The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1930
Page 3
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/ THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1930 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Intimate Closeup of King Alfonso, His Queen and Heir Spain's Lindbergh" Won Love of People by Career o{ Adventure. [ Ky NEA Service MADRID.—Major Ram'n Franco, ihe blaefc-haireil Lindt,;iKh of Spain, wlio broke pihon a month; ago in order to join a revolt against j the Squish government and who'' wound up by napping a plane and I rky-rocketing to safety in Portugal, has been an cxtrciroly troublesome clcti'itv for his native land. It was in L92G'that Franco made himself Spain's popular idol by being the first man I/: fly the South Atlantic; and before the cheers prbvokfd by that exploit had died away he had ruffled the feelings of Ills government, in the itrst of a ^•ries of rows that weic to grow more seikus as time \s'enL on. I As a result, Franco hns been'jail-' ed, ordered about and reprimanded, at. intervals, ever'find?. Hut he hns never lost his hold on the sympathy of tho Spanish populace— which is why his present, cntliusi- ' BEST IN COUNTY JIMS DECIDE trnnco. originally, was just the [ cnc! " nl throne, dating back 10 the foundation of the Span, younger brother of a famous man. ish monarchy by the union of the crmvns of Castile and Born in the town of Ferrol 34 years aso, he found, when he entered his twenties, that his brcth- Aragon in, 1419. Is threatened by the present revolution. are shown here together with pictures of the queen and the Colonel Franco .commander of the Spanish Foreign Legton in Mor occo. had stolen all of the Klcry. j liamon, however, went to Morocco, tco, and as s:-on as his country be-1 Ban to develop military aviation seriously he i'ceoire a pilot. Was Hero in Africa For several years he was something ct i. iclebnty in the army, even though the country at large had not heard of him. His face and hands mode rough and red by the desert sim and winds, lie was called "Jackal," and his daring exploits with his airplane won him fame. Ha used to start out on patrol in 'the morning with a couple of sandwiches in his p:ck3t. fly beyond the enemy's lines, and return • at duck. Time and again he did this, often being forced down to-! hind the lines, but always escaping unhurt. He was fond of stunting; it is said that, whenever the soldiers in Morocco saw a plane gyrating with unaccustomed daring they nt onr.: guessed that France- was Its pilot. In 192G came nation-wide faine. Spain to Smith America, won gov-- emment approval and made the trip—a long hop of more than 6000 miles, brcken by stops at the Canary arid Cape Verda Islands and at Ule Island of Fernando de Norou- ha. He loured Rio, Montevideo and Buenos Aires, wininR great enthusiasm all over South Ajnerica. -'. S. Tour Canceled He planned to fly north and tour in - United States, but the government intervened and peremptorily ordered him honi?. He said he would fly back, adding 1 - that it permission were refused he would never fly again. The government, insisted that he return by steamer —and w'nen the Argentine government nut a cruiser at his disposal he consented, forgetting his threat. A lew \..:eks after his return Franco bitterly criticized his ariny superiors. and spent two months in jail as a result. Later in the same year he was locked up for another month for making some other criticism of government policy. Then he began to lay ambitious plans for a world flight. In 1928 lie made his first attempt, taking off from Cadiz for New York. This attempt came to a quick end, however, when the plane was fr.rccd down only 100 mi!i?s from Cadiz with, a - plugged gasoline feed line. Franco came «;ack and made ready for another start. Rescued in Mid-Atlantic In June, 1928, he was ready, and with three companions, took off in a seaplane for New .York. A brief step was made at the Azores, and the journey was resumed. 7 hen, again, came trouble. The Hanc was forced down nt sea, in Imminent danger of being swamp- eu oy tl:e high waves. At home, Franco was given up for dead, and the nation began to mourn its most p-pular hero. But Franco was not dead. After his plane had'drifted a week the British aircraft carrier Eagle found It and carried Franco and his com• panions back to Spain. Popular rejoicing was universal; Spain was ns delighted as the United States would be if Lindbergh should be lost at sea and then brought home in safety. Then Franco began, to get into political trouble again. He was known to be an ardent republican At the time that tb,3 late Premier de Rivera's regime fell, Franco openly expressed his disapproval of he mcnarchy; and a little move than & month ago he wrote such heated articles against the government that he was arrested and sentenced to eight months' Imprisonment. Escapes From Prison Instead" of being confined, in a regular prison h e was put in at eld convent on the outskirts o Madrid, where many political pris- oneis were lodged. The place wa far from teing escape proof, am prisoners confined there are re quired to pledge themselves not t< • try to escape. This pledge tin •• g'vernmcnt says Franco gave; but three weeks after his arrival there he got out, twisting the bars ou o( n corridor window and dropping crov.