Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on June 5, 1872 · Page 4
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 4

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1872
Page 4
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Jf V XwA A Ao MINES. W.W. SHERAR. . .rA tip- ntMTi ar i waited Ar'T n P r fW rf let tat; A above I U'iiioerat and Chronicle, l -flt, s illltlbt1l',1T, i oses ft. J KingS-Ov a. , -.1-. i.s -i.ra Phillips. II. -: i t Li frsle J. O Feitlag-U. re w i 'i , H Ware, Isa I I:- t hsBiasi Wilder Ileal 1,'atr lor Bale W ll'in Otl. l:o ale r.irii,ft T rotter .. ft i) Paaaf r.-.r . V: rt -n'. H le! A..WT.' Matfl-lftlft Bi-odtry, Merer e. a "! ' i- i.' H. "! Iiarr w W AM1 ICM i i Taws Talk. j.l, Invett, s ..mrL'tictit rit f I'. wi.vru, die 4 yesterday Tbe Tfmr.c Min i Citbrlic association aie r.iin.stroi to at tin n imwii this evening tin special Lupines. Tlie raii,:ll jeatetdsy, up to ll.3tlp m , -' M itirfcrs, or i core tiiao for all la! asasttk- Tin1 iriiDotion being rcaioved on the w iter w -rls run n tit eagioswr wiil leave tbia niormag to continue tbeir sarvev. 1 her was a go 1 uitinin ia a 4i . at the aiMa BgBB last nigjit. Ttie aa ting was am-thiim';i-aHl nvtiwl. rspreially that ot Mr Bapta. KnH'elieii all! I hitoji to-night 1 ..' window of t h- Btftoe store of the M a-r Irk'B.' r. n Mi l aire.--, wa broken laat n'ght by iw rongbn Wlief-or goods were stolen or not i nula not ' ascertained David Flabtgan wa lisim-d tip yesterday for assault and batter,. While waiting for liia bail hr li piMrt ft o n thr polica- court ruinii to (ft a ilrtnk of wa'sr and forgot to come ba k. Ilia BtwSawBC frol sas Sway WrM BWj be regretted bill i e wl o love good ordtr. m n i it t 1 1.. A Fnls at lti issi ttars Tbe City Trader Bit Fanks raw Thr SWWSfffl lliisdft Tii-d--Th.' I'sbllr Unrii sad Wstrr i amml..inn Tsfcr rhr - 1 r, fablii- Prist i us Btat- cataty. Tben wrt c adjournal regular njeetinj of the row SLOB ro BocU jtetcroj ereuing. A'd Ai. ridwje tr tt e . hair. 'I (t- fim bSfttia. bfoufit np was an injunction tawt4 by .luiitr Fuller, rej-traiuin j tbe r' n naaoa roarsril at its agwnt. from 1 'adopting or CBrrjtBij i:iio rtfvvt any reaolatlon, ordio :. or otbel prwrtejdicc or tnkni Boy measure or doiwf i.i ! iiiin-liinjf r r.'laUQ to tbe al-tiraTioo. inr iiln. rwSBBtl wrlawB ay iuiproyement. lepsiriBa, fprnkling orcbaninj; of uj street. Breim, Une park, square, arvr.r r bruljte in acd for tbe city o! fttorbfisti r ar tbe mak:nc or eoleetion of any aeeB-ent urpajiaz rj moot-y threlor ei-crit wlr. tbeeoLtrat lor any snch improTe-uii lit fb.ii bave I .-rii alr.-adv let or exeeuted by or ob Vieb alf of the city of Rochester. Tiii) ten poTBrj injuurtiou aU. r strain the coaacil liom tbe payuient of J.diB Fr:ck, aoperiniecdi st, sad re. trains him from the per fumidnee of any work id hi? department. 1 be treamrer. ULIaial Williama. is also ordered to refi ai'i Iroru paying any money faretpen-aee in tbe litigaiion now going oa between the cwaiUiun . ..urn il and Ih. eomiuiei.ionerri, and the agent af the roaaofJ are enjoined from incurring twh i x peases. Tbeordi ris returnable be tote Jn:ge k olier. ou June loui, at bis chaoih-er. This dacnoKBt was Uid on the table, If to 7. V ou auni ation fntn the mayor was read, vetoing tfc aetMB ot tbe ooard at its last roeet-ing in as Hiding tbe contra t tor North Clinton afreet iarrovt io ui to Kauber aud Vicious t'onsslei non oi tbe matter wios ponponeit. An ifitiiiittioD isftuod by Judge r uiier on the (omplait t of the water wot ks commisnion wawi tin a presented It restrains the council audits ageiiie from ''Biak'ing or entering into any com tract or nrremftt with Tuoma-H l!id and others, or wiih any person or pi'teous, for the pnr;hae of water wi'iks, ir any property to be used as such, or flay eoc'r.ict tor tbe fnrni-hing or supplying- of liir ril i I b'-i-heet-r with water." Tiie defend -an la aril to !-o ause why this inidnctioa Bl.ouHt not In made permanent, at Judge Fuller chaB. b r. Jane 10th, at 10 a m. After tbe jute of tiie pper was read t tie counc 1 taul' d ij. H to 9. 'I be class) natratkasj Iron, the city ha'f eom-snjaaismJ already pabHsbod in our eotatBoa, was '! i ii tew i 1 tabled. A d Ken then batidi-d up an order trom the g' rsersl jt. rm of the suprn e court in UurTalo iooliDi' tbe irjnn- t on agaiaat the city hall remmiasiotecrs, rertraintBg tbru from nr. aet)rn forthe erection ol tbe new baildia in til tte Baal decision of the appeal taken on Judge ft Igala order-t This paper was intro-uii id ail tLe honor- ot war and ordered receives!, fib. and pu id shed. B mitii n of Aid. Kelly, the election of a i omu.imi'H cr fix M.e.r.1 cem.-tury w. taken n. .L.tiathaB il C'bilds was chosen on tbe nrat! (allot. Tbe ni-anee i.odget was re.,d and adopted. A petition was pieae;.ted asking that Mill alw-et 14 lell tree trooi tbe nuisance of hackney I- ijging to Owen Morgan which are -iw aciiii:oio.-d eneuuiber that avenue. 1 he rt so'utton ot the i-i-uucil formerly passed giving alt. Morgan perudssion to use that local-. y as 4 hackstand, wa ret ouaidered and iu-!i tiaite.) i poatpoaed. A co uiuiiicaoon fr. m Michael Byrne, a nri-niani ho fell the platform behind the office of the chief engineer on to tbe ice, last 'inter,. at. d frartured but hip, waa read. He sewB disabled and asks consideration at taw b.inOs of the council. Rsferrcd to tbe law A IderiuaL lijgi rs offered a resolution dira.-t- li g tbe rink to notify tbe lauy I'nion and tbe ulksblatt to ccaae printing tbe proi-eedins of the tHiard under tbe coBtract of laat year, an. that baa tapired and no new one baa urea made Aid Selii said that the put ial oontract male wtth the I (preas and IW- .ria.-Lter aitme time agi waa illegal He said it was not made in acrord-aaiSSji'i. the Ulloa oi the charter, i.,. h re -,B!tra tbe bal'.uU be for two bnliab and two tfirtuae pairs. t'n.l. r tbe bow auiendmeuts ot!y tbe tu pupera bsviug tbe highest cireula-i.i.n should do tbe printing. The tsity sttorr.ey's opinion was called for. Ite deelar.d the contract with tbe Klpr. and lb bacbt. r te br illegal, m his opinion, ub simi-lai sroondft to those above stated. Aid bias- moved to table Aid. Uoere's irwa-. iutioB- Laist - ayes V4, Bays Ki. A' i. M:,i !.. i. rtiuyed to postpone until the t-oastitato-naiiit of lb charter amendment Si as decidrd MeBAwibr let tbe papers go ou aud lb proeeediagS aft Bailal. She soot on to p..r! prevailrsl. After tbe tranaas Una ot x artout TOisnnilBllBolli I.s -in :bt ioun.,1 adjouroed. AMiritlH DEt trslON. tciteroa.s morning Judge Fuller dissolved tbe reanpoiary injunit.oo uaui-U by bim restraiuiug tbe water ' cou. mission from taking auy a.'tioa for ootaiaiLg a supply of water for tbe lit tie holds that tbe act of April H , ItSi, creating I be water w orks c.uiaii.iou is constitutional and valid. Although tbe act evidently i-ontetup'atta the co-operation ol tbe common . . urn .!, ;t i- bvi in imager and inoperative in lbs i.l are as to beeome vo id. It was not so ciear that the ran tuiastoivers is ct-ded to eotnu it any on warranted act as to u nder tbe iriitinc tion Bteaary during like pea dency of the iiBgaiftoa Moreover if the as t , t a.icg t he i eiouiisaisin a as oncoustltutloual, r matter what steps it took tbe. city would not h. compromised, Tbe ototioB to continue tbe ii junction a therefore denied with $io coals Fiats ar HftTB - We have full accounts from our Batb correspondeBt of four nree which oc cuiredta that plan, ou baaday morning. Toe pressure on oar columns prevents more than a passing Boiire of them rbere is but little doubt e i pressed as to tbe tact that tbe tires were tbe work of an incendiary. Tue cbiet i.wrrs are Watta Huahuell, 4, tV"). A KoteaaoB. bar Lest mUr t-Vsi, Tbeodore Oould, ll.ikai. Dtv F v, )he, Is.mO, W. H. Pwrday, (W oov, Mrs Ivta, $1,500; HardeBbrook compacy, ttt .St. In one of tbe building, set ou hre a ikuld was lying auk with tbe spotted fever. It is not i ipectrd to survivs on account of tbe ex iitrment of tbe night. At 4 u . lock in the inorntug Father larey tbe Catholic priest, m-Ucod two persons gong out of bis yard, and on gouftg sB the bara disc ivered papers buruiug behind bis horse in tbe stable Much complaint is Biade of the deleeu in tru (ire apparatus I A DRFADFUL CASUALTY. Falling of the Floor in Bevier's Brewery. mm en Scalded by One Hundred Csrrels of Hot Liquor. Four of the Victims Still Alive and One Dead. fun prtieiur the Arrueat. A frigb'fil acri lent by wb;c. five para in a a i re sen. u-h injured two perhaps beyond re-i nvery-took place at II. H. B rift Co 'a '.