Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on April 25, 1871 · Page 4
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 4

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 25, 1871
Page 4
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assi DEMOCRAT and CHEOFICLE. TCrSDAT MORNING, APRIL 5. rt Dai?y Dtsocrat BBdCkrtmieie ha clrca'-aUoa cf about 5,000 corMas la tl.e city- wtlcfc la doab. that, cf bet ?ttT Jcmrtal ia Rochester. Our total UHy circulation Is oeariy 1 0 000 coxle wtiou ! largely ia excess of any piper tn th Stat outside of Sew Tot at City. t r tvbtrrCbtrt ti tmu to rrw;e th n--iiT rs "r botk-:. KS 1st hoar. r sate, pfljw ! - saw. - -a OT.iru: trw. we ax or 5ri r Aa tJrTt. ; . J g J CITY &I1D V1CIWITV. Tsw Talk. A fi ii eeeticx of 5 coss own! ccscc2 ill be beki ti.' eretiisfr. for tLU a.ty. Oa aij? erftsiig Bit the Cifar MiWt I'clnB wU! jc'tk tbe-'.r Bscs.! A rrty EcfVihroe tn ,Sil city ct.Lt feted PL Girc f ?JT T'-erdsy In a qniet vrttiiner. 8. D. RtV:sr, noted a bcioj la ibis city jes- ay, I eeneral anperieteBdeat of lie Erie ic- ttead erf dirtoioo iopertoleaCeBt ss stated. The T-lace for a carriage to tie street, but nr.m tM rot ii the walk, en state street, sod rentals, there to the annoyance of peieetrton. fcoine fsLlow assorts tbat hard irfrkicg to ptmiSm fearfuLSy t Reteter. He proTet It beesase the crowds st Corinth's EaSl show test H beve beccm followers of Backs. Mnsed moved ia cctples, yesterday, tewtra , tie Erie canal baaa. They are foteg to draw cm It laaatr pretty WavCy, tat as some cf teem r hUnd they ctsnet procore tt era. e. Tie Vdecrpk cipsics- thto msraicit aa- novaee that ra. 6. Jones, who committed eaidde a s pailae bar is 8'. Lua on Eosday, has s wife residicg la toil city. The CUatore t&tils cu Brown' nee were sold yesterdsy ader forecJoeare. The were po chased bT a New Tork renUeman lor f25.7JQ. The Grms.'U ispli wOl be sold to-sy. Ctisater B.-jace wis brought before Justice Bryan yesterdjjy tor eismtottuioii on the ehuye of sj8n cd jbsttery. After brief besrirc of the cse he wm rosmitted for fortheT exsmir-tion. ; One of tbl frsacJtireurs, who arrived ta New Tork r4ny, was tethU eity yesterday on Lis way to Detirott. Be focgfct under Gtribsld! sod la the late war betea France and Ger-tnatT. Macy pf tis cooctrjam are In this c.ij, sod they prt hira assistance. Thoosas Sores, a isaa who complained a few di tlece that he was robbed of ninety dollar azd was d4charted to look after it, tarned sp yesterday drotk lizm, aad was sect to the penitentiary to grie hLm a chases to come to bis sessea. Both the mooa sad the street lamps were lit tut eight, that to, the Isicps were lit sod the mooa shone. Vt shall soos hare to suffT for this by hariti neither nsoossSght cor iris light. the matter bettg mansed on the principle of an old-fashioctd game of ball " one Cut, all ; An effort to again being made by come be-sevoient ladies to establish sat institution for faJiea women In tcie city. It to proposed to pcr-chaee a borne for this purpose, and a snbserip-Uoo paper to now beicg circalaUd. Erery citi-een will sppreciate the istectlons of those charitable ladies, bat ontil their scheme assBmes a more permanent shape and shows better knowledge of the nndertaking, nttle hope can be en tertained of its Mmin a (be Bar. Pnrsnant te notice the Jnnlor members cf Monroe County Bar met last erening tn the supreme court room, to tsie action tn reference to tie death cf the lale George W. Black more. Jbsm Shepherd, was made chairman and Jam4 . Cheney was chosen secretary. Oa motion cf J. H. McDoaaid a committee, eotuisilne of J. H. McDonald, Gsriock ard Cheney, were appointed to draft resolatiocs. Pending tbe report of the committee. Mi. H. i-ir?ta'. with whoa the cUceaed had bees associated for BTral years past, made a few re-maiks la whwp he testified to his moral worth amiable disposition, his in do mi Labia spirit and eaerrr in itrtrslxsr against adverse circum stances. Messrs. JJcpjnaid, ;SUpherd aid Feelej followed in remarks of a similar character. Taecoauziiijtee reported the following resolutions wtkh Wert adopted s WLereaa, Uhas pleased an all wise Providence to remote from oar midst by ieLh our profee-locjtl brother, George W. Blactmore ; thexe- Kc!Ted, That It U onr dnty to bow with hemkie itm.M:on to the expectation of trod, we yet can jasliy say that tbe bar of Monroe loucty has lost a member who, Uiooea yanng iu yean, yol was destined, had he UTed, to be-cutue ol of i't mot wortby members, and an bobor to tee profession of wLich he was a mem- t-T. RsaolTed, further, that the J acior members of the profcaema w.Ul whom be was more itti-uuteiy assixiiaUd, ieeo4uaed is him a yooaa: u.aa (A worth and lnlgntj. and will cbertb t. meuiofy asd ta snaay e-eod qualities with Ivelinst of the tigbest ecuera and mpect. hMMTti, luat Uaoae reaoinlions be pobiisbed It Ue di!y papers of tbis city, and a copy be tmsT.ei to Uit uuauiy oi uc aeceaaeo. 1. B. McDowaLS, JianH. Oaslock, Ob moUoio of Mr. Feeiy, it was farther re ceived that the member of tbe bar attend tn funeral of the deceaied 1a a body, and tor taat pwryea tbat tbey meet at tte supreme eocrt room Wednreday, 26th, at 2 p. m. ( atasto with narBjuwj'e the ehtl YasUrday I'cid utes detectires Doae ati bkoecroft k:u-d tbe f oar store cf S. M. Spaald- kg, Eonth Psai street, and diecOTered a to-tiaoea tnb there filed with meal, whieh had on it a tump. Theae gowernment ofScers claimed Ibat Mr. 6; aiding was liable for baring sseh an artici in his poaseatioQ withont the stamp belag cancejiied. It seams there to a process for ciaicg aiUuxip on wood packages, is which, by a machine, the wood to perforated Th IfedieaUoe of ths thlrg beirg ail r gbt was made evident tot Messrs. Djwe and a;,jTcrrt jlastoted oa Mr. Bpaoldicg and his clerk appealing before the United States com-maateoer this morslsg, Lt ersminstion or explanation. The tab was filled with meal and we anderstiod a farmer had fed his horse ont of !t not iotg before it was discorered by the r'g'.