Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on March 16, 1926 · Page 31
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 31

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 16, 1926
Page 31
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ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE AND ROCHESTER HERALD. TUESDAY. MARCH 10, 1026. o L I 3 J J 1:2 LYCEUM Tonight al 8:15 Ma's. Tomorrow and Saturday MB, its , f- 4 H.i 4i vl OtUMwMi'lfxu y PRICE3 INCLUDING TAX NijMi-Jl.lS, $15. H.M. tl.JI, JJ.J Wed. Ml.-S0e,, ils, UK. ;t. Mil. Sc,, 11.15, KM, 12.75. "Wixt Week Seatj Thur. MAIL ORDERS NOW PRICES INCLUDING TAX Eves.-Mc,, si ts. IM. :.7V Wrd. Mat. Beat Suit tl. IS. st. Ma'. Sec,, il.U, ii.Jt. 1 Ibsrte I C ! SMITH SUS -finis Mi tons iljusiaiTSaa REGENT ALL W EEK Eleanor Roardman In the eclntlllant ronunc "MEMORY LANE" The Emerald Trio in "Song of Old Erin" "Ylnthrr Mftctiree" 'I.t Rose f Hummrt" "Irish K.t f," "You're tho Snmo Old (ilrl." m ALL WEEK Dorothy Mackaill In "JOANNA- i She had a million year to spend It and only roMixtoi Motion Picture's Greatest Race Track Romance tme: king of the turf with KENNETH HARLAN and PATSY RLITH MILLER OUR GANG COMEDY NEWS SEE AMERICA FIRST A Spectacular Revue with a Gral Array of FunmaScrs, Haadin GREAT VAUDEVILLE EASTMAN ALL THIS WEEK (Including Thurndav Afternoon and l'.velilngl Reginald DENNY l'.roa''u SutL't Kar-t "WHAT HAPPENED TO JONES" with Zaiu Pittt anil Otii Harlan Royl Welsh Choir I'rom New York Uippodienie "Hai Anybody Here Seen K.lly?" Overture "Irith Rhapcody" 111 NOW PLAYING Mat. Wlli I : !-J - t v. i I HT1 KK 2:3,1 .. " N i ( I i 1 V -'ill I III tlHl Aa In the llnji of Nere list j BROWNK 1.4 F.I I K I TTTI A f'omeilT Oililily with 3:01 llarrv llolenvan A ('. Hanlholled Hampton Mehllnaer V llliama I'The Teacher ft th, Puell' -. "(iiiiv-C "Ttiti I Aail the llumaa lleala I 13 i rinioi joNox j'lVTii 1 Jrrr A Terry I 4.3i Ronm nr iTH kmi i imi Mm a nit. or Vai.t.vui. i PLEASURE with Fred "Falli" Binder M. NOOX TO "Ji-t. . ' 41' ' : .; - ; UAiar MAKE YOUR LIFE TEMPLE FOR GOD, ADVICE OF DEAN Rev. Charles C. W. Carver Opens Lenten Series at Christ Church. ! I'rcin!? hi hearers tn build llipir lives as "ibe temples of the living (iod" anil to admit Joil to their entire being, Very ltev. Charles ( V. Cnrver. dean of I he ("a I hedral of AH Saints, of Albany, gave, the first of a sere of five noon-day Lenten talk at (hri-t Kpiscnpal Church vester- I day. 'itli the text " 'What house f will re build me?' sailli the Lord," jlran Carver spoke on ".'esits, the 1 Master T.itildrr.'' "Th" men cngagcl in the building of Solomon's mngnin'eicnt temple were vitally conscious nf their privilede, a priviledge in which we find the challenge of (iod corning to them in the words we have chosen for the test," Dr. Oliver said. "It is not so much the material -while, of i course, that is important or the plan ' wh le that is essenl ial or the structure as a thin:; in itself that i seems to have arousal the thnuirhs of the buiblers to a higher conception of t kt.'it own labours, but rather (lie kind of temple that they are to erect to the li vim; Cod and their indvidual ' relationship to that work. 1 "The builder dreams his dreams. formulae's his plans, utilizes his i ' muter als and ensures workmen whom j he trusts to carry out his dream. It is so wilh the development of a city or a great business building, or even) the erection of a cathedral, yet Ine ; Icity, the hni I il i ii ii and the cathedral I endure at best but n brief per od of lime as we regard time from the view- i point of Cod. I "Jesus , dreamed Ilia dream in j heavenly courts as a pre-exisleut, j 1 eternal. Sou of Cod. What was this j 'dream? To build a spiritual k'ntr-I (l.un that should endure forever, and to provide for the souls of j ! whom (iod loved a fit nlxule as the ; I po;;l of a life lived ill union wilh I II:m, so when the fullness of limo was come He came down on earlh in lis holy incarnation. The plan was and is to save man from sin, from ibe cotuiii'iiccs of his own fol ly and to lift man to (iod. The ma- tennis tinman nature w ith all il ' weaknms and conl i mlictions, and yet (unable of such niasiiitiiicnt poss'-hiiilics, sacrilices and spiritual achievements. "So many of us want to share in j all the pi'iviUsdnes that our sp ritual j tuiiltliiijt. tlie Chun b of C.mI, aft'ords, j hut we are content rather to rft on j the labor of others than io do our active part in building a fine spiritu- j al temple of ourselves. Cod