Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on November 9, 1878 · Page 1
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 1

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 9, 1878
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w . K I sua, aa. rata Bat-P. M. fori . BU mrnm 12. ins. day i irrtll o r. Ooaek OAoa, a,wB rtala. vxn 3 A. K All :1S AM 4 AM MP. at 45 P. lit. HP. l. All :B AM AP.I m p. n :30 P. Vi a. :t AM :0 A- M : A. M S-W P. I 06 P. la y.m P. i:P. M BO AD. Ill 0:15 A M 1KB P. t a p. m :30P. M 0P. P.M. P. M. 1 Agl. 73.1 to fatev eta at L set Oaoiaw-uffalcaai tB. i' and Brad- l; axTrruoa B A. 11- rry, d ail Ifordarrfe. rTdtt9EBV . I. O. to I P. ran way sdviue and X Brafltord. at LeBop and H. .t aerrluewaai , with A. At s, Clnclaaal Era. aralaa xprees il ota i Paaseace L- ail srala all braaooaa (iHTON, rer agent, fleet. . 6'S- COCK Of 100US for ZaoenBII 18, HATS, A WH0LWAU BRO.'S e.8t. hoe Store, I IT, -tCII. I" TBI I OLD teeps o Ouuu and ho aTaMO, B-rBOPSwa of taf.;;, rfBBl-ar- a. i''-t,. X A. awNa. tew- Dlliy EDITION. Democrat and Cbroniclft rCBURBDBTTBB Eochester Printing Company mn stow-1 nmAT kiokttxdj. OSm Ho. 3 Wert Main Street, EOCHE8TEB. II. T. Lamps Lamps I hav- Just reoefTOd an legant aatortmsnl eC Bravo. Nickel aad Gold Brassed Lamps BBkjaa destga, rich is onlah. Bad very tow in p nee, EWed sp with tbe Best trtauUaca, Imported j Whtta littm, c tor $1.00. I aim offer a very j .was gas Bran. Lamp for 7ee aad 60c, tB all varieties, lid Ot Lamps of a beautiful aaaort- BaBi u (,v M Sio to 6 e ell complete and ready form. Bracket Lamps, very Am article, $1.00, 7Sa end oOo. Oermen Brudent aad Hurt-lean Lamps, Kmmmm, eperm sod Candle Lanterns rwnbined. tor 76c Bum fitted a with Eero-k i Fxtnrop, Ac OQ Can, Sea Taper aad Lighters, Alcohol Torches, Oaa Krys. Ao. Lamp 1 Tratstiin of all kinds for family oaa eons-Batty m Notbiiw m the Lamp Una bat was wa j sav. oa Band at the loiraat pries. Now Bovelues arriving, stock sadlea t variety. B. SAW FORD, 121 Eut Main-8t, m. A.vtHm Bole. QALUSKA PHILLIPS, Oil Ancticn anil Commission Hcnse . ESTABLISH lbSt, nut. Hoi. 0 jjt 9i b.t Miin 8TamariBaioe. BtCBICTKB, W. Y. BeOaBeal Estate ana aBknidaaf Pmoaal Prop grty Cmat advaoca mad. o. conalgameDta. ajri.ui.ihia !- e-erj Sa'arday at Wj A. M. lAfURDA TS BKQULAB BALMS Of TUB tutwn, Horse, fFowo-u, Sleight, Otti-ien. Sanest od Thing Generally. OS BATTJKDAY, VOV. Ota At 93 A. M.. at my Salwraona. S 128 and Xa-t Mla etrwv 1 shi cffVr or av. all kind. Booatkaeplng AjtlcVa aw aad seoon'l hand. FABXOIt AN O CHAMBER SUITES, ika, BrdMMda. Burraoa, Uraaainf Caaea, UtaDOB. uDmso. ae aaa a-eona naaa i aprtrg Ba. Unttr. 8aa, Feather Bed aod Fuiowm, Tete-Tu. Hofaa. My aad SjCa Oba arble Top -b. Hall Mands. Kack alin. Oak, aah and Marblo CballBa 5 ttamrobe. FxiMsioa ar.d iat Tabioa, ' ktoita Cnuctv and Lo';orw, Carpeta, , Lot Oil Ctotba, lot Crockery, lot blast (rare, Piat-d da, Kaives aad 'orfea. Loot in r Ola-eea Cnrtalna, lot Shawhj, OS Pamtltive. CnroivMw and EagravlnCB, Lot Arraand tood dutra. ALSO, SHOW C ASKS. Lot Booka. aew Sir pi Hareear, Clocks aad itatoh. Pn ne R-TOTera, Aim, Brfrig-rators, Fitters, Ooaatcn, Goal Box Tuba P. 111". m ater Cooler, Qlaas Caaea, Crib, and Cradlea, large Wardrobe. Btvifig Macalaea. Alao, at 13 o'clock, la Front of Btorea, Borara, VaEoea Slelnha, Cotters, B areata aa flack other property aa may be lrt t r aala. air " em caeh and poattrra. ArtiflcUU IAmos. TESTIMONIAL. The oadersljrBed havhu Fi9J&M carefully axamlBod tha i .!