Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on November 14, 1884 · Page 5
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 5

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1884
Page 5
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ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AXD CITR02vlv3LE s IT.IDAT, XOVEimTTR 14.1834. CURRENT TOPICS. Pfvrt BFR?n Mysthat the pped at which Vaud H. is wrgd to trot is cruelty. KHvRTorM is the subject of as many and 1$ contradictory nimom as the pope's health. London's police force numbers 12,022. t Mr. Moody thought it a wonderfully r ;ghtKu city. Fears are expressed that the King of Belgium will lx'ome inane in consilience of the political troubles in that country. None of the Parisian theaters now has anisic bet ween the acts. Probably they do got desire to do anytliing that will keep the mdienoe from the wine-room. Fbask Lkslii's estimates that nearly a Bullion and a half of dollars were paid out in N'ew York city alone for legitimate election jjpenses during the month of October. Gcnod, the great musical composer, is now devoting bis whole genius to religious music. is the sort of music that pleases Englishmen and they pay him fabulous Bums for it. Thers is a law on the Vermont statute books disfranchising all persons who served In the retail army. It was enacted eighteen years ago and a bill has just been introduced in the legislature repealing it. HXP.R MrER, a German Ftatitician, says that ninety-fire per cent, of the people of Germany receive less tlian a dollar a day. The suddsn and formidable growth of Socialism in that country may thus be understood in a measure. The rebellion among the students at Laval university, Montreal, does not arise from the black gown that they are compelled to wear ; it is the rule that forbids them to attend tieaters and requires them to attend confession once in tltree months. against, hfm, he was set at liberty. Finally Ids cunning failed him and he was unable to escape from the clutches of the law. He and his gang consisting of his wife Gertrude, a young woman, Mole Horn, Charley Stadt-felt, Billy Long, and Barbara bladt felt were located in Southern Illinois and put iu jail. He was tried in Springfield on three indictments and sentenced to fifteen years' hnpris-onment.and the payment of $3, 000. The population of Madagascar cumbers nearly six millions. 1 ' The principal tribe, the Hovas, ' said Lieutenant Schufeldt in a lecture in New York the other evening, ' are men of Malay origin, with fair complexion, black and sparkling eyes, aquiline noses, numbering about 900, 000 and far in advance of the rest of the inhabitants in intelligence and the arts of civilization. The women are often handsome. Some of these advantages can be attributed to climate, the region inhabited by them averageing 4, 550 feet above the sea level, and affording a bracing atmosphere. Kest in importance and intelligence he placed the Betsileo tribe, the men possessing lithe and active frames, but the women, unlike the Hova, are seldom or never handsome. The Barra people, iu the southern part of the island, are distin guished by their utter lack of ennobling qualities. ' ' The morality of the Rajra. added Lieutenant Shufeldt, might thus be summed up: "Give me my gun and my spear, my rum and my wives, end mr oxen let m steal, plunder and destroy everybody ; let no body molest me and I care not who ia my king. " Jrn.A-f Hawthorne said many neat things is Li Delta Kappa Epsilon address the other ensuing. But, perhaps, the neatest thing, and se that touched the fancy of his audi ence most perceptibly, was his allusion to jLlnalma Lincoin as "the man who made I: white. ' ' 5STT York is ki danger of losing Patti. L'niess the directors of the Grand opera house cume down with 116,000, the guarantee required by Colonel Mapleson, who engaged ter and agreed to pay her that sum in ad vance, she wiU break her contract and return to Europe. The Journalist gays that James Gordon Bennett has sold one-third of the HeralcHo G. W. ILiCkay at a price which fixed its val uation at 3, 250, 000. This sale, to the same authority, was necessary to enable Hr. Bennett to pay his assessment on the new cable stock. The indirect consequences of conduct are well illustrated by a story told in the recently published life of Nathaniel Hawthorne. He was once the victim of a Salem coquette who after having gained his confidence ' presented him with the startling information that his friend Louis had been guilty of an attempt to practice the basest treachery upon her ; and she passionately adjured Hawthorne to champion her cause. ' ' The result was that he challenged Lotus to fieht a duel. Louis being cognisant of the deceit practiced on Hawthorne explained it to him and the affair between the two men had no serious consequences to them, but it proved fatal to a friend and classmate of te novelist named Jonathan Cilley. "vYhe1 Ciiley was challenged by an impetuous Kentuckian to fight a duel, he hesitated, but as soon as some one said, ' If Hawthorne was so ready to fight a duel without stopsping to ask questions, you certainly need not hesitate, ' ' he accepted the challenge and was killed. "When Hawthorne was told of the indirect part he played in the tragedy, his remorse