The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1936
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JUNK S, 193C BIA'TREVIU-B, (AUK.) COWilEU NEWS PAGE Buy With Confidence Drive With Satisfaction 1931 i-'Oiii) v-s roitnoK wilh Trunk, 193(i license, Nc\v Paint & Seal Covers S30S ITO FORD V-(i. New 1'iilnt * Sent Covers. New Tires $275 1033 CHKVItOliKT TIIDOIi. Motor A-l. A good buy S2S5 1931 CI!P.VIIOM'.T COUP B nidi Kunililc Scut. Motor * Tires O.K $17o MONEY BA'CK GUAUANTKI! With Every 11. it G. ,or Square Deal Car lioufilil Froiu Molor Co. Liberal Allowance On Voiir Present Car Low Fimincc Charlie Through U. C. C. Conic by and try any of the al'ovc Cars oli our IS Hours- .Uoney Hack Guarantee. 0|ien Kvcninjs for Voiir Convenience. Drive by Lots and Gel Acquainted. Call SIC—81i fur Demonstration or Information. Ask for Graves, Shanks, Calvin or Barber. PHILLIPS USED GAR LOT 5th * Walnut I'lionc Sit) or 811 Open at Nislil Business Directory Real Estate itlrs. J. J. Davis — S pence rCbrstt lore ] Call 421-w for appointments We Guarantee to Save You Money on Screen Work of All Kinds Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 19 FARM'S FOK, TERMS nEABONABLK Located southeast. Missouri ETHEL 11. THOMPSON Carullievsvillc, Mo. TRANTHAM TRANSFER CO. Moving 50c room up'. 1'lnrios SI' up: PHONE %4 All our WB r'attcnis WALLPAPER ow on sale at greatly reduced prices. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. For Sale complete rurnlshings for :1 rooms,. Kacrillcc tor small cash payment;. Leaving town. Irani; (126 Walnut'. E. J. 8p til Golden oak, quarter' sawed, paneled office partitions. Enough to make a IjuauUful division in slbi'o or office. Bargain.' Tliomas Land Co. Coupon good for $50.00 payment, on new Farmall Tractor. Wll Co. FOR SA'BE—Used Ice Boxes anr Electric Hcfrigcralors. Broadway Sales Co:, 111 S. Broadway. 30-c-k-G-SO WANTED'—ALL KINDS JUNK Scrap Tron, $3 to $5 ton Aluminum, Hlc Ib. Brass', 2c to 4'/jC Ib. Copper Wirt, 4c to 5c Ib. Radiators, 4'^c Ib. HIDES & FURS WOLF AKIAN FOR SALE SlIIIUUHAN LOTS—FA1UI LAM) Land In Mississippi Si, 1'emiscol Comities. Rmsonnble Prices' & Terms GKOKGK YATKS Phono 303—Box 322 I'OH SALE CHEAP—HOUSES at 700 W. Ash; 337 & 339 S, Division, with paying lemmts. BARGAIN for quick sain. Part cash will handle. Mildred B. Cox, 11. II. 1, Box 24-A. HONEST Shoo Repairing QUALITY Slltli: SliOl' If You \V;mt A (!<>nd Aulo- M«-n-a naif Hnii-s i;tu-. 