Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on January 22, 1928 · Page 8
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 8

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 22, 1928
Page 8
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s HOCHESTEK OEMOCKAT AND CHRONICLE. SUNDAY, JANUARY 22. 102S NEW LA SALLE COUPE SMin Miles $2,000 CASH Brtnrntnf to Cot unit must sel at once. A. C. BROWN rhnne Honeoy Falla lS.VF-S Free House Plans and Specifications S. BARRETT, Jr. Designer 712 Terminal Bldg. Main 4818 PARK-MANOR Apartments 85 Park Avenue 2, 3 nd 4 Ronrrn, with Tub ant) Shower Bath. Electric Refrigeration. Elevator Service. A com plete, upto-trie-minute Apartment with all conveniences. OPEN FOR INSPECTION TODAY 2 TO 5 P. M. A Home That Could Be Prized by Anyone English typo two-st.iry house, No. Chill Knad, one. mile from cily linS. Mammoth llv-In 17 room, Sim parlor. Open fireplace. 3 excellent bedrooms. All modern features. Double garag. Only $8,500. NEIL&PARfV-ELEECO. inc. 53 Main Street East REALTORS "Ttvrnty fir.r ,, Dependable SVi :!, e." DANDRUFF A Sure Way to End It There Is one sure way that never fails to remove dandruff completely, and that Is to dissolve It. This destroys it entirely. To do this, Just get about four ounces of plain, ordinary liquid arvon; apply It at tilght when retiring; we enough to moisten the scalp and rub it in gently with the ringer tips. By morning, most If not all, ot your dandruff will be gone, and two or three more applications will completely dissolve sort entirely destroy every stngl alsn and irr of It, no matter how much dandruff you may have You wilt find, tno, that all inching end digging of the scalp will atop lntantls and your hnlr will he fliiltv, . lustrous, glossy, silk v and aoft, and look and feci a hundred times better You ran get liquid arvon at. any ttrug atnre and four ounces la all you will need. This simple remedy never lulls. Adv. Sample 'Dresses s12.75 Just Arrived 300 New Spring Dresses In flat Crepe, Georgette, Alto Flat Crepe with Printed ( repe Combination in th following,' Style One and two-piece models, enaembl e a, draped, embroidered fringe trimmed. Color Blark Navy Oreen Wu Itose Bel Tan Red Raspberry Sizes Misses', 1, It lie Women's Wonien'a 1 to 20 14Vi to SH'i H to ,10 BLOCK'S Sample Dress House "IlVvr,- .i .mi;.,,i.Vj" 8 (jorham Street M. I'aiil M. Open I" V M. !i ! P. M. 4 'Insert III1(I;1 Pure Milk Does Wonders in Making and Keeping Children Well Ml We are disirihiturs f ' fttmnttf C'frtifi.'d Milk and Uoldr Cumwy Milk, in bflll'.es tafftd with it'irf Standard SfMs. BIG ELM DAIRY CttK PARIS TO N. Y. AIR MAIL PLAN OF FRENCHMEN Project 18-ton Aircraft to Cross Atlantic Ocean in 45 Hours Pari. Jan. 21. (TV-Fast forty -eight. hour postal service from Pari to New York, a SO rents a letter looks Ilka a solution of the, transatlantic air problem to the French aeronautic service. It Is calculated that ship now designed could operate profitably on that basis, a a commencement. Twenty government air bureaus, all over the world, It Is said, are working on long distance aerial service and France, like other countries, has its plans. An eighteen-ton airship, that would carry twelve passengers to New York for a $2,0(10 fare and freight t $8 a pound, is the proposal of government experts. It would cany 5.000 gallons of gasoline and mnke the trip by the Azores, with a slop also possible at the Bermudas. In 4.r) hours. Louis Blerlot. the first to fly across Ihe English channel, has fathered the idea of a giant passenger and freight plane that, would carry a motor-lifeboat that would be released automatically if the airship struck water. French airplane builders are confident transatlantic, flying will be on a commercial basis in ten years or so, but for the present they feel French aviation is ham-strung by the fact the army controls production and design, being the biggest customer but they look forward to a time when the army and navy will encourage the manufacture of the big, long distance, freight carrying fliers. THRIFTY FHENCIIMEN Those thrifty Frenchmen who carefully "recovered" the nnti-tuber- culosis stamps on letters and used jthem again are out of