Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on January 24, 1889 · Page 6
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 6

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 24, 1889
Page 6
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EOCHESTER DEMOORA.T AND CHRONTCLiE: THURSDAY. JASTUAI.Y 24. 1889. T5 I 1 1 : i WB OFFSB AT LOW PRICES A LARGB ! STOCK OF WEATHER STRIPS Door Checks and Springs, SNOW SHOVELS! Snow Scrapers, Ice Chisels, Soapston Foot Warmers, Ash Cans, Ash Sifters, Coal Hods, Coal Vases, Furnace Scoops, Waffle Inns, Cake Griddles, Hot Water Kettles, Urns, Chafiag Dishes, etc. HAIILTON&MATHEWS 26 Exchange St. PHOICE ROSES VIOLETS, CARNATIONS AND OTHER CUT FLOWERS. Floral Designs to order. Decorations for Weddings, Receptions, &c. SALTER BROS. 42 West Main St. tS Telephone 123. Sunday - School BOOKS! Libraries want replenishing about "this time. Every facility for selection and a splendid stock makes this department fairly brisk just now. Correspondence invited. STEELE S AVERY 46 and 48 State St. $1 for Plate and 50 Cards. Butter, Butter! WHO HAS GOT THE BUTTER? You can find the best where you always have, at GILMAN'S. I have small tubs of the very choicest Dairy and Creamery for family use. A. W. OILMAN, 18 East Ave. YELLOW PIGXS. Y ELLOW TCBS. Use"Peerless Brand If BALTIMORE FRESH RAW OYSTERS. Selected and packed with cleanliness and care by C. H. PEARSON & CO., BALTIMORE, MD. They are The Best. Ask your Grocer for them. TRUSSES FIT IS EVERY CASE r money refunded. CZAR DUNNING, Druggist, 243 East Main St. LOVEJOY'S ?i East Main St EEi Powers Hotel Rochester' Electrica Supply Depot. Electric Call Bells, Annunciators, Watcbman's Time Clocks, Electric Gas Burners, Medical Batteries. and everything in the Elec- Uic line, at Sclmiidt & Kalbfleiscli's 51 East Main St. Opposite Front 8t. WOOD MANTELS TILES, THE ROCHESTER GRATE AT JAMES C. BARRY'S 39 JSTozrrtjlx -A"vo Lowest prices and strictly Brst-ciass work. BUYS A GOOD PAYING CONFECTIONERY. s rr nil r A GOOD PAYING MAN UshUU JdU ID ufactueinu business. Address BBUKEB, Uiis offica. 4, S300 NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Get Ready Now ! Pearce's Improved Cahoon's Patent Broadcast Seed Sower ! For sowing 'Wheat, Oats, arley, Rye, BuCKWh-nt, Gnss e-U. Kce, r''x. 'liif 1 C W l 1 sow irora lour C elgui acres per i.uur Hi. a common wa nan can. ---jr--t throw ing out wueat 40 tu s axe u,so agents for the Celebrated IFL-A-IISriET Drills, H nrt nnd Horse Cultivator, &c WE&YER.PALMER & RICHMOND 2 Cents a Night ! Cheap, isn't it ? It is very-bright, but, above all, it is perfetly steady and doesn't smell, either. You know the nam e Lux-Dux. There are MANY LAMPS, but there is but ONE LIGHT. Merchants talk big in adv's, but we will give a pretty lamp to any one who can show another light as good. Free for all comers. If the other dealers have as good, you see they can double their stock for nothing. Face the music or take a back seat. Full line to select from. 51 State Street. MAMMOTH HARNESS STORE After Inventory We have some good bargains to offer in arrLess, Blan Nroi337 Only house in the city that offers a FUB ZROIBIE THAT 13 GUARANTEED NOT TO RIP. Call and see them. GEO. B. PAGE & SON o 191-193 East Main Street BUSINESS! C. E. Furman & Co. have set aside a few pieces of SCOTCH TWEEDS To make into Business Suits for very low money. See them I MAIN, COR. FRONT "Leaf by Leaf 97 The roses fall, and one by one the garments go at the special CLOAK SALE at the Great White Front. The prices are ridiculously low, but we are determined to cut the stock down to a minimum and have put every garment at a price that cannot fail to sell it. The Blankets continue to go two by two, for the same reasons. We are offering fine Australian wool Blankets for les3 money than the bare wool cost. i t - - Til 1 I ' ,ii -r iJT n ! -T-..irri NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. RARE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY ON ACCOUNT OF OUR GOING INTO THE wholesale clothing trade, we will sell our well-established Merchant Tailoring Business jto the right party. GOL1 SMITH & STEEFEl., 14 North Clinton street. Hi.Tbere! Ontbe Road to Brigbtcn BUSSEY ROAD HOUSE I Three Miles. Everything First-class. Store Ho. 84 State Street TO HiIECT. Inquire on Premises. ASTER I har and well seasoned, and will do more work than any other cake of soap in tue market. BANKS AND OFFICES i REQUIRING SPECIAL JOBS IN WOOD-WORK Should write or call upon Interior Wood-Work Co. ROCHESTER. Monroe Co. Savings Bank 33 and 35 State St., Rochester, N. Y. INCORPORATED 183a Resources - - $8,094,020.52 Surplus - - - 1,310,832.60 WILLIAM N. SAGE. President. DAVID HOYT, Secretary and Treasurer. The Selje Subdivision of tto Lake View Park Tract "OT TOO NEAR. PUT JUST NEAR ENOUGH 1 m the Lower Fails bri ire. with its brant:f,il Lower Fails bn ere, with us D?aut:i i-cenery; on Lae avenue the only boulevard to tue iae. l- i rrv-eiB-hf. lots so'd last vear. Tue two-hundre l dollar bonus offerel still hoHs co d. "ouit. culver, make the sa:ue offer to mir customers. tufirn ana arv. tins sit'ewams, taa, bicvwk; li'-ht. itfttAr mains ami sew era. ISO doctor f! bills ana no poi-i-eac aTracnraants in tlieshaDBOt Thomas Cre-k iifar it. us h i beech- tr e ess Beachwood and unsaleable,! terracelesa Haywiird Terrace. of D. W. SELYE, 311 Ellwanger & Barry Block. THE FINEST TRAIN IN THE WORLD, Yia Union and Central Pacific road. Sixty-four h. urs from Council BluiTa or t)maua to fau Francisco. A Pullman v-snbuled train: pieam, electric liirht, bath room, tuiri er Blion, library anl dininj.