-last official. A l-aLai The first opportunity wbich baa hmta gjran ta teat the bank alarm telegraph CKi-urred yoiUrday. About o'clock is th ttKjrtlrg tbe gong whiti to located at the poUce aU'J.ia sonsded aa alarm. It Indicated the Bum-r of aba rarmers tad Mechanic bask, and in a few momenta detective Engers aatd Hugfcoa wrre rnnauag aeck and neck to tb tostitotioti. Tbey arrived there a little abort tn breatb, and fosiid that tha woneaa ia cleaning tha bank had olraek tbe key with her brush and gave tha aiajriu. Tbe basks pay one duliar reward for false aiajoM, a 1.4 is tbi toatanee the money was awarded to tbe detective for their promplaeaa. It was reportid to their disadvantage tbat tbe bank robber had escaped from tbem. DaaTB Of Joss C Bata. Ths death of J bo C Biair occurred on Saturday, at Oneida, of eoeaaaptios. The deceased was bora ta Iti city, wbare bs ha many relative and tnenda. II was, darmg the war, mews ageat at tb West. Lately ha went to Oneida to visit a K-aUvt, wber he died, ia hto thirtj-aeeocd year. Tbe remains were brought her far lnUrr-mafflt, aad tb rsaeral will take place this after-aooa troaa tbe rea deoce of bis brotber-ta-Uw, Wiiliaaa A fepruaft. aambo 9 Etng aire it. T deceased was a brutber oi Bagb Biait, of thto city. ILa rieaih baa excited dsep regret among his tneatd sad acoalntaaees here. Is eVOSB SS-aJTL The seaao) fuc kaing ear-riagca and bangle to now npos as, and tboae who intend to ride and wtah to engage a pleasant tara oat would do well to visit Aid. ileavey'a livery, Front street, and look at his fta lot of carriages and hassle, many of which are entirety new. Ea ha atao lot of horse of as pet tor kind, wbich art atjiuh and speedy. TboM wbo wjb to employ rs for tbetr owa drtvmg, aw !Mtgag Anvcia, eaa StU Heb si aij tteavey's Rerv, is ths beat order aa.4 to&. tt i terms. Catra jLaata Two SOaiw ait-T. Tbe bw ttcaaaboata, T. D. Wiloos and Fre&teaae, are aw taa oaijy oa Cayaga lake, leavipg Cayuga toidg at a. aa., and I SO p. d-, oa tb amral of trains bjy S. T. Cehtrai lailroad. Thi to tha aaWkest, 4bapest and best roata triHS Koche. ter to Ithsles, ConteU iialvoraity and towns cat SXayaga lake. Taa boats art is excel lnt trim asd tbacatiata ars geetlenua who treat aa ex- arsknsaai ejurtHitiSiy. ts adrgrtbvetumt IWHteVra, 1 taal! r-TiT'ita:. r $oiT,:t& ra'.f4jn. Emtokd :Af-T csrcni'T r 5'rs "I C. V.'t,'' sr'ir'.a m stard?" Fvprcts, Sff iukl.fcjr, Tiewsd ia a u:Uary light, I tne to tte coCia;lin that It was written mors parUc-n"r!y for the pcrpse cf scarirg tte rotBrions ichabi'.ists of P.:liiter by tbe cry of wolf, wbfn there to no iei',f, -d rio Ckenhood cf tfcr Her tn? to that wou:d reread tfcfirscUca of f prft fclirg bT contract, Sid adopt th; old r'B of occspan- oi store sod dtftll-inps pijii.?, and not tie siready ovf r Uiifi'Jtd-tor, as tie contrast system tow providt". I tsrre wiLii ' L C. I." that Uie scaaiTiiatHiss of dirt lot flitfcj ob mtr streets, honl3 be temOT-txi st icaat twk-e a wetk, ti-her by street strcep-Irg cucMses or by tnscnal Ubor with broorxa. Alo that it saouS 1 he done atnht, snd reraoT- ed before daji.g'ut. i cV far we agree. N"J!- tentha of ths dirt ttat sccamnUles cn onr streets Is bronEht !n .'rem the cosa'jy by farmers' wfjrca or scattered by wt;orj em ployed In excava.ii, ctllirs, itnprsripg ttrcet or drswics saai, scfiicictt st all time to nea- trai'e and rerd?r iEDonocs fte pofcooous ex hiiatiOTJ that wocM be prodnd if no mixed wiUs earth, ts it is da' !t ia the method abova de scribed. Tot ersmrl;, eximiEe the certificites of tm'xent hy?icr'sns on the earth closets. Eirth scattered over ssd mixd with tnman or animal excreta, is the moet ff ctnsl w-y oi preTec irg rspid decoapatitioa and tbe escape of gtscs. Ia New Tork city. Broad a-sy is twtpt tTsrj nig ht and the debris remoTtd before dsvligfct. Still, s or iiil.Bg 1 Eicssary. Tte action of iron -toe ad wiwis upon ttoee piTemect or McAdam streets, grinds c8 the iron and miits it with the finely f nirerisd stone, which erery gmt of wlcd ir tci Into the ejrs ard nostnls, sni to iiihaied aed carried to the lacs of erery icdividoal who shoold be so ai-f.-rianate ts to be on the street, nd eTestuil t the cotte- qoesce would be irritation cf the glinds, fcl lowed by sore throat and eYectuilly cocsniEp-Uoa. Who woald not rather breaiha dear ob- noxloss gases thaa be compelled to eat tbem in the most bocotb fortable manner imaginable f From care'ul reading I suspect that "L. C. D. to one of tbe oppressed lacdiords or a d. ap pointed candidate, wLo, is their aarrow minded- ocsa, thltk that the tecarAs haTe to rlghU they are besnd to raepect. Theslmijrhty dollar to their fcrte.aEd txrthtrg that will refaeTe them of Uxea asd throw It on the tenant to proper legislation. Is not the landlord cbKged to pay taxes to maintain the police farce, to protect his and lis neighbors, axd his tenants' Urea snd goods? And is It any more cortaiocatils to ask him to pay f jr sprit klirg, to protect his owa ayes and lungs as well as the eyes and raxgs of thousands who daily traTel in front of his property, and also tea- the protection of hie tec ants' goods T "o intelligent citizm would de mar at the sprinkiicg taxes, for to harden to more eqatTy dirided. lihertl and intelligeat dtlrms are cot obliged to pay for the indifferent acd narrow-minded portion of the community or go themselves without sprirVlicg, and tx.Sn all innnmcrahie evils as well ts less of per ish&ble good that are exposed. Ths err Is oppression, taxation, stupid slier sen, (oh, how cr press iv to the lar-dlordt! Extra taxes are a good excuse to raise the rent, and for every dollar of tax that to levied on them extra, they will collect tea from the tenant Their property most pay them from ten to twenty-firs per cent, on the investment, over and above taxes and repairs, if it take tbe last cent the tenant has made. It was stated in the common eounc3 a few meetings past by one of the landlords, in opposition to tbe sprinkling tax, that 'See psy the taxes," yea, aw do, after collecting tbem and ten hundred per cent ex-tn from osr tenants for that purpose.) Hepay the taxes. So the farmer ssys we lost so much last year. Mow t We sold cur crops when ererjthirg was cheap. Horn they would be worth double. Can a man lose what he never had, or can a man say that he gare so much when he received it from another person to give, or can the fccdlord with a clear conscience say that be p:ys the taxes when he collects ten times tha saonr-t from his tenant for that purpose ? No. The stupidity of cur alderrcea consists at the present time in the Imaginative brain of disappointed candidates. They think that no person could or will do so much for the health and comfort cf the inhabitants of this beautiful city, or look after our interests financially, or superintend our domestic wants and the wants of the public at large as well as they could. Eacb atd every ote cf them was acrnuaMv qualified for the position he aiked for; and w ill Eerer know the amount cf cur less thrcogh the stupidity of our eidemten cot piecing them ia posiuens wheret.y we could have received their