-j.-f? 1 artificial Limb maaafias I tared by J. DAWES, an 1 favorably impressed by the I ingenuity ana percectto of it mechanism, aad srooid racommand him to turn patroaag. of those who may need his asr- Iylcee. Aa the result of many years of practical experience with to. late i ur Dir. a naa tsvroaooea I into the detail of the ao- iaaoss aoui original features, which add nuv arally so then atrengta ana aaraouuy. 8. aoirraoaiaBT SL U. H. W. Drurt. M. D I LUTik Unu. M. D. M. L. HaLUT, M. B. L. Botst, M. D., O. D. Woonrcr. M. D. J. DtWBS, Actus Jons. TL J. P. WnrrascK. M. D 17u West Amu. Pocheatar. N. x. Bsi out Oars pas. the door. Pi 1111 slOB guaranteed. "Wo;, 111 areata. Steam Heattitj. BEuTJdq til Stei A Specialty with Us. Onr work la strongly Indorsed by jpama Bring to. The nniform aridene la that wa faraiah tba same ateam oa from SB to 10 par east, less fuel than other works that prseeded our. Bix GOLD SECTIOSAL and rrsral other pettua of east Iron aeoond- kand Boilar for aaie cheap. EUREKA STEAM EEfflB GOMP'I SOS State Street. B. . USHX JOSEPH PABAET. KQLLISTER 'ft CO.. Wholeaale aad BetaB Dealer, la . LUIV.BE 9t Pine and Bern lock. Shingle. Lath, Pickets, Post, 103 Fxchange Street HAVTNQ PTBCHASED OP McOBAW ft CO T78 Alezander-St their large stock of Pin Lumber. Bhingtee. Lath, c, are bow prepared to offer GREAT BABWAlVS to dealers and consumers, tW Call and got price before purchasing elsewhere. LUMBER. k V TH - TABM OF rRAIQ ft CBOUCH.COBff BB OL Griffith aUid dontb fct. P&ai-tns . KhMtr, ova o found ibt .mtmmt tock of pawoad Uavrd tvoa -oft OOO LBj DT Wakt Of a Ib&fiT. OODelStlliaT Of BlaVOk -inBt, Buttrout, Ctieco ut. Cherry, Aih, WQit. oos B4vmvo4. Mapie, Oftlt. blcA'Tj-. Red Cdavr. 1 jfc. hamloca Aad Pine, gbinyiira, ltii. ete. Bilii of 1 V'to4itdMoratr. l-TTo be soid at qxtoei ! O. H. hi OR DOFF, (Stjoceaaot to Ohajoberlal ft MordoK. TVltoJeawUe and KetsUl DEALKB Ol LUPBE Pin, BZUXOCK. SHWOUCa, LATH, PlCKBTh, rvann, so. la C.m.r a tat. mm Plan Btrawta, KIX'HteTtlt W. T. ASSIGNEE'S SALE! The Entire Stock or the Bmbt Warts b offered at Prirate Bale at 'Wholeatale and He tail, la lota to suit purchasers, ooaaiaalog of PltTCBE rBtMEa, MOTTO rRAaTia. BLACK WAXJtCT BBACKXTo, BTKMOSCOPEH, BTEKEO80OPI0 TIEWS, VELVET FRAMES, PIOraKB OOBD, KAT8.HAIL8 CHBOMOS, MOTrOEJ, fte. I strict! T for -M. H. STEARNS, - Assignee, 1 & 43 Excamnge-St. Cold Weatlier Goods! kKITTED WOOLS N SOCKS, BTOCKISOB, aOTTiBB. tEOOIN'v, JACKETS, ZEPHVB DURrSEB, V ASC1N A f OBS, WOOL, W0KTE0 AND ZIPHTB YA&N8. 1-fie Yariely Lowest Prices, LQrVENTKAL&ETTENHEIMEB 1Q Wr.TliroRO-Sf. Rooms whit Soard. rv boom sniTaai.B roa obntlbmabt avd Ibwi I:"arback parlor, larsa ul aat off furies hw a lfc"r'" t., Ac r iao two sosbia r viai a &g'w4. A.y at I ass tU 1 M .Rochester DEMOCRAT: VOL. Amim HaaHwj. LH.GWCO Do an Beat WorkSbi Baitliic by STEAM! - RambiaaOudlQMrBttlBC. 