- car a palac on wheels is the GOLDEN QaTE .'-P;-CIAL, every AWiin-sdi'.v. Burins can be secured o J. G. fcCHWENDLEK, at WESTERN TICKET AGENCY 175 Central Avenue, Opposite New York Central Depot. rw FOR SALE. r. AO.1.0. 0 acres of lan-I in Iowa, M nueaota. Dakota a! d Kansas Farina of &X acres aud upward exchanged for city firoperty. Gospel Hymns, 1, 2, 3, 4. New Gospel Hymns, No. 5. Board and Paper Covers; all kjnds. The Finest Line of Bibles TO EE FOUND IN ROCHESTER. TEACHERS' BIBLES. LOOK AT THEM. Catholic Prayer Books. Etc., Etc., At the Central Store of w J-.-WiO .cox Bookseller and t-tationer, 1 2 State streat. iiQwin er weas ON HOW TO BRACE UP TRADE. A pract'eal article that can be tiswd every day is what peopie want, and that is what makes us so busy when Otlier dealers are , complaining. Our store is constantly full of customers, and it inu to us n.w as though it was AprU 1st. We have added largely to our line of HOUSEFDRMSHIKG GOODS, - and expect to astonish the trade with the largest line in Western ? w Y.ork. w e are carrying a splendid line of all the best brands in MECHANICS' TOOLS. Fine stock of real BRONZE LOCKS, KNOBS, Sc. We kep our prices at the bottom and will not be undersold, and occupy the whole block, five stories. ROSE & EDDY 137 East Main St, MBS. HESS'S FAMOUS HEUOTROl'IME i'o idre de Lis, price $1 per box; Mrs. Hcrs's trasrrant Poudre a la Violi-tte, 50c per box: Mrs. Hiss's Celebrated Youthful Tint Powder. M5c per box. The above Face Powders stand unrivaled for the i-Mnarkabla softness they impart to the skin. 8old by druireiets or sont postpaid on receipt of price. lgiilaHLreiTMru. IU, Rochester, N. Y. VENISON STEAK, QUAIL, PARTRIDGE, PRAIRIE CHICKEN, SPRING. CHICKEN, LAMB FRIES And all the other luxuries ot the season at 38 AST MAW SlflEET fp Stvrt). SOAP GOOD BOOKS ! Democrat and Chronicle TELEPHONE EDITORIAL ROOMS COUNTING ROOM CALL. 110 87 COMPARATIVE TEMPERATURE. CHMIDT A KALBFLcfSCH STANDARD TtUOIET. p SCHMIDT A KAL3FLE1SCH, STANDARD TMf RMOMETE. Jan, 23 Jan. 23. 1SSSS- 3 a. M.- O 3 a.m. ii -1 TA.m - a 7 A.M.- U 28 I 30 1- 38 11 A. ST.Jr - 1? n a. 12 u. bum k as 111 rp. m. ' P.M. j, p. m. : - '2 sr. m. ,:'- Sr. M. : - ip. u 6 P.M. p.m. nil - 41 -4vS 4 J -40 3 -3 1 6 P. M. 7 P.M. 1 m 12 mi -21 1 12MID- ! 3H -:'i- TRY OUR WANT COLUMNS Weather Indications. The Indications for Western New York for to-day are : Local rains, warmer weatner. TOWN TALK, Additional Local on Fifth Page. It is expected that the Grand Jury will riaa to-day. State Dairy Inspector Brown will be in this city next week to prosecute the eeUers of impure nai k. The Rochester Camera Club will hold a social mer-ting at its rooms on iuatt Main street this evening. The Seventh Ward Loan Association has closed its books after a successful career of bii and a half years. A meeting of the executive committee will i e held at, the Mechanics Savings Ban at 10 o'clock this tnorolng. The Rochester Dramatic Club produced Tbe Conf. derate Spy" with gTeat suo- ceas at beware on i uesuay evening. Th complimentary concert, to Miss Kate E. Dewey, has been postponed on account of the death of Dellon M. Dewey. -An elevator for carrying wagons in the American express building on Clinton street fell yesterday morning and just missed crushing a man. The Ye eran Tippecanoe Club has re ceived a letter from tieueral Harrison t ant ing i;s m i-rubers for a letter of congratulation on his election. The Flower City Club will hold a prize hoot afternoon at Milier's F.ata. A badge presented by Homer lielding wtil be the prize of tue victor. There will be a special masting of O'Horka Post, and annuxi election of officers of the drill corps to-n gtit. Every member is requested to bo present. Herman Gr.liing and Alvah bio trier, ar- res'ei 1u'sJay for burglarizing coltiges n Ytat IUutl, Cuat'lclta, wera beid yesterday for tus Oyer and Terminer by Judge Keeler. The annual report of the Rochester Title Insurance Comiiiny, filed in the county ciert'a otlico yesterday, gives tbe following: Capital stock, all paui in, $150,000; liabilities, none. The Athletic Association will have a re hearsal at tbe gymnasium this evening prei aratory to its winter exhibition. which is to be given at Washington Kink on Tuesday evening oait. The Rochester Superheated Water Com pany lias increased its capital stocK Irom i 150, 000 to 5U, 000, certittcate to that effect being filed m the county clerk's of fice yesterday. Eugene fcherman, of this city, wbo was taken to the Cnandaigua jail about six