie.s. BV Ulll. IIRAl.TIIKll NEA Service Spurts Killlnr WEST PALM HEACH, Fin.. Mar 20.—Suppose yon had doublet! Ihai Ihe lowly St. Louis lirown.s Mill were in the American League ui- ti'r so ninny >ea.\s ni i],(.| r | )3 ,.,.. tall failures. One hour with Rogers IlornMjv would change all that! Hornsby doesn't jus! talk IKU.I- ball. He burns ba.scbali nun you. The old \vnr Is, fierce about it. I put in one hour with Hornsby In lib hotel suite Hfu-r lie jusi liad re-turned from n li.-ml work. OIH. He storied iviili JHS pjtc],"i.s taking pencil and roster and explaining in detail vvliy his I'm staff is much bellir ihan HIM year's. "Take niaeholdw- nnd Hartley. Each won 15 games w-ar. 'I'hiit proves they're itelty good pitchers doesn't It? But Irak at the Annies tlic-y! Iladiey 20. and Uluc- holdcr 19. Can you Mimi- mr any olhre record in me league like lliat? "The games they lost .show tlrai St. Louis really had but two start- Ing pitchers. And. with such a .situation, how they came to win 30 ball games between them, working as h.ird as they dirt, i.s undoubted proof that they're- u«. in the league. "This year il's going to be a lot different. We hart' seven pltcliers who can slari games, nnd i mean they can finish most of them too." Hornsby sg.ulnu.-rt al llic mster and msi-KerJ Hie names of Andrew.,- Coffmnn. Gray. McAfee—then lie' paused and looked over ll'.e o'.liers —Neivsonic, Baeclit. Wells, Weaver Walltup. Knoll, McDonald. Then— "Well, our seventh Martini; pilcher is there"- unit he made n bro.-ul check - "let 'em guess who.' 1 It could not be argued Unit Hornsby had shown ihe stuff hud been improved. The tnlk then went directly tij the subject o; runs, a matter about which the Browns have been uro-ssly m-sim- fu! in the last few years. Younc Alan Strange, Ihe short- slop boughl from Hollywood, is Hie center of Hornsby.s hopes, both on the left side of the diamond where the Browns litive l>ecn weak and al Ihe plnlc. "He hit .324 in llic- Coast leafme anil lie's n young man ivlio Jifces to play ball. To succeed in this garni-,, you've sol lo play in itie day league. You know whai l mean." Hornsby was not long in releasing Jim Levey, who stmicd at short for the Drowns last year The infere-nte 1 thai Levey did 1:01 keep his mind on baseball was not EMTHKVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Figured to Fill Hill for Browns "Then we've got more hlltini; strength nnd reserve strength in the outfield. You know West. Campbell and Garms. And Cnmp-' bell is . improving. But when we took Puccinelll ant! 1'epper from Rochester i ve got just what jw wanted since taking over the club this year, "I know from the Cardinals 1 chain store. And then those two players realize they're Belting a chanco with a real outfit like Hie Browns l expect them to show more than they ever did." Hornsby almost had the ca.<e won. Porty-five minutes liad passed and he had proved not only thai the Browns were a ball team, but that (hey were in tile American League. Bui wait— "And what have we got to beat?" he asked himself as we started for the elevator. ."The Red Sox spent, a lot of money, but it looks to me like ail they gol was Grove. Tnc While Sox? Take away Simmons and they are no belter ball club than we are. "Cleveland hasn't got such a hot ball team, bul lhal short park ought to help Averill this year. • * * "You know the race in the American League has been three teams, the Yanks, A's and Senators. Tire Yanks haven't helped their weak pitching staff any. as I see It. That