Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on November 19, 2005 · Page 12
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 12

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 19, 2005
Page 12
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16 - SATURDAY, NOV. 19, 2005 WEATHER THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL 3-DAY FORECAST TODAY Sunny and pleasant TONIGHT Clear SUNDAY 72° 34° A good deal of sunshine MONDAY 71° 35° A good deal of sun SUN AND MOON .^:;.;;:..;. 7:00 §.fn. Sunset tonight 4:56 p.m. Meartfi§6 tetray .........; 7:51 p.m. Moonset today 10:53 a.m. MOON PHASES Last New First Full Nov. 23 Dec. 1 Dec. 8 Dec. 15 ALMANAC Uklah through 2 p.m. Friday Temperature Higw :;f:;;;:^.u;.:.;...::;;.....;......;,..... 73° Low 36° NonriainigH .;.,.;..„.•:...:....... 60° Normal low 40° Record higrr;::.:;:.:;:.;:...;.. SB- in 1932 Record low 20° in 1921 Precipitation 24 ms 1 te 2 pm'Fri. ..........:....<.. o.oo" Month to date 2.40" Normal rriSiith 16 date .....;..;.../.:. 3.03" Season to date 3.28" Last season to date ;^..;:v...;.... 4.88" Normal season to date 5.96" Forecasts and graphics provided by AccuWeather, Inc. ©2005 REGIONAL WEATHER CALIFORNIA CITIES 1 City Aftaheiffi Antioch Affbya Grafide Atascadero AubUfrr " Barstow BigSW ' Bishop Blythe t; Burbank California cny • Carpinteria Catalina ? ' Chico Creseeht City Death Valley DoWney Encinitas Escbndidb Eureka Fort Bragg Fresno Gilfoy V Indio Irvine Hollywood Lake Arrowhead Lodi Lbmpoc Long Beach Los Angeles Mammoth Marysville . Modesto Monrovia Monterey MorroBay Today Hi/Lo/W 84/52/S 75/4 1/s 78/34/S 79/36/s 70/39/S 70/47/s 73/47/s • 65/20/s 82/49/S. ' 84/52/s 70/37/s 76/45/S 79/S4/S 75/39/s 61/42/8' 82/46/s 83/52/S 79/50/s 84/48/S 60/38/S 62/39/S 76/46/s 80/40/8 82/46/s 82/53/S . 83/52/s 65/36/s 73/39/s 76/44/s 83/52/s 83/54/S 58/1 3/s 72/37/S 72/4 1/s 85/52/3 77/45/s 74/47/s Sun. HI/Lo/W 82/53/S ' 70/40/s 76/37/r 78/36/s 68/3978 '"-•• 72/42/s 71/45/3 -"' 64/26/s 81/45/§ •"-•• 82/5 1/s 70/35« 74/45/s 78/61/S 69/39/s 61/40/S 80/46/s 82/53/s 77/50/s .•8Z/4B/S'-' r ' 60/38/s 58/38/S 74/48/s 81/39/S 81/44/s 80/53/s 81/53/s 62/37/s 71/39/s 74/42/S 81/52/s 81/54/S 57/1 9/s 68/39/s 71/40/s 83/52/S 73/43/s 72/46/S City Naps"-' ""•'• ' Needles oawafta ' ' Ontario Oflflgs" '"" ""'"' Oxnard PIlrrT Springs " Pasadena PbTWSriS""" Potter Valley Rrddifta ' ' ""-Riverside S8MfW6fiffl ' * Salinas Sah Befriafdrria r San Diego Saft Ferflanae s San Francisco •SSfl'J8S8''''-v : '""/ San Luis Obispo ^San Rafael"'* *" Santa Ana Saflta •Barbara ' Santa Cruz Santa MortioS Santa Rosa S. Lake Tahcie Stockton Tahoe Valley Torrance Vacaville Vallejo VanNUys Visalia WillltS ' • Yosemite Valley Yreka Today HI/Lo/W 74/35/S ' 77/49/s 74/46^86/52/S 84/47/i 82/48/s '84/54/S 84/55/s 8B/46/S' 74/35/s 77/407S 86/49/s "73/40/B* 78/42/s 85/50/8" 78/54/S "B5/49/S" 73/47/s 72/45/§- i ' 81/40/s •73/40/i" 82/53/s *78/42/r 78/45/S '80/51/8 75/35/s '57/16/S 73/39/s 57/ie« 80/56/s 75/40/6 72/44/s 86/49/S " 73/41 /s '74/33/S' 67/21 /s 56/24/s- Sun. HI/Lo/W : ~''''-T3P3ftf8$® 77/45/s 'fJSAVWS 1 84/50/S "'"S2/45/P»* 78/49/s 3 "'84/54i^P?^ 82/54/S "•84/42/P^ 70/33/S "" 1 '73/34i^'V 83/50/s '*72/40/Sf? 77/44/s "'''184/50^*^ 77/54/s ' 83/49/S^ 72/47/s ''•''^TSfHSfff^' 78/40/s "73/38/8*?' 81/53/s "' : 75/43/9'W 73/43/S -•• > 76/S2/S*W' 74/34/s " 58/19/sW 71/38/s l:;V "58/19/s!?? 78/54/S ""'•" 73/39/8^ 73/42/s •J^84/49/«W 74/4 1/S '•'"•'" 70/33/S^'? 62/26/s '^'•54/24/8^ Weather (W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r- rain, sf-snow (lurries, sn-snow, i-ice. Lake Mendocino - Lake level: 729.13 feet; Storage: 54,934 acre-feet (Maximum storage 122,500 acre-feet) Inflow: 170 cfs Outflow: 170 cfs Air quality - Ozone: .026 ppm (State standard .090 ppm) Carbon monoxide: 1.60 ppm (20.0 ppm) Nitrogen dioxide: .026 ppm (.25 ppm) Crane Continued from Page 1 sling from the beating she took during the ordeal. "I was there while they were killing him," Drewry, Crane's financee said, before recounting the ordeal, which could be described as nothing less than horrific. "Les was in bed sleeping. I was sleeping in another bedroom," she said, noting she woke up to the sound of