The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1949
Page 15
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APRIL T, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIFTEEN Cinnamon-Orange >ougnnut$ Favorites Gel-Cookery Aids Dishes ior Lent Unfavored Gelatine Gives Key to Meals With Color, Flavor "^ i\* So many, basic and varied are the dishes made with unflavored gelatine that they've been cl;i.ssifie<i into a .slyle of cookery complete in iiAflf, called gel-cookery. There are five keys Lo gel-cookery, each producing a basic type of gelatine cli.sJ gently varied. Key No. 1 for instance deals with dishes made will clear gelatine while Key No. 4 covers dishes made with tin flavored gelatine blended \vith eggs or may onnai.s?. the so-called cuslard-tyix gelatines. H Ls Key No. 4 that produces delightful main di.shes sucli as sturdy loaves with a ilch, creamy consls- le n cy I n ? L Is a good foil for I he fish, vet:* 1 tables or other ingredients mixed with H. Unfavored gelatine, I he- indispensable Ingredient of tlu-.'-c di.slie.s, cimie.s Iotir envelope.s lo a parkagp and is easy to use. very salLsMrtory in Us results. This gelatine." has protein to add. loo, to the nnin dr-slies made with it. Lrnfi-n Loaf S|ier3ally With UnlliiviiiiriL Gelatinr A very special Lenlcn dish Ls a ge!:uine Lenten Loaf made .satisfy- in'!, and .substHiituil with mnyon- and fleckc'd -.vilh pieces of hnrd-canketl eg^, celery, yreen pe'j- -4.^101 s\nrl other delicious ingredient.i. T^(A -slice or two of this loaf make,- a mo.sL unusual Lenten main course and it can be accompancd with either hoi or cold veeclnbles- To show you how versatile is cooking with unflavored golatini*. we h?ve Included the basic Lenlen Loaf recipr to^ptlicr \vith variations that can turn the loaf into a fish specialty. . 1 envelope unllavored gelatine 1-2 cuq co t ld \vater 1 ter.sp. salt 2 Hj.sps. lemon juice 1-4 teasp. Talja.sco 3--1 cun jnuyoimaise or .salad diessing 1 1-2 tea.sus. grated onion 1-2 cup finely diced celery 1-1 finely diced green pepper 1-4 chopped piiuiento 4 hard cooked eggs, chopped Solten gelatine in cold water Place aver boiling water and stir until dissolved. Add salt, lemon juice and Tabasco. Cool. Add mayonnaise: mix In remaining ingredients Turn into loaf pan or Into individual molds and chill until firm. Unmold on crisp greens. YIELD: 6 ^ servings. Seafood f.oaf Omit eggs and add 1 n-ouncfr can shrimp, shredded, or 1 T-ounce can tuna or salmon flaked. Decrease salt to 1-2 teaspoon. Although dotiglnnils nre always a avorile of adults and childrt-'i •\like. It is well .sometimes to ™'-y your iavwite doughnut recipe, sui;- jesls Rcba Stangs, well-known liomo economist. One example of how lo do this and still rale hish svilh all the members of the family is to try cinnamon-orange dough- Clnuuiuan-Orxii(e l)ou[ln<u<> 2 tab-sespoons lard 3-4 cup sugar 2 eggs, beaten 2 tablespoons grate orange rind 4 cups floor '1 teaspoons baking powder 3-4 teaspoon soria 1-2 Ic'tsixxm salt 3-4 cup orange Juice Cream thoroughly the shortening ami sugar. Add the well-beaten egiv and orange rind; mix well. Sift ai dry ingredients and add lo creamei m'Xtnre alternately with the crane juice. Chill the dough thoroughly then roll to near one-half inch thick. -es-s and cut with doughnut cutter. Fiy