Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on October 30, 1873 · Page 2
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 2

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1873
Page 2
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bronicle. EESEXBEB THE BEfcUSTBT. Let it be remembered tbatiia cities tod In incorporated villages containing ten ttwu-nd inhaWtauU or over, in elector can rote unic bo is registered. Let it be remembered lliat the last flsvs cf registry, prV-r to the coning election, is tD IBIOIT anJ Stlft'RDAV of this wet. Every car there are bua;lredsof voters jn the cities ami town -where registry is re-rjutred fhat forget until it is trio laie to see that tiieir name are regiU -ed in time to votes are loet. Tlx - liav0 not airily seen that tb ir nunir"! are on tje make that lnty tbt-ir fir?t R-uMicri voter, if you to tbis duty in your oa a ! ry lifct stKmld b-.i-l s To liave a; traded f, see that vour n ;c?tKir il'c no' neglect it li mi rji'er tut tue last d;i in? ae ft) Fn by an J Sa' 1 -t snd N'r-vtoditr 1st. C f"r register-inlay, October j and reai-ter. ILLEGAL lOTlNU J'.tf liUit ans sboidd be watchful on tiie .iy nf lection to prevent Hleyal voting. We fall the attrnti'm of inspectors and others t" the f' ii'iwiitj tit lovwons of fUe rev is d statute : I5v rtvisci statute of this state. I tie 7. chapter 6, it ii provided among trUier thinpt, thst wilful false swearing afr.nuiti; 1m .-fort- the inspectors of tPction slia'il he wilful and corrufit perjury. Wilfully and corrupt !y prjocuring another r-o to do is uoniHtioa of, perjury. Anv ;jfui or corrupt nrcjlcetinz of duly t y tnr iu-ie-tor of e!et:tipn is a misde-titeaiiw. 1 be ue or exert i: of any crrupt mesas .r device, directly or indirectly, to influence aa eliM t;r in (fiv'nit bis vote or to deter him from giving the frame, is a misdemeanor. It is unlawful for any person to furnish money or ft!ier property to !b expended in procuring the attendance of voters at the ..!. except to the sick and infirm. To unlawfully binder or delay any elee-f r on hi ay to the polls. fr wbiie at the lr.n., or aid or as-ist ia to Ujiing is a misdemeanor. I To vote or cffi r to vote oul of the proper tV-ct:"n oittif t, or to vote or offer to vote rnnre than once is a misdemeanor. Kuowinc'y t aid. assist r advise any t .. jimiified person to vote is a misdemeanor. Knowingly to aid, assist or advise an un- u .lifiid person to go or eme into any .- n rarl or election oi-Trlcl to vole is a ( wli meanor. f is the duty of every insjwetor of clec- 1 n who hears or tielicvcs an jr offence has U. n couiniitted in voting or attempt ing to . ;e to reirt t tie same to the district-at t uniy, &c. All well -di-poscd citizen fchould look ti.fully t the alxjvc on election day, and w that the pui'.ty are exposed and brought to punishment. Men are appointed for evory pdl to s-c Jiiiit nendi rs are reported anu pro.iecutod nccordiug to law. WE SHALL CAKBT TtiE STATE. t'n Tuesday of next weekjtlie election in this atate takes place, and eviery day affords videnre that the Republicans viH carry tlie state. AH the doubt that has ever been t-xpreMM-d by our friends was occasioned by tin- idea that iwibly tht-re would be a large number of slay -at home voters. Las4 year the total vote of the state was h',boO, of wlikh the Republicans polled, for president, 440,745. Iu 1871, an "off year," the aggregate vote was 755,000 the Republicans polling 37. HU, against 3G,112 for tbe l)eniK!atic candidate for secretary sf state. DeliW we publiiih a table showing tbe majorities by counties ia this state iti lv7t Slid it7? ; Pomocrafand C K-t. lnm. hp. lwm. UidJ, Diaj. lunj- Bit). .. i.iu TB 2,'li .... .lt l.Ui I.SiS .... 1,-1 ; Vat S.l'li .... ! S.I .... I l.t.: .... .... : ItS .... 4.-1 .. ti is 1.518 .... X.TS 1. w UOH 2, iJJ i.A .... LIS .... 01.- t . . 1. 3i SI Mi 'mi ... t;s l.ltf. .... t.s :,!: .... ,its .. . t.14 .... S.Mi ;i .... T-l 1HH .... t.-.-iSi i. .... i,;ri .... .... S!l ... s.i-e .... B,r V"! .... .... I.-. : . .. .. j.r ... .... ..: . .... .... in .... 1. .... l.s .. .... 1,1!, ' - M 2 i-7 . 611 4 .... i 11 4.2. ! 1-4 1st its .... in . . . cua .... Al!. -B .. l'r ' . . - : i i U.UIlrf . T I- . i ! 1..- i. - ... . . - . 1 k I. 1- an.! Ii tintll .D. I. . -,- v ii.-il.u,fr .... .: r ...... ... K.r..- I v - 1.. ... f. I.H .M.ii-lf'n ill . N-iir i ii t I 'eir I ... . - ! tA - - - . I ltliiBl l.-t.- lr . . , . Irlf.-i.f1 ..... U. kifatltl liiirt -ariii..a r t.t ad7 l -.libn . . . . Mailer a -V-t.KO .- r-..n- Ik ... , t- .it. van '1 tin.i-aUia . . . 1 u ia U lIUU.B Wa.i.a i-.l. i,iitv W r..aiiH 2,r.-l :i l.e.n t,ti..s li4 KTS K.: tl'i l.r .-.-?a 1.5 l.l"s! I ,r: i.ns; t 5-4l New York is a R, pubiican state, and the Mtve fiirurcs are conclusive eridcnc of the fact. If fraudulent voting can be prevented mid the Republicans do their duty our maWity Will te Large. i I!y ihe figures above givn, it will be e;n the ltcpubliuaa laajoniy two years no, on sctrrtary of st:e, Was 19,000; and ae year ago, it was 53,5k) on president, wid st iU larger on governor. In 1871, the IVmocrala earned bat thirteen counties out of sixty; and in 1S72, but! nine. It does nut amin nro;!de fur the Democrats now to do ; as wel! as they did two years aga l. t tliC intelligent 1-oUtiml reader exumiue the tU'iiri-s iu the table above, and if he tsn pai!!y figure cut any result but a )uimlimi- Ih'publkan triumph. The Ki'publicrjins ha-e the executive department and the present contest involves ihe control of the oilier ftate departait-nts, and the legislature. We fetl confident that we shall eleet all cur fcUie officers and a majority m buih branches of the legishitur. But mniui must sha ken his efforts because tUe fijuie n:ake a goe4 showing Thtre ia work to be done, and If vs. til and thoroughly i!.c, the figure will show well aad on the tight tide in Xireftdr next fllAMiL EOE TOE BETTER. The lt-w oik Times of yesterday say ; Judging from the tone of the pita of ' b..tii pMitit, and in all part of the state, "ttifu- i : nanu to believe that few iott-t- now suppose tiat aothlng of luiire.Hience divtTnla upm this lec-' lUm. This ia a change ia prevailing " t::ii.. ut greatly for the better, and must ' -larf'y 1-rncCt the UepuhlicAa ftauae. Li e a mai.ri!y of the citizen believed ' thai tin y could Jo no gvmd by voting, and ' no burnt by abntaiuiug from Toiiog, it was impoMUhta lo aakein any gi-aeral ia-"imi in public affairs. I1 There la U1J ti UAt h of this feeling Wft, but we are glad it is being disjethid. All Rc-puhli-ji. td.ouid le incited ta renewed exer- ' !i0t!. Tut ilVmocratie pairs, point to what their purty has done in Ohjio. They hare ; Jet-ted their e -xernor, U is; true, while the -;hi r state ofhvrr tlected ajre liepublieaai. Cut fox the neglect of RephlU-an to rota, there vamld not have beenj even this suc- t. lis publicans, of iety York, go to the poi:-' next Tuesday, everi man, aad you will tot have' to recret the election of any Democratic state officers in this state. The tay-t-bom voters of Ohio m-ost WA be imitated in this state. 1HE WATER WORKS BOXIr. We have shown fully and so plainly that no one could fail to see, the illegal acts of the water commissioners in .their issue of bonds. JS'o de'ense can pos-dbly be made to the charges. The law is explicit, the course f the commissioners is known and they are the exact contrary of each other. Instead of going over the ground again in thirj'article, we append tlie statement of Aid. Rogers who made a cartful investigation of the subject. He says well and truthfully: Now, is regard to th city In relation to Uif-a" bond-H, it is shown be.voo'1 question that cs, 500, tjnn of bond have bmn fully execnted ; tbm alone is gross o!atioa of the law d-le-gUtigvery jmDortant trust, and which law positively says that they shall mnie bands to n amount not exew'iinjr t-te amount HHCXied in thirUuiato (whieti is 2L4 OOilt ; ttifly Kticht nnflouatedly have i.iUfl $ t, OM, -iski, jroi)l tbey had made their estimates land had them approved) to that amount, but they did not, and therefore thy are bound by thf ir entiroates as already made ; and, indeed, it would be interesting to know why tbey should want to uwue any more than tbeir estimates; surely tbey cannot already nve fijund out that their estimate are iar too low ! As to the matter of resistered bond, and the substitution of new oneo tiierebir, tti law neither RiTes any authority for, or in any way contemplates any such issue, but quite the contrary ; if tbe law bad intended to cover or admit of any such issue it would have beea neeesry that it should have providnd some machinery for carrying it on during the thirty years during whieh the bonds have to run, tor the term of ofiii-e of the commissioners expiies in bus than three years, and no one ia authorised to sign in thetr plwe. Vnder the law, an soon as the bond is issued the power of the comuuwiooers land of any one else authoiiwd to sign the bonds) is, to that extent exhausted. The simple fact, therefore, is that every dollar of lxnds ginned by any of the parties, tvond the amemtit or ia the mtnier allowed tiy law mo matter uu ter what pretext!, was as uDK-arraDiatiie Rod ilieai act, and as aneh iitteriv void, and over one and a quarter million of dollars are so sisied. But fnrtber, the makiug t all the bonds at one time (r nearly sol aud having tbera all on band at one time, is a very dangerous prrceeaiug, tieides