experkree and ekUl ia cendnctirg the general business cf our city. A Trsayr. Second assivEKsaET of ths &-55crTxji- PEsawcB. Lvt evenirg, at Good Templar' Hall, a pab!!c ceetls was heM, the occasion being the e-ond aEiVtrsa-y of the Sons of Temperance. The number prestnt was larje. and the exercises were of a highly iatet?te character. The meeting was opened 67 prayer by Esv. H. M. Morey, a.1er which P. W. t. Findky riade some remarks upon the extent of th organiaation, both in this country snd elsewhere. He alio alluded to the wotk this diviaion puroesed doics ia tbe year upon which it had now entered. Re made a special appeaJ to young men to J in the order and work ia the cause as kadicg to a useful and bonoratie li e. Then followed a song, "Mcustam Home," sutg ty Msas Marab and Miss Harford. Next on the programme wts an excellent recitation of Lorg-fellow 'Laar.c"n of tae Sbip," ty Mit Ciackeer. K?v. Dr. CampbtH cow made a brief addreta. Hi avowed himieli a disciple cf total abstinence. Ht even went further srd advocated stopping the sale of ail Intoxicitlrg )i'jao. He btUeved in takic? pledges asd in tcaipt ranee organ;zi-tions. Hi also he'd ttat trcp:rauce men cnht to be religion men. The cause could orJf reach Its highest succeas when connected with religion. At tbe close of Dr. Campbell' address, Geotee W. Clark Mug Where ttere's s Will there's a Way," which he rendered 1: splendid and effective s'.jla. Itv. H. M. Morey cow made seme icmi.-ks emparit-g tbe sons of Baccbus witb the ac-us cf ircperatce. sbowing the ruin ta wbich tbe first were tend ire aci the elevating iiCainee wbich tarroacd- ed the Giber. A lucj fallowed, by M'ts E;ch ardtoa, after which a short and spprof riate address by W. P. Joha DatUavy, who appealed to all to help oa the cause ss a dnty they owed to society snd thsmselve. Then came the Pledge," sung ty Mis Xcliia W ider, and by reqaeet George W. Clark sang " Ha father been nere." Thto closed the exetcse. A. e. Ciackeer presided at the mcetirg. which was inter esting throagbout, anl bo wed tbe vi'ati'y of the oraa at-ont ia this dty. tECOSD sioarr or thb Sas Faascisco Mta- stiiils. A larce aadiaee w iaaed the first parformance of this utitq sailed troops, but that was nothing to tbe Jim which occurred at Corinthian II Ul last Bifbt. It cciaid hld no more. The programme was faijy up to tte mark of the first entertainreetit. Bjch and Bjckuj, al-thoagh end men, were the central figures of tbe show. Birch a the medical stuient a ad Hm km with Lis imitations were ncapproacbable, the former tor droiiery and tumor, and tbe Utter ia caricatancg the voice asd manner of ceif rated actors. The imitation tivea bv B-ckas sre of jea so close that they rise shot fcnr'aja , bat wtad ap with a toach of bread haator which never aula to excite tboata cf laa-'htrr. la tbs first part, tbe atilud talk of Bersaid ia a god set oS to the aalUea of the end men. Tae song iaat Bight were splendidly rendered, la tbe second part, as good as aeytbing eiae was tb talk sad singing of RolHa Howard His msks np as a dashing ne "o wench was arrt. West and Qaeen tok as aaaai. an peaiorsaaaee dosed with a eejia ia "Cocrt," waicb waa a capital fiaish to the b . The troai g:ve a thai ecUrtaiBmect to-Bifibt ant a change the programme, bat we would not w-jr a large amoaiit that there will bs try cbaoge ia tne t a: of the aadiecee. Tax casaia. The eaaai psned yesterday accord .ng ta cBcol anaouncemett. AHoal twenty clearaace were iaeard at the eolVctor ome ia tbat cty far bwata gulng West fur car-geca, No boat started east a the break aatax Fairport prevrnttsd It. The Buffalo CotanMjcUi of iit tve-ieif say : ADT'licatiotcs tor eU-arax.ce to tbe camber of sevcaty odd h beea mads at lb eoilrctcr' by ekrveai o'clock yete?day morsJxig. 1 tat Sotai Backer of eiearaace tasaedap u ejevew e'eiock u-cuy was egaty-faar. Of the boats tisart a aevetay-aeven were tacea wna grata, tae aotai vt tb ctr- wm-saL'ss to o." eut haBj4 of whicu l'Ti,5Ca was wiwai, aad Sit,-J wa core. I' aui late oredsrsg is the acetioa bftwcoo Erie sad CoBiaaeccau atrx-ts is bcachi-d. twala Will oUle4 Wtttj way of tt Ene tis, oi thte by o iA tbe lip iato tbe casal noriB of fne tire-at; bat tin will tavolveciirBti very bttic UvutHS tar bacowvcBiecee. For firat-ciaa pboUrajbt, jiclnei U oil or watta- colors, go to TajUar dt btvbydt' KaUtiry, cret K) t&4 ft ItaU street. raaal Brealf tibte c-KXJW'O y'rjST in- nvrucaut-u, m'. boot 10 cVxk a d t patch was received in this citv ?Ji! break ha occurred at Falhatn' ba in, sUiat one nJe west f Fairpirt. Tbe d s- esTi ry of the Iretk wss msdc about 3 i'ektek in the momins by a man waiting alocg the towing psla cf th? carta!. Ey the time he Rive notes of the break, which was taen ijaite sail!, anj b-ifjre the men arrived to stop it, the en)vi!!-iment for the distance of CUy fet hsd gun; out anA it carried away the earth for ere Ui two feet below the bottom of the ci2i.i. Tha liid was about on the level of the bottom of tie crnal and was overfl awe d, but ti darrace hy wster to It ctnnot bs very serions. Very Htt'.e was done tcsWdsy bat it is expect ed ttlt the break win be repaired to-dsv. roars UrcarJ. Coii&5ios or Appeaxs CaLcsDaa. LUt oi the first srtv. and temx a4fiocai eaaa oa tbe rmh rstiar of tb Caawtaaioa of appeal, lor tbe Mar tms. tsn.taeefcell ta the n:w coin kcssie ! the rityo Sew TorS : K. 1 mffv vt. Mtrnrw,. j,0 j coroinie t. th Troy Iroa cl S!l Cot irv. o. S Marvi w. PiaaHl. So. 4 Vrvla vm. Ta niifl. v 5Prt;v tbi. sttt . C"he. a;. ?TilT Ta. n Tomiaoa v. llie Vliyoroi tbe e tv of ' Tart. So. ront vr Bnraes'. N9.-ArarwaaT as. o. ltVoortt . Vriiol-r. o. U Baiawlt va. HaTtfcrT. So. is-Tor Caraan I anal Bank va. Endser. n Go tB3ttli v. fcemfftr. jto. JS VarahaJl v. Jiaw Tort CeMrmJ ral'real. Tio. & TS Martna Hani or Cblda v-JuS w rgilt. ?o. t Laird mstii. ?'o. X f bmTo V. JrwtVB. Sol v McGair uaiaoa Ever E ilroad Coie- Xo. ffi ItftwofT v. ( bTT h . o. JS ParaoLt v Lro'-S. So. 24 Marh va. R&sae. 25 c ro-a va. OT!oaaed. o. 2 Trarvva. Frm. ' V o. ' fr. ( )aa T. hr sjimoz. y ;a. 3"a Botre va. Cfeajama. Fo. Vt Amory ra. Wool. a.K Moot va. BaaftiUffl. . So. S'C-1. ton tv. ixrd. ' 0.115 Sa-r va. Blala. (. va MclaclL r. Kaos. o.liS Breeae va. Oia I. a. ted Stat .s Terf-rr? tc!E' as r T. a. til Ivodh t. Jofcatoa. ' a.tt3 fcfMan.Kwa!T. l'.S fraer Ta. Bbcofc. o.llt WEierva. gearaa. t 'o. 115 rrva T- Coort tat, vo.r.miui TT.Uit IsdAaaa iaae of TiSerafi-5. 6aafl v. Gravs ho. Holcika va. 1M Coaweietal bfatsal La. ranee Oft p . c 7. o. iz ja array t. vk asosos ttrrer iiinn.a vw- .Vo." TO Jow vs. tbs Terre Baote EScbmoad 8a5- road companf. o. !E-lerryn. aTe. x o. 12S Ami'by va. Hines. X o ia Lxartt Ta. 1 . a.