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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York • Page 2
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York • Page 2

Rochester, New York
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ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20. 1934 His Work Here Wins Nobel Prize Models Fight TEACHES' OUT OF 7-PAGE WILL GOVERNOR BIDS FOR BACKING OF LABOR GROUPS NOBEL AWARD IS SHARED BY DR. WHIPPLE International Honors MOSES SAYS FOE BLOCKING GRADE WORK Lehman Lacks Nerve To Finish Program, Candidate Avers Society Girl Competitors Demanding Clear Field, Professionals Threaten To Steal Boy Friends BY BROWNING 'Disinherited Because Of Conduct; States Realtor's Codicil Attacks GOP as Hostile To Social Reforms, Gives Program Crown 16 Years of Anemia Research mmm awwswi'wr i. gy mpsttT- Miiirsl Jd il'JRu vloua year hava been patched together, baited with wect word for labor, In a futile attempt to en-nare the unwary working man Into tha he asserted.

"Tha eame haa been dona thla year. It hn failed in tha pant and it will fall again." On the other hand, he aald, "the Democratic Party haa consiutently championed the cause of the wage earner. Turning to the New Deal, he aald, "Through the Inspired leadership of our great President, and with tha whole-hearted backing of a progrelve democracy, the, eye of million are lifted to the future." "In fact, the President I merely seeking to apply throughout tha country many of tha ocial reform and labor pollcle which Initialed a Governor of New York Slate." Tonight wa the first time Governor Lehman haa discussed th New Deal at any great length ainc he opened hi campaign. "Additional law may be needed," he ald, referring to hi own program, "to preserve the splendid gain of national recovery." (ilviMt IJ-folnt Program He then outlined the following 12-point program; J. Maximum five-day week on public work contract.

2. Modification of law on hour ol work in factories. 3. Increase minimum age at which children are permitted to enter Induatry from 14 to 16 year. 4.

Btrlc'er regulation of home work. 5. Elimination nf medical abuse In workmen' compensation. 8. Stricter regulation of Insurance companies underwriting workmen' compensation and administration of workmen' compensation fund by the state.

7, Providing for occupational disease In tha workmen compensation ayatam. (. Outlawing of "yellow dog" con-trct. 9. Guaranteeing trial by jury In cases of alleged violation of Injunctions.

10. Interstate agreements to equalize competitive conditions, 11. Placing fee-charging employment agenclea under tate supervision. 12. Compulsory unemployment SytMuee, Oct 2ft The Republican Party' record of opposition "to all progrelv labor and nodal legislation hang Ilka a ml lint one about the nicks of Ita candidate," Gov.

Herbert H. Lehman declared hera tonight. Ha aald the Republican platform, apparently very much like that of the Democrat, haa Ha foundation laid on "quicksand of reaction." Devoting hla entire speech to labor legislation, the Governor pre-aented a 12-polnt legislative program and at the eame time gave hi unqualified endowment to the New Deal program. Many of hla labor recommendation, he aald, re needed to aupplement President' recovery program. Auk Job Insurance Law Ha lo called upon th voters to elect a Democratic Legislature New York Btat could anaet a compulsory unemployment Inaur-anca law a an example for the nation.

"Republican platform of pre- Continued from Phis Una Is old In the form of a powder prepared by an American pharmaceutical firm. The acientist'a royal-tie are used to maintain a ataff to test each batch of the mcdl-cln manufactured. Any surplua la given to the University to finance further research In pathology, Mile At Publicity When the confirmation of hla nomination by the Nobel commute reached Rochester yesterday afternoon, Doctor Whipple expressed hia surprise ant, pleasure In th honor. A research mini who hlri at publicity, he admitted he had spent an uncomfortable night Wednesday when unconfirmed rumors of tha honor had reached Rochester. "I confeaa I am pleased," he said.

"If I had known about It ahead of time, I think I'd have wanted to tak to tha woods until Ihs funs wa over." fJeneroua In success, Doctor Whipple said that In science several student frequently are working simultaneously for ome definite objective and that the man who get there first It the lucky one. He counta In research good preparation, painstaking work, and that odd and unexpected element of luck. Buffalo, Oct. 25 iji Closing hi upstate awing. Robert Moses.

Republican candidate for governor, called tonieht for Immediate completion of New York State' grade-rosslng removal program a "the best possible substitute for the doie and ma le work." Ha proposed the railroads' share of the cost of the removal program, 50 per cent, be reduced through use of relief money, saying they "lack funds to pay their share," and that the Public Service Commission, which controls the program, be "taken out of the picture" by putting the responsibility on the state Public Works Department He accused hid Democratic opponent. Gov. Herbert H. Lehman, of "holding up this great program" becaua "he either doe not understand the problem, or hasn the nerve to deal with it," Mr. Mohc swung into denuncii-tion of the state Court of Claims, which he called "a rundown, incompetent and unworthy He demanded to know whether Governor Lehman wa going to reorganize It.