- w. ry. on North Water stree', yesterday afternoon, at about half-past 1 o'cl .ck. To com-t.n bend lolly bow sncb a catastrophe could oc car KB nfiesaary to nndtrstand samet'iino of the tin ot and nature of thf establishment. We in ot it aid the imagination of our readers by taring that the business i coniactesi in differ- nr at i -1 a of a lirge building. It M a place of tow ci iiingft apfiHrejily well ai'.pporlsrj by solid noets, dark atnl uarrow stairways, king rJWS af BswIlB and t.rrvls. and at intervals bu se tubs or vats. Niinibera of men are touring busily aiiout in each depart n enL On tl,e iliird tiiir ia placed what ia called in tbe technical slang of brewers A MaUt! TUB. This gnat circular vat waa apparently some twenty teet iu diameter, and stood about bve feel iu height. A clearer notion of its dimensions bjuv perhaps be conveyed by the fact that ila capacity is UN barrels of bfer. The grain tut tbe manufacture of It iff is crushed between rollers ami set in this tab. Hot water la then let in on it nnti! the whole m ass is of the I UtlBaBll liey of puddiug. In tbe course of a few hours tht malt or liquid portion ot this mixture ia drawn off into a copper kettle and boiled. The refuse, which is called grains, is removed from tbe tub, and the BCftXtlM. HioT UQfuB from the kettle is onee more let in After atuxidiiig in this rec. ptae'e tor about an hour it is dras n off into a cooler on tbe door avalow and barreled. Whes the BCejdeBl ocrarrtd yesterday th-.s prtes Lad be?n carried to the point where the scalding hot beer is returned to the mash tub from the boiler. This bailing li.jtior to the amount of ONE I.fMiREII r.ARBEI.S had just been It t into be vat, and about 400 huslsi h of the damp grains were beapd round the outside of it. .suddenly I i. wbole sqaar" ot liooiing on s bich this immense mass was placid gave way and the huge vat ot Bcaldmo liquor went crashing down into the story below. Through that portion of the second rl vor lying directly underneath, tbe great weight broke at om e, smasbiug in its downward course through joiee and loeama as if they iiad been pie stems. Of course the tub burst in this rough fall and the asrsftyrisq reer mixed with grams was dashed in all directions. lo ot the men injurod were working on the that door aud were precipitated downward The othertbree were on the sub-cellar floor, two ut tli ui engaged in rolling barrels. A mom-cut'a warning would have been sufficient for tbeiresc.ip' but tbi- suddenness of the calamitr .e clear tioru the fact that thej were caught almost directly under tberniu. We 'cave it to tbe imagination of the reaier to picture the see tie of coumeion and dismav whieh followed. Tbe injured men were extricated aa speedily as posai'ole, and their hurts received what attention could, under the cir-rnajstsnces, be given to them. Doctors Buck-iy and loeverance were .soon on band and cared lor their immediate vcaurs. Their clothing -rvas removtd and they were wrapped in sheets and taken home in carnages, with the exception of one ho resided out of town and he was brought to the city hospital. The names of the injured are as follows: Peter O'ilrien, residence Monroe r-trcet, near tbe corner of Clinton; Thomas Ma-lone, residence Salt on street, near Lyell; Pal-nek Slattery, residence Browns' alley, near Brown street; Godlrey Stiefe', residence German street, and Enoa P.idney, a bsiy in thd employ of John Htone of the town of Chili. We visited O'Brien not long alter tbe accident and found him under the care of Ir Buet-ey. He is a line, hale looking young fellow and if a good con-tilUfcion will pall biui through wi think he eland in little danger. He seemed to be Kb great pais and could not bear to lie down but persisted ia walking al.out the room although swathed from Lead to loot i'i I andagea coiton aud oil. He is very badly scaldel. His head and face have fortunately escaped, bat from his nee k down, back, breast, arms aud Ics be baa suffered severely. He and Stieiel were busy moving casks almost directly under tbe falling mass. It came down so suddenly that there waa no escape- He was, besides beingacaidei. fctanglci in the falling timbers, bnt preserved his wits about bim so lar aa to get out without delay. He complained particularly of the pain in bis side, buch a sensation is. we li.-!,eve eimmon to patients who have endured the. excruciating pain consequent noon burns or scalds. It may, therefore, be no more tnari a nervous atfee tion. To an unprofessional observer O linen appears to ran but little risk. More skillful eyes, however, cau detect possible danger iu bis ay rap torn a. It ia said that in easts of this kind we are never sale in delivering an opinion lor a day or two, as they turn BOB) internal rather than external injanes. ti.os I'udnejgis con: forts tiy eared for at the city hospital. His hurts were attended to by l)r. Langworthy and were louud to be quite patnlul Out not dangerous. He kaao was scaided dreadfully along tbe hack and limbs. He was standing upon the same door with Patrick Siat-teiv, and not far from the door. We called in the evetiiog to see him aad found him quietly stei piLg under the inductee of oea His cl i. 1 . uBi lalut was iu r-gard to tht ,.a.u in breast. l atnek Mattery is a youog uuuiarried man, alout twenty-seven years of age, living with bis brother on Brown's alley, south of Brown street. He baa beeu employed in the brewery lur soon- lime. He waa aesialirg tbe young man Pudney in cariytag out tbe grains to the wagon, after they had been thrown on the door, when tbe accident occurred. Both men were unti leunately near the tub wheu the flooring gave way. and they went down nh the WEE' tft (IF TtMUEKS. Matt, rj a scalded by the liquor, whiih dewed iu all directions. Pudney walked around for ten ruinates after be came out of Use cellar, saying ibar be waa Dot injured only in the stomach. It pre.ved ou examination that no portion of his h. dv excepting Lis load was tree from the scald Mattery, ob being taken home, was ii und to oe luiured .a a like manner. Tae skin was blu-ured over his back, breaat and limbs, and so bMdly waa be scalded that upon the advice ol a physician be was sent to : Mary's uoepual laat evening, whe re Be will reieivesoch caie at-d attention aa his critical coudiiiou de-u ands lr. Kogera, who a'lended him, is of lb optnieoa that bis injuries are not oeCi-assnly dangerous He did not inhale tn.- ate iui srtsiug from thr bmiing liquor aad his s, aid so far as ara ahi rvslde i exteraal Goo fued hU'efcl was silk Peter Briea-roil mg ham is of ale whe n the boiling du. I . aim down with the crumbling timbers. tie was -s-alded on the legs and arms, nut, iu the opia-ob of tie pbysii ian, his iujiusea are slight He was removed in a carriage to German street, his place ot residence Yesterday he work, alter having toaea ceHihaed lo nis house several weeks by aK'kueas. mam nr oa or tub vivrms. Thomas Maiuae, reauies on raaston street, is a mamed uisu aad naa s family, conaistang of a a wife and tout children About half -past s o'clock bast night a Democrat and Chrounle re-poMer iiaiucd Mr. Malosie. He found biiu lying in a best I'd ml aged from head to toot wilii clolbes snd cotton. Mr. Malone Mm JfoStruiji great internal pain. His face was badly scalded, and ti ryraiiii t in part dealroyed. Trie istenslty ot hftssuilenng mi snch that be wsa uasol to be quart a moment, and every lew aiiuatrs be ex -blbilesi sy Biploms si being SK-k at tbe sts.mach This uniortunat man was eu gaged a taking ale barrel nom the bout-way tn the aut.