The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1949 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1949
Page 16
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SIXTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 7, 1949 , CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION fatujr r*M p*» •&• m Qon*»cuUT« tr- •WttQtt! l^ipin^ijm V&VC* ......,.».i«»« W* A T""^ Mt HD< ...,,..***iii*** k$C • tim* p« tin* p*r 4*y IjK i P*I on* p« a»j.""l!." JJ _ Lie p*r iin* "^ Count live ATcrmcc trordi to th* (in* Ad oKi*r*a 101 tarx oj «ia UUJ.B* ano Mopped oelnr* cjcpirvuoo vih w cfcarg •a ror me aumbei 01 lime* tn* »d »p p»tre<i *ca •ajuAta.c&T oi Dili ai*de •utua oy penu>ai> rMUdiufi .ouwidr <u tfid citl »U*t M Accompanied bJ c»«O M»l«k *y O* «*JUly computed from Advertising ciraei tor irrcgiuu inur oc* uke* tac one Urn* r»t*. incnrr*** inncrtiaii ol Services Kent sanders. Kefinisli your own floors. Kent an electric gander from Wards. Economical 1 Free instructions, Montgomery Ward. -4-7 ck ti Houte moving. Short or long dli- l«ic«. i'lenty oi equipment »ud experience. Leveling and foundation work Virgil Foley. 413 East Sliort Aoli, Phonr -1 will service a limited number oi clocks « my home. Clocks of all type* will be accepted Industrie], DOieHtes antiques, perp«Ui>l. c«l«nd»T, «tc unarlea Upton r« W. Mo PI) «3J PleaM call after A p.m H PK <!1B UOOB Alt »a* fti* re*uict*o cutssu ic* Lion ft wit • ' Courier reserve* Uw f reject my *a WP* T in cCU Notice We take this menus o! exi>reAMi>[; our nearUelt apiirccinllon to our Irieuus, ncighDors and relatives lor tlieir many decde ol klnUnc!»s and con- solatiou during tnc Illness KIH! death oi our loved one. Mrs J W. 61. Jolm and Family 4|7 pk t Apurtment for R&nt Apl. Call 4'255. 4,1 pk 4;l' rurnlshed apt. Wiley Smith. 226 E Kentucky PD. 22:14. 2-room light houtekeeping apt. Ph 5 PK 8 PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 2029, Blytheville or 205 Osceola 3-14-ck-4-14 KI.PCTUlCAL AND UEFUICJERATION SERVICE STABBS BROS. New Location- 410 K. Main I'hnne uiy ui ... M«nt isw bi* HOILI 01 44 PK 4,lb Insurance ^4^>. 2 lumiahed apts 401 DouRnn. 43 PK Uoaern cabins and •pa.rtmenU ixist boy Courts Ph US1 3ji*-pV-4|24 5-room modern rurnlshed apt. IW4 Hearn. Ph. Z909. 4;6 PK 4,13 1 snial! 1 room furnish*', apartment. W)l North file Street. 4ll-pk-4'& Apt 40L E. AHfi ^~ Business Service Directory For Complete Insurance Protection Call 3545 W. J. Polland Agency Planned Prntertinn ULEKC:UI HDl'Kl BUIl.DINU 124 W ASH 81 Typewriter TYPEWRITERS tu>y«i oitntn cnron* ana Krnn 'DON EDWARDS USED CARS At Very Special Prices 1948 Ford Super DeLuxc 4-door, beautiful blue, clean inside and out, low milfii^e, has hud excellent care, equipped with radio and heater .. . $1595. 1946 Ford Super DeLuxe 2-tloor . . $!l 1941 Ford 2-duor . . . only $7515. 1941 Ford 2-door . . . special pi-ice . . . 1910 Mercury Town Sudan, new paim 1937 Plymouth 4-duor . . . $!!)"», Last Bikini Pig Gets Discharge 1941 Ford 2-door a real value ?595. . . $l!):>. Sli'Jf). heater. . .only $895. 