Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on September 27, 1925 · Page 40
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 40

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 27, 1925
Page 40
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J r 40 HOCIIESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1923. WARSITY LOSES TO AMHERST IN OPENING GRID TILT, 23 TO 6 NEW YORK A. C. ! SMASHES MARK I 1 IN RELAY RACE powers Time for 1 7-8 1 Mile Event; Paulen I Wins in Debut, ! N Vnrk. 2rt i By (lie rmtfii Vrrs i Br.iking f tlio (lrlfj'n rertrfl fur th hp bikI lsp',T Piclillm mi!p medley relny by New rk A, (.'. niniier mid tin- virlory of Adrian I'nulrn, Dut.-h middlp din ' fnnco oinr. in bin initinl n "nrjiin c in Anirrirnn miU ipr in(iiiidini ' Ifsulio of the 11. lib lrnk n ltd fiidd Siinirs of tbp.Ncvv York A. ('. nl 'J i vera ml in day. Thf iiin' rr'tny murk of 7:2-" I n plnblilicd by u li'iiin r-miui in;; of .fncksou X. Srhnlz. J't.pli 'riTii''y. Itporpp Mttrstfrs and 'iiiip (Itmduin, llip former ronnl tel in l'.MIM nt ?otn, Mass., by Hie lrili A meritiiii Athbdii' Club runner hi 7:11 i!T. . 1 hey nere J .1. Arclier. J. M. ( ber. A. 1!. Kivint nd .1. Hroinilmv, S'holr. enrered I he firt leg of the , medley, ynrd, in T2 ei-oinls. .' Taj-no Taken Title. I'nnlen'f triumph over trio nf (be renntry lendinjt runner, nil of the .New York A. (',. enine in a venial ioniil liuijdt to the tltHl-y n rl pp''iul re. The llollnnder Inkinu il enf.v on- Hi the filial fctrolfh when he wns bojed l,e(ween (Jeorpe MurlerM and .l,hn .Uolden. He l-roke aay ill Ihe lat 1 l'Kl yards and brn.-hed the inpe a rd and a tin If in front of Alan U " C II i1ff ri. b. The time win 1 :1V. 4-.V i tno e'oii(Ii slower llinn the world '''Ti.'ortl set by Melvin YV. Slieppnrd. j of the lrisli-Aineriian A. '. ill 1 !'Ht. j Helffriib. nliend nt the iinirier milei turn, ,ax rlnrked in Tt'J 4 5 second, f lluwell I'ayne, of the lllinoi A. ',,! f'hiifigo, vnn the nvo-iiiilH M-eplf-1 , ybnie rarniiiK with it the National A. A. V. i hninpioii! hip in 111 :4H 4 i ' I'ayne allowed ,)t,hn l'N'eil, nf the. Newark A. ('., to et the p;n-e until ,. tile next to the last lap. lie nwepl ' jinet tl'N'eil. who Bpurted mid reenineil , " the lead at a water ha..ircl where j l'o.uie aliiinlileil. I'njnB rapidly over- rook tl'Neil, however, and wa ion varda in front nt the fini-di. Basil Irwin, unattai bed, nns third. I ' After eaiturin(( xecond place in the Jlipotmd ehot )iut, Urville W aimer, ..of the New York A. C clipped oil n .'batik near the track and broke n "umill lame in his left foot. The event j 'u was won by I". .1. McUonalcl. of the New Y'ork A. "., wild n distance nf 47' feet, six ntid one half inches. .Ouakers'deTeat ! More than 40,000 Fans See : Pcnn Win by 32-0. j while ittHiidins on Syrnruse's ten-yard . rbibvlelpliia. Kept, '.''i. - iHy the mlrii lin, ,.,vir, madly dow n Ihrnimh . Aitociofed Press )- Pennsylvania open- !()), t ,.r f f, fr a toiicbdow n. ei! its football fMmhi oh KrnnWlui bimlinsi over taikler after la'kler in Hfld toobiy by defeaiins t'rsintw Col ',iy ptii, lece, XI to 'I. More I Ii n li 40,MM ,u:,iM ;1, il,,, ecmid period he reeled .pisoiis, the largest crowd that everjnff f,f,y.,nr, llln f,,r a touchtown saw mi opening rtet here, attended the game 'IWhdowns by Al. Kren. AI. I.eith. Stan. Siernckl, Tliomns Y roe- nian nnd IMck fblierne, and two dace-: - Tfent kiiks after touchdown made i.piwav for mint her tlrange ton, Injow n. Penns lvnnia'M score. The big thrill j i i'f the game came when t'dicrtie, mak- J jug his 'Varsity (Jrhut, picked a for- vard pns-s out of the air nnd run j seventy vnrd for a touchdown in the: third period. He was well protected 1 i.y in iiiiericieuce. PALMYRA OPENS GRID ! SCHEDULE WITH LOSS! Palmyra, Sept. I't. --Palmyra opened I its footli ill enson Frtilav s-irferii..n f wiih a defeat t the bands of Kairport, i ,ttt ,, firs dow n nnd that came lute j and it was ngnint the subs that Untitle giiine being one of the ntirnrimii" I jn , final ,iiailer when Captain j ''art made its only first down of I lie of the l'ahiiyra l-'ir. The score was in riuipmnn heaved a forward pas lojila.v. Siimmarv : In 1. I -Paliovra'ii scbednle for the sen.oa is la. follow.: Kepteiulier :'-'.ih. Kairport nt I l.l,vi-ffl - ll.