-,,. u, craad TraU aavav ewcjasT. 11 a. ;r-Tl Peopie ex . rd. tat ii State Liae BaXV roadComvaDT Ta. Barter. Jio. ia tfce Paop. ax. rvt Bafaio State Lrae BaS- So. 13 Bai v tha KoesUrCttT Bask. .. 14; Ttie gcfii j etau Lise ka Irt.aJ ospaar va.u &oara of a&perroKa oi xa coaasj. Polici CorKl BETax, P. J. Jaoe Smith drank. Discharged. -trun. 24 Jobs Cocteiao dra&k. Fia4 fIor davaM. CP, btartia Paaia arwaa. IWw-htrged. Peter PfeUer draak. Bestaaiaa. Joha aieDoaaid dnmk as4 coaimlKiaa aa asaaalt asd battery. Fined (t or SBoavtM. CP. tordraak esse ana SlSorasdava at.C. P. tor astasia, Joka McCass rnn.k- lHacharwea. Edward Cavaei ghtls. Dtaehaagcd. That. Bora draafc. Fteed SIS w fit daji M. C. P. Fraab arsotd erask. Xfiaekarged. t'fcae. Slater dnmX. Placets. Patrick Bsllivaa afsasltlEg Cbarles Siaicr. &t BP three Bontba. Joha Boiler drank. TMacharged. Lawrence aelitscer hreaalca; wiadowa at t':e bask. Held or farther exasalsatvrs. PamcJE MuMooa drwr.k Oaehanred. Chaa. A Beaaer drask. madtarajed. Barrel fotw-dnrsk asa dtscrderlv. Jlred ts or SdavtaI.C.P. John Fraderick-drssk. Frsed $J or 3 days If . C. P FtDlip Selrcbert drusk asd disarderlv. Fmed$at. Kick atta drask. Pised $19. aUchsal Beraetda vaarrxat Beat St ears af. C. P. Itaae Ball Aettwes va. Kaaerwriae. Carresmde3aee of the DesDoerat asd Chronicle. CHTrgcnvn.T n, April 24. The Active bas ban club re-organised April 15th axd played their first practice game as a match with the Enterprise has ball club of Chili, last Saturday, resulting in a victorv for the Active by a score of 84 to 27. The Enter prise is certainly a first-class dab, and nobly csatesW every point in the game. The Ac tives, eoneiderlag tbat it waa their first attempt this season, played well. Since their first organization, in 1566, they have played thirty-seven match games, of which they have gained twenty-nine. May their record never be lees. Oar club having often had the pleasure of con testing games on Jones (quare, we deeply regret the action of those who hare deprived our brother bsU-plsyers of Its rise, and would sug gest that a day of profit and pleasure may be had ia ChnrchviUe, far our head quarters are always in tbe field. The following is the &COEE. 5TEX raise. O. aenvx. O. Ha-aler. p , 3 Tur!!T.I.t i CoaYara, p 1 ik-c-SLe, a. t 5 Patrick, e 4 Ijensia, lath ...... S tprag-oe.c. f. a Teabo, Sd fe 4 Ecwrda,3d b 2 Hartorj.r. t S Baldwia.r. f 1 Sloaleafcarg, a. a 4 Kintf.e S Lt B. ad b Baberta, lt b 1 tf?bbrd.l.f Jiars. e. t.... ....... S Uovev.Sd b S TotaL ST IT Total .27 St Ftraeasxht Enterprise Hawlev. 1 : Seosteeberr. t: Hcbanl.1; Hovey.a ;. Active praxroe,2; odette- 2, Co 3r aia. 1 i. roata r a t' Ei . sa13v.11, 1; avjo, e . leano, 3 , Pacne. S . aiEplre . CJoTdoa. eorera EterDrite Ward f! t, k-T r;rf ddla Pai-a.. lime a I rtae-Tvt bosrt. Axsweb to pboblsic The machine prohlem published in the Democrat and Cbroeicle of April 17rb, reduced to its simplest terms, to this : Two notes for (1C2.50 each, one running three months and the other six, both bearing in terest at six per cent., can be boasht, the day they are executed, for r tbat to at a discount of thirty dollars from the face of the notes. The notes are taken by two different parties. (In this case the maker of the notes takes the abort vne himself and retires it.) Wbat part of the thirty dollars applies on inch cote to give the purchasers an equally profitable Investment? Answer. $10.51 on the short note ; 1 19 47 cn tha lou on?. Then the rate at which each makes money is 34.17 per cent, per an sa's. Cxxaicca. Taa waras tuu. was recalled from the hands of the governor by Senator Lord, after it had piiscl both branches of tbe legislature, at the instance of the Citiz aa Association, an organ! satton com p jet d of many of oar largest tax-pay. ezi. We trust that the Water Work Company wiil bow push their enterprise with the utmost dispatch. The bill whieh wis abandoned was very dtfectiva : but that affords no reason far our city beiLg deficient cf pure water. ITIMIXTS AT MOUXT HOPB ClUtinr. The number of Interments at Mount Hope dur ing the week coding April 221 waa ax teen. (16), and the diseases were as follows : Beoarhna 1 inid :rtau 1 C ater.. 1 Cfea of L&sfa t l'ai-.rrj 1 liemn.if t Heart iKaeaae. 1 Hestorrhaee t Pat&M'a fctmoSAlli...... 1 Pramatare atlrt a ... 1 Scariat r (- cr . a rrit?n a . ...... 1 I Edtaatwa, 1 w'BdopumCoaa'h-.. ...... X The number of UermenU at thto cemetery daring the corresponding week, of last year was twelve (IX) , Da. von MoaCHXfsxa-B. Every day brine new tetumocy to tbe tauii and Integrity of this eenlieuias. His suececa a a pbyak-iaa waa Weil a dowb and fuJy eatablished lotig sicca, bat he waa not personally known to our citizen till be tvok Bp hi residence here. He was not loeg la gaiuuig tbe entire confidence of alL He was vsiUai bv the kick, ptxucwiar'y by those who were tulienuf front chroaic dkteaaea and tsose which be make ha special ttady, and so many soon found relief aed promise of sltlmai rreoivery, tbat tbe fame of lr. Ton Mfayhiitkcr went cut ail throagh the city. It was not the cr'dnliut who vitc4 toe d jetor and took ht advice, b&t ciliaeaa of tauahgeace aad blzh stamdiog, who woald be acrnpalotisly careful Boost kxidisg tbetr Baoaea aad liifiaaeo at tb sspport of a voutitfui practitioner. These eiu-xena do not beaitate oa all occasions to avow tbetr bebef in the etSeBev of the treatment of lr. vua Moachkiaker. When we aay treaboaest we do tot mean ta he understood to aay UUat be ha aey panieoiar aoatram that he Bscs as a toed. cine, or that ha depends apoa aoaae new BMtnod of treatment which to peculiarly tauin. S&taine of tbe bix4 aa we ondentand it. He eia)h-t-ed and proven by the wavdoan a-.d xretit.e of tbe age. He fir. as-rrtaiii tbe xaUire of tbe malady and lba appliea Us eueaxa of cure that m hi tadg-meat wui bl tuaia the object deatred. It re-tia rea treat tkiti aad rapt n net) to detect the CaBSee of aaveaae aed tae exact eocditaoaefa pauent as well a Jaistaent to appj tbe proper retsediea. lr. tMt Mox-bxiakcr pcMease the ircj3iite ai Uts of asmd tor tbto. a it coav-Ceded by ail wbo ecxave in eoatact with him. Theae who are so if iTi hi?, can safely reiy npon hi advc and treatateet, and wbiie all may ri-A be cured they will find theassetves more or Is beBttlted by hit trettmest, asd atany w-!i be fatly restored to health. Tbe doctor win re-ntaia is town a considerable time, bat those whe east xeajatr atttaitiaav tor week or mostbs should ctiuaait sad beau a at ose ia the wosk of the case. EatomJ of the Eocheaier r Eioa and Aderucr of tbe iid April, ItfTU As a remedy for bronchial tfitcfloae Uti chronic disettaea of the Eargs, aothlcg ever before dir covered equals Dr. Plsrce'a Alt. Ext. or Gldaa Medical lNseovvry. It to also great baWd panfier aad rwtorativa t mie-, aoJ cure piuiplea, IW'cihl at-d erapUosa to the face, making the complcTioa clear and Sair. Sold by drugxtou. . spriajeadAel m, Zeo reJrjtraAjr, u txk Ilia euuiaw eonUtvJ, all atsee, cbp at Uiatraaci x Cm.', aprtX4eod3t '"tl Sate ftml. '" S wfitAT ntcarttd. It i fsfe to say that j at no t.