beinsr entirely contrary to the verv spirit and letter of Uio atatuto. which say s : ' ' Tbey f.hall be made and sold frcra time to time as may lie necessary, ' ' and very properly so, for many obvious reasons, among the most important of which are: That the money will not be wholly needed fr several years; that it is the extreme of foliy to pay seven per cent interest for the money a k;Di? time before it will be needed, and then deposit without security, at a leas interest for none at alb ; to sxy nothing about the possibility of fraud and accident, or as perbap I ought to say in these days, the protalUitv of fraud. Another fact showing tlie evident intention of the legislature in this connection is that thev only require the treasurer to give bonds for the faithful performance of his duties as treasurer of tbe water commissioners, in the amount of $0,(Wu,indinlinz most conclusively that it was never intended that the treasurer should have in his possession and under bis control any such amount at one time as ', to or f. sou, OOO of bonds i with the power to dispose of them alb. And let us bear in mind that such an amount of bonds is now, at this time, in tbe hands of and entirely under the control of the treasurer, according to bis own statemeot. TUE SUITS. Probably no roan in the state has a more thorough knowledge and therefore, being an honest man, a greater hatred of the contracting ring which has become bloated from absorption of the revenues of the state, than Attorney-General Barlow. We mention this in the beginning, because our opponents, bard put for an answer, aver that he bus dropped thirty-one suits be liegsn against the contractors. The assertion is tlie very opposite of the fact. The attorney-general is fully determined to follow these actions to the bitter end, and expects to recover for the state wbat George D. Lord confes-sed he could recover, so large a sum as $3,0tX,000. For proof that Mr. Barlow has actually pushed these suits, we may state, what we have already shown by the legal documents published in our columns, that one of the most important of these actions has already been carried to the court of appeals. Let no tax-payer fail to read the complaints in these cases, which show fully and clearly how canal contracts were obtained by Jarvis Lord fc Co. No one can read these documents and then doubt the manner and extent of the fraud perpetrated upon the people of the state. THE COSIEST. We have frequently urged upon Republicans the importance of the present contest. Tlie Albany Journal states the case in brief as follows: "The contest haa a direct, " practical, personal importance to every " vtiter in tbe state. It is to decide whether " the control of our public affairs shall be " in the hands of the party which built up "and supjiorted the Tammany ring, which " is now under the mastery of the new " Tammany ring with John Morrisey at its " head, which appropriated millions to sec-"tarian institutions, debauched the judi-" ciary, made corruption run riot in the "legislature, created a deficiency of nearly "$7,000,000, plundered the canals aud "rained our taxes higher than ever before " or whether it is to lie in the hands of the ' party that has already largely relieved the " people of the burdens, and is faithfully " prosecuting the work of reform. Is such "a question, going to every man's pocket, " of no consequence f Can any honest voter "candidly consider it and doubt that it is " his duty to vote the Republican ticket J" Xo Democrat is to be run against D. P. Wood in the twenty-second senatorial district. Air. Wood is one of the best members of the present senate. CCRKtNT TOPICS. Tux ruaseux of Jackson county, Wis. , inaiata that he didn't do it it was the work of some unscrupulous burglar. I'aRUjime.nt met on the very day selected by the Dominion people for thanksgiving. and the result was that not the first thank was ao much as thought of. In it bc understood that to elect Jarris Lord to the senate will be to imperil his life. Do the people of this district want to saori-uee this aisUnguiseed patriot f Th xvu-isce of Mrs. Mildred White Benton appear to have not been called for In the litotes case. Why is this, after the great fua that was aoade over her arrest I Obcisxrilt he is a very sice maa ; but we feel to say that just previous to an election Uni political editor, if not a fiend ia human shape, is at least the ban of human existence. TJXTO says the directors of tbe Atlantic bank consented to bis use of the funds of the institution ; but he doesn't insinuate that they were willing to share either hi profit, his loo or bis punishment. Ir kvkt ii a consoling reflection to the Democracy of this state that though they have lost their Tweed they still have their Morrteaey, and that the latter amply fills the eat aa leader vacated by tbe former. The miCRAra inform us that young Carlton is said to be oa his way to Europe, We tho-aght the unfortunate man had been in i.ur for the paat five years, and wa tbakmg preparation to come home, J asx-w Lrm say be will be a candidate for senator uutU the polU eluee oa Tuesday next, Which is a gratityiug announcement ; for there were fears that, accepting the caudi. dacy at so Ute a day, he would want ts run all the year round. Lens ElEL is at present in Manitoba, in Ottawa, in Montreal and in Ogdensburg ; aud there m a fair prospect, ta eaae of hi discovery by some people, that he will be sent by aa exceedingly short route to a woree .ltuyt than all of them put together. Wat mil KEvixctrD by Mr. Tremaia that Mr. Ktek, aaoordinj to hi own sbatotneui, died of soaiMihing very bke the greea apple atomaeb-aehe; and we should like to ask any seasikile human betug if there i the slightest reaemhlabee between a greea apple and a revolver, . ETsfO JoiLS of Saxony is dead. Ha bad plenty of money and his repoastbihiy was small w hi h amount to about a moch happiness a may xuaa ought to expect is this si wild. And Km; Jhu, we axe g'.al to say, knew enough to appreciate it satisfied. id be Tb rsir; b. Interfered, with business, and a diminution of business lessen the demand for work. H any X actorie have been closed, and thousands are oat of employment. And we have not yet reached the beginning of a long, cold winter. It is a sorry outlook. The shall bot has already manufactured the first snow-ball of the season, and for some time to come will carefully fnspsot tbe water in tbe pitcher to see it there's ice there, and give minute attention to the inevitable skate. We have had, in point of fact, the first snow-flurry, and a very respectable flurry it was. W ark Tou in the Philadelphia Ledger of little Jane, "Who WeltiexiM evetTs elfwed her eves And pranced sirs, n irdas," Little Jane evidently forgot her grandmother's injunction to be decorous, else she would not have started off in that ridiculous manner. A juror in .the Stokes case, if we may believe a telegram from New York, has declared that he will never consent to the hanging of Btokes. The story is doubtful ; but it will be remarkable if, after the able defence of Stokes by bis counsel and the unavoidable sympathy for him that has been created by bis long imprisonment, he is not aequittedor merely held under another disagreement of the jury. A Brookutt jcrok, after remaining in his seat during tbe taking of a large volume of evidence, casually remarked to a fellow-juror, Tuesday morning, that be would never conf ent to a verdict, as he was stone-deaf and had no evidence whereon to base a conclusion. The telegraph gives us this information ; but it altogether fails to give U3 the maus name. We insist that the name belong? to the public, and call for it with a loud voice and exceeding earnestoeas. The CBLtASEX at North Adams learned very rapidly how to make shoes; but they have not yet learned the necessity of peaceably submitting to arrest. Th shops in vifcli tbey were employed were closed the other day, and a mild riot was tbe result ; and when one of tbeir number was arrested they made frantic though unsuccessful efforts to rescue him. John bad better be a little careful or he will find himself banished to California, where it is generally hekl that he has no rights whatever. Mrs. Woodhct.1. has been invited to deliver an address before the Radical club of Boston. The Radical club is not extremely radical that is to say, it is never too radical to be painfully decorous and its recognition of Mrs. Woodbull is all the more significant aud valuable to the lady for that reason. More, the Springfield Republican has a good word for Mrs. Woodhull, calling upon her to speak out her social theories and merely enjoining upon her the necessity of dropping the Beecher business. TrrrsnLLx haa had one of those popular accidental tragedies. Little Johnny Newton took down his father's gun, wbich had been carefully loaded and left within his reach, and pointed it at hi sister Ella, aged seventeen. The young lady remarked carelessly, "Think you're smart, don't you!" and Jobnny pulled the trigger. The charge entered tbe young lady 's side and she died ia a few moments. Of course, neither Mr. Wheaton nor Johnny is guilty of more than ordinary carelessness, and in fact a coroner's jury has already found that to be the case. A convict in Sing Sing prison robbsd a fellow convict, and the latter exposed him to the prison authorities. He was punished; but he had his revenge, for he turned upon