-teilsr, when, beanug the crashing of the timbers te raw. hi way losard tbe west eou of the i-elUr, bat while tfao processing the wbole volume of liquor pound down upon iaiai and ha I a Ha La, n tub sTr.aa aiisiag Irani H There was little hopes ot hu recovery, and hi friends drmhifnl abowt b's livini taroagb tbs tbe Bight. About 10 oXork Mr. Ms- dies', aa we rrertaind since writing the above. tub c vi sx op THE nrn:WT caa only be corjectnred at preseot. Charles C.sjts, architect, and F. Mile, builder, made bb evamiBation ot the timber at the request of the Iremoerat aad Chronicle reporter after the raiuent. Tbcy tound that tbe npnght poat which an ftKirted that scot ion of tbe floor up-n which the rxash tab rested wan, to all appearances, externally sound, but oa a closer examination it waa fr und to be rotten. The ends of the joists which were broken off were rotten. The cap which noted upon the post could not be found ir. the ruir s, and its condition could not be ascertained. The preauroptiou is that the weight which rested upon this po-t, which from its decayed condition was almost aa impressive as a piece of sponge, rained the cap to incline to one side, and the post thereby losing iu oeroen uc- itlar, the whole pressure wa thrown upon the nusupportesl portion of the floor aud it gsve awry in consequence. This part of the floor is kept wet most of the time by water and the lenkage from the ale barrels and vat. The tim-kmm are suffering from dry rot as their condi tion aflrr the accident demonstrates I Ir, behalf of Mr. Bevier it may be st lt d that sit re be bas bad possession of this brewery he has made every . flort to avoid accident, and has even taken scrupulous rare in this rejard. A compftrnt me. bamc is employed whose dbty is simply to make repairs in the bnilliag. Every day for njobthe the same weight has been on this floor as that which caarod the sad accident yesterday. The losa to the firm by this acciib nt, aside from the sad consideration of the loss oi life, will amount to over ft, OIK). Fntsl Railroad Accident near Batu-Tw Prrssns Killed nad Two WoBndcd, There was considerable interest manifested in town vest, rday in regard to the railroad acci dent wLich took place near Baih in the morning. Full p-irt-culars, however, could not ha. obtained until late in the evening. By the train which arrived at 7:20. brmgiag the passej-gers and baggage transferre.1 from the wrecked express, an extra from the Steuben Farmer's Advocate came to band, containing a detailed account of tbe catastrophe. It is as follows; Th- miming express from Coming when roacbin" the junction of the Sodu Bat road, near Parley Seav n on - farm, just below Savon 0 met with a terrible arx ideal t Wnen the forward trucks of the en n.... strntk the fn.g. a portion of th- flange of the rf'ht hand " Lis 1, were broken off. J he tr.ii:i was movln" at a rate ol twenty-five miles per hour. The en -iae jumped the track, leaping a distance of thirtv foot Ir.gtmg tte tram, onnaistiiig of baggage and two pasion,'a- c;u-s. arler it It again boun.Fesl some eight feel, an.! again a b'aaer distance, leaping over to the nui sioe or me tra. k. plannng into tM 1 ank. havmg the forward trucks iru-heded in the earth. At this point the engine turned .ompleteJy around, the tender b-ia torn to pieces, aad the engine left upside down. .The engine hrving turned to the right, the baggage oar wii.iioit, le-rt, the first jiaasenger ear tnruiu" to tbe right, the forward right haini corner hitu:o'th npirrnisi ri.iine and knocking a hole in the ear? In fait tbe whole riht hand corner of the car ia torn off : otherwise the car is not badly shattered. Tbe rear c. r remained on the track, one seat bein ' sn.a-shed therein by the concasaioa. Conduct. Jonee informs us that the train was only five minutes behind rime the speed bur twenty-c ve miles pe r hour that the accident was caused by me forward truck of the engine striking the frog at Sodus Bay connection, which threw the train from the track A young man named Frank or asBBn Mi la. a tin smith, who lived at Caniphelitown, got on the engine at that place. He was found in the debris jxst at'the corner of the find passenger car. The ear or engine had hit him fast beiow the bowels tearing his Sitw out. He gasped hut twice afte r liag found. His bes'y was placed in an adjoining bam and cared for by thoao wbi escape.! with their lives. The engineer, Richard W.-l.-li of Coming, was found under the engine. Jack screws were used to raise it. and bia body removea. When we left the scene at 10 a. ni. he waa vet alive in a neighbor Bag l ouse, being cared for Vv several physicians. His wennls were a fracture of the skull, and legs badly scalded alsiit the arms, lees and fsce. Several pie. 1 n of bone had b-en removed from his skuIL He 111 1 onscioua, and is. s itiMut .ioaht. now deail aa tbe pnysii'ians atate.1 that he rould not live but a few hours Mrs. Catharine Williams, a widow ladv of advanced age. who resides at Wavertv. X. T and on her way to West Brighton, received'a hard blow bv being thrown forward upon her forehead. Her injory ia slight, only a oontusiou of the soalav She will go on tbi afternoon. Alfred D. Bunt, the brenian. a resident of Corning lately Bhuvcd in liis li.-sier jumped from the engine. au iking on Ids forehead and hands, receiving slight injury -. no fiactnre.of skull, only incised wounds in -1 ale. Be can he sent to his home this afternoon. There were only twenty-tive passengers on ihe tram, and none from our village or viciuitv. The ; 1 vie 1 are doing all they can for the suf. fering out, physac.iaiis from Bath assisting. The accident was occasioned by the breaking of a flange in the passage of a wheel 0f the tLgine over the frog. Ii was anparently one of the e calamities which no human prudence could foresee or avert. Tbe eagineer, Richard Welch, has since died. His legs were crushed under the forward wheels of ihe locomotive, which bad to be raised as described above. The track was clear yesterday evening, as train sen ntf on had passed through from New York. The I BBC Bat given is an accurate one as the writer of it was oa tbe ground soon after tbe di-ueter, which 'occurred seven nubs east ot Batb. For aeonvof the extra and a description of the accident, we are indebted to the courtesy of the baggage-master of tbe train whi-oh was thrown from the track, L. E Maynard. AN ENJOINED CITY. There was a peculiarity about the meeting of the common council last nigh, from the fa-t that there were so many things in regard to which the board could take no action ou account of tbe various injunctions served. It was laughable 10 hear the invariable ejaculation on the introduction of each new matter, "You can't do anv thing about that; you're enjoined!' Most of tbe members of the board seemed to regard the whole situation as an extremely good joke. Aid. Heavry endeavored to get aruuad the diflicnity at one time by moving tbe reference ot a matter to the board of health, wuich is as vet intact- The chief of police waa ulso considered an available instrument to use, as he has still power to attend to his business. One rn aa protested that a certain bridge was ia a daugeroua condition, but a resolution to mead it w as declared out of order. As tbe common council has in turn enjoined all tbe commissions, the most important municipal business is thus brought to a stand