want an abode within us wh'eh He possess- ; es entirely. e are so otten content jus1 to open the ftnnr door of our souls and admit Him to the ouicr ball. Let us not keep Ilim slandin,' there, but !uov wide the doors of our inlellec'ua lity, our will and our spir t 0'"' ''''I l";ess our entire bciiv,', winch liirousb Him and the Hoi." Spicil may become indeed he temple of th" Jiiii'4 (mm!, the house that -lesu wants us lo build for him " Another 160 Years for Old Forest House Predicted at Fete Ptuh year were held out for tht1 Korpst House, a ta vrn. no iloobt. wIicm it sturSed businp-i at t. ho I'niss-ing of Kitliie it ml t'uir roads w hfre travl4-rs by hinse and by roach stayf,! for food and slitter in t ii da f Kochpstfr'j infatu-.v. rp bp Id f-o-ih last ii!j,'b: bv fin.' spmUi's hi yilh-prcd fptivly in il lia'.U l;it it'.sht to ceK'hra-Le. the H)0ih nunivpiNary of Ih1 hou-p and Ihe fortii-th bin It day of .lohn Spain), its prosptit pmpriclor. Chief of tlie xpeakcrs w ho g raced thp board l ist msht w i' .Instice nf j the I'cace Isaac I.nyck. sae of the j Kurrt Hoiie, no ics. (hher speak-j fMW w.M'fl Supervisor ViHiani Ti r um, t former Supervisor Cbaucpy V. I'c-r- ter, Jtitire of the lVaco Harry .Mm-! van. Highway Snperinit-ndcnt (icorKpj S'lik and Taomas II. 1 IH.erly. chief ; of the U:df!P-Ciilvr rirel'ptr-tment. f Mr. Spalin w p:esentt-d a gold , watch by lim nsembU'd nesN. TO CONDUCT HEARING ON STEAM FRANCHISE! The Taw Comiiiitfee of the Common I Council will eondiiet a public hearing nt 4 o'clock Friday afternoon iti he I, aidermanic chambers on the ordinance . provitl ns for tlie Hale of a steam fian-, chise in lioehester. The franchise is soulit by the Rochester Gas and Kieo-! trie Corporation, which baa a permit (o run steam maina under a number of streetK, but now seeks a franchise. 1 The corporation lias a steam plant in I. awn street. I'mler provisions of the per cent, of Hie gross revenues would be paid to the city. Iteversal of I sual Order. 'J'lie aloth, a purely arboreal animal of Cetilral and rionth America, practically spends its lite upside down. These animals hung head down in the trees and rarely leave ihem.- Kx-chii nge. Irish "Whitehoya." "Whiteboj i'1 was the name of a secret orgauiaation that engaged in "agrarian outroijes" in Ireland in IS70; the orgnnuation was o culled because the members wore white shirts. Kxchanxe. vwsewMwiiitinmsvv.!vs! "I 1926 EDITION HI MLS and TH miS S U ltd M VKt.lK I) i THItll I I . liotll I t tl.lla.' . i v a. a. .. a , a . 1. DEATHS. I1ATKR -.lani." Paler No. X?, Clar are-mi", formerly e: South Bvnin, Into rest. M-uiilm . Msp h I I'e.'il. aLre. 7o yesri. He is survived tiv one daughter. Mrs. K. ,t. l orp ami 'three fraioirloiiiren. He a a member of Hie llulil.ell Class, --I'raver servin- will he held at the home, Wednesilav morning. March Klh. at in o'clock. Funeral aervieen at Turner s Mortuarv. Haiavia. at - ;tu "clock. Hunal at SuCford. HI RNi- In this eitv. Monday. Marrh IV I'J'.'H. Michael tlnriu. He is survived li v several nieces and aepliews The reiuaint vvre taken 10 home of Md'abe. Urns.. Island Cuttatfe road, U rceee. --Funeral will take r'ai'e Wednesdav morning at ::ai o'clock from ihe home and at the I'liureh of Our Moilier of Sorrows. Mount Keud. at l) ti clock. Interment at Nit. Head. Will Ml VN liottlleb llohlmiin died .Moiolay. March 1,",. Ifl'ii. at his home. No. ill.". Wooden streel. ayed so vtairs. Heceased Is survived bv his wife, .Margaret: three daughters. Mrs. Wallace lMi, of Kavem.a. dliio. Mr. Frank lioldt and Mrs. Hert Chainiiin. of Una city: four sons. Levi and l liarles Hohlman. of this eitv. lleorge. of Astahula. Ohio and Norman llotd-man. uf Nmtrv. France: a cousin, Mrs. lielia Fori miller and fourteen grand children, lie was a ineniber of F. K. I'erce Post. . A. K. - Notice of funeral later. MFKI.IN- Kntered lain rest, on Monddv. March la. V.W,. Miaa Marian Berlin, aged "1 years. She IS (Uriived bv lo-r father. Uuslav Berlin: four brothers, (o-orge, l lurles, Harold aud Claud lierlm: also two uisiers, Mr. William Kihardt anil Mrs. Anna Wiaotak". - Funeral nervteeB will be held on Wednesday afternoon, .March IT. I Ml, at i' oclock. Burial will lio made lu .Mount Hope t-eioetery. HOItVKKsstl.