the victim of his plunder and murdered him. We do not know whether tbe murdered man has relatives; but if he ha3 they ougbt to have a very good case against the state. If a man's life is in danger in Sing Sing prison, he ought to be given his liberty, that he might have opportunity to run away and save himself. And if he cannot be protected in prison there is certainly a very heavy responsibility somewhere. Edward Jexkt.xs, in his address before the Young Men's Christian association of New York, last Saturday, spoke of the duties of Christians as citizens, and declared very emphatically that it was aa much a duty to attend a ward-meeting as a prayer-meeting. And so it is, for the ward-meeting is greater than the nominating convention, greater than tbe ballot-box itself, since it virtually controls both of those excellent ntitntima ; and there is no more important step toward virtue and purity than the election of good men to t ftice. We beg our readers to look once more over the names presented on our excellent ticket, and think of this thing. STxrESTra Franklw Wilson declares him self to be " the young lunatic (twenty-two years of age) who is a friend of the earning dictator, ' and who prophesies that before another decade has passed over thi3 country George Francis Train will be the president of the United States; and all the power.and opposition on earth cannot prevent it. ' Sylvester declares that George Franeia predicted the panic and the yellow fever which is now afflicting Memphis; but we don't know that these predictions are any evidence of greatness. To tell the truth, if we couldn't predict anything better, we wouldn't predict at all. Jcdge Nkii-sow of Brooklyn haa decided that the death of ex-Mayor Kalb&eisch puts an end to the proceedings of Mary Frances Wade against him for breach ef promise. Tbe point of the decision is that a promise of marriage is a civil contract, and a repudiation of that promise is, therefore, a breach of contract. Being personally liable, and no more, the individual breaking the contract can be mulcted in damages. But there being no actual injury of person on the part of the plaintiff, her suit cannot follow the survival by his estate of the deceased defendant. It seems to us that this decision will not be sustained by aa appeal ; " but it will be a matter for congratulation if the case is closed. A vebt excellent joke was recently perpetrated by the Democrats of Oil City, Pa. The Republicans had nominated to the city council a colored man named Miles Green, and the Democrats voted and worked for him, just for the fun of the thing, but to such good effect that he ran away ahead of his ticket. Since then the mayor has resigned to accept the county-treasurership; and now it is discovered that the city charter provide that, in ease of a vacancy, the councilman having the most vote at the election shall become the chief magistrate.. That councilman is Muea Green ; and it is a painful question among the Democrats of the locality whether they haven't carried the joke too far. Thk MTSTtBT or Euwui Dkood, " complete tbe first part by Charles Dickens in the Beth and the remaining portion assuming to be by Charles Dickens in the spirit, through the mediumship of Thomas P. James has been issued from the press of Clark W. Bryan & Co. of Springfield, Maa. It is a volume of 612 ample pages, aud the interest attaching to it because of the manner of its production wiH doubtless give it alargasaler We have already noticed the work at considerable length, and have merely time to-day to present the following paragraph, from the Spring field Union, at to some singular proceeding in the work of proof-readoig: The personage w ho haa corrected the praof-shtet of book, whoever or whatever he iuy be, baa persistently kept out of sialic iSy coming to Sprmgtieid and reading ttie proof a fas a tbey were ready, Mr. J a tries Uiifctit have hassened the production of toe tx.k several weeks, greatly to his pecuoiwy I rout. But he stud they must be oorrectea by him in a trance state. Of course, a seeluded room in HpriugUeld might have been a good a plaoe for entranoeuaent aa any ; but no, toe proof-sheet mut be seat to bxattaeburo, where, nDdoubtediy, tne real author resides. After remaining there, often fur several days, they have come back bearing the mark of a thorough revision, amounting in aotoe case almost, to a tot. si recast of a hole paragraph, the hand- writing it vkhivh wat iu no case that of Mr. Jamea. Xtany ol the ehaaeee aud correction show a Ueree of aiaasriuiinauoa which, we are frank tn say, Jauans doe not possess. These, with other reasons mat mi tit he abided, are sutLuiem to show thst this clever fraud ( for so 'skeptics" woi general! y,reisrd it t has sotne nisn or ability uenuid it, and that man M not Tboiua P. Jam. The assumption that Mr. Jatoea had the assistance ef some maa of anility behiud the scene ha been presented several times, and ha been flatly eobtradk-ted by tome of the best men in lirl t Mxjro tiien who aie not sptriMiaiigt, who think they are cognisant at all the important facts trading to the production cf this book, and wtte have taken the ul-xuost pain to discover Mr. Jamas' great ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE, THURSDAY, OCTOBER secret supposing that he haa a secret. These gentlemen are sound business men, public officials, men who are not likely to be deceived by any ordinary preeees ; end they affirm that t bey are dumbfounded. The assumption. that the book I the work of the spirit of Dickens is, of course, not to be accepted; but the vofcime may at least be regarded by the curious a a very clever humbug. BUSINESS. A number of small sewing-msehine companies have consolidjted, and are about commencing a monster manufactory in Jersey City. Owing to the prevailing low rates of freight by lake, a large number of vessels engaged in the grain trade are being stripped of tbeir canvas and are going into winter quarters. The capacity of tbe vessel already laid up at Chicago is nearly 000,000 bushel. Harmony mills at Coboee, N. Y. , which have temporarily stopped, run 4, 4 looms, employ about 3, 900 bands, and turn out every week 1,230,000 yards of calico. The power to drive this immense center of production is chiefly derived from three turbine wheels, propelled by water, whose collective driving capacity amounts to 1, 100 horse power. A company of British iron-masters hare just concluded the purchase of about twenty square miles of land in the province of Auckland, Sew Zealand, which embraces nearly 9, Otfl acres of coal and ironstone. It is calculated that this field contains 1'20, 000, 000 tons of coal, and the iron ore is reported to yield on an average fifty per cent. Fine iron. There ia such a thing as growing too fast. Under the influence of wUd speculation the laying of wooden pavements througn cornfields has been suffered to go on in Elizabeth, S. J. , and streets have been opened, curbed and guttered, on a basis of population six times as large as the city possesses. As the result, mile of improvement are now covered op with weeds and mud, with not a hense on them. PKMA1 Colonel Paul H. Hayne of South Caro lina, who has been at tbe !North for some months attending to literary works, met with an accident a short time ago which gave him a very painful wound in the foot. Colonel Hayne is a relative of the celebrated antagonist f Mr. Webster in the United States senate. An exchange thus describes a Maud Muller who was married at Bluff Creek, Ind. , last week : " The fair bride was dressed in calico fringed on the bottom with the same material, a bonnet du soliel, and gloves, shoes and stockings of unmistakable flesh calor that fitted as closely as the skin. When asked if she would take this man for better or for worse, she replied, with touching simplicity, Yon bet-' " Fred. Douglass and son were recently ordered by a conductor in Kentucky to leave the car they were in and go the one reserved for colored people. They refused and were not afterward troubled. ' ' Had I been a gentleman ' dog, ' ' aay s Douglass, ' ' I should not have been ordered out at all ; but being a man and an American citizen, myipreseLce was not to be tolerated in a common railway car 1 Hail Columbia 1 ' ' General La Marmora's book, "A Lit tle More Light on the Events of 1 s3, ' ' gives the subject for a cartoon in the Wasp, of of Berlin. Victor Emmanuel and Germania are represented as tete-a-tete in a richly fomithed boudoir. At the door stands an Italian, who proffers to the royal people a lantern, saying "Would your highnesses like a little more light!" Both Italy and Germania reply " Thanks, we see per fectly. ' ' We find this paragraph in the Memphis Avalanche : The hand of death has fallen heavily on the . . I i .1 . m i : , , , i - . . , . itu(acuiiu oi vuver e . n oouwara. rirsc, the eldest son died ; soon afterward both Mr. and Mrs. Woodward fell victims to the pestilence. Friday night tbeir little daughter Alice died, to be followed yesterday by her sister Emily, still younger, while a baby sister, only fourteen months old, was dying last night. Another sister, Sallie, the second to take the disease, was removed from the stricken dwelling, and is slowly recovering. The only member of the family who has es caped the fever is a little boy. XUSICAL AM DRAMATIC. The failures of America seem to be in flicting England. Mr. and Mrs. Bandmann are