-n prince. At the left is Qiicen Victoria Eugenie, a granddaughter of England's Queen Victoria, In traditional Spanish costume. Next, Alfonso—a daring horseman and often playing polo Incognito as "the Duke of Toledo"—Is shown astride his mount. The large picture shows the king reviewing his troops, and just below he is shown wilh his eldest son and heir, the Prince of the Asturias. now 23 Franco, Linbergh of Spain Gambler Bought Freedom for $50,000, lie Says DANVILLE, HI., DEC. 18. (UP) — James M. Ward, Chicago Heights gambler who has been missing for a i\eek. walked Into, the Danville police station today and announced he had been freed by kidnapers • on payment of $50.000 ransom. I Ward said he was released on the I highway near here after relatives, I obeying instructions of the Icidnap- ! ers, paid over the money. Major Franco, leader of history's first aviation revolt, is shown at the eft in uniform as a Spanish army officer and at t^n right as he appeared just before he broke jail. Below is Franco (indicated by arrow) and his beaplanc as he tied up in the harbor at Rio de Janeiro after his flight across the South • Atlantic. Nsthan Deutscp Will Liquidate Osceola Bank OSCEOLA, Ark.. Dec. 18.—Nathan Dcutsch of Jonesboro, deputy state bank commissioner, Is In charge o[ the liquidation of the First State bank of Osceola, which closed its doors along with olhei members of the A. B. Banks chain few weeks ago. Mr. Deutsch is working unde Herbert" Parker of Jonesboro whi was appointed receiver for the clos ed institution by state bank com mlssioner Walter E. Taylor. Search for Slayer of Missouri Teacher Fail 'Continued from page one) i colved, together with the respective . records on which the awards were : . ijnscd. ! Host Organlud Club I 1st, Durdette, L. II, Aulrcy, sponsor; 84.95 point's! $10. 2nd, Manila, i Arnold t'hillips^ president; 80.51 points; $0, 3rd.- Hatcher. Mrs. J. T. Davidson, sjxmsor. Gil.92; $3. I I-arjjfsl Corn Yield i 1st, Klnnnid Walter, Lone Oak. 'VO.a bu., $10, 2nd, Frank Robinson. LriH-hville, 55 lju.,.$5, 3rd Eplirlam 1 Ultle, Hlillinan. 53.8 bu., K 4th. i Lloyd Shclton, Hatcher, 52 bu,, »3. I Hfsl Cotton llecord j .1st, Dorothy Davidson, Hatcher. 1073 lljs. llnl cotton; 512. 2nd, Dorothy Bowers, Perry, 831.5 Ibs. llnl cotton; $11. 3rd, Hubert Evuns, Perry. BIO Ibs. lint colton; JO. •1th, Jnanlta Calncs. Half Moon, 701 Ibf. lint cotton; $3. Ik-si I'l( Club Rword 1st, Vaud Profilers. Durdelte; $08.00 profit; W. 2nd, WllHam Mc- Kny, Uurdettc. $14,58 profit; $5. 3rd, James Gibson, Burdcttc, $18 profit; $3. Kfsl Irish Potato Record years old. At the right Is a striking clcseup of the king In 1st, Katherlne West, Kelscr; $2. civilian attire. King Alfonso Is a son of the Into King Al- 2mi ' Atonzo Davidson, Hatcher, fonso XII and was born after his father's deiith, succeed- SliW; ^^^uK""^*"' 01 '"' "' Ing at his births-May 17. 1880-to the throne lempornrlly lsl _ Ma f tle £ rJLday^alcher. occupied by his eldest sister, Marla-de-lcis-Mcrccdcs. Thus. $200.15 profit; |0. 2nd, Halite Lee he has l-cen a ,klng slnco the very moment of his birth. Needlmm, Shady Grove, $141.10 profit; $1. 3rd, Arnold Philips, Mn- nlla, $34.47 proni; $1. 4th, Mildred Jarrelt, nr.rdetle, $2tBa • profit; $1. Best Ganlentile, Canning Record 1st, Marj' Nell Noonan, Manilt, $20.85 profit; $C. 2nd, Pauline Oar- ret, Burdcttc, $20.43 profit; $3. 3rd, Louie Guntcr, Burdettc, $9.45 pro- nt; $2. West Cookery Record 1st, Pauline Garrett, Burdette; $4.50; 2nd. Pauline Neal, Yarb'ro; 2nd, Ruth Walker, Etowah, $1.50; 3rd, Alberta Koonce, Manila, $1, Eighteen Hurt When :\' Street Car Hits Bu» CINCINNATI, O., Dec. 18. (UP) — Elghlwn persons were Injured an J required hospital treatment, and many others received lesstr injuries totlay when a bus was struck by r a street car on a viaduct here. ! Arrest C. L. Lankford for Liquor Po»se»sion C. I,. Lankford, who lives north-"' west ol this city, wa sirrectcd ty Arch LJndicy and Stanley Han-"' cock, deputy sheriff*, yssUrdoy'on a charge of Illegal possession of -liquor.