He said that one judge "wn openly and cynically hostile to the state' interest, that awards were outrageously out of line with any conceivable honest reasoning," and that "recently a Judge of this court announced he was going to award the amount asked by a contractor before the cane was even tried." He repeated many questions he had a.tked his opponent earlier in the campaign "just to flpd out whether he can sustain th theory that he can win by playing dead talking alout the past glories of the Democratic Party." New York, Oct. 25. VPi Fifty professional mannikln today threatened to "steal the boy friend of the aociety girl" unles the debutantes stop competing with them as fashion models. At the end of a protest meettnj, they solemnly signed a petition which will be sent to the Junior League, the Fifth Avenue Association ann the direclorj of fashion shows. "Conditions are growing worse every year, and It Is time to put our foot down and ask the social girl to stay In her own backyard," said Miss Gertrude L.

Mayer, who called the meeting. She proposed three courses of action: An appeal for fair play, a picket line on the next fashion show en-ploying society models, or "to fight with Are, Invade the oclal sanctum and steal the boy friends: of the society girl." "Looking you over, I don't think It wou.d be hard," she said. Some of the models giggled. The petition protested that more than 1,000 job a year are lost to the working girl through use of debutantes as I It also declared society models who enter the profession as a "lark" without training, "do, by, their poor performances, tend injure the standing of the modeling ptofesn'on in the eyes of the world." The professionals feel, said the petition, "that we should be able to compete on a of ability instead of a comparison of our social backgrounds." While the meeting progressed, US society women were being groomed for a fashion show tonight at tha Green Eall, given for eahnty. New York, Oct.

23--0fP Edward West (Daddy) Brownnlg. In hi will filed today, disinherited his estranged wife, France (Peache Heenan Browning, "from any ef tht beneflU of my estate exceft such interests as the law provides for her at the date of this codicil." "I disinherit her because of her conduct," the will read. The will waa dated Dec. 20, 1912, and the codicil Aug. 28, 1930.

Tha document Is seven pases long and brars Browning's, bold, scrawling signature ending with a half-Inch blot. Ten per cent of the residue ef the estate is sot aside to pay mortgages and other carrying expenee of the Erownlng holding. The remaining reeldue I to be divided into six portions and to used each year "as a prize for the beif. results achieved during such year" in six clasees. 1.

The prevention of cruelty to children or animals, or the promotion of peace and international harmony. 2. The spreading of the Gospel under Protestant auspice. 3. The uplifting of the moral condition of the world.

4. The production of the mot serviceable Invention or iweful discovery. 5. The most widely beneficial discovery or new method in medicine, surgery or in the prevention cf diseaee. 6 The increased production or improvement of fish; birds or animals; conservation of forests, irrigation of arid increase or improvement of crop, flower or plants.

Dr, George H. Whipple, dean of the University of Rochester Medical College, was busy in his laboratory yesterday when official notification of hit Nobel Prize award was received. News Behind the News Doctor Whipple Is a native of Ashland, N. II and a graduate of Follow the Crowds! HOWE ROGERS Meadoubrook MODEL HOME 213 loani Br Avanue. Driv at Monro Avsnut to Winton Ketd.

Tura right. Opan from until nin o'clock daily. Johns llopkina Medical School. He was formerly associate pro-fcuHor of Pathology at Johns Hopkins, profmaor of research medl1 cine and director of the Hooper Foundation for Medical Research at the University of California Medical School, and for two year dean of the achool. He has been president of both the American Society for Experimental Pathology and of the American Association of Pathologists and Bacteriologist.

Doctor Mtnoi Long Active Doctor Minot, 49 year old. la a director of the Thorndyke Memorial Laboratories at the City Hospital In Boston and a professor of medicine at Harvard. The on of a doctor who continued his practice until he was In the' eightiei. Dr. Minot began hi llfework early.

He waa atill a young medical student when hla father, Dr. James J. Minot, callpd him into eonaulta-tlon In the case of a rare blood disorder In a ward of the Maaan-chusett' General Hospital, Two U. Britain Aree On Japanese Note -rik 4 Harmony Reported After Secret Naval Parley B. FORAIAN CO Coiitlmird from Pace One It will oft pedal on production control devices for industry.