making a professional tour through that unhappy land. James P. Shaw, 41 State street, sends us tbe folio wine: "My Favorite Star," song, W. E. Polyblank; "Our Old-Fashioned Mother, "A. L. Childs; "Grand Army," quickstep for piano, F. M. Davis ; ' ' Cupid, ' ' mazourka, TV illiam Cramer. Ole Bull and Dan Bryant crossed in the same steamer. A concert was gotten up for the benefit of some sick sailors, and Dan was aked to do something. Dan proposed ' Shoo Fly, " if an accompanist could be found. Ole Bull volunteered, and Dan Bry ant danced "Shoo Fly" while Ole Bull played it. This is the way the pretty eyes of Miss Neilson hurt a Philadelphia writer: "Robbed of her youth and loveliness, Adelaide Neilson would still be a great and glorious actress . Like the roses before the shrine of Aphro dite her beauty is but a heath, a fragrance, a delight, before the unfading image of her noble and imperishable art. ' Ah ! The latest vehicle of MissLotta's vivacity is called ' Zip, ' and in Baltimore it is not thought to be a work of high art, because. aa tbe American suggests, ' ' A play in which a fashionable lady picks the banjo to enter tain her friend at a lawn party, and who amuses herself by dancing a breakdown with a footman in her own parlor, may be fairly- considered a somewhat extraordinary pro duction of even the modern stage. ' ' We have lately received the following new music from H. S. Mackie & Co., 82 State street: "Blushing Mom," quintette, by Alonzo Stones, fifty cents; "Chesney- wold," quadrille for piano, by F. Green, fifty cenU; "O Fair Dove, O Fond Dove,' song, Alfred S. Galta, thirty cents; "Le Chant du Berger, " F. Boscovitch, sixty cents; "ihinking of Thee, v song, J. Blu- mentbal, forty cents ; ' What the Daisy Said, song, Violetta, forty cents. We hsve also received librettos of the following pieces from H. S. Mackie, price fifteen cents : " Ii Trovatore," "Faust," " Sorma, " " Mari- tana, " "Marriage of Figaro." POLITICAL. John F. Potter, of Roger Pryor bowie- knife fame, is a candidate for the Wisconsin state senate on the liberal Democratic ticket. John T. Clark is the latest candidate named for mayor of Boston. He is one of the city aldermen, and, as usual, the oiBce seeks him. ' The Indianapolis Journal is suspected of a desire to have Speaker Blaine " laid on the shelf. ' Being the home organ of Senator Morton, this is considered ungenerous, be cause Blaine and Morton are supposed to be rivals for the presidency. It is reported that George H. Pendleton will compete with Senator Thurman for the next senatorship from Ohio. As Mr. Thurman 'a candidacy was one of the strongest points tn the late canvass, this would have little effect. Mr, Thur man's re-election seems to be assured. Even the prohibitiouist' ticket In Ohio ran ahead of the new party tn most of the counties. The Cincinnati Gazette thereupon suggest that perfaap it was the prohibition I -arty that certain editor referred to when tbey talked about a movement that wa to begin this year, and was to "smash thin 's in 1373. Governor Hendrike of Indiana is tbe oom-ii mark of the western wit now. He thought be wa shrewd not to take a part in the apparently hopeless Democratic eanvas of Ohio. The latest suggestion is that be be allowed to carry a torch at the proposed jubilee on the occasion of Governor Aihsn's inauguration. The unirust worthiness of election returns is sometimes responsible for premature eom-pUment. Mr. Dougherty, the Democratic candidate for attorney-general in Ohio, wa positively reported to be elected for several days. Those day were full of honor to him. Be has done well ia having hi iei ability widely advertised. The Cincinnati Commercial name a tivket for Wtf: 'For president, Jo. Haw-ley. It thinks that the abbreviation "Jo." ha strength in it, a "Old Abe" had. Betides, it adds, "Tne J a. of which w are speaking is abundantly qualified fur tbe f nasitieney in ail respect, aad has a drawing name feito the bargain. " THE CANAL FRAUDS. Shall the Ring be Made to Disgorge? Further Suits! gainst the Heads The Attorney - General Seeks to Eecover $45,000 from George Lord and Others. The Black Rook Harbor Contrast. An Injunction Suit. Complaints in Two 31 ore Von-spirafy Cases. SUPREME COURT albatt copsrv. The people of the state of New York asst. George D. Lord and William Mudctt. Complaint. The plaintiffs, by Francis C. Barlow, their attorney-general, complain of the defendants, and siiow to the court: That, at the times in this complaint mentioned, the contracting board was a board of puthc oflieers duly created by law, and consisting of the three canal commissioners of tlie state of Sew York, the state engineer and surveyor, and the auditor of the canal department : and that said board was charged bv law with the duty of giving public notice of the letting by contract of the repairs of the canals of this state, the receiving of bids or proposals for said work, in pursuance of said put'iic notice, and tbe awarding said contracts to the lowest bidders therefor. That said contracting board was bound by law to receive bids, upon public notice, for tbe work in this complaint mentioned, and award a contract therefor to the lowest bidder therefor, who would give adequate security for the performance of said work. That prior to the -9'ih day of December. IWrL said contracting board hsd duly given public notice of a letting by contract to the lowest bidder or bidders who would give adequate security for the performance of said work, of the repairs for section number ten of the Erie canal for five years from January 1st. lSeil, under the regulations prescrioed by said board and in pursuance of act, chapter 105 of the laws of 1-57 and the laws ameudatory thereof. That by said notice the time of holding such letting was appointed for the -5th day of December, ls6o, and the place appointed was the office of the canal commissioners in the city of Albany, at which place sealed proposals for the said work and materials wei e advertised to be received until la o'clock noon of said last mentioned day. Tnat, on said December 28th, IsSO. a large number of persons attended at said place to bid for the above mentioned piece of work, who were competent and prepared to give adequate security for tne performance thereof. That several proposals were prepared for presentation to said board at fair rates and containing terms advantageous to the state, which rates were the fair value of said wor- and materials, and which bids weie much lower in amount than the pro- pofal cf the defendant Butler, as hereinafter alleged. That the persons, also, had thus nrepared proposals were able and were prepared to give adequate security for the erf oi mance of said work. A.'td the plaintiffs my, that the defendants conspirea, cmnointa ana conreaesaiea togtm-er. ta deceive and to defraud the plaintiffs. bv inducing them, the faid plaintiffs, to let the work hereinbefore mentioned at higher rates than the same was reasonably worth. and at higher rates than those at which the plaintiffs might have piocured tbe said work to be done, had it not been for such combina tion and conspiracy, and the acts hereinafter menttonea. 37if. Iu such eetnbinnli'on and couniracv. the plaintiffs were deceived and defrauded, and damaged inalarye amount, as hereiruif 'U r stated. That in pursuance of said combination and conspiracy, and as a part thereof, and with tbe intent to deceive and defraud the plaintiffs the defendants did assemble on the said December 'Jesth, 1866, before the hour at which said bids were to be put in before the said contraction board, and did organise a meeting. That at said meeting the defendants aud divers other persons uiu put up at auction among toe-m-selves tbe privilege of bidding for the work hereinbefore mentioned, and tlie right to control all the bids which were to be put in for said work. And it was agreed by the defendants and said otcer persons among themselves that the person who would pa v the most for the sole privilege of bidding for said work and for the said bids, should re ceive said bids and control the same to the end, and with tbe intent that the person so paying the highest prioe should mutilate the saiu uius wiu pub l in in iu as ucie inafter set forth. That all the de fendants were present at said meeting ana some oi mem maae oias tnereat, in tne manner and for the purposes hereinbefore set forth, and that some of them paid mouev in the said sale of their said bids, and that all of them, with tbe intent to defraud aud deceive the plaintiffs as hereinbefore and hereinafter stated, did join ana participate ia said meet in? and the fraudulent miniones thereof. That, in pursuance of said conspiracy and combination, and as a part thereof, and as means or carrying out tne same, tne defendant Boxer, Lord. Mcdgett did w'th the in tent to deceive err defraud fte plaintiffs as hereinbefore atid hereinafter niit?d, pay to.the aforesaid persons whoes names are unknown to the plaintiffs as above stated, divers large sums of money to induce them to withdraw from said bidding and competition, and to fail atd omit to put in said bids, and to omit to prepare any bids, and to surrender to said person so paying said money, said bids or proposals, and to give to said persons so paying said money, the control of said bids. That, in pursuance of said conspiracy and combination, and with intent to deceive and defraud the plaintiffs aa