751-. ft llea<f This: ' , " r Eggs, Poultry Baby Chicks' DAY OLD Si STARTED any d'ny MARILYN HATCHERY PHONE 170 128 E. MAIN Cash Feed Store Pays' Top .Prices For Eggs & Poultry !!)S5 CHDVKOl.KT COlll'lt .. $M- r ' loss oiiPA'iioi.irr SUDAN .. *2-w I'Slitl CHl'VltOl.lvT COACH .. SI-"' 10HI I'OHI) V-8 CODl'E 5!'3:> FOHDOR SEIWN S '. r > 1B31 OAKI'iAKI) biH'DAN 19211 IT.YMOijTH COACtl . , —TRUCKS— TON not 1 , unit lifu' Qiuillty Mnu'riu's 1 .iii's miy color. I.'IYI- .Irlivory wr- '.I'-i 1 . II l''ltMH i'liinr; \uili hnif iiiiU'. Slices Half Soled, GSc& up HtrlURs with Job. Ic vslrii : KA r riSl.'AC"riON CiUAHANT'KUD Tutu; ni.ui; snoi-: snov Noxt to II. T. Worthy's Salesmen Wanted WANTKD-Mfii iroin iwi-Hty-lhr t" .slsly years alii «.in xvonW l)i' Int^iost^d in hiuiiii; u i\'ritKiiu'iil, I'l'iilHiililu Imsliii'.ss of ilu-ir own, Work :iml tli'tc'riuhniilun (o siu't'i'fil bi'ln;.' i-lilcf rui'ioi's. <i. (;, iiK.mcitMNCi co. 1'i'l't-. li^ lilonininalon, 111. iiullcnes .Barber Shops HAitni'it snoi' i 101 fkmth 2nd at. HAIRCUT 20c, SIIAVK 15c Jliith—Olosi! « iiin.-aiilni- Call ,1. B. Chine At Tom ihu-kttm'.s Scrvlco Slntlim 1931 OHKVKOl.liT TltUCK .,. : . li)S!! I? OKI) V-8 Hi TIU1CK J'JM' ClIUVKOr.KT TKl'OK T t) N ¥2«-! W, TON' «'I E'. Main CHEVROLET CO. IMlOIK! 031? ' If ynti lisvu ii luirial nssochitioii corlilicali! of any luml on your lovcil ones when they ;nis:i a\'-ay, \ re will iu-irpl it at full valiu- on Iho I'niii-nU, provulctl yon huy ;is innuli as ?50 01- inoi-o in IIIOI'cllMIUliKC. COEE FUNERAL HOME i'lIONIO 2li QUICK ON Washed SAND and Courier News Classified Ads Pay. SKUVICB STATION •rou YCHJII CONVENIENCE' ONE STOP' SKUVICB ST/ Oil YOUIl CON' SINCLAIR GAS AND UJHRICATION \VYSK f'KliKY in cliiirgo I'.. M. JOHNSON iii charge of Uoilv Call Us - "iume 700 Sii]H'rior Coal & Blininjr (,'„. Anil wo lumitli' nil It'iUlillj.'; bl'itllllH of Ili'tfli C ratio I'onl— Siminiilt, Croat Hi'mri Brilliiinl, Monlifollo, etc. ALM'IY OOP TIIK K1NC MAS 1IMOAS! -UATTKKY SlJHVICli -HADIATOlt KHl'AIR —11011 V WOJIK —I'KNDHK WOl'tlt —(il.A.SS 1\ST,UI,KI> —AUTO 1'AKTS W. T. 8ARNETT AUTO SALES Iloilso & Vljinoudi Dealer . . . PHONE 888 IlllV Cf.OTIIKS N'OW! I'ay out ot your bonus. C!1CO. MUm, Tailor 201 N. 211(1 FREE GASOLINE •1,030 Gallons (o He Given Awiiy FKKK To Our Customers! livery incinlier of our Gasoline Dividend Club isni \vin from 1 to 25 Gallon's. When you buy B;IS at linilcy's ask for a membership cur<l. It costs nothing. HARRY BAILEE'S At Missouri State Line HELLO, MY "X AW- J JUS'TOLD HER. WE FRlEMDS-WWy,) WERE STUCK HERE-THAT A/HAT'S TH' /\VE COULD MATTER WITH' MEVER GET ^PLEASE DOKlY H- LITTLE /BACK TO-/CRY, OOOLA- LAoy.' y\ woo - /THIS ISM'T SUCH A BAD PLACE TO LIVE..,. , , .