-iol,,- :t,l ,' al Newark: October lnih. 1 niversi.v ,.tl? '' lla.v nnd the liinnge men;,; ! Kocbest.r l-'restiiiieii i pa I my ra : I lei o J her lltli, Weh-er at Webster: Ociolicr Sfiieca I-alls i Seneca ! iiIik : i of-ioner .tlsi, .'wnik ai j Miveintier 7h, l-flirport at Falrj I Novemtier 11th, Webster at Taimyr ?i irporl MspfJurti ! Mi pk1tfk$ You are on the Road to l ill w. ill I I il I VrWrti ruf M'r f.w T lit MM. I Hell i the Road to Diilj 111 EiilS Why not save ihe hair that you now have? (tart now rettore vour ikeptiral. Thoutandt of Thomai f btldnrtt icttify 10 the tucrr.i of il tcalp ditordert and pontivrir OUR CUARANTEE Wt tender a legal written guarantee to grow htir on bajd htada or apoU wktra hair formarly grw if acctpttd by ua for treatment or you don't pay penny. EXAMINATION FREE. THE THOMAS' Hair and Scalp Specialists Hourat 10 A. Saturday Addrew: 302 Burke STARS IN FIRST a 5 f 1 .writ JIM CAPTAIN FOLEY FEATURES AS ORANGE BEATS HOBART - fi TTLJ ocurei i wo i uuliiuowhs, une on upemng Kick-off; Second on Svrarnsc, Sept. 2,--Jim Foley, of Hartford, t'otiit., cap-lain of the S rai'twe I 'ni et'sit v foothall eleven of l'.)J5 stood I out like a meteor here this afternoon in the openinrr oame of I the season when he led his hand of athletes to a 32-to-O . vie 1 I. , . . i. . . itorv over th lloliart team. It was a point a mnntte victory for eiht-mimile quarters was f'oley jene the ten thousand .(ee- lator.s thrill after thrill, his first eom-ins in the first few seconds of plav ! when he took Yogi's Initial kick off n, in Ihe thud period the "range ; lender, plnving bis tii sl gaiue ns ipin Iiorl.aok at Syracuse, made a fifiy-Mird j : which put the ball well down I i,e llobart lerrilory and paved thej the Siraciise line-up sent on the field i by Condi l!evnobls. Carr. Clark audi llnrhnti gained considerable ground while ihe Syracuse forwards showed eohesiou but they had little , the, way in. i,.. ,., , , -' '"'V' ' I which has not had iniich prnciuei - :j'Z:'u,r , , i ,,ii ,.,.lv ,, ,.,,u ,. , T . . liri ! :,). froni'iM-riniiiiiis llobart inade ilSarna which gained about siv nrd nnd cave the lienevnns a fust down. j ,,,, .'(.T nnnivered n cm va. . 1 - I execu ted tliem well lor en rly in the f.rst touch- season. t'oley mnde ihe j ,!,,- ,y u,P iMIynrd run mentioned above. The second tlrange touchdown lv gtw kv tit 7iu hair. We hav convinced the moat clieme th mntt "hnpelm" ritrt Tht Thomat method. 't combat rrgrow hair. Examinations Free. Treatmenft Guaranteed M. to S:30 P. M. to 7 P, M. Bldg., Main at St. Paul ftt , ., OO' PCI, I IOC J (lilt I I I K, II III"- Ml R - i ..... ..r,.... 1.-..1 .., i... l...,. IB H H BR Pif ETC SYRACUSE GAME 41 4 2 4 ' t. . A ' i.- FOLEY. f f ' Fifty-yard Dash. the .Jnili'tjiif the "mc. , i t,ii ... i , off on the 2 yard line ami mnde a short run hack. This was followed by n series of rushes in which Hie (Ira nee made seeti first downs, the la-t be-ine a forward pass, 'oey to Carr. on i.;..i, ii. A I.,,,,- i. .... ...t ...... ,i.- i.. . ... ,' . ', ,, clink mark for a tuinhdown. foev ., ,,, . , ., , Intt'M by hnofiiiL- thp oval nver ihoi, rrshH r. The fir! play after the start of the .,,,,, .warier I'oley ripped off a fif ,,,,,,, , f(Pr ,,, ,om.,. M i,i. fl ' . 