aforesaid, tbe said persons wnose names are to the plsintiTTa unknown, who had prepared such bids, did receive said money, and, in consideration thereof, did withdraw from said competition and biddiDg, and those who had prepared bids 1 as aforesaid, did omit and tail to put in tbeir said bids, and did surrender tne same to tne saiu uerenuants kctles, Lord akd Mcdoett. vith the intent that the said tnd stiould be defaced and tmitilated and put tn ait as is hereinafter set forth. That, after the said surrender of said bids. the defendant did fraudulently mutilate and deface the said bids so surrendered as afore said, so as to renuer them defective and the al. That the defendants did therefore put ia before said contracting board, on said December mth. lMio. the said bid so mutilated and defaced, together with a bid for said w ork in the name of the defendant Butler, as bidder, wherein the said Butler did propose to make said repairs on said section ten at the rate and for the compensation of 1 34, -(AM per annum. And the plamtiffs say that on or about the Slat of December, ls6 ui Butter axiriyited saia contract to me aejerutant atCDOxTT, ana Uiat said Hcdueit. in takina said assign ment, acted as torll for the defendant ujtu as for himself, and that said Loud and said Mi'dgktt had full knotriedpe, at Vie time of of said assignment, of tin ft ! above stated, ciui of tlie traud by tcitich said contract, had been procured. That said contract has been performed and has expired by its own limitation, aud that said Lord and said Mudgett have received from the plaintiffs thereunder the sum of 1170.000. That, by said acts of the defendants, the plaintiffs were induced to enter into said contracts with said Butler. That each and every one of the defendant ha either paid money to procure tbe aforesaid suppression and mutilation of said bids, or baa received tbe mi.ney so paid to procure said suppression or mutilation, or has shared in the money so paid by tbe plaintiffs under said eon tract of said Butler, knowing that it was obtained by fraud as aforesaid. That t (M per annum would have been and is a fair price for keeping in repair said section, and that the plaintiifs would have made a contract for that price had it not been for the aforesaid fraudulent acts of the defendant. ThaU by reason of tbe aforesaid fraudulent acta of the defendant, tbe plaintiffs have been damaged in the sum of fi , 000. for which sum, and costs of suit, they demand judgment against the defendants. ilUJCClSC. BiKlXlW, At torney-general. Plaintiffs' attorney. State of New York. City and county of Albany Francis C. Barlow, attorney-general, being duly sworn, says that the forgoing complaint is true, of his own knowledge except a to the matter therein stated on information and belief, and, as to these matters, he believe it to be true. Fuasius C BiBLO'v. . . Sworn before me oa this 7tU day of March, 1S73. M T. Hottn, Commissioner of deeds, Albany, Y. SUPREME COURT Alb art cotnrrr. The People of the State of New York egaiat The Canal Board of the State of .Stir York, Charifl P. Skinner and George D. Lord. lite plaintiffs by Francis C. Barlow, their auorcey-iietierial, eompJam of the defendants aud show to the oourt: That the defendants, the canal board, are a board of state offioers, created by law and kocated and required to perform the duties mentioned in act, chapter Jo of laws of 174, in the city vf Albany, ia the county of Albany. That on the 6th day of August, 1?70, the plaintiffs entered into a contract with the defendant, Charles P. hk inner, for certain new work, to wit: the deepening and improving the narrow canal ta Black Rock harbor, in the city of Buffalo, in woich said contract said Skinner wa tbe party of the erst part. That said work was by said contract to be performed by the conrVaetor at certain prices thoem 4-rciiie-i. That prior to tbe roakinsr of said contract notice was (riven that bids or proposal would be received for tbe doing of said work. Thst divers bids were made, and said work was warded to said Skinner as the lowest bidder. That prior to said contract and said bid ding, a notice was issued to persons who intended to bid for said work, specifying tbe work to tie dnne, and specifying certain terms and conditions tuereof. That said no tice was attached to said contract as made and entered into as a part thereof, and that the same is a part and oarrrel of said con tract. That among otber things ssid notice coTstsinea tne following clause: " It is expressly understood and agreed that the party, or parties of the first part are to pei form au tbe conditions of bis or tbeir contract, for the price and compensation therein specified, without any further claim for compensation from tne contractor of canal repairs, or from the state, in default of such compensation by said contractor. ' ' And the plaintiff Jurtlutr say, tliat after the txenitiort of said contract, and afmut Vie thrv. of its mnkifij, it tea ASSIGNED BY SAID SKINNER TO THE DEFENDANT GEORGE 1. LORD, and that said Lour has entered upon said work, and partly completed the tame. That, on or about the 5lh day of 8-?ptem-tier, 1871, and after the assignment of said enntract to said Lord, the canal hoard changed the plan of said work so as to provide, for the widening as well as the deepening of said narrow canal. That ,the assent of th canal board to said change of plan was nude at a meeting thereof, on September ft, 1K1, at which meeting the state engineer and surveyor was present, aud st which a written statement setmu forth the objects to be obtained by said ehamres, and the expense thereof was submitted to said tn.ard. That said work on the changed plsn wa3 to lie done as agreed by the parties thereto, at the original contract prices so far as the same were appliable, and at csrtaio estimated prices for such kinds of work as were not required by the original contract, and for thst rteson had no prices therein fixed therefor. This at said Lord, on or about said September 5, 1171, assented to said ebaneed plan, and agreed as aforesaid to do said work on said changed plau, at the prices in tbeoririo-al contract so f-r as applicable, and at said ettiir ated prices fur the balance of said work. . . Ana tne lammis lurxner say, tnat said i T . r.1 w. ht t fii u .1 ll Mjaiil "w.irtr uruli-p c il I modified contract, aud as said changed plan uniil on or about ttie Ctti dy of Atisnsx, lSi2, and that upon said last-mentioned diy ths caual hoard, upon the application of said Loro, canceled and annulled said contract and released him from the further performance thereof. 1 hat said Lord his received from the state full compensation for all icork done and mj- tfnaf Ji-rnimici tinaer soul conrraci as mmii-ftcd, at lite prices ncmed in snid original contract, so fui- as the stme icere applicable, and thai tiie remainder of said vork ichich hns not been completeA by mid Lord hasbeen let to another corttractor. And the pbiiutiffs further say, tht, on the 10th day of Mav, lW, the legisia'.ure of the State of New York passed an act, or pretended, act being act chapter 740 of the laws of 7J, entitled "an act in relation to completing certain work in Black Rock harbor, and at Lower Black Rock, Buffalo, ' ' which act is hereby refered to as to contents thereof, and cf wbich schedule " A" hereunto annexed is a copy. That said act, relates to the same work which was provided to be done by the above-mentioned contract. That it appears from tbe authorised volume of the statutes of 1372, and by the certificates of tlie president of the senate, and the speaker of the assembly, that said law, or pretended law, is void, as not having received the assent of two-thirds of tbe lumbers elected to each branch of the legislature. Aud the plaintiffs further say, that the said law or pretended law is a private bill and also a local bill, and that the subject thereof is not tbe completion of any work whatsoever, but is the relief of certain contractors, by paying them additional compensation for the work mentioned in said law; and that said subject is cot " expressed in the title cf said bill, and that said bill is anconstitu-tional and void. And the plaintiffs say that they are Informed and believe that the defendant, George D. Lord, is the contractor or the assignee of tbe contractor; also, has the contract for the construction of the piece of work mentioned in said act, chapter 7) of the laws of 1372. other than the work of deepeoioG; and improving the narrow canal iu Black Rock harbor, to wit; The work of cutting off tbe bend or projection in tow-path m guard-lock section at Lower Black Rock, and tbe work of cleaning out the mouth ' of the mill-race leading from harbor at Lower Black rtoclc to milis of Thornton, Cummiogs'and others; and that said Lord is the person en' i tied to receive compensation for said work . And the plaintiffs further say that said bill is void, on tbe ground that is in conflict with tbe last clause of section 3 of article 7 of the constitution of the state of New York : and tbe plaintiffs say that they are informed and believe, and charge the fact to be that said defendants, Lord and Skinner, intend and tereaten to apply forthwith to said canal board to take action uuder said act, chapter 740 of the laws of 1S72, and to do the acts and things therein required ; and that the defendant, the canal board, threaten and intend to act forthwith under said law, and to