was great and he could not shake it off. It inspired one of his most sombre short stories, in which he discussed the problem whether the soul may contract the stains of guilt from deeds that have been resolved npon, but which physically have never had existence. called a philosophic statesman. He weight out the fundamental principles government and attempted to put them in practice. But he was, not always successful, and Mr. Gay points out several instances. "While it is impossible in a brief notice to follow Mr. Gay through his book, it may be said that he has produced a most excellent monograph on Madison. Ha is accurate and judicial, and in his style, clear and compact. His story of Madison's life is highly entertaining, and his comments on the fact3 that he sets forth eminently fair and impartial. IJxper the title of 4 Sketching Rambles in Holland" (8vo. pp xvi. , 342, gilt top, uncut edges. 2Tew York: Harper & Brothers. Rochester: Scrantom, Wetmore & Co. ), George II. Boughton, an English artist, and Edward A. Abbey, an American artist and his friend and fellow traveler, have given the joint results of their visit to Holland. The former furnishes the letter press, and although he feels called upon to offer an apology on the ground that he is not a professional writer, there is no occasion for him to do so. He has given a bright, picturesque and wholly unconventional account of what he and his companion saw in Holland. The illustrations number about 100. Speaking of them, the Kew York Commercial Advertiser says: 'Some of the illustrations are splendid examples of artistic skill, and do more toward the accurate presentation of the inner phases of Dutch life and character than would volumes of description. Both Mr. Boughton and Mr. Abbey have been particularly successful in portraying the peculiar Dutch type of beauty with its soft lines and absolute freedom from angularity of any kind. Dutch women have not the reputation of being beautiful a statement which puts the matter mildly, perhaps but the examples of them shown in the 'Frontispiece' and in 'A Fan-Daughter of Holland' certainly will do much to make current opinion more careful in it3 dogmatizing on that point. set of pic tures illustrating Dutch life would be complete which did not do justice to the humorous side of that life. In this respect, 'An Idyl' and 'A Sketch at Schellingmonde' will satisfy the most exacting. ' ' Beee and wine are equally dear to Bis- Barck's heart. In reply to two Prussians living in Warsaw who had made a bet on the subject, his secretary replied ; ' ' His High ness directs me to inform you that you are both in the right, inasmuch as he is equally fond of good wine and good beer, and, with the exception of his sick days, partakes of sue as well as the other. ' ' NEW BOOKS. ' The Usages of the Best. Society, ' by Frances Stevens, is an addition to the innumerable books on etiquette. Nevertheless it is an admirable little book and contains as much information as any of them. The publisher is A. L. Burt, 105 John street, New York. These i3 a field in China for American .-ailrwiil contractors. The present war with France has convinced the Chinese of the absolute necessity of railroads and as soon as the siruggie ceases, they will begin the construc tion of these great modern conveniences. As the Chinese themselves know but little about railroads, they will be forced to call upon foreigners to build them. Kara Berardt's ill-health is now attributed to a disappointment in love. It is well known that her last alliance was with il. Bichepin, a writer of some ability, but tiring of her, he has left her. That an abandoned reprobate like her should be thrown into fits by a disappointment of this ort is little short of a revelation. Few supposed that her heart was anything but a Hint. "A North Country Maid, ' ' a novel by Mrs. H. Lovett Cameron, ' ' Beauty and the Beast, ' ' a novel by Sarah Tytler, ' ' Sir Moses Montefiore : A Centennial Biography, with Selections from Letters and Journals, ' ' by Lucien "Wood, have been added to Harper's Franklin Square Library. Francis Lathrop, whose fame as a decora tive painter is well known in connection with the Metropolitan Opera house and other public and private buildings, has made a handsome and striking design for the cover of Cassell's Fami y Magazine. The new cover will ap pear on the first number of the new volume for January, 1885, and will be ready De cember 12, 1884. The bound numbers of the ' Magazine of Art" for 1884 make an extremely handsome volume. They include woodcuts that compare favorably with the work of our best engravers, an etching by Macbeth, color prints of pictures, etc. F. A. Bridgman, Mr. Sargent, Mr. Danoat and YVyatt Eaton are among the American artists whose work3 are treated of. Mr. Eaton's "Portrait of a Lady" is reproduced in wood-engraving, as are Mr. Dannat's "Spanish Quartet," in this year's Salon, and Mr. Bridgman 's ' Moorish Baby Taking his Bath at Home. " Other remarkably good prints are ' ' The Cast Museum at Cambridge" and the "Diony-S03, ' ' illustrating an important article on "Hellas at Cambridge;" "The Evening Star, ' ' a print in monochrome, after Burne Jones ; cuts of the cloister and other portions of the Certosa of Pacia ; some striking portraits of