The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1951 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 9, 1951
Page 2
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PA01 TITO BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURrER NEWS THURSDAY, AUGUST I, Retail Business Runs Mixed Trend As Some Sing Blues, Others Cheer Bj SAM DAWSON NEW YORK, Aug. 9. (/P>— R«U11 bUGlnw «e*ms to b« running u mixed » trend u Indmtry at a whole. On th« basis of July sales figure*, *om» merchant* aeem to be- ilnglng a pretty cheery song, compared to the blues (hat other merchant* have been featuring. Many merchants, of course, aren't having much luck moving some lines in which consumers have bought all they want for the time being. And department stores are now comparing their sales figures with last summer's lofty totals, when & war \scare sent record crowd* on buying sprees. They can't hope to equal lust year's sales volume. But the figures on July sale,? of chaJn stores so far reported show 19 of them having hlRlier dollar volume this summer than last, with gains ranging as high as 15 per cent, Eight of the chains show July sales figures lower than a year ago, the biggest drop being 45 per cent. Summer !» "Normal?" Most of the chahii point out that thus July their sales were running well ahead of July, 1949. a summer which merchants now like to think of as normal. Dollar volume, of course, is no longer any kind of a comparative guide as to how much goods a merchant Is selling. Prices are up on almost everything he has in his store, and price rises have been higher in some lines than in others. Scare buying last summer also befuddles this summer's figure. 1 ! for comparison purposes. Department store salts look particularly bad just now, because so many of these stores carried the goods on which the customers were making a run in th« days when they feared war would cut off supplies of such things as sheets, nylons, refrigerators, furniture, carpels and the like. Prlc« Up Galna Some of the chain stores whose figures this summer are better than last carry few of the Items on which the war scare runs were made. And much of . this year's gains can be chalked up to higher prices. Store sales and store profits are two different things, also. Higher costs and taxes are plaguing • the merchant a« well »s the manufacturer. Among the chalru reporting July tiles running behind last year are two department store chains: Mercantile Store-s Co ., with sales down 30 per cent, and Interstate Department Stores, with sales down 11 percent. (The national pattern for »11 department stores was a drop of 15 per cent.) Sears. Roebuck report* «ale« down 23 per cent from last year mit 54 per cent above July, IMS. Butler Brothers sates are of[ 12 per cent from a year ago, Spiegel sales are down 23 per cent. Consolidate Retail Stores off « per cent •net W, T. Grant down 0,68 per cent. Stercht Brothers Stores show the biggest drop, 45 per cent below a year ago. Variety chains, food chains, drug chains, and a number of apparel •tore chains, however, show their sales figures running ahead of a year ago. Thest are less likely to have been affected by war scare buying last summer, and suffer less by that comparison. The merchant's plight may not b« so bad after all. People are still buying what they need. Inventories are high — retailers started July with a total of (19.2 billion In stock. But the commerce department reports that was a $200 million drop during June. And Inventories are believed to have dropped further in July. The fall months may see the worst of the Inventory glut worked off and merchants as a whole In a reasonably good condition for the expected Vck-up In sales. Egyptians Dig Up Statue Of Ancient Monkey God CAIRO. Aug. 9 I/Pi— An 18-foot high sandstone statue of a monkey —symbol animal of the ancient god Thoth— has been unearthed near Mallawi in southern Egypt- Abel Monelm Abou Bakr. director of the government's Anttnui- ties Department, who announced the discovery today, said It is the biggest statue of its kind the department has dug up. Thoth was the scribe of the Egyptian gods, and himself the god of wisdom, or magic. With the Courts Common Fleas: B. P. Brogdon vs. Walter Ralmrv, »uit for $250 damages said to hnve been suffered in an automobile •ccSdent. Chancery: Luthenla Clifton vs. J. J, Clifton. •viit for divorce. Lloyd Stevens vi. Qeraldlne, suit for divorce. Grace Rogers v», J. R. Rogers, *\iit for divorce. Jim Sims vs. Frances Slmg, suit for divorce. Kidney Slow-Down May Bring { Restless Nights When kidner function i!nw» down, m»ny rolfcs compiAin ot n»BjtinK backachi, fc(•».)