weeks ago on an indictment found by the Ontario county Grand Jury, in 1884, cnarg- ing him with grand larceny, has been re leased on 1,000 bail. Tbe principals of the public schools will meet iu Superintendent Ellis's office at 4:80 o'clock this afternoon, to confer with a committee from the George U. Thomas Post in regard to eilfcting arrangements for the pioper observance of Washmgion's Birthday. Hans Christian Gli nan, of Ko. 83 Pon tli fct. Paul street. Was t ,kon to ihe City Hospital yesterday, for treatment for an inr lury received loma days ago by a fall on a slippery side' walk. lie ihougut nothing of the accident at the time, but it Is now be lieved that one of tlid two bones of the lower leg is broken. Married Last Evening. The nuptials of Marcellus G. Bridgeford and Mies tuttie C. Colter were solemnized at 7:30 o'clock last evening at the home of the bride, No. J;16 Plymouth Avenue, tbe Rev. Dr. J. P. Sunkey of the united Ires- bvtfrian Church officiating. Miss Minnie Hynes, of this city, was bridesmaid, and Charles J. Becker, of Buffalo, attended tbe rroom Only tbe immediate friends of the coutracting patties wre piesent, but as that circle is quite extended, the gathering was a laree and bapny one. Ihe presents were many and valuable. Mr. and Mrs. Bridge ford left over the West Shore at 9:35 o'clock and will be absent about a week. fcoth the bride and groom have a host ot friends in the city who will extend to them most cordial congratulations. Relief Corps Entertainment. The Woman's Relief Corps of E. G. Mar shall Post gave a most enjoyable literary end musical entertainment at their rooms lues- day evening. Among those who assisted in making trie affair a success were resale CarrolL Robert Thompson, the Misses Keyes, Miss Maxon. Miss Herron. Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Nayard. The Beck Assignment. Schedules and inventory in tbe assign ment of Louis P. Beck to H. Isaao Wen barf were filed in the county clerk's office yesterday, giving the following figures o th failure: Liabilities, $16, 70ii. 13 nominal assets, $8, 297.19. $9, 697. 35 ; actual assets, A Peace Dance. Tbe fifth annual reception and ball of III o-ka too Tribe, Independent Order of Red Men, took place last evening .at Pack's dancinz academy, on 8'ate street. There was a large attendance and a thoroughly en joyable evening was spent by all present. Gaily Tripping. A ball was given last evening at Kolbs Hall by the Central Sporting Club. There was a very large attendance and an interesting dance programme, including about thirty numbers, was carried out to the satisfaction, aud pleasure of all present. New Trial Denied. The following decision was yesterday banded down by Judge Werner: Emory B. Chace against Susan . Yanderwerf and others Motion for a new trial upon judge's minute Uotioa denied, with (10 costs. CARTE AND TIERCE. Interest in the Art of Fencing Revived in This City. A Democrat and Chbosicle reporter last evening indulged, for once, in a 1 ttle personal pleasure. In accordance with an invitation from Captain Smith, lie witnessed in the new Walbridge Block an exhibition of fencing, according to the French school, between Captain Smith and an advanced pucil. Although the repor er's wrist bad been chiefly exerc sed in wielding the lead penc 1 ins ead of the foil, the exhibition re-Call d vividly exercises of h s school-boy days, although the methods were somewhat ditfereut. Captain Smith is vtell known in this city, having served as captain of Company A in the Fifty-Fourth regiment, and during 1861-5 on the Uniiel States man-of-war Eolus. While in the navy ha acted as instructor in sword practice. He acquired the art of fencing accord, ng to the French acuo-il under the ce.ebrated masters of fencing, Saranac and Uordou, of New York. He has had mjcb experience in New York, Buffalo, Detroit and other cities. The exhibition laet night was in the nature of instruction, but it demonstra'ed tiat Captain Smith is an adept. His thrusts, parades and demicirchs were executed with lightning-like rapidity, sUowiug that he would be a dangerous adversary in one of tu se combats by which the mercurial Frenchmen set tlo their points of honor. It is understood tfciat a number of young gentlemen are forming a class and have secured the services of Captain Smith as instructor. It is also int imated that a class of young ladies will be formed. During Captan Smith's residence In Buffalo he instructed the officers of Fort Porter in the art of swordsmanship. From the Interest already manifested, it is probable that tbe healthful exercise will become as popular in tuis oity as elsewhere. Those desiring in formation concerning the proposed should address postollice box 470. school A MEXICAN A8TRONOMER. Professor Felipe Valle a Visitor at the Warner Observatory. Professor FeMpe Valle, of the National Astronomical Observatory of the City of Mexico, is a guest at the Warner Observatory. Professor Valle is on a visit to the observatories of the United States for the mimosa of observing methods and instru- M . meats. The