23 Xchanere Place. -iauAoev fiOoOs RUBBER BELTING OV ALL WIDTHS. RUBBER HOSB of all siseo. Also Steam. Petroleum aad Smooch Bora Suction Boas. BKEWEK'8 HOSS of nn- rquaiM quality alwara la atook. l.NG of ail usa and thtckneaa. BUBBK8 FA0K- Aiso Soad Stone. rlnmbago. slannaraan. uouna aoa oqaare rtatoo, alto the celbmted Tucka" Patent Pistoo Pack tne. COTTON WASTE. Laotai- Leather, both la store and cut. Also Uasket Rings, (or man-hole and hand hole olatea. both round and oral, al ways la stock at the KUBBEB STOKE, 61 Wast M&ia-ta. JAS. K. CHA BERLIN. Maoofaofr'a Ag ast Hide Harness Store HARNESS, For $16 00 For $22 00 For 18 OO For 25 00 For 20 00 For.:.... 30 00 V Th avboTt H&TDem ire cmr own make. : of good Otvh stock. We take pleMara la offeKlng irood Baiw-M to the pabiio tvt Uie ebore prioes. tT Reptxirliig proropUy dose. 1 GEO. B. PAGE & SON 98 East Main Street Dealer hi aa kinds of Horse furnish bag Ooode. I AM SELLINGr A LADY'S Pebbled Goat Button ... Boot for $2.00. And a Lady's Fine Kid Button French Heel for Ihe ahoTe styles are tha BEST Boot ht Boch ea ter for the moaey. Am also sellixg all kinds of RUBBERS Greatly Beduced Prices. tST- No on. CAM or WILL nadeneu me, OaD ATT State-St. MAOKIE'S Few MtaMent Plan OVER 200 PIANOS AND ORGANS Offered aboot HALF the USUAL PRICK, AT Mammoth Piano, Organ & Music Stores 82 STATE-ST. IDDCAfE TimelTES anl, Prices LOWER Than Families. Ever Qnklirj Bought, Not Empty Name General Depot for HaZILTOH BROS , BACON j ft Kane, ballet, liavib ft co., emeus in VrSE ft BON, aad MACKIC ft CO. '8 BELL TBEBLE PIANOS. Alao MAvON ft HAMLIN aad PELOULET ft CO. I BO NS. Bond. Bellable. Hsefnl Pianos for Practice, at 7fi. 890, I1C0, 1125, $140, 150, 175andJOO upward. Fine Organs, 150, 136. 880, 17a, 890, (100, 111 and 8310. Sold by small Monthly or Quarterly payment, or Bented Low by the month or quarter, with privilege of purchase. Now la the time for Study and Practice. - Proot by MACKiB'8 PEW SYSTEM aad bay or rent an Instrument, paying when ooareaient aa fur the current neoeasiues ol me. 82 State-St B0CHE8TEK, H. T. HMOS tl5. "mil Ie 3, 1r, I will sell the new i stent M IlBij riant' tor 1 'S3 mfisu; wurramea to becnraila and to.iar in tane Ijotfwr than enr Llsrtoli. ths world. AlfrOllreof ihsclsbrated Knsbs rtsnos. st aatoel who awe price ana tores at Brat mu f .it, ,ha tftrn. ,r 1h beat now mads, and ecsno-wtedae a .neb by tbe leading srnats of Ainer. lea and a c rope, lnclocis. .ocb fiuailiar namas as iinn appr, 'lom Hsri. Lneca. neiiosic, reaM. ensi- nerir sq l aiao oB.r.nree ot tBs Taronie aeaBin. a Diehl arid two Pian,.. retail prlos tot 7 Oil. at t.JO to 1400. aiso four laes. Woods rvana at eettial oost. I saarsniee the In.traaiects ot, red to b nrat-eisaa. ana will warrant then lor an lndettnitat lenetb of time. Tha money wti be re fobd'-d on ssr tbat are not as rapraaented. This o8rof ert-cls. Instrsmants at ihs prlos of ssc-nd or (bird s ass fines la mad. for the aote perpoas of a sk'r g ro m rnr a larwe .tock a'raady parnsaaea tt r the holiday trade by baring tn large qnan tries ! I can .T.ll rujaelf of lar. eat d Kxmii'i. tbn. enabitne sot parroesto set tbe boat Ptano. and firsao. now Badr, and scSttowl ged aa saoh. at