luck. The i government lias decided to cancel all stamps of the sort, even though ithey are not official. Evidence that In some cases stamps were being used three or four times led to the decision. Borne persons, thinking the new anti-tuberculosis stamps were an issue of the postofrice department, used them as regular stamps. In each rase the receiver of the letter paid the bill. FnF.NCI! AGAIN WELCOME The French are being welcomed bark into the stores where formerly foreigners from lands of gold money were pampered Customers. Ironical persons ate reminding the storekeepers that many of them a year ugo said they didn't rely on French trade lor their profit. "Times have changed," says Maurice Prnx, speaking for his countrymen in a newspaper article. 'The foreigners are gone or they find things expensive and the Frenchman who counts his sous again gets some attention." The disposition to bid for foregn-ers' trade became so marked that recently there was a bill before parliament to fax signs In foreign languages, as is done In Italy, This catering to foreign buyers caused many merrhanjs to put out signs In English and French and some even disregarded their own lnnguage entirely. PHK.FKR MOOD READING Good literature, it Is declared, Is preferred by French newspaper readers to the ordinary type of "cheap, highly spiced, factory-made," serial story. Tests and investigations by I,e Petit Provencal of Marseilles, one of the influential papers of France, have satisfied that newspaper that the rank and file of readers have better taste than was supposed. Most French newspapers run two serial stories and sometimes more, but these have rarely been taken from the classics. Lo Petit Provencal stirred up some religious agitation recently by announcing it would run "Andre Cornells." one of the best novels of Paul Bourget of the Academle Fran-calse. It was during this efTerves-cense that approval of worthwhile novels was so pronounced that the newspaper started questioning figures what Most of the people really thought. As a result not only urn WORK WANTED Excavating, Grading, Cellar Work and Rock Work Wanted. CALL GLF.NWOOD 1347 l.-MlJMl!aBmaMaaBMi.iii .. Mothers arc Safe in Pinning Their Faith to lh'g Him Milk I'ujfi-r't Markhum Interesting Oriental Bride .'.f. j -va Specially posed photo of Miss Japanese arnbaaasdor to Washington, who' will wed the brother of the ; imnernr. Preaiden. ConlinVe ha. wired felicitation, to .he laoanese i royal household . . and Washington match, Washington Society Revels at Elaborate Fancy Dress Affairs , i i n it s c v i i Innumerable -Balls in Many bettings Keep Capital Social Set Busy; Arts Parties Proving Washington, Jan. 21 (,r -Turning clown for a single night would not perturb society in any section of the country, but to put on the cap and bells many nights during the season Is left to cosmopolitan Washington, where the four corners of the earth meet, and where the greatest, and the least are lured by the Jingle of bells and the show of tinsel. The season In the capital started earlv with fancy dress balls and has at least a half dozen elaborate affairs to Its credit, some of them in gilded drawing rooms, some in country clubs or hotels and at least one which was quite fashionable, in the one time coal bins in the cellar where an oil heater replaced the old fashioned furnace, and where Miss Charlotte Chlldreth. one of Washington's most beautiful debutantes entertained. Mrs. James F. Curtis, formerly Laura Merriam, daughter of William R. Merriam, one time governor of Minunesota, was hostess at. another fancy dress dance, given for Miss Ionise Ppenccr and Miss Kathcrine Wilkins, two of the young buds, and another debutante. Miss F.velyn ; Walker, who was presented nt the! court of Queen Mary last senson and i made her debut here this winter, gave a barn dunce at the Wardman Park Saddle Club where nothing was omitted from the atmosphere. At the French Embassy on Feb. 6th, a second Empire- Ball will be given and guests have been asked to adhere closely to the fashion of the period of Napoleon III and the Empress Eugenie. The Hal Boheme of the Washington Arts Club with Its medlewl ntmnpshcre H1 enlist every branch of society on