The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 18, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 18, 1939
Page 7
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TUSSDAV, JULY. 18,.1930-- (AUK.) COUR1I5R NKWS USES THE WANT-ADS * f ' CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING •INFORMATION . llvc insertions: One time per line.. ........ Two (lines per line per day ____ OBo Vhree times per Hue per day...06o *lx limes per line per day'.... Old Monti! ral« per line ............ 60d Cards of Thanks ........ 50c & 15o Minimum charge 50c Ada ordered for throe or six limes end {topped before cxfiira- lion will be charged for tlie number of times tlie ntld appeared and adjustment of bill matte. All Classified Advertising cojiy lUbmltted by iiersons residing oul- ildc of the city must, be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. . Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will .taken for more than one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. For Rent Cotton office, Grand Leader Building. Thomas Land Co. 18-ck-24 Milk fed fryers. Cattery raised. Sirs. Russell, N. W. Coiner Holly and Division. 18-|>k-8-19 BUS STATION BUILDING ON ASH STREET. Possession Sept. I si. 100 W. Kentucky—8 rooms and ' 2 baths. Will put in condition. Thonia? l,aiid Company Newly' decorated 3 room apartment and 2 bed rooms. E. M. Eaton, 713 Chlckasawba. n-ck-tt 3 room furnished apartment. 719 Cliickasawba, Mrs. nanisey Duncan. !7-pk-21 or 3 imftiniishcd rooms. Conveniences. Reasonable. 1129 \y. Ash. " " -15-ck-2C 4 room unfurnished aparUnsnt. Miss Blise Moore. Call 227.-J. 1013 W. Walnut. ' tl-ck-tf 6 room furnished house, with bath. jWill rent to couple without small children.;. Garden and Oichard. Good Residence section. Write 'Sox "W", Courier News. ' 14-ck-21 3 room modern, furnished, apartment. Mrs. Henley, 1316 W. Main, ' : '' 13-ck-U Cool, south bedroom, convenient to bath. 611 W. Main." Call 280 • ::..' • . 21-ck-U ComfbrlXblpjbWreom.. 1017 ^ValuuL. 2 6r"3'rppni"fiiriilshed apartment. Newly decorated.' Oi'i-Hcani. "• ' 3-pk-7-3 Modern 3 room unfurnished apartment. Main and Second. P. Simon, phone .704. . 3-ck-tf Office rooms. Sudbury Building. Sec Graham Sudbury.. 'J71I Minnows For Sale Winnows arid fishing canes. 300 E Main. Phone 800. a. C. Hawks. '24-ck-7-24 GoldflEh Mlnno^vs . P. F. Hrogdnn, 310 Dougan GOLDFISH , MINNOWS "M/IUMI -jur KaiiroKa x (Cy CAN YOU S T 0 P ? Yen would not start an ocean voyi age without life preservers. Good brakes nrc.'yoiir ''life prcscrvcis" when you drive. Safety Service No.' 1 FREE Brake Inspection It costs nothing to KNOW "the true condition of your brakes. Drive in for a FREE Inspection. Safety Service Np; 2 BRAKE ADJUSTMENT A complete and thorough Ford ABC Brake Adjustment; Including adjustment of Brake Eods $-1.35 or Cables & Hand Brake. I 'Replacement, parts not rncliidcd) Safety Service No. 3 Complete Brake OVERHAUL and RELINING JOB TORI) TASSKNGKK CARS Disassemble entire brake sysl-in- Kree. up all brake cams— INSTALL I 8 NEW BRAKE SHOES^-AdjUsl I clearance—Adlust hand brake—Adjust brake 'rods—Lubricate cioss i shaft —Adjust pedal clearance — Road test—One additional adjust- I ment after delivery COMPLETE ' INCLUDING LABOR AND $f\ 95 8 NEWBKAKB SHOES.. " PHILLIPS CO, For Sale acres on Imyou 2'i miles of SslVMp,ctory quality and service Hi •Elythcvlile. Weil fmprovcri. NOIV rfsldcnt. TCI ins. owner, . Band's Disease, "In best ol physical ,'oiidltton. Call Mrs. (;ra:e Wwery. 