„ *rhei,ilittii\Mi unrl Jo*i of ptp und *ntrnr. Drm't *'irT«r reitlm nirhU with th«e rfia- --s if r«iiicp() Hdnrjr function i< sret- • • JlrNi and *1rain, f>vor-*x*rlinn or expn" •yr» lo eold. Minor falicMtr trrllMlnns d';* to cold or wronft diet may caune scttinc un nichU or frequent ra'safi-?*. Onn'l nrrl«t >our kMnrn if th« e condl- Hon* tMlhrr you. Try Dnan'« rilh-n miI4 diirrclEc. Used iijertiifully h, million, fnr ovprSOyrars, It' i immln^how m»ny tim*» Dotn'« »i\eh«pprrtll*f frnm th*«e Hi-cnm- forU-hjlpth^milcsofVi'lnfrtiiVsiTirJnU t«r« fluih out wwte, G«t Doin'» Pills todBj-l CEASE-FIRE (Continued from Page i) Agreement. Hits phrase was significantly omitted from the English version as carried by H.sinhna, a Chines* Communist news agency. In both translations, the top Red leaders satti they had Jxsued new orders that Iheir soldiers observe the neutrality agreement And both expressed hope that Rtdgway would send his negotiators back to Kae- song lo resume negotiation.*. There wits no Immediate Indication of when General Ridgway would reply nor of when armistice negotiations ml2ht be resumed. Broadcast Follows Pro tost Red China'.*; broadcast c<\tne a few hours after Communists protested' Allied p!an<w had violated a safe conduct pledge for truce convoys. Top Communist negotiator, Lt, Gen, Nam II, salt! a truce truck hearing white flags was machine- gunned Tuesday enroute from IOe- .song to the Red capital at Pyongyang. Vice Artm. C. Turner Joy, head of the U.N. truce delegation, promptly rejected the protest as Invalid. He satd Reds had not announced the time and route the truck would travel, as required. And Joy openly wondered whether the Reds "nre abusing the use of white markings,"-supposed to be used exclusively by truce teams, Chinese and North Korean commanders, In their message lo Rtcfg- way, said they would protest any apparent violations connected with negotiation agreements. Statement In Reply Their statement was a reply to a strongly worried declaration Rldg- wny had broadcast M hours earlier. The Communist message wn« signed by North Korean Premier Oen. Kim II Sung and Gen. Peng Teh-Hual, command,&r of forces In Korea, Their inrsuge, as broadcast by Peinlng Radio, said: "We have already solemnly guaranteed the strict adherence to the .agreement concerning the neutralization of Knesong and as Jong as you hnve no Intention of creating Incidents a« measures to holt the truce conferences, we, or our side. cannot conceive of the occurrence of a situation In the future not enabling the complete enforcement of the agreement. . . "We hope that you n 111 order 3'our re present a UVM to come to Knesong and continue (he discussion." AMIm »t 'Peace Camp' The five Allied neROtlators were at their "peace cnmp" In Korea Bus, Car Crash Kills Two Near St. Louis/ Mo. ST. LOUIS. Aug. 9 W;—Two persons were killed and 11 others »ere Injured In the crash of a Greyhound bus and a car In the rain near here today. The cit'scJ were identified as Luther Tate, 40, of Eaglesfrrove, la., and Darlene Cooper. 3D, Fort Dodge, la., both riding In the car. St. Louis County authorities said tile crash occurred as the car pulled Into U.Q. Highway 50 a few mites of here near the small suburb of Ballwin, Mo. The westbound bus, on its way to Tulsa. okla., was spun around in the road by the Impact and struck the car a second time before It rolled over on Its side In a ravine. The car was tlemollsfied. Fist Fight Marks Chamber Meet HOME, Aug. 9. («V-Premier Al- clde tie Gnsiirrl won a 'Ml to 175 vote of confidence Wday for his government In the Chamber of Deputies after a stormy session in which he denounced both Communists and Fascisms. His fiery speech touched of! a brief fish fight Ijctween Com- munlsls nnd Christian Democrats. A brief hut stormy brittle of fists broke out after the premier completed his nd<lress AsKing confidence in the seventh government he has headed since the war's end. Communist F.iusto Oullo. apparently stunt; by the Christian Democratic premier's remarks, rose and accused him of having "broken the moral unity of the Italian people In the moment of tlieir liberation." ready lo return to KaesonR If Rld?