Egyptian types, by George Seymour, and several portraits of Carlyle, after Thomas "Woolner, Mr. "Whistler, Georje Frederick "Watts, the etcher Legros, and the sculptor Boehm. Two of the most picturesque parts of London are shown np in an article on "The Lower Thames, ' ' and one on ' The Inns of Court. ' ' Probably the richest collection of the world in modern masterpieces, that of Constantine Ionides, is illustrated in a series of articles devoted respectively to the realists like Degas and Regamey, idealists like Corot, and old masters like Van Goyer and Ruysdall. There are articles on the "Country of Millet, " and others interesting to students of painting, and articles on 4 Art in the Garden, ' on Venetian glass, on a wonderful Greek dressing-case or cista, which will attract the attention of those who are occupied in any way with the decorative arts. The monthly record of art, foreign Jand American, makes in the complete volume a summary of the year which is both readable and useful. WILLIAM H. SEWARD. His Valet's Recollections of the Eminent New Yorker and the Trip Around the World. Washington correspondence Cleveland Lender. There is a colored barber working at the chair nearest a window in a shop on F street not far from the Ebbitt house, whose talents and education merit a better position. He is about 40 years of age, nearly six feet tall, and his features are of the Caucasian tvpe. His negro blood is shown only in his complexion, which is a dark mahogany. As to his manners and his language, they are as good as those of any man in "Washing - ion, ana nis satin on lnlortnation is equal to that of many a man who ranks high in official life. Since his boyhood he has been closely associated with prominent men. He went round the world with Secretary Seward as his valet, and ha occupied the same position in regard to EUhu "Washburn while Mr. "Washburn was our min ister to Paris. There is hardly a country with which he is not familiar, and he has visited the different parts of Europe more than once. When he was a boy he shaved the senators of the days o 1850. and later. at tne old Kirkwood house, and his razor lias often caressed the shaggy chin of Sam Hous ton, smoothed the cheeks of Andy Johnson, and wandered gently over the faces of a score of other noted men who have since passed away. As I sat in his chair to-day, I asked him a question or two about ex-Secretary beward. He said : My brother was Sena tor Seward's servant at the time he was about to start out on his travels, but as he had just been married he did not wish to go with him, and he got the senator to take me in his stead. It was a pleasant trip through out. "We had our own cook, and were well supplied with all the necessaries. Mr. Sew ard was A GENTLEMAN, and ha always treated me very well. His health was not good most of the time, and this, of course, kept him from alwavs being in the best of humors. Secretary Seward did not like doctors, however, and I remember an incident idustrative of this which occurred while we were stopping with Lord Napier, the governor of Madras. One morning when Mr. Seward was feeling especially bad, the doctor called at the governor's house to see one of Lord Napier s family. His lordship hearing Mr. Seward complain of feeling ill. asked him if he would not like to see the doctor. Mr. Seward replied : 4 No, gover nor, 1 cannot meet a doctor to-day. 1 am not feeling well, and I hope the doctor will excuse me. ' Mr. Seward never f ullv re covered from Payne's assault. It shattered his nervous system, and he bore the e fleets of it to the day of his death. ' ' By the way, a curious example of office seeking was that cl tne servant wno let m Pavne that night. He afterward applied for a position under the government, and alleged as a reason why he should have it, that he had been working at Secretary Seward's at the time the assassination was attempted. He failed to get the office. ' ' Did not Governor Seward write a book of travels during the tour ?' ' 4 'Yes, or rather his adopted daughter wrote much of it at his dictation. It was largely her enterprise, you know, and Governor Seward gave her all of the profits of its publication. It sold well, and must have netted her many thousands of dollars. During his travels the governor worked a part of every day. He wrote some and read a great deal. ' ' ' 'Governor Seward, ' ' continued the man, ' 4 was a man of In addition to the staff of Intmct th are in every department certain local commissioners who have the power of visiting the workshops and reporting whether the inspectors' instructions have been carried out. Una system, however, does not appear to have answered very well in the provinces, though it is more successful in the depart ment oi lu oeine, wnere eighty commissioners carry on the inspection. The number of summonses for contravention of the law was 255 last year, of which veniv-v took place in Paris. These snow a constant diminution since 18S1, and there is every-where a due recognition that the provisions" of the law must be obeyed. Indeed, in 1 883 tnere were only two instances of any flagrant defiance of the inspectors orders. Horsford's Acid Phosphate FOB OVERWORKED PROFESSIONAL KES. Dr. Charles T. MitcheTL Y. , says : 4 4 1 think it a mind restorer at brain force or nervous enerry' ' . $ MAOISM FUR E "I 11 SRAFE CRC.fJ '-Or TARTAR v.