\\ )V| WOW.TMA'S UO WAY TO FEEL, UV \ PEAR-YOU AM'OOP CAM BE VERY J HAPPV HERE WITH US -WHY, , •/ -, LISTEM - By Hanilin 1CX.I BOTH CAM FIND GOOD MATES AM' SETTLE DOWM -WHY, I'M SURE SIS WOULD MAKE OOP A GOOD \A/iFe,AM' I 7HIK1K OOOLA WOULD BE A VERY I NAME FOR 1H' SAWALLA ^^^ QUEEM/ S12li.OO Credit 6tv New Chevrolcl or used car, value '.$'400.00' or • niorJ! 16'buyer liavlilg no'trace-iiy G'.od (iiscoinit. for cash. Box "AD 1 , . Courier News: ill' W Always in the Market fo SCRAP' IRON WOOL Rags, Mfial, '"'! Hides & Bones lUylticvillc Iron & Mef«l Co. 221 W. Cherry Call '148 BOOTS AND HER JiUDDIICS NOT liAD! HMUU -THIS AFFAIR IS MORE 1 SERIOUS THAW I THOUGHT.' ) I DOMT «WOW AS I'M SO HOT ABOUT TH' WAY THINGS ARE SHAPING UP.' ,t~ . ; Good Used Trucks 1934— I'/' Ton Ford 1OT5— 'A Ton For<l Pick-Up 1331—I'/; Ton' Chevrolet 1931— IV- Ton International All have Good Slake Hollies TERMS Delia Implement Co $100 credit, on new Plymouth or | character Loans from S10D to Barksdale Mfg. Co. Lawn Mowers Repaired Guns Repaired PHONE 19 Dodge at 20 per cent, discount. Call 158 before June 13. 2-pk-3 lake $'S.OO for it. Thomas Land Certified Potato Plants Tomato, Pcppei' & EgB Plants 0. C. Hawks Cor. Lake & Main or 520 Madison BEAN fc TOMATO STICKS, 5 & 6 FT. LONG, I'.tc EACEL CHICAGO MILL. I or Kent nice large 1'tirnlsricd Rooms. Price' reasonable. Call 91-J. 8c k!3 Cool front" BEDROOM. Reasonable. Bess Hall. Gall 280. Gcktf 2 newly decorated unfurnished rooms, adjoining bath. Private entrance. Couple only. Call at, 510 S. Franklin after 5 p. m. 3-p-O 5-rooin unfurnished house, 511 Park. Reasonable. Call 280. 3-ck-tf 52000 repaid over a period of 12 to GO months. No red tape and ,ow government, interest, rate. Sec E. C. Robinson Lumber Co " SEE The New 26 Ql. Pressure Cooker AND INQUIRE ABOUT THE CLUB PRICE AT Hubbard Hdw. Co. BOOTS 1 .'. 1 . -TX&>fss*f^^--±- $Sz$ - M'iirtin WASH TUBUS -IIOI'IMCR ,ST!l,l, !S HOl'I'lNO AIAD! 3 room furnished apt., newly decorated. Mrs. I. O. WcSllirook. 4 iooui house, furnlslicd or nnfnr- nisherT Mrs. Edvvlu Robinson. Cull 271-W. 23-c-lt 3 FUBNISHEp Rooms, modern. Sink-in kitchen. 914 Hearn. 23-P-X-23 COOL bedroom>:, reasonable. Mrs. Jennie Craig. 900 Mai", Phone 7"G. INGRAM apartment, Inquire IMrkhnrsl. Co'. 28-cfc-U 5 room unfurnished liouse at 523 Vine. Call 203-J. 2-ck-tf 3 rcxim FURNISHED Bparinrelit, niwli'm. I in Ash. Mrs. George MatUicws. Call 294. ck-tf 2 bedrooms or a two room fur nishrd apartment. Reasonable. Mrs. J. T. Collins. 