do the things therein required of them: and that tbe doing of said acts by the defendants, pending their action, will produce injury to the plaintiffs and tend to reader the judgment herein ineffectual . W herefore the plaintiffs demand judgment that said law be declared to be unconstitutional and void and of no effect, and that said canal board and each and every member thereof be restrained and enjoined from proceeding under the same, and that the said canal board and every member thereof be restiamed from increasing or voting to increase the compensation fur the defendants. Lord and Skinner, and from paying said Lord and Bkinner or causing them any such increased compensation, or from raising their prices to be paid for any work mentioned in chapter 740 of the Uws of 1672: and that the defendants, Lord and Skinner, and each of them, be enjoined or restrained from applying to said canal board under said act, and from producing any testimony before said board, and from asking or receiving any compensation or increased prices under said act, or for any work therein mentioned; and that plaintiffs have a temporary injunction to restrain peidlng this action, the doing of all acts aga'inst the doing of which a permanent injunction is a-ked herein, and that the plaintiffs have such other and further relief as may be proper in tbe premises, and that the pltuiitilTs have tbeir costs herein : Fbascis C. Barlow, Attorney-General. Pliaintiffs Attorney. Stare of New York, city and county of New York, ss. : Francis C. Barlow, being didy sworn, says that he is the attorney -general of the state of New York, and that be has read the foregoing complaint; that the same is true of his own knowledge, except as to the matterr tbereiu stated to be upon information and belief, and as to those matters he believes it to be so. Fraxcis C. Barlow. Sworn to before me, on November 21, lbi2. T. McCartht, Kotary Public ITew York County. CONTEJaPOEAIU OPLNION. Fress the NerreeolUaa Press ! Yesterday. The TlatES ha this paragraph : Jarvia Inf haa indicated that Democratic proa-peeta are not nattertns in the Monroe dtui"i, by withdrawing from the eonlet for the atate aeaal'v The SaputllcuiB ahoulil m ufoi tue luna tllua glron t bein. and id Iu wars far uieir candidate. Joaah u. Liecksr. with luora vigor than they hare hitherto djupiayed. Mr. lleker will make an excellent aena-lor. a in nts nice Rochester should he renreaaaui ia theseriste by some one ie than a bemocrat, tntor-esttMl in cunsi contntota. sir. Decker can be elected, ai;d the iuiiiubiicann of the Uiatriet ahoutd not permit bin to be defeated. And this: ' It will be een by tne traref nl and fat! reports that wears pubtlaaiins from tlie vanoua renter of trsoe Slid indaLry. Umt th effect of the anancutl enoar-rasflufBl upon the employtnout of labor la quite aertous, ana at ihu sao,e ttiue it ta by no uul-veiaal. The iron, cotton and wool Interest allow Mont shJB of diatreaa, btit in ttie Sml two or thee it will be remembered that the eaeca us production la not entirety dua, perttap not mostly due, to dirh-euily in nintlirw wugea pavmenta, but tj uneurtautty aa to tlie price of raw material, watch ass sone down atesdity for aotne time. A turn ta prtoea. such aa was indicated on the awea. exchange it extended to theae article.. mla lit put a very dlTTereot la tiu aRaira. Tnurw ia, niortwrer. jreeeral agreement of leatiuiony aa St, uiw ability of operatives to aunUtln a temporary auapouaiou. It ia ujitul the oartoaitia of the mutation itia. while ia-boteta are being discharged by the thouaanda throughout tbe country, the pud-Hera ia lu great If on u.i tla on the Troy nala. Who have received aa average of or dollar per day. are on a ilnw to -curetilu-eaoelitauitiiereluaod by the wuipluyera. In an article entitkd ' Work for Republicans, " the Times says : Kvtivy active Reptiblican should flrst of aU detar-.Biiie thai tie will vow hiiMaelf , aod havtn done so. etiroil litu,aeU ui hi i.Kl coiatuitloe to ae tnat hi ne;ghbfi-a vote, ft ahouid not be forgotten tual tuny or.- vote loat la each seiioo! district taaea from us sola t ;,U.i in the state, Tha Hinga cuius to consider the value of one vole ut each swiighborhooU.aad loettlia none are lot, I'ber aie always many ittwheieut peraon m ersry locality wao do no go to the poll unte'Mt it-..' i are litketa taers without troubia to themselves. A rnangeweftls rl, .inu be luada throughout the atate to iae w-ni Every county OouiJ. utor should make tturtala liwt tbsa tadone belore ii..'lion d:iy. if it la Wit ii llit.s. it beeoiiiu everybody'a buatueaa, sad wiU not fee done st ail e'-aodidnlM for county o i tauat labur for tl a geaeral mkiwn no ieaa attaa titutr ova, aliu tu bruia Uig out IwpuhacaD to vols lor them uiunL are i Lat they sJao vote the tttAie and legislative tieaetn. A great uaby vote may be gatuaU or lwa,ta or t.' ' ViOn a. tLi duty receive attention or ta uea-'. ii o. U is in matters of detail, ui aeiliS irtiood work, litat polities v intone are via. No Kepuliiloaa i ,-00 be aahuuied to give hi state to h t a rooat e ait -u auppori. 11 , geaerai consent, it is . sie ol the vtry beet ever preaented to tbe pa-Hoe i t tiif . Ui:c. It alio. id hot Dai foigotteu what grave lt.leret depend upo-l tUe eiretKm ol this ticket. U ii in it be nil d Li-at it (a not luioonajal to b-ve the diaunettve duuee ol tne several outuea property per-iorBM'-f. but Ibere is ai.oueUiuidr evcifl mom luij-xrlaat t&as. tula t slake. Tbeae oOtov-r eouautute tua at. ioi,ty of ths canal board. and thu have ecmrot ol tbe luosk vital laLertaHS of tea people, it to a matter "1 oeteutl reeord tii.t bWuMvatie o. rtrt J ol the ratnaU. if eot maraed by dsiatms&t uafuievat haaaiway. beea ili-l ii ,io.l reJ.4 latpfovideAaa. Ii Wia taiaeT of las pcrlr la made away with, it maaa very bttia differ ,vv a nait-.o u la ateteti or atiuaudored. TtMt i.i-ocrata aura to So ere or tiie oanr with our eaual reveuuea. It I be aitae of the eerbaiaty that our iteJ evpe&dieurea wili be taonaat, acubomical, and aise lb the avvlit of Repuhllciau aocceii, thai tae U' a of our candidate la re,u!rd. With in. u Brett mTbaer, l.opatQa, 1 -re, udk M oa-1 -,.etilir. a majority ui her laiui imuii, evry rill . , a ut i v, i Ui tttimiat euautwviiee ia ti i tua nianajn lot i.; of wuf taauai aH-ura. STitb WoRl-D. in an aiticJe entitled "A Great Opporttinity Squandered, " says: A r.or,g the favor-able ctroumfitanr-wa which Oenerat firani i . oiol v i o,l ii vftro he ett.-ae Into oUlou wa um i c. i- te I nnoi oi iha public dvot .e iii1! th4 af. et. a ; durmg tue a-ltuiaiatmuoat of hi pra-Cxeaa..r. Tnt iB-ured to the govera-it uita air-ug tor a eertoa biujt r .ub to cwrry out at it eaae a to 1 fed Boal via PbUey . tie pail of the wax 4 Jt 30," 1873. t- t(f) IHC. SBSSest Twi-ti.-"! r nn i Tlie iiaou!! KO"ea dwl U"t euif fill the vr r Urael. eiectem. si until to w -"K-plte4, ind Hie rI,! a1 to PU Vfi n hspe that It eoniil nwi no ewtrfcTaiansent fwr a km. period, the aTermi;rt In s eooU Ti to ula fcolfi o: the (east ,n.ju. wnirh retisirfl aoltmon. Omnr nisn Olio refies ttn imtlaleiT slier Mil eKflenltV (S4 Seen pat oJ of IM nr. niSen for thres full nWlii!Sl terms n sniieir need have fcea felt slKwi the art brvo4 Sr.Tlilin for Ibe Inlerest. After la. of i eTo-fbTrt rreaanrv notra, which fumed the bulk of the d'-bt st ths eEae of Wis war, aa.1 be fobte4, nnthins hut interest wmm due until s peril! when te populaUoa of the country wUl bsvs reshrt etty or txiv milliuiM sn4 Its weailh be ttimMed er trehlt. And et tbe sdmlmrs. tloo. tn its oner MimlS". Slid s.iprm foMv. bent it" whole efr.rt towr the iinmiHlmte favmeiH "f the debt, unmindful of the groat ad runt. ee )ul achieved nf eettin it postponed u a period when tbe country ahHld fiava become atron and pn-fperoui1. A If a farmer who needed tnoaer tor feneiii. Grain!oa and building, in order to render bia farm productive, and had ju.t small bin detits put into a loog loan to enable him u mate t h.--a Iraorova-Bient. should let valnahle land lie wie la order lo make pament bef'ira thev were doe. Anfither eireiimatanee lavorshle lo the aweeaa nt Genersl Orsnt was the reduction of the arm uador tee administration of ht prwiecesaor. It Is Ui great advantage of our eensmulilcal position that we can fely duhand our arasle at the close of a war. We have no f'.ruildiir4e moshbora on any frontier and are re na rated bv a wide ocean from Kur-M'. The tumtla of the atate la adeqnate for sudden e araen-cies, and eareirt for aervloe aatnt the Indiana we bard!' n-l an irau st all in tsfoa of ware. What relief It would be for trance if sfter her dirroiw end pr.-tratina wsr wt!h liermai. she c(d Haae dKnnced her aolilters to Ute wslka of IndaMry, s we did onr. France rapport a strmdlne arair of n.ore than ire.isu men, anil s navy much ianrer than that of Ibe t.'niled Ktatea. Her national debt on wliien he iay Interest, ta more taan "l,7gf.iiu.C.l, wiiile our!-t b,-enoif deot la only atiout SJ.ll-X-Ofl.ilKl: snd Krance. beidea jovidinie tor her drlit him lo eiaiotam i.tll aoidier while wa Btalntata but autt). t;eneral tarant'a administration. Sodins tie army redi!ei to a aaiail force when it fame Into powr.r. and tbe dbt funded into h ih Wsna, nosaeaaed everv advantage f.n reuu..ic tfejtii. ryUnfiir the currency, reriviott onr nnvtimttirti nod rtucitiUinK and atrerurttieninij e.erj bra.ieh of indu.trr ia the a,,uih and north. 