- wny so direct* them. News correspondents near the negotiators advance headquarters were told to- ntRht to "stand by" and not leave tiiclr press train. There have bpen no negotiations for five days. They M-rrt broken off last Sunday by General Rtdirwny afier a company of Armed Rrds marched through the neutral wine Saturday. Rjilgwny dcniA/nled an explanation and assurances it would not happen again. In his Tuesday message he asked still stronger assurances. Ill effect, the Reds gave them today. Hut they did not make > direct reply. Instead they repeated assurances they gave on Monday. Ridgway may accept or reject this Communist message. On his decl- | sion rests the possible future of the 'armlsllce talks. FIRST FROM UN —Just re- released by the secretary-general of the Unlled Nations in New Vork ore these photographs of two of eight designs selected (or the first UN' postage stamps to be Issued this Fall. The UN build- Ing design, top, mde by Mexican arllst Leon Helguera, will be used lor JVi-cen! and 50-cenl denominations. The "Peace, Justice, Security" stamp, below, designed 1.- Netherlands artist J. F. Docve, will be two-cent end one-dollar stamps. Negro Fined $75 For Assault James Glllesple, Nesro. was fined $75 and costs In Municipal Court Ihis morning on a charge ol assault with a deadly weapon. Gillespic was accused of slabbing '12-Month Jobs Ups Population' LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 9 Vfl— Why did Arkansas' population decline between 19ifl and 1950? Mr«. Henry B. Bethel, state welfare commissioner, says (he big reanort wat that "there weren't enough 12-month Jobs." She told the Uttle Rock Sertoim Club yesterday more "full time job opportunities "must be created if the state IB to stop losing population. "People Just can't live on pickup' work." TRIANGLE (Continued from page 1) east of Kumsong as Allied patrols probed toward that new Red strong hold to Lhe east- of Pyongyang. Rrds Attack In \Veftt Along the western front Red tronpK mounter! two small probing attacks west of Chorwon, Carrier-based planes ducked under storm clouds to hit Red troops "in Lhe vicinity of the Han estuary" a U.N. communique said. The estuary runs 10 to 13 miles uouth of Kaesong. site of armistice talks. The New Zealand frigate Mounts Bay moved Into the Han River Tuesday to shell Red troops. The Nnvy said the frigate killed 100. Rain clouds blanketing Korea held air sorties lo 340 Wednesday, Brave Bait Weather But 40 B-26 bombers braved the bad weather last night to continue round-the-clock raids on Communist air fields and highways. Twenty B-26s, the Air Force hft air fields "to continue the relentless neutralization program which hns kept the complex of enemy air bases In western Korea virtually Inoperable." The announcement was made almost simultaneously with the Red radio boast that they have "a fairly powerful Peoples Air Force." v They Threatened Me/ Cadet Says WEST POINT, N.Y., Aug. 9. MV— Isrold Loehlein, captain-elect of King Farouk. Is exuecting a bnby, Army's 1951 football team, said to- members of her encourage said today he was forced, with the threat day. of prison, to "squeal" on hL5 learn- Tlie beauteous queen, a conimon- In the exam-cribbing scandal I er before she married Farouk May Queen Narriman Expects Child SAN RKMO, Itnly, Aug. 9.'W*j— Quoen Narrimnn of Egypt, bride of. at Lhe U.S. Military Academy. The Kimball. Minn, youth, one of 90 facing dismissal for violation of the Academy's honor code, told his .story in a by-JJne article written for the New York Journal American. "They kept hammering at me." he related. "Even If I knew my [ rights, which i now know, i would j Arkansas Doctors Told have told my But I woutdn others. I didn't want to Fqueat on my teammates/' 8, has been honeymooning In Italy. The king left (his morning aboard his royal yacht, the "Far-el-Bihar." for the French Riviera. The queen is following by automobile. Members of her entourage said she remained in Italy because of her condition. ™u,Ta\J n ,ratuftn 8 eiTo Watch Malaria Cases LITTLE ROCK, Au<*. 