1 I V 1 I !,-,-,, . . ,, ,,' , ififii yard run which put the ball on llobnrt s lS-ynri! mark from where a series of line bucks took tln ball within the diaih'W of Ihe llobnrt goal line and then Clarke went over for a t I, ,!,.,. n 'fll,ir),, ,,, ,)r,M,,r(1 worked the ball to the llobart IT- i . .. ., , ' ' ' "f " ' : Condi liei no'ds made n few suh-ii ;tulioii in ihe lal few minutes of play I ltollVttT Sinn li Trap! Moorel Vogt S P li I a n si, II Seeflebl j Its riol i i'.ii I I hapmii ii Kil. v ; Itarreti i Pinld 1.1 7 (1 fi -.tjI svn.'i'l SK I K- , lone. . IM' A anl.engen , . liiii'g t-' red m n a . . , . ItlggS Hay lev Itanon j It : J' K"lev ti'aiii.) ! I II - I'larWe It M-l arr I'll - Itnrbnil .... Svraciise llobart tl 0 0 (I Touchdowns. Pol. y '. I'arr V. Clarke ;i P'otlis after loin hiiow-ns, I'olcy 2. sill, j i il Hi in',-, Svracn.e, M.uin for Itrti-tinit.: Cooke for Ki, v. V tomiin for rriclmau. : for x an l.ctig. n, John Tm lor for -tones. Maisier for 'rr. It i'hi tneye, for Hailcr: II,, hart. W hmnle for tl, n liarna for Wh m1c . referee, lan t'ii.e of Maine; umpire. .1 K. Murphy, of Puf ' r l-iiby, of ! niiniltes. run ; I imr tf trifl,l York-Keys Split. Yerk, Pa . Sent. M -- (A. P i York, of ihe New- York Pennsylvania League. :- "leading, of the International Prague, divided a twin bill exhibition game here this afternoon. York taking the fir.t Ihi. 10 I.. (1. and loaimr the sceoiul, to il. Score by inning. : KIR ST OA MR. fl 0 2 0 tl 1 (I ft 3 - fi 1? 1 . . , . 3 II ft fl n 1 ft 11 1 - pi 1,1 4 I Heading :Yi.rk .... naileries Young, Smallwond nnd McCarly; Lynch, Tilltmiu and l.erian, Johnson. SKt'ONI' (iAMK. Heading itonnniiiii ; a n York it (I t! (I ft 0 11 0- 0 S 2 iKight inning l.y agrcmenti. ttaiierlcs - y.ubris and ti -Ncil; tjeorgp and l.eraln. ' Shamrocks Will Start with All-Scholastics i The Shamrocks will practice thin morning at 10 o'clock in preparation j for their game at Kdgerton Park this jfterreein with the All Scholastics. All pl.irera are asked to be on bund nt 1 2 :.'!! for the game. For sanies w ith the S h .1111 lo. kj call U It n wood. 31jt, SIT7IE RECOVERS FUMBLE I TO UNREEL 88-YARD DASH TO YELLOW'S ONLY SCORE Lord Jeffs Count in Each of Four Periods; Rochester Offense Proves Weak. Atnlirrsf, Scjil. ''. Con ch "Tuss" Afcl.aujilircy's A'mlicrsti rlrvrn uprtir?! its prpiirriti scasun on I'ratt Field here to-day with a 23-t't-f) iftorv nvrr the l"nirrit- of Hochctcr. Thy I F.ord I c f T i scored in every one their victorv attd showed a strong and well balanced running attack, e.-peciallv for an otieniny; game. A gootl-sized crowJ saw the Amherst eleven in its that K'vo promise f further success later in the season. The three Subrina toiiehd'iwns . ere I made by three different players, Ihmigh I lie (lent Charley lirew whs really Ihe oulsiai.illnp n i- of Ihe day. Irew 'oi'Ml Hie tirl points "f ihe sen when h" broke l,,o. for a thirty-laol rim in the til'1-! iinrier and lllfc'ired the lenlher over the Hoi'hester iioal line. (Inly a few moments Intp Suttle. rifht end for Itoohevier, m-ooped up nil Amber't fumble on his own twelve, yard line hnd rnred alniost the length of Ihe tridiron for his tennis only points. Mis eiu-bt eight yard jniint. is ipiliiin to stand as one of Ihe sen- sou's boi t scoring runs on this or ; any field. The t"al was missed and Rochester thereafter iteer was on even terms with Ihe Sufirinas. Srnre In Dnrli (juarter. ftarly in Ihe seimid Auilierst put o er its jeiond loii' lidow n after a steady march up Ihe tieid, a parade which the inexperienced Rochester de- fen ;e wtiH tiii'tble lo head off. Captain Charley Moore went, oi er for thej touchdown and Walker kicked jronl. liiirini: this d'ive toward tile Roal ! pets Prew. I'riiidv. Cudiciu and ' Moore all were conspicuous, and the Amherst forward passing attack was uncovered with considerable success. In the third period, .Mohardl, sub-siilutiii!; for I'riddy at riuht half, pot nwny for n t wniMy-tivp-vnrtl run tor wi'ii'lcil hi? way thnmyli tlio fnlh'i itfu'lu-Mer Intuit. (Ifiricitiff 11 ml siiio jsfPli- I.ins like a nia-ter until be sprinled over the final ihnlk maik for half n or noire points. Walker ai:a in kicked L-oal and the score Am- hers! LMi. ItocliPster li. The last cluster of points were made j !v Walker in the fourth period. The J l'lirple and While rislit end booted j over ft coal from placement from the loyaid line about the middle of the j filial rinarter. j Although out-scored and out-plai ed I by the home team Coach l.orenz of f,e ivilors was not m th, ient oouu hearled after Hie coined. lie p.,.e, la team or crcen pia.vers on the field ! ",,lv "".icri,n how th.