902-J, for ilnlsell's Oradc A Raw ucrcs near DlylliEVille. well Milk, Crenin, Country Biit'.fir, But urmltk, cxlrn or holldny orders, iHK[)octlon encouraged nnyllmc. 320 Improved. $50.00 acre, 'i'lionnis Land Co. IB-ck-'M 803 i/enrn. Right at lileh Schonl, C room cottage. Owner moved away and says sell II. Price $11(60. 'i acres and 2 collages on Highway Cl North, ntijhi where the Overpass connects the old highway. Fine location for home or for Filling station. $2250. Terms. Thomas Land Company Check Writer. Safeguard Model P. Used only ° sliorl lime and goi:'.! as new. Will sacrifice tor 1/3 original price. R. C. Merck, flOO W. Main. 15-ck-20 Grist mil) and complete blacksmith shop equipment, licason- ably priced. O. E., Hennon- dale. Mo. 12-pk-lG fiei), Duroc brood sow with eight pigs. Charlie Franklin, Brogdon, North 10-ck-tf Gold fish minnows. Dav and night. •E. L. Keith. 110 No. 6lh. 24-pk-7-2-l U3 E. Kentucky, 4 rooms with bath. Newly papered and paltit- •d. $200 down payment, remainder (o include principal. Interest, in- iurance and laxpj, payable monthly " ""' Aroiue Ike rent. Har"cy 28 or SOB Morris, phono 24-ck-7-24 «y Stucco home and 2 acres. Has 5 rooms and bath. Blocked hard- vood fiooi's. Phone 252 or 31V. ?nul Byrum. ' 23-ck-lf Fishing complete Guaranteed won't Raymond Cans for Jug with straps, leak. V'.i cents eneh. Brooks, Stecle, Mo. For Sale or Rent LAND" IN CLAY "COUNTY, ARKANSAS Farm NV 1 320 acres. 180 acres In cultivation 100 of which Is black sanriy land. 140 acres pasture land. Four good Houses, and two Burns. Fenced and cross-fenced. Close to school and church, on mall route, and about three miles from Town. Farm No. 2 2JO acres, I3o acres in cultivation. Black sandy land. Two smn!! houses, Igqpd barn, One mile from Corning, Aflil, aiid T/'V"hille from State Road, , Wanted rent, or sell on easy terms. Oovt. rent will pay (io per cent of deferred payments. Both farms excellent, lor tractor farming. For „ „ : —i—•* gallons of Damson Plums. information write owner.. .]. L. Taylor Corning, Arkansas For Sale or Trade Dairy Notice HOLD E 1 Hairy products. Cattle free of Upholstering nnd HeDnlshing. M. Tomlln, all 8' Pli'st • j ti-ck-8-U 1,081 . i llulscll's »ati>- Promised Laud, Routo '2 Ice ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN •Welding ntag AND ACKTYLBNE WELDING Hue and heavy \vi specialty, Barksdalo Mfg, Co, I'lionc 19 or lies. 1010 Personal Mvcr, work hlle, to rid yourself of constl pallon, gas puins and that KOIII punk feeling. Take one box o KIRBV'S 'E IJVEIt I'll.l.S as« at nil Klrliy Slorcs Black corker• snanlol nunnv. Thiec months old. Hi<wurd. Call S15J. UNl'I'HD STATKa DEPARTMENT Ol' TIIH 1NTEIUOK. General Lmid Offlco ill Wnshlne- lon. I), c;,, JIUIR 6, io;jn Nolice Is hereby ulvcii Mini Aaron Montgomery, ol nlylhevllli', Arknn- sas, who, on Dccciuber 30. 