evens them up with the second division contenders. "Mack has some good young b.ill players, but he hasn't gol as good pitching as we have. The Senators didn't look like a great team to me last year and showed it when the Giants took them. "It'.'i going to be a new kind of race this year, and the Browns have a chance to sneak through next to the rail. Don't think that I am goofy enough to pick a pennant for us, but we're going to be nobody's pushover." We neared the door, the ho;ir was almost up. and the Jury was just about to cast a vote, for the Browns when Hornsby shot lib parting rebuttal: "We're going to play ball for Hooks ' Alllls ''"'"'' To F ' 6 '" G """ ! ' ' ''"' K>1 '" / invents Musiol Insliuim-m DAYTON. Or-v ,up,_ and Slides nri imp Tin- olil tradition „; t, iiiim; camps where the diamond :uh!eti?s wore treated slrielly u.s ilianioiiit:; in ilio rough |, n s; not from ihe eauii. Connie Myi'j-v. ]•-:«., Hie Hruwns. accorciln,; t,, ti,elr manager. Rogers Ilormby. already hav<- sb .starthi- p'tehcrs D ,-d i<! boy from Si, n Antonio, Kltwi Wnlkiiii. ilKJH, may I*. ,-i .seventh.... upper left" is Georiie Puc-cir uthelder, and Ijr-lmv, Alan Stran::i-. rmik'e .shnn.siop... .Their hitiini! will add u lot ol ninch i ' Stars With Spear .lolinuy, said to bo Die £rf-ai[-si -javriin jM'ospeot rvi-v ilrvclupcil In Hie i:nitr : ,l Ktale^, muv is iilld'-i- llift careful (IM-faK>- of liillk Teill|lll:tfill, Hlam'ord Uiiivrrsity track I in-. YnuiiK Jnlitllly, sliuu-n lien-. Is in his first j-f-nr o ; Kl.ear iilteliitic ami j-,,, h( , ,,.,,. ilefenleil tho J.l.'ll' I. C 1 , -I-A, ami National A. A. li. champion with only two weeks' Irainii,,;! Tcmplcton prertiets he'll toss tin-javi-Mu'Slo fertbstero lou e line innings nnd don't let any ol em tell yo:i they are nol going lo now they've been in n ball game vhen they play liic Drowns! Ihe dock ticked, ft was nrarliiL; :s lime for the baseball wriu-r. Hie one hour willi Hm-nsliv was Imost over. "We're f.nmy. til a-- a winning man. ' llu- nvowns can't Don't Win a Trick Simply Because It Is Offered You .Mark's ramp al PH-M'IVI-S it. Nowadays j,i ,,ir>.,i n j l | ;l . ,. ; , lll|)s ••: l»ll plaj-ei- is 'put into a <!unlj!i- I-MIIII with br<tli. 'rheri- is a i«-!t- pnijin- ML his Ix-iislcli-. Tlicre is a ••|ILT>I In winch in l^n:,, hj s t,| X . '•ilu. M')II IOKS. batliiiu: .suit, mid ill'- iiltier appal-c) a mfcrtmi p!ny- i-r "m-i'ds" ID 111 Inmsi it in,- that . i|uaru-rs is thai «r thi- Cilant.s ; Miiiiii! (leadj, when- ytnnii! .Shurl.'."l> Wlio^ls fiuui Cehuylkill llnv- i-n lias Ui walk Miniiigli 11 !i;bliy Piiipilnllni} with Ijiithin-; beauties, ''i-.s. and bell Ijoy.s dis»iii«i-d Comumdwc Vujid'TWIt. Hut Mister Mack's camp is not 'f.i- that. The hoti'l. ill.' liniillord. :ui insliUitinn, and '.lie little jwn hsolf is jiu h:sii!Jilk;n. Inifi-i'iit, o( lailed day.s of Old C'-uard camps, when camp.i were [jiL-t alxjin Ihat. ^ * • f'irr: Tire] '1 he ambilious rookie in iliis Ho- c l'-! is tniigltt lo dn his K-lcplion- ;ini; stuniling nil. If he passes into jMurnlii-r with a cigarct in hi.s hand (and the. bed rate-lies fire, he has I only to rush lo the ii-lephonr anil ;M]oul '-X.cro- in bring the lire d<-- paruncm. If, for any leason. he wishes lo call' Mr. C. P. Roberts. "f 717 First street, owner of thi- Si-rnino!e LumlK-r Co., he sliouls "Ur.i 1 ." The county j.iil'.s nm-ibpr is 2. WAITER NEUSEL r.l tin- country Known ; vii r. r. is mid to be an • .__ HibMilun- fur i-iilii-r oi-qan ~o*"'p"i' II MVlsh-. ,,,,!y l' M ,„.;„.