The final word was spoken when Reliefer Hopkins aascrted, concerning hla farm-Industry town program, that he "Is not one of those scarcity boy." IMPORTANCE The significance behind theae developmenta la that th era of contracting 1 Just about over and tha era of encouragement for expansion la about to begin. The New Dealer ee no conflict of motive in this prospective change. They believe the holding-down program wa essential for the period In which It waa undertaken, but that now the situation calla for something else. How they are going to work It out In connection with the basic farm price policy 1 on of the perplexities yet to be solved, That also is the reason why the AAA-ers have only been dropping significant hint about It so far. moor There can be no doubt but that Mtsnem.

Hopkins and Davia for the man higher up. And their atraws cast to the winds were less emphatic than public assertion of the NRA bourd, It has airei the that Industry has been ignoring po A Little Money Goes A Long Way In One Of These 9x12 AXMIHSTER RUGS London. Oct. 25 An 1 "appreciable harmony" between the British and United Statea view re-' garding Japan' firmly worded de-j mands for equality at the pre-i llminary naval conversation npw SPECIAL PRICE for today and tomorrowl merit would be required In that event, except one that HuHsia and the United States intended to see that peace wa maintained. His view is based, of rourse, on the theorx that the United i and Russia are the two largest nations which sincerely want peace, and that they have few conflicting Interests.

MII.K I The milk train la running off the track again and Congress will be asked to flag It down. So much is clear as a result of the four-month etudy by tha Fed-i eral Trade Commission. Only i 130.000 was allotted the rommls-! slon for this job. Now It has con- eluded at least another $100,000 I needed. I It has come to this decision after unearthing a wide variety l.

of abuses. Not alt dalrlc are guilty, of course, but those that are infect the whole Industry.1 Combinations among distributor (sometimes even Including farmer co-ope ralivesl to control the market are a chief source of trouble. A certain amount of "co-operation" with city health departments has been uncovered. Interlocking interests of ostensibly competing dairies la to be charged. Investigators even whisper of some bribery of hotel chefs and apartment manager, payment of protection money and destruction by rivals of each other bottles, NOTES One exporter writes the Commerce Department that he's trading trombones and trumpet for German wines.

Secret ambition of ChesW Davia, AAA-ER, la to go back to running a country newspaper. Ally of Huey Long -Beaten in' Fist Fight Trimmed by Political Foe if 1 experienced physicians had been baffled hy the case, but the young man diagnosed It correctly. "Ever since then," he stiid, In recounting hla career, "I have been Interested In the cells nf the blood and the diseases which affect them." In 1S25. he and Dr. Murphy he-han the joint treatment of ten eases of pernicious anemia in hu Ri W'1 3 I TREO'S tential marketH by keeping output at.

a low level. That statement Implied a return to the old S-and-in rent store theory Rugi for every room in the house. Bui rugs with deep pile, lustrous sheen, luxuriant color altogether different from the ordinary run of rugs at this pricel There It a wealth of choice in kind and color at Howe Rogeri Handiome Oriental reproduction! down to rugi strikingly modern in feeling all at $29.75. Howe Rogers regular $2.95 under way. was revealed tonight following the first meeting of the American delegation with British participants.

Norman H. Davis, head of the U. S. delegation conducting these delicate sen power talks, accompanied by Ray Atherton, counselor of embassy called on Prime Minister J. Ramsay MacDonald at 10 Downing Street, to talk over the Japanese naval memorandum, submitted in the lat two days to both Britim- and the t'nited States.

The meeting, was serret, but harmony was apparent, a pokes-man revealed, The Japancne are to meet with the British again at 10 a. tomorrow, and with Davis and his expert on Monday, to give details of their naval plan. Ashley Divorce Suit Is Seen Undefended London, Oct. 25. (I'D Definite Indication the divoroe suit of Lord Ashley naming Douglas Fairbanks, as-corespondent, will not be defended was given today.

It was announced the case Is fourth on the list of special jury case to open Nov. The Ashley case probably will be heard around Dec. 1. The defen, It was learned, definitely has been "abandoned." man beluga, using liver as a remedy. The actual announcement of their discovery was not made Until the following year.

Dr. Minot la a graduate nf Harvard, a fellow of the Royal College of Kdlnburgh, and the recipient of many scientific honors. In 1M0 he and Dr. Whipple received the award of a science magazine for current achievement in science of the greatest public benefit. if ft DaQatelle H95 A youthful development it'i really one-piece garment but it allow the freedom of a two-piece style since only a slender section joins the net bandeau and the lastex.

girdle, which latter is of two-way stretch material. It's backless, and has four trolley-line garters sizes 32, 34 and 36 and less by far in price than you might pay for the two items bought separately. SIZE 9x12 Other Size Kitchens Priced Proportionately It ls better to sell a lot of goods cheap than to sell few goods at high prices. To connect that idea with the words of Davia, "the genius of the American renPIe not content while underconsumption and unemployment are companion." lU'MMLK The New Deal press agents shivered when they heard that the good Dr. Floyd Reevra hud Informed the radio hearings that the TVA favor government-owned radio.

They could Imagine the atate-ment which Senator Schall would issue about that. Fat foot-work aved the day for them, hut Pr. Reeves' face has not yet resumed Its natural color. A quirk call from an important quarter to TVA Chairman Morgan brought forth announcement that TVA sponsors no such Idea. TVA-ers explained Dr.

Reeves' remark had been read too hastily and that there wa nothing more behind the Incident than that. rr.wr. It would be embarrassing a mention the name of th Russian authority who advocates It. but It is no violation of hla confidence to tell the Interesting and private Idea he hai for preserving world peace. He aya that, If the United Slates maintained a big army and the Soviet ai med their man-power on a similar scale, they could require the world to keep peace.

No other announce- fS. FORMAN CO In Hotel Lobby Fray i New Orleans, Oct. 25 UP Unit- ed States Senator John H. Overton and Kurt W. Henry, socially piomlnent attorney, settled a political dispute in the old -faahloncd way today when they tied up In a one-round fist fight in the crowded lobby of Roosevelt Hotel.

Overton, Senate colleague and political ally of Huey P. Long, and lleni-y, vigorous anti-Long fought for nearly three minutes be- lorr the bellboy stopped the fight. The. finish found Overton bleeding from a cut over hla right eye and marked by a cut and swollen upper lip, a "strawberry" on his hin and well-defined bruises under each eye. With a couple of exceptions, their version of the -ouble Jibed.

Henry, demanding an apology for a remark Overton made about him on tha floor of the United State 0) COVERS YOUR KITCHEN WITH SUEDE in hiih-wuUed oxfordt SUEDE in our MoVere Colonial SUEDE mi u-ilh patent SUEDE in tailored oxfords DPJLADO LiiDoleym Senate a year ago, aald he "slapped" Overton on the first blow. Overton said Henry "atruck'' him hrn hi hands were down. U. S. Fleet Completes Transfer Via Canal Panama City.

Panama, Oct. 25 Th United Statea fleet rested in Pacific water tonight, Its tran-iit of th Panama Canal completed. Although the passage required only 42 hours, lesa than the two days taken last April when the fleet moved to th Atlantic, no Vef The smartest shoes of all to wear with your tweeds, your woolens, your velvets! Nothing can take the place of suede and we say that in the middle of a season that has been prolific of new ideas in shoe materials and novel shoe treatmentsl Wear suede shoes with your new fur-trimmed toques. Wear them with high hats of silky velour. Wear them with your suits, your woolen dresses At any rate, wear them! Black or brown, $7.50 Free Parking at the Plaza While Shopping In Our Store CONVENIENT PAYMENT TERMS Insures Your Trip to NEW YORK record waa established today, for there were 20 fewer ship.

The It'i the imarteit policy to insure com- Cemented Solid on Deadening Felt Paper Imagine From the hundreds of linoleum patterns and colors in stock at all times, you may choose from fifty of our most popular at only $25.08 for a 9x12 kitchen! Howe Rogers' standard quality linoleum in mill ends from mak-ers with nation-wide reputations such as Nairn, Sloane and Armstrong! Price includes solid ce-ment hying on deadening felt paper that lengthens the life of say linoleum floor materially. to $18.50. (Street Floor). fort, convenience and economy by faylng at The Taft while in New York. Near every worthwhile activity.

2000 roomi, with bath, from $2.50. JJQ'PJJJ Alfied Siit NEW YORK transit began at 10:30 p. Tuesday, and was finished at 4 30 p. today. Commercial shipping, us-pended during that time, was resumed.

Fifty hip hasLMen held up at Ralhoa and Cristobal while the fleet mad It ipeed dash, mi CATION "VEER FIXm Albany, Oct. 25 Gov. Herbert H. Lehman, In a proclamation issued today from the executive office, et aside the week of Nov. 5-H a "Education Week'' in cooperation with tha nationwide The style sketched is one of the season's new oxfords, built high In the smart manner of the newest oxfords.

It's not only good-looking; It's uncommonly comfortable In the bargain! $8.75, 89 CLINTON AVE. SO..

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