- NQTHrttS 'EtSE WrJL CONYINCEYCU ItS LIVE HQ AUkHUIA Vf-i.yr run iSWilttil IF NDT Or EEP.ED BY GROCERS SEud 00 in stamps for fcflpoundfree Hf:L&HD&Go Fairport NY" ELECTION IS O. K. Y pmpo to rontlaoe the SPECIAL SALE T Book. LIKE WILD FIRE ! And from ererj pirter nod mr? mtl we receive or ders lur our splendid oner on Books in sets. KEEP THE LIST AND PRICES. Dickens, 15 vols., large print, well bound and illustrated, $5 00 Thackeray, 11 vols., illustrated, 6 00 Walter Scott, 12 vols., illustrated, 8 00 Irving, 6 vols., illustrated, 4 5" George Elliot, 3 vols., J , ' 6 00 Macaulay's England, fine edition, 2 00 Hume's England, fine edition, 2 25 Gibbon'? Rome, 2 25 Macaulay's England, 1-2 Eussia, 2 50 Irvine, in 1-2 Russia. j 7 50 la addition to the above bsrolns In Books we offer oa entire stocn ox Leather Photo. Albums or ABOUT $9,000 YAIXE IMPOST COST. A.T COST. Everr Altmm Is marked In plain flsmres. and another SUfh opportunity will never be oBerd for tne pick of tne beet and largest stock In .Rochester. TRAVELERS RECORD. (Prom (fiitcM Timt Tnhla. 1 Ifew Standard TZth Meridian Time. TRAJXS VEPART. IHBIXT BO VI) (HA ST), t Cincinnati Is.. liSjLH fpC. ft. 1. Ex... 7:15 A.M l.ayErprww 7s)A.M S.S.ijnnted EtJ0a.m N. Limited iuUl a. M Acoom b-mu p.M S. W. At. Kx.... 4:." p.M N'.VV.At. Ex. 6 ::!. M J.yons Aoconu... 7:13 P.M a t. Louis Ex . . . . ii & r . m STEELE & AVERY, U & 4S Stat Street. THE WHOLESALE TRADE IN ihe biiyioefc or V aslungtou -who Lave been loaning clerks money at the rate of ten per cent, per month are panic stricken. They think that the election of Cleveland means wholesale expulsion of Republican clerks from office, and that much of the money due them from these clerks can never be collected. One Shylock says that if it is true that Cleve land is elected he Trtll accept $3,000 for ciaims amounting to ten times that sum. According to the scale of prices laid down ia the recent , proclamation of the Canton authorities for the heads of Frenchmen, tlio will be paid for those of common sol diers and sailors ; 1875 and a majidarinship with the peacock's feather for those of an in- lerior officer; and $17, 500 and a madarin- saip with the kingfisher 's feather for those of coiumanders-in-chief. In the same procla- uatiofl an offer of 532,500 ia made to the Ctiffiamaa who will invent a scheme that will ad to the defeat of the French. Edward Starwood, a Boston journalist, has contributed an interesting and valuable book to the political literature of this country. It bears the title of "A History of Presidential Elections" (12mo. pp. 407. Boston : James R. Osgood & Co. Roches ter : Scrantom, "VTetmore & Co. ). The author has compressed in this moderate sized vol ume all the facts in relation to our presiden. tial elections. This he has done in language noticeable for its clearness and perfect fairness. He begins his book with an account of the origin of our electoral maehiney as it appears in the constitution, and then proceeds with a historical narrative of its workings. The congressional caucus, the party platforms, the nominating conventions and the other features that now characterize onr electoral machinery receive full and satisfactory attention. In a word the book is the best that has ever been written on the sub ject and should be in the hands of every per son interested hi American polities. PEOPLE IN PRINT. iJ.Lt de Adlee is the latest prima donna tnav F&na raves over. She is a Russian and as discovered in St. Petersburg in 1S72 by J-aie. rant. One evening while the dira in her dressing room bhe heard a childish vo;ce singing the adaute, 4 4 A non crede ' ' "u,u uk Bomnamouia, ' ' and was so pleased with the skill and talenS manifested taat she took up the little girl, a mere child. m her arms, asked her name, and invited her 40 go and see her oa the following dav. The child sirger accepted the invitation, and gave uch astonishing proofs of fitness for a great career that Patti gave her substantial aid. i he Chinese lansruae is a serious abstrac tion to the introduction of the telegraph into -caia. A few lines are, however, operation in that country. At first the dispatches sent over them were translated into English, then telegraphed and men tiansiated back into Chinese. But later Chinese code was invented. It consists of JHimeraU from one to ten thousand, each fig ure representing a Chinese word. The operat or are usually boys from fifteen to twenty jmioiage who have learned to read and Ei.gLh but are unable to speak it. v -LAox deiggs, who has just completed - u..