-y i would deport I heme eh es. His handi- , , ,, , ;... ..i,.,., 'ji,. bni!U an ntt-k ,.r defen-e around "lis too for him to be able to jlurn in a victory on his firt nMempi lili Hnchester's conch, but the former j Nuffield School mentor expressed him- self as pretty well satisfied with his tram's showing. Coach .oI,aii;:lirpy, !tf Amherst, shot in a flock of substi- .titles in the third and fourth period-., r, u- . . . - r I afler his team hnd piled up a safe I If I 1 1 iu -o Mr;i.1n n,. ,' , , ... . ' , i o the Amherst e!eeii was entirely i.i ai i ... different from the one started the encounter. which had In the in it- j of first downs Anihers, scored II j H'heslers . Ihe New ork Slaters tore off one In the third peri nl j on ail end run by Webster and gain ed niiotlicr in the final period on Webster's forward pass to Herrilt for n fil'icpit -va rd advance. If liochester didn't do much else, however, Coach l,o.oiu's boys did smear Amherst's forward passing game ti. a good extent. The playing of Shannon. Webster and Ti'enho!nu :n the hackfield and Smile at left end stood out for Itochesier. Line up : l.i: Wilson. Weils, Morse anib-v, liter. Merrill I I.T Shankw 11,-r. Harper ; llorner. liiinn ' .(', Miller. Itlack On,,,, II l,.ll i I' - ltii'haiilson, W hlincy t'ltllaw nv PHUT Smith fruit. Iligglns Minnies , I.yon, M' ill, nr. i.uiid i Kenrer, I'altej M alker, llruves, Orrok ' I b'K Silllle, I'ollomore till lonre. Wilder T reiitml me I. II lirew, I'reden, W. Parker Webster Pit - Prlildy, Motianlt, llagrnlcickle Slialliloll i I'll I'adigan, Merrill, I. Parker Kroner, Wolfi Score Amherst It,., hosier ii : lotlclolou lis, lltew. Smile, Moore 0! polnls afler touchdowns i Walker '-': foils from Held, Walker r.-fcr.e.'V. ..r n.iwil.Un: umpire Slu-. "f ll.iU.ill I .. IllieillSli. W II llell of Splinwlicbl : liilU'. to nutl'lle pcrioili j I nCTD AIT D D TFAM Ut I I A. A. !-'" WINS TRACK MEET I Columbuv Ohio- Sept. 2C- 1 Py thej Associated Pressi,- The Michigan I Central Aihletic Association, of lie ! ,..; .rtn.ii,.'. total of Til points.. ' '., J ... ... ,.,.b ., , j Willi TUP se.-oioi oo-.',. ., n oi-., , ; the New- York Central Lines, he'd it t ', : tht New York I entral l.inf. I.t,l m , Ohio stadium here to day. New York: , Ceniral Aihletic As.w iation of H'lf- i i,o.;.. .,,li h..r. ...,l,v New York also, mis second Willi It points HUH j the II. g Four .Athletic AsM-intinn. of Cincinnati, third wilii 1H poinis. More than ,Mi.iHHI employees of railroad companies were present. The Indiana Halls. r Pelt baseball team, nf Chiciigo, defeated the Main Line K'ngine House team, of the Uuffaln-Ningarn Palls district. II to 7 for the championship "f the s;stem. Pirate Backers After Senator Odds of 6-5 New York, Sept. -i. (P.y th- A-s'-riated Pressi Hackers of tho l'tt-b'lrgh Piniics are nl,i'U odds ,f 'i lo "t on the chances of the Lciigue chninpions again t Va-lci:g-lon in the Win Id's Seriea. nt or.ii.ig to reports ,.f wagering in W.iil Sttect to dev. One firm of betting commissi, opes reported that il bad SPU'Cit to p.v 'iain.i fk"i iliat the Pint's win, Id in th- n ties. nf the four period; to put nverj first contest and witnessed deeds Anther! ?:i, Rnehe.ter ft. I nlRiile 2H, ( anUin. ft. ( nrnelt HO. nehnnna t. New inrh (nlirr.llv It, M;iir (I. Notre llaine 41. Ilnvlnr 0. Syracuse ;l-J. ilnhnr! a. SI. I.nwrenre Id. I psala ft. It H.ltlnBtnn nm) .leffrr.on neva IJ. Iliirtmniitli rttl, orivleh ft. Hale. I, Lowell Textile (I. West A I rr 1 11 1 ,1 IS. Allegnny ft. llilvlrlHnn 1 nlteire 7. U nfford ft. IWl irsliila We.levnn . Ma.vnes burg a. I nion CS. St. Michael, ft. 'emis.vlt tintii :f!. I r.lnn. 0. C nlunihta .'1(1, llaverforil II. Knlger. Ill, Alfred .1. A Ilia .Nam !CI, l.n.vnla 0. lifOrcp U H shin Kt fin 4., HI. if Rlrle I'rnn Alttitur.r ( ntlf S9, Vm iw VnrU I Iflfl I lull I). rtrn ItrmTVf M. I nlvrrnlty of T f.corcU I iihrrvliy Mercfr A, j .enrin Twli 1:1, (If If thttr 1. , Normal ft. Haw linn t nhrr.liv of Detroit Alma, .Mlrh., ( ollrr a. i Mi.lcgnn Slate 4nllee III, . Adrian Tot i tree 0. Aeraiont. 