The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 20, 1934
Page 5
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TUESDAY, .MARCH 20, 1934 BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dully IT.(C per iir.e ror consecutive insertions: (Hvc average wwos to a lino Oi:<j lime i«r line )3c Two limes per ,'liK I«r day ., 08c Three times per lln" I»r day .. OOc Six times per line per day .. Die t'oiilli raw per Him OUc Minimum chi-rne 50c Ads ordeud fo- turee or six limes and stoiii>cd btluri! u.xplru- l-on «'ill be cliarg'.c lor tlie iium- Lcr o( Umcs the ad appeared ana adjustment ol bill made. All Classmen Advertising cupj submitted by persons residing oui- sjdc ol the city u usi be accompanied by cash. Hales may be CJEily computed frnni above laolc. no responsibility will be lateu ini more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Advertising onl-'icil Tor irrtuu- «Br insertions take the cue tune vale. BUSINESS DIHKCTOUY I.. U. MUoS. Undertaker Ambulance Service P£onc 3u WEAR-EVER alumimmi is better and costs no more. Sola exclu- hivcly a'. iUibbard Hardware Co. 5-ck-4-5 Repair Furniture Now You can save money by having furniture upholstered now materials are cheaper. \Vc make the old new again. Free estimates. Complete line samples. Work guaranteed. Jenkins & Son, 713 Chirkasnwtia We *i>cci.ilizc in Floor Sweep Social kinds for special lloors Hubbard iL-irdwurc Co. I2c k4-i;i J-'ree liguru diagnosis in your home. Mrs. J. J. Davis, Phor.e 421 Spencer Corselicre 20C kli-26 EXl'ERT Typtwrittt ami Adding Machine licpairinE. U. S. JJIink (nsllip, 11U E. Host. Call IC5-J. 26c k3-22 FOR SALE EARNED cured alfalfa hay $20 licr-'toii; few tons hall-and hau coilon seed. E. V. Hill n-pk-24 For Kale CHEAP: New Vitality navy blue PUMPS. 7 AA Call 3GU. ONE BARBER CHAIR CHEAP. Mrs. M. \V. Lee, Joiner, Ark. 14 n k-i-12 1 Oliver row crop tractor, one -1 row planter, one 4 row cultivator one 16 by 20 disc harrow, one 3 row blister with marker. All In fust class condition. Gay Billings, Inc. 5c k-l-b TWO good mules, priced reason able. 11. A. Smith, 510 W. Main 2o ku REAI, KSTATE Tor Sale: III Kast I>;ms, an exquisite home; nothing prelticr in Blyllieville. \vill sell on terms at C^i. Call our otlitc for appointment. THOMAS LAND CO.MVANY, sole agents. tl 2 For Trade: city property lor farm LAND. Mrs. Ed Hai'din. IJckti KOI! SAM; J7 A.CKK.S ] KID amhuri/Mi to offer for sale ll:c Irat-i. of land immediately west of Compress No. 1. between the Iwo vailrairt (racks toiisislin_ cil 17 aciei, nt a very In-.v pricr for rash ;is ;i wliolc or v. ill Mibiliviri: n: ttto-aci'D trncl.', some of which I can soil »s cheai: ;.s 5350.00 for the full two acre/;. Think of it— Tliis price i.s lex, than the .iver- ai;r so loot cily lot. would c«,t you ar.d yo;;r wife can make him? oa two arrre lor Hie whole family. You will have to act ij»iek. II i; ii!ii« no-.v t'i make s;mlcn. and n::i:irdiiit.~ ixiss'.-Asion can be hart. My option empires April 1st. are i::u today. J. W. Under. Zk POULTRY I will pny lOc |icr iiouiitl for 111-115 except leghorn tyj::. IB. T. Wovtliy. 