-li, this eitv. Snndar. .March llih, Marv 'licrnev Hornkessel. aged .s years. Heceased is surmed by her husband, .loin: nornkessel: one daughter. Mrs Mark II. Tuohev; ' sou. John W. Horiikess"!, .1 r : three aiarert. Mi's. Charles Fisher, Jlrs, ( hailcs Henson, of lo-tooa N X anil Mi's. Anna 1,. Bullock ; four brothers. Michael J . .h. Fred atot Frank leniey; also one grandson, Junior 1 lloe . - Funeral service Thursday morning at a.M o'clock from th,. residence, but" .Mam street east, and H 0 clock at (orpus Chrlsil t'liureli. Interment In Holy Sepulchre, ceme. tery. tieneva and Kluiira paoeia idease copy. ' t'l.IFKK - Filtered Into rest at the hnine of his noil. Campbell Cliffe. No 1 all i.ardlnrr avenue. Sundav. March II. :HU William Clifte, ',., i,3 lie is auriued bv Hire,. Kons .lames and Campbell cliff,., of this citv.aad 1 InM'oa Cliff,.. f llollev. X. Y ; one daughter. Mrs. Catherine Brewster, of inn coy : ten grandchildren and great grandchildren. mi luiielal will ial,,. idace from the couv oi ins son. .n. u.i t.ariliuer avenue on Wednesday iira-n n Ht -J rio chick. Iiiierineiit ii, n,e tamiiv lot at Riverside cemetery. I HII'IVS-- Filtered ut r,.st, at the residence. No, Is i:a I,. tn,cl. M.mdav, -Mar.-h la. POI. t.eorge K, Cripps. lie is survived by his wife. Mrs. FlUa belh (oirdiier Cripis: diree brothers, I iiarlcs. Arthur and llenrv ueii I npps. of Kngland: one sister, Mrs. Ja win W. Hit, limaii, f u,,, eily. - I uneral services Tflurstluv. 'Titne announced ialer. C'ilNN -KntHreU Into r't. Mar-h X l!'-"!, at Ins fiiHUi', u. 1 jnyli .Hii'tvr. Iifjja in j, r.mii. He in nur vivp.J h.v h i uifK. StiKnn Tuntt. :n. ilaufc'fiU'r, JtoniUiv; nut sim. Hiitja m n, Jr.; ins nmther. .J ri. Sm.iU' Conn, of -it J;l.mutri.-lri. N. V.;. six sisicM, Mr. ( tinrl.- Ked mnl ; Mi-. Jdhii I.iiaciitlialcr. uf thin citvj mul Mcj(. KiUv.ira lliii-Bht, of Aitmuj. N V.. Mr-, ;!mhi I 'a i ii. i.f ItMriiu. . and i tit M iei's KuPy ami tirHce Cnitn. uf New York cny ; two lir-taipr. rri'-e Conn, of thin ciiv ami! .I"hn I'niiii, of :.t BifM'iuttel.1, N. .i 1! wa a rnMtitHT of (.nesc? l.dd'i No. :;. 1. O. UK. - KoikthI will t.-ike pla-e from the fa m Iv resiflfnct?. No. Kiiiffip iireff.-f 'I'll ursil:iv Hfirmion. at - HO o 'Mfx-k, fiittTUM-Mt 1m the family I"! nt i!ivt,r nitte ci'inp iry. IJOKKV la ihN city, lit the General M.spnal. Kaniiay. Man-h H, Irvma l. !i.k.. ag'i -' yar!i Uf Is Mirvifij h v bi itarniis, frank anil Minify f4ikcv. l-'uncral srvn-'i4 from ih family resldtMicf. No, 1U IMdwcll tcrract-. uu WVo'acsilay ai'tfinnon at 'Z u'cUick. t ulemit. ii i at Itiverside cruictery. liOOnitM II Kafcn-tl into r.-M. .Monday inuriiiu. Mnrct I."), litt. al tiix rco-ccurc No. ;iti Saiimort" ilrivi. U'altcr f I . ti on ttr it-li. 'liic 0ci-t-ao(l im nur- j vjved bv his wifo. lOMi-ii C. ; (wo ki- ! loi-ft. Mrn. rta r iir- V Hnlfiitcr. of I Ih.iliH. I,. I . ami Mrs. .ImIhi .1. YVaMi. d iliis cit v . one tiroihrr, Alt' red 1-. j l.oodrich. of New ork. Tito iK-cchhim! I mms a uit'inhof uf (ionost.. KhIN LoiUf. rtt'7, t'. ami A. M. Hainiiton rhapo r. til', It. A. SI.. Orel." t'tOaiiniiuiltTy. K. IiaiuaMt'iiH Temple, A. A. t'nlor of NoMr uf liio M-rn Shrim. lHina ixiH i ha ii i r atul the Koyal Artanuiu; alo ttif siirint l.uiicb dun Thrt fu no nil srvire will be held AiMinfsila,v tun riling, Ma roll 1 7t h, t in ..a, ocb.'-k from C'hrist Kpih-'upal t iiuriii. l.a-it HVfiuii,, t yrnna I oin-inaiol' ry uiil tiavo charge of Lhe service al Mount Hope ceuietiry. hlK I.F.ksm:K - r.all.ina T.rrdorf K ircit;rsnt'i'. w iff of. t,t'ori;e Ki r b -t'MMit r dicii Moiolay Hinrrihi al Minnfami iitupititi, in tier Hth car. ! Mif in survivt'd by hop liiiwbaini : fonri N'ou, WIHiam, liernanl, Michael ami Albert ; cm- tlaut;IHor. Mrs, Mn ra i"t t Nlaor; cloven uraiMh-hiiiiivh ; mm t r hi y ramh liibl r.-n ; t U rye lno: lo i ! .la. 'tli, .1-tM-ph ami 1'ohx Hordnt-;. of S. radiM' . one ist it. Mrs, Mm ry : Aiirhai'l. of San 4-t4iiit (en, i ti). Mir wan ast prsi.l.-nt nf iVrpetual ll' lp lirati-'h I.. I'-. A. ami of t 'nm panmiiaj nt I lie 1'oroHt - Kuncial will fake plaoe Thurndav nioftiini;, Man-h H, I'Ol, al h fd ' o oltti k troiii tin- home. No til ParW' M root, ami K oVIm-k t'mm our l.atly l'erpe.aul Help t hurt h. VV At hi home r-a., i.rt'ce N. V . i 1 1. l'.''Jil, William K. No. 17:t Alinav n Suittlav, Miin-ii IV;ce. Sr. H l urvivt'O. oy Iiih vMli r.l'aaiieth l.ane I'ease: l wo voim. iltiaui i;.. .Jr. ami Hlciiani I,, lVa-io ; rhrvo tlau-hlcrv Mn Msiry Hmw. lrt. Cora Idoi'-li ami Mr. (irftct. Itolliit!. nl TolcK'.. Ohio; alio tox sratnh-hlMrf 11. H.-a tiK'iuhr of t'biwer Ciiv 'IV-ul. No. .'to, of tli" Ma oca t "", and bad boi-ii eniiloyt-i for the la-t twelve viar bv thfef New York Siatw I'ubhc Worki I ifpamm-ut, as look operaior. - - - Funeral from the reHlonre ou ' Thursday afternoriii at J ofloek. lutfrutfut lu Mtiunt Hope cemtierj. M KV HKS Kniprcil info rpr. at i h ti.