The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1944 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1944
Page 2
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fAGE'TWO B1,YTHRVILU<; (AHK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, NOVICMRKH 10, 191-1 Burdette Girl Wins 4-H Honor - Geraldine Pierce, 15, "n South Miss. Coun ' Champion For 1944 Gernldlne Pierce, 15 sear old n ember of the Burdette 4-H Club J'ihss been chosen South Mississippi 1 fcounty champion girl for 1944 f Daughter of Mr and Mrs J D fierce v>ho own 03 acres ol former 'Ivree States Lumber Company land, ne !:> one of 10 children The asaid will be made at the '.chievemerU ,Day dinner early in A member - three years, ehe has j arrlert projects In gardening and aiming and clothing, of which she EpC nn iccuratc record nlong with the time she spent in farm labor Herrecbrtldisclosed that from the one-Half'Of'the family garden, given her, she 1 canned 128 guftrts of vege- Uble.s which she produced and helped with canning of 421 quarts of thills and vegetables from her irjjitl er s share of the garden ^bhe^old two bushels of tomatoes fjtim her gaiden for $3 and $22 forth of fiull picked from the fnm- ilj orchaid Fiesh vegetables used were valued at $5983 deducting $5 fbr cost of seed and labor to make h£r garden valued at $17136 .,Tn hei second jeir clothing pio jecl she made two pinafore's foui dfcsses, i "ktil and blouse for hci i,self* Total cost of material was 1 f 12 59 -in addition to making her own olhes, she fashioned a dress and :irt each for-.'two younger sisters id two slips for her mother. In the recent county' style dress ivue, she was chosen to model a rint dress and pinafore she made. Assisting' in the farm labor pro- ram was another -project. She lopped cotton aud.-corn at home 2 dajs and 10 da>s on neighboring urns nt $2 50 per daj Since Au- ust she has picked cotton 3fi full ass Averaging 200 pounds dnil> Slncj beginning school Oct 0 she ickcd .^cotton !Jn the aftei noons alrierin[!,.Afrorn 25 'lo 30 pounds ailysTt-Hcr labor in picking 1525 >ounds*''of cotton was' valued at 213.75. in addition lo the labor •alue of $80'for chopping corn nnd otton and labor valued of making ijlothes. | Her eainmgs hate, been contilb Bled to the family Wai--Bond fund let aside to be used for building a view home when the Jivar Is over. | All of the five $o"ns andifla'ughlers Jelp Iheir parents faun and hive ontrlbuted 16 .the 'fund' 'set aside or a home Ihe father may decide 0 invest the money alrpi.d> earned 1 some moie land, If ho does it Ib 11 ri a ht with Geraldme and he isters and brother All have a iiare In the famllj enterpii es ns )ad keeps books of wlia,t~.each earnb nd contributes, toward'.that, fund, ven to labor of Gerojdlne making i {loihcs for (he ybunger si lei anc *lie six-j ear-old SOL nlfo cauied ater over the colton tiaol lo those lembers of the familj picking cot Dutch Treat Dutch childicn, Mncnl of them wearing traditional wooden shoes, ore shown above playing on huge fonloons ininltd bj American engineers near n recently liberated Holland town. The lUbULr floats will be ised to support n pontoon bridge over one of Holland's many waterways. • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ver his shoulder, Jockeying for po- Illons In the line-up. A hnc-lip that las meant a one-way trip for a core, or more, I've known person- Death Without Ceremony A P-38 went down In flnmcs ovei Germany yesterday. Yon probablj noticed it In the- paper, along will several others'. I was one of th first to know of 11 and sent the re porl in to higher headquarters, a I've done several times before. Th government lost about 5100,000 o the deal.. Some Mother lost he son. ally. They are nil good fellows, you CAItl) Ol' THANKS The pastor and members of Carter's Temple C. M. E. Church vvisli Shortage Still Upsets Smokers Of Cigarettes Jiy United' l'rcs:i The cigarette shortage In the United States Is leading to all kinds of complications, some funny, some net. Cn the serious side, extensive hc&rditi; seems to have developed, with millions of Americans scrambling for poP ulnr . and even unpopular, brands. As usual In cases of hoarding, an