Mexican National Observatory Is about six miles from the City of Mexico, ana is provided with en excellent telescope of fif teen inches aperture. it- ssor v ai.e is most accomplished echo. and is doing mnnh for the rromotion of scientific kaowledge in his iiative country. l.fnr his connection with the observatory, be was engaged in astronomi cal r,.o ranhv. determinine tbe latitude and longitude ot tbe principal cities of Mexico, r, 1 - ' ... and delining boundsrie. Ha Is a ve y en thusiastic astronomer. From his observa tory he has a tins view of tbe Southern Cross. that spleod d constellation wuicn northern observers nevor see, unies ai ids exuensf ot a long journey xroiessur ana willrmla in Kocb'Ster to-aay. tie leit tbe eclipse parties at the Lick observatory. where Dr. Swift is now stopping for a few weeks. TWENTIETH ANNIVERSITY. Veteran Fire Laddies Keunue for Thoroughly Good Time. The twentieth anniversity of the Exempt Firmn'i association was celebrated last evening by a musical and literary enter tainment and supper at its quarters in the Front street City Building. There was a lr' attendance and all went merry as any cumber of marriage bells. Recitations were clven by jo.eptt M. Ueia- vaux and Da Laccy Cr.ttenden in their usual ly excellent manner; the Jo Jo Hocial Clud rendered several gives and choruses, and Joseph B. Praumbuck gave some especially itood zither selections. Ihe supper, whicn was more than good, was aerved under tbe surerintendance of W. Bayer, one of the members. The officers of the association for the en suing year are as follows : President. George W. Aldridse; first vice-president, J. r. Kiilinirbury : second vice-president, Patrick Welch; recording sei're'ary, V. a. w est bury: financial secretary, E. A. Jaquith treasurer. Si. Dully; foreman, ireaericK B. Watts; erst assistant foreman, J. J. Buser ; second assistant foremnn, lieorga A. Dietz; doorkeeper, John banders; jani tor, George K. Hiher. His Injuries Were Fatal. vTm.Green. the young colored man who fell from ascatlol't at Washington R ok Monday night while taking part in the Corpus Cbristi Church entertain uirot, and was carried to the City Hospital, died at that institution at 8:30 o'clock yesterday morning. He did not regain co sciousnesa after the fall. His in juries developed into paralysis of the left side. Coroner Kleindleust was notified and will hold an inquest at the City Hospital this morning. An autopsy was made on Green's body at tbe hospital last evening. It was found that tbe ku 1 was fractured. A large blood clot was found on his brain. This probably ac counts for tbe paralysis of true left side and his death as well. A Jury Impaneled. Coroner Fharpe last evening summoned a jury to inquire in o tbe circumstances sur rounding the death of Margaret Kra mer, the 1 months old child of Carrie k miner, which occurred Tuesday morning in the Walbridge lilotk on Allen street. After viewing the remains at Kosenbach & Kling- ler's undertaking rooms, the inquest was adjourned to this morning. Coroner bharpi had an au'opsy made, and will exert all his energy and well-known skill to discover ii tbe child's death resulted from other than natural causes. The Burns Anniversary. President McNaughtoo, of tbe Scottish Society, has appointed the following to act as tbe reception committee at Washington Rink on Friday, at the Burns anniversary celebration: Hon. William Hamilton, J. A. Dalziel. George Hall, D. W. Forsyth, John Davidson, J. S. Graham, Henry Likly, William Steel, Dr. J. C. Urquhart, Dr. M. B. P.utberford. Hugh Hamilton, R. J, MeDzis, A. H. McLean, James Johnstone. D W. Bingham, W. A. Sutherland, H. D. McNauzhton, William H. McFhail, J. M. Lennox. Tbe Railway Telegraphers. Rochester division. No. 100, O. R. T. has elected the following officers for the en- auiniryear: P. C. T. , A. H. Rockwell; C. T., C. S. Waterbury; A. C. T. , C. W. Prior ; S. and T. , L. L. Keyes ; Henior T. , V. E. Foulks; Junior T. , F. L. Buttles: I, 8., M. G. Mclnerney; O. 8., S. F. Ellis representative to grand lodge, A. H. Rockwell ; proxy, L. L. Keyes ; division corre spondent, C. W. Prior. Damages in a Sewer Case. The iury in tbe Erbiand sewer case against the city, after being out all night, came into court yesterday morning with a verdict for the plaintiff for B7b aamages, caused Dy the sewage emptied In Densmore Creek, which runs through the plaintiff's premises, in tha town of Irondequoit. The suit was broneht for $3. 