the night of January ?0th and artists are coming from even f.r awnv cities to all end. The inost. elaoorate preparations ever ! made for a ball In Washington, un-j less for the inauguration balls of i years past, are being made and so-I ciety folk have bought up all the boxes. Mrs. Conlldge was hostess at n mulcale at the White House Friday afternoon, the forerunner of several such events during Lent. For the noted author's works being published but the newspaper is getting strong response to tillering of standard novels by Huito. Meiimee. IV Mussel, IJuudi't and others, placed on sale in the oirice llook-NcHcrs likewise have reported their sales of "literarv" novels to have been much stimulated MAMSt HIPT IS SHC RUT An author's unpublished manuscript may not, be sewed under any conditions, a Tans court lias held. The court based Ua decision "on the fact that a manuscript must he regarded s production which the author holds secret, and is Inviolable like his thought or conscience until the moment he publishes It." The ruling arose from the attempt of a young Japanese poetess. Kidou Yamata. to seize a manuscript on the life of the Fourteenth Century poetess Komachl completed by the Belgian writer. Jean Nolesve. Miss Yamtita and M. Nolesve had begun wurk on the manuscript In Tuklo some years ago. M, Nolesve was transferred to the Belgian diplomatic service In Rome, and the tuliatKJlatlull Cased Tli Belgian, however, completed the Work and sent it to a Fans publisher. Then Miss Yamata attempted to seize It, but lost her case and had to pay her erstwhile collnborator one franc hs dumsgfS. - - OFFICIAL WILL SPLAK Hjllcy, Jan. Ul. Howard J. Johnson, a representative of the Niagara Falls Power Company, lli give a talk st the T. O. O. F. lodge rooms on Monday evening at B o'clock. His topic will be "The Romance of Niagara Power". Setsue Matsudi.ira, daughter o! the ... , ( society is qmte interested in the ' A Club and Empire Attractions first muslcaie she had I. J. Pad-erewskl, the great, Polish stat'sman and pianist as the artist. M. Pnder-ewskl mid his wife came to Washington on a social visit to the Polish minister and Mine. Cl 'Chanowska. Tuesday the president, nod Mrs, Coollrige will be guests at dinner of the Attorney General and Mrs. Sargent who will entertain at the Wil- lard Hotel. Mrs. Sargent, who ar rived from her New England home i complete with gallows and con-in time for the dinner Thursday j c!d cells, graveyard warden night which- the Secretary of lnJj house and grounds, are for sale in terlor, Hubert Work, gave for the , , ,,, . . tv, vice-president and Mrs. Dawes. hlPHde In depositing was e In the remaining over the dinner Tuesday, isaets provided therefor, and for the Supreme Court dinner T he mayor and his son w o is n at. the White House Thursday night, meuical stuoent at the Uiuveisity Mrs. Sargent spends verv little time f the Philippines, were guests of in the capital, preferring 1 home ' '"s':''(,r at 1 udlow Vt ! of Richard Strauss' opera S.lektra. ItJis Interesting to watch the so- j and visited the castles of Potsdam, cial amalgamation of North. South, besides exatn nlng into numerous' East and West in Washington, as assets of liciucliy admlnlstiatlon. when Mrs. Homer Hoch. wife of j tks rs II VKD Representative Ho"h of Kansas en- ORGANISTS TLSIS HAKi tertalned at luncheon for Mrs. To qualify as organist in Prussia. James S. Parker, wife of Reprcsen- : the minister of public: worship and tatlve Parker of New York, and instruction decreed, candidates will asked women from various sections 1 henceforth be examined by a mixed to att-nd. Mrs. Walter Fi iuklur commission, comprising a profes-Oeorge, wife of Senator George of sional musician selected by the Gov-Georgia, will Rive a luncheon at (Internment, a government official and Willard Hotel February 3d, where : a member of the local board of edu- women of it 11 sections in official life will meet. BERLIN DANCER GETS PAY EVEN THOUGH CHUBBY - Hired at 85 Pounds, Fired at 160, Court Rules Salary Is Due Berlin, Jan. 21 A truly "weighty" question came up for decision before the lower cduit when Fraeu-letn Lil. ft dancing girl ot 17, brought suit ugainst the director of the troop Alio hud summarily discharged her for netting too hit. It trail ipirvd during the proceedings thai I'rat'iilein Lu'liad signed a two years' contract as one ot th? girls ol a traveling dancing troop 18 months st(o when her weight avoirdupois was barely 85 pound Since then, however, she has been putting on flesh so rapidly, despite the splendid physical exercise ol dancing every night, that to-day she tips the scales at IPS pounds. "That." said the director of the troop, "is- no weight, for a dancer, who should never In any circumstances be heavier than PS pounds. Can v.