-iie'ral Hoipifal. Maroh liijii. Kli,-ai'oth K Meyers, aw'e( 7 var. SIia u oirtVf'tl by h'-r pa rout n, Mr. ami Mri. Krio-st Meyern. itnvo nitifpn, Marie,' r lon-m-c ami linn1 Mary; three brother, Andrew, .Joseph ant) Franklin. - Funeral to be bold WViliiHHtlay nioniin' from the lamily ronidi'm-o, Xii. 4io Caroline Htro-i, at H .'.0 u clock and at lo f i-ln.-k from t he Klt-ine,) acraim-nt Churob. Intenneui at Holy Sepulchre eviuetcry. BA1MOM) Knfered Into rett. at the Strong Memorial l!onptlnl. Monday urn I'll I tin. March 15, ItJuii. liarrUmi ). Itavtnotid. of No. ltd darto.ii atenu, Ht; is MirvivoiJ bv niiv liryl her. Charle ' . It a. who ml and oho a not. Mi Maruaret F. Fowler. Iteoeanod ax a lite lii be r of 1( of heater i.odye, Ni. 2, It i'. t. K. FutoTal Hrvlce f (.di;oH Wrun ' I'arlnrw. No, iS'J Fatt aviMitie, Wedm- day afternoon, March t7, lll'Ju. at it .10 o'clock. I.n rial at Mount Hope ceiue-tery. , SI KV F. At the family boma nn orth aveiiue. VVfbster, Moutiav,. MafiJj. Jo. I.i.'ti. Wllliaiit t harlea hifv, &-d H tmiBth. noil of Mr, and Mr. Arthur Stt-ve. He leave beside Jii iarut, one broiher, Konald. - runeral from the homa tn Wedne-iinv aUemoon, March 17th, at 2 oclfiek. latertuent in Webtuer Hural i cemetery. V HKHI kK At his hm. Whitnevj rnad. k airport, N Y. nuimIbv evenins. Man h H, tnjn, He-rbert an Itrrlyke. MUoiI m yefctiei. He bav(-a belOa n ! wife, l.tii inda, twti ouk. HavmnmJ H , i of Tow amla, fa., and Howard V. , j of Maocdoh. N. Y, ; thr-e brother, Abram, o: Ho hesier, John, nf I'al-i io ra anil Aafhnn, of Chicago; lour ! i; ranib hildroii. I V nm-ral from tht bom". V'ht-tlv anernonn at t So 'elo.-k Hunal al 1 mk Mond eom-tery, lVmi-l'l. J'lrae vto.t itottvrs, I DEATHS. Kim Hll.l - Kntrretl iiuo ret. at hi- homo Hi.i'vwoo.l. Kta . Stindrv f :? 1 M.i n-h 1 . l!'t;. W i 11 ia 111 11. v - --"t'ho t-Muin are tpietPtl t.- arrtvp In KM luster WednesiUv evening and Will tc n-iioMetl to H-du.'i liros. I'srlnrH, N.i. 1 Fast avenue. Kmiernl yfrvici's ai tin re'tlonci- of but dauh-ier. Mfh William S. l.ozi-r. Clover strw-f, Itrijfiiioa. Time a 11 a tin need laier. IU(.HKS-Mrci 11 HiizIim, of No. Oi Nort h Fi rit rwi, 1 Mean. N . Y ., died. Htnblettly. Sum jay niitruiu-j'. at the Siroiii; Memorial Hopual, iliis city aired M years. sh t survixed bv ber himhami, Silas A HiiL'tiex. of ( Mean : 1 wo daucbters. M rs, I mroi !i -Mouartlui, 0' Hoclieif -r and Mri. Ariiiur I), lnivle. of 1 ilea a: hIso four bml liers, K. M. Unvrser. of dean, A. .1. Ilowsi-r. of Mutler. I'a . 1'nrman T. Itow-r. of (ialeuoi, I'a.. and Jacob 1-'. Ibiwwer. nf Kot-hester. The body has bo.-u removed to the funeral parlor of Asbion Jt Mark, No. .4:i Main id n-et wk aud wax tranaierred on Monday mornm at s n'rtock over t he I'enn (van ia liailroad to her home. No. -t'J'.t' North 1- list street, ob-an, N. Y , from whore the funeral will be held on Wednesday at'lt-momi. M;tn-h 17, licjii. at J ..Id o clnek. Interment will bo made I n the family lot iu ITea.-aut Valley cemetery, (Ueau, ,. Y. HltKH-s. Kia. wifi. nf Fred (. Hick, of Ferry, N, v., paswed away Montlay inorninK. Fuueral at C(o:ire-atinnal Church at Ferry Center, A cdnesdav afternoon, Ma reh J7, luJH. it ;io o'clock. HOCK KNItKROFK-Suddenly, at th family tiomn lu WVhftter, n N'me-Mde I'oiitt road, Momlav March 1.'.. lH'jtl, Uotttieb H.h'kenberT, u'ed f.7 yeart. (- leave hU wife. Fmuia Fit ir II in ken herder ; two d,i tighter-. Mrs. Uaber Van i'erni Ih'ti, ,,( w-m Webster am) Mis Sar.ih H". k.-u -border, of Caicaso; Ihree MTiAt, Irving and Herbert Hot-ken border. ..f b aier ami F.zra 1 1 i-ken herder. of .lorersvtHe ; one brother, William ItnekiMibri'.r, of Newark. -Funeral from the- family home lu Webier, Thursday afternoon, March h. ai L1 o el. k. Interment in WVister Kuial ennu-ry . Jnil sOX ---.) oh n, Infant una of FJi and Ina Johns. m. dn-d Monday tnorninx. aed 1. months. Ht--Hidea hi parents lip eaves two brothers, F'll. Jr. and James, and one hiwier. I rnulla. - Funoral from the late hmnp. No. 1'ti) Kaudulph atriMt, n;i Wednesday afternoon, March 17th. at 2 o'clock. Kev. Jtimcs F. IIihh, pasi..r of .Mt. itliv.-t MapiiMt Church niTo-ia 1 i r;f . Interment iti Hiverside cciiieterx . KKI.LY (.'