footsteps. "Four to six guys ... they were wearing all black with black masks. ... They busted down the door and all you could hear them saying was 'This is a raid, this is a raid, this is a raid,'" she said, noting the voices sounded young- First, one of the men walked in and beat another of the home's residents, 20-year- old Sean Dirlam ~ also known as "The Count" - while he slept, she said. Then she said she opened her door and one of the men - this one not wearing a mask ~ hit her over the head. "The men in the masks stayed with Les, killing him and taking his medical marijuana and his money. "I was on my hands and knees praying to God, too loud I guess, so the one guy told him to shoot me, but he missed, and then I heard five or six other gunshots. I was too scared to look up after that, so I waited until it was quiet and then I ran into Les's room. "He was lying there; he could still talk. There was a lot of blood. The Count was hiding, talking to 911..... It had to be 15-minutes before anyone showed up. It was a long time ... I was out of my mind. "They wouldn't let me sit with him," she said referring to emergency personnel. "I told them they are torturing me; he's dying ... I knew I only had a couple minutes; he was dying," she said, noting Crane was shot in the back of the head, in an arm and in his abdomen. "There was so much blood I couldn't see all the holes," she said. "He just asked me to marry him two weeks ago. I was planning a wedding; now I have to plan a funeral," Drewry said. "They ruined my life and took my dreams away from me - all for money and greed," she said, by this time sobbing. Crane supplied medical marijuana to more than 1,000 people in Mendocino County. Mendo Spiritual Remedies serves more than 800 people in the Laytonville area and Hemp Plus Ministry, which opened about two months ago in Ukiah, already has 350 clients, according to those who worked there. Christina Bagby -- who referred to herself, Crane and his friend, Ukiah Morrison, as reverends -- works at the Ukiah ministry. "We believe that cannabis is the tree of life. In the Bible Arrests Amy Wellnitz/The Daily Journal Department of Justice criminalists and MCSO technicians gather evidence outside the home of Les Crane in Laytonville Friday afternoon. it does say the tree of life will be called upon to heal the nation. We believe that tree is cannabis. We promote hemp awareness." Morrison also works there, and like Bagby, spoke nothing but kind words about Crane. "He was very thankful to be alive and to help the community. That was his only objective in life -- to help others," Morrison said of the man he called his best friend. "He spent $7,000 of his own money to buy 350 turkeys both for Ukiah Food Bank and Laytonville Food Bank," he added. Quoting from the Bible, Morrison said: '"Greater work than I have done, shall you do.' Les Crane embodied that and he helped uplift the community. ... He was definitely my super hero and mentor. He was like a father to most of us." Laytonville residents The Daily Journal spoke with Friday said Crane did indeed do some good in the community: His teen center was clean and sober and the teens did use it. He also gave to charities. Other residents said Crane hung out with what some perceived as undesirables ~ for instance other large scale pot growers. Some described him as loud and boisterous and said he had his share of scrapes with the law,... that he was courting trouble. In October, . District Attorney Norm Vroman brought cultivation of marijuana charges against Crane, who adamantly proclaimed his innocence. "Anyone that is a patient that would like to stand up, please join me and stand up against the tyranny," Crane said at the time. "It isn't a controlled substance to me. This is a medicine and those laws do not apply to patients." Morrison and Drewry both believe Crane's killer was somebody he knew. "As he was breathing ... after he had been shot several times, I asked him, 'Who did this to you?' and he said, 'They came to see The Count today,"' Drewry said, adding, "They came to rob the marijuana there and a safe. They took it all." "He always told Hemp Ministry workers 'Don't hesi- tate