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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York • Page 28

Rochester, New York
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ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHROXTCLE. MONDAY. JANUARY 21, 1959 2S ConSOLIDated WASHED SAND AND GRAVEL Sold "by tha ton" tha only way to get what you order ia quantity even as you get it in quality, the Consolidated way. BUSINESS REVIEW PAGfc 1 1 TVuckloads Carloads Trainloads Grit, Not Luck, Rule of Success, KEY EXPERTS THE ELECTRIC FURNACE MAN Put la Tb Coal Takes Out Th Alhes CUTS THE COAL BILL IN HALF Automatic Utilities Corp. 370 East Avenue Stona 172 FIRM SUPPLIES Says Harness Man in Motor Age gy DRIVER DISTRIBUTING 221 ML Hop At Monro MS2 STATIONS N.

V. R. Sidiai. Btrnard. N.

Y. ll CONSOLIDATED MATERIALS CORP. Cm. OftKM XX Tarmlnal Bids, Brasa St. Mia 4721 HIGHEST GRADE SAND, GRAVELS FROM A 'TAG' "Give Them What They Want' Code of John A.

Welder, 50 Years in Business THREE GRADES ROBOX GAS Strict SDccifications for The IRON FIREMAN Quick Duplication of Key by Sykes Company Aids Motorist in 'Hole' City and State Work Are Met Easily "Thra Is no such thing a lurk in business," nay. John A. Welder, of John A. Welder Son, dealer and manufacturer of 25 Automatic Coal Burner Forced Under firing jar Heating and Power Plants 7 Blue, All-Weather, Motor MOBILOIL Alemiting In Covered and Heated Tits Culver Road at Humboldt St. Rochester Box Lumber Co.

GAS STATION GRINDING A SPECIALTY ST PRflffllPTx WiVWFTi who today conclude a century In tha harness busi ness. Mr. Welder's belief that luck Cutlery, Electrical Wares plays no part In buslnesa is prob ably controversial, but the fact x-v t7 Consolidated Materials, of Terminal 'Building, Proud of Wares Never Rejected Sidelines of Firm Long at Front Street Site does remain that after years In business, the trsd of this harness dealer and manufacturer Is grow SA VING til COST OF I-TEL LABOR BURNS SOFT COAL WITHOUT SMOKE IRON FIREMAN SALES CO.7 Mm JflJJ ing despite th fact that one STEEL STRUCTURES doesn't see one horse to 1,00 motor cars In the street of this or most "Any chance of making up a key any other city In the country. Rand one wi material dug from the ground and mixed with cement to make concrete. Now It In a high The fabricating plant of from this, Mister? It's the only key to the rsr we had, and I gotta have another to get the machine out of i Business Still Increasing Last, year, at the time that Mr.

each the Leach Steel Corporation ly refined material that require tests lasting 28 days hefore It may a parking inne. weiner wss last interviewed re equipped with the most he accepted for city or state con atructlon work. JOHN A. WEIDER Steel And It la to the credit of the Consolidated Materials' Corporation of the Teminal Buildings that In garding the condition of his business, his harness business had increased 20 per cent, over that of 11)27, and he saw no reason to believe that the Increase wouldn't continue at about the same ratio. This success, therefore, would In modern machinery for the rapid and accurate fabrication of all types of steel structures.

80 STEEL STREET The speaker laid a small piece of metal on the counter of the E. C. Sykes A Company store at, 12 Front Street and glanced hopefully at Mr. Sykes, who picked up what had once been tha forepart of an automobile key and answered: "Sure, we can fix you up. Be ready In a half hour." "Say, that's great! Better fix me up a couple of 'em, so I won't get the last two yeara, while supplying CORPORATION" mors than S.000 carloads of sand and gravel a year to contractors dicate that Mr.