315 Eau M;un. la-ck-'j'J I'rcsli cjgs daily. II. I. Kcd scllin; eggs. 1'ickard Klorc. 1011 Clllika- BAHY CIUCKS ~ All Varieties. Set <ach Tuesday.'' hatch ca'cli N r HATCUEItV "atd'ei-y Code Ccr. No. 80 SKEns~&~lM7AN-rs r " HEKU Polatocs, soy hclns Held per.s and nltalla Ececl. OeL my Vrices. Earl Hatcher. Call GS5-J. 22-ck-3-22 AUTOMUIHLBS, TRUCKS USED^AR BARGAINS 19J3 4 clr. Oakland Sedan .. S?i5 1!)S1 4 dr. Ford sedan S-'M 1830 I'oilliM sedan ........ $250 1'ontiae 2 dr. acd;ui ... $115 $291) To Broaclcast 5-Mile Fall 1.ONIX3N (UP)-A British puru- :hut!st, John Trsniim. is to bivad- cint his exix-rlcnces over the radio while actually falling live 'nillra from an airplane. Some Hint! nils inonlh Triiiiinn will usceud over tjuuthpoil IJmcli, I'ontlar 2 dr. sedan LEE-COPPEDGE MOTOR CO. I'hone 3'>'J—305 E. Main ' Bargains! Bargains USBD CARS iear Liverpool.' ati jllie plum-, when Jl Is live mlk-s 'I'.ikh. Add- nulling tlu' rlpi-orcl of ills paracliiHc In.- will broadens!. Ins imps-i^iim* while tiilllni! al the rule nt 20 nilli-s an hour. A sucdal ampliujng inliToplione will be llurd inside his oxygen mask and (lie i-uimlnt;—or rnlhev full- liiB'-cunnnciilaiy will be pli-ki-d .. _ „ .., „,_ up uy tile slallon ill |8tc-nmivl«. a world Iruvi'ler. IhiuiiBh a iiiilkm-nlde hook-un! V :IM- Hciirfsrnts ^^ Nullnm HUSTON iUI'1 ... A \use. nmdo -'iu i-lay, iovk, sluiw uinl Mlm .iimuis ijiilhri-ecl ham i>7 iill- rfnt nations and loeulltlos ol tho win Id was presented to ttu- Cluiiu- l):-r o! Coiiinu-rcc by S]X.'uccr J. OUR BOARDING HOUSE Private Hospitals Urged ' For Emergency Cases SAI/l' I.AKM C1TV. Utah lUIM — L-iirtnllmnit of city ..uu-L-snu-y iiosplluls. followed Ijy mi cducii- ioniil cnmp.ilsn to promote pubic ijiMiil will toward pi-lvntu has- Mtiils. w«s advorutvil by l)i. \VII- COUPK ISlii CHEVROLET. COUl'K. (i Wire Wheels, Rumble Seat 1932 AURIIUN COUl'Ii .... I9:<2 TOItl) V-8 TUUOK .. 1931 CHEVROLET SEDAN 1931 FORD TUDOK 1SJO CHKYSLEK SEDAN' .. I'JSO CHKVSLEIt ItOADSTKK SlUfl 1DJO BVJICK COUl'E ?1«5 1829 I'LVAIOUTII SEDAN . We also have Ji large slock ol used (rucks al prices you will buy. Call 633 ami ,'isl; for a salesman— We will he (.'iad to show you the cest values in used care. Shouse-Littlie Chevrolet Co. AUTOMO1IVE ence nl tin; Aiiimrnji Collei; nKriJi-oii\ hciv. "UiwU-r the iireM'iH .sy.Moin. puyer.s 1 inoiiev K «;i!,!i-il \mn ot ,.,,lni ni: , t ,, to jmlmlty .service," lie exnia led ills are well ,-,,ulp|x',l t,, Ir.u DC. Ward mid. id" Ki:uii!(vi( Aftvr ] ratal foi- s-1 yeais, j loir Norway home f>(ler leaving to seek their An- iribtrUnj; Tirc^ A lulu, Ktplaco juent parts ar.d atctsborits ot ill kinds (or an> iiiakt: of car. .lUtumotuT. Uciit, liubtard lidvr. CM- . Ic k'i-i Auto Glass Al! Kinds Ir.stallcd The .Irk-Jto Lumber Co. lOc K4-10 BATTEH1ES New Pord Batteries ftcnlal - Rccharsinr - Repairing '••I TIKE & BA'ITEEIY STATION 26c COAL & WOOD Coal and Wood Kentucky egg COAL $G; slag (3 por ton Ash & Railroad Sts. 15ci22 FOR RENT UNFURNISHED " 4 room _. incut, balh. Phone 327; niehl 55. 