1ft-Hteau, of tiiia. It treated tne puoiic ub6 as if Job n-ih-u's si;..irii--lniuoti tad not sui'eeeiliiis in ftmd.iuz it, and a if !rMVre for It pirmant were o roo-vtant and imrnodtala that the e.irerritner: coiiid not eive ibe nountry a hreinJiinK-apel, but raut strain Ft rtroereoa, Ciit'pis intiustry by bardenaome taxation, end poat(oi!; .peel, oaymimt. t i buy uj aud eiunulb focr hundred n?titi jni or debts. Tite Tkibcse says of "Specie resumption ": It Is tbe disraco of J-iimiS-ti-ii tlmt ;t m-td? ifU'I;c. reeardleaa of conaenuenci-s, 1-" out?t rimiect of S:"C-retary Km iir(if.o to ro.-niiie specie payment with tbe 5o,t' in si!vr in lti.i tre.irurv. It wan rasa, (n-totiaidf-iate. btntal. Had Ins piiin not bees rusied into prinl by aome Wp-liinirton err-ow,nIent who subordinated to journalistic enterprise, the great print iples of finiinee and tlie weifare of the country, by thia tlrue the lint-ring of to half dohara, and quarters, aud tea cent pieees would bare been hard In a hundred thou.oiad 1 1 r-roori.p. and the paoie would have be-n over. Popi.lar indinati.-n, fwi-r-rirg arid aevere. ahoulu b3 viBiteil upon tbe bend of the abameleas malefacttir wl o diviii,d tlie plan. N-.lurr.liy enough, Siscrft-ry Klrhardaon, who h.-.d roade all ht ar-itnareiTi-nt. to suiptiaethe country with a del aire of lt.W in silver, is angry about it, and ha. made up his mind not to resume o suddenly . And no one can blame him. A n.ore provcaita loins .ha seldom happeni-d bj s greet minister 01 nnanct' ID tne midst 01 his career. We do not know prr-i-i-o-riy bow Mr. Richardson pro-po-ed 10 resume specie itaymenui or to git this i.:.IOi into the hand of the people without their knowledge. Nobody knows. It is enough tiiat hs iEtonded to do It. The aecrcts of fliiance. and ea-pociaily of our .yatem of Siiauce, are not to be pried into by the care:1!!!.! common mind. Tiioii of us who fcave seen iir. H-trtz and ol her professor of magic use iiwi-aoi;ars anu quarters out or tne moat ridiculous ar.d nnexiet-d olacea where them wa no a-an of any specie Ut the sverspe observer, know that tr.ere irirngs are not oroy poaatote nut easy. Undoubted. .Secret-try Richardson's arrangements for juat such a perfonuance were pertoct had they not been interfered with by tha unlimely enterprise of the newspapers. We miiriit cot have been able to understand bow it was doee; but a hat of that I We do not understand treasury but Kkeei'iri'z and cannot hope to in this vale of tears. We should have had the sliver, snd thst would have been enough. Men who hang up their pantaloons st night without a cent of money in their pockets and found them full of ha if -dohara wnea the y took tuem down In tlie morning would not have gone around aaking fooli.h Questions nbont bow tbe money got there. The popubtr eye wooid hav slowly and gravely wtytkad at Kb hardaon, and Rtchjardaon would have winked back knowingly, and tne neoole and the greet minister of finance would have felt that tbey undrtood each other. But tbe gibbering idiot of s (ynTeapoBdrtt npaet the scheme b noising Itabroad. This annoying clrcum- atance, aitnougn itTpreveniea toe ascretary s carrying out hisoitgical plan of ailing the pocket of the people wllh specie suddenly and unexpectedly, will not, we are glad to learn, obstruct it permaoenUy. The great minister of finance rise, above petty resentments. He atll resume, but more gradually than he propoaed. The D&rmeul of silver coin begsn at the treasury yeatertlay. Two bags of .Urer were boldly brought out of the vaults and placed upon utie counter, where a large force of teliera and elprks watched them through the day. The amount of sl' vsr patd out auilng toe day i-cached the aura of an. 1 nis, added tothe present volume of thecurreucr. wui go far to relieve tbe preaanre. Payment 01 .liver in sums of Ove dallars will be continued to-dav. sn-1 It wouid not be surprising if before night the volume sf currenc should be swelled as much as anotber hundred dollara. This silver will naturally Mnd its way to bar-rooms sod restaurants, aud bring Immediate relef tosll clHfses. At this rate of Issue tha whole .um ot l.'e win be pnt In circulation in about aev. en years. It is a little more gradual than the scheme which was disturbed by prematura pubUcity. but then how sal'; it is. aad aeven years is not such an everlasting long time, after sil. We congralulste the people uon the prospect of such speedy resuuip- hou. The Herald say of ' Thomas Nast and His Neglected Genius ' ' : Our eofTespondent ' ABicus makes n anneal in another column to which we giadiy respond. T homas at cerb-iniy deserves groat honor from the Republican party. A man who declined SK 1,(MJ from TwesJ deserves aomethirrg more titan a dinner front Grant. We entirely agree with Amicua' that Mr. Nast la a famous artist. He bas the genius of Hogarth, we are convinced, snd has only been prevented by a crcd late from showing it. Any studsnt In the next century would look through str. Mast' a work In vain for auch a picture of our day and its manners s. Ho- gnrtn left i-ciiina mm 02 me Ecgiiinaot ouraaoeitor. heneath the satire snd political purpise of noaitn was artistic in iroui treat quantr in thst lives for ever. We think Mr. Nast has this quailiy; but thus far all that any student of the znture would see in his work would bo tbe nse or Andrew Johnnon. the snectscip of Ouker Half, the diamond of Boss Tweed, the white eoat of poor Greeley and tlie incredible legs of CarivSchurtz. Drawings like these have a certain aptness and catching quality, epeciaiiy when tacked on to s loud riuging poiiUca! cry. But they belong- te the season, like the autsuin weeds which die witti snow. Art like this has false qualities, and in sr., as in sil things, fiilseiiood is death. We think Mr. Nast oould wm a same like that of Hogarth; but a yet be has won no such endurimr fame. He has wide notoriety, bet his place 10 art ia like the piace of lien bryant tbe person who blacks hi. face and sines ' Mboe Fly'' In music. There is genius re-qinred tobing w!boe Kiv. bnt we do Dot aay that Sir. llryant la as groat In music a the author of Fiaello." The error Mr. Ksst makis. is in becoming s psrtissn or A camp follower of tbe Republican party. And if General Grant has not given tout that reeogniUoO which would prevent him from wandering over the country, begging money from country lyceums, he niu.-l blame himself arsl the use & wbich be has brought his art. Gsnerai Grant Is a aoidter. and had abundant use for spies and partiaans, whose business was to cell the enemy lies sbOtit nissrmy snd make a good nhot cow and then, when the ara-bunh peimitted. liutbB never promiited his spiia or nartisans to high command, nor hasheeven given litem ofbee since he became president. Men who accept this calling are supposed to do it from some ia-luuivs fondness for its risks and excitements, for the rsyissmaii. There is aiways tha risk of hauling, and it la an office of dishonor. The error Mr. Na-t has made in allowing bis really Una capacity to be employed in a w.ira. that a man of Grant a instinct does not feel bound to reward WHO anything mure thxin a dinner. At tue sar-ie tipie, as everv res a who shown genius, snd espccisily toe geniaa of Mr. Staat, shoald have reeociiilien. we ure silling to open our columns til " Aieicu," and toanyof Mr. Nisi' s other friends who would minister to bis wants. We are willing, as s sincere admirer 01 Mr. Nant, to give our share. We should lite to see Soir.uuil raised for this needy snd neglected artist. We shall give oar contribution with pleasure, aad see that any subscriptions sent to us wiU be held for hia vow1. The Harper are rich and will dial liberally witu a man who has coii-triouted so no-ch to their business success. We are eonriilent Amicus" is mistaken in saving (hat the meuibers of this populous and wealUiv firm have ground the artist and the architect of tbeir fort unes tuio the dost." They can do nothing better to deatroy this unjust Impression ttisn to unito with the Herald in raising s sum for Mr. .'aat. With the assurance of a competence the genius of the artist will take it true, natural n . K i t. u locger f-ouiualled to draw libel on s re-liaions denomiuatlon to please Riaoop 8iiupsoa and tee church, or to compose grotesqne and iminful caiicatures for the graliacat'-uu of Thomas Murphy and Hoory Clews, Mr. Nast will show us the genius of Uot.arta- Let u alt unite, then, to raise him out of the mud ard ruck of politics. A man who sings and dances "611O0 Fly" ao bnUlsntly ua do something better. FCiUsITTjaJi. FUBiMTURE! On AVetklj- V Jlonthly Pajmeuts. BUBLEY C- VE1TEY, SH SHate aa Si Mili Street. 112 Baffalo-St, Kocliester, X. Y. MATTRESSES, Spring Beds, Church Cushions Feathers and Furniture 31. MORLEY. DRUGS BALL'S CHIiORALINE COUCH REMEDY. A RELIABLE AND 8PEKDY CURE for Coughs, Colds, Hoaraeoeaa, Croup. Bronchitis, and ail diatatsea ol tii bjiapiralory Organ has been, aoiil here for a Bumber of years and haaau established repuuuioa. Asa your druggist fur u. and ue ao k or aala at the osS llrog Store, 1st Staw-aa. nUksE at CHAMBER CARRIAGES AUD SLEIGHS woulcsaxji aso Uiiu. & JLxJEJi H GtjEZL WORKS. 17 Divisioa St. Rochester, X. Y. MAJfLFACTCBBB 0 CARRIAGES! UUtiT Road Wasous aud Sleigh ! FACTOIiT. .... HUHrOKD, M T. BALESitlKIM. 128 East Slaia " reet, Korheatrr, S. V. KOCK.-ZI-l.OW. Axeat. 