-ine ia Efleen years bas tbe wbeas rcp in j tbis faction of the eauntry shown such irwlica-1 tiers of a larg ykld at this season of tbe year & --w. For many seasons I be far- nsr oC tbe Geeeee Vsl!ry favs been cwnpttiej to abandon almost entirely grow- ns white wbiat on account of the ranges of tbe weeviL Thy endeavored to evade this enemy cf ths wheat crop by introducing er!y varieties of wheat, and, is a measure, have been f access fa', but tbty have never been ahie to rsife quite so gfod a qaaittty nor such lare crops since the advent cf the weeviJ ss in former times. Front present appearance in the several towns iu Ibis vietnlty, epecla7,y in Caledonia and Wheatland, there will be tlto year an o'd fashioned crop. There seems to be a very large area cf land sown this season, and t has already attuned as large a growth a it often does even a month laUr. lha is owing ia a large degree, no doabt, to the mild winter and the favorsbJe spring weather, tew freez'rg nights snd thawing day have oc curred ttil spring:, a fact which bis been very favorable to wintr crops. We eaw some larger Eel da of wbeatin the town of Wbrstlind a dsy or two tlcci that were on besati'ai trabrokea fa cf green, ard la fields cf thiity or frty acres not cn? spt cf winter killed whest could be teen. Tbe fanners of th-s vicinlly should be ecrgTataTated on the jrospect of a Hrse fiell of wbrat the catalog seaioa. IvOCAL, NOTICES. A larre a ad wrli-a rraaard ewcablishaaeat. The amount of business talent required to in a first-class store la a village, to probably greater than city merchant are aware of. Aa endless variety cf coeds is nrcatrary and the dealer mast familial ise himself with the condition of trade, quality of goods, and prices in his multi farious quantity of stock. Sot only that but the village merchant has no facilities for dispos ing of unsaleable article, ted mast therefore buy with more circumpcclion, iu order that goods may not be t ft oa his hands at a dead losa. As an example of tha business ttct and energy requisite for the trade referred to, we take pleasure in calling attention to the firm cf Met fie fc Sbadbolt, doicg business at SaoltavOk. These gentlemen carry a large ted well selected stock cf fancy and staple spring and ntan dry goods, hdiea dress goods, cloths and ready- mad clothing. Their store also contains a large lot of hats, cap. As. . They deal la fine family gTocerka,keep hardwire, crockery, drags. oils and paints. In fact combining the stock of many dissimilar establishments into one. ; Their easterners can that ob tain almost any article they want without a Journey to Rochester for tbe purpose. Then as to prices, Messrs. Sesfis dt Sbadbolt parr base for cash and can, as a consequence, tell at the lowest rates. Avoiding long or short terms of credit, almost universally asked by country merchants, and for Uat matter by city dealers too, they can hay cheaply sad sell cheaply. The firm hare no ttcck of goods of last year's styles ia their dry goods cVpirtmen, but all the latest fabrics, as fuond ta tha nacet enterprising dty stores. They sue ready to show goods to customers and win sat isfy ail who give them a call. For the accommodation of farmers they win receive country prodocs la exchange for goods. With all these advantages for buyers, a great variety of stock, low prices red honorable dealing, tbe firm eaa ask with confi dence f or a large trade, and having been up to the present time reiy successful eaa look to a ttiH greater measure of success in the fatare. Carrying oa their business on correct pried pies, they mast rspkSy enlarge it and establish it on an enduring basis. We need not recom mend tbe store to tbe patronage of the adjacent towasand vtriarea,for ail tn that section are aware of the advantages of baying from the firm and know their manner of dealing. Wasted. At Garsona one price clothing house, a first das ttirstaer, novae bat first das need apply. ap?a532t Wa KOTica the arrival of ships Francis Hililird" and "Italy" at Sew Totk, which hive brought out a magnificent assortment of decorated Ecglish toilette teta Ironstone china So. Ai. for W. S. Thompson, number 51 State street, and which are bow ready for the inspec tion erf the p-utfle. ; ' ; ; ' CWTH? A3rn CatsthTEKES. Barke, FitzSim- ons, Hone & Co. oSa in thto department an im mense stock naeqaaled ia style, aad the great est inducements to purchasers ia prices. Great variety in colors for spring overcoats, mary varieties for gentlemen's business or full drees suits, plain and fascy goods for boys clothing, with a magnificent assortment for ladies gar ments. Numbers 53, 55, 57 Main street. Lost A mink boa at the Mission chapel, on East avenue, Sunday, April Id.h. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving the same at this office. rcta Siioox opesiso bight. fe Cut have fitted up the rooms st number 11 South St. Paul street, as a saloon, which they will throw cpea to their friends aad the public to-night. The saloon which to farnkhed in the best style to in the new opera hcuse building and will become a favorite resort, A fine stock of liquors and cigars will always be found there. To-aight a lunch will be act and "Hank" be pleased to see his friends. The best brands of imported cigars can be ob tained at the Osbnrn House cigar stand. Smokers seed only try them to be satisfied that oar statement it correct. Silas L. Keyea, proprietor of the stand, keeps only the choicest stock and only imported cigara. Tte ladies who haTe homes to take care of are now busy in arrangtrjr them for the stam mer. They are speculating upon the kind of paper and decorations they shall buy. If they only go to G. W. Weldoo'a atore, 52 Main street, they wQI be sattolied in the s elections, aa the stock Is unusually large. Tee Gbeat Accthw SaLt of the Whitney estate, comprising the grain taevator, the malt house, tbe granite mills and other property, by A. K Amsdea, soe-tioneer, will occur on Tuesday morning as adterttoed. 