-iur honor imagine my putting Fraeulcln Lu on the stsge in short ballet skirts?" The judge could not and agreed on principle that 166 pounds was a bit excessive for an idea! terp-vi- chorean artist. He felt obliged, how- ever, to inform the director that as unfortunately the so-cailecl "weight clause" now introduced In most contracts Willi lilm artists-had been omitted, therw was nothing fur It. but fur the director to put up with 1'iaeuleln Lu's somewhat substantial assistance In their nightly dancing act until the expiration uf her contract in six month. GERMAN CAPITAL CLEAN Muvor Miguel Homualdrz of Ma nila, who is on a tour of study of Euiopran cities, find' that lictiin ! Is the cleanest big city he has .seen i atiyw here. j "The only metropolis that nnv- . j where approaches Berlin for cleani.- j ness is Washington." he told the As-! soctated Press correspondent. "The whole population of Berlin smv par with his professional co-enter -to co-operate with the authorities talners. in keeping the city free from dirt.j Einstein ts a, familiar fgure at You don't sfl people 'hrnwlng mustea.t events. Then, however, he things onto the streets. They take j sits In the Rtidlnce, ENGLAND FINDS ART GALLERIES NOT ALL GOOD School Committee Reports Children Critical in Choice of Pictures London. Jan. 21. -Pictures in the homes and galleries in this ! country cannot be relied upon for ithe cultivation of good taste and a 1 sense of beaut v among children, ; says a board of education report, j "England is not sufficiently provided ! with galleries." savs the special com- j miitee which has been consider- ; ing selection of pictures for public I clunejttary schools. - I While .schools are better equipped In this respect than they were fifty j years ago "the position Is still un-i satisfactory," Too many pictures In the homes are of little account. 'if, chance probably directed thrir ' oriRitit.1 entry, and as a rule they arouse no emotions and they rxci'e no pleasures or pain because their possessors hardly ever look at them of conscious Intention. ; Children are far more catholic ; in their likings for pictures than lis often supposed, the committee i report continues, "experiments which have been made to test thejpi(!f,on pips. power of appreciation of young chll- The London City Corporation hav-drcn show tha' their natural and ina decreed that. 2.000 of the nle- nnguided taste is surprisingly sound. ! , 'Tt is only later that their tastes " " J.hft. Mrm sement. the comtc : rmrn nnsirarn. run npfl'snanrt . aim ; ln;m8 I I" the stage, roughly up to the age I of 11 or 12. the child is said to show s dectded preierence lor pi.'irirm.i- im pi. iuic.n ! which Illustrate a story already I known to him through the pages of i literature or history or which sug- gests a story he can weave for hlm-! self. "The liking for pictures in which the anneal is impersonal lnnd- "" ',-"." - i scapes, seascapes, cioudscapes come : ', and. as a rule earlier in the case of girls than of boys." i The committee .suggests, care should be exercised to secure only I adequate and good reproductions for i schools and that, thp masterpieces i of great artists should be used. PRISONS FOR SALE If any American interested In collecting Kngllsh antiques wants a couple of good old Jails, he can have them for a song, provided It's a song with ft few banknotes. English prisons, fully equipped, cation. Applications must be addressed to j the wmiiet-ent authorities and the ; minister for public worship and in-istruction will then determine the time and place for the examination, In provinces in which there is it musical college