7. flnrksnrt Tech ft. j Atllllnm and Mary 44. Lenoir Ithyne ft. I lleldclheric It. Ileflanre ft. llentsnn t. Hill. date. Mich., ft. I I a. e l.". Ha I ll ill Wllllaee 1. Mount I nlon i:t, sltptiery Itork, l'n., ft. i mister IT. A.hlniiil 0. j Ohrrlln 1, Alhlon, Mich. 0. Mii.Utoaiini 7. Kin (,rande "i. Ohio ..lniiil II. I ,1 1, II ,I II. j AVittentierc 1:1. Uriin :t. Hllller I. I nrlhuin II. Alrviiibi la. Hiiilen- Hney ft. I arutnn 'IT, ewhprrv 1ft. I're.h terlnn I nllelle It. Clem. on ft. llln, lei J. Parts Island Marine, ft. sooith ( nrnllntt .1:1. F.r.Uinr ft. I I a ll r :ta. . ,, I If iir't ft. llnkf l ore. I ft. .Nnrlli Carolina 0. V. M. I. 4. Kmnri nnH Henry W. A . T. I. (I, llomtokr olleir (I. Kentlieli.v 13. Mar.v.illlr II. Ante, H, lmosnn 0. firlnnrll i'. IVnn otlre 13. Keel. College II, ( olnrildn School of Mine. ft. Sehra.lift Normal .A, Colorado I n!- I versllv II. MiieMe.ter 15. Rer Fall, Normal li. ! Marnnetle In. I eyotn ft hnn.n. Airvle. I f nlleft. A ' (Tflirhion an. MUllnnrl d. f-nrrnll :3 . 4, mil I-hUtb av1 4'rnfn- lll( Slallnn ft. ilnkota M T, South haUotn ; state n, St. Tliomn. f'ollrire fi. t nper lonn ft. Stiiluf .M. I. littler I'hnlen tl, lla.kell :(V. Fairmont ft. Lombard !. Mt. Morrin ft. flhmtiie ( Inb II. etanford ft. H a.hlinliin ins. Wlllnmetle ft. I nllfornhi i. Siiulii ( Inra a. Anhtirn HlrniliiKhnin Southern 6. Aanderhilt i), Teacher. Colleen t). Ahtliaiiin ft:l, I nlon 0. Smiltiwe.lern l.ou l.iunii 17, Loyola ft. Slate I nlirr.tty t!i, l.oulsi-ana Normal II. Tiilnne IT. I.onisinnn t nllene ft. MfOiinolttll oilese 1, HedRloir Col-lege 0. Souther,, MethodUt CnUerslty 4S, State Teili lliT. I ottere ft. I ,tlersltv or I rtlliornin 1 -oin nern - w.... T....l..e. lollege ft. ' iiii.i,im,s Ailolnhiia It. llotllnean Athletic I tab II. t nlierally of South llnloila 4.A, A'aok- Ion I olleite ft. lnl,ersil or Southern I nlllnrnla 3.1, C nlifornln In.lllule ol Teelmolory It. Seviaoee II, llry.on ft. "I of I Imtlnnoogn 40, ,lnek- .onillle -sorniMl o. I Trnii.j I. nnln 31. I Inrlnnmi 1. I North Onkolil Ale 4: i fnllege . .laoiestown Yankees 3, Tigers 1. New York, S-p!. '.'.i, -illy the A -undated PresiO New York Won the opening grt'ne of lh-i s' lies from Detroit today. :; to I. l.ou Holing. Yankee rl r.t !,.i, man, hit inio llo- right It. l.i bleach- , r for hl t weni icili homer of the si'i.on In lb" sc. i. ml lulling. Catcher Johnny llassler. of the Ti gers and PPdier t rban Shocker, nf the Yanks, were inlureil during the game anil were forced In retire. F.-ss. ler received a tplit nnger trmu a rout tip while Shocker was painfully bniiveu ! In the left leg by a liner from the bat of Ifarrv llellia.tnn. Score: : lilTr.nlT ,h' , t, o a ' ' t r h a -ar'r 3 4 " H I ' is eft n -j .1 n . Jliarke. I n " " h,n S " ! " H ' J i 4 n ft 2 2 until rf t i t a a i it i n 1 ft M'sei if n i n n j , f 4 o 2 4 n ii hris 12 117 1; II sio, rf 0 1 4ft 3 3 1 1 2 Ill's 11. 4 I 3 S I Sh k. 2 3 II 2 I Tencr s. I a 2 1 ' " lu.-it i-3 n n t li..i.-r e-j n 1 a I si, ir . 3 n n n ;;rprJ a : ? " " " scnt.ii . l n ft n o 1,I. p n n n ft tti nnr II ft ft ft Total. SI 1 It 54 I" Tital. 2: :t 0 27 13 rim roil n 1 0 II II ft ft ft (l - l New York ulotOIOtli- .. P..i!led for Wet's it, seventh. itliitieil for In.vlo i;i ninth Iltatlcd for Warner in ninth. Twn base lilts, i aveticr, .shank, i-'i : home run. t.oIiHg: siolcu bae, f; -acriil.e.. Shanks. Kopiiib. Ward: double pl.ns. Knth and llclignllgti ; . .,: lefi on Icise.. N.w- York S. Hdro llase on hall., off SIom ker ... Veils 2. iovp ; sirmk 0111, bv shocker .Y hv H ells 2 ,v llovt I : hits n ",'!!'.,'" in inn nt-". on .-i. s-r ,., ,1, . ... , FOOTBALL SCORES I - ,? ' I'eniis.vlnniln :t'.'. I r.lniin 0. II', . . ', . . y " .. Vic V Malar IIS, Fori Vt Itllam n. i i f, i Y , i r 2 . S JT J,P ,-J Willi,,,,,. ..I. Hamilton 0. ' , , ' J M l Itrnwii .1:1, Rhmie l.lanil Male ft. i ' ,! w-'',,!' a f .! . ', ' V - VF i V "i Mate II, 1-el.l.nnn - , V , ( 4 4 , S Maryland l:t. Washlmtlon follee n. ' J J ?. t,' " ' 1 ' ' . V, ' ( onnee.lrat Alr, 1. e.leyan 3. , tf , VYr,'' Hf 5 ' ' v C' A V Holy (ro. 41. Manhattan 0. j 'tjf ..' . Vt V$'i . ', i" ' , V W l.afavet.e W. Mclllenher, 14. 