„ ' HoVI ABOUT FAB?- •red ill fald Cnim l.iv 'if llt-ci-inlji-]-, A .-HI- ul I!. L. Hradli-j ]'i: t National I> ; , n ; All: :,i:i! t'.'&yf OfR),'JrJ.yr VAtHERS (\RE FOR 8AE.R, WALTER— l!alf (N'..) or southeast inia-- <••>• 'SI-',) of .section Tv.-ciuy- -a?) •foivn.| ! i, ) SLM..I-II OVER I.EV1N6KY O-JCR liSlfi fAM R3REOA A)!t> TrIE BU5KH) fJ OF HlUER WILL E STEVE IN ins wtr GO Enst One hundred eighty Today's Contract Problem South Is declarer at six licaiis. It looka as Ihonrjh KaM must make Hie ace and leu of In-art:;. However, Ihe Minlracl can lie maiU' agaimit |l'!l'flM-l lli-flMIM-. A A K S i; 2 V 5 # A K Q A Q S :! V A 10 7 4 4 J 8 7 *'J •- VKDJSC32 » 7 + KG i Solution In ncsl iisue. 20 one Solution to Previous Contract Problem "have played the lii f; ] Ilion a low one. Of il miKbl bo that SoaHi j!ic>W "11 three of (he missing ilia- ! monds. Inn it WILS hardly probable, especially since In; was in name funltacl. Then-dire. West now must slnii • In the. MiiKltlon club, fnsfs t-n , forces Hie deciarer'.s: nee. Declarer lays down the ace and king nf tp.icle.s and on the .second spado. East's ten drops. The. declarer nci-.v plays ihe klni! of hecrt-s. Ik-fore playing to ihis trick. West should Ho a Hale thinking If the Itlnf; of lirart.s Ls a .slngji- ton and West win.-, with the ac<-. the ilecliiu-i- might be able lo two valuable discards- on the n and jack in dummy. If it i.s not a singleton, West need nol worry, as the ace slil! will bo good on the next round. Therefore, he must refuse ID win the first liearl trick. Now all tin- di-i-lnrer can do is! liail the ilemv of .spades. win- Strib's Baby Boy Shows Traits of Real Trouper I Ill' WM. K. MrKKN.VKV Secretary. Ainrrlr.-in Kriilee Lrasun I wish I could Impress on my i cullers u remark often made by P. Mul Sims—"Coulrnct bridge is r.iH n game of petty advantages." As the di-elarer. your first obligation is to make your condncl. As an opponent, don't just win the. trick because II is thrown al you —Uy lo reason mil if tlu-re is any possible chance of (lelealini? Ihe hand. Wlial is the difference, \vhclhor Ihe declarer makes live or six cxld. 1 when is in a four contract, if >ou have a chance of si-tUng (he contract. The odcis ur? greatly In lyciur favor. The following freak hand, illustrating Ihis idea, came I up In a recem rubber name. Soulh's jump (o four spades is I rather optimistic, but he has ton ihrmnr.s. a long suit, and r.-innot '.K \ffit loo severely, espcciallv he is nol vulnerable. On the wall there are ihree- iiooks in a row. He hangs his doilies on them. Above ihe hooks i.; a shelf for his hal. These hookr, ami Ihis shelf are convenient to Hie w.-i.shsiand. where lie may siilnsh himself or iii.s coat to lite heart's content and r.ol feel home- .sirk. Tlicrt- l.s one lijjht. It hangs in Ihe renter of tl'.e room by a cord ivliicli disappears abrupily imo a ceiling that is just [liaiti boards. If lie is not tall enougii to reach Hie liijlu. he is oiu of luck, for th'-re i.s r.o '.vail switch. If he wishes lo take a bath, he !;U!.H to the bathroom, maybe one I'.-.i'M up or down. Uul I am to!d ball players take their baths al 'hi' dubhcjii.y. where there are |? BOOKIES' ^PEVJEW : NKA Sfrviie idcl the name or Frit* Ostrr- ' mueller to the regular hurli n? j corps of the Boslon Red SUM- -for I the ieadlni; plieli- | nished wilh -V'eratie. sliuck ! while U'.ilkiiii; only 83. ... ,,.,.,,., I o' 1 In 31 games. Its AH \cry Simple i -•U breakfast, luncli or time he walks inlo the vooiu df ihc hotel, asks for the j diii'-r and signs his ciieri:. There rr of the International League 1 tsl year, who won IG liefore an attack of a p- pendiciiis laid him low. a p pears to be a uood bet lo make i ihe. grade. On his record i'— of 1033 alone, this youngster from Qtiincy. 