Welder has brought to his business a great deal of doing work under rigid supervision In business he was Interested In several enterprises, Including the Danford Knapp Truck Storage Company and the original Vulcanite l'avlng Company. A few of Mr. Welder's oldtlme customers are still on his books, among them the F. A C. Crittenden Company, since 1 SOS Sam Oottry Carting Company, since 1R92; Big sagacity, honest dealing and serv of specification material, the com pany has had not a ton of Its wares ice.

In other words he la offering tha people who use horses what rejected. fliwclflcatlun Specialists The corporation deals almost ex. they want, and the people are buying from him. Born In this city Feb. 2fl, lfUSO, Kim Dairy Company, since 1910; DO YOUR FLOORS NEED ATTENTION? Berry Bros, floor varnisK or shellacs will pve the right finish and can He applied easily.

Then rent one of our electric floor polishers and waxers at $2.00 per day. Berry Brot. Floor Varni.h. gral. White Shellac gal.

Johnion't Floor Wax. lb. LESTER HARDWARE CO. ISO West Main St Builders' Hardware Specialists, Mr. Welder went to work for .1.

C. Blsnchard Storage Company, since rluslvely In specification work, where the materials used In con COLLECTIONS AND ADJUSTMENTS Hayrten Company, furniture 1912, and the Company, Bartholomay Com struction muet come up to high pany, since 38fl2. standards to satisfy engineers. Be Tertonal Demand Service Prompt Remittances Monthly Report. Ellwanrer Barry Hide.

F-dlaon E. et, Mgr. Main Our Reputation Is Your sides the high quality of Its goods, Saw Business evolution Mr. Welder has sold the Bar the company In servlr! to Its clients, offering quick dellv tholomay Company close to $90,000 erles anywhere In the vicinity. Two worth of merchandise during the manufacturers, when he wss 12 years of age.

After a few months he left the employment of the Hayden company to work for the Rochester I'nlon Advertiser Printing Company, and he helped In the printing of election ballnla for the Horace C.reely presidential campaign. He continued In the printing business until the Spring of 1S7S, when he hired out as an apprentice harness maker. distributing plants, one at Bernard In Pewey Avenue, and the other In last 37 years. In the days when this company wss operated as a Mount Hope Avenue, are used to In this jam again right away. The Incident Is not fabricated, but took place at the Sykes counter last week, even to the customer ordering the extra key.

And his pleasure was great, as he had but the shaft of the key, just reaching back to the rounded handle, and It seemed rather doubtful It could be duplicated easily. "That, job was nothing to some that they ask us to do," remarked the proprietor when his satisfied client departed. "Contrary to an Impression that somehow has gained wide credence, we can't make keys from an impression In wax or other soft material. We must have a. key to copy.

But they bring us in everything but the door Itself and ask us to make keys. One person brought In the thin decorative plate that covers the lock and asked that a key be made from that. Ridiculous? Of course, but it happened. "That fellow that Just went out with the duplicate keys has learned a valuable lesson, and probably he'll be bark soon with keys he wants duplicated, to avoid the same enahle Immediate anawers to all orders. iNeany a months time la con rail -r j.

nz rrrrs sumed In testing the washed sand and gravel bought for municipal and slate construction nurnoses. Holds Oldtlme Customers On Jan. 20, 1870, he started his brewery he was often paid by the Bartholomay Company as high as for a double harness. "Harness manufacturing has been revolutionized In the last 80 yeara from hand stitching to machine work," said Mr. Welder a few days ago, "The average day's hand stitching waa five heavy trares In ten hours.

Today a mschlne and operator will stitch 75 traces in ten hours, end all other harness work has been Increased propor Exhaustive examination Is msde of I CROSLEY' RADIOS own business at South Avenue and Griffith Street, and In lt moved to South Avenue and Court. Street. samples of the material and smsll hrlequets are made for various tests and left, to dry hefore broken open for various tests. aT In that year he opened his first OFFICE ATTRACTIVENESS hank account, making his deposits Attractive Offirei arc usually mule sttrsctive hy attrartivc hy Not, over 3 per cent, silt can be tionately. Two men with up-to- contained In the gravel, and at the LI service Ol tl it they ire 1 ttrsctive oflire lurnUhinjt and 7IMMI' with the Traders National Bank, which was then located over the A.