1 f?jtfs . ,V it . ' , I tranklln an.l Marshall 15. Alhrlitlil ft. i CVf f A' t 1 'If t jLIF i A15, 1 ,v 1 ' ' ." (elt stotrr 411. St. .lolni. A. I nine. .3 on In stl,,. off lu.vp- I in '.' I ll.ierior sii.-ngi.i. ....,, n,. .. I innings, off Hon I in 1 13 Innings ;! meet Southern California in Los An-winning t u- her. Shocker . Icing plH her I rin November Utst in one of Hie l1.,,7,,,H,, """I ;...crrs,iS intersettional games .STAR MARKED FOR DESTRUCTION l V. 4. MARKED FOR DESTRUCTION, is "Red" Grange, halfback and captain of the University of Illinois eleven, who won his way to membership on Walter Camp's Ail-Americnn team last year through ensntional playing that made him the outstanding individual in football. This almost superhuman gladiator is due to "get plenty" this year, according to reports from the college training camps thai "shoot for Ker Grange" is to be the slogan of Illinois's rival ILLINOIS-NEBRASKA GAME TO FEATURE ON SATURDAY Baffle of Stars, with Grange Featuring, Is Scheduled for Week-end; Other Games. , . By WALTER ECKERSALL. !thiilTll tliatIV ftintlmll amCS HIT SCllcduU'! fnt; the WCrk- pnrl.'tho clash hctwrrn Illinois and Nebraska shouhl over " ' . , , , , shadow all others. It is hy far the most important early season contest of the rear, and the result will go a Innj way toward fletcrminin"- the chances nt these teams wmnm-ine tnies mi their respective sections. The game w ill command interest f"r several reasons. It wi'.l be the hrst appearance of ihe sea-on for ; Harold "l(ed" Crnnae, captain of this K Illinois eleven. Harold's general play be vv.ilched with a ileal oi niteresi. as it will be shown whether t oiieh Hubert Ztippke is making n triple threat nrtist of bis star nnd whctli-r the added responsibility of the captaincy will nfleet Itcd's game in any n. inked degree. Iloth Pilots All Aineriians. The struggle m ill be watched because the two elevens will be led Into battle American selections lat cnr. (irang', as all fo'lowers of ihe game know, was universally picked fur u bark field iosi-lioii. The same was tine of Ed Wen1, . ... , , , Hi' Nebrnskll le.Ml played a ! great game at ta, kle. W eir was cap- ' t:,in of the Nchia-ka eleven last year I and the added burdens did not affect I his play in liny way. t will be the old case of. teacher i against pupil. I'rnest liearg, the N'e-! braska coach, learned a lot of his foot-i ball under Zuppke. liearg is a smart i t.ailhnll coach nnd cotisitlered one of the most ellicient s.-ouis in the confer- ; eiK-e while at Illinois. Hears may j i ki:ow something of the Zuppke system j 1 ol football nnd may have a defense j which mav slop (Iraiige. for a time at lea-l. K, 1 1 1 1 elevens will be ns far ad- j i va need as il is humanly possible for I the coaches to develop them nnd the j , game should he featured by some i ' sparkling football. j i Prom the '-r j wlndi meet in intersection,,! etruggie-. I vill I" ch's'lj- scouted. As a result il i mnp nonnrt-'i (hm-ui, juiti-m- -i br ill action by several Penn its, as the Orange and Plue and Uuitkers are slateu to cinsn at rniia- 1 flelphin 011 October 'list. The (Junkers v. ill have a game 011 their hands with Swarthmore. nnd both Illinois and Chicago will have scouts in the Hands, The Maroons will journey to rliiiadeiplna 10 meei t enn 011 i.t-ioori lili. , M,,r(nii to Srmit Uai'tiiioutli CiBine. tl : , ... S i 1 bl I t Illollt li, which will come into 2 i the west to meet Chicago on Stagg 1 I fi , , Xov,mllfr 14,1,, will clash with "!n..bai, at Hanover, .nil th. tn,t will ihe seen by Maroon scouts. Likewise ! Coach Ilawlev w ill have men in the stands to watch Chicago a work .11 its opening game with Kentucky on Sugg lifld. The same is true of nth T eh vens, the Navy, Michigan, Iowa, j and Southern California particularly, j while Ihe Aimy. Penn State, (Jeotgia; Tech, and Carnegie Tech will not; New York. Sept. 'JlV (P.v the As-merlook any opportunities to get a I so.