111. ile.-.uves a break 111 'O'J illlliin;rt he 2.41 earned rim nut ICO letters -CUESSK: ' RT. HO.V. JOSEPH Ar,OYSI- Uy LYONS is prime miiiisler of Aiislrali?.. .More jjian 1 BII.O'i'j Vil persons speak tlic EiiKli';!i ian- ^uagc. Zanzibar is an" isla-ul Mag alwiit Iialr.wav u|i the easl coast nf Africj. Noi-tlicnpt Quarter INE':.) or See lion iwei'.ty-^'-ven (27> Kl.\lr:'n UCl T'vo'vo 112) N'ortlrA-st Quarter (NW,), of I Section f27) ' Tonrship Sixteen UG> North. •] Twdvo 1121 h'ast. One i-undn-tl Iliiriy-Sour acres. I i.-.d thai i will accordingly" .-.-H' for »!» at publid vi-ndue to the hisjlirst and bes<i l"!ldor on credit of three p-"TliaT(-r to fi:rni«h a]>provec;| r.ol.d lor ])ii:chasc- price and in-l ti-rest; all t!ie naht title, ijrtere.sti a::0 ctiuity nf Mrs. c. H. Bean, ni it"! South froiit dror r>f the Mis- n.svppj cnunty toitri house at Bly" Arkansas on ihe mill day; at 1:^0 P. M. C;. L. MAt.LOHY, 1 U. S. Marshal! EsMern District of Arkansas, By L. P. WILLIAMS; Df-puiyi C. A. C'uiuiintiham. Plaintiff's Ally. H-2n-21 nhu: in (lummy with tl-.e nine. He^"' "" French words nn !he menu J»o Jackson, who run return tlu.'riuee.'i of l-.eiii't.s ai'i! • I: ' i" 1 " 1 '' >>»». discard a club. j Old Hhocles.-, can win this Irick willi the I used tn wai; for his companion nee and play the queen ,u dia-'to onlei 1 and Ihen say -The same monds. South has to mil. Lut, at ! for mr" would be able lo sit all the end must low two club irirks. ,by himself at lable in (lie .Mackian which defeats his contract. (Copyright. l!>.n. NEA Service. Inc.) Dr. Durant Lists World's Souiethins of Ihe situ]ilicity ol . _._ .. „ Ihe camp harks back 10 tl'.e roar- Tan f~, «*~.» TL- l I' 11 * tlll - vs of Jolin MfGnuv and i_en Oreatesf IhmkersiWiigen R 0 bin.wn. has MACON. Oa. .UP) - Guevry! leou? Slriblln?. five moiitks old.: s showini; signs of beim: a' ilier just like his grandfather ' uid father, the Slribl.'nijs. The baby was born jusi a week before his famous fatlier. W. L. Slriblins. hca\7weight :ighter. died of injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash. Gi:i>rry Roonc can't, walk but when his grandfather "I>.i" strib- ling rnme.s up | o ,| lt> tahy far . riage. and holds o;it his timmbt. the baby reaches up. crabs Ihe thumbs and swinps on without fear. Another trick he rielishtj; doln? a -handstand" in the hand of his grandfather. "'Pa" and "Ma" Slribilng be-!: came stage acrobats when they I i were married. When w L stiibling was but a "baby he Iwcaiue jnrt ol the art. Now it appears that w. L.'s son ts a •Soillli l* 4 A U 5 2 ler lirliK-e—None vul. lioainr; lead—t K. Wr.«f .Vorfli )->st IloiiMe Pass 2 Jf. "> 4 Pass Pass born trouprr too. Hobo Police Dog Adopted as Mascot BUFFALO. N. V. tUi'l— I)v Will Dili-line, noted phiji«iii|ier. ! :5 ted whai he believed the '-ten ;:i'cat- thinkers" in the hisin' llic world, in an address a State Teachers' oollese hrn-. In rh!'onoj:olip,il o.-il.-; we're: Confucius P' Aristotle. CoiKrnieits. Splno?.a. Francis Dacon. Voltaire. hmnanucl Kant, Cl'.arles Darwin .. goi:e a!o:iL;. and Ifncle Robbie has been pushed aside. :at- I Mack is the last of of | Guard. Hi- is upholding Itie j Guard tradition. the Ihe Old lii'ad Courier News Waul Ads. Will Lose Five Basketball Players i STEELE. Mo.