7 . W'BwIj.V3-, Dealer in all klaJsaf CSSTKU3I CARRIAGES. Stock Sot oa ILtad, will Ordsr on Siort Kjiioe 1 05 New Main Street, wniesTrft. at. t lots ros SJLXJB. For Sale. ACA5T LOT on the corner of Troup an 1 W aahioatoa street iti tet oa Troua an J 1 yt feet eat W aati legioa atreet. 'i' u i- t, ot,- ol the seal tn tbe etty, au be .jusm low. Kor term, axs.. -t'y to G. PJiiytS. SSacdtsMail t Lots for Sale. BEAUTIFUL AND CHEAP most tWswaatt ia atocaeater. CaU sad ee taeaaat lfre"s iar-seetes. atoawa kalit to sett euatoasa. eita. Mv auUad. n( 1 w w. a .r:v-, s4 ausea, ess evatat S aJa-t. raVKZJt SAVCS FOR FAMILY USE.: Z TUB HALFORD LEICESTEKSHIEF Table Sauce The JBest trJ and Rrlleh UU 11 1HI PARI OF THE WQELB -roa FAPjIIUY U5E. Pints, tO Crals Ualf Has.. - - !t0 Cemit TOBACCO riV'i.rjj-TnrTTr.i-si.-tq IPCTTAGIall ii'J Arcad HiaKT frir-Af SU i acTHIfStJ-rBatSSlO HfcIATJA'trtr.v-i for ail k'a l of tloid and Steel bpe. ta-:.ta a. S Brai:-aa pTvnla. Opera Wlaaaaa. Mii-Tf-opia, 1 -nJic-m,S-. Ir! T'IS. YAr. . z ttatterles f.-.r Brajrojilam. aad all OITt':4l. SsOOCSV Sv-ae Pedier- tramllag for uaatf TKSKTPMV CsVOODS. Reafly uMiei Paper VrtTJTE AND COLORED, FOR Labels, Pasters, &c. KtW AND COJSrBNIEST. 5,000 Reams llxld TISSUE MANILLA AT A VEBT LOW FIOURK. ALLIiXG CORY, 10 and 12 Exchange-St. aaAnxES' eoooa. New Fall Stock LADIES' STAPLE FUHNiSHiNQ . AND- FANCY GOODS! VE ARE PREPARED to show oar custom- II era the most complete and carefully selected stock, aa regards the wants ot our trade, we have sver offered. lo Merino Underwear and Hosiery of English. German and Domestic mskes. we offer good, which recommend themselves. uVH COhVSKP fTtK.'K Is siready too well known to need special mention. We keep an UyKlv alei ashohth kt. In Handkerchiefs, Collar.. Ties, ulove. (i-obr ild- enes, Baskets and Fancy small w ares we present UNUSUAL ATTRACTIONS. Onr Worsted Ieprtment la replete with &H tbe suLiea ana isoTeit. rx toe etutn, mciuainy uar well-known Berlin Wiw!. at Kwer priees than here tofore. Our principle is to keep .ucn g-ftm a we ran rvjeommend, MliCTtni, that GOOD UOOOHanrt rAlH PKICK8 are toe cbvapet U cn.iu in srs, n1 moH fti.-ifKt(rf to Ji. we corn tat; lutiw a osiucai ex- aminauoa of lenMis and pnoes. M'DOWELL & CO. 58 State-St. DRY GOODS. J. II. STUART, Dry Coods! No. 95 MAIN-St. rino EUek Silts, Dress Go.di. FALL 1873. New Coods IN EVERT DBPARTlf VST. MB3ACIS QRESS gHAWLS, QOODS, QLOAKS, QLOTHS AKO QASSIMERES. Q LOVES, QCfV.ESTIC pAMCY QOODS, gSjOTlONS, ttaC., Ac. Low Prices! A. BRENNAN & SON 36 State and 9 Mill-St, MEAT MARKET. " " MEAT MARKET. Beefsteak and Roasts A sood as su be found ia the city. From I Oct to li IJet per Pound Aad tha arte of all other Heat ta proportion. CALL A.ND SEE OUR MEATS! Oat SKSD TOCR ORDBaS. taT Mesu deiivsred to aa; pan of Ut city. GUST ALBERT k CO. 59 Chatham, Street. COMMISSION MERCIijivirra. George W. Wadsworth. PBGDOCE CQIMISSIQH EERCHAHT FLCUS, HAT, GRAIN, MALT, HOPS, ii after, Ceeeaas, rev, latre. Haas. rr Wrteat Aeasee sss rrwlt. OSes Chsthaaa How, owpovft L eaate straas oe-roK. a... fo. r-ni, Currwat '' kscaa s-Ckaw. at. Bates, Ssk. .Cswriisv Maoou -- , i yi. a e... ael h. Ouiawul, fcaj abwhs lag. N. T "-. Chicago, lil.; Irs S . 1 Ajvnr li. H1 e- v d Arc" " J. JtjjC -V OS tTXsOTHS. Oil Cloths, VS ALL WIDTa?. Oil Cloth Stove Rugs IS ALL SIZES. Cocoa and Cane Mattiiurs IS ALL WIDTHS. Floor Cloths, A IX H17.K.S. Hearth Rugs, Door f.lats, OF EVERY DEBCRIPTlf)-,, CIIEiI at HOWE ROGERS, 37 STATE STREET. CarpehmS WlIE TEE 1' LATEST 1 FALL STYLT yELVETS, J)ODV JjniSSELS, 'JJAPr.STRV JUrSSELS, 3-PLV AXD P KAIXC.Rpj;TSI RrT.vebeenreceiv if and are now ay opfSfiir inspcntl gCf on- wsnvoftoa f psilriis sreto be War toirnd nowfie-s aw em iu the city. Ail of euicto will be sold si la lOH t-T PRIC E". SOGERS I COPERSE, H F.chaa?e-St., Rochester, '. T. rmasciAU Town Bonds. TUB LAST INbTALMEST OF BONOS 0 Wbeatland, IxUur, Pavilion, Co v lngton, W iddleburr, Warav, Gainesville and Eagle, ARC XOW roR SAtt. The Bonds hsv heretofore been takes rapldiybv Bsvlxurs Banks snd Individuals. Tiiey are the beat Town Bonds ta bo foe ad, or that har. bees tsaas ia tha State. Tha Interest Is T For Cent., payable KoU-sannally la New Turk City. The Bond srs la asms of tSft. ? and tl,!n each The towns are wealthy sad without otber tadebted THE SECURITT IS PERFECT. The Bond, will b sold at less tha par. rail partic-alars wtil be sivsa. snd the Bonds delivered, br GBOHB K. JltMCUIIO, At tb Bank of Saickson, Jsrmla 4 af isifor. is xtOCHSSTSaV CITY OF ROCHESTER 7 PER CENT. BOUDS, IHSI ED FOR rOXSTRI fTlOl OF WATfH HOKKS I'XOKR ACT OF LIUISUTIKI. PA80KD Ai'KIL IT. UTT. Kecheeter psssr.s. s tbe eSesseafs ef are avert l y asexcellr. It la ttsts Mate. It Is the cealer l trae te a awrreaadlas aesaiarlaa al saaac .OO.OUO, la irfsesa tbe aoeasa of t ra a a p rt at 1 ea are la r-alabedbv KallreeSaradiatlus Iresa tbsclty ta levee dlBerest dlrectloaa. It iBttebtedaes, rxciaeis Ibis law . I ieee tha a l40.0tK, while It bas Fablle lrs-ertv essoeatlB te abeat 9,MO.OH. aad Private Heal fcstale valaeal at JU,(m(l,(WO. The bonds are issued in either Ortipon or Kea-.atersd form ; the kexiatered beiaa trail, lera&is at the odli-e of the Union Trust Company of New York, wSora beth priacpal and intere-t ia payable. The expenditure of money, derived from their sals ts directed by to. Major of tb city as lbs Hoard of Coniro i sal on e r. . PRICK FAR AXDI'Tf.EHST. f I at CI' LA K IPON APPI.ICATIOS. HCCINSGN. CHASE & C3 Hankers. 18 Broad-St., Sew Vtsrh. 7 TO 12 PER CENT. SV tasks s stpeelalf r ot CXisatr, City an ft. a col Duuict Bond, liinmis. Ideality of all bonds soid, collect the coupons witbout onarss.ortaks as so much cash on saie. f " Bend for lnri I.l,t. THIS l.A W OF MrVit IPAI BOMO-S fust published by oar aenlor, .trout bs ta the at... of all Interfiled In this ciaas of seceiiaes. Two vi-ome., price Sift, W. M. CoUB 'Al.. K si.. Kew York. J. C. Xll.T.gH rtOrV, anet. R-cSeirteT, W T. itLMx. laiAH OFrioEa. Real Estate Agency. THE TT5TDERSIGSED has RBMOTEO his Asency fi the rJI,K, KILHtMiiS, re. CHAsK sad CAKRof Real hatat, to k lulJM. sob' . lnsarsnos omoe, e. 16 Keyaaldv Arcade. B. t. PCIRTKK. Real rtt n-kr. HOUSES FOB UUa For Sale. VICE rROPERTY ON TOOUP STREET i Applj to o. piiillips, as aad a tio-su For Sale Cheap. HOUS IMILOT'O UiAdaass street, (ioil frame hu'iae. lt '.,tlf. to an a. ley. 1-rioe II. as. Term1 rtSay, Apply to U. PHILLIPS. i sad Msln-sv. Third Ward Residence for Sale HOUSB ASH lvr Me. St Tremewt street. Lat ux 1. feet, al'.ay is rear, abandanee c,t tnut Prtos i,ffaii oa 3 iitqalro oa tb premises. New First-Class Dwelling. FOR (AlRTh new. well rMt flrafw:! brink tlrs,Uri buue. wnti I no taolera improvetaiMUta, Mutrltr kceted antl cju Ttijxisjfii lu tferr r V etoiilA4Was eviitJ Troup stxvtrt. 1 1 j 1 1 rtj of b. U. fOiii Kit. Bi IVi-vUv lakfsf. For Saia or to Rent, ttTv-i, a 11 J wutiia otus mmnt' mniA. tf Uie StTvMJi Crm. Kit ce,sm- wtri-rcni. dint liK-ruoai. ki . ?.U-f' ',iu Lxjiow; gtuk tbrinMQout; fevrd. miA iTeUsj vsv, sbv-j- a KV J b t. raVTK I'OalBr, ADBMItAllLi KKlK!IO f Ott 0ALi,.-lofl aub.eri.trsr 4frvr Ir Mia tha d-lrhie. aMHl.N. ra ."'IsialL- tii tt JusaeQ T....rn, ,muer4 ' laHW stUi Ud f auajt- .V W f Ms. lvi UiiUi. i 'fu-t Co.. fi. T.. cut at ui ac -Q sere ( taftd, gMd bo;iai.'id. ud la .kJ rvieaur. 1tr t mm auoritiatiiCas m t u1 i ri4 n mm prttaui wm. -u t.e ivea tmmedailely. inqairs of Alfred Morwa, sear Ui. p-ait.ia. ox j idh j. t.i.rm, alaadoa Coiitev Price So.uuu. Al.kKsn HOSTn", OtLM i. tVtt-Sltl.U Kx actors. Notice. I Hits roil sai . bibmi of Hiaiiaaail Ita at a aarsaiD. Sr.. arty ewaed by awrti a wiaSu. to leave the elty. Alae a .uull Varaa of IT aarea. . mile aoeth of the ttv. U. PHU.Llr'a, Stand ss For Sale Cheap. lfo!T .TWO !IVT HOfSaSsltastedSe if Sw i CV A.J Wioas-.t. wet el lira aria, lita laTiraT mv,lIi ""a "ey US 'net la tbe a r".jV"ay. fear. kVacn bou. son tain. sere, as ' ' t"w Sa "T i-"d r.ii,i,. bemdea eiei; aiasl, aim ijiv.rtua, aaiwa. Term, eaay AvaS oa Mondavi to T. b. s.ltUIS. l o. i norta I It r i Li F(l m I.K )n of ta. was. miVjJ Bniabed ana m.t eoaaat xtioaa bnea laif o. eiiias. i. too ty sf Kahete Tjirl,r- 'ocaied oB the south part of lal) ii. --3Easc- avamie. also, aaiu a B a veoaal tea o. arena and oih. r valuablo baoaea aa '"'' 't- to otnas p. at of the air. Ti.Taa.a. P. Bt., We at Aroasa. Houses & Lots, Farms, Mills, Hotels. 1 MAVM KiR 8AHI Ai X-I l! A S, B-fci.tu, noaaes aad lots. a vacant Mt. b.a,noas bloeka. S a 9 ' iwi-m o" va aa ' i ,aona. .. ". , - ...wm, "ii'i a ihk aaraaara i. Ha. city ; u. taxoiarioie Iu to fca) sera. I to 1. oulee tron, thia City; aouis alaa S .ioe. la s.olry viiiasaa, B-rtela, 1 gnat mills, and a gruu variety of Uaiia. property, at tk. at suuta's AicJe. v. a. fn.t.i. HOCSJCJS TO REJST. To Rent. A AMU nKsiltABI.B Uil siS. iiBai.-l tn Ct.toa 1-ark. . vu,ii, " ' " wwuhm, tea par-bar, 1 ; i in j-r-toio, sitchoa. r-aatry, aad all cotaolte. Imialrsof afu W. kD.liiSU ST IV -,t TOHS TO aUEJIT. Store to Eent CIS OP THB Finest Stcrss fir a WiiQlasals Merciiait W'.th all svjBvesieaees, aearty Sal bed. KOT KKAMO.IARLE. ISo. r: 31IIJL. HTIftEETT. APPLY TO J. B. WARD, Ses. 4 Powers Block. To Rent. Store and Rooms. tot pent ceUr. laoatr as vm sfowrr t. pifi, sTurirr filLVHH PLATISQ. SILVER PLATING aaM.., t-...A a rair of eT- . f Tatti. Ware aa4 Sa..ofaetj. iiunj a alty. Bar All VSevss tiw.ntatee. ?J- iilJCOM to. aais Ska . r '.isawr. OAJLTZTa Appiy lo II-siS.His ml ' ' ii

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