still. The result is that nothing can be done except what has already been undertaken. Contracts for improvements a'ready commenced canbe dutshed, hut no new ones cau be entered into This state of things will have to last until Monday next at least. We do not think the people will endure tbe continuance ot it beyond that period. The John Kobimsos Meivagkrie Ajmcmcrs. To-day Weonesday ) the v eteran showman of the I Liled Slates will visit Rochester for the drat time in twenty years. That this show iBall that is claimed for it, to wit, "the very best combined meuagvrie and cbrcua ever orgauiaed in tl.ia country, " we are prepared to believe, for the J res in every section votouicud it as auch The reader should not confound '"old John Robin, n" with any other Robinson, for "old John's" light has uot shone on the citizens ol lio. bestcr for over twenty years. Remember the febos is here to-day aud to-morrow only. We copy the following from the fiuffalu Daily Coui hi ol Saturday last; Bohinson's show we mean Old John Robin-son's ahow, ' la Is the city. It arrived here at an early Lour yesterday morning : a goodly portion of taa lwaWBswisi was devoted to the pi oceesion. and th. after iiooii ausl ev. ning were rousewrausi to the on-tei-tainm. nt of a greater number of men. women aud I tilidieO iban w. ellen -ee called together iu Buffalo, i he atr-i par ade wlta its various golden . harlots its massive dens and cages, its huge elephant, it druavedaries and earns!, and above ail. to our think 0 .- ui- tun biases and beautiful ponies, tbe II vi: t ihe music of the liroukivn mill tary reed '.-and. auade up a pageant which ia'dk ated lej-lill iin-oti' U tk- val resource oi the sstsblisb-ii.enl. Bat this was the liioex, aud u. speak at length of it. as il really deserves, would oe to sacrifice that in a inch 11 pointed, the actual show itself. The aftenavon eihibiliuu was sitinsiai1 bv an assemblage whieh testi-d the capactly of tbs circus pavilion to the utmost,' aud ia the ev soli g the canvas was fairly jasuaieaL The novelties .1 :h douaiinui proved attractive, the an-liuala ausl hirus ol tn- mena-,erie pro. ed to be all Ihal had been repiescnted. whi.-b is saving a great deal, while tbe aceai. a to live areata were lujjv up to th. Buffalo staniiard w.icii ie as is.mptiiuentarv as a, heel l-e. 1 be splendid ndiug sod the uupara! leied somersaulting .a R.i.t-r! Mnsi-v ihe ra. e-tui eejuesti uuiisin of Mile. Aruiiriir . the fuarlftorae 1 .I0M1 Witaoa ; tue daring oare-hack ridiug t l uug iu laus. and the colored prodigv La-wis 1 ie 11 .gnin.-eoi leaping aud sotucrsaultiiig uf the ehali.Oon, Mr Keiley Ihiss Would of have mad. m .esupicie arenie treat . hat when we add tbe various oi her pei formances, which our aoacc wiil prevent us fr o eoumeraring ae have an exhibition of rare 1 aaieiy and exi-ellaeaee Lowkrw i ooe of the . icvri est . low i.s of the age. CoBrad'a dWa and tuouk-ev are well known everywhere, aud the gyuvaasl and s robots of the c-sapaoy are aoaoag tas hast. Jalaa fcaahi nam has aftadc his word good, aud thai ia aultslehl lo induce those who have not aweii Bia show to attend this afteimnaa or creating. It thr weather ia fair and the prospects are not favorable as we write a street parade of ibis gigantic show will be given at Ida. ut to. dav. A caid. We retnrs our iBcesashank to our ii-ightsora and ottasra who so kindly rendered iL. 1 s. slats nee is relieving the uOertng of tbs person injured at our brewery yesterday . T o oar , latroa we would say that the accoleai. will caase but little U way delay in tae deliasry ut our goods. H. 11. BsviEK -V t o 1 -.1 itiiM KEtioioLS blac'llaeausix Our leadera a .11 bear in mind that the tn-euse'v m tere stii'g discussion will ia coutiutaed to night at CftXIBthian hall, that there will be 00 deoate e-aiiirn .vriiiui, aau mat ou Friday bigtrt 7ihi it will be resumed and coormued Saturdav and Sunday ev. nmge, all at T.tSv Also a so iota il ii ft. b , buoaay. ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT MOXTIII.T WEATilKR REPORT. w a nareT. sreait sbsticti r 9. Abwt. Dms'.en of TrleirrstTia snH Reports for the henetlt of l e.uiwisree. Table ahnwlsg tsiSW and Mootaly Bssn of Bftronieter srd 7 heeme-mster ; Mosthly Vstiwltr oi w ine sad aii.annt of RatatVl. wl-b the nreva line direction of wind tor tbe month of May. lrf. RocantsraB. !f T,Jtne l.lVBt. M ftsS DATE. j 5 ar 111 H s 1 S5 il i s , J'lt L. 9 T Bl S4 Rsln. do g: oa Rsln il JS.Ts 41 . Rsln da 4 8P 13 so .cs Ram do s 11 47 do 1 so 00 m , ... ..... do 7 at.aj i s ! do S SO IB iS .J1 Rein. do i j at .01 Rain oa 10 too 5t ... TT do 1! a77 do rs ? w m ' ... do IS t a a do 14 , B .14 : as i do 15 90 IS '.Mi do is sr. ,u as do 17 i 3S.B 5 do IS .S 4B las Rsiil' o 40 BB .3 Ham. J 54 08 ItBlB do n ) 54 do a JS.7S i ... do "a 74 5 .17 Bain. do 4 1 t .IS Ram. do X j" M I ... do SB ss.flB I i ... do 27 S4 sa .44 Rata. do W sj 49 do ' sjj.01 ' sj ... ! do SO S0.0S M 1 .17 Ram. do SI 1 ! ; ;t , -04 Rain. wnritHy mean I .St f Total ralnfall-7.18 Inchea. P; evallSsB vrtnd, Totl number of taaes traveled fi.ryw. rv ? 5 M Ohserver. Signal Aerv.ce. I, S A. COl'RT RECORD. Tor the Vi'eeli Commencing otendnv. June 3. !Ss7at. ItonBoK COVSTT. County court and court of sessions at Rochester, on Monday. Jn.lge Jerome Fullex presidmg. O.mario cotirrT Rquity term of th anpremo court at Canam'aigna. by Judge E. Darwin Smith. STBCliK.v corsiTT. Cirrnit and oyer and vermiBer and special term of the supreme court for ex parte motions, at Corning, by Judge Le Hoy Morgan. General term. The general terra of the fourth judicial deportment commencea ita June session at Buffalo on Tuesdav. County Curl Tudge Jerome Fuller presiding. Rochester, June 4. John Rett and others agt Matbial Miller. Jury Sfatelius Saffurd agt William 8. Olds and others. On tiial. Mupreme Court -General Term. Joseph Mutlin, presiding jusaiae ; Thsmas A. Jshn-aesj aud John L. Taisoftt- asaocaato joaaees. BCFFALO. June 4. Th- following is the day calendar of the general term of the supreme court fur Tuesday, Jnne 5: Numbers 5, i. 10. 14. 15, 16. 18. -24. 77'-, 3S. Ctty nortality tor May, IfsTaV -Health offlcer's Keport. Whole cumber of deaths sax. Males SS Females . bex not given 1 Total 100 59 aaiivirus. 70 loermsn . . . IS English . . . 1 tfoYisnd.. . 4 Swifts 1 Hugaitai.. American Irish bcotcb Canadian P.uaslan . IS . 3 . 1 .. 1 1 Total rolled States.. Total Married male.. Single- male Wic.ows Craknown 109 i FAIIVTiilt. S4 Foreitni- . 75 .109 . 15 . t ooBnmox. ...27 Marrieil female. 81 Sirurle femaie. .. ... ? Widowers ... 1 Total aoxs. Prematnre and Still-born 6 Under 1 year 1 to 5 years S 5tol0years. 10 lo as rears 6 20 to 90 yea: 90 to 40 years.... 13 40 to SO years 5o to 60 years 9 60 to 70 years 7t to so year? 4 so to 90 M to M 0 Cntnowa ... !, ... a ... n ...10 ... 5 ... 0 ...10 Total. ... . or Dxira. re- No sex given. Total. Ma! males. 0 a t i o I l 0 1 0 1 t 1 Accident Apeplexy l - Aceo-ls 0 Arthritis 0 A-thins a BroDchltls 0 Brain, disease of a Brain yellow, soltenlug of. . . . 1 Cancer 0 t cnarrmr-rlon IS Convulsions 1 Cholera Infantum 0 Colic, mechanical ohstrnctrn 0 L'rooev . . . 1 Dysentery I larrbre Knrerliia. mocou Ervsipalas t ever. t phoid I ever, scarlet Fever, ceret-ro spinal Heart. Disease of Hydrocephalus IntlsromstloD of lungs i nttan. mation of bowels. . . . lntti.rr.iD: ion ol liver lofl-nimation of hip iolnt . Insmt.on Jaanalce Kinney, disease of Marasmus.. . . iari.ura Herccvi agla fetlii-born ana premature . . Tabes Moenle-rics Tetanus fleer, gastric ValKla .. 1 .. a .. 0 .. 0 .. 1 .. 2 .. 5 .. a .. 3 .. 