—Stecle high scbnnl Ixiy.s b:iskeU;all learn will lose five .sta:- players by graduation this year. Tlu- playi-rs who will ccim- pletc their school wor'-:. wilh the number of points they .seni-ed iu nor.-tournaineni games this season, are: Campbell. 10i: Earls. Tj; Yeagec. -11; Marshall. 20: McCol- 1 luni. 25. The only lush scoring ; player who \vill be nvailabie for j next year's (bam is Harris, who i accounted for 01 points Ihis sou. Dorothy Moore was hieli ?corer fin- the :4irl.s team, m 228 poim.s. She is exacted to play next year. The i;lr!.s (cam will lose l-'at-ris- rind Karls by nation. Tuesday - Weds. Mat. 2:30, I0-25c Nile G:45. 10-3He The I'liy West's oix-ning lead" was Ihe king of diamonds, upon which Smith's nine dropped, tost playing ihe three. Wesi knew thnt there were only four outstanding diamonds. If his partner held t«o, lie would MEDFORD, Mass. (UPl—A Hedged fireman j s "Sixirk- full- ! police do,? thnt Ihe West Medford stray German wandered into t ,, ltuiulu fire station six months ago and »as adoplwl a.s m.t.scotof of En S in e At 8 am. and at G p.m "Spar- fey ' stands for roll call, and he's always atop the engine when il answers an alnnn. Don't For yet s Agency General Insurance Phone "S7 Bulk Garden mul FicUl Seal Also Genuine AUiclilen l,am]i I'arts - - :(0c BUKKK HARDWARE CO. A NEW; TERMITE EXTERMINATOR - Guaranteed to Keep Your Property • Free of Termites for ;} Year's lilV-K-ork liits iii i Jil'sohitcly iii-w jinuluct in Ui l"Tio<l ol" yp;irs In- a man who ., n wiili rliemu-iits and hugs of various motils for a peri,,,) .,,,• t |, VC( , VP; ,,.,. an<1 j ls 100'. froo of U-nt'.it,.^ fo r (hrd porioil. pul)lit', i(. has been worked out ntis chemistry and \vhosp alurc. The Cai'l-Stcwart as to withstand tlic kocp your properly > ^n tvoatc-d piiarantcptl In t' o-i, n t-o- of kron « ± ol k..oiniip >mi This producl lientlini;. " »'s»«l»tio., is r \ f ",';,n 1 ' 101 wr rt.v 100' reasonable and at the end of the life-time co<l -^-, . - . - K v t , , i,, .-, . . _ lUtlhl Eljr LILW I LlLI-l Lllli: k. i» v l tree of (tM-inites Car l.olow that of olhor methods. i> lii-cn api.rnml l.y (lie fnid-d S(;itcs I'atent OfTii'c mid is now You wini'l solve it till the —lull you'll love the ro- , mailer—and 'thrill lo Ihe niyslerv! OXT Tues.-W8d.-Thors. ADMISSION—1 .IP - line —ON THE STAGK- Scc a Local Girl Hypnotized by Rajah Yogi) The Carl-Stewart Chemical Co. Corner P.irk A Yarbrn I'nrnish Hie Imiiiles mid We'll llo Blythevillc, Art;. of Riplcii "Relieve It] or /Vo/" Fame n:iied in four lilorks of fei-1 -c .slie n-ili <,i,.p|, f or i luiiirl anil ^(1 iniiiiites: \ibrre she will IH-.| in sislit of ,...,,.|, .,, 1(! r; . r] . y onc \ I11CX .Miss This Anin/ini; I'Valiiri'! Feature Program In C'oniit-i-lion yOC:I nil! also Ii}-pnn(l7(-| a vr,iin» i;uiy anil jmll an niilnmn-f l»ie by Hie liair nt lier head iiil frcml ,,f ti u . Hif.-ilrr u riernuin<:| E ATTK Vf TIOX d> Itn.iy Thratre. Hajah Yo.sji Will Ajipear in| I'erson Kadi Show —OX TFIK SCKKKX- OF MR A wilh KI.I/AHKTH AIJ.AX I.BWIS STONK A Mol:o-Go:rtv.yn-Mayer Picluie 1'iiramounl No\vs "(Wily Coim-dy— "Vital Vicluais" I'l'lUH-r l>ot Cat loon in fhe Law" AYRES CROSS COUNTRY CRUISE with JUNE KNIGHT ALICE WH1TF. Abn Dinthsrt, Eujtne Palttlz, Henry Armtlta. Slary by Stanley Rauh. Produced by Cail Laemmtc, Jr. Dircclid by Edward Bim«li. Prc«n;ed by Cirf Uemmlt. A UNIVtRSAL |j PICTURE. Smilli t ^ Dak- (Comedy— "Hold Your Temper" Vox News

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