1 1 will attract great attention and wiil call together oar business apI21d4t i Dim goods at Bren nan's. Oar stock to replete with novelties. , The todies will be pleased by Inspecting onr BfaortmenL Our prices will gratify tha expectation of the most eeononrfeat Thto department iBcludes asaay ttikea and fabrics not to be found elsewhere, and embrace the most popular good at the lowest prices. A. E. Baxsaaa, 36 State street. apilS-ltf Cedar wash tabs, keeiera aad pail for sale cheap. HrMPaavxr dt Co., aptSOdeocSt. Tl State stree. Jon B. Gopca. We lean a that Joha BS. Goujch will eWBverooeof his old-fashioned temperance lecture in Corinthian hall Thursday evening, April 27th, 1871. aprieO-dU - . Wire cat tatra, frsit baskets, eg? boQers, trays and everything ia wire, at n ram kit &. Ca'a, aptijJeoiS 71 State street. Exraiatca, AGarar Taacara Dr. Daniel Davit, 133 State street, nan been a eoceeasfal practitloaer of aaedicioe foe thirty-five years, aad solicit chronic diseases of all kioda. See adverttoexaemt ta another column. aptiSidtelw Children's ' nj", a good aaaortment, all colors. Humpbbxt A Co. apiitnieocSi. 71 State street. Mi C Aistwortb woald inform her patron that aha hat removed her strtias nuking rooase to camber 3, over 10T fiaftalo street, next door to Koeheater sariegs beck, where she las mar eeatrai aad coaaaaodjoos rouu for sapplring the demands of ths trade. Catting aad baaurnj mad a specialty. Aa experiaceeai axeM-taaket wanted at tbto eetablkhsaent. eprSadlt. Tata Farmers and Macbaaica 5atkml Baak will pay hi rata cbst. bi teres t on deposit re-mahiitig thirty day from iU tfAifU 4aU of tsirMrwaMa. Five per eenh, oa dUy baiaae and btiTiaaa aceowats that do twit reqake dav eoaitt. Win lata oartacata of depoett tesrtaf foar per eecL, payable ea deeaasd. fledrtdTaArtt Taowaa Kares, CatvbJez. . Patent Agonoy I s at.. It.. PEC at. Ataatrway-aax-La-w. mrtaa TEAKS Evmaataer SI t". 8. Pateat OSte aad AS a-xt year SuiiciWr aad Cosaaaue la Paiaa eaaca, till btaia aatata afed irocai mt Btaar haat m raai! UMreta aeuatii!'. taatja Mwa. laariaa aM,tija.a i-,ia. aa eiaa,a. C wave 1 1 ivatra' atauca, Hi.-i aar.ti. T. ta-l-iHf . The bo; a ttt tt P ttlBt. tautaAM-A aafSl by t,najat flark nttaMtUMhj WETEOROLCOICAL, ' report take rr t! War PeeartajeBt tor hcaeat o- eoauaerea. (FMervaUoa wad aa 4.-; . at exact local ttaaa. Aran. n. i!!.tn -i 1 Pnacaor I S r - vi Ss OliIlliTlOl) a- iti k f .? lliaill-li 1! Pala'o.... ..3is 59W. a MS. 4 k. GdS. CTli. 49 S. sax. nestle, irwh. llinav. E. !Frh. -Bria. !r-eh. ft. rtab. r. t.Eil. K.Ua-ht. K . W Brtk. arectle. trtear. Lhejea&e.. He Tfanow jralr. ,rtr. fFalr. Pair. lr. jtloedv. 'Mir. :i-ar. ear. J-'air. jriro:a .;i i ajtlwaaka Ocaatia. ........ ."vf w-iro Jfi avcbeiT XiM: rasciato. . TteSo..... w.l Baroxeesert earreerad for TetsperMart aad K'eva- os. COMMERCIAL RECORD. KOOartrrwa DartT traTrocstT CBBOatcial umaa. April U, ua. i IOC At, MABtrtm. atosnaT, April U VJ1. Kaeheater Wktleaalt Price Carrraa. The ;notatloes heiow re rent to dale. t Street price of Provwioo aad Cooatry PTOdaea, re ported hv Moore a Cote. Gmcera, 13 Bsaalorei.l Correeted ttsjl-weeily for the Peajoerat.J Bottevw La doz yW? 1 Tilets W . -1MI ae I Tsrkxa W .... vwiivc I Oeeae. eb I IKU nair.. W13C Cbeae PotatMea fftt Apr-tea 41 tmu TJMtiBe j Liviea a.ppca... &ae If I ai e aa.-x ? aavic Aosm at bll..a HAj 1 Dried PiOKl., Beaaa u&mVB , tfned Chemea. Otuooa '. Dried Pebea.. Seeo Oover ... SJiaaoJvi I Tnad aaapher! Tixwrtby. iJuiin. ! Honey I Ciaer Tuxctr. RUR niCB OB BXAIV. rBesorted bv S. J. HiDe.J SEAISS-WBrie Wbeas. beat. bath t t-T;-2 ttedwaeat baah - t; Cora ba-sh Oat uu.. tS K?e sb i?1',- WTsoieaale. ReiaiL n ir o a a u a ' S?!!. Aiwr Male -"a .-jj ' - rr Ko.l M!lwaske SJH S.f! S.3ut.. So. T w-.iwaakee.... JB !" Bje Floar sva.. t,1j..J Ikteportedby Perktat Pabser. Frost ttrert.1 FISH Haliibwt a twisaa aad baoaoex....... Wsiteaao asd troat .... Ptckuei, baa aad atta Lxiaater ..... Pare deaea Baa pout aad eel... ......... Cmiit - . toe 12 He :ue a 1M t5,e 1S rsesorud hv A. Srm. Proet atreea.! ntKJt Meaa Pork bil. - aJMmsMua Irreaaed Hoei at ... csaut IWtM Sii.Bt rtaiae ta ' Lrd - Saaoked fa air 1 a .- Saoked SooBWert a a........... Betoked bacom a Joala., towrrrt raicn ctraBBWT. Ketatt. Mild, f UK I r sa M'.rtdnrgt T tOQ ... -T .J BiioBt recti HAT ton Btied Hay a ewt wrxil a . IAAXOW Hoseh a a Tried . LZATnEB BaBkb B... it i-a 5H T ........... . . a.; pa . -Biaitwe t s fftftt . THu ne jsloea, abeea colored. a-a--2-?"'' do Bkoroeea) do ........ jr! BmEa rstrtmsied a -TTtrsmd a . ... KwjsCaifakaaa. a;rtmme a a IS'fa Vreaeb raff"" LTaajS do dreaaed a a... 5e 8HBKP PEXTS SoearuaeB.-.. KEF Careaat cvt t raw tie t t-tbiJ t tjaaasje ise a eat v J unw, . Vaal CoiHUa a Can Beef a B.... f?Toxd Basf a halix He ' ae WarteSah . Treat bol i,)t ait 9 Wl MUTTOS Careaa - - cbob a a. .................. ....... IAMB For qBrter.,............... Hnd aartar COAL ove boa......... at-?c avtlSe ..aa - ..a Me aarv w ............. . ..... (r&eatBBl a Ua. - Urate toa a. is 1JB r.rval M laaiga rau.. TheboTsaotataoat an yard prtces ; Sc ton extra ierdettrartne. WOOD-Hard a cord 1 p" itt 9 card- tvaaat, I.' .A mm, aad hlekorv. tawed. asm adairvared lestUS feoft wood. da.. ....... BjHRgij naai tat... S..6K.a I.T.tTCBtmHOyiT fUHMT rotkwtEgarthraerathrUoeksaamed(ciad as traathalaat Board) atnee the taiea 01 Apru sa AST .tn! waaa. cue Tel.. Castes rwczae axau..m....k. Csaiberlasd Eaneax ......... L...S E arrets pret M .eAlxaa Oeatra!. . ..... J Baw Jertev Castral. . K aw Vara Ceatral m Badaaa eoaaoildasad. .IX ew York central at Hadasa aens . n St Toi a Wasaak arel....t arU3B at t. a. sraj a Chi at Ailoa prat... ...I Micaia-aa Sostbeva. . la CievaASd p-.sta... Chlcaaro a K . W are 1 Caueaaro a Bock Isiaad.. ktllwaskee A St. PBA1...1 tail bt rati ret.,..l TwiMiaa wahaaa rx. a Tae . t AUWB AT.U 1.ATEUT htOEETAstir. K rVtwrawA I w Tom. April - r. m Gota bat bees trra and atralj all dayatlKXax. Th etearlxta-t at tae Gold Exchasgc Baak were ahoet aajrsace. GoTerBswsa have beec ttcady aS day with bat vry lew traaaaetloxta. goathera state taesrlUe were Ins tsi ttrosc-Mosey at caey at W per cent. Exehanara lose, lit; abort, CO. Ta Mock exehaace waa a tees of treat cxcitemcsl that aftcraooa, vhea pricea taddesly broke dowa H 1 a eem oa the haadlsa railway than. There waa mat sraaasre to cU far En, aad a Urga ssxebtr st weak botdn vera shakes oat of their atseka. This heavy fail was aaceseded by a rally, aad Baal raters to tbe hicsen pricea ot the day th market eiotisg active aVOTEBSMEif T9 TB lollewiSE are th elors( so tatloaa: aa of tl retf!trd.. 1 il(-V at ot eo!a . 1 ..t t-X reeralered 01 "S1................1 atliM, s-ai eoBaoot oi ,si ttsfceuiSk s-aieoapoot of i s-aeospeMof s old.. .ltiaia reanatarad of las i 1 ' Me eoapont at W3 tew... .... ...1:2 aniH sjBeossoatat a;............. 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Aio, aiJ Wat tract or parcel, of iajxl situate in tbe eity oi sto-TTattrt roasty of Moeroe and trtare of 5e Tork, aad oa tbe soata side of Lyell street. . tn cr- ns.p of Broval aitT.D;aVK lortT ia wtaia a&e oot ha&dred asd 1le feet 1ej, iu teiAf tae eaat pans oi UX aam -em iju muu isi. ali tstvi tract or Bare, of laad situate ta tbe ettv of Kohatavter. coast o sfoBToe aad u ot V xarK. eiSaT io number muu vmt od am .ob Tract : s'd k)U ar artf4-t eara ta iflat?!, frontics; oa i.Tll Mre.; tot B2;br velzt.f isu leet deep, aitd Lot Buiuoer 5H txuQf tleeo. Jf. B. LAarH stll, baeTTir. CKAS, 8.CAMPBKLL, La-r Bberf, t ataed Raaaetr.JaB. tt, UHU MotaTtAe toaa'.y. Tae above sale ts heraby ydkAned vntll Mazes , aC Use Saajse hi za pie aroe ataei.wtoBex. jiw. . uA3i rnv i.u, MerTir, CUas. s. WeftaJtf&AldL. ViKUrBaeTl-f. Dated Veb. 23, 171- Moauroe Coa-y. marldlBsnl The aoore sale is ivrtker adioaraed to tbe Kta dur of inewtaave p. are aaa i&coi aj. j ps. m. tASrSawLp, mTbT. CHAS. i. CAiaBLia, iiBder Seert. DtaSlawirCllw, Ufa!. KMlialalAaTwd THe above sale ts firaT .vdforo4 to the tib dJ at Apni.i-., to toe saase otacs asi t:a i nsy- CiiAi fl. Mr tAjk (,-!-, L ader ftlMrtff. Cate4 Kaixa 3S, iTl maisiUswu Tb9 aboTs saie ti isrtVrr adioBrnad to us 15 ta day or Apru, mil, to Be sme pace iu tiiare n aaj. T. f- LAXrOftLU OaJSS r ( B . CHA. 8. CABtir-atslaiaa Csdr f beriS Dated Atrfl i, littl. mhtdlAmul Tbe above saie Is ftxrlliT 4vdjarat4 to the MA day of Afita, idii to iGf avaaae pi-e aaa uiae oi ay. Dcted April 171. tj;UittraBrtli Tie Boe sate is fartbcT adVoBTO'd to tbe Ztb day os April. tae sastve tice saa time ot aay. W m. g. LdarDBLiL. Btirr a . CUAS. ft. CdtusfBAJUa, Caeer tberlC Dtvtfid Arrfl i 2, 1-71. &d33 .Sa- Sf ) TO RENT ! Pssirs ,iss ilvea May 1st, tbe deslrabl Keatdeare, la. 134 a-xrhaace-at. Tsdntr oa the srersitea. or oi J. W. SHAW, Cob dsctor w.T.C. BR. arrr-rr TO RENT ! 1 aa Maai t t-alxta af each 3EzS tret, w ISA ar vrtthaat aaer. taitabte foraaasfairetrrsrs. Xiqaire st 3 Exchanre ttreet. I snTsaK j B . tt. stLLiaas. TO RENT X The tat af May, a Haw a Bad . rial la too eeaatttlea We. 3 CI arlaas-aa , sear tbe ttreet rsl road eats. Itest waimte. apzatl ta- . " " - WANTED I A VrTAW TO DRITE TEAK ASD Oil TO TEAUb. Alan araated a eraert 1K5T VM ess wrtt vretl. tsd r ria. Apply at ta i5TaLLitiCK state ttreet, over M scale t Maxls htore. apjscac JjOSt S ttl.I OR aTETat aTatBatTS. a EOtl J or .KitA BACKS, coalers at ass. twa sad its dollar bflia to -Sa atxaosst ot eiehtv doilsrt. TaaSad- ar will be hberaPy rewarded by leaviae the aaaie at ta aw aorta rora street. CBA8. ULLBTSOW. NOTICE f TBE r OB K Pit? BED hsvs tormoi s flatted partberasip I r tsa persfcae of aeaits b Crockery asd Giaatware at Ktcbatar. to be knows by th saao af Theodora K. battertos. Bafd partserth'.s to eem atesce April S. Ufa. asd to eoatlaae eaiU Asrtl l.rart. f tiedore E. Battenoa. ot Boebeater. at tha a-esersl partser, sad HenryC. Wlaser.of Bocheater, asd tasae Palmer, of Clarkvos. Mosroe eoaoty. are tae abeclal partsera. fiaid asiaeesl sarxaar bar ar each coatrtb-aied tbe tsat af tares tsoaaaad dollar toward tbe ccsamcs rtock ol aaid partsaraslp. listed Apru H, 1411. THEODORE E. BaTTEB;0!, Bkhst C. WI9ME, ISAAC PAXMhB. -x1Slwi5wvioaT XXatalntkm af Co-Paxtnerahip. O'TRdllDITOr PMILwtbe Srai nt Wu-Ussta A Batteraoa waa dataolTed by wtatsal eoa-test. Parties havtaa: elatwta srs-sattbe la;e Cris, te EraeDl I area t- feraa K. Wliiiasta, sad sit scroestt dse aaid arm to ha aaid to aaid aarty wao at asthonxed ti tattle an aceoasu. . v ,.n vti t a aaa TafeoIXJiUl B.BATTEBOh' I take sleatax ta recoeamead'&s' to ths rrsde Mr. Tbeodore . rlatter. -s. wbo ecsu&ae to csrr aa tae Croekery, Las:p aad olaapware batiaeas aa tae okt ttaS'i, so-5,t kxcBasge tret. BiiiidU kVASJ B. WILLIAMS. C ajif a Lake Tws Boats Daily. ITHACA - - CORNELL UNIVERSITY. Xed action of Fare. Tbe aBrrzeat, ebeapset aad best rout- from R.-c s'er to laaaaca, voroeii Lnifert'i y, as! to was oa t-a-uaa Lakwe. lbe aew btemtoau. -9-X0Zl aed rrIa wfTt s V'lwm FEOSTKMAr. niTTtis are bow tsnslsff oa Csyas-a Lake, lesTlssr Csyaara Pnageat ? J9. . auia may r . m.-, oa arrival oi irmi oa tfi Y. C. titi rare from vartica nriore to itbaea s FaMeiat:ers for this raate trom Kocbter win as tae trai nam . I.e. KleKrt Tia. Ocd stoad at 5 a. or ft A . M . as: 73Kf XOTICEe Cttt CrjtrKa Om-r, laAJC.Ye.Uf r, ApTti a, LST1 . f SB1KD PttOrOrvAI.HwIilM reeeUed at tlve t-Hy Cltfraaotbse, ta uiie eity. aaa.1 Monday. May uc, tn.i. ax is a e4orK r. M ior scriei na- tae nuuw IBef aUkX&rrtl M.. tta fOT tba SCSarOa Ob IsTi ; teprUULi 'SLii Main street. S ertb aad ftomtk Fltxbasjb suaets. Krcnt street. Krerr prooaal mast be srrrnmpenisit by a bead or rBarantee, slatttsjti by oae or more rwpoaaibLe fperasoae. to tcie efl't ibst be or ttier taat tbe pervca d?iibi DropoaUiic will, tetAietlUteiy avftaer belad oou- fied tttal bl or trrtr prupotai are accepted, eater iuie ss obi efsB- wliA go-oi stui suaaaeiatabt avureiJea, to Bar- fciPTll arte aasr K lraAaVrHl lt)T. Tbe iJotamue CoeacU rerv tbe rlfiit U award tbe eoetraew as taev aeaiat tor tae oesi utitucu os tae iax-payrrs aad tbe city. Ail bwads sa ast bawa tbe raeataue C sited States rar-eane staiaa aatievl. profbrr'.y caaeeUed. X Ora4N- W B B9rmtM.illMlS Ok.. W. COSWOI.LT. V. II. WBITMOKJC, stOUT. X. HcCuNRLU apidajt Committea. L. A. EIIRLICH, HOSIERY. White Goods, LACES & EMBROIDERIES. MILLINERY. KID GLOfi PARASOLS. 8 Main-st, Bridge. FOR SALE 1 SMlECttTlLK a I. al a tan, atsa:ad Is a aairawalit vtti;a.oa lite- A raUroaj, few ttaica irHB tsaaeatv. fataeetaar wits Dwelilfca- aad r asl va aeeeaaf teed. A verv aeairabla tnAU ty. ha thaid at a bar rata. A.dreae r. o. aaaviua I, avcatater. B. X . aelft-l aa-t MaEE TWAIB'a AIT4)IBI Pf T- t: White Dead Balls." Red Dead Ball." ft r tictlltlWa " New York Regulation. Junior." "Young America." Alia Bats and Scot Books. Liberal Terms to Clubs. tup. TRtoi trrrutD at micric TBBK PKicisi. SCRANTOM & WETMORF, 1 2 Stato strew t. GHA1TD OPEITINO Sjriii & giM GlotMsE ATI 130State-st 130 State-st H the !! ai4 reliable ylaee ts luj jar clothfir. Greater inducements, Larger Stock, better made , mere wirable, and the mast stjlish stsck 0! Readj-Made CUthiB' is the city. Barii ktes is the clethiir trade fr the list twelre jears ts Rochester, we kisw exact ly what the pessle wait Is the Use f clethiir, ' ait gtarastee ts seQ less thas aiy sther stsre is the trade. Cue sie aid all aid exaaiae rssds aid prices. Call asd see sir ch Salt for. fri a Oocd aaita I 3S rise B aca PsS'A...... ttt 1 OA eiood Heavy Pta't ... ITS , Ol lull U'O All-Wool Veata lit XOU S nd CotxoB Bocks 1 Pasex Cellars per boa la REMEMBER THE PLACE! 139 STATE STREET. atsradeoiPmrTs The Bail CAMMGES! XXTE H4VE BOBTOW BABD THS LAhkSr AS- V tortssaat to be foaad as say sb twt (M n-a ... . ... . . , wi .Ttarr TartatV af saeaasr vettiaiea, troat tha itianaaa baser to taa Saeat caach, all ot tae moat asorovaa aayass so. . Mfftta, a-..bMt deataa ot a ow aa voaraa. The SaUowis: are a lew ot oar aaoat dsahred LaradatxletM Z The hrmtlu dnasd for to beastrl at earrhsr amoae ths eate. hi a (saraates lot Bs ssp- norrty- Landanri I lb favonl. family ctrrla-.. t sit that fjf t aad w later. Clarences Th etrrtae par excsllese for aaorors rsil sad opera driTe. - Coupe I ThHrsirtare, tOBtich BidB Brw Tork f-r thoa-Iqt aad eaiiiac ; alto far bankers sad Bverchaats a-. to aad frftta their placwa al haaiaeta. U Coupe Roekaway Vy 1 he wowt cowveSiteBt fssafly esrrtacw. saw posa ar ; Biade with or aithoat -l ' ttnan, ta ae-contaKHlsie tlx sersoss. me ar atsoe iiht for cat sr no aoraea, accosraoastisc tuar peraos. CalechtSs I Barowehrt ta t Sttsd' CtrTisrs of every d Btrtfttas. for Lrvwry or Back tai'eeaa test as kaad or ataiaa w oro.-r an asorteat aoasibaa aotlca. Itw-nrsnrrseaTpsrehaaers BrtBE at die-tar la Costs ted titaita sriae aad tsatity. We raise we eaa aai la boab. Betaadeaicsers aad atsaafaeserar we oaer faeiLtiae to iBaa wl'SlSd to oroor carnadr v, nw,rtu.rifiitjii,cqaw to Say etSST eStAblt. Best Is ihlaeosstry. Latter, add'esaed to St. r tltf aaaertliUoa af earrlaaje re (failed wall aseea .III HsvtB iiTCibd ts-t sstested aewwacklaety rich aa haa saasr beext aaslted to nmt. Bah .r Before, caaoira aa to aaii Iroai tattetkticaaaaesca thaa eaa be patehaaedttacwacje. JaiEsCiiiiigliii.Foii&Cfl., BepssiUrj and Factor Ss. 3 (aial street, E Chester. tm FINE WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JEWELRY Solid Sterling' Silver, PLATED WARE. HAY & SKILLMAN'S. Watehest our Specialtr. dironogTEptt, Chroaometera, Ltrera, TiBjiag Watchea, La4ier Watchea. B7a' Wmtdtea ! Sueh mn etodlema rmritly mm I mm- Uht erery tt ranger. JPmeM WTuteh tcarrantett on year, anot mold tcithout exaggeration. The tear' rant eorert everything but neglect or accident, and are oilcll our cumtomer to report any thing that comtt thort oruch representation. Mir try Waleh la tnomt carefully examined by aVr. MM ay before otferlmg It for note. Thi precaution account for the increae of confidence eith which tee hate been farored in m fdeadily increasing trade. iBirrtuiBTB.iET, asrts ewt) - evpaan Pewer- Baaa. Fire, Marine, Life ass lcei4cB. IKSURAITOE. Taa atteatlo o tbe eitiaeas af tWbacaur aad vtdatf ea iwsseasuaaj savtbea w C.etit-x-svl Inaxarauica .attcy, (xwTABUsatxts ra tt.j Sates aver SI ! atrwaat. Bav. aV -e. Plaar, W aaaaa tiall lalseh, Kaawtaw. This Otter msracaa th wail Itest, ttsa. huaba aaa retMUar ntnuwi VuMutflaVttal.Ca. ASSata.-f BBtaBt h'lii(rl4 fu aadMaitaa fa-Ca. .. ta ar rire tsa .. - fu tn.a r rvra tas.C. . TrZ Veea rlr taa. OB- . fc f Clasrsaol asd LoaAoa ts SlaJM FU 'ria. t rr- JEtas Pirs 1st Os. '. -' , . .. w.w v.rt r-ra la. ta. .. au.ia M.Ul.1 BaaeSI Lif 1st. Co. t .. ta-) haliwaf r aaMBert tit Uaa. TABLX OP C0MB1SBU AASETB, Over Forty-SI Million Dollars Maris ea ot tae Ssraaaraat Attarlstta the aaate. aMin:aaa. raraltara. Marehasatrte aa MaaattlBf Bts Batabi eaaaeata isas-ad tt LOW ET kalta, .MiMlar attittos S1TTB ta tsa taaarsaa af rana rtssattr, laolarad U aauiacs aad tsau F arasara, for ar.tar .r a I ' .. Trsaeiars ssoaid srir EseMsst Ttetttt halora aoatsatawiaa; toarsav at aw tar ts eastt s day. aay tocet ot a ua rosa, BW.Bl at aaaaa raaaa, ea raw Usual Basest Lisa l.atraacCBail tte sea a) paay ta tsa castry. I oaaas auattahai adnata tsd trow Ml r said at wv eaUa- w. f. aOi-xtA, Aasaa, xtaratBWXBVtaABatj FIELD CROQUET The Game for the Season. Havlr BBsd a twawutasa la BV aaha as of taa ler L af sot too tsr est, aealart ia thl ensstry B A tr tba aarsoae of sU 11 a-ksriae osr bavf Beat, w havs sow ha aerfaet araar a CROQUET FACTORY IB I9CBIITIB I tHaSs etasfui it to stasy. aad tarslBf ewt .vary waas taraa aaawrca eeta. They are the Best ! They are the Cheapest ! We re a mat. to rr ew ottort seat say evatrst tyfca lor taa aaia tear, aaa ws an aesawn aad saeesrsaraeBt at oar aBtaraeBw. STEELE & AVERY 57 State street. WE WILL SELL Lad lea Urn H'akTa. RmSKiM ttaaca Braateal Emsroataraa- Wetta" -' Paac Bordwrs. -ante si vt Vaf-4 Cottsa aVdkTa. ChOdTts t Whits FaaeyCstw-- LaW B tvari. Ta. Ttaa. slata aaiaaA flial't Boers, htack aad taary eatar. Ttaa. taiaat Hytea. Beat., la tail atyaas. Ladlaa' Loot Brlar A rtaifl libtb t ot tare Lace ti as 1 1 Llaaa CMar. 9 aaev treats Utat Collars. pssar Cata. Lraaa ladta ate aaa Wraaaart. Ladles' Muaaa' stark taah lata cof iornlToo Bow Catarad Beat Hors BBttowd, vaastasa tvarj wattea, r at J.t Pa art tack PlalB aata Paart Paacy Col'd . - t Ttmcf Balr Taath aM Ptaa taatar Baasd eeeab. ataatf toauHlatV, ia'aW Bm too ta tl t Mawae- Moaa arv Boys' ate boats. M MaiaBSkt. rsftaed Black aaa Brews rarsaotr, rsltaed -Fy Prtarad BarS.d Caller Ltead Callaayt EH of taa seat a a all k. liaais KM atav-aa, taa ladles' Bartta Of. Mlllf Store1 ia all otsB. aaa what. Cheaper than any other House. GORILY BROS. 52 State street ATE. BATS. c B D ttat T A an BAT Ala. MATW. BAT. BOW SET. tvtsatit. Busotla bB tti B'i!ai. boa B tTs C. B. D. Milllserj ass Fascj AT lto State street. aUBEOBa. c B D CURTIS. ftLBBvBS KiBBUK. BIBBONt KlBBOha. aieaoMr BIBhOht hia0B f LOWkkS. FLO WEB. low aaa FLOW EMS PLOWkkB. FLO WEBB. FLywBB. itaTTiaTSf rr. rlOWKKa a i .ft Geo. tar. Wadswortlx, rntlaoa, rdtartMatam aa4 aprjfna- FLCUt, 6IAI1, HAT, MALT, BCtV- atatier, Chttt. Fsrlt, Lra. ataaasas, Btaataa, t Aatwaeaaal Siawsw. taaaa Be. t a Lladart atraea, . Piaa Owes i Wmo- i.i. oa ariiail airaat, anaiaa. IsT-taasoB Chsa. B Bast. Baa- atarteaaa sas , Boa..o. J. IT. TVVar t(a. hat-x sot k tB.Uioaa. aaa .kocVaeiae. B fj arvv af h e., tas.Chata. laUi l.-a Brawsai. aaa, Btba a tajv. t. t.i star. Pate a Ca, Troy, s. TV o- planar, Eatj, Cuftaa, i It- tptdeooicx Tt TaASa: J EBIEW' rtlRlfl IMat-rrt I JLi 1st aa4 tara-aty. At IAAT

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