S. Mann Dry Goods store In tho Powers Building. date machinery ran now do work helpi you lo nuke selection ti priclir 11 that required eight men In former years. When I began business I XCLUSIVE! Mr. Weider has conducted his trouble in other directions.

An ex "Firrpltftt mek, warm frtfii" Maka a Horn, of Your Houm with a Rock-Built business In Spring Street since paid 29 cents a pound for leather tra key means a lot sometimes, especially to motorists, as auto locks ISttfl. Two years after moving to weather now sells lor 07 cents a producing elation 1,200 gallons of water a minute pour over the raw material. Abrasion must be kept under 10 per rent. Other tests designated by state engineers determine the organic composition of the sample, Its hardness, tensile strength under pressure and compressive strength to establish what I I 1 1 III 1 1 I pound. this street he patented a fire truck and ambulance collar for horses, are made not to be easily picked and the loss of a car door key can IIIVllttllRla-flS "To be successful In business you 1L JJL must have grit, determination, will tie one up completely If he happens which he manufactured and sold In this country, Canada, F.ngland Ingness to work, good credit and a FIREPLACE (or Cat or Electrio Heaters CCC INSTALLED For DO Crate Extra A eheery, cmly living room it tn to he way out In the country, far 126-132 SOUTH AVE.

and Russia. In hla earlier years 'sharp lead pencil." force It will carry without break rrom a locksmith. And trying a key that does not fit Is worse than going without, because a lock Is (h easily jammed and spoiled." K. C. Sykes A.

Company special ing down. Besides this, another test determines the percental of losm contained In the material, and another how much the gravel "grades out" when It Is screened. Meaning System Complete Sand and gravel must be clean. ROCK-BUILT FIREPLACE CO. a Marsaiet St.

Gtnrira 47M-J. In keys and locks, but ln the store are carried full lines of small I i Depends on Whether They Have Diet of Good Baking Powder electrical supplies, including many articles of rsdlo equipment, bulbs aura where the lest vestige of organic! accumulations are removed before shipment. When It Is remembered that the presence of organlo Impurities In aggregate should absolutely bar It from consideration for concrete work of any Importance, the extreme value of the scientific washing and scouring processes of the Consolidated Materils' Corpooratlon Is at once apparent. Rochester builders for which sand and gravel are furnished by the that Is, free from all foreign sub with SAFETY and PROFIT CM stances, in order to make good Compounded every six months concrete, and the Consolldsted 70 -Aitett over $1,750,000 0 Ett. 1895- Materials Corporation boasts of Its cleaning system whereby its prod 20th Ward Co-operative Savings Loan Ass.

ucts are washed clear from all Senator Copeland (N. I remember that a Russian colonel and his wife started to the United vegetable or animal Impurities, even Shares Legal (or Trutt Fundt 764 Jay Genete 1S3I In small quantities. These Impuri Better Lighting corporation recently includa th.jStfttM by way of Constantlnople new Keith-Albee Palace Theater, I the Masonic Temnle. new ln the meantime a baby had ties, such as loam, dust, clay or any kind of oiganlc matter coat end wires, along with all cutlery devices from folding hatchets to razors, safety and otherwise. As a sideline to the cutlery displays, the firm does quite a business in grinding and sharpening, and here broadens out to take In skstes for "tuning up," and at this tlm of year piles of these lia about the floor, finished or waiting their turn at the wheels.