1020 Hearn. UNFURNISHED 4 room aparlmciit with bath, Call 337, or 55 at lllRlll. 12-ck-tf Furnished 3-rooin House. 508 N, Fifth St. Couple Only. flh ." Room Apirtnwut, 4 rooms furnished. J. II. Smiirl. Uail 805-J .2c ktt Wall Paper SALE 19,'!G PATTKKNS THEARKMO LUMBER CO. I'honc -10 Wanted •- Used Furniture Spot Cash Paid Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. Main Formerly Davis & Dodson STOVES STOilED B'OK SUMMER Local Hauling My Coal Is Black But I trca ! You White JOHN BUCHANAN—PHONE 507 GUARANTEED BLECTRIOAL WORK, reasonable. Frank Ga blc, Phone 218, Osccola. Lost White Airedale dog wil'n tan 01 back. "Bunch." REWARD. Nctv York Store. 8-ck-l S. A. E. Fraternity Pin. REWARD Mrs. U H. Moore, 1020 W. Mnlti 8c kl 3 room house, furnlilied or unfurnished. 2 baths and sleeping porch. Qll Walnut. C. J. Crane. Call 86 or 20. S\iilcaso loft in William , Brock. Route 2. Box 166. COIN PURSE containing LIBERAL REWARD. Mrs. Rus car Satnrda Wilson. Ark 3p kl c-k-13 sell Phillips. WHO'5 PICKET'S^ 5TF.VE HOPPER OTHER'ENEMY?/ HE'S TOU&H- VVOFIK5 IN A vEAT MARKET. T I HEAR., MR. HOOPER, ] VA^ BV J1NSOJ AND IP IT WASN'T THW VOU ONCE OWNED/ PER -THAT LOW-DOWN, THIEVIN',, THE PICKtT RANCH-x.^fSAP-SCALLIONx JEFF PICKET, T [ p ' ___^^_ - _f—rwri-*Jn~,— , . ^*^"ia » /ttirM IT H By Craht \ IC. T. M. BEO. U. S., PAT. OFF. Jg HE KNOWECi THERE V«A6 OIL TMER.E/ ME FORECLOSEP MV MORTGAGE r'LJj MV RANCH, AND IF HE WA<; ' PANS HIS HIDE, I'D • FKKCK1,RS AND HIS FRIKNDS YOU MEAM It) SAY THOSE BOWES THAT POODLES DUG UP ARE BONES FROM A SABER-TOOTHED TIGER? O V/HAT3 ) VALUABLE TO OJR ) MUSEUM! TAG'S TAKlM; N( i ^-'- i: ' : ~~Vf SUCH BOWES YA METAN \ ARE VERf RARE, THE MUSEUM JAWD V/OULD BE V.OULD PAY \ A MARVELOUS GOOD MOKIS-/ ] ADDITICtJ FOR A PILE / ^ CUR , OF OLD rC.COLLECT!SH?.. CHANCKS! BUT V/t MUST HAVE TT-IE COMPLETE BONE STRUCTURE OF THE: ANIMAL...THE SINGLE PIECES VGULD BE OF LITTLE VALUE..' ff-} I^IESKSSS*.] S-- «r--O By Blosset V/OULD I YOU BUY I Tr-tOSE eowes FROM IF YOU GET THE COMPLETE COLLEC- TIOM OF BOWES, I'M IN A POSITION "ID PAY $ ICO FOR /-I V., THEM ! /—^ ! l\ ^P m^J^ e . BETTER TAKE HIM UP ON IT; BEFORE HE CHANGES HIS POSITION .'•' Five Cents s s a ! rirf Five Cents Five Cents Y'/tr ideal Drink In Hat Wcfdiar — Hiy - Cooliny - Delicious '^OIST i \J> A \l Present this cou^n ui The Main, Citi Rate Fountain ami Drink a POM-i'^A) Free- • Finger-Traps— Wiiii Pom-fyLo Sold Five Cents

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