19-11 Mercury Sedan Coupe, "quipped with radio and Auto Supplies and Services Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. W« ctn rui kit yout Q«d« U«t Rcnumc p«.rv rmno om rom- pl«!t« line ELUB FOUL*. OWNJiR & OPERA 1 1'OH boutn Highw*. 61 at utRfilB Mo Pbnnt btr-rle 4B CHAPMAN fiERVICS &TAT1O.N tin tt UlTUion Phon* iX>J Uan't endnngei youi Utnllj with CU6K— BUT LEB me I7pewr llu t* tipciinrl Bt For Sole. Misc. 36" blade Hunter Attic Fan. Practl- cfilly new. Sec at 400 East Kentucky. Vl\mtc 2J5U. •*!? pic 10 Loans AUTO LOANB Quick k'e 10f Bo. FUtb FURNITURE LOANS nnllzftd Serrice ct Purcbaie Corp Phone 7928 8|7-ck-tl 'I'hlrfl Ueam attRChment Tor H A: M MD 19 tnulcllc buster. 12" bottoms, oLIni^ cotlttera, RKllge wheels and trip eel. A. li. Dlion. Blytheville, Rt 4 ONE KXTEl* GOOD REBUILT USED IANO; CASE UEFINISHED; PERFECT >l.AVINQ CONDITION; ATTHACTIVE PRICE. BROOKS MUSIC STORE. 107 EAST MAIN STREET. TEIJ5PHONE 417 tf and Dfihllns. Ph. 4[S PK 4|11 'Money to Loan pa you BMQ • HMD to repair or r« KOdclT MO down payment no morb !•!,• no rve tape FHA APPROVtO RATX &% AflR. FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor 2U34 Lynch Balding Blrtii'Tllli Ark li*k* your bom* pretty for iprini ap«n Rug Oeanlnt service u» your* PEERLESS CLEANERS Fhnn* 3433. niythfTlUe Services Criryflnnthemutiia 4'Ji- Seeburg & h.p. motor, coat $131.95 Will aell for »9Q c*«h. Ph. 'JITO or 232S 4.5 PK E speed automatic trcncr, National li register, R. O, Alltn adding :i)ine, lined Ice bo*. Ph. i9B 4'S PK 4'fl w trial II tti ft juiiLOi me rugs i!if^[i with i LJeal'n faint btoit little bone spotted Poland Chlnw tfllta, Hiicl 2 unties, Ph. 432S. 4[6 pk 13 l-'or tiealih and Btyle buy a Spencer phone 4W2 before 6 a.m. or after 6 p.m. Mrs. John H. Long, Spencer Dealer. 4:6 FK 4113 Pig No. 311. a 4-month-old shoat weighing 50 pounds when It was found swimming in radioactive waters of Bikini Lagoon after the lii-sl atomic bomb blast in 1946, is now a 600-pounder bound for Ihc National Zoological Park in Washington. The zoo requested the porker when it learned that the Naval Medical Research lutlilulc- al Uethetda. Md.. had concluded ils scicntilin otaervution of her. Her only claim to abnormality has been her failure lo Lear offspring, but radio-biologists say that is not necessarily caused by Irradiation. The little pig shown here with her is a Grandchild of another surviving pig, but no relation to No. 311, the last surviving Bikini pig. For Sate, Cars & Trucks 11U4 l-'ord Pick-up truek. CJood eon- lltlon ChCA|) 001 N. «th 4.8 PK 4;13 NEED A CAR? Here's u Kcal Spcchil! 1946 FORD 51 wing BKLTS. BUCKLES, covered button uiuu) nult-.s Mne Mitlei Aluia Bus KJnm Crowuei Phone ^5^y II inj t. WS2 Wtj N 5th St 3jlb-pX-4| Salesman Wanted QUIT LOOKING FOR WOItK KsinfillsU yourself In «. proll tub Ituwleljjh business kn cities of Blyth vine and Osceola or East Cralghe Con ti ly. He your o v 11 boss. No e n ji e lence or capital necessary. Write Immediately. HAWLEIGETS. DEPT AKD- 210-^iB, MctnptiLs, Teniiesseo. 