. Manley Kelly pbsmci! away; at Kudos Hospital, Friday evening. . aaetl tit yearn. Ib-ttitlea hi wife, : Nellie lie Smith Kelly. Uv leaves three! sinters. Mrn. F. A. Fuller, of Willium- ! son. Mr. Jamb Fori ervi He. nf Sodus and Mrs. John Flemnm. uf .faeksmi, 1 Mich.; urn brother, W illiam, ut Jack- i mii. Mich. - Funeral will be held from ill, home! of Charles Huokler, of Fast William- ' son. Tuesday afternoon hi '4 'M o'ebo k, 1 iSev. M. V.. Kt.sier, (.f t lie- Fust; Wil- i lia msnn Kefnrm Ch u r'h oiiieia t inu. liiierim-nt iu t ho Fast W illiamstu, ' cenieu-ry . t I.K Koh.h- Kntered Into rest, at her : late residtMiet, Sunday ninrnin'. Mai' ti : H. lH'Jii, .Martha Mowbray I.e Ilu.-.,. ; She is .survived by two nieces. Mr.; Hichard A. Searing and Mrs. James : ti. liruoks; one nephew, Alfred j (iosscltii, all of this city. --Fupural tiervbvs will'b held from! No. U7 ChestnuL street, Tuesday afLer noon. Alarm lotn ut 4 o'clock. I'-urial ; pruate. interment at Mount Hope : cvuieterv- j MFHKiH.-At CanandaiKua. Moniav. : .March 15, lir.'fl, Mrs. Clarissa tt. Mer- ; rill, wiuow of Kev. J. I. Merrill. She! leaves (wu ho 11 a, A. J. Merrill, uf j Ueuea and W. 1. Merrill, ut Koeh-fster. 1 llurial later at Ileleuila. j NOYCK - Kntered into rest, Sumlav aft- ' eruoon. Mareh H, lu.'H, ai hi hmt. No. 5 Frederic st reel , J aiuea Henry Noyce. He is sumivoU t,v his wite, i mo ees nn nifi 1 f o v ee ; one tiautfhler, -Miks Mabel oh. Novce; one lujphew, u. .Nrwtuu Intvi. of W a n a t una , Wis, I toe a d wa s a uiembcr of Myron Adams I'osi, No. hi t local Foil No. i. 1, 41. u. F. ami toTHril Commando r , .Nu. Hoi Khikhi of Maiia. - Funeral servh-Ajj W)l take place on Wednesday attermoiu. March 17. IStU'i, nt 1 ;(it oe look trom i,h- iiome. No Frederic hi reel and 'J, o'oh.i-k at Moinu Jloiw i' ha pel. Intermetu fn Mount Hope cemetery iu U,h Jamily bo. Friends invited to Mount ' Hopu t hapei. IIAUimtK At hi home, f Adams t Ita-in, Sunday morning, .March 11 j HO;. William S I'sriritk. iu Ids H'Jd j j ea r. H is survlve.i by hi wife, Mr. 1 Arueila Mdiitjro Fariro-k; one liauyhier, Mrs. A. J. Strauss, of Ana ms tnisin ; one sun, Kay J. 1'ari.rick, uf liut hesier. - l'nvaitt servieo Jrom the loone ou Wetlne-tlay aftcrnouu. March 17th at K 3o o'cloek. Interment in Maple ifoVt ccineler.V. t ty den. HOAi H HaviU Roach died at his btttne, I in ihis city. He is survived bv tils wife, Mrs. Anna Roach; liiiee brother, : Maurice, Timothy ud Jotiu Roach : two iitr, Mi-H. Albert JienuoU and Mis, Fdwiird Fa titer. - ihe body wa rciimvi-d to Kvan MclnteHs Fu moral chapel. No. 'jo?' t I or l nut st re.-i. f mm w here the funeral sersi; will mli.e pJae Tut-is-tlay afternoon at Z o'.-b.- k. lnt. rn.ent in Muuut 11 opt; cemeiry, HI MTKK Mrs. Fin ma Hnsior pasl away at the t. (imuiunit)"11 Hospital, Fast Rochester, iuula v uiornin. March Uth. Shu i Mirwved bv her husband, Samuel Rust or ; t hree sotlK. I'aul, Jonn and Maunee, two bml ln-rs! W ileum i.-isly, uf tiroonvilie. Fa, ami Frank Yeisl, vt Kust SI raufcburtf Fa. - Funeral will take place from t be home ut her sou, 1'uul Uiir-ier, No. Ilii,t iuth Mam street. Wednesday atter-iiooii, March litii, at 2 o'elock," Interment at FtiUtord, St HIKMt K .Martin IF Schirmer, sud tleiily. .Sijnday iournin-. .i ;t fii it. 1'iJti. at t he tin me, Nn. I Si , I 'it nl botiiesnl. He is miruvi-d bv hi wite. Mis. FmMy Ilium Sebirimi 1 iau-hier. Miss Flsu- t,. s. Iprno-r ami Mr. Arihur ,1. McU(,alil . Iwo KiautJchibfrcn ; two brotn.-rs. Jacob ami Michael Sclitnuer; (me iier, Mi. tlteph l.ehr. - Funeral Wednesday niornin March IT, FJ-JW, at iio n'clo-k ! rum the honm and at 1 o''-bHk al Hoiy Redeemer Church. Interment wilt be inaa in the tamlly lot at ifnlv Sepul- . chre cemetery. ! SHAH I' In I hi city, Sundav, March' 14, FtJfi, Albert Sharp, ayti ,VI ears. iieeea-vd is survucU t, one siMer Mrs. Kuima lleckmau, oi IVnHebi, N. two brtdhera. iieatg sharp, of I 'en at on ami Flmtr Snai p ui Honeoye N. Y. - t uneral serviees Wednenday afternoon at l' o'clock mm, ai d Mortuary Chap.d, Nn, Hn,t Mln street east. Interment in Oakttuml CtMiR.. tery, IViitiehl, N. . ST KV A KT- Anna M. Stewart, daughter of the late Mory Sonm-v Si.-w:trt di..,J Sumlsy eveum- Mf 1'ark A.euue IF.s-piiai. - ihe body wa remmed to Kvan A ' M.I t,i,.r Funeral t ha pel. SM. Ju7 t TjomI iiiit si reel, frt.m M hero t m-lum ral will b lodd Wednesday morn ! iny at H 'M o'clock ami M o.' at' uiiiiacuiaiM i on, .,,( imii t hureh. Inii-r incut Holy SeifuU-lirv cemeu-ry in the laniilv lol hTKNNr.K Martin Slenner. a.-, veam. passed aa, at tlie la. Ins daughter. Mrs. Kdward K-i 1'eiiliidd. Sunday. Mar. l, II pi'i is aurviveil l.v Ihr.