or high school, the ! examination may be conducted at ! this institution by one of the teach-i ers of the faculty chosen by the dl- ; rector and in the presence of the lnt-iter or his representative. I St SAGES AND CANDLES I Sausages and burning candles have been pressed into the service of tuvenile aquatic sports In Berlin. : At swimming meets conducted In ' the big natatnrlum of Luna Park. ! Berlin's Cnnev Island, one of tbe events for youngsters prescribes that ; the boys and girls shall carry a : burning candle from one end of the ' swimming tank to the other. Arrived 'at the further end. they must eat a sausage dangling fro ma fishing rod, then return Willi the burning candle to the starting point. The prize Is awarded to the lad or lass who succeeds in reaching the tape first with the light still burning and with the sauMitte successfully masticated. Both the audience and the contestants i;et a great lack out of this novel form of contest Even the slow -e.'t cf contestants is sure of the consolation prise of a "hot dog." I NETHICAI. PROCEEDINGS Employing touters for soliciting I customers from the street was des ignated bv the Prussian Supreme ' Court of Appeals as "an unethical and highly reprehensible business proceeding " The proprietor of a shep for men's furnishing goods, who had bcn accused bv a competitor of this malpractice, was discharged with a reprimand and the admonition that If , i .-j .I.- r.e or anyone cim ewi inc. ofTer.f ' marks. . j I n. 1 o ' lie WUUiU u.i iini-u o.i'L-y EINSTEIN PLAYS VIOLIN Prof. Albert Einstein laid aside relativity and other mitthi'mittieal theories recently and appeared Ue-fore the public us a violin virtuoso of mure than average ability Tha Jewish "Aid for the Aged" society gave a benefit conceit at the historic Kal5erho( Hotel. Several professionals of standing, among them Signd Onegln. cuntralto whoj ; has repeatedly sun m America, and Francesco von Mendelssohn, leilist and grandson of the iiveitt compo i-r. j lent their assistance. Prof. Einstein, j tioii-professional, Joined them, He j plaved Schubert and Beethoven se- i lections with a mastery that, accord- Ing to the critics, placed him on a i groups. Since the war the prison population has shown a great decrease. Although the Home Office, has advertised the Jails in such alluring! iBf.iuon as tne large and substan-i tialiy built, pri'ion, with the adjoin- j ir.g detached villa, formerly the i governor's house," offers have been, few. Twenty prisons are now for gale. ' but mofct of them are going begg-gmg. i One can get a good prlion for anything from 125 to $100,000. The prison at Stornowsy, in the He-bndes was sold, everything included, for $25. The Newcastle prison, however, brought $135,000, and the Carlisle prison, $80,000. The County Down Jail at Down- patnrn went tor iuu. nrecon Prison, in the mountains of Wales, beautiful scenery And all the aspects of a summer resort, received a bid of $4,000. and there was no sa. Devizes prison was the first Jail to be sold by public auction. A gallows in good working order was thrown in for good measure. Knutsford prison, m Cheshire, was converted into a theological college and then into two-room Oats. Some of the old prisons have been given to the War Office for military purposes, if the War Department j wishes. KILL ST. PAIL'S PIGEONS j London, England iP While ! London disapproves and bystand- ! ers do all they can to hinder the Work of the ' city's official Pled pjpor, some 2.000 pigeons of Rt ; Paul s are finding their way into pons which cluster before the steps! and puiars of St. Paul's as ah Item ! 