1!)3'<, made homestead entry G. L O. No. OC5;il for (he E',l RW'i Township Ili N., uanjc 10 E., 5th I'rJn. Merldliin, ArkniifiLs, Ims (lied no-' (Ice of intention to mate tlnco' year prouf, Io establish claim tri the land ubovn described, before Hryanl Ktcwarl, nt-piity L'ounty Clerk, Mississippi County. Arkansas, ill HlythcvUle, Arkansas, on (he 10th dny oI-Auj:usl, liiao. Claimant names us witnesses Frnnk Mull of- Blytheville, Ark., li. I. Box 361); l^nls lioljlncon of Blylhcvllle. Ark,; Clmrlio OJT of Dlytticvlllc. Ark,; Marvin Ullldlne of Dlylheville, Ark. ANTOINiri'I'E KUNK Assl. Com. ol liegislrnllon 20-27-0-11-18 Relief "dors To iio'g.j" •• FKLMONT, O. (UP)—Relief lieru has been "goitiK to (he dogs," ,ic- cordlng to Dog' Warden Illlty Mook, who reported that a larac portion of the milk furnished dally for eight- children was beln(; fed to four dogs of » rural relief client. Mook took the dogs. Washing, Ironing Expert washing ntid Ironing. Cheap Rough dry anrt finish, a quilt; Sl.OO. One day service. IViliie Bel' Orccn, behind city lee Plant. 7-pk-B- Room and Board Coinforlnbie rooms. \ RcasoiuiWi rates. 803 W. Ash. Phone !)P3. ; 22-ck-tl Notice Fishing License TOR VOtJR CONVENIENCE Wr ARK PREPARIil) TO JSSUF VOUR FISHING LICENSE A'l OUR STORK . CHOUSE-HENRY - HARDWARE'CO';" """? Phone 35 Lols tlo:per, Courier News. Girl who 'desires homo to keep . hr.use nnd cure for child UTOJI i and Board and small 'salary.' Mrs. E. w. Williams, 22S W. KcntncKv. < 'Call 110. la-ck-i J. L. GUARD Oplomcirist Only (.'.nultinli: ()]>luiiin- trlst In lilj (hevllld O'lnsscs 1-lttcd Concclly A SsSiM- r . ^^ This penult Issued on the flrt.1 (ln.v ol July, I3jn and expires on . , lie 30 dns of Juno, 1010 18-25 MRS OAKN1U "Gosh, Iioss, llwl ,-i.y ,mistl,e fillliy will, i'l'iiRlaiKl has expended $5(100-1 l(l|.| nnd MIII oao,o,,o,oco iu „,„• .«•»!«« i I iroU^nZ LH.'.3"'*icc.iNC. 1.000,001) men Now l,oeu(i-d Hi 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EWVAHIIS, I'rnprlctor All IH.-ikes of UclnilU 'I'.vimwrltccs, •, Aililliig Muclilnm aurt Calculntoii—KcimlrliiK—I'nrls— ttlblifiiin UYDISR" (loi 1-ctl.ih ,VI| CS Sl'OKrtNB, Wnsli. (UP) Iflryce — -• iinse, Mcota, sask, >outli, ped-' !(»<•)(!, C.mui ARCS Ago !llwl 'iW'C m)I cs on « bicycle' from JOIIAWVIvSnuriu, south Afilca 1)ls llonlc l ° vls| l an aunt, here UH? tUl')-l!ofX i/iivlii(,i HI lileicLs- M 11 "'" 01 Scicinl days !at« (jq (loi'lii. Boiith-WcM, Tinnsvtiiil, m ,i(l PRESCRIPTIONS bU " tctl t Slock He/it [>rtce* Kirby .Dro| [Stores PRESCRIPTIONS^-. Kaf«- - -' Accurate Your Prescription Druggist, Fowler Drug Co. I'lrsl I'livno HI , Main NU-WA ! Laundry-Cleaners; Phone 180 ! For Prompt Lnundry ' mid G'k'niiiTig Servict 1 "•^^^^^SMWMBB Internal Hemorrhoids & Symptoms '' 1 ' 11111 ' 1 ' 111 " 1 "" ""' |llolU " Jp " le o jtrc fiTiincnlly the iHi^lr riuikn »r i n tn-y 801110 of tho common conditions llmL me ciumod mnrr> ' ric-lnT S ')n'| r ™ tly .''*' " llrn "" "on™' 1 ""'''* as. well «" "llicr nnces, exlrenik ncrvoiisnew,, diil| 1 ' e tav-backaencl' t! blck lr oi- miens iichr, liisoimiln .