4|7 pX 4[8 Persona? One 4 -burner New Perfection oil cooX btove with oven. One - Oak itm- jtiea desk-tjtn all- amiable for oidce or den. One -1939 Chevrolet coach -Clean. Caan gale only. Will sell separately , I'none J142. Alter 6 p.m. phone *J94U. 4.6-ck-tf Household furniture. Good condition, Call 4WJ ftllcr p.m 4,6-pk-U FERTILIZER W« nare aeTcml tons or 3-9-13 that n*Y« not. been spoken tor. PLANTERS COOPERATIVE UIM H1UHWAT fil HOUTK PHONE 120 Phmihlnir new and \ised Also plumb- Ing work done L. C Rnlllson, Phnne W15. 3[30-pfc-4!30 Jonn-l>eere miQaiet>i]!tt«r O A Hals iJurdette Pbnn» 102 315-ck-tf . Harrows tor sale Let us sharpen your plows now Avoid ine nifiti Henry Westbvnok 1 ^ Shop 3« N Int. Day Phone 4161 Night Phone 4132 Btonertlle 2B tAJtlunaeed (icctjnd je&i (torn D feeder. fiJVUU per loti Churka titcmackc. V* 1111 IE CEM. n( H fl cni^sin^ Clear L«Xe Rd 3,^-pk-4,a Real Estate Farms — City Properly LOANS LD tnicrr'Ktru ID ouy Lug Noble Gill Agenc\ Cecil Karls -— t 1 B Joyner REALTORS Cilcncoe Bldg. Plume 3131 BjJli-ri-li 4 <lnor Has 'J: license $995 Kou'll titicl ninny niliei nonpsl-lo- mtinchs valiit-s m Uficu CarR at SI Mo! mi Uo LK> ynurseii a Ia\ot and see us ociore you decide. 61 MOTOR CO. ttortn til uti way til Piittne 214 Wonted to Buy h'or ens t ghL'^L prices bring your chick- i'urcellB 'Grocery- 125 Lilly 4;ti-iJk.-20 Buck cackei rnunc SOYUKAN3. ORden Rn A WI])»tle EslRlc. Phon land. Arksoy W : 2552, Resell E'K 4,16 UseU T2 rifle. Ph, iiitl I A M W* buy used furniture 34D8 between 6 4,G PK 49 Phone 2560 3|12-ptt-4|n Lost For Sale, Real Estate • For This Week Only • 1939Dodge 625 Urocery and nftragc completed stock- fO. »6500. Walk out H.500 less «liop equipment. 3 nice living rooms Included. Lot M x 210. Abstract on property. O. D. Cannon nivrs. Mo. •4,6 PK 4 13 BARGAIN 5 room residence. Two rental houses, cliicken house, burn, rv.ce orchard, strawberry patch, one one acre of ground adjoining city limits. Priced S0500. H C. Campbell Pi-one 4446 or 2!)30 4'1-ck-tf Practically new Dodge tkre &ncl \vneel. lost two miles south ol Little Klvor Ulii lleward. Call Harold Wnke- [leld. pn B6€. 4|5 ck 11 1041 Uvilcfc tvidor sedanelte. Ph. 322J U. W. Homey. 4J5 PK 4;12 Business Opportunity West End Cafe, 1914 Wes Main. Guud location. Doinj. Buutl business. Owner sell due to ill hcallh. Can tontac owner at any time. 4-5 ck 12 Female Help Wanted rmrtj tn UH1HKN& atrvlc* U6-c«-tl Help Wanted, Male WANTED: A mun experienced In plumbing mnlerlEils und hardware A jood proposition will be oflered the iKnl man with chance lor Btivnnce- nent Address Manager. Box 100 Blythevllle. Arlc. 4;i-ck-t[ For Safe or Trade \ tresn 5 year old Jersey cow Several Mh and sP rln K er tielferR Monthly pjan lot Ol J W Black well. Steete Mo I'none lor^ 3!22-pk-4122 For Rent, Houses ntrnishcrt house. 3-bed rooms, rare library, piano, excellent nclghhorhood. Cotivenlent lo churclies and schools Fti. 380a. 4'J pk 4110 2-rooin furnished cottage. 170R West Mnlii. Ph. 21H6. 4;5 PK 4;8 j-room rumishcd Yarnro 1'h. T17. with hath 4-door Sedan, unusually good condition, has '49 II- cense. All set to go for only Other Real Values 1936 Ford (2 cars), buth'in very good condition, each has '49 license, special price on each car .. . f 395. 