3 .. a .. i .. i .. o .. a .. l .. o 1 1 9 t S 1 1 1 2 1 I a 10 1 t 1 g 1 o l 0 0 I 0 0 1 2 0 7 Total Eg SB 1 1D9 BogTAXirx ro tub xosm or bat oubiso TBS LAST SIX TBA.BS. tSST 97 1870 St ISBS t 1871 81 1SB9 84 BJ72 tat Average mortality for the month of May 8a 1-6 FopuUtton, according to la-t CniLed statea census 62,4 T. B. COLLISS. Health STUAWEtiiBr rESTrvAL. The ladies ot the CI urch oi tbe Epiphany have arranged for a lunch ana strawberry festival, to be held in Corinthian hail on Thursday evening, June 6th. The pneeds of this festival are to be given toward tbe completiou of the rectory now tieing built lor their pastor. They trust that a liiieral public, who iu past years have assisted tbetu, will again give their generous patronage and aid. The hall will be opened for tbe lunch at 6 o'clock, and good mnsic will be in attendance duting the evening. We hail the glorious day. July 2d, when the great carnival will commence, nnder the direction ot Dudworth'a world -renowned baud. A Poem. co all ye ragged sons of ragged sires, And walk the streets in rags no more; Go bay a suit, that everv one admires, At GarsojCs one-price store. All shades you'll had to suit your mind, Of chevoits black or brown; A snit you'll bay, if you're inclined. For just eigbt dollars down. F'ltEE ACAPEMT EXAMINATION. The BX- au . nation of pupils from Lbs " A " classes of tbe first grade oi the public schools, for admission to the Rochester Free academy, will take place on Thursday and Friday, June 6th and 7th, at the Free academy buildifg, beginning at 10 o'clock. Pupils wiM be in their seats at 9ht o'clock, promptly. All resident entitled to tbe privileges of tbia school and desiring to enter, will present themselves for examination at the above-mentioned time and place. S. A. Eli is, auperinteudeut of instruction. Wins shall we three meet again 1 Why, doL t von know t July -d. Jd, 4th aad 5tU. Oh, yes; why. surely, at tbe great carni.a'. We won't miss that. Wall pai-i i.- A complete ataa-k of stamped, gold, embossed gold, breozed gold, satins, tints, atri'ie and common (.apcrs can be found a: lower A. Dean's, 6 Exchange street- S.IMHi. Tbe above cumber uf white and buff vesta f ir summer, all grades and prices, at Gibson's one uiice clothing bouse, 14 and 16 Buffalo street. The bsgi LatToats Burke, Fitz Simmons, Hone A Co. make price this week on dress goods, black drea silks, fancy stripe silks, grey striped dress ailka, Japanese ailka, traveling dress goods, plain dress good, black grenadines, mourning dress goods, Irish and Freeh pop In ft, linen d res goods, wbttodrea goods, ue w style of shawls. Lama lace shawl. Lama lace aacques, aud everything tor sum met lower than has ever been made in Rochester. They have an immense stool". If low prices wi'l sell them you can bay at 53, ao and 57 Mam treet. Messrs. Sibley, Lifldsay at Curr hve not for sale tickets to t ba m osteal carnival. Their name a aa inserted by nj'Staka It should hive been t, i .. ;. - w ..-,! Ba aaH v; , street, A Li eyes are now turned lo the coming great caraival, when 175, 000 people will be made happy by hearing the beat muaic that they aver ... i ed to, and a large auaiber wiU.ia addition, M in ado well off with their gttta. Ni'Tt. a. The members of the Young Men s Catholic association are re.iBrated to attend tbe ueetirg to he held at the institute to Bight iW eoBesday j at 7 :3u o'clock. Every arte Oliver is leuued to be present J. C. O'BKtats, secretary . PnosaEti Msnvriao Th auaual meeting of ibe pioneers ol western New York will be held at the court house uu Tuesday. June lith, at t o'clock a tn. By order of the commirsee y5,7,10 The famous Halpobk Table Sa i ca can be had of grocers. AM) CHRONICLE, WEDNESDAY, JUNE Ts Printers, Having eecured the agen. y of f rowdy's roller oompoftitioB, we ate now enabled to offer to printer everywhere a Urti-rUiu eompotttum that will rendt'f rrrnH. giviog a smooth eiasti roller as good a new. It is is use by the beat printers in 'w Tork and at tbe West, and comes highly rr commended BV all. We sell it at the low price of fAirfy crats per pound, in five, ten, fifteen and twenty pound package. We invite atrial. Rollers of any sisecrtst to order. Also just opened thirtv eases of floe English flat papers of our own importation. Send for an pie. Aij im.s dt CoBT, 10 and 12 Exchange street, Capd or ttiask.s. We are reqnated to return the thane of the Active hose company to ex-A Merman Rely. . for tbe favors and kind-ness he ba chown them on their several excursions. II Bevlsts. We are selling cheviot suits for men for eigh dollars per suit. Our suits of same material tcr boys and youths we sell for six dollars or seven dollars. I., dt H. Garson Ax Co. New chke-se, 4rc. 160 new cheese, Bcaniug-ton factory; fancy. 72 tierce sacked hams: sugar cured. 1J0 boxes xtra quality smoked halibut. lCi boxes S'. (o orge baok colfifb. 730 boxes lag r, London layer and Muscatelle raisins. 500 battels, halves, quarters and kits of number one, two and three mackerel. Now receiving aud for sale on the most favorable terms by Smith. Perkins At Co. , Cx hange treet. joi, 7 WiMvc.w BBStMS. The most complete stock of oiled (hades, in the latest patterns, at Tower At Dean's, number 6 Exchange slrecf. im. We give a fu'l-growo man a suit of cheviots for ight dollars, and a black and white stripe! coat for ninety cents: a good summer coat for seventy-five cents. Call at 14 and 16 Buffalo street and examine them. G arson's one price store. Masonic hall i lock coknbk to bent The corner occupied by Messrs Raymond dt Hnntingti r, to reut from July 1st. 1S72, at which time the above firm wiil remove two doors cast in the same block. Samcel Willi :: JuDe 4, 1872. jun4dtf Dt klsg the month of Jane we will oSTer onr enure stock of drrss goods, shawls, cce. , at reduced prices, with a view of ejecting a general closing out during tbe season. Customers wi I find bargains in every depar.ment throughout, and we would solicit an inspection of our general stock and prices A. Bkennas Ar. Son, lib State and 9 Mill street. Good ai.tite. If you want tte handsomest side-walk in the city, go too Frcar stone works on Canal street, near West Maia, and leave yeor order. The company guarantee tt against frost. I: is raid to wear equally well with the Mtdina, and in appearance it ie perfection. A large amount of this walk is already in use. The Battery, Citv Hall square and other squares in New York citv are paved with artificial atone. The largest mas. We can fit the largest i man in this county with a suit of cheviuta for j $, ami warrant them well made. For a boy i suit ol the same material we only charge ft j L. Ar II. Garson V Co I PtEK I lavoi.s at Mitchell's, 1 10 Stato street. SoMi7Hti; new and rich in toilet wa'ers, colognes and choice perfumes for tbe haauker-chief at retail at Mitchel's, 110 State street. PR. C. T. Bcffcm of Boston, the renowned ei-rivoyant and physician wdl be at the National hotel, Rochester, on Monday June 2d, and remain nnti), and inducing Saturday June 8th for business. A rare opportunity is offered ta invalids to obtain a correct diagnosis ot disease and the most skillful treatment. Office hours from 9 o'clock, a. ni. , to 4 o'clock, p m. luyoOod. Mitchell's German cologne. TRC.fRS rtiU trarclmg bags ca otl are trade buth tnng and, at A. V .Smith's urnee-v" acd tnmk atero. tio Site etret, wtiere a o niv t-4? found a tint? rtaent of lap-dutert acd robes for ramagf- and pbaeton am, ! .ah ' a, lti boil J aDti .v: ti- ;..;- am acd e very t bi Dt-eued to :-. icZe a tii. . ndins-oit tit. alaOOO. We bave the anve Dumber of -.aits, three i-badei, lor mtn tor eiht dollars per suit. Gax-rHut ooe piice cloti..: bouse M an lo i ,iiV -. Wnodword's fiue Art Depot. At moderate prices a full lio.