- . • ii Officers reported finding a quan- "• tlty of liquor at hU place. • >• New York Cotton . NEW YORK, Deo. 18 tUP)-Cot-' ton closed barely sttsdy. . ,..» Open High t-w'Close — Dec mow) 085 985" M5 865 Dec (old) 986 988 — 9»5n • Jan (new) Jan (old) Mar ..... May ..... Jul ..... Oct ..... Ilss Vclma Colter, 19. rurnl school eacher, after attacking her. $150,000,000 More for Farm Board Voted WASHINGTON, Dec. 18 (UP) — "he house today passed by unanimous consent a bill giving the fcd- lal farm board an additional $150,- WO.OOO for Its stabilization program. The bill was passed Immediately ifter being reported favorable by .he appropriations committee.' ,000 Fire Loss Hits Junction City EL DORADO, Ark.. Dec. 18 (UP) —The business district of Junction City, near lieic. \vns threatened by fire shortly before midnight, last, night, which was brought \indcr c ntrol cnrly today wilh n law of $50,000. Thiee buildings, all stores, were destroyed. Read Courier News Want Ads. housing $3. 3rd, Allic Casaday, Red Line, 12. | liest Itoom Improvement uid Stw- Inf Record 1st, Corcne SelBy, LeachvUle, »2; 987 884 1015 1040 1058 1085 9M 384 1023 1048 1067 1693 870 964 997 1041 1043 1065 Spots quiet at 980 off 15. 9711 864- WJ 1024 1MB . 10t!5 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 18 (UPJ^- " Cotton c!osed_ barely steady. ' : ,ppen High lav Close ':' 980 Ml 871 CC4b '' ~992 893 968 968 •/1016 1022 885 985 • . 1040 1048 1019 1020 ' 1558 1066 1M1 1043... 10t5 1080 106* 1064 . Dec Jan Mar May Jul Oct. •Spots steady at 844, off 17. 666 i a doctor's Fracrlpltan for J. Colds and Headaches IT IS THE MOST , ' REMEDY KNOWN. . 666 ALSO IN fill in th£ BLANKS on your CHRISTMAS JJST MAKYVILLE, Mo.-,- Dee.-18. CUP —A 36-hour search by enraged citi zens, a detachment ,of- na'tiona guardsmen, .'and .packs, at- bloodhounds, failed .today .to'produce a trace-.of .the .man who murdered WILL GIVE 10% of receipts to unemployment relief. • . Haircut 25c,. Shave I5c. Work Guaranteed. C. E. Brndley Barber Shop, 318 E. Main. ' . . ' 18C-K31 to tl:c ground. He fled to the ! French frontier and began organiz- j ing brother aviators for the rev- \ ti^nary forces and climaxed this ; ciaring flights over Madria, dropping revolutionary propaganda. Ccnsidering Franco's hostility to Ihc government and his great popularity with the masses, it is not surprising that, his escape was soon followed by a revolt—a revolt with him playing ?v most spectacular part. Chill Confines Prince of Wales to His Home GENERAL MOTORS RADPO introduces the U1IIE GENERAL WITH TONE ^ELECTOR LONDON. Dec. 18. (UP)—The Prince of Wales was suffering from chill today and as a result engagements for him were cancelled. At York house it- was said officially the prince was confined to his home with "a slight chill." PILES Ended Without Cultimr or Salves Thousands of Pile sufferers have learned that quick and permanent rrlief can only be accomplished with an internal medicine. Neither salves or cutting remove the cause. Bad circulation of the blood in the lower bowel causes piles. The veins nre flabby, the bowel walls weak—tho parts almost dead. To end Piles an Internal medicine must be -used to stimulate the circulation and strengthen the affected parts. Dr. J. S. Leonhardt was the first to discover a real Internal Pile remedy. He called his prescription HEM-ROID. and prescribed It for 1600 patients with the marvelous record of success in 060 cases, and then decided every File sufferer should be able to get I1EM-RO1D from their own -druggist with a rigid money-back guarantee. Dr. Lconhardt's prescription has a wonderful record of success right in this city and Kirby Drug Co. Invites every Pile sufferer to try HEM-ROID and guarantees to refund (he purchase price if it decs not end all Pile misery. —Adv. 1 * these of Beauty and lasting Setwce Cmuln« Cotfllc <i«<|n in Ibrf, fnllkn mntlqu*! b*f fvory {«cgi4«r — Btffht , 19*. A 100% General Motors Radio in "clock-size" pro- portions, equipped with six R. C. A. tubes (four screen grid)* electro-dynamic speaker, Tone Selector, dual volume control, Illuminated dial, all-atccl chassis—at 157.50, less tubes! Amazing tone fidelity and selectivity. Come in today for a demonstration. ' Fire other period ntodeb. Price* trilhout tubes —radloi t!36 to |J72 f raillo-phonngrapht $191 and |27fl. AH arailabh on liberal C. M. A. C. term* PRODUCT 0F GENERAL MOTORS KADIO CORPORATION W.P.VEAZEY 120 North Second Street C,ven if you've just started your list and it's all blanks . . . you can fill it in from top to bottom with these electrical gifts. You'll find them attractive enough to be fit companions for any gifts that are opened on Christmas morning. And ... aficr Christ. for years fihd years, they'll perform mas useful service that will be a constant reminder of your thoughtfulness as a giver. A complete line of these Westinghouse Appliances is now on display in our store, at prices from ?S.OO to fSO.OO. Come in and let us help you smke your seiecriofj for Christmas. ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CO. "At Your Seroice"

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