ths pnoa of cteeptronee, an eartr call oit examination of the In.trnaiaot. offered will conrinos yoa of tbe trath of tbete asaeniona, ani met t saan DaMieas rnii ainc or etr.nv. ani e.ejs i ir.rramanu a wars orTanl bkO. D. HSIITH, Sola Ageat, Btare-au, r wer. ' focpw., BOOKS OPENfD, BALANCED, AND CLOSED HPECIALTY. To. Adjustment of Complicated aad Iatrteate Aooouata a Specialty. sT.IaHaRBIS, Expert Accountant Over 141, Boom IS. Wejbndge Rock, Stat. Btres Haw, St. I . POBTOFiriCB HOT. Sia iVMataArg. ft, W. MUDGE, JeSreys, tloilertiitei 125 Bt&te Street OPEN DAT aiul NTOHT MEN OF MAKE In Kngllah Choech Hi tory Rv Wllll.m Marshall. I D P k tLiW. miaajt A Avery, 44 aad 48 Biataal it? t-h " C i o V V '7 ) w Ifl "" awe. fl PR 46. NO. 266. ?4M itMatff. Lew Pressure Steam Heating Direct or Iodlmot RadiaOoaL DDrTMNO'S Patent "fit Feeding Baa Bnramg Boiler oaes but little fuel, rrqoirea almost no attention. Call and see it in operation. H. L. CHURCHILL, No. 1 1 BUlt. Straot. By-Telegrapli. OTEE!IBBIIT WBATHEB BEPOBI I KoCHKTia, Not. 8, 1878 10-68 p. bb. Puob or mm ObskbtaxiH. Albany.. Aluena .. sv 87; 06 8019O4 am i tio au.16 1 ra. so la i Hi t4 NW. 00 NWI Cloudy. jOioudy. Bismarck 4 BE oiear. Cloudy. breck' Bridget 8 cuiraio N B N rair. tjbeyena . ChlcaEO.... CSereiand . Detroit .... Duluth Erie Thre'tn'g DG.19 1 f 3U.1 ; 1 NB: uiwar. Ukrudy. Cloudy. Clear. Cloudy. Cloudy. N 0 N 90 11 30 14 Escanaba. Or ad liaren an 2-i . s N La Crosse 80 24 4 'Clear. Marquette... Milwaukee . . i il 30..8 : .05 90.16 mm soil SO. IS 30a S0.i6 4 UoudT. 8 H'lear. SO Cloudy. 12 ClonCy. 8 Oloody. 11 Cloudy. 4 Clear. 4 Cloudy. O.ear. 10 Pair. lOte i w 3i 8 3 ! N North Platte Oswego Port Haroa Bocbentar... St. Paul...... Toledo....... 16 SW il NW 1 W 5 I W 3 :8E 1 N 001 8 YaRktoa.... Saoduariy. . . Maolaoa. War! E. a UAKBIOTT, 8. & B, V. B. A tdeoRa-'o. Increaae liOaal Cbseryatl.aa. Teaterday the higheat asmperattire wa 38. tba ioweat 28, with ilalag bar-omster. fresh and brisk northwest wlada, cloudy weather with a light bow at boob, and in the afteraooa etearlag. Amount of melted snow, 0.08 Laches. Mean dally bajotnater, sa 89; nteaa oaUy thermometer, 32.1 njeaa daily relative humtditr. 78.7 dot cent. Tl. midnight western reports give slowly rising baro- raeter, no oeciaeu cnange m semperasure. re- ecu to. veering; to north and northwest wind. clear ana oartly oloadv weather, and as lower laax. atetioDS,' cloudy wearher. Storm siguala lowered at ttocoeater, ana at tower lake araiiont. . WTWD. Time. Baron. Tr.Hum.Itreo.Veloe. Weather 7 am ZU67 30 78 nw w doudr. S bjb.... g 96 m 79 W 18 Clearing vp.m.... ou.ue o . v n is loaaj. Weath.r iBdlcatloaa for T-Dap, WAtHmsToa. Kot. 81 a. m. For the lake region, -clear weather, cold northwesterly wlada, becoming warmer and Tariabl stationary or higher preasnra. The temperature will fall below freezing in canai region of middle state. Washl.gtoai Notaa. The bureau of ednoatlon Friday receiTed the bow of tha death of on of tha moil dlstingulsha d Japan ese educators, Yohlatrl Halakeyama, president of kha Toklo onlyer-.Ity aad rice-president of the-edooatlooal dei- eeatioo aeot to this country in 1878 to study. with tha assistance of kha American