- of Enropcau cbrooios. cbromog, Litbograpba m ported, I'iclure new Stereoscopic views, Looking glaasea, Parian etalUi-rv, Wbofe--ali aud retail trade supplied at IJo State etreet. Have tol ki-:jj a PHrsit ian ? Ir Didi"! Davie, w bope oliice i' at cumr 13i. Mrate strwi, has proved extremely successful ia cunns chronic diseares. UU treatuieot will be fouad safe and sure. Tbe d ctor i9Cnsulted by miny patients in otber bvcaUties, who either come here, or who, by statmg tbetr saiptejma m a letter, are sent hi? invaluable remedies. mv-ildicl w DIED. i. - M - . .. thit. city. JaceSu, Joan i.m-m, C Tear. X3f r . :. trom tbe Immaculate CoacepUoa Church, tn T! h - :,, moroliii at it o'clock A. M. (Tien : t, of tt.- i-.:... . jrr . v.i.-.i to aueati. RKN) -In tbe town of Henrietta. Jnrje M. 1871, -r.ior.ia W wileol AUil Keno, vjfM i ear. l. J : monthe. 3T Kunerai troxn the Chnrch, Ii West Henrietta, an Tbur-day, JuiieSta. at 11 o'clock A. M Frteoctd oi the : a. .; are In.ttcd to attexul. ASlKKWi In ihi citf. on the mornfnr ot the 4th lnsi-,atthc rffeKlencr-of lli-i ir.a-taiother. yiaaiuel w., ot.lT chili, of Wakeman T. Andrew agred t jean aad Smoitihs. Funeral a' the liorie of Mri. Rlrhard Gorsllue, No. S3 Pearl street, on TtLrJaY, Juae6Ui, st 3 o'clock T M. 7HECLD AND RESPOttSIBLf B. LEAKY'S Two koiiilreti jmrtit IVorUi of New York Ocajtra, Railroad Iepot. Oe milt Street. Corner mi Ftatu r&acwa e run, aAaCsmraa, ar r.j Te n-putatlun of tt-.n Lc Hottae Mace 1WS nuu joe o other ixj coar-ti-rteit oar '?'., checAi, ia-ii- - aa&a ?& We ca ol oar btiJ,Un, u, muleau ta-ad i-iz. vuj taM pualic So .vti.e'iiOC with aoT.miii eiBtitft'isb-iat-ni. I wTt a' tvsj'-'nti la the coaatrj. Tut. to do y v. ni buHaeaa tlr-ctly with bm, at the B-fcOje ei aa n roaft ah Cra te . 3roch-., Caaiiaiiert: and I'.aJfl 8Lwla. a&dali hnyht colored atlaa aac at-r.iica sHiaaa-feafl wittoc iqjary to tnk co!or, Alao la!'- ,uo ,uL lea-4-a' Wuvt ivroBttata cteaaiued or colore .t rlppiOg4,aad nict-tly. A.',Feaher aii; K.K! Oio eleaaaed or cr-d. Bilk., tVool or Cottar -oaa uf ever? dyoa ail colon, aad anuriec 'th D-atia4stw aad diiptaCb, oc Terfreaaonaaie t nna -tivoda dyd Biisci t-ir-srj Taeaidar.TarfMiaj aad Frtday All stoMi retTirned la ob,, wetit. tocda rocelTt- asc return'-rt DT Tjjrcae. aVrLeaLer. F.T. a Bl V c- THEBAUD BROS., VK1MH STEAM CLEANIN8 Ar.3 DTSiNa E3TABIaI3HMEiTT. JgKANCli OrritilS : No. : Clinton-st . Bochotor, X. 1'. So. al PROSffr iT Sl, O Woiks-l s, uth Dlvlaloa St., Bui-alo, N. T. Tbs Largest aorj Moat Coraplele CleanTag sail !ja!ag sststllaBtaeBt ia lb west. M.dra;-iorwea.BaeiBw. Velvet. lwravls. Biawla, Lare ., SBIjCleaaeil in a uiasber uuaar; saaeal cevu' eoais. Paait aad Vssla cissaej br a aew pro ess, wllboui fthnatiaar. Tbs rest plac ia tbe citv lo have (.Macta (.Weanej or Lhfed. orotrt by fanreas prvs pt j atteaaed to. of ISaey slElBANIC 8aii.!t BAA&, 13 a BO 1 Baeaaae nrrrl, Bm bearer, R, V a rfUa CT. laveceai alloss a aopostis troa w tbe first da, our,, ca.eccsl m aata oa or saccesoans tae date af depssn, to tbe arst aa, of tbe tanadar wont uwktc na witavdrwwa I. n:.a( . .ev JOHN a ttiovasayT as, avsaretsarv F. J. AMSDEN, Banker, l M'kS POWBBjS' DEALEKIX GOLD A GOVERKMEIVT SECDRTTIES Orwita ssa au Parte of IT wrap. i.n cu - Bank af Loans aad Mr po Vf ursfcT i UASaD oc I ud btai'ft Ssaitmne. rats ivl rwr carat, isn oa arof oi SSaBB or uader. ra-uiMiivaiataif s aa, lis ot ibe laoaib. a i-eLerai asAikaag usiaesa vaandactea. Furelga ' eiUEKH BttOS. CO.. Way Coaraar ktsia sad Bt laai atrts Money Advanced N Ii i a Mux lis. WATC'HB) as aJ kaada oc tt - la rivi-'ii ,i r,M Oh) I Ixxaaaa tasr. to lioeh-aler W HSKI.fcEa i - Jto. a MmMtnur fgkm . I OR sSol'i,aF'KtNK WFRa- OvCaa-tdrirtta X off itrtaia ii U.Wia ! wawa by tae Nw rcb m A. . , sa F.l J. " WHAT WE KMOW OF' FARMING, IsspgCtALLT LAWS CCLTtTRK. -A law Beatles j sen who have bought aau ass the ltwiaaeipliU Lawn 1st Bfwf 1s t II BI TTi. B. M Bter, BjfaBH A i Oar drier Brighten, 6. B.Kohy. ii li Unaagsl. P H -..-iis D W. Powers, Hi-am Blblav, Hon A.C. Wilder, P. Barry, C.i . PftvtioB. B E H lOker. V. IreLacd. Wm. Uttis. C J.H:IL leer.D 9a.ilioa, c. F Pains. CO. Oo idallr. W C. Bow ley, C.C.SIorfta, Chss Bart, W S saare, K. C. rt ton. A. Bror.aoa. d. E Mumtonl. W. Cnarchlll, L.A.Ward. to.-rildBro, Levi F. ward, F Ktlae, Jo, nail, J-D. i-nuart. A. V V T. A. Sewrtoa. Rev. A. ete, 8. M. SneBcer. F Lord. Romaata Hart. I V.-i-. rslt. B. P. Kobimon, Henry Cl urch U, M F. Reyaolds, Arthur hur hill, B chesier Saylngft Ba-.k, Herbert CbnrehM'. wntlam Barke, Edward Cr,aicbl!l, James Keilr. .Iks. sajuacnt, Joaa Tae rte M M. Tan Zandt, N Tamlniaon, Col. I'O t, J Slddona. R A Mack. Jsba Bow r, E. R Hircmett, Robt. she -lock, F. L. Durand, A. S. Mann, Cot. Angle. Job H"ff, H. J Beofleld. W. H. RossLewln. Dr. Rider. fi L. Bresftier. lr. Montgomery. S. Kemtngtoa. Dr. Dean. Bscbester TBI- Geo. E. Jennings, versify. A- B kwA C. 45, Mcrrtam, J. Wegmaa. O. W. Golrr. Hen -vBrewster, O-n. J. H.Marttndale, JohnK. Morey, W. C.Ston. Tho Rocheatnr, L. Barter. Joseph Cochrane. Bracken H. Clarke, C has. FitzSunona. J- tin nn-brow, Edarar Hntms, si. Boi seDblatt, Goo- 0. Bnel! lie w. Psrsom, w. Badd. w. Mndgett, F. A. Ma -nhtr, Hon. Jarvla Lord, R. D. KsiioatsT, Eitward Harris. Oeorgs Barling, Mark Mil s. and over90ti others in Rrhsi-r. Xkf bett and best made. Tbs cheapest in price IS lech cut: cats wet grass, cats high grass, cnts ou new and rorgh lawns Rnne so very easy a lad orlady can nee p. aad the only Lawn Mower worth buying. Sent on tilal and warranted Ja-t a. represented. STEELE AVERT, 57 Stalest. Just Opened. Llama Lace Points. KGVELTLEB IX Ladies' Suits, HD New Shawls or Every Description, AT Low Prices, A. Brennan & Son, 36 State and 9 Mi.I-sts. 1 6 STATE STREET THE PttOPfJa OF EOCHESTKa1; mat vicinity have long bet-n faa.Hlar with Na. lri Sta.te ntreft. tae locat'on whirl, we have for ao many jeara he: i. Vtf do devote apecial attentioa to the RtTAIL BOOT AND SHOE TRADE, And we have the best ot faellltle for conrlricttng tbi braccL of tee bcainesa. New Tork, Boacoa ami BrjVit-trvrer manafacturera'gioila are to he. l ua l la onr s t- -ck. In which ts rrnbracerl the BJLal MAliJIS ol LAULES1 AND GENTLKaLEii S Boots, Shoes, Gaiters, Rubbers. Onr LAMES' PFPABTlalEST Is very complete In tbia Use ol guvOa. the rill LOWEST PRICES PREVAIL .Jet .v'a. 16 -ufMivt GOULD & SON. IMPORTANT NOTICE. STA5IMERISI. AND STt'TTERLNl. C'UHED. DR riALI.-OfSce Ri-jrcft. !ioa. li aad : Aread. over f. l OS a. Kecbeaier. la hoarly deate-u-atrating hu ecpcrior tae ess in eurrr.g' the severe cases His new aittem ot euring una terrible aatfttt . . - . e a rb.s wlablrg to avail themseirea of fata asryuea ftheald not dels, a mnnient. aa tt may be ibeir laat charice to be cured. Bio cbateea ia We tbe aLder,ifo;ed eltiasria of Korbeater beartily rsee-mn.ead Or. ball', irasinaeat to alt wbo neeal his a. rylcea, aed a lah to stats to tc-e afflicted that b will cure ai.1 vase, and neit fail : J- M 1 KESil I,. Ja , "S Mala slreet. J W TAliLl'li, II Trout street. DAVID L OTILKS, strvoaib FHzhnah fttreet. 1 f rOKl l.tltaal aviae B r PNST. ill Mala .treet. K P SHEDD. Cor.Baitalo and ritrbiuhaU. taW" So matier bow bad year case, or wast vow Lsve tiled, ibs Doctor will gaerame te L."Iig VOL. Try Dr Hall s Treatmeiit, Abdll It a aot aauatattorj, U Will cos: you Bolhtas gar Cail early. L??" ' ' .- r VAiXtY KaiLKiiiD KucaMaVe". o' lete aoi tbe Borbealsr an 4 lien see Valley Kailr .ad of ihiir Aaaaaal MeellBs to be held a. Ihe oMc of tbe .- Ba; ar.,. Noa. 74 aa i 7f P.vwera'a Ulikt is ibe city of ... iPM.-iBiica ia ni-rei,y slV'-O to lae atoek reat, SI i .. thick ta the arteraoOB, to steel Slae Di-iee.wra for tae ek.u ay year. n.j !, fj taLLBbltl CAMCItOst, Sacretary. , wtaf ect na TLnarsdsy ; SI h da a'rhMrk ib tae arte mo on. to steel tbe eaauiuaf year. t UlXBtvltT L'AVEtlUV, b Silver Plating. W S vAa.''' ? ',1f Slb-a Arcade, Boeasstar, . , f- Y, Pre.-ileal ;-.ld aa rWver Ptater or ef-ri ofterlitioa ol T.Die War aad Maautao-to. ea " rii-1 ''. ag a apec.ty. AU st ark . n a ran l.