The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 18, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 18, 1939
Page 8
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mt- • * Vv i > A ^ •* ' ^ '|*AGE^EIGHT BLYTOEVILLB;/(ARK.): COURIER NEWS Steele-Cooter Society—Personal Political Council Member . Declares C o u n I r y Is United SAM FRANCISCO, July 19 (UP) —An optimistic picture of (he ''winning" war which Chiang Kai- shek is waging against the Japanese from tiic new "West China" ha's been painted here by Dr. p. C. Chang, member of the Chinese People's Political Council. > Just tack frain'..four months spent In Chiang Knl-ihek's west China stronghold, Dr. Chang declared thai it was only after China's 'withdrawn! to the west, •'militarily speaking," that China began to gain. While , outlining in delatl the heavy war of altiltfon Hint is being svaged from there, Di Chiang spoke freely of the new armies, plans, changed methods of warfare and technique with which Chiang Knt-shek's cxperU launch a flnnl counler-ofleiislve in from one to-three years. "It was only niter t»ic Chinese nimles were together in l\ie new West china, that, Ihe Chinese were able to choose the time and place for their military engagements," Dr. Chang declared. Confidence Declared Itislng "The world should now understand why the Chinese, militarily speaking, have every right to be more confident thnn they were six months ago. "In the past five years, Chlnn has become united ."The Chinese nrmy today number some 2,400,050 troops—about one-third larger than. when the war started. "One-third of this force hns been sent back to opomlc behind the Japanese lines, one-third is meeting" Japanese offensive, am! one-third is nhcady in training for the counter-offensive that is iji Ihe oning " Only as regards the time of (hi.? counter-otfcnslvo, did Dr. Chang •iefiise to forecast. '', \ "When the counter-offensive Is Smning," he- said, "I do not know. \ "There is no such thing ns occupied areas hi China, but only occupied points and lines — and most of these lines become untenable when the s\in goes dmsn. - "China today chooses to fight at the places nnd times which she feels aic Ihe most advantageous lor her. \ ' The Chinese are no longer fighting lo ictake villages and cities. They are fighting » war of atjrillon—a war lo deciense the manpower, equipment nnd resources of the enemy. It Is Ihe same kind of warfare lhal Ihe Allies employed on Ihe Western Fiont during the thst three years of the World War. •"Tills is the second phase of Ihc wnr, v,ith no large battles except at points where the Japanese advance. . "The Chinese- arc fighting their way under one general command which shifts them about as the occasion dictates. The mobile forces are not independent guerillas, they are organized tioops "The signs are that the war will not lasl for moic than one to three years During all this period there has been and will continue to be a great migration of the Chinese people \\est\vnrd. *In this process China will complete its unification. Before the war, many of us had not even seen our western provinces Today we are roaming over this vast area and are building a .new nation in the west. We are doing two things at the same time —resisting and rebuilding. "Sight granaries have been set : «p, 200,000 refugees settled In the western provinces, IDO.QOO acres pf virgin land -. placed. under cultivation and the mining of salt reestablished. We are also manufacturing alcohol as a substitute for gasoline. Hostess lo liimco Club. Mrs. Floyd Wriggler wns )'.o.sleas lo her Jolly Eight Bunco club of Cooler and one guest, Miss Dru- cllla Kearney, Thursday night. The high score prize went lo Mrs. Tom Burns who also received bunco award, Mrs. James u Cas- stdy received Mow score prize and Miss Margaret McClure traveling bunco honor. The hostess served fresh peach smulne cookies and iced drink*. • * # Hostess to liriilge, Mrs. R. J, Tatiirn mid Mrs.. E. II. Watson were co-hostesses to members of their Jolly Eight Bridge club mid Severn) Invited guests. Mrs. Willie Griui received ,'ilgh club , prize; Mrs. Marshall C'ani- trnn, guest high, nnd Mrs. Conrad Frame, bridge award. Chicken .snlnd sandwiches a.._ cold drinks were served tit the close of Ihc evening. * '* 9 iUnty Sue Tucker Honored. 'Liltle Miss Mary Sue Tucker, laughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cteo Tucker, was guest of honor at a. jarly Saturday afternoon nt the home of her grandmother, Mrs. John Tucker, Ihe occasion being in honor of her third birthday anniversary. Various games, were played throughout the afternoon and later refreshments of 'cheese sandwiches, cocoanuf cake and iced drinks were served. Among the out of (own guests were Gene nnd Joyce Brown of Steele. Mrs. John McClanahnn and Mrs. Ira Baker of Caruthcrsvllle were •Isltlng friends In Cooler Sunday. Mrs. Lintile.Duke and Mrs. Tom Lewis were visitors in Kenned ?sterdny afternoon. Mr. nml Mrs. Arthur Houston nnd children of Lexington,. Tenn., (IpTTz) Coolest Spot in Town Watch Society Page Of Courier Newt F«r Free Show Guests TUESDAY PAL MATINEE & NIGHT Two Admitted for Ihe Price of ) Also suleclccl shorls Admission Matinee lOc Si 2S?. Nigl'il llio £ Me : Weds. - Thurs. spent- the latter.part'of Die wesli here with Mrs. Iloiiston's sister. All's, Fenner nuwei), nml family. E. W. M«Cnnn ami Wnllor \Vcbl> spent Simdny n t Clnvklon vlsl'.hw Irlciuls. Miss imogejic Taylor Ls jspcnil- Ing this week In Dycrsbur^, Ten))., \vltli her aunt, Mrs. Clifton Jones, ami fnmlly. Ouss Allnitl Is spending a month with relatives Ju points of H'.cll- inm, Mr. nml Mrs. U U. Welntzell nna .son, L. R. Jr., of Brooklyn, N. Y„ will arrive today for n visit with Mr. nnilMrs. ghris Welnl/ell. MIES Carrie Welnlz?)),' who has been visiting lliem for several weeks and also attending the World's Fair al New York,* returned home with them, • '••... Mr. find Mrs, Bernle Nell and sons of Qulli), Mo., are spr;ndlni! this week here with relatives. •Mr. nnd Mrs. Hnlph Einil.s nnd son of Caruthersvllle. spent sun- day here. Mr and Mis Abner .AsncraU and children Sonny nnd unil Mrs. r. E, Waters •, friends in Wlylhcville Simdw Mrs. Alma Ci. Copeland relurnei (ha latter part of the week after several, weeks visit with her'son, Wnyne Copoland Jr. of Los Angeles, Calif. Gladioli Grown Here Are Shipped To North Gladjoll grown in Blytlicvllle have been shipped to nil over the United States from northern mar- ikL'Ls in a successful season which Jls J«sl dosing, Mrs. E. J. Jlcnton, wlio ships ctolly to St. Louis nnd Chicago Roaches All Over the House? Here's how to get rid ot them. Fir-it, Icwp Uic floors and other places where you &« roaches free from lood partides and dampness. That's what attracts bugs. Second, get n can of Uw Brand Jnae« Po* tjer. Sprinkle it In all corners .back of and under the sink, rofngf-rator, stow, r*sh- ilanfe; tubs, etc., and around openings where pipes KO through the floor. BSow it into cracfca and crevices, back of and under trail boards. AVTiEn roaches scurry out, pva them another doee of jwwder. Third, cpnnUe Bee Urand I'ewder in the runways where roathcs travel. Repeat, those dl- nwUcna at lepilar intervals, and youll soon be rid o{ roaches. Bcc Brand Insect Powder rcaily kills roathw. ants and other emwlmg insects quick—jtst it's : enlirrfy sale lo use around Ihc house. Insist on the gtnume Bcc w Brand Insect Pow5er-r~m the red and ytllow can. Sold with a gua.ra.titE* of talitfattinn or Vowr tnwirY tact. Three W'IPS: NOTE: y<w ran alw kill roafhft n»d &nf* o* trell AJt'/Ifcj and Diosqmlors. iritfc Ure . ..Brand ixtcct Spray. Head direction* cm can. PHONE 205 FOR YOUR POULTRY Nice, fat hens and fryers & .other poultry at all" times. WE DRESS AND DELIVER FREE! STICKLER-GOODWIN' , CO. . • \,4«6 E. Main VIRGINIA FIELD - LIONEL A1WILI. BAKBARA OHE1L )f I'iirainoiinl News & Sclcrlcit Shorls Admission Matinee lOr * 2fo ICc & SBc markets _ from j, m e 4 until (his S.'.f T, »«'northern eMloll begin to bloom, sent from 250 to ™ ? MI1 dMy "'"" *>»'« d") 1 ^ s°'" 500 dozen. The flowers were so lopulni- with the northern florist-; this year that one firm .sent mi Older for i M o dozen to be sent in two consecutive dnys. Gladioli are the lost flowers shipped from here until next April when Die year's work starts over again.; Plist, from Blyllicvillc go tulips In all colors, then (lie earliest of Die yellow Jonquils, follow-, cd by Irises i n a » shatei ,,, e i daisies and then the peonies which directly precede the gladioli. The fertility of the soil here, often believed too rich for flower growing, i s especially treated by Mrs. Hcaton and lier workmen for the growing of each variety of these flowers wjiich are picked, chilled by refrigeration throughout, the day and then packed for the "ieht train north. It Is said that dark-blue letters on a yellow background are more easily rend than the more usual black on white. TOESDAY.-JULY 18,-, 1939. Although the moon entirely by reflected light, it is n poor mirror, for It reflects only iibput 7 per cent of the sunlight thnt strikes it. ' 666 J.l^uKJ, Tablets fish-e, Nose Drops MALARIA in 7 Jays and rHifVos COLDS symptoms first day Try''nul-My-Ttfirn' J -a Wonderful Untment FRIDAY, JULY 21 75 GOOD REASONS Why Yoti Should Attend Ma(iucc or Night ROXY Admission always lOo & 26c Mallncca Frl.-SaC-Sun. Roxy Will Be Closed Monday Tues., .Wed., & Thurs., for Repairs. LET'S WILL TRADE USED TRUCKS FOR PASSENGER CARS We are overstocked on Used Trucks. We need used cars—for that reason we will trade any ' ton or 15 ton Truck on our Used Car Lot for Used Passenger Cars EVEN TRADE. 40 Used Trucks To Select From 40 Chevrolets-Fords-GMC-lnternationals 1-2 Ton Pick Ups-Panels-1' Ton Short and Long Wheel Base Dual Tires,.Some with Bodies Check this list for Truck to meet your needs. R34—1937 Ford Truck f Ton, New Paint, Dual 32x6 Tires. 201—1936 Chevrolet Truck H Ton, Dual Tires 32x6. 212—1936 Chevrolet Truck H Ton, Dual Tires 7.50x20. New Paint, Motor OK. 214A—1937 Chevrolet Truck H Ton, Dual Tires 32x6. Extra Clean Truck. 234—1937 Ford Truck 1-V Ton Mode], 32x6 H. D, Dual Tires. Truck OK. 251 A—I933 Chevrolet Truck H Ton, 32x6 H. D. Tires. Clean Truck for Age. 252A—1931 Chevrolet Truck, H Ton, Dual Tires 32x6 H. D". Motor Just Reconditioned. 348-1937 Chevrolet, £ Ton Pickup, Black Paint, Nearly New Tires. Real Buy. 352—1934 Ford, £ Ton Pick-up, Good Tires, Extra Clean. See Thjs. One. 247A—1936 Chevrolet Coupe Pick-up, -J Ton Mode! Coupe and Pick-up. 270-1&7 G.M.C. Panel, £ Ton Model, New Paint, Motor Reconditioned. 319A—1934 Chevrolet Panel \ Ton Model Motor Just Overhauled. Ready To Go. 255—1937 Chevrolet Truck, \\ Ton Model, Dual 7.50x20 Tires. Motor Reconditioned. 301—1937 G.M.C. Truck, 2 Ton Model 34x7 Tires, 2-Speed Rear Axle. Motor Just Reconditioned. 256—1937 Ford Pick-up, \ Ton Model Pick-up. Very Clean Pick-up; 277A—1934 Chevrolet Pick-up, \ Ton, Good Clean Job. 292—1937 Chevrolet Pick-up, \ Ton Model Green Duco Paint. Very Clean. 309—1938 International, 1 Ton Pick-up, New Paint. Motor Just Reconditioned. 316—1937 Chevrolet, 3-4 Ton Stake Body, 7.50x15 Tires. Extra Good. 330—1938 International, \ Ton Truck, Stake Body, Long Wheelhase, Lots of Room.,, 333—1935 International, \ Ton Model, Very Good Condition for '35 Model. 331—1937 Chevrolet Truck, H Ton 7.50x20 Dual Tires. A Very Good Truck. 276—1937 Dodge truck, H Ton L^ng Wheelbase, Tires Good. Take 12Toot Body. "'••"•' 320—1935 Chevrolet truck, \\ Ton Long Wheelbase With 12 Foot Stake Body. New Tires. 329—1937 Chevrolet Truck, \\ Ton. Dual Tires 32x6, Black Color. Extra Good. 337—1936 International \\ Ton Model, Duel Tires, L o n g Wheelbase for 12 Foot Body. 341—1937 Chevrolet Truck, H Ton 8.25x20 Dual Rear Tires Just for the Big Loads. See This One. 274—1936 Chevrolet Truck, 1J Ton, 7.00x20 Tires, New Paint. Truck Extra Good. Used Springfield Trailer, 32x6 Dual ' Tires All have been reconditioned and have good tires. Here is the chance you have been waiting for. Think of trading with Automobile Dealer and HOT PAYING ANY DIFFERENCE on trade. Yes, Sir, not only that, but if your car is good enough, we will pay you CASH DIFFERENCE. This is only part of our stock. Also remember we are trading for additional trucks every day. \\ you don't have car to trade,., get our low prices on these trucks-Fall terms can be arranged, We are continuing our special Fall Terms on tires, tubes, auto parts and repair work. Buy now-- pay this Fall, FOR A BETTER DEAL SEE TOM IE CHEVROLET CO. BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. PHONE 633 OPEN NIGHTS

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