-een yeai-g sentence in the Joliet pnitn-t'nr, is one of the most famous counter- '.r in tiis country. Ee ia a Scotchman na a ihrewd, eaergetic man. Although he tow eighty-four years old, he looks to be c more than sixty. Through his rascality uas extended to every part of the -uited States but more particularly to the -S ne nas accumulated a comfortable for- Jne. Previous to his capture ia 1876 by Uier wshbum, chief of the United States ret service, he had been arrested many Ua Ut as no case could be made out Major Bex C. Truman has undertaken in a book entitled 44 The Field of Honor" (12 mo. pp. 599. New York: Fords, Howard & Huribert. Rochester : Scrantom, W et-more & Co. Price, $:2), to give a comprehensive history of dueling in all countries, in cluding the judicial combat of Europe, the private duel of the civilized world and specific descriptions of the noted hostile meetings in Europe and America. It is the only work extant which pnpfesses to cover this ground. Lorenzo Sabine's 44?Totes on Duels and Dueling, ' ' published in 1855 was very popular, but it is now out of print. Much more comprehensive than these 4 4 Notes, ' ' Major Truman '8 book is certain to achieve a greater popularity. He has been a very diligent student of this phase of civilization, and has collected a great number of facts on the subject, and has arranged and described them in an entertaining manner. After exhausting duels by countries, he speaks of the different modes of fighting and c1 ses Ids boot with two anecdotal chapter- ,a the 4 4 Humors and Pleasantries of tb Field. ' ' The fourth president of the United States ranks in interest if not always in ability with "Washington, Adams and Jefferson. Madison possessed unusual intellectual powers, he was a man of unimpeachable personal purity and honesty, liut he was destitute of that strength of character which was more conspicuous in his predecessors in the presidential chair particularly in Washington and Adams. This is the estimate of Sydnny Howard Gay in his 4 4 Life of Madison ' belonging to the 4 4 American Statesman Series, ' publiahed by Houghton, Mifflin & Co , Boston, and it must be accepted as the true estimate. Madison's work in the Virginia legislature, in the Continental congress, in the federal congress, Lis letters and papers on various subjects show that he possessed an inckive, a catholic and profound intellect. H was what may be 4 ' Cleveland ' ' is the name of a new Tillage in Kentucky. Zachary Taylor turns upas a congressman -elect from Tennessee. George G. Adams, the sculptor, who took a mask of the features of the great Duke of Wellington for the purpose of subsequently making a statue of him, has lately done the same of the late duke and for a similar purpose. Tliis will make the fourth or fifth work of the kind that Mr. Adams has executed of the dukes of "Wellington. Kir Moses Montefiore 's uncle, 4 4 Josh, ' was perhaps the most remarkable of his iatner s seventeen cnuaren, ior ne was a i lawyer, an author, a buccaneer and a score of other things, was married a second time at the age of 73, and died at 81, leaving a young widow and six small children, the youngest of them being only six weeks old. For many years past Alfred Tennyson h s pigned his name only to letters to his nearest friends. All other communications, including replies to open or concealed applications for his autograph, have been, and are, penned and signed in his name, by "Lady Tennyson, who writes a bold, strong hand, much more masculine in appearance than the poet's. But little happens nowadays to remind the world of Salmon P. Chase, says the St. Louis Globe -Democrat. Yet it was only last Saturday that Ids old partner at Cincinnati, the Hon. Flameu Ball, retired from the active practice of the law, and closed up the office which was opened in 1832 by Chase & Ball, the weather-beaten gilt sign haing hung outside ever since. The career of Madame de Kolmine's first husband, about whom nobody seems to know antyhing, turns out to be as ciu-iou3 as that of his quondam wife. A brilliant officer in the Russian service, he had to leave it for keeping a private gambling establishment at St. Petersburg. He then became a member of the Paris jeunesse dorie, and, although at first scouted by his compatriots, his liberality soon made him very popular at Bignon's, the headquarters of Russian elegants. At last his means, which he annually recruited at Monte Carlo, began to fail him, and then he courageously enlisted in the French legion etrangere as a private. The latest news of him was from Algiers. Prince Albert Victor, before leaving Heidelberg, was serenaded by a native choral so ciety whom the young prince very obligingly entertained at the Uastnaus zum Scluff. The Schiff is a pretty little trier garten overhang ing the Jsetkar, from which the very best view of Heidelberg is obtained, and some of the best beer outside Bavaria is served there Judging from the natural habits of choral societies and presuming that the prince in dulged the native taste, the supper consisted of (1) beer, much beer ; ) raw turnips, salt and butter; (.;) r rantf urter wurst ; (4) Schwartzbrod, spread with butter, caraway seeds and salt, and (5) interposition of much student and volkshed. WOXDERFCI. rSTORMATIOX on all subjects, and he was always willing to impart it. 11 I wished to know anything about a subject during my service under him I went to him and he always gave me the knowledge I desired. ' ' Do you think he ever got over the presidential fever ! " I asked. 