-eel . . Ybe aaacsra SSoxou iur -o toe airs', bi ? eo Polisher. aoivasy MAPLE WOOD PARK. Ti HKs. besutliu grcoadaaad -rrnn,BBBaT Are sow la oroer.aad atnl be rented lor ruratc. ConcertT eaova.. ac there befa a rojBabpa tBasfaa? wieh awie.iteuj ot tad! a. Brtg of war. water -1 oirecU, .t u.. lei minus ot iba btreti ils.Trosl.'sJ v a. awaw a.. l;r. e ; ire in tas item te u,. I U' b Ii Appii .acataos .ma Viae rAWMl, i,, p,raoa 7, f c ir to D, a. Ageat, a. wu: r ' - - M -i I Hill ROCK CAN0Y SYRUP At UlUUl.aV c. m M il KEM si. WM9 So. It) Mala street. litAt Til V lul-K LAWKS-Lawa raraltttrw. tbe be-i en W. Oroaod Las a Mowr rTeld iLaasa. ill price. ; Le (Irei. sad otber gsraes ThcVuai Laan Teat. Las a atoiierv ae . AtDgwlfrr 5, 182. CROQUET. WE OFFTR Tn TPKTP. ,PF -did rm- m t'KtJatriCr o r. manafar tnr, whir- e w a KKA f uai to acy la ftaia aktid dara Mltty . Btibbt Marnfattirera, we cao oHr tm al prtcea Coa.Hto wttii aa . BASE BALLS. We bve a M lias. bacraCteg tbe eelabrared VA HOBS IMI l.o, RFT OatO, mtNTII , RED STtXKIoi;, And Ihe t'.wsr g-aae.. "n-ss w -rTsr o ij-e trs'le st maao actarwr,' prices. Ctals aappiie-d with a la adnata of BASE BALL GOODS AT LOW PRICKS SCRAN TOM & WETMOKE, 12 State street. Fire Works ! Fire Works ! PALfKR? SSTer Ars;rAI. PYnoTy' TlVIC CAM-p-gn bow open lor the season at tbe old stand. No. 1 40 Vlaln-st., Palmcr't Block. OTVIC. t VIES. Seven Hnadred Boxes nf Sarenor Go'd Cb p aad Drasroo WMxet CracliLors 1 The rset we ever held. 1.0v ( (EXTRA TORPEDOES. ALSO. I. i in-, a,,' Hunt Ins: Flaza, ( hlBisr Lanterns, At.. Ar. AH of which, w th oar celebrated make al FIRS WOllhS, we wl'l ftell at rhe Lowest cornpetlfloB prtcra. JAMES PALMER. Pyrotechnist. j.- atf Joseph Cowles, 3IIILaIL.A' XG I IT. JTa. 9 Plait, Comer .TZM Street, JS SOW PREPAFED TO DO Millwrighting and Furnish Shafting, ALSO, TO Put Up Mil for lrialttigtf Power. Ferafrteg and all work of this e) ass done oeornitiy ano tn a worknianllke niac&er. Work also atiendea to outside th. cite. trsr" Agent for LefTel's Water Wheel, the b ,1 la use. rnvZadlf Mrs. B. TURNER. (FROM NEW roilKJ Ffo. 131 Main Street, (WASHIKGTOS HALL. BLOCK.) Affrflt' Hair Stressing iiaa Hair Jewelry EsublisbBtB'. iUblA, LONG BftAl lit, sr.l every d-srnytloa ol V Onaaa pnla; Hair swik In aioeft or mav-de to or ael In FlraVCaa btylt at Moderate- Pr.cea. Shampooiiia., Prizzi n -r. fce. IW Ail order, promptly attended to. dedXdcy DOMESTI C . No Change of Tension. Agent, aAanicd for snrroBndlng Terrltorr ta. E. ?1 t : I S A CO. 10 Malc-at Bridge. Uoi bPbter. BBaaaBaaaB CARPETS. Velvet, 1 i-u --.-! :;-riy mni tatai " CARPETINGS IX GRL.VT VAE1ETT AT BCGERS tt CONVJER3E'3 t.Saccea5ora to l-rowa aud WU:iatiu. 14 Exohan$rp-t., Rochester, V. Ciosing Out at Cost. Saah. lioorx. Millnrt A' SHoulJingt A S2C,CO0 STOCK OP nEOCLAft B'TFS to tc'cctfroni. Csl! ad ci-atn:t.e at the setory, (orucr Court and Ia'xchaaze streets. mrJtdhw v. A. WATitjws Ycurn. Men, Tak Notice .' OEMINAL WBAKWESl CUREU-I applied to Dr. O Pant fiavls, So. Braaaio street, liocbestsr, 24. a , sad bis mediciae eOectsd a p.: care, bena Btamp for Booll. FSOCtT MOORF, Ja , FKAMK CARtt, la. UTiS. F.cchester. Jnne 1st. I!TJ. eldewAct o i ia jTeTat. JCsT BECBtVED A few ton fi-esh groaad Oil Mesl. st the Artlats and Painter Kmporluni, as Main, corner ot Water strest. laXMakcU at. 4. E. HmrTlMQTOB. The East Side Savings Bank PATS BIX FEB CENT. tSTEKJiST fro a, dsts oa depoftita where they renaatn not !eaatbah Uiirty dar. P B VIELE Sesretary. W Money loaned an approved cousteraia. jydey ip S01LEK WAMTt?D. V! ANTED TO PCEi HASE. A Fifteen Horse-Power Boiler. Ad srecs, staling pries, mrvftitl BOU.K0." tbaatSa. CLINTON HOTEL A SO kREoILIX DI.Moti SI.Oa, No. 28 Ezchauife Strexst. I.-AAC Arslll.Kt V I II.. I'rayri, iii.s. t i - - - - i tbe hvoafte, i pec dsy tsaidey BOARD. AK ICE FRtiST PABXOB, suitahls tor geatlstaar sua .s.: . alt. . litre , .e r- ai dr.- ,1. -..-li or lacuea, with bos. 4. at N. u aisa.a Waahttigioa aliatiu asytsoaw j. RATC LI F F E, Maautactrtrer. Wbuleaale and Retail Dealer la FISHING TACKLE, .fo. 7 Market at. fW KeiMadri n neatly doaa. oelttej tp STARR A HAUKi,R, AitcrneyB and Ccatseiora at Law tl IIU1H sTKf.ET. Setarer. Broadway aad Bsaaaa street. New Tork aran. B. BTftBa. asdev Two Hooaaa. OR. McFADOEN, So, 10 Saouth St. rani (Ireet, Koebe.ter ALL CHEiiti C DI-tAhES and Diaeass ol Won sncawsferalr, treated. Care warrsied ta all oavrasa,ol a pnvats aalur. The La'le' caa coaaalt Ibe li vtor ot ail device' t d.raaaeatautswiu It. aai aft .. as rsi'st. laaisday PH11UPS & CAMPBELL, 1 ptj Eaat sr a Ita -a I . , and "so. 1 i.rih-ai. VB' HCLKBALK and taa. tali ! ftiera ta Pars bplr-ta v aJooLoa anal w bfeaua a mr la porter, of Wise aaa I lqor ap'.iwu MONEY TO LOAN. Croat gl to io,0:)0 to Loan OB all krada of personal property, at Bo. 10 South panift'reev. apataara, Kaj..o al a .sdeii.' U W. UOKNBECE. Aareat. BOARD. ABAaXBTXt M V AKi wtPa.. To Htua'c ircnile-at.a, .-aa aardtwea h afd In a gsrtTaie tmm.iy, cea-!rllj locatdd, by aaVc. t. tl , th j- ttt c. aUjftaftB LL TU8 LATE ft'-ii. Work.. V .iNalii Wv :k at tUBh jOH :a aad t laaalant lovrli Taa tsjaajicavl f3 B9kawre. a- fttasT!'' 4r-v:t AT IBS" SUatalUK VAiUf N Ji"-j tea a: Ita l WR,T 9$ TO RENT. ! TO RENT. TP'i.FT a-re. !'&'. BlBBBM BwSBBfl f 'Be most csw M J '-a! ration ta ihia --ity. aaltsbl fiir oSBBsa or llrtt trertifai ar na Bnr- ws tnonlre tryan.' U J. B Wiliu. at Arevl- TO RENT. gtMe VITK r ! AfW PER arT-BK wiil r-Bl SVss V r, I. s atvea roir. er ststs stW "'reel. Apply to JT' g .s' ct 9aa J Mar - toHrewt. Hi t'sf. Wo. t:7 Bast ft vs. ae lnaie sr -.a. ..oe"l ItWyWoMj BBS avns, JgW... TO RMT. ForBRWo. 5 Ofhbs fttrset. rrmit Way 1st. to a sir a at Ito. s Bortb Water stree:. erAWu H. B. HASBlTllt. TO RENT. BTfiRR Si s VAis STJtKPr, la'laoV roe a dry a--! fttof e ; IS, fast 'ise. raanla. tbr --r lo Btvlsloa a-rest. wja Paarrai at a sna -, s -1 J. COKWWAU,. - a . i a..i . e - TO RENT. ROOMS c.-rxeT of Sonth St. Paal ard af tla 'treat, tn-tfloor. loiinlrc t ii. A T. W ELDOM S Prs.r glore. a ' l iliv B kast Msia street. TO RENT. f'raJt TPIcD ASV FOIRTH Ft O HS of tt new JL Da!l.taa now Cti"-s! rty via. Tbeeari tae lias loft 'n th etty.btrta; tSUH f.-et. If d"lr-d. . biv will he n,dinfi'd -or otfc or for art , nniai part . with all c Bet'en-a. acd fWated hy u!a pr ansxioB iiF-ii at a j ttiM. BPTdtl BMITn. PKF.rvTNS A ro . Fx- rri--t. Furn'shed House to Rent, A FIRST LAStt BrtrA rj -ia, with iTuraitn-e to orrep' Li, oa ooe ol tr ns-t-t vrveta, aad Tery near tre cent r oi boainee Inqti-rwof i run i a. iv, ifc Mm r-m r. myUdeni KyT -.i t" a: i: THE EW BKirR Ht-03K. V. t! Piatt atreet, OD.Ttif feet from 9ae t, h a narne lot. la Dlf-rft fl'.i bp t-ir a ir:-il i- rv.-lerv ". a : i r. iL" and 10 cKre;, aplebdt. ;e.l.r, anil tr,e bval of wl. water E-Mjutet- ot TH'-i. PKT'.R, jelew SB aTatttatreet THK BTOKE No. r Wtiti iirfft. Frmtr laMM an i rel ar Ii u re .. K N Wl-'US TKR. No. il -.a b St. rmw etreet.or o t 8 FK5Ns.K, . i B-li-' i B'-x-v, VweheWr'r, w. y. uirt.! To J ont. aTX1U? No A wbi trret 1 reef de?. WXX m& froLtanrt rear; orf-a; " r the pat ta yara a a cf.' B ry a i. ore Inajtiir- at No. 12 t. -atau; aueet fTiMtf J. tlHx AH, FOR SAla.. FOR SALE. t 8KVTRAL r THK BEST PIECES ol Beat S9r t-'s-st r I.-aidence la t' aZJ- AUOLP'Ht i Miit. my'Odtf is .traold Park FOR SALE. OME STUP.T rKA.UK HOCSK ono.1 Bsrn. ltd acres tana, all kinds fruit, grapes, gar. TVs Prte r DO For all V.h ' irai . i Biy'jc.Bd (a. PHiLl IPS. J6 aad Main .tre-t FOR SALE. m, KINK HOrSB AND 8.M,'- romer l-,. an.l BMs Man: f hi. atrce'a Lot3tte pax'. ira atrj nr - u B. BrHchaw , two pantr'ea, aa jKd heal -o ma wiv-. el'-ae-a to each, aj! ra ar oa nr-'er Pnc M.i00 Ij sat ""to in tf,a dayt.wlll te roted to a co. i unB' im siD-e THOSah a.L-N apY'J Cor. Geary ana gli.Ua eta. FOR HALE. ass TRI :mintl. m Br eg Bsi-e Vt.l rlowel "r. . 