Crew at Sea a Year Sees No Foreign Port the sand particles so that the ce Pays Good Dividends BUILDING CONTRACTORS tlon by the Rltter-Dental Company, the Yawman Erbe Building in ment cannot stick to them, cannot MASON r-N 1 fcR rr line. A PAINTING oonrt as It should. The atrengih of the concrete depends upon the Chestnut Street, the Rochester Trust A Safe Deposit Building and the Crittenden plant. adhesion of the cement mixture to the clean surfsres of sound, hard 1M MT. HOPE AVI.

Phones Monro 6SSi been born, and when the family reached Ellis Island the authorities ald the father and mother, being Russians, could come In, but the baby, born ln Constantinople, waa a Turk, and rould not, come ln. This Is on the theory, I mppose, that if kittens are born In an oven they are no kittens, but biscuit. Senator Johnson (Minn.) I saw particles or said or gravel. As the production plant at Max Metallurgist Predicts wells. IH miles from Rochester In the hcottsvllle Road, produces an Beaumont, Texas -LV Riding at fe 3fi5 days In a year but seeing Use of Aluminum Garb HOMER KNAPP GENiiRAL BUILDING CONSTRUCTION Personal Qnlllr Ht ad 1462 Servfce Roeoattriiction a Specialty Main St.

East AUTOMATIC SPRINKLER SYSTEMS Control fires and pay for themselves through premium savings of 75 to 90 EMPIRE SPRINKLER INC. Monroe u'tersllj Aiepjit jln the papers a couple of days ago Berlin Th day Is not far! that the Senator from New York average of 30 carloads of sand and gravel a day, only the moat complete equipment, modern method and machinery may be used. This particular gravel deposit, pronounced by engineers to be the finest In this part of the state, treated by advanced processes through a mammoth plant occupying part of the 130-acre tract, with approved washing, screening and no foreign port or strange land Is the lot of the crew of the lightship Heald. Manned by five men, th vessel Is usually anchored "eaa', sou', eas'" of Galveston, In the words of Its csptaln, D. H.

McCluskey. The distant when r-eonl. will wear BPepcn wasningtnn made a forming us that 90 per cent of the clothing made of aluminum, says Pr. James Rublnfeld, metallurgist expert. He points out that thin aluminum already Je used successfully vigil of these seamen means safety to all ships In th western gulf renators are lawyers.

Why is It, then, that these able attorneys, law-makers, have not provided ln the laws which they have lor years and years been putting on the statute books some means of giving Sine. Ill ginta 1M7 traffic. It Is a lonely Ufa for the sailors, Paul W. Friedler Bottling Works for the Interior decoration of air whose panorama of an endless crushing equipment. Insures quality materials, without which concrete that will not crumble, pit or crack cannot be made.

Mashing by Pressure As the gravel travels on an end a leeway to certain officials of this Government to use common horse planes, for tha outside covering of v.l HaiU.iUb. stretch of water ia broken only oc Pleated to have you vititour plant shoes and on fancy pocketbooks sense? casionally by the sight of another Manufacturers, All Kingt of Quality Soft Drinks Try Our Special Blend Sparkling Ginger Al r-nnne EVKRY Hons Lor Inlormallon. Main IMS FREE GOODS welk Contractors1 CONTRACTORS vessel, but they are quick to resent 135 Ridge Road any Intimation that they do not less belt conveyor It is Mist dumped Into the washer, wheie a poweiful like the service. ii stream or water removes and ladies' vanity, bags. Senator Copeland: Store the From this.

Dr. Rublnfeld argues, lawyers have failed to do that, it Is It i. but a step toward th us of 'J" business of the laymen, like the Minnesota and my-alumlnum a. a substltut for cloth. sdf tQ nnd way tQ conM "Already," he says, "Germany ex- feet, ports to Italy aluminum brocades I Senator Johnson: But we need the lighter oiganio materials and clay, and then is can led to ona of ASPHALTIC OILS QUICK DRYING the huge storage bins.