In ctcep hot lard at 330- 3tiO F, until brown. Mew Ideas for Liver Sausage- Serve it Hot! Uver sausage has always held \\gh rani; as a premium sandwich filling, and as ft "must" on fi cold neat platUr. Now Rcba S.aggs, home economist, conies up with a new M.Kgestlon to add to the versu- llllty ol this olrt favorite. The suggestion, .she snys, is lo serve liver sausage hot I FOL exatu- ple, one way of doing this is lo cut liver sausage hito one-half inch slices, brown in butler or inargaiUic mid IL«« It as the base of ninny tempt Ing combinations. U'.<; good served this \vf\y with crisp bacon, itfcri celery and |X>luto ctsiiw, Another econimciuliUio.i Ls liver sniutiige sllce.s piu.brotU-d nlonj; wil'i slices ol tomato, An unusual lunch or .supper dish Ls liver sausage tvnd ciu'usc sandwiches— .served hot. To make them place R slice ol cheese ovor n .slice of bnuxd and on top o[ \vat ft one- half Incli sUce of liver siui.snur, Ilnish the .snusage wllh molted butter or mngnrlup, and for wood n.rftsiu'c lay a strip of dipped in ere LIEU over the top. Put the Mindwlch under the broiler uut II llio Is tons ted. Served with u crisp .snlfld, sandwii'he.s will find A prrn.iu.pi.| place on your list of foods good to serve. Sounds arc either musical or nonmnsicul. The lortner arc produced by sound wave.s in thytlmuV pattern; the In tier are krrciudnr waves which (to not occur at r<|iwl Intervals, Hearty Soup Combats Raw Spring Weather Spring dnyf, unfortunately, niv not uhvays balmy und full of sunshine. The wt'iitliL-rman usmilly pulses out 11 shure of raw, bluMiey spniiK days, with thirivta of ruin. On Just sue! i occasions as thw llu* fmnlly needs vigorous, hearty hxxl lo vnmhiil the Influence of (lie weather, affirms. Ucb:i Stunts, fond iiiithoiity. Mot Hunter's typieal ot the woodsman's nirnl, Is an Idenl wuy d» «lvc the [uiiiily (his needed prn- tecliun in » miinnrr they will rnjoy lliiMlrj'A Soup '2 pounds Miup bone iuu| nirut i :i (puiils water , 1 i:ibL('S]uu>i!s Dialed onion 'J'„' cnp.s grilled currtits i :i cups diced potntnes I 2/3 cup bailey 1% Ublespoonit snll It Inblespoon pepper Simmer suup bone In waler [or IVi hour i with the grated onion and uiriots Add diced vegetables. Cook bmlt-y hi bollktig salted water until tender. Drain and add soup. AREYS EXTRA REFINED...CAREY'S CARRIES THE FLAVOR Granite City, 11!.. led a number tf ualieiUs lo safety, then jumped from a window. Sin- suffered a broken iiip Krul three fourths of her body was severely burned. But she brushed nsu!c: first aid and said: •Don't worry about me. Get the others out. I won't live long.' 1 Then she called for her husband Siie died a shor t time later. Fellow nurses said Mrs. Clement. 1 . was on her last tour of duty Monday night. She planned to quit he: nurse's job and retire to private lile. Head courier News Want Ada t«tor tendw, ftt > slice* of $ juicy goodn !