000. Tbe case of Elizabeth M. Kchake aeainst the city. Identical with the Erbiand ease, ia ou trial. HE VIEWED IT AFAR OFF A Reporter's Method of Examining' a Special Hospital CONVENIENT BUT NOT GAUDY Past and Present Conditio of Hope Hospital For Small-pox Cases But Little Used in Later Years Owiug to Vaccination. It may be stated, as a general rule, that when a newspaper reporter i9 assigned to Jo a bit of work be does it, ana usually wnn-out asking superfluous questions regarding the nature of tbe work. For instance, if lie should find an allotment to investigate the natural and acquired resources of a certun unmentionable p aca as a suitable location for a powder manufactory, he would exhibit no surprise. He might, perhaps, take a stroll through Murderers tiow ror the purpose oi taking a few lessons in the vernacular, aoa devote an hour or two to a close examination of the blast furnace at the mjtith of the river with a view to becoming acclimated to a certain extent; but sooner or latr he ould accomplish his object and mute an intelligent, report. There are, however, assignments which suggfSt caution, ana one ol ttiom is lt:e in vestigation into tbe condition or a smaii-pox Not that the average newspaper reporter would not, after innoculating himself with virus from the gentle and youthful Jersey cow, proceed to tbe hospital with as much or more nonchalance than ha would 10 some of the dives of the city; bu'. a deference to tbe feelings and safety of others demands an investigation on tbe lines of "judicious inquiry. ' ' On these lines, therefore, a Democbat AND Chroxiclk reporter yes terday ascertained some facts about Hope Hospital, which has lor several years oeen devoted to the shelter and care of smaii-pox patients. This hospital if situated on tne Kiver r.oaa. south of the city, and between ML Hope Cemetery and the river. It is sufficiently remote from lines of travel to render its situation safe, so tar as communicating. contagious disease is concerned. Un il within tbe past few years, Hope Hospital seems to have merited the name of pest bouse. It was composed of but one room for both sexes, ana tue accommoaauons in m mut ter of bedding were wretched. During the term of Dr. Hovey. as Deal n omcer, ins hospital was materially changed (or the bet ter. Partitions were butit proviaiug lor tue care of male and female patents in different apartments, Bnd providing also a room for tendants. Provision was maae ior pre paring beds for from six to eight patients in each of Its two apartments, and the place mad- habitable. Proper ventilators were also provided, and the hospital placed in charge of a competent keeper. During the past six years there has been com 8' allveiy little occasion to use nuo Hospital, and it is nnderstood that it has deteriorated somewhat, although its present condition is a great improvement over that of former times it has now but one patient. It is evident that the present method of dealing with smaii-pox has much to do with the state of affairs alleged to exist at the hospital. It is now the settled and approved policy or the health authorities to stamp out the epidemic, by means of general vaccination, before it can obtain a foot-boid. So ellicac ous has this treatment been, that the hospital, which was formerly of frequent usi, is now, ior tne reason given, mn- lively tenantless. To this cause pnjstcians ascribe the seeming neglect. From all that could be learned by the re- port-r it would seem that, wane nope Hospital 13 by no means an attractive place of residence, it is adequate for its purpose, so long as cases of small pox are as infrequent as they have beea in later years. in case .the epidemio should obtain afoot hold, however, and it should be found necessary to care for any considerable number of patients, it would be absolutely necessary to provide other and more extensive accomo dations. In the course of inquiry among several nhvuir-inna it was learned, incidentally, that they do not fear an epidemic or tne areaaeu dii.. It has been aemocsrratea mas t varcination will stamp it out. and the remedy has already been applied sjsti- maticaliv. C nseqaently they think that there is little need of employing the hospital to any extent. MORTUARY MATTERS. Emma, daughter of Charles Young, died vesterdav morning at the lomny residence, N ;tl Hoi inter street, aeeu o years auu o months. Mrs. Mary Tyler died at the City Hos- fcltal vesterdey morning. The deceased was a Bister or. iieoi y tuu vi wui w.w, . - , i 1 , ; . r'rtt- f Mendon. Charles T. Radcliffe died at his resl- r1n. No 16 Ward street, at midoignt, or heart failure. Notice of funeral nereaiter. Miss Tiilie Sours, an orphan, died yes terdav morning at tne resiuence ot ueorgo Appel, her ro her-m-iaw, io. 106 Clifford street, aged 23 years. Julia C. Sheridan, widow of the late John n. Hherldan. died last evening at tne residence of her father, F. G. Wulschieger, No. 352 University Avenue. Notice funeral hereaitor. of Sophia Sirauch died yesterday morning at the residence of Philip Uender, o. 141 bouth Avenue, aged t53 years. The funeral services will be held to-morrow afternoon at a o'clock at the house. ' i arollne. dauzhter of Frederick and Agnes Schafer, died yesterday morning at No. 235 Bay street, aged 6 years. Ihe funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock this afternoon at the bouse. Frlederick Liepman did yesterday mornintr at the family residence, JMo. uoo North Clinton street, aged o months. ine funeral services will be held this afternoon at 3 o'clock at the house. August, son of August W. and Ellen N. Rank died yesterday at the family reel dence. No. 32 Field street, aged 4 years. The funeral services will be held this after noon at tit. Boniface Church. Emily, infaot daughter of "William F, and Emily Walsh, died yesterday morning at the family residence, JNo. O x Inlander street. The funeral services will be beta at tue bouse at 2 o'clock this afternoon. Walter Miller, Sr. , died at his residence. 