1936 Buick Coupe, has good I ires and good motor, equipped with both radio und hea'er .. only $525 1939 Chrysler Royal Tudor Sedan—motor, tires and body in good condition, hus 19-l!> license . . . $695 1940 Chevrolet Special Dcl.uxi' Tudor Sedan, has new paint job, body, motor, and I ires in excellent condition . . . $S25. 1939 Ford Tudor Sedan, has practically new motor and tires, equipped with radio & heater . . . $595. 1939 Ford 1-Ton Track with 191S Mercury motor, body and bed in first-clnss condition, has new 700x16 8-ply tires . . . $695. 1947 Buick Super Tudor Sedan with radio, heater, *nd seat covers . . . very low mileage Guaranteed to be in excellent condition, and offered at » very good price. 1942 Dodge '/ 2 -Ton Pickup, mud grip tires, excellent condition . . . $795. OTHO STAN FIELD W. J. "BILL" WUNDERLICH ••When Better Car« Are Built, Buick Will Build Them." Langston-Wroten Co. Notice Lots For Sale 3 choice suburban lols on Highway 61 North, lot size 85x200 and 100x200. East fronts, large pecan trees. In new Country Club Drive Addition, just north of Camp Mimltnc. See or tall— JOHNNY MARR REALTOR Phone <1111 Kes. Ph. 25% ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen und crippled animals picked up tree of charge in shTili'/.ed trucks. Call collect. Gl'ia, Blythc villc. Ark. ARKANSAS DF.AD ANIMA1 DISPOSAL CO. 2-H-ek-M We repair services M'l ireet watclles Try us (or fas ire's 3Q6-30P EnM Mai Wmtant tt Broadway Dial 555 for Scnric* Memphis Bandit Suspects Indicted by Grand Jury MEMPHIS. April 7. W'!—A fed- | cral srand jury yesterday indicted I two men accused of tile $43,000 roh- bcrj 1 of the North Side Branch of National Bank here Feb. 8. They arc Clyde Milton Johnson, 30. of Glcndale. Calif., and John Eugene Anderson, 27. of St. Ijouis. Tlify were captured in Miami Feo. 18. oJliiison subsequently escaped from the Dado County Juil In Mi- aiv.t and has not been caught. Two wonien companions have been held as material witnesses. Excellent Income lor ladles. Full or ,arl time. Ph. or write Mrs. Arlle •rench V. H. Q. Blytheville. Ark. Ph Ei'2U. 4,6 PK 4[9 \VRltrejyi Wanted. Irnmedl- B. Ph. 2024. 4;7 cX 4;8 Wanted to Rent urnlshetl or 8 c nit-furnished ftpt. 4:6 PK 4,9 Private Kooms Nice Iront bedroom. Private bath Icii only. 6UJ West MHln St. Photic . convenient to bath 611 W acljolnlns hath Ph 2338 win nnd Kitchen Fhnne J653 305 ' nke 3 17- UTrgc conilortable bcdroonj, close In Men only. LJtO W Walnut. 3,26-pk-4,25 For Rent Flash cameras , for all occasions O'H'l'EEN'S STUDIO 4 5-cfc-tl Employed Blrl wants to share her 5- room home with n cotiplc or scvcra employed slrla. ^»ll Del! 2392—altci 5:JO p.m. 4,l-pk-4.B $ FARM LAND! We nnve several cash buyers for farm land, who \vil lake IJOSSCSSIOLI January 1 1050. RIALES LAND Co. Russell E. Riales, Realtor W. T. Barnetr E. E. Williams 2^ — Phones — 4139 Blytheville, Ark. 4-5 ck tt 403 K. Vine St.. * good S-roora home and v-room tenant house on same lot fr\>r quick sale only