4 'No, " was the reply; 4,'he never did. He was greatly disappointed when Lincoln was nominated over him, and I think he did not give up hope of getting to the White- house, even during his later years. He still clung to the idea that presidential lightning mignt pernaps stride ium. nut it never did. ' 4 4 Have you any idea what his foreign trip cost him ? " . ,, ' I think it was over $1 0,000. But he could afford it. He was wealthy, and when he died he left a fortune of half a million. This was divided among his two sons and his adopted oauguter. Une ot nis sons is now a banker at Auburn. This is William. I do not know what Frederick is doing. ' ' 4 ' You were in Paris during the Franco- Prussian war, were vou not V ' 4 4 Yes : but only the latter rart of it, and at that time the American legation had plenty to eat. At Minister Washburn's there was always plenty of beef, and e did not dine on horses. While I was with Mr. Seward in Canton, China, I remember going in one day to get something at a restaurant. There was a bill posted in front of the restaurant, and our interpreter read this to us. It was: 4 Black cat soup, fresh every day. ' In the market at Cauton the rats for sale are strung like herring, and you will see the bodies of dogs quartered and hung up like sheep. At Mr. Washburn's I had a pleasant service. He was very kind indeed, and I have a stand ing invitation to come and stay at his house when I go to Chicago. ' ' SHERLOCK k SLOAN, Plumbing ! Steam and Gas Fitting and Gas Fixtures. No. 25 Exchange Street, Rochester, N. Y. Fairbanks' Standard Scales! Over 2,000,000 of these Scales in Use. Miles' Improved Money Drawer I A full line of these Celebrated Scales for sale by FARLEY & HOFMAN 190 to 196 State-St, Rochester. A SURE CURE For all Diseased Hoofs, Galled Shoulders and Backs, Sprains, Cuts and Bruises Generally. VACUUM HOOF OIL This celebrated remedy Is a thick paste or salve, having peculiar penetrating qualities, in consequence of which it searches out the seat of the disease and car-rie there the heaiics properties of petroleum. BKsT KNOWN HEME11V FOR QUARTER CRACK. Ap proved by the best horsemen, itti ii. iki h. VACUUM OIL CO, ROCHESTER K Y Holiday Goods Kmicrant . 3:25 1MT tlinH 4 .V1P.M Boa. and Chi. Rx. Vir.K rnn moiD fsomn. Ba!t.KiTrw.... t-.00x.Mt f. J. J.XnroM B (h a. it Concaus Way Kt 1:10 p. H I n Mail.. 4 :VO P. X Atlantic Et... i:!3 Way trpris U 10 p. H Ttrpmm.. ........ ?tt A. t l-.I pr- i!:P..H Expr At-BtTR KOAI. r7.T.F xprea.. 50 A.M N. Y. Exprvss.... 7:VA.M VY. Eipreoa... 8:40 Baltimore Kx e .'Mi i u fct.lA.un Ex 8:40 P.JI ROCH. 1SD PITTS B tEO. all 6: A.M A room 4 P.M bore Ex... 6:45 p.) CHAJU0TTK BOAlk. Accom SS5A.K Acoora ......... .10 :J0 A. M Aecoin 8.-MIP.H Accent 6-p. it Aeeom six) P.M PALM ROAD (WHT). PT.irac.Ex.... 53 A. M Bos. t.N.l.Ex. P :i3 A.M accom 8:13 p.M Iay Kxprosa.... 4if p.H Boa. and Chio 10.-OU P.B BtmrALO BOAJ(WE9T). T. l. 1 If. t r R4Ai w 1 Accom ........... IMCiA-M I 5 P M. ltinriv mxrv 'lit N. Ii .Paa.Kx ... 1) ft a m ( minmu nu u mi . w 1 Accom Sjo f.uI b.. k. t. A.f r r. OlMKiMan ..... "TtWA.IC Olean Kxnr...- p. ac . Nunda Acoimi... &:3'P.J(t WECT IHOKX (IABT). W.T. AK.E.EX. eA-M-i TMy Exprem ...10:4i A- i prracuse L.jcal.. 4 Art P.M j AtlaottcKx B:15P.Hj Kxpreoa 10 Uii PaA wiesT rhoot (resn M.Loalj Erpre4iV A. 7 . Buffalo I-ocal.... 7 .10 a. m. ; Paomc Express. 6 :05 a. it Buffalo Kxprasa. 4 P. Day Express.... 8:40 P.M SAT ft ATT.RO ATk. j lave Bar-it. Iiepot at :UU, 30,11-1:30. a.m. : 1.x, TRA1XS AKnr. BTSECT ROAD (Um. St. Louis Pacific 4:f5 A. SI J.yoos Aecoai . t -tij a.m N.Y.racEx... 9:.S5A.M Accom J0:4A.M 3. shore Em.... 3:10 p.m Day Kxpress 4:40 p.m Chicago Special B:riitp.)i JtOCU. f.XprS .. w P. M Bos. and Ctu. Ex. 9 :4A p. M Accom 11 :00 p.m CHARLOTTE Ho AD. Accom ....... 9:45 A. M Accom U :4f A. M Accom ........... 4:46 p.m Accom 6 Ma p.x Accom 9:: p.m KORTHiM CKSTHAL. Express B:40 A. M Kxpress 2:W P.M Express 9:4d P.M BOCEL A.VD PITTS BCKXJ. A ceom 9 :S5 A. M Pittsburg Ex... 1:05 P.M Mail 9 J6P.M PALLS ROAD (WEST). N.Y.Kxpress.... 70 A.M N.8. Lim. Kx...ll0A.M Atlantic Kx .... Xti P.M BU Louis Ex 8:SAir.M Accom.and Frt..l0i0 ?.M BUFFALO ROAD (WIST). Cincinnati Kx.. 1:S0a.M Special N.Y.Jtx. 75 A.M Accom 9Mi M S.s.Ltm.Ex.... 9:50 A.M is-S-Lun-Kx ...11:10a.M 4 '45 P. M 6 :' P. 2 :10P. 3. W. At. Ex N.W.AUa.Ex Accom St. Louis Kx... .11:00 P.M ERIK ROAD (SOCTHl. rtansTllle Accom 8:(Va Paci'Je Kxpress.10 a. 1 EluiiraKxprww.. 6:10 p.s Btitfulo Express. 6:10 p. M Lay Kxpreas....aiUP.M; ATTBrrCf ROAD (I Aim. Roch. Express.. M A-X Pacitie hxprwB. 9 :40 a. m Acevm..... J xOP.M Accom 4 30 P. it Dar Exprewt..... ' tip. Bait. Express 9:40 P. M B., !T. T. AND P. ' N'unda Accom... 9-OOa.JC! C'lean Express.. Jl a. Mi OleaalUII B -55 P. M WtST BHOCI (EAST). Express 8:40 A. X.' Express t 9 ;"5a.m Local 1U:S. A.M Local 5 -0 P.M, Express 10:JO P.Mi WT.ST 6H0R fWISTX Local 7:30 A.' Express 11 :40 A.M Local 6 40 p.M, Express 7:10 P.Mi RAT RAILROAD. ' Arrive at Bay-st. Depot; atiS, 10:20. 11joa.M.; lx0, 2 m, a M. p. M. Run every day In the week. Kud Sundays but not Mondays. REAL ESTATE. Is better this year than any previous season, and the reasons are quite simple. Our goods this season are all BARGAINS, sixes larger, quality bet ter and prices lower. Unlike the regular line of other houses, we secure from auction and job lots closed out at a great sacridce. We give to our customers big bargains. We can undersell other dealers. Every ar . sold by ns is an advertisement. M. B. SANFORD, 214 East Main-St. MECHANICS' TOOLS! We are constantly receiving fresh supplies of CASPESTERS ASD MECHANICS' Tools Of the finest quality and makes. Saws Panel, Hand and Rip, Chisels Firmer, Socket and Framing. Try, Mitre and Framing Squares. Marking, Mortice and Panel Gauges Adze Eye. Bell Face and Rivetine Hammers; Pocket Bench and Carpenters' Levels; Ruies, Oil fctones, i'iies of finest quality,, ic. PARDEE & CO., YEW XO. 27 EAST MAI.V-ST. FOR SHE. rpni! HOME TIFPIDENCE OF TTT! LATE EXt 1 Sunderlin. 