224 Central Avenue, yesterday, in tbe eotn year of his age. Mr. Miller has been a resl dent of this city since 1-853, aud his business has been located at No. 9 Mumtord street for the last twenty-Ove years. He leaves besides his wife, three daughters, Lizzie, Lettia and Martha, and threo sons, Walter J. . Harold and Henry. Tbv. funeral will take place from his residence on Saturday at 3:30 o'clock in the afternoon. Plans Completed. The maps prepared by the engineers of the Park Commission, showing tbe changes which will be made by tbe contemplated re moval of the tracks of the Rome, W atsr- town Su Ogdeosburg railway, have beea com uleted. Thev were sent yesterday inornico- to Chief Enzlneer F. L. Beeker. or. that road, for final approval. Free Vaccination. Dr. George French will be at tbe Immacu late Conception School, corner of Ldihburg street and Plymouth Avenue, this evening. at 7 o'clock, and will vaccinate all who Wish to come free of charge. WHY DON'T IT FREEZE?" That's What Quite a Number of People Want to Know. The burden of the skating rink man's song just now is with considerable reason, ' Now is the winter of our discontent. ' ' For whan the thermometer persists in registering away up in the "rolling forties" ice-skating is at a heavy discount, and the proprietor of the rink, usual y so urbane and smiling, at this time of the year looks exceeding glum, as he feels in his pocket untrammeled emptiness. There's no use tryin j. has been in readiness for weeks. Tbe steps to the water level, the bouse in which to retreat from the too emphatic pinches of Jack. ' ' whose other name is ' Frost, ' ' the dams to keer in the water, all are there. But one thing is lacking the icy blasts of winter. The proprietor sits iu his office, reads the weather predictions and looks out upon the degerted rink. The white flag, with the teli-fcalii blue square, has been Aunt: aloft from the top of Powers Block, but it has served only to awaken false hopes. There has been skating, tut it has been or deceptive character, aud the lack of good, solid ice baa made it but a poor pleasure. A day or two ago the ice was in fair condition and gave promiue of becoming better. but tbe promise has not been f mulled. The skat ug rink people are not the only ones who are "in tue soup a soup or slush and mud resulting from the mild wintar. The pastime has become popular In this city and there was every evidence that it would hs ' all tbe raga' ' this season. The sales of skates predicted this, and many are the disappointed ones who are longing for a good skate. The proprietors of other amusements have reason to be thankful, however, for the ' 'spiking of the guns' ' of so well sustained an opponent. WHERE IS SAMOA ? Something a Reporter Didn't Know, Found Out, and Thinks Worth. Telling. Two wrecks were stranded upon a bar. They were human wrecks, and the bar was in Exchange Place. The flowing tide bad come in several times, and its effects were unfavorable to equilibrium. The flowing tide had in one case consisted entirely of beer, in tbe other of whisky. These tacts proclaimed tbe nationalities of the wrecks. betier than their colors, which were prom inent, but simitar. One was uerman, tne other American. They were firing broadsides luto each other on tbe subject of Samoa. It is a pity that Prinoa Bismarck and tiecre ary Bayard could not have heard their verbal salvos. They would have gained many valuable points. A reporter in search of an item beard tan row, and went, in looking lor a murder. 'Where is Samoa, anyhow ?' asked one of the interested auditors. A fine sneer of contempt curled tbe reporter's chiseled lip at this display of ignorance, and deigning ijO reply, he hastened back to the office to hunt up a encyclopaedia. There he dis covered that thebamoan islands are the group formerly known aa the Nav. gators islands. That tli j include nine inhabited islands. That they lie about 430 tnile N. E. of the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific ocean. in about latitude 14, longitude liU. in other words, a steamer suiung directly from San Fraocucj to Australia, would reach tbe i-amoan Islands when its voyage was two-thirds over. As the reporter always had a vbkus idea that tiain. a was somewhere in the neighborhood of the ' 4 still vexed Bermudas, " and as Le is firmly convinced that the majority of the publio is as hazy as be was ou tbe subject he has seen fit to print the result of his researches. COURT MATTERS. Court of Appeals. A leant. Jan. 23. 