9. W— Arkansas doctors hnve been asked to '.vatch out for malaria in servicemen returning from Korea. I" n letter lo about 1.400 medical men yesterday, Dr. J. T. Herron, slalc health officer, said a significant number of Korean returnees have malaria, adding: "We have had very litlle malaria SHAIN (Continued from Page 1) Pcmt-M n Arkansas in the past few years :hl or-i anti B ' e don't want to give It a work and Is on officer of the scot County Forty and EiKllt -. , .. esniz.-Ukm. He is vice-president of j chance to spread /ran returning the American Legion Fair Board, j veterans," also, f - - - • Other officers to be Installed in- i M' Arthur Denies Brewery chicle: Herbert Prange of Caruth- n _______ L ._ .. vi ,,--rii nge erxvillp, first vice-commander; Warren Fields of Portagevillp, second ice-commander; William A. JopMn f Hnyti, third vice-commander; Villis Kniser of Slecle, fourth vice- ommander; Van Johnson of Ca- owns stock In a Manila brewery. ithirsvltle, finance olliccr; James Mrs. E. H. Brunemeier of Placen- Pullnm of Braggadocio, serceant- tia, Calif., director of the Southern at-nrms; Joe Tipton of Caruthcrs- j California Loynl Temperance JLe- ille. historian; and the Rev. Floyd [glon, a W.C.T.U. children's affiliate, '. Brower of Caruthersville, chap- i wrote the genera! asking about re- a'n. polls "that he U part owner -of a -- : - . Manlln brewery and took alcr.-j Women are not allowed to server beer to meet the President at Wake in juries in\13 stales of the Union. I Island." James Goosby, Negro, In the neck with a knife during a fight jester- dav. Yesterday Charles AUonl forfeited a $111.25 bond on a charge of ririving while under the Influence nf liquor. Stepped Up!" Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Miltt Extra Power Get Die Best "I Sell That Stuff" G.O POETZ OIL CO. Phone 2089 MONEY AS UTTLE AS 28 C PER DAY! Appliances IMMEDIATE DELIVERY REFRIGERATOR FROM 209.95 ELECTRIC RANGES WRINGER-WASHERS FROM 179.50 FROM 114.95 Acs, we will make immediate deliver)' with no money down, when you trade in a like appliance in operating condition. We allow the highest trade-in prices in town. If the appliance you trade in will operate, we guarantee that the minimum allowance we will give you will cover the amount required by government regulations as a down payment. So— ASK ABOUT OUR METER PLAN! Ownership to WCTU BOSTON. Aug. 9 ttl'i— The Wo- mens Chirstian Temperance Union today made public a denial penned by Gen. Douglas MacAthur that he Move to Limit European Force Gains Support WASHINGTON, Aug. ». (API _ Another troops-for-Burope fight developed in the House today over a 458.000.900,000 defense appropriation bill. Rep. Coudert (R-NY) told newsmen he ha» "Republican leadership backing" arrd some Democrat jup- port (or an amendment to limit to six divisions the number of American troops that may be assigned t« General Du-lght D. Eisenhower'Jry European defense army. ^' Texas Counts 15 Dead from Heat DALLAS. Tex., Aug. 9. W) — Texas counted 15 persons dead today from (lie current heat w»v« that ha-? scorched the state for almost two weeks. In at least four other deaths, heat was )isted M t contributing cause. ' Weather observers said there WM only a little relief In sight. Houston reported two death! from heat strokes last night^-VIo tor Emanuel Anderson, 51, and MM. Dorothy Good, 64. More than 25 points yesterday rc|K>rlcd temperatures of over 100 degrees, with the hottest spot being Presidio on the far-west border ot the state. There the thermomet« hit 114. PRESCRIPTIONS Presh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores HARDWARE CO.Inc. HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS 126 W. MAIN ST. 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