(KlcenlcssiKV*) and com,tlpalln» it Is folly iind jlatigoroiis to defer 01 iicalcct examliw- Uon mid Irentiiioiil thiil will jcllcvc mid cure tills nllmcnt. Drs. Nics & Nics lilylhcvtllo. Ark. Clinic Bl-l Mali. T ,,| ng poop LUC.K, RYDER..AMO VJntM ">CU C^ETl>f2;.J I^OM JBOGS CJP 'fUe r-'ibi^cr/xjo RAMCK 6>TiLl- HOLD5 GOOD.' BE CAREt-UL. 30N ' : She "Might"? , Out f^OW l'n'' , ,«,^s i^renESiuo IM nt\_v\ MY FfeiENDCAPfAW MEN BE , x OUT OF A SCRAPE WmifA^ >. V >V JOE,-- tMe BANDIT/ OOP NEW CoUNifitANO YAQUI JOE./ '»Y FUKQ HAITIAN" l IE a GONE , - A ORE^T '.AD.' AV\YBE ItS 6EST— rou ^^1GHT HAVE FALLEN « Suburban grocery and market for -sale or trade.'Well located, estab-) A convention of women's club lishcd busniess.. Write Box "P",'adopted Die ,vord " on cniBker c/o Courier News. 28-ck-U io replace "hoasmvlfr " PURIFIER OF MILK ^HORIZONTAL 1, 5 Man who - discovered how to keep milk pure. \\ Pile. . •' 12 To prevent. • 14 Long poem. 16 Plbwboy. 18 Performance. 19 Diagram. 20 ibrcss fastener 22 Platform. 2,1 Road. 25 To thrash. 27 5280 feet. 281 am (contraction) Answer to Previous Puzzle I1Q 44 Great mass of ice. 29 Metallic rock 45 Uoelor. VFRTif'AT ERTICAL 31 Decisive. 33 Blackbird. 34 Itinerant monk. 35 Insect parasite, 36 Pronoun. 37 To clip. 39 Was -• .victorious. 40 To corrode. •11 Upon 42 Recalcitrant. 46 Symbols of deities. 48 Mineral resort. 50 Officer's helper. 51 Female students. 53 His 13 Go on.' JSIIe was a - • by profession, 17 Larcenlsts. 10 Courage. 21 Murmuring as a cat. 22 Jewel,' 24 Sovvor'. 20 Bushel. 27 Musical tone. 28 Doipiiinlike cetacean. 30 Tree, genus , U)mus- 32 Credit. 33 Devoured,. 3Toseloncnd. 38 3, H]0 4 South Africa. 39 p] ura | SFourlh ' pronoun. bushel 42 To rent again GA craft, ,, _. , 7 Street. ..« Shark. 8 Frightened. 4 ' To " foreshow. 9 Arrow poison. 47 Darkish, treating milk 10 Torn place. 43 Turf, bears his II He discovered 43 Stir. f name. a cure for 51 Company. ' 5-1 Money. rabies or -—. 52 Therefore. of 5lh <t- IValnul Phone.810 &UV'S OUT COLD; HE MU&TA SOT A PRETTY STIFF BUMP.' / Kritiiilitir'.TeiTilor.v I'D BETTER TOTE HIM AWAV FROM THIS WRECK--MEBBE I CAM RNP SOMEONE TO HELP ME6£THIM BACK \S FEET 'SAYl TYIIS, LOOKS''SUMPIM LIKE TH' COUNTRV WHERE ; I WMKED OFF AN 1 LEPT OOOLA! HY V. T. I1AMLIA A Cruel 'l'iiiii{r | () o» NES SIR- IT JSJ THIS IS TH'VC TK/ML I COME UP WHEN X LEFT THAT LITTLE OL' scit i-iobse! I?V MA»'»'(N CRO&S —V<JE KSAitW TWW6 TO VOO'.Gtt SORB St 6\>vD MV POP ASM TUDBS FOP- FIVE VHACS tVE SEARCHED THE EWOi Op 1 oo Voo K.v|)l»in Yourself, Van Sen nip Sf EAK, '(00 COG, BEFORE I BLOW VOUR BRAINS OUTl WHERE'S THE/ LI&TEU, UAWE OF HEAVEU LET ME EXPLAIU! HY ROY C'KANB TOUAHOI, WE WERE FRIEUOi — I HELFEO VOU " FRAWE RUS</,JOHM. BUTHWULCH'T DO VWJ DICT. WU KNOW I WOULDWT.'. ,^* va ^./2X Quick Decision I'LL BEFAV EiJERV CENT-AWD J.WSE- /EHi' DID 1 <MN* ffl 111. HWE iflXJ A MIUWU-I VOO SAS AKE. I 60T 50WJTHW6, IdHU.^OWE-X WLLWUS TWIIS 01Q • WE'Ll CLEAU OPj' ARE TML=I?E AMY RESO"?rs AROtlMO HCRF OM A LAKE THAT K5" USf J lileRrj's OME UP Ar LAKE P'UCOM — - <v COOPLS AT AMD OMF AT" B K FlMES ' fe&t'Z^f?f&?'-~ ff , ~ f *^ ^P TUATfe HARD WHICH 1 To SAY LAKE ISM THE^RE ALt PRtTTV WICE/ ,'OrPEWDS OM t tew FA.R YOU \| V, DRIVE .' »Y i\IRKKI!.L You BETTER LOO< AT A MAP BEFORE >'OD- DECIDE I JUST. LOOKED' AT A COUPLE OF '6M- --"ANO ITS ALL SET716D/

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