-jaied Ptessi lSlnok Hill. Cuban line on Notre Dump in its game with , flyweight champion, resumed his win- i Lombard. A-iile from. Chicago and Illinois, all t titer Western Conference teams wi sw ing into action against opponents of , .kiK ,.-;ii 'i r.3 , Irf''tl,r'ewiiipeii with ArkantTa I . j)Wa (-jtv Michigan will take on I j)s nw hnnored rival. M ichig in State, ; f,,, m,.,-lv known ns the Michigan Ag nt Alm Arbor. l,M-,tip mav lie forced to extend ilself to win from Wabash, know iii:!an ... 4 o u a a .h-h .Jul giiijiroti circles ns the Little (liants. North Ibiknta will be Minnesota's opponent nt Minneapolis, and Smith Dakota will oppose Northwestern lit Kvnnston. Indiana State Normal will furnish the opposition for Indiana at Ploomington, Ohio Wesleyan will give Ohio State its opening test at Columbus, nnd Ames will clash with Wisisin-sin at. Madison. Army Take On Detroit. In the Missouri Valley Conference il.rce games of iiuporlanre wilt be Kansas, coached by i'otsj will clash with Oklahoma A. I i Clark. and M. at Lawrence, Drake will play j Washington at St. Louis, and Okla hi ma w ill meet Kansas A;gies at M.iu-1 i.itati. The Army will engage Detroit nt West Point in one of the important t ; hit by pitcher, by Khuike i .Mostll, struggles to be played on eastern grid- ! Slieelyi ; 'wild pin hea. Khiuke 2: wln-,. ... , - i i ,,i ,i,-IiiImk pitcher, lilaiikensh p ; losing pitch. lions. Detroit is being developed llr.s j tr Knmke? umpires, liowl , Mr- year by tins Dornis, the former Not.'e , nowan and Owens; time. 1:1.",. Dame quarter back, who maehed at Coitzaga a year ago. while tbe Army is again being coached by ('apt. John M.-Kwcn, a capable football coach. Yit.p, one of t ho iinilrirstietl oleven of the ojW lnt venr, will open with MohPebnrynt New Haven, w bile llar - lard will show its first iiulu'.itinns of steetieth bv taking oil Ilensselaer nt.K. I.aik e 2 o 2 2 o.A n I 3 I I ..,l.rli.o l'l'iiicelon and Anihers! ; w(, hl)S,0 OM ,he Tiger gridiron and ' N.1VJ. YVilliam and Mary at Annnpolis. All other teams in the sretion will open their seasons in , nf ' (h(l (lsi;i, 8nHm im. port aura. On ihe Pacific coast. I.eland Pan- ford, last vear's ihampinn, will meat .., 11 1. ,i Santa ( lara. who'll is being roachM bv Ada 111 Walsh, captain of Inst year s : ' ' 1 '.,.,.. California will meet Nevada at Herkeiry and Southern California, being groomed by an excellent coach ill Howard Jones, w ill play Painoiia at l.os Angeles. YVhile too much importance cannot be attached lo the showing of the various elevens in these Htniggba, they will at least determine the players upon whom the coaches will re'jr during the entire acason. BLACK BILL EVENS 1 COURT WITH DENCI0 ulnar streak to-night when lie was ! awarded a judges' decision cner Young Dencio, of the Philippines, in a fat len-rmind bout at the Commonwealth Club. It was Ihe second meeting be tween the boxers, Dencio having won the first bout on a foul several weeks ago in the ranie ring. PETER MALTBY CAPTURES COLT FEATURE AGAIN Goshen Trotter Captures $2,500 Futurity in Straight Heats. Columbus, Ohio, Sept. 21. tPy tht Associated Press I Peter Malthy. owned by the Arden Homestead Stable of Goshen, N'ew York, to-day duplicated his victory of earlier in the weel when he won the Hore Breeders oiiO Futurity for 2-year-old troitei-i in straight heats. This colt race was the day's feature of the Grand Circuit inpetiiiK, which attracted the larjest crowd of tlp meet. llollyrond Stisnn wys the second in each heat. Only four horses turned for the money in the Chamber of Commer"-1 2 MIS trotting slake, and both bents went to Trumpet in handy fashion. After losing ihe first beat nf the 2:14 pace to Minnie Wallace, Myrtle Baxter won the next two heals and lh race. In the second beat Mag Abbe, of the Murphy Stables, vim lending on the nptier turn when she broke her lefr bind leg nnd was Inter destroyed. The 2 MlO trot went to Peter S. in straight bents, with Peter Coley Hie contender in each mile. Summaries: Hor.e llreeiler. Fnttirtlv : S-.venr-lrol ; In 3; Purse fym. Peter Mali by. hr. e.. by Trier Vein. I IlicUcrsoll 1 1 1 Mollvrorl Susan. if . lOoilgci 5 1 siniioii nolle, ,c. iwhitpi ,", :i Hmilile Cros, cli, f, iM'irphyl ... 