1, i i nraininr 12 rooma. gaa and hard tci MSm water. Ie" intns. wttt a i-hil- uu ,i frnK lrea Btrert already 'inraeM. F -r x. t .... us l., pi.iua.1. asjavlti FOR 6i.E BKl.IljHTFPL BPSIDPSri bib tb -t Btt H h city, ti S IM.Wttk 6 ,.-. Frst.t. Ta. BEL ".natl. a n, V SB ttan , a, rrosHa. r K'trbnirh atd Kacharige atreta ''ere'nr- a a uu..-inas wi nes, near y aew cor-atrccuon Ka. taarroa la-iulrs it a V al-X---- srta w,i Stnehe,er. .va a, isrra. -a- ltf FOR SALE. THE VERT desirable BBMdinal Lot Wo las Lake see: w. north of the mtaeaes "f Mr .Jsit.e M Wlntl.f Stly- Se.ta.ia l..i., ... JcdXtt J. H WMirr.av M 11 atr-ei FOR SALE. JEAI LSTAIK. A Brick House anrl Frame Ram. With l-ge lot. So. Ua Sorth Clinton street. Aau, A Cooa Two-Story Frame Hoase on tludson street, !C. IS. Both hrnses s-e tn the sixth Ward. Price, raonabl d ttroaa easy. Icq aire at 11" Jtorth Cilnto- il-eet IrSdtl FOR SA E- KRW nWELLlfrt noCSH.-Th. w.l! h-i it w and ror.yent.nt i wellli. w .. i J.-av'.-i Park net eaftt ol acs atrrst. with to nw.m. i . verb, cellar, ft-aa, acd in every respeet a nlasvntrsal deaire. Will be fteld 'ow. aa the owrer la snoot to leave tbs city Icqalr on the nremiaes, sr ot S. U. PoBTBK. Kel Kstste Broker. n-visoem ig Bsyaoio." A-cade FOR SALE. FORTB ST. PA OX STREET-A Brk Br.... Frame Barn, with a Lot 110 reef front, extend as hack i an a'l.. -,...,...... .ft . m eeLt P ace End--. frir- i s st ttsane. Inial e f ' b. Ii f Ol.Tart, P.eal -i . Broker, nJl rn IS Ifcrnvkla- tr.-s ie FOR 8 ALE. I 1 " s.. . A l b-en terse power Baglne. m Two .-eonS-banil La-r Brek Ma -htn- .- rfl Inquire at IS9 r-ow-ra-rsy-adnw eter A a an anline awtck PTesa Co FOR SALE No 10 Sooth 6i. fan! maat r tmt FOF..ALE FOR SALE. OE (OafOHD ETI'RRSV IT lfiO, In flrat-rate rrirer, with rood aaa Incur, a- stbw AMf t AGOl. FACTORY, a! ter. la T. w aaTtf FOR SALE. A rTiKT r,,rs'gS-BI E PLACE, eo.ta.aing 3 .rrs. il only 9 nil!-, from ta. dare B..n.,. ,t D..a-i. I road Ihe Cu;U!r?y arc all lav aid li SpIeBditt (itudltlon. A.1 kind, of trail and pinrToftl. Woi eaeaaac for a aoiaii piaee iii tae .1! I . sr if dsftirsbt, w.ali a.i bn Mlnsa aad 4 a re a asarate. For tiartlrnawa apa:y -, tae pre-aiaew. ar Oi 4. H . nrs9BT, 'eblktst M r Mill stresa. LOTS FOR SALE. A FEW CHOICE BriLDINO LOTS oa tbe steel a'ds ef Ilneoln 4'rre. tn tbs 14th ward, near North stfs-et, wil! he ...lii. .Irgie or together, au aaoo-i leriaa. 1b aire at as Noi lb .treet Jeldad For 8al for 54,500. 'IfTK cos rc-dt .r.g firat-. BrTi .at No 57 Mnturrr at Th" Dwtjlltu 9 aaa doabie p4vr !om d'lalnir rorta aad Kttchea. faar 'ara-a vf. it '.a ' r, . la-a I . . . . a a 1 :.f atr r2orr. at re roiiia, ciat- rr. ke. r ir a-! nlar tr... . -.- Qf I n L WCT S$m No. I ArtmOm Oallery Fine Reold-nee for Sale. A b ICB KESlTJlrJBCB OB Cllnma rtrest , offerad t. aals. pruaasnaa are ba gives Oetoli la r!. ilare la - eacelleat napaj- sad a. aSaolSJi SL ,.' gaajwof or addrea L , tb oBc. ""oa "llaJJ Dfsirable Prcptrty for Salr. af ,eA,TWfTO',' DWRLLIM. imrsB and Ba v ', u', -ty - - -'r ta m sat, BaTJt, ' Ma fWtree. aad grare vt. faaifre of h: I P rTLrc TWaorwi. J a Mala a',, Z , rltd " to call on raiu- iv, ,a.!kw'. j For Sale ar Exckaaf,e. AFAKM or 77 JCTtls.7rBIIe.frorn,h,citv.sdo s from s depot Bsllitingw. mm .n l al .-.',,1 r " ."- with It. d lir.esllsta p,ftesshaiT lri. si fi Boafs aafj L,!s.(ta Fam,. run .,.s. - ...i '. a ...:.Va" , :. y..- - - bT!? ail "'.Jr ".." city tii harM Fr.,t. it,V'"'-'wa las-e boms. 1 h graia i IsrtEft. lerers ale, .-,.a.i -fels.farfM rem s.n are., w. 'ft' ay. ertr s -,::e7."'0-,aia-,.w;,,i?'ii7 srov- . m m sa..B FOR SALE AT A BAR0ATN. The large 3 S ststrr Brick Hallaia car. Vmt aad Kaebaage strr-eas. 171 1 1 at) np , th ram manaar wltB th atsat ik a , Proves! aa. . ,nry TaTsaaaW i llat- MTla- rsoaa BjaaJeaiBtaihing a ar,? ihiiay1'0' -B-?a.liJ Tor furu. r zr gUaj asj-lr "a V A WATtltS, or malisJtf ar.ii. r. bo 1 a st. lisJ- L mlatr, t. T. FOR SALU OR TO RHNT. For 8al- or to Rent. A MUCK HOl-i oa tvr, are. ta thaa att lor aaaut c- cap. A ourttoa ot tfl pun.!.. m ir aao rtaik. oo tine, -r the avta caa ba ntajfakd taaire al r u ta' L t blew, lo. tt aai m WKfmWm For Sale or to Rent. A HaSDaoBg two-at ry DwelUagj low-J w aad ooasakat aj every rewpect-ia rasas , . i i. a .a syssas. a see, Ooslr plat. II!'1, altlt, roaled. Iaqarre of S. 10. ruKrB, He. Ealstr Broker. agHllHi' AVresd For Sal- or to Rent. A ME W, i. rat- c 1 ft aaa. awn Bl i atlrD . ,ra r r.aari tat mwtl tag, cn - rat a i as. ta) tar IM Of MT lag-Xt . a tasgt aag, aki . . -a : a tf.las tear eat Mate atreet, )uet - raa!Datra' vavlk rru tht ArcaaAdt Will p av daa a bavrraja l hirid tor ataeaa. U tot aom by it- .at ta u.y mm be r-a-d. ror rartlcaJara apply to H LaTKlL 14BB war . maVaVU BBV4 taytB. TO SBLL OR RENT. Am Hitaiot ,.i-aN ma i si iwbbb. Tba sabstftatisi Btotis Ho M.aes tateiv aeatapla - -. . . . - . ... a f Baatove ts thrtr new Burks-J lata aaa susi a ia la. h'.-h. wvta I il..ft a. Staftsas. w'-.i P. . era. Wsgsr WssiSia rBI 4BBB with eooia. lr. tavr-sao4 Baser W&ea.. wits a . right to aaa ' wa er Piemise wail cMuatr .r , uacmsctor. or st f t --d , , as at.'lss. rapldl. a w btaPLBT, attalai. at. V REAL E8TATE A6EHCY. T" 'A., -iP.!." reaaovr hi Aaey i., fbOF-ssllisiirD has mm i'a . 1 .oX No. IS Hejnolda' A reads. " U POKTH-l, hs. ttfttftis p-st., lnmis.hfd Koom lo Lot. VV ! OK W1THOI.T Bi VKt). At TT,w,''ia"l- Eleoc.giT.n poly t Bo. as sad re lulrwa. ' as. SUNDAY SCHOOL W. -J li w e - V at Depository. V I" ILlUSTRATtD CHRISTIAN WEEKLY S 0W OrFFDRT) ts new ssbsrrfber, for BIi.,1 r j kOXTBs. .or May l to Jaa 1. vrt. to! cavEs DoiiiaAn. j sTowl if time to eabscrtbe t 0. P. OrmvtEIOR. x .... MERE NEW STYLES OF Gar. Mi nm ,H M sintlt HKtR. Gnta Dnke Aletls l an.rraa, j .. Ill's III. mill . le ( onreaa, t.ent'a Park Mow ..-rrss, t-enta Hroactvs av 4 iia.reaa, I'a i ale l ontjr-as. BB Prlarr 4 rthlir Uwl o-.Tr .I.'al'. Prlare tlr-M Lota e.n . ... f.ent's Webster Ties, ..Ill's f re ii b Tics, f.ent's Otlorrl Tlea, t.rnle Hatton Hoots. ltAslde tbs bova I have aoaae n4 th Bgay t MOfrT S XTLXBB Mae Ira Sew) sad Pea ad Tar. a i Coagres I. altars la tbs -Ity. which I Will SB! a i, LOW as any oce caa . R ATT, 54 State street. VACUUM OIL CO. No. 2 Main street. MAirrTACTtTTtERS OP THE CKLKPftATETJ Vacaiiin Oil Bhckicg: for Hirner. Har .ng ettaiHabe.1 aa OIL STORE Wcolll k-epis-asn. ., fw tn a WTtniaai sr. ! i ::a ' kk si-tun, uiitiE, ICLKI'M t T, I. tlto, .M.ATSiFtlOT, HTIt 4 IT. 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A A rtn ASbUrll MEAT uf MILLINERY GOODS. ailka, Rllibona, I i, I a 1, Flrh ettta Hat,, sitrava t.ooda, attr. tar ladTs, r ra .sealed to eall and .zaaaiae. wySBssy W. H.BATTELLE & Co. .acocsaaoB o M. Oaa U), Dealers in Pure Drugs, Kratil irata V I HIM II rm Ft tt E tt T. UMI KT AttTK I.I', I lK I' BUvar at-d uold Captead. I't totripHon a Specialty. Jlo. 61 Statu street, t or. t. Paul street, 1 I ilig.H.T. THK tlHBMIl Fire Exting'uisher ttajaaBlBLiraraTa, mnmdm a . t sfirr Ltt taeata throo ou l- oustry. aod beta aa?' t r OxTsiollara sortb ol wTtpvrj he tiOV&ttXIf ICS? ita v4( d It fur aa oa Navai Tw aad at Am y r.,ti tt r .rftt Aki aha toEO. W. CtlNOLLT Ieldnt4 ! itM Mauo at K haAr N T -VI. IIAIKKV, ARTIST IN FRESCO ' JL'iit'uulic Oil .will I fin (HM'.i. OFFICE. 117 UlS-St., R0( BEiTKt, ... I. gBT" Chnreaea. Bait and Pr-vsts B.ill . JOHN C MOORE. Ecck Birder, Ruler and Blank Book HAM 1 tt Tl MICK. feMITIl't Alii '.vou, B4 fFAI.U ST.. HIM HlCSTBJt. . T. tBBBsty oscoco & Farley, UKAI.EMis IW s i i i.i LEA". I. t s. OKI -11 Bt, are. . .... . . a.o .m .1 .sis. Ltaaasd. awsvBt. Wi. s be. o-as. V. Bo. FlftuaT aliftaat. sMOt its m. as i k ... ... lift !... an 1 a a s a .m. to aio .1 Ba. . ,!, store, esat irvu. 1 suf aaxae cat aa i i-ro ...... a.' apsaa t-aas-r-rJ -1 - '--'bHSS 1 sjl iw .r I 1 T Harlst raBr VB aBBt agB ) MlL)lie.h L.FB I ) fteeo. BacfttoBala. At ik - I - .'MO - , - .

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