W.OOO. Terma. OeMrabte homes on Kentucky. Davis Lake. Tenth. Sixteenth. Pride Adcln. •nd Mouttrle Drive. $2.000 to (20.000 BLYTHEVILLE REALTY Phone 239.1 • :_ . . V pit u SEE THESE FIRST! TRUCKS-CARS 1948 hucriiallonal '.4-Ton Pickup 1393 1947 Uutlm: ',,-lon PICKUP l'^95 1947 LXXJKC -\-lou Pu-Kllp 1050 l!MO Ford 'i-Ton Pickup 215 1941 Poi-d Sedan Delivery 1295 1940 Dodge \i-roii Panel S4b 1948 International I'-i-lon Long Wheelbasc Stake 1795 1946 Chevrolet I'.i-Ton Long 995 1951 Chevrolet Hi-Ton Long Wheclbasc Stake 650 1946 Pord 4-door, equipped with heater A: seal covers $1293 1941 Plymouth 2-door. has indio & heater 850 19J9 Plymouth 4-clooi 625 1937 Plymouth 2-door 295 EASY TERMS See Us Before You Buy Blytheville Motor Co. 25 nr more trade in allowance cm your aid washer, regardless of make or condition, on a new BENDIX Automatic Washer This, Is Your Chance for Real Savings—Come in Today HUBBARD & HOKE Applionce Co. Broadway & Chickasavvha Phone 4-122 WHEN MINUTfS COUNT l"he prompt snd efficient service ol Owens Pharmacists salves the problem Every prescription filled with meticulous care Free delivery service Phone 202* OWENS DRUG STORE Where Customers Bring Their Friends 'More Used Car Value 1917 Chevrolet 5-I'assenger Coupe, has radio, heater, defroster, and 1949 Arkansas license... special $1495. 19-10 Chevrolet Town Sedan, hvater and 1949 license. 1941 Chevrolet Town Sedan, has heater and 1949 license. 1989 Chevrolet Town Sedan, green color equipped with radio, heater, seat covers, and 1949 license. 194 i liuick 2-door Sedan, has radio, heater, and defroster $895, 1940 i'lymouth 4-door Sedan, equipped with heater. 1942 Ford 2-door Sedan, a real clean car. 19.'!7 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, a real bargain at only $195. 1937 LaSalle Sedan, radio, heater, and 1949 licensa ...§295. Many' Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Make a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut I'hone 578 Buying! Buying! Buying! We Need Cars At Onca ANY MAKE OR MODEL Highest Prices Paid! No Waiting— Cash Is Here For You Drive By Today and Our Appraiser Will Buy Your Car Al All Times We Have a Selected Stock of Used Cars & Trucks Small Down Payment — Easy Terms You Can SAVE MONEY When You Buy— You Can MAKE MONEY When You Sell LEE MOTOR SALES, me OLDSMOB1LE — GMC TRUCKS 311-317 East Main Blylheville, Ark USED CARS Are Our Business, Too! —SPECIAL THIS WEEK— 1037 Buick $ 175 Be sure to sec this car tomorrow! PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores 1947 t'ord Tudor equipped with radio, heater, white sidcwall tires, DeLuxe uphulstery .. . only . .. $1495 1939 Foid Tudor, has new oaint . . . $595. 194S Mercury 5-Passengcr Coupe, maroon, fully equipped . . . $1595 1939 Chevrolet Panel . . . special $375. 1940 Ford Coupe . . . now only $325. 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan 4 door 'Sedan, Demon- "^ . strator, has new car guarantee . . now at a big discount! STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phone 4333

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