xtensive -black market Is flomish- ulth hundreds of Mack inar- ctcei's being enriched at the excuse of smokers and hoarders. Slack market prices range up to 50 cuts a pack, but thc-'OPA pi'orn- ses drastic action to stop this. In some sections, business rou- Ino and war work 1ms been dls- uplcil, with men and women ev- rywlicrc stnndlng In Hue, some- Imcs for hours, to assure them- clvcs smokes, . Aggravating the situation is the ush nf Christmas shoppers to accumulate reserves for gifts. Even in Paris, cigarette rations lave vanished. Because • of the shortage available cigarettes are sent to* the .men at the front, mid none Is being sold to Americans In Paris. . But here ut home, service men vlio buy their cigarettes at post exchanges, have found themselves suddenly popular. In Meirtphis, several boasted they could go out "with 'iny girl in town" If they brought along H couple of packs. In Chicago, druggists asked that lionlng be Installed, bill the OPA indicated it would be too difficult. If |j reenwood Fliers Win Second Courtmartial VEMRHIS No\ la <OP) — md courtmailial has been or ered for two Greenwood. Miss .rmj Air Field officers accused o >\\ filing o\er a Memphis hos iital , , Tlie pair Lieutenant Sldnej M , poleman of Memphis and High ' pffic'er John fa Sommer of Pitts Burgh, 'had been discharged In Jrevious"^ trial However, the new trials as, .called because of a tech Eical error?by,tbe court which wa allegedly prejudicial s to the Inter fet of the" deletidnnts The 'government can stand Hi ss, yon made no comment, by now in accustomed to it, and nothing e say. or nil the medals he had ariicd. will be much consolation o her. He was nn awfully nice guy. Hard, old enough lo vote nh\ajs imling joiial had a little blntl Hist a chc,' a piL"qn the back for verybody and a born .flyer. Same ync of • fellow you .:llke to hnvo rop In on 5011 toi a diink 01 n hut and .vou'rC' see him. He "went down without any, glory tlached. Never' j had a chance Tneie Is no Kloij whatsoever in riv lug but 1 in s ira hp d rather hnvc don't find a bad one' In a dozen. You'll do, anything for .them, 1 -any lltle fnvoi':lhcy mlglit-nsk.'-You're afraid not'lo, because the one you aie n-: little loo busy'to giyc.a hand lo may be the one who doesn't .return from the next mission, so It's a pleasure to glvcra;. hnnd, whenever possible. I've never heard one of them give anyone a direct order Ihcy are all from good families (oven the Yankees) and some have a lovely wife and kids wailing back there. Quo of the beat I've evel known won't be going back lo his wife and Ivvo kids because fink cii ! ic arming wire on his tinrelcascc onibs. He exploded In mid-air. No inch glory Ihcrc, This Is just a brief glimpse o our fighter pilots. The men who ie definitely doing their part t In •yqi|r- war. The' men who nr avlng < thousands of our grouiu •ooph i by paving the road aheai f them —• knocking out gun em- lacemcnt.s, j tanks, trains, bridges [ men.- Men.XUU .die following .he wako. of-their bombs, It's im- osslble iQ'get'it'all but it's no fault f their own because they go from Utitudc .down- to the deck in live best they to express words of thanks and appreciation to the various colored churches for their splendid cooperation In helping us to entertain tin annual conference which was helc here last week. We also wish I hank the Pastor and members o he First Methodist Church for the! ooperallve service. May God Bles ou. Rev. P. L. McClain & Member! >cen knocked b> 33aron Von :o and tsb, one of. Germany's • nces, but lnslead ; :a burst ot flak got him. You can t successfully tight back nt flak If Its n luckj shot—von lave luifl it Tbp but nee in the AAF can't bent H. Facts' mentioned aren't unusual It's only n, repetition of many for iner cases. The unusual purl, and most'difficult'.to grasp. Is the calm mutter of.'