18S9. The dav calendar for Thursday. January 21th, is: Sos. 11H, 135, VA, 137, 13J. 141, 111. Circuit Court. Rochester, Jan. 23, "1889. Present Hon. William Kumsey, justice or the Supreme Court. So. 15 Frank X. H. Erbiand asrainst the City of Rochester; verdict for the plaintitt tor f iio. No. 3 Elizabeth M. behake airaiust the Ulty ot Ko hester; on trial, lourt adjourned to 1 hurstiay morning, Jan uary 24th, at 8: 3V o'clock, ine oay caienaar is: Nos. 6, H. 1. 2S. -3. "SJi ' County Court. EocHKSTEtt, Jan. 23, 1S89. Present Hon. John D. Lynn, judge of Monroe county. Ko. 3v, or the om caienaar uottueo weyie ana another against John lield etal. as administrators; on trial iu chambers. Court adjourned to Thursday morning, Jan uary iMth, at 10 o'clock. Surrogate Court. EocHKSTKa. Jan. 23. 1S?9. Present Hon. J. A. Adlington, surrogate of Monroe coutitv. In re Isnac Burnett, proof of will; will admitted. Iu re John Jliiler, judicial settlement; decree granted. Municipal Court. Rochester. Jan. 3, 1S39. Present Judges Geoi ge E. Warner and Thomas E. White. Quaker Mill Company aeainst William B. Ma- loney ; judgment iu favor of plaintiff f. r 08 .88. John it. ttoliiuav against joiin l. ociiauer; juug- m favor ot n aintirr ior :i.t)j. Kosella U. Pike caiust Abigail Meade; judgment in favor of plaintiff for Koseiia . 1'ike against teux won ana outers; tried before Judge Warner. Police Court, Rochester. Jan. 23, 1839 Police Justice Keeler presiding. Alfah Skinner and Herman Urelling, both burg larv ; Oyor and Tormiuer. William Kalioe, drunk; parotea. Peter Measuer. drunk; paroled, (ieoree Ellis, drunk: S10 or thirtv dnvs. Kate Hennis, violating ordinance; $10 or thirty davs. Joseph ureenauer, drunk; adjourned to Jan uary si!th. Martin Sullivan, drunk; 510 or thirty days. Kandell Cook, drunk; paroled. Charles Hridgnian, assault; discharged. Patrick Hoy, assault; adjourned to January 21th, William Smith, assault; paid $5. Real Estate Transfers. Rochester, Jan. 23, 1S89. The following real estate trausferswere recorded In the Monroe county clerk's olhce, Wednesday, January 23, 1889 : Catherine Wirth to Frank A. Foery and wile. property on weyie sireei; It 11 am . siniey ana anomer 10 v-aspar nemo, nroritv on Union street: 1.-100. .. . , . -1 1 . . 1 . . . TT T , , Ir luomas m.ox Bnu oiueis w vjttrvji u. uwm, Drcrtertv in Pittstord: 510. 000. Cn irfes H. Wiitsie to Caroline Bigler, property on Looims street; jl. Caroline Uigler, as executrix, to unaries a. Wntcie nrnnerrv on I,oomis atreet: ftl. Simon L. Brewster and othejs to Albert Volch- matin and wife, property on Ilayward Park; SKJ. George H. Lusk an I wile to Joseptt jauwora, nm,.rlt in Viriafonl. SlO.noO- George Bock aud wife to Louisa Bock and others. Louisa Rock to Georce Bock, property In n.t. it Elias S. Ettenhelmer and wife to Charity Hynes, rr,,rtv on Morse Park : SKt. MT. A. Culver and wife to Hiram P. Frear, prop erty on Rutger street; (1,5(10. Charles A. Wlitener and wife to J. Z. Culver. n,n,,.pt r,n Driving Park Avenue: il. Frederick Storman and wife to.Auiarilles Sher- Lrmmrtv in Henrietta: SS0.5O. Amariiles Sherman to Isabella Dunn, property in TTenrifitta: ftl. Amariiles Sherman to Isabella Dunn, property In Henrietta; $1. Michael J. Casey and wife to Elmer C. Mallory ml mini her. crooertv on Emerson street; 84id. Herod Newton and wife to Adrian lselin, property in Gates; $A swt William J. Creedman and wife to Adrian Iselin. Tirvmertv in Gales: $4.5. John B. Henry and wife to WriUiam E. Pilsbury, orooertvoo Montrose street; Sl.SM). Mathias Koudolf and wife to Adrain Iselin, proper! v in Greece; $4,000. John C. Neatie, by ref -ree, to Margaret Garbutt, property tn bcoltsvme; 3,uw. SHOE SEWERS ANXIOUS A General Reduction in the Prioa Pair Per Pair. AFFAIRS SOMEWHAT STRAINED A Shoemaker's Opinion of the Proposed Reduction and Its Results Hopes of Averting a Strike or a Lockout. It is now nearly one year since the long struggle between the shoe cutters of this city end the manufacturers came to aa sna. For some reason the spring trade is lata aBj many of the shops have been working os three-quarters time. For the past two dayi it bas been apparent that the relations b. tweeu the employes in certain branch, 0j tbe trade and tbe manufacturers have agtd become strained, and last evening a Dkuq. crat and Chuonicle reporter was detailed to investigate the matter. It was Boon ascertained that the troub'i is between the hand-sewers and th pre. prietors of two of the manufactories. Th price for sewing shoes has ranged from 17 cents to 20 cents per pair. It is claimed bj the operators in this particular branch ot tin manu acture that notice bas been given la one of the shops that a reduction ot 3 cent per pair wid be made at once, and in tin other that the reduction will be much greater. This reduction, it is claimed by th sewers, will have the effect of reducing the weekly wages by from $2 to $4. Reprj. sentatives of the sewers stated to the reporUr last night that, in the two shops referred to, the alternative had been given to the met to accept tbe reduction, or the manufactur. ers would replace the sewers by machines. A well informed operative stated to thi reporter last night that it was understood that similar reductions would be mads It the remaining manulacturiea. He