'HREE room {Hrnislicd npartmenl with bath. .Mrs. Dozie Mick, 110 W. Ash. 17-ck-ti riiHEE Boom Furnished APARTMENT with private bath and entrance. Phone 72-W. Mrs. I. O. tVestbrook. icp !;2d Ooinforlablc lurnished HEDKOOM v:ilh garage, if desired. Mrs. P S. Coolcy, phone 117. I6ck20 2 tlory inodcrii house on Division. just north or Calholic church. Rc:d. Evrard & Henderson. Phone BEDROOM for 1 or 2 gentlemen 601 W. Walnut St. Cull 451. 6-clc-tI r'UHNlSHED bed-oom] 1017 W. Walnut,. Mis. Ed Haidin alter >'• M. 10 11OOM & BOARD KOOMS or room and board or meats. (Jooil meal, clean rooms rater, low. Close In. Mrs. Lodin •121 s. Second. 8-ck-4-8 WANTED TO KENT SIX or .seven room house; mutt be modern and in good neighborhood. Occupancy about Hay 15. A. F. Dietrich. Superior coal and Mining Co. 394 W. Walnut. WANTED WHITE M.\N~^iTi~7u':'n7l to rcnL or shareciop. Good worlt. r. '-A." Courier News. lO-pfe-22 UNFURNISHED Three-room apartment with bath. Close In Call 306. FEEDS Vc 'psclilr^r- | n seed coin, l ('ash J'rcd atul seed CV. ki-l'J '"or Sale: CORN delivered to you. W. T. Rilcy. New Madrid, Mo. 21-pk-4-19 WANTED TO BUY We Pay « |*r ton for Scrap Iron. Also 'buy Iiiuw, uiass, ropj^y, cad. etc. Wolf Aiian, Phone 176, l-'o L. Nfain. M-ck-3-26 Want to buy all kinds Used House hold Goods, stoves. Highest Cash prices. Leigliton's Second Hand Store. 320 E, Mam, MAKINtJ AN I.MI'I{KSSI(),\! oot IM in 1 PAl H <X~\\( MOTWTCRS "l R/\a0, ruiL WCtL NO OANOtR I TACVD' f^U.tND.l WVV-U TOWARD YOVi WITH r t 'j-v,uo 10 <'«?»• .MV j,-.m:w.\r.o A COMMAND l(.) Ml' DLlifMO, 0-.NHY bl'O TO A -Ji HI: GAVE Mt M.OOH OK l!El'RO<\Cll-KINOA i IIOHO ii-'i nr..w iwt HE IIIOUOHT i VMS mo ' COLLAR •BUTTON WHAT YOU LOST, MR 1 IT WAS \N ^ cow^tv. ON TW HALL STWRS CARPET/ VOU SA>\t) YOU IT SO LONG,\TV\OUe>HT r n WAS GONNK "BE <SOLt>,WnH A, ^ TilAMON'D \N \T- BOT rf-S CVILX WORN -THKT "BUTTOM TOR YEARS, LUCK WITHOUT AB-VANBEL , COLONEL LOST A VROM NKt) \ . . -,-j;:-t_ MMIE II^POPUlftCE S1000 MTU IllCin HOW THB AfFWR WOOLD KOW.MV UllLt VTUN1 WOULD HME GO-Mil OVER BIG — EXCEP1 K1HG TUNK VEAH?' UEV)UECKEO OINNV? WHY LIKE A NINNV p OUT Ol' THK MIGHT! f\ OF K\Gfff, a< &VOP.V , V COME DOWM WASH TUBBS /WOT'S ISHE (lLIKE, APACME? THE HOYS AK1-: l»l,KASK»! AW, COME ON/rtPXHt, SWEEt OMHCRjNOT.f liOT " WHAT'S WHO LIKE? VH-EGIRL' 1HE SNAPPV ecu BOH VOU OUST RIDIN' WITH. SHE HIT'S ANV OF -/ORE DAD r BURN BUSINESS, y »V-i'J W 1 WAS. I GOT WOT ID 00 OHlRriM 1 No eEftunrtiL MtiR£r.-: TO MILLIOWS LIKE MIGS LOME-EVEN IF SHE IS LOHEI.V. SALESMAN SAM THAINI\(;! ^ — Fen. 6-0 SH 3XJST L.WIM 1 VIP To ooH(\T — : , •^^^ FHECKI.ES AN)) HIS FRIENDS ANTON JO IS NO I'IKHK! xX ^ . MP SCUTTLf.. I 1 W;S7 Sen Ho-../ -ir: I KJQW, JUST WHAT Do YoU COU3DER A FAIR PRICE SYLVESTER ' •••• LET US SAY F HUNDRED DOLLARS.' ER YOU A PRICS THIS PLACE....AKD 1 rr is OWE TElf T1DJ3AMO DOt LARS. OR PACT OF Tilts PtACE THAT YOU'LL cer is 1-OOkS AS IF THE PASSOt WAD COURAGE To ASK fan LOT MORE TWAW MRS.COOk WOULD HAVE DEMANDED.,.. BUT, VV1LU SCUTTLE PAY? IS COM I M ALOMG .'

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