• ask for Del Mont* CATSUP - - 14 oz. bottle 16c Del Monte Cream Style CORN - - NO. 303 can Young Nurse Planning To Quit Next Day Dies Of Hospital Fire Injuries EFFINOHAM, 111.. April 7. llfi— A youn2 nurse who was to have qui'. her job the next day died heroically in Tuesday's fire at St. Anthony's hospital. Rescue %vorke.s related yesterday that Mrs. Shirley Clements of You can depend on the quality of rich, fine- grained Ever-Good Ham. Enjoy that fragrance, that jpecial, hickory- smoked flavor. Makei thrifty leftover ctishei too. Serve Ever-Good Ham. Ask for it at your d«al- eri today. MEMPHIS PACKING CO. Memphis, Tenn. ,*•••%••••••••••••••• Liberty Cosh Grocery's MEAL OF THE WEEK Del Monte Domino P.n-fri.d Fi.h with Tomato S«uc« Browned PotatoM Cr«»m«d Aiparagu* uw> Sil»d xitH French PEAS No.303can17k|SUGAR - • 9 47c Chum Del Monte Sliced or Crushed SALMON-- tall can 38C You're sure of the finest ^ when you serve . . . Mayrose Ham Ang*l Chkffnn DtMtrt (R.op. k,lc~] NOTE: S<.ttiJ iumi (m,,l.»(.lk... ,,.,.!, I .. id -ill mill it." •"•!Angel Chiffon Demsert i'. nip PM Milk 1« ivo.iiwh r.nill. •', p.?k.«tl. m o= ..(.r. I.l.lin* 12».lk>^, >/, <up boilio, ..l~ '-' »f Chill milt until ice cold. Dijiolve gelatin in boiling wnter. Chill until llight- ly thicker than unbentcn egg whites. I ine 4 dciscrt di^hei with vnnillA w»fcn. Whip milk vilh cold rot.iry be'ater, or electric beetcr nt hifili tpoed until Jtif. F" ld intt > chilled Rol.llin rtlong with murshmallowl. Pile into wrtfer-lincd dilhei. *Or*nge gcl.itin also can be mod, yen Will Nttdt Pet Milk canlB^c I.ernon Gelatin . pkg. 9c Vanilla Wafers pkg. 15c 50 Count BOOK MATCHES - - 2for19c Pineapple No. 2 can 31 c Amboy Evaporated MILK - - - 3 tall cans 34c Hy Power (with beans) A carload of suds CHILI - No. 300 can 20c The Dainty Cooking Fat HUMKO - 4 ib carton 79c Pinto, Great Northern, or Navy Beans - - ib. 14c Sure to please you Pel Milk - 3 tail cans 37c Super Suds - ige. box 29c For better washing TREND -2 large boxes 34c Lard - 4ib.ctn.60c Pure Firm All popular brands tIG ARETTES-ctn $2.07 TO BAKE A HAM Mayrose Ham is already tender . . . does not require parboiling Place fat. side up on a rack in an open pan. lisa no wnter. Bake in n slow oven 0125° FO according lo following weight schedules: 16 lo 18 Ibs.— 4 lo 4'/^ hrs. or aboul 15 min. per 11>. 12 lo 15 Ibs.— 3 1 /! to 4 K«. or about 16 min. p«r Ib. 10 to 12 Ibs.— 3 to 3l'z Ki». or about 18 min. p«t Ib. 8 lo 10 Ib 3 .— 2 3 4 to 3 hr«. or about 20 min. per Ib. 5 lo 7-lb. pieces—• 2 to V/2 h«»- or about 22 min. per Ib. (If a meat Ihermomeler is used, bake to 150° F. internal tempezalure.) Remove nil rind. Cover with one of the following glazes: ?3 cup brown sugar nnci 1 tablespoon flour, J5 cup brown sugar and 1 iablenpoon mu«- tnrd. Bake in hot oven <'100° F.) for 15 minulea, or till the deaired brown. Stu&it . Afayrotc Tett Kitchen S|. louis Independent Packing Company PACKERS OF HIGHEST OUAUIY MAYROSE MEAT PRODUCTS Krcsh CARROTS Florida ORANGES -,M: Golden Bantam EAR CORN 2 TOMATO SAUCE COCA COLA CHERRIES FRUITCAKE TOMATOES 49 25 No. I Red POTATOES 10 491 MARGARINE ,„ 22 • \Vaj_; nc i r.iaiid 5 ,.b,39 e I ROLL SAUSAGE ,„ 33 No. 1 Idaho BAKERS (ireen CABBAGE ,., 5' Can " OQc Tin- I'suisc That Kcfr>slics Case Ow ,.„. 59 C 39 3 No. 1 OQc C'HUS *v Hlrenli-O-l.i-an I SALT MEAT (iuvernmcnt (Iriwlcd CHUCK BOAST 54 Ileil Itraud SLICED BACON 48 All meal THANKS or WIENERS ,- 40 e No. I CMIIS Chocolalc Covered l.b. liox PORK&BEANS 3 SALAD DRESSING *,.,„. «»..„ Q« 39* LIFEBUOY SOAP 3 , ta « 21 C GRAPE JUICE .... 1 pint 1c, plus 1 uiiail :!Sc .... 1H)TH 39 SWAN SOAP 3 Mod. ACc Hars fcW LIBERTY CASH GROCERY low Prices Everyday' ;\

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