01 emy AmmcRn !ounsl "ntn ; program must go. It became the duty f T-it it,. . u.. to Trap them. j ' H. flr,t bui'It a wlr snep mPBSUr. j inK- Hxfi feet, and provided himself ! Wltn corM of "exnert tranners. His first day, however, was like the first bag of a hunter with a bent, shotgun. He caught all told 12. The rrowd that gathered was wholc-heartedyl on the side of the pigeons. They fed the pigeons so that the grain trans wnicn leci into the trap woulrt nnt al!urf, thpm Andthey; engineered noises and movements to scare the pigeons away from the trap. Trapper Dalton thereupon resorted to subterfuge. First, he came back early Sunday morning while most people were abed. Secondly, his assistants had for hours the night before been sweeping away good - before the crumbs and bread which hearted people had strewn the pigeons. Thirdly, the assistants 'stood in such a way as to hide the !standardsof the cage from the birds, i He netted 250 birds In one catch, i The pigeons are being sold to a i poultry dcale. SCOTS' BEST I'lTILS Scottish children are ahead of United Slates and English children in reading, -writing, spelling and arithmetic. Is the claim of Professor McClelland of St. Andrews University. Professor McClelland said that by collecting and tabulating results of ! tests over a number of years he (found that from one district of Scotland the children are decidely su-i perlor to English or American chil-; dren of the same age in arithmetic, I spelling, reading and writing. v ; Demand V si's S '" " I ' A A i AW r-f p r L ii The whole world knows Aspirin as an effective antidote for pain. But it's just as important to know that there is only one genuine Bayer 'slspirin. The name Bayer is on every tablet, and on the box. If it says Bayer, it's genuine; afid if it doesn't, it is not! Headaches of all sorts are dispelled by Bayer Aspirin. So are colds, and the pain that goes with ; them; even neuralgia, Bayer at any drugstore with proven directions. Physicians prescribe Bayer Aspirin; it does NOT affect the heart Aspirin is the trade mark of Bajer Manufacture gf Alonoaccticacidester of SalicylicacfrJ Pair in Auto Escape as Bridge Collapses Lockport, Jan. 21. Two petsons narrowly escaped serious injury or i drowning this afternoon when a bridge over the Eighteen-mile creek on the Million-Dollar highway between Wright's Sta'lon and Warren's Corners collapsed without warning as an automobile was crossing the structure. The occupants of the car, Stewart Gicndenning and a Miss Crothei. both of Toronto, managed to cravljvvill be guests. The dinners are put lrom the partly submerged machine and made their way to a nearby house. Miss Crothers suffered from shock, but was otherwise uninjured. The couple were enroute from Toronto to Rochester. The bridge is located on the staf highway and has ben condemned for some time. P!an are under way for the construction of a new concrete bridge this summer. When the Weather's at Its Worst Atlantic City's at Its Best! This is the season of Reduced Rates at Atlantic City. ..but it is more especially the season of continually improving climatic advantages.. .rates are reduced because the traffic is lighter. ..yet they deserve to be higher because the climate is better.. .you get a lower tariff for a more salubrious temperature... the bark of winter without the bite of cold. ..saving money while increas- ing your efficiency in making it... drawing more on Nature and less on the bank... adding to your physical reserves at only a nominal cost to your financial resources . . . using Reduced Rates at Atlantic City to improve your Financial Rating in Town! AtTatiCity H'ritt to elny of tht Following for aln or R,eitrrdtiont I jp i f,, BRIGHTON -A IIRFAKFRS- F. ( HAI rONTE-HAnnON II M.I . ( UIM. .4 E l)l'NNI5-f GAl.EN HAIXt IlOt Mlll'RST A KNICKERBOCKER-, E MARLBORO! '(,1 l-BI ENHFIM -f F t.4 American Plan F. - FurnftrinTlan AB- Home of d Hundred Hotels C corvur.H rn, r. l. r., ltS 1 t ''vIi,V'". isSt ' ft . ss?.. 1 neuritis, and rheumatism Geneva Y.M.C.A.Drivi to Be Opened Monday Geneva, Jan. 21 W. W. Maloney of the National Bank of Oeneva, i.; to preside Monday at. the dinner which is to ODen the Geneva Y. M. C. A. driv e for $9,900 funds needed bv the institution to complete Its 1928 budset. James Elienwood. of New York, will talk to the campaigners and subscription cards will be distributed. On Tuesday members of the Kiwanis Club will be guests at the luncheon w hen reports will be made and on Wednesday the Rotarions on irom a special tund and Mrs. Boyd Trump will be in charge. MORTON.rf rrvNMt'RST- It IT CARLTON -K SEASIDE-! Mill .RI'RNE-8 s ! K M) 4 K 1 R WMOREv: "W M ISIIIRF 4 AMBASSADOR t Both Plana! Ofjermg the Comforts of llomt promptly relieved. Get 1

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