30 Howell strsvt, is o3red tor sale, it contain? X'A Mfims, with cl'.set. Hmtcck wafn tn a (eood ne'trbborhood, on an improved street, lnnnute' walk friim Powers block. The bunding is bric k, in food condition, free from all incumbrance, file per-ect. Will be sold at a bargain an-J on easrterm. 1'or particulars inquire of L. bO LEMLlN & Co., -J State street. PARTMEN'TS IX "THE ABERDEEN"." PLY-X- mouth ave. ; central; 8 rooms e.wh. with closets, baths, pantries, ash chutes, elevators, electric bells, post boxes, well lighted and ventilated: forsnia',1 famine; every eocvnmence. To iVa.-, with references. Also store S0xW, or SO or loo feet: modern; Plata and cherry. Sophia and W. Main sta. A!5i OffiiTs and Rooms, single, doude or en suite. H. S. MACK1E. 100 sitaJ.e-st., owner. !"iaaos. Organ ilusic, etc FARM FOR SALE. ' OO ACRES FOR CASH PATMF5T OR ON time with one-third down, five mlies from Rochester, in the town of Henrietta, near tne West Snore, New York and ButTiio railroad dt-pot. Land and premises hitrnly improved. Orruard and plantation of stood bearing, hardy fruita, apples. pars, pinms, grapes, cherries, quinzes, red, white and Llack. ; currants, berries, asparagus, pieplants, etc.. etc. A good brick house and barns, stabling, out-houMiS, two good weiis of spring water. Land under drain. Prio 17.000. Apply to E. K. BOORMAN. 87 Broadway. City. ITTVE SrBrRBAN HOME ON WEST-ATE.. ANI : j:00 bouses, from J0 to .2?).00O, iu all par.a o tiiecitv. 130 farms, from 5 to liiOacrf, ia Bnyhton, PenKeld. rlttsfrd. lrondeqnoit. Chili. Kiita and Kami 1 net on. Motels tn this city, liockiirt. Oi;an and Faimyra. 4 gnst milld. H Hvenes. 1-ttntis west and south. Grocery stock at Bath on theliudou. other property forexchane. Houses and nx'iii lorreni. N. S. FL IJAH. e- Powers Bioca. Situated in theTovn cf Wheatland. One . Mile West of Scottsviile. For particulars inquire on the premises. ! CA8T0RIA 1 i FOR SALE. TTOrSE OX COXTiET AVENCE, A A pricetl.WM). lifine on" Briih- ton avenue, price f-t.OO'j; 2 houses on l td m street, prices 9,0t0 and MJHU Atouses sold on lii-rfn!l- litent pian. or in any way to suit tne purvua-.'r. r . am it aaie. and nous w ior sale in ail nans of thecitv. Money to loan on ail kinds of proierty, both real aaU pcr9-LulL A. COLE. 10 Powers Block. Heket Schoexhals, foreman Ilt-iiry King Packing Co., tot. Joseph, ilo. , uses Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil with his men for sprains. cuts, bruises, chapped Lands, etc. It ia tua beat. Working Children in France. The Journal Officiel states that, in accord ance with the law of 1S74, which provides for the inspection of all industrial establish ments where young people are employed, 47, 817 shops and factories were visited during; last year, of which 21,756 were in Paris. This is a considerable extension of the field under inspection, for even in the metropolis, which naturally contains the lion's share of general industries, the visits only numbered 568 m 1876. The total number of cluldren of both sexes who came under the inspector's notice w3 213,101, a very fair increase since 1S73. when it was 119, 462. In that year Paris had 3330 under inspection, where as last year it was 39, 484. The latter figure is, however, a rather serious diminution from that of 1S82, when it was 42, 957, caused by the long continuance of industrial depression. The legal ae for the children to com mence work is after the completion of the 12th year, though in certain indusiries they are permitted to enter the shops two years earlier. These are fourteen in number and embrace silk-winding, floss-silk spinning cotton, wool and flax spinning:, textile printing, silk throwing, paper making (though not in rrg-picking!, cotton roving;, tulle ana lace-makins, glass-mating, rope- making, etc. The total number of children employed in these occupations is 4234, ot which Rouen contains the most. viz. , 2, 439, Paris only having 130. Twelve hours a day is the permissible term of labor, and all night work is forbidden. Ko child under 12 years of age can be emploved without a certificate that he or she is sent to srhooL public or private. Between 12 and 15, unless they have a primary elemctary certificate, chil dren can only work six hours a day, and are obliged to ro to school during the other naif. The average numlier of children who have the school certificate between 12 and 15 years was 69 per cent, in 1S83, fi-gaiiist 23 per cent in IS 76, and of the Parisian contingent the average ia tVO Tier cent. The number of accidents which happened to children last year was 175, of which Paris was responsible for 42, while, on the other hand, Nimes had not one. At the present time 21 departments' are provided with inspectors act ing unoer the direction ol a ctuet in spector; out it is now proposed to in crease the number to 25, placing them in three classes, with salaries of uOOO francs. C000 fraaica and 7000 franc resiiectiveU'i FOB INFANTS and CHILDREN What gives our Children rosy cheeks. What cures their levers, makes them sleop CASTORIA. When Babies fret and cry by turns. What cures their colic, kills their worms CASTORIA. FOR SALE. What qulcklT euren Constipation. CASTORIA. Farewell, then, to Morphine Syrups, Castor Oil and Paregoric, and HAIL CASTORIA. 