4 4 Torn Hradlev. lir.. e.. t''oxi Wire Worthy anil Polly reachirec atso Ktnriril. Time 2:j 5-07 1 I. ( hamber of C ommerre Stake; 2:OH Trot; S HeBt. of 5-S and t t-S Mile.;. Pnr.e St,?. Oft. Triiinppt, tig., bv Kliliviih (Nfnr- t'h.rl 1 1 Itnrrr t'p. tig.. iWhitei 'J '' Gertrude P.. Inn.. lSi.,!,esl :l 4 4 "ov t a .tay. tif.. iKIeliiilig 4 Time 1 :1S; 1 I I. 2:14 I'nee; .1 llrsils j Parse St.ftCn. Mvrlle I'.n.Tter. b , bv I'hlleote IV Klemlngi 3 1 1 M -nnie Wallace, bm, (Valen- tlnei 1 2 '2 Ktawah The lireal. Iig , iphixieni 2 3 3 Silas ,1 Pari-hen, bg , f t'a U 11 Msg Ahlie, Hlk, m , I Murphy I and I Co 1 1 !1 , I Time 3:1 IT 14; : :L':i .1 1; '.' -M :i 4. I !:! Trol; 2 In S; Tnr.e l.noft I Teter S. bli., by Peter The (ireat 1 'alentiliei Peler I'niev, bg., tl'roier' .... : Hullyriind Hub, br . ii.. iSliortsi., : I Peler Mills, l,g., I Peter.l : jjcan Axworlliy. br, 111., tPlaxico) - 1 Tillie i:".".: 'J L't. Chisox Win Two. HfiKon. Ppf. 21- t A. r i, Chicif) f tnnk two ca:nr fnmi t hr Kftl ,m t"- ! ilaT, thf first. H to ."i, flitil til1 fcrnri'l. i A to . Jh nnnl jrsuno was .ynH iwprntpth vJrinry for llir- xnr U thi '"- hv hits, t.lnnkn was hn wiM in h i ,mr rfr,iv, F(llk ,.rratH u,e fens.ition of the game, wii,-,, h., mane one n.-mu cai-n m ten t.-i t wlilie lying on bis back. Secret j Kilt ST CAME. I cnieyim Boston ' Ihrlios ll I il n I Uln.lil ef a 1 .1 3 HJenllnn 1 .A I 1 ,1 'I ' Itper r 2 4 -J II l'!l .1 . f 4 I I no j Harriot 2 3 1 o n 4 it', 11,1 r " I o iSlicoli- 1 .1 o 1 11 i, Twit ... ;, o 1 II o j Knlk 1. .A 2 3 3 a I'lfMho 3 .lull Ksmm 3 .1 1 'i n Hercra 2 4 n 3 :l li kl r 5 1 .1 .", 0 'i nrh le 1 o o Kdwaiil p 3 0 o o 2 til. k a 1 o 0 2 u H .mil p 1 II 1 II 1 sickea c 2 1 1 .1 o TK.mti... 1 0 0 O 11 Hi.hnf e 1 II 1 4 o Kloiil,.. p '.' 1 I 0 3 JWillma 10 10 0 t'lii.r p. u o o i) o Totals 35 i 13 27 11 Total! 3:t 5 13 27 U Patted for Welch in lirili. tlialled for Siokcs in tilth. 1 Hal l . . 1 for Khuike in iiiulh. Chicago il I o :t 1 :t n 0 il s lliisliill li o 1 ii I u il o n .", Knor,; nvii lnoc hits. Ilrab.-w ski 2. Klagsi.a.l. tios.-ni ti.,1, Khiuke: llirce base hit. Jenkins; Molel bases. Hooper, Slieoly; acrilicc. P.arrell, she,. Iv, Kaiiim, liavls. r.luiike: ieft on bases, Chicago 11, liosloii II; bases tut j halts, oil' K.lwarils I. Ktiinke I, Kulir !; siruck out, l.y K.lw;irils t. P.lnnk-l.'lislnp 2. Khuike 4. Knhr 1; hlls. PIT K.lwards tl in 4 1 :t liuiiligs. Ktiinke 1:1 : In s. lilaiikensliip 4 In 4 '.' .'I. Knhr t lu SKl'OMI C.WIK. (iiicAim iioston nh r h (i ah r h a h It-ntU rH 2 11 3 O.lfi.VIti 1 ;i (I 1 1 0 llo.Aiu.e r f. II I 1 OVIa-,1 ,.f" :i ft 0 7 1 ' Hurmt 2 4 1 t l? ihl r 4 ft o a 1 i l a o i Vj ht.hU , 4 o n u i J-- J J VTAl o ? I ? ,aII, .,310) ;n .3001 1 I.,..n p. ;i 0 t 1 2 w il j. 3 n Tmala at it : 0 Total! 30 o 27 U . I I II II II 3 I II ft 11 . . II 0 0 (1 II 0 0 0 ft 0 Chicago , it,, .to Krror, Prothro; two bfl-e hlta, 1 yens, Knlk. Sheoly: three-he hits. Mosul,; sacritices, Barrett, Kamm, 1'lagstead, Jenkins; doul'le .lay, S ing field to Herrera to; left on baseo Mhle.go x. Boston ; rases 0.1 balls, ot I L'ftii" I. Wtngtieli .Y stru.-k out, by , , , wingrteld 2, umpires. Me- ,i,nnan, Owen and How land . time, 1 .51. RESERVOIRS SCHEDULE GAME AT COPB'S HILL The Keservoiis will play the Dread-niiught Seconds this afternoon at Cobb's Hill. All players are asked lo rciort in uniform at the clubhouse. Herbst Heservoirs' fullback, will be out of the game on incount of a charley horse. "Itud'' Krey, of the Merrimacs, will be with the Heservoirs this Reason. A game is wanted with a team for next Sunday at Cobb's Hill. Kor game, write Charles N'nolay. No. 127 Ashurv street or call Park 7Tn I. HOW AVOWS TO Pit ACTICK. The llo'vv TTow Social Club will ) hold basketball practice on Friday J erening. At a meeting last night Rett Cohen was elected captain and Harold Harris was elected manager. K.,r games call 21l' .1 or write II. Harris, No. !T Cuba place. ; s- : f !-

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