When or dered. the material Is taken from the stoiage, again on a belt conveyor, and feeds through a scrubber" revolving under a four-inch stream of water under high pres- FOR MORE DURABLE HIGHWAYS AND DRIVEWAYS No Mptaahlng on ara or Kuliilng at t'liithe l-ariest Atphaltlo Oil Dlalributtni Station in M'eetern New Tor Oiy-Acetylen WELDING Steel Tank Mfgt. LEAD BURNING FOR ALL CHEMICALS MONEL AND PURE NICKEL WELDING that Is. brocades for ladles' gar- laymen Here lor tnat purpose. menta woven of fine aluminum I Senator Copeland: Mr.

resident, 1. uti. h. ihen we read a law we find on threads. There Is littl.

danger (he that these materials will tear Wherever that word Is put ln, crumple," says, "because the lit is where one of the lawyers of sensitive metal has been neutral-the Senate haj injected himself, lied and been mada capable of There was once a family of tlx stretching through lavera of rellu- 'persons cast aay on a desert Is- piant puiccucv nni nun STONE 357 GENESEE WELDING WORKS Barry Bide. 1 aim uwbniiw Henrietta, 5 years old, was telling in no uncertain terms all the things she wanted Santa Clans to bring her for Christmas. Her mother finally said, you're too little to know what you want!" 'I may be little," the child declared, "but I make up my mind BIG!" "I can stay fifteen minutes," Jane ssid when aha came to call on her neighbor, Mrs, B. "Mother said for you to tell me when my time was up." "Why, Jane," Mr. B.

said, "fifteen minutes is not very long. It will be gone before we know it." "Well," Jane said, "maybe you'll forget to tell me." Wolcott Rd. Mam 6419 Main 7309 New Location, 9-11 N. Washington Main 1S CENERAL CONTRACTOR lose auperimpressed upon rrLrvry I I land, and it looked very desperate of them. One member of the party happened tel find a paper In his pocket, which turned out to be a real estate lease drawn by a lawyer.

In this were found so many provisions that the family was able live on them for six months. REPAIRING AND REPLA TING OF ALL KINDS OF SILVERWARE Metal Spinning Enameling and Lacquering SUPPLIES FOR DOGS Collars, Harnett, Lead, Blanked, Foods, Sleepiag Blanket. JOHN A. WEIDF.R SON 25 27 Spring St. A be In li Jc da pi of Al ofl lo he at Metal specialties STUART-OLVER-HOLTZ CO.

The Nation's Business. Maia Uat Local and Lonf Distance Mofinj Haulinp N. Wattr St. COKE Established 34 Yeart USE Air Cushion 'Index Label' Indian COAL J. M.


T. Higgins 17 Cbarlotta Street Stoae 2481 CUSTOM AUTOMOBILE TRIMMER '1 Triaa tka Car Not the Owner" Ton Orders Delivered aaywktr ia tb city Harry J. Simmelink Hudxm Ava. Mam 414 Local and Loaa Diitanc MOVINO Sloraga Crating -Shipping to Hamiitna el. Monro tt'LSI LAKIIMI BIOMaOK CO.

IM'IIRNllUltU i Rochester's UX) Quality RUBBER STAMPS NoUri borputaliuo SEALS Stencil, etc. Bicycles Indian and Ace Motorcycles Velocipede Toys Servic Department in City PLATING' OF ALL METALS TnMM, Area Sueearts. Her AMoMal Suppi tm Silver and Cold Plating and Repairing Tableware, Hallow-war, Firrplac Seta, Electric Sta 24 Si f- ert bM 0) COAL COKE SMITH COAL CO. Henry S. (Doa) Smith Mah 1U 1U S.

CUnt Art. Pastry Flour Macaulty-Fitn Killing. Co. Moseley Motley Milling Co. C.

II. r.ORSE SON Mai. 1291 IS So. Water St. WAHL PLATING MFG.

CO. Geo. L. Miner Co. Ston bt 184 Clintoa A.

Rochester Artincial Limb Co. 271 Caatral At. Stoaa 688 Stan list a sutk St..

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