1 'Castoria is so well adapted to Children that 1 recommend it as superior to any medicine known to me. ' ' H. A. Archer, M. D. , 111 South Oxford -St., Brooklyn, N. T. n FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE, ANOSOME RESIDEXCK OX jti..- FOR SALE IN ROCHESTER BT S M ITH & O B E R S T, 172 West Avenue. JUST RECEIVED ! A large invoice of KEI BOOKS from Auc tion Sales, at tie Cheapest Bocl Store in America. The Public" are cordially in- Yitel to call and examine oar stoci, at I L BURKE'S Powers Hotel Book Store. Just issued, onr September Catalogue of Kew snd Secosd-nand Books. BOOK- LOVERS, ask osr Clerks for Catalogue. LINIMENT. An absolute cure for RHEUMATISM, SPRAINS, FAIN IN THE BACK, BURNS, CALLS, 4c. An instantaneous PAIN-RELIEVER. BARGAINS! rrrjij; two et.eqat A Brick Houses on East Main street, between Union and Alexander. Tlb houses have the best cf sewerjwe. are well built, slate roots. Data room, laundry. furnafe. gu.s. well cellar, and all the modern conveniences, and situate 1 on one of the tin est avenues in the city. Terms easy. ', Inquire ol II. F. ATKTNSOX. 49 Powers Block. Fruit and Gar dsn Farm for Sale Ty IRONTlEQCOrr. 4 MILES FROM MAIX-ST.t the mot boautlfu! plaoe for a suburban home between Rochester and ljtke Ontario, containinf is acre ot choice land, nearly ail into iruit and in full bea.-ir.jf. tiMjd houe and bam, cenrty new. l,nive, new preeu-hou.-e. wnh biiier, viietabie house and hop. A pctl on the premises, fed by living nprinies, swarms with fth. Near the house and adjoiuine the pond is a beautiful prove, tlirough which runs a drive-way. leading irom the hou-te to and around the pond. Water works at the nond supply water to house, barn and preen-) boU!M the year round. Grounds near buUdinpn niiieiyi fraded and tastef ullv laid out. Good well and cistern, i 'rice, i 1. uou: no trade. K. N. COY. P. O. Box 172. Rochester. Or. if preferred. I win sell 10 aw ot the above, in- eluding buildups and pond, for I4.SO0. TeruieMy- t iniiit. with tine tretA. House tboroujirhiy finished with hart wood, steam. other property will be taken for the cash payment if desired, aud iuorikaM on lone time lor tue balance, inquire ot a5 J. B. PKKKINS. 11 Elwood Block. HOTEL PROPERTY FOR SALE. rrvsT. bush norE property, at trout-1 l burs, for sale cheap. This hotel is situated on Jjiko Ontario, on the county iine road between Monroes and Orleans counties, and is the finest summer ros-iru on the lake. A huve and beauliful grove, a lxrce, comniidioii9 house, standing on a hiuh bluff overlooking the lake: also K'Xd acwimmodations for bontex. Would take other property in part pay. For further carticulars inoure ot the suDscnber. at East Kendall. y a-Hi C. T. ULtll. FOR SALE OR TO RENT. ! THE FINE PIX-STOKT rOMMKRCIAI. Bm.r-lnu, with eievat ir. corner of Aqueduct and Basin gtrepts, lately occupn-d bv H. Ii. Warner t o. Aiso the Brick tore. No. ssl Exchatue street. Posseaaiua fciveu iuiniediately. Inquire at U MECHANIC? aAnN'n" B AVK. PAWNBROKERS. UNCLE GEORGE'S PAWN SHOP,! Ow BEVM'LUS AKUAIIK, U tlt lllB . o PoKt-ottice, Is tne quickest place to raise money on Watches, Jewelry, Diamonds, and all collateral ee..urity. V nre- tieexueu pieuifts ior sr.te vj utw muiuauu, .wme au ui. Lucie trtxinte. and he will e vou wn. OKOKtJE R. RTAN. . WHEELER'S PAWN OFFICE. - rONET ADVANCED ON DIAMONI FERRY'S NewEngland Bakery Don't Co Vitbont Good Ereai When you can Ret tt by stopping at FERRY'S, 28 Powers Hotel. t-All kludj of BUcuit, Rolls and Cks frssh every Oaf. GREAT BARGAINS In Cloven imdMlrtent at th Factory, 7 FROnT-ST. Some goods reduceil to one-hait price, wis: ani-pics, etc., from the road. To be closed out. Ail kinds and sizes. Everything at low prut s. iiust be sold. So. 67 East ..Iain-sit. and 7 Front-8. To Consumers of Steel ! Watches and ail kinds ht Perso: Property at lowest rates. broker, h Sal Of, licensed Pawn- kavins burslar and iira-uroof safes. tecond-h;knd, so., tor sale cueap. OVirit o. y KACHANiiE-ST., up b tours, coruur laui Ucnange-st.. nooms ana a. SAMUELS PAWN OFFICE, LD No. 19XEVT So. 27) FRONT-ST. We have now ao assortment of Une TOOL STEEL la round, square, octairon and nat shape, of variotu sua. . It will pay you to try It. We continue to keep all sixes of Crescent Steel Drtl Rods. Just received direct from the manufacturers a full assortment of btub Piyers, B roach iss, JTues, Hand Vises, &c. Louis Ernst & Son f Cash advam-ed on all kinds of Personal pTMpenv. lKamouUs. VVatehes. Clothinif, Furcttu're. etc.. at tbe LOWEST RATKi. 8. Ooo unredeemed pledtcos of all kind on saie at nuo. quarter value, t ne tu reiiaoie oroce in the cnv. " RYE FEED. "tXE HAVE A LARGE PTOCK OFRTE FEED, W wli.cTi we offer at greatly reduced prices. Aisw. choice W HIT si Oil' wboleaoW r vt Hf. Jt CAJtPBSXI lxvlPtf aatlia. bivwu t Race. PROCTOR & SANFORD DENTISTS. Teeth extracted without pain by the use ot kuwua. Oxide U4. t t 35 and 35 Elwood Block, Rochester, N. Y. A. f&ueiwB - i, . BASTvSi.4 r 1 1

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