to open the safe; it's not worth a life,'" Morrison said, noting Crane was trusting because the money was irrelevant to his cause. Crane's door was probably unlocked, Morrison said. However, Morrison added, "He was not an idiot; he knew his work was risky." Crane came to Mendocino County several years ago with $100 and a dog after selling his tie-dye business in Florida. He had heard Mendocino County had passed Measure G supporting legalization of marijuana in the county for personal use, He turned the $100 into a sizable profit that harvest year and took that nest egg and started the dispensary and then opened a youth center in Laytonville. "He was a true American. I don't want him to be forgotten. I just heard him say the other day, 'The more you give out, the more you receive to give out the next day,'" Morrison said. Law enforcement officials are seeing more violence sparked by marijuana. "This time of the year there is always the potential for violence in marijuana grows due to the quantity of marijuana and the large sums of money that are exchanged," Miller said. Laura Clark can be reached at Editor K.C. Meadows contributed to this report. • Willits • 459 NOYO(6696) Happy Thanksgiving! Hany Potter IV 12:30, 3!4a. 7iOO ' POU Walk The Line 1:00, 4:00, 6:50, 9:35 P013 REGAL CINEMAS UKIAH STADIUM 6 <*. Tb«i«MCHROWCLES OF HARtM(PQ) * U». Jfc «> «*YOUR» MWE I OURS (W) * HARRY POTTER I THE QOIIET OF FWE (PQ-13) M * (1200330)7001030 WALK THE LINE (P0-13)wa (1230345)70610)5 DERAILED (R)- ID REQ'Dw (106430)719950 ZATHURA(PQ)M .(1215239455)73510% JARHEAD(R)-IOREQ'Dw) (125415)7101000 CHICKEN UTTLE(0)tw (1225300510)720(30 Continued from Page 1 their job." Lanz added, "When something like this hits close to home you just realize there are some horrible people in the world. Kevin was a wonderful man, and it never should have happened. I hope they get what they deserve." Henry, 39, was reported missing on Nov. 2, after taking his roommate's vehicle and bank card and not returning home following two medical appointments in Ukiah. Sheriff's deputies said Henry showed up for both appointments, put did not return home and was last seen at the Motel 6 in Ukiah. His body was found Nov. 11, and the car he was driving was discovered Nov. 12 down an embankment off Orr Springs Road. • As family and friends prepare for a memorial service today in Lake County, Larry Henry, Kevin's brother, released a statement on behalf of the family saying "The family is thankful for what the detectives did. They worked nonstop around the clock to find Kevin's killers. The family would like to give a special thanks to Detective Andy Alvarado. We feel justice will be served." City Continued from Page 1 vote. Ryder Homes is currently negotiating with Millvrew Water District to purchase the wells and treat the water to serve the proposed development. Seth Freedland can be reached at Assembly speaker to marry ex-wife Associated Press SACRAMENTO — California's political elite will soon include another Maria. Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, D-Los Angeles, is planning to remarry his ex-wife, Maria Robles, during a Nov. 26 ceremony on a beach in Maui. The 38-year-old legislative leader has been divorced from Robles, 42, for 10 years; they have three children. Longtime friend and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villa- raigosa will serve as best man. Also in attendance will be Maria Elena Durazo, widow of labor leader Miguel Contreras, who was Nunez's mentor and close friend. As one of the Legislature's top two Democrats, Nunez has sparred frequently with Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is married to Democrat Maria Shriver. 2006 VW Jetta Sedan 2.5 AUTO, AC, POWER WINDOWS, VALUE PACKAGE ON APPROVED CREDIT LEASE FOR $238^39 MOS- 3 AT THUS LEASE PRICE! #V8053-6M665377, #VWPG7IK06M665664, #VWPG7IK36M674035 39 month closed end lease. $0 due at lease inception, Lessee responsible at lease end for mileage in excess of 10,000 miles per year at'20 cents per mile, Based on M.S.R.R of $19,590. Offer ends 11/30/05, 2800 Corby Avenue • Santa Rosa • 800-608-7208

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