.fact, reception In whlcl death is accepted under such clr cumstanccs. Presumably, he's for gotten, his .name is never mentioned except when a, necessity, you re member well 1 what he looked like but he's just another man who hn accomplished his days work You'd think it would clfect th other pilots, some watched him g down, and bum.: but it, doesn't — outwardly niev still want to imk the •. next mission, and every ml: sidn. When the flight, leaders stnr setting the next mission up on IV board they crowd around, looking T**d Courier News Want Ad< Chas. "Home Furnishings Moderately Priced" LIVING ROOM FURNITURE ALWAYS SMART . . . COMFORTABLE . . . REASONABLE And at WaUseka, 111., the city council suspended collection of the annual $25 city retailers cigarette (nx. The city treasurer explained lhat with retailers having no cigarettes (o sell, he'd need an armed guard to collect the tax. Sounding balloons, carrying scientific Instruments, have reached altitudes of 115,000 feet, or 22 miles. DRS. NIES & NIES The great Kroehler factories have engineered new comfort features in this lovely suite so that it "fits you" in the most relaxing positions. Note the comfort-back and soft spring-filled cushions. Richly carved hardwood frame. Other Kroehler Suites .Priced 157.50-- -164.50 ---177.50 OSTCOPATH/C RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY (FXCFPT CANCERJ b ,;-. OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 614 Mala Ulythevllle, Ark. attempt. 1 ',TMeirilo" the canVv''.V":Mv]f . • These men v dlc every dny, most mccrcmdnloiisli. .They aren't, without ferir. No man is,' but, they do control' their fcnr'to n degree thnt "s nmazing — cvei\ lo n mnn wlio :ins never hnd to face It. Joe Slalln Ilres 1 a 'J2'l gun sa- .ntc when n clly falls, buL when i pilot falls—well—you can't, ylvc iiim n 423 gun salute, so Just, ylve him n thought—when you stnrl to uncork that next, bottle o[ bourbon. Uiey haven't tasted bourbon In a :icll of n long time, but they nre exposed to a living hell every mission out. . . They sure were, rcgitlnr gnys. . . . Sgt, Harold T. Hendrlx US Army Air Forces Belgium StJoseph ASPIRIN IARCEST SELLER AT IDI TSRE RECASTING! 24 Hour Service Also—Vulcanizing and Tire Repair WADE COAL CO. N. Hwy. 61 'CEILING PRICES Phone 2291 NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS TennKes may b« ruining your property. Cili me fix check-up without coat or obiigaiion. HATS, MICE AND ROACH CONTBOL GUARANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKENSHIP , ISS C. Krntacky Wistful young America may not be able to understand why those long, lovely rides in the country are now only a memory. But their patriotic fathers, meeting the necessity for 'conserving gasoline and for prolonging the life of tires and Cars, have reduced their driving to a minimum. They know that "Care for your car — For your country" is more than a slogan, that such care is important lest the nation face a wartime crisis in domestic transportation; ' '" So now, more than ever, they w,ant a quality oil to preserve and protect their motors.iTheir only question is: How can I tell which are the quality oils, i j '• Here is one easy answer, inja vcrjf : frank statement by Phillips If you want our best oil, remember we specify that Phillips 66 Motor Oil is our finest quality . ; . the highest grade and greatest value . , . among all'the oils we offer to average motorists. Experts recommend changing oil every two months. Especialfy, don't neglect the seasonal change this fall. Get rid of contaminated, summer-thin oil. Drain and refill with a quality lubricant. Ask for Phillips 66 Motor Oil. CARE KR YOVR CAR—FOR YOUR COUNTRY %**&& ' * C&^ ^?«^» v ^ «tf^M _^Ei ' _ v* - ^ Pre-War, All Coil Matching Box Spring the ENERGy-GlVfNG MATTRfSS ?> * V<i PARAFFIN'BA Regular Oak FQLDIH CHA Sturdily built with slat seat and back— Lots of 6—2.69 each Sturdy Oak DIN CHAIR Set of 6 Kitchen Stools 1.85 to 435 Good Heavy Walnut Finish Office Chairs dtsM* 50 BILLION MILES dt SERVICE Mnllrc&s and Matching Kox Spring $49 50 Ib, all cotton Mattress 7.95 Good 50 and 55 Ib. Plaited Felt Mattress $11.95 and $13,95 55 Ib. all layer Felt Mattress $18.95 and$19,95 50 Ib. all white staple Mattress, a genuinely good value $29,50 We Now Have Crib Mattresses With Water-Repellent Covers $9.75 Other Crib Mattresses 4.95 and 7.95 Walnut or Mahogany DESK CHA!RS 4.25 to 9.69 32 Piece Set DISHES Service for 6 4.85 to 6.J5 Reconditioned S1EEL COIS (Fold-under Ends) 5-6-7*

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