-e dausjliier. d of . ..f : He I Mca jainto lesiiier. ,iT IlnlKeulie .Mrs. Fdward Keier, of 1'enll'eid ' a mi Mrs. l liarles Veidciiliourner, "f Sea ):tv,'7.; iwn sons. Mariln. ,,( Kast ltocheater and Adam, of llrihlna one Charles Stemo-r, f I'enneld ,weui.,-i,,c KianucniKirea and ijreal -ffraudehiUl. one -i Uneral will take place from Ihe home ou Wednesday morning. March Kill, at 80 o clock and from Nt Jo. epb a t'liureli, 1'eiirtcid, lt a 0 clock liitermeut at I'eiilield. TOOI.AN Anne Tonlan entered info rest on Monday morning. March l.y l'.i'J'l. at home of her her, James 'loeian. No rilrt Seward itreet. Mi t aurviveil by two brother. Thomas ami .lames Tonian, of ihia'ritv. ami anether broiher and two alsters it, I rcland, .'--Tlie funernl will be held 011 Thnra , lu,v morning, March ts. jiitv,, t In'cloek frion Ihe iiome of her lirother. .Iiimes l oolail. o, lilH Howard sf reel and at tl o elin k frtim Nainl l..ttud I .1 linreli. liit.-rmeiit will he nude In tlie family lot ill lll) S.-ulvhre I cemetery. J 'Published Every Rochester an Instances are manr and Tarje,! where personal fortunes have been built up and sustained, through the judicious purchase of real estate. The eases of Andrew ( 'iiriieuie, Arthur Brisbane, and William Jen-ninns Bryan are conspicuous ex-t tuples. This has been possible inaiiiiy because of the rapid Rod cutisistent rise in properly mines, throughout every section of this country over a period of some fifty yea rs. Real estate in Itoehesier Is no exception to Ihe rule. If the history of all transactions anil the benefits derived therefrom in this Single kov Long Acre Hoad A tliorotishly desirable six-room house inewly built) in attractive location. You will find on inspection Adams floors, gunnvood trim, fireplace, sleeping porch, and ha water healer. l'riee asked only $n..'!00 with down payment of $1.00(1. Wt cannot recommetid this proposition too highly. Invale Street, near Masonic Temple- , n excellent six room single residence recently con-striietod, Oesirable features include Adams and oak tiooro, cheslntit trim, fireplace, sleetiinj; IKirch, three bedrooms lone master), tile balh and hot water beating system. A two-car garage in rear, Trice asked $I2.."HMI with $2.. Odd down. You will fiiitl thin proposition 'well worth invesli-giilinn. iJK 1 1 aaajTO'..- -i.iK. -a-t'fc''' w ' , .er"'i-: : 1 An exquisitely beautiful home in a deiighiful residential locality, everything about this property has been planned with a view to tlie happiness and convenience of its occupants. A description of the many attractive derails here would lie impossible. You should see them in order in any way to appreciate their extent and desirability. l'riee asked Slo. OIKI. Terms to be arranted. Investment Pvopsvty Stale street (near Main street), four-story brick, block . in good reir with entrance on .Mil! street. I.ol sine is 20 by 2IIO feet. Annual income ift'i.OOU. .Many features of this property merit your inspection. Trice a.-ked. ,f iln.iMKi. Terms to be arranged. ". sf S,Ht Oiwil I'iiyilieill T..:c- .me uf these Muli. c Ibitncs The live houses shown in llns illustration are in excellent condition. Kach apartment contains four go.ul sized rooms and a sepnrule beating plant. Many desirable I'ralui'os in these dwelling should be personally inspected by pm. The owner will el ihis group together or wpar-iloiv as desired. The incuiue ou each of ihe-e homes is annually. The price i- only ',. Ml, wilh .fMlil ii"wn, baliine t.u easy lor ma. Vim should see these homes for value. KranUlln tr-t Neighboi hood of j Clinlor. avenue, a three siory j brick block now used as hotel, but can easily be converted into aenrs of stores. You should see this proportion for value. Trice asked. $33,000 with $V 000 cash. Main street west - A two story brick b'.o.k in neighborhood of (Jetieral Hospital. Troperty con-sists of two stores anil two spartmeuls. A meat niaiket business with all tintures goes with the price mentioned, other imisirtant delails will be ex plained on application. ; Trice asked, $27,i with $,",- , (HIO down. See us and talk over i details. 1 DEATHS. TAX I.OH - K..-cre,l r r,.' ,... eiiv, Mommy. I 'I-, I ills n i", " -- or. She leaves ber v,..- I'reil Meyer and b liher ' diaries Albert Taylor, on, i'-ster. Mrs Harry Bihop. of !.yor,. Y and iwo brothers, ( harln Will am Tsvlor and Fraacia Taylor, ,.t this eitv funeral from llermsn''e s No. M Main street '. 'r 1 mon. on Wed-nesdnv afternoon, Msrctt 1". V.YM, at clock. Saturday widow nf i larch 1- l'.1'. Kmiiee A Hr. uh!a Wxiiy. m her vTd year j Surviving re two ir.rer. nr. mnif 1,, H u k e r and Mrs. I.oiio..- A, Keed. of ,hn I'i'y ; a i'ffther. Frank A. Kewley, ''f Attoriatd, ; im several niet-es and nephew. - KtifiTal from tbe chrtpci of Ingniire & 'I tioinpon i"o . No. XI ti ut ,.;Ht-i. i-orm-r of Tioirr ftreet. on 1 a- linv aficnotm at ii .'id oloi-ii. Y wufr s,!r.i!y pria'e. luUTii-ent Ui Mi. iiwJJM ffJUett'I'i'. v, 1 t 1 '-TT , iT Ta- ,T, a T"V- r, ..-T'v.-.'-ej-t ':" TT m-,-:is e.f ij tv t Jit m a e iw. r-m m n w u u 1 ra am r- ,Auil ..,hi. ff, Ti lin 1 1.3 ,C r.AJi i,i-A-.'J'.aii,,u-Wls!it-oiWini Tuesday in the Democrat and Chronicle and Real Estate Investment community could be tabulated, the results would prove nothing short of a revelation. A sinijle instance w ill sulhVe : Oh Sum I'i, l''!11, ti certain jif-iiioiit d rcT.'iiai haute located on ;(' 7Vi-,fj,a -,iis offered sole by the K. II. Carroll Corpnr-iifiaii and -fid by them for 7-(,!V 'iti .(uaie piece of property is njered through the siime company ut $.?(KI and u a better value to-ilav at $d,MX) than it tens in 191',) at $.i.KI)0. liiiiuli'oils oven tluHisaiuls of similar cases could be cited. Hawses Dale Ie:li:int road A delightful iv ristin home, newly built and in a thoroughly attractive neighborhood. A tile roof, oak floors, giimwood trim, and a host of other desirable features will lie found on inspection. A single-car gnrnge. (Iwner is anxious to sell on a.ssiiinl of siokuees. is a.-ked wilh a down payment of .fl,."i(Mi. Two other attractive homes imnieilialely adjacent to this one and of the same thorough const met ion are offered for sale at $0,000 and SH.IKKI respectively. You will like all three of these dwellings. Ite sure to call and see them. KoeUinyliam slrwl A u uitHMially at t met i v resiiieni-e of the finer type, Ktiijltsh istyle utvhi lecture, newly built, bus natural gttiuwiHid tini-ii, hi rye lirepU"e, Kiiti parbtr, livint; room antl ibn-in room Heafn ted by lea tied ejas dtKrs, , t wo -cm r git nijje, irice $l!,lHMIr pr will consider offer on reasonable terms. Simwn only by ap oinl nient. hi, JCfcii, -(J ma- W it 3 iiW.S: Munisie avenue, - A two and a half slury three family house in good location. Ariti.nil rental $t.ti2o.! This property tild be inejipni-fively remodeled into any type of resideuee. This prosisit ion is well wor'h vour investigation. True Slt'i.tXiO. Talk over the terms wilh i.s. st"L w fT.sJV r. -stv , 4 a rif&ci lift? h&r x ! So Deal CON. No Deat Too Sma' Larf 400-405 ELLWANGER & BARRY BLDG. 39 STATE STREET Rochester, N. Y. Telephone Main 380, Main 381 DEATHS. I'Hl fNi ( tiF!e Vrn devl Monday aitenioun at his homo. ; Savannai, wt r'-et. Me in mrvi vei by his v 'lie. Mm. t'atherlnd 'rnH. - funeral '1 huradsy mornlnc t Mary h 4"hreh. lntprntiit t Holy Sfpnlchr cemetery in rhe family lot, 'l ime to b innuunced later. I-KVOR-In thin elty. March II, lftW, 'l hnmw k. I'ryor, MU yer. He 1 unrvivert by four children. len. Uirrmit, Mary and Wlllard, and nix j k'ramh Stltlren. t .Service at tha fa nil It residence, 1 No. VS Uorltni trp.t., Tuejilay aft- j riiflon at orlnck,. f , , t , Eugene A. Timmerman Funeral Director 510 Monroe ave. Chase 1684 ifttasetfmMweVMiauiai,'AK... Trades Monroe avenue (clone in) a large brick block conaiatiiig of two stores and R-room apnrttnenta This property is in excellent condition having recently received important repairs. Separate ateiim heat. This is an unusually good proposition at. the price asked 75,000. Imwn payment of $15,-000. (Inner would consider other central property and I'd mortgage in part payment. iif. e 's' l - f I i a '.-"l-'T. ..oi r vmj A thoroughly built iand attractive, apartment boina in a most diwirnble locality, Troperly eoiwista of i'i apnftmenta and a five car garage. Annual income ainiiiitila to $IU.4H4. Thia la a very excellent proposition and will bear the minutest inrea- tigation. l'riee asked $ Ifio.OOO. It can be purchased with a small down payment with easy terms owner woulj also consider exchange for mortgages or sinnller property. I!irr street (Kaines park' section) .V four family apartment house, l'lach apartment has a lirepbieo, tile vestibule and bath, and a separate heating system. 1 nte aiiniiiilly 1,2.400. Inspect this properly for value. IVioe asked f22,riOO. Owner would consider second mortgngea in exchange. Kineinon street A brick block, including three stores and six flats of live rooms each. This in an extraordinarily g"od proposition. Annual income nets f4,-(loO. l'riee asked $40,001) with down payment of $.1,000. Owner would eotiKider exchange for other property. Suinme rvllla bouleiai'd - A thrs ouirhly attractive all modern home in a beautiful setting. The. many attractive features of the bitiidin? itself include Adams floors, giimwood trim, sun parlor, tile vestibule and bath, Sav-C Time device, and an excellent heating system. The pj-iog asked $20,000 Is welt Within reason as yon will lind on in.spect ion. Iiown payment of .fo.OOO. t'niirt Street A centrally located eight family apartment house, with four to six rooms in each apartment. Annual income stated as !S1.00O. The location of this property ia such as to insure steady rental conditions as well as indicating rapid increase lu valuation. , Asking $tM,000, with $13,000 cosh, t Iwner would consider exchange for central investment proper! y. MORTGAGE BUREAU Our Mortgage liepartmeut offers unusual advantages t invrsslors and sellers of tirst and second mortgages. All listings inspected ami approved b lis personally. Ye can sell your secmil mortgage without the umiiiI delay and inismvenienee. , Contractors and builders who need tirst mortgage money, see ii-. List ,iour mortgage wants with this department. SALESMAN WANTED Wa have an aliening for 2 good evpci'iencMl salesmen for West Sde proiKiit.v. Se Mr, Sluytesant, Sales Manager. S UNOCrtTArfesi SlCHfSTNlir ST. rnoai 20s m d jaeeeiavs t H.WaiMBM Strauchen UNDKRTAKCn 265 North Street ri'BLir ri Nrsxt. rnirU M Ml H (1RA.DE FUNERALS at very reasonable prirea. THlp Vea bo( mean cti.sp funerais-but las best fer ls raoaev CHAS. 1. KENNEDY eunersl Dlreefor 19 n iMthrop ial. Ste ia nag -wfiywresisa. mss,a, a raiinuTnTrn Rochester Herald' Exchanges East Main atreet Neighborhood of Culver ror, a brick block, corner location, with two atores and fonryjjjijja of five moms each. Annual ineom on thia property H.i'aX). An extra lot In rear. Hot water heating system. The price fti.OOO is well within reason as you will find on inspection. A payment of $1.0(K) is requested. Owner would trade, for canh and second mortgages. j. 4 - 4 - I eisfe, Albemarle street Near Aquinas Institute, out of th moat beautiful homes in this attractive section. Hetl til roof, oak floors, ivory trim, tile bath and veeti-bule, large open fireplace. Interior nicely decorated. A two-car garage. Owner is asking $18,000 with $2,500 caah. Thia is an unusual proposition and merits your inspection. Ninth t'iuhugh street-A seveu family three atory brick apartment house with eleven-car garage adjacent. A commercial garage also goes with thia prop-arty. Apartments are furnished. Ad annual income of $0,054 is a consideration that should prove aitractiv. $30,(KK) 1 asked with $10,000 down payment. Owner would ' consider inconi property or good aecond mortgage in exchange. tbui ch Street A corner brick block, with fiva stores and !een office.'" ' These properties are well rented and in the best of ' "frittnrUiom Annual income $4,0X1. l'his proposition iK unusually attractive as you will readily see on inspection. Trio asked $05,000, with down payment, of $10.000. Hyiie I'ark Near Central Station, a large brick home, at present used as a rooming bouse, but which would be easily adaptable tt dootot'a resident or for a oliibbotise. This ia commercial property and can b purchased with $5,000 dowa payment. Owner would conalder exchange for double house, Boston, or business block. For Rent Stor with liylng room attached, good location for grocery and meats; a paying business can be established from th Brat and aection la growing fast Pan b rented eotire at $75 per month. Ilardwar location for rent, In aection where tber ar all other retail stores but no hardware for a radius of about a tulle. A money maker for good hardware man. Factory spas in Bom of th most modem buildings: 7,500 square feet in central location, heated, sprinkler, elevator and light on all aides, at low rental. Heavy machinery can be used in this building. 8,300 square fee in centrally located building, good light, le-Tator service, near freight yard. Can be had at $2,100 per year. 13,000 squar feevt in on story, very modern building with switch. Everything here that is found in the most up-to-date building; price is right. We have 50 ft on lame street. Can b ptirchaaoii for $40,000. Will take am all down payment and easy terms. EMBALMING SPECIALISTS Finaat of Funeral Furaiahiagi 811 Mais St, W. Caaatea 703 , tIAND-WESTJx-LWE-(D M1UAENTS 9 MAUSLEUMS WTlTiAIE 5 ' WmiO WT-CO T Read the Want Ads a A"

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