said thtt at that hour It was undecided whether tat men would accept the reduction, but thsrs was a strong probability that they would not. He said that it was true that many et the operatives had not recovered from tin effects of the strike last winter on acooanl of being obliged to work on short lira. When asked what the effect ot the redactioi would be, be said : "I think, if the sewers accept ths redo, tion in these two shops, tbe orders which have been, if I am correctly informed, beid back, will then be dumped into the .bops. It the reduction "goes" in these two shopi, then tbe other shops w 11 follow suit A'Ht the bulk of the orders for May delivery ban been gotten out.then a still further reductlt will be made. It is certain that tbs ma cannot make wages at tbe reduction low proposed, even if they work longer boors," Will the men submit!" was aeked. That is rather a pointed question, " r. plied the man of needles and waxed-sodi, It seems to me that much will depsad on what the men think the motive ii. Many of them, and myself among tbem, think that the reducti n is a matter of retaliation for the strike of last wint r ; that thi manutacturers want to 'get even,' asttiey say. I don't think the men will accept tbi reduction. I don't see how tbey can, and live. Many of tbem are already in debt." Now, " he cont nued, "don't go and quote me as advocating striken. 1 don't want a strike. But what are you going tudof This reduction is almost as bad as no work, and if It is accepted it . will only lead to another reduction, under ths sales threat of putting in machines. " ; 'How many would a strike aSsctl" ! 'Ton know as well as I do it would aflecl tbe trade of tbe entire city. If all branch at the trade sustained the sewers, it would of ooursa throw thousands ot men out if work. " Well, let ns get back to my question-will tbe men take the reduction I' ' Frankly tben, 1 do not believe tbt; will. You understand, I do not spesk bj authority ; you ask my opinion and I giv it to you" straight. If this threat of putting in machines in these two shops is inaaat for a feeler ' from the other shops, with t view to a general reduction In other depsrt-ments, or for retatiatiou, then I should oppose accepting the reduction. ' ' Would that mean a strike I ' Not necessarily. The manufacturer! might go on and put In machines ai tie threaten. ' ' Well!" Of course that would throw the swn in those shops oat of work. Again, well!" Then if the sewers in these two sbopt were supported by the operators In all otb' shops and all other branches, there would certainly be a strike. As I say, there ares good many things I can't tell you about urn business, but I'll give It to you ssraiu., The manufacturers don't want to pu m machines. They can't make fcaod-se" work with machines, and their trade wt haad-aewed work. 1 think it is mersij feeler. and I goess its done as mucfl m get back on us as anything else. ' ' Other members of the trade were last night but were very reticent regar wi any action taken. Enough was learned ever to demonstrate the fact that, if tP are not taken to adjust the dithculties, i breaoh will widen rapidly. The suggestion made to each one interviewed last nigm that the matter be placed in bands of the State Board ot Arrow tion, was variously received. The Dope -generally expressed that a strike or lockosl ould be avoided. Ihe idea ot ar.iw-- in the manner suggested, did not meet w. an enthusiastic reception generally, aim"", it was admitted by some that it was won trying. There are many cool-Deaatw conservative men among the operaw.- it is evident that no steps will B " without careful consideration. PURELY PERSONAL. The health of City Overseer of thsPoo Mertin, is improving. Colonel William S. King, of llinnwp- Hs, is registered at the rowers. -ar Iff- Assistant State Secreiary w. J " fith, or the Young Mens Christian v Ktlilt I1M tiou. was in the city yesteraay ou o WinSold Skillson, of No. 1J y street, is suffering severely rrom mvr.u-juries r ceived by falling from a csw Lake Avenue on JUonaay aiteruouu. B. M. Price, freight agent of tbs vv - - 1 I , 1 1 J ern rew iora , ibuusih.-" Company at Buffalo, and formerly the company in this city, was m w yesterday. George C. Bragdon has accept. management of the local departmen A. Munoey & Co. 's new weekly Pr;lc v.- r.,,Kli.ha,l in Now Or. . - lof editorial management John "" a long time editor of Life. Oh ! My Headache, "Why do you suffer with that t.rribls head, caused by sr. AfTOll . asDake'shs.dctt' JSM - - huit At ftm .r-h Art. is warranted to cure any headache minutes, 25o. All druggists. in t XI Feet Room. . unc iiuiiu".- . v 1 -E-.-tQitYinna Hons & t0, given a larger .pace and more light w f. .1 . ,t and now have I"' " . linen stock in the state. '' house -keeper or a large insutuw- - , r i iin ran b fouua n r - . . - ; . 1. I ..imi . J x u .".- il all of their own imporiauuu, - f oualitv and all marked at " i tl 7 . , .1.1. .leoarini" are crowding ousioese & Co, BUKKK, FlTZblnoS

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