bureau, of education, oar school syetera, and to pnb-llrh an Sogii'h translation of kha history of education in Japan. Ths cabinet held an oaoaually long aesaion Friday, during whlcn there wu considerable ititercbange of view, concerning tha aoop and character of ths ree mmeudatioot to b made in the yariou. annnsi reports of th. head of departments, and in ths president' mtfMge, Secretary McCrary submitted reports stowtug that peacs sod quiet prevail on tbe Kio Grande, with a fair proapeot of con tinoanoe. It I expected (her will be a foil attend a nee of the member of the hooa committee on appropriation on tha 20th lost. They ill hold continuoo session until the asembilit. of oonarees. Tha clerk of the committee has already procured data and astt Oiates of approtri(it:ona which will enable tbe committee to prepare by that Kim th fortfl- peDtino, Indian and military academy bills. which are not llkaly to occasion any consider able controversy in the committee. The new commissioner of patent on Fri day Insfif rt an order with toe approval of si secretary of the interior changing th. office regulations to provide a fee of twenty-five dollar required by th law to ba paid for tha re- g'stra'toa of trade mark which shall here after be payable In two instalments ths flrjt of ten doll-re on ths filing of the petition, and the remainder when the registration Is granted. Heretofore the full amoant ha. been re quired upon the reception ot th application. the petitioner taking the risk of losing the whole fe in case of unfavorable. The changed mle will conform to the moat liberal practice In regard to patents. Voaelcai Rate. Count Bchonvalofl wa oa the Rossi an. Imperial yicht Llvldia, recently swamped. Count Andraaay presented the budget to the delegation, Thursd-y. Th expenditure for 187U is estimated at 94 751,715 florin, lea than th preceding budget. The weather in London is eold and wet. Telegrams from northern and eastern Europe announce heavy know. ' Tha Apennines and Black Forest are covered, and the Swiss parses blockaded. In Franc th river are very high. Th Betne threaten an lnnada- dation. if arXsoorsi. IMPOETMT TO butcher; FOB A NICE ABSOBTMENT OF Batchers' Cleavers and Choppers, Butcher Scales, Meat Cutters and Staffers, Wilson's Knives. Rogers & Bon's Knives, Wilson's Steels, Lee's Steels, Meat 8awn, Meat Hooks, Block Scrapers, CALL ON LOUIS ERNST 3 West Main Street. Ousters. . BEAD Q.DABTBRS WSiTII ClUltF CHlEBl Mi BELLINI AT FACTOBY PBICEB. CBISTAL LAKE PIOKLES BABBPLS AND HALF BAKBELB. Chow CI10W& Mixed Pickles IN HALF Br LB. aad TWO.OAIa. PAILg. Cnpe Cod Cranlie'rlea, IV e w FlfftiaiKl DatcN, lHlar. Grtiiet, , OrtkUareBj, Lemona, WHOLK8ALK and RETAIL. M F. Aiicli 116 H!ate-St. Democrat SATURDAY Uarawnre. We Call tie Attention ol Dealtsrs TO CUB LABQl BTOCK OP , SNOW SHOES AU kin da, of the beat m.kend at the LOWEST marteirat-a. A Clean Sweep WITH OUB NEW Carpet Sweepers. It remoTea plna, paper, lint, dust, dirt. o , from 1 , the carpet, lea-lag the tarfaoa oleaa aad bright. Dusting la unnecessary after lu aa. Price reduced. 75 CENTS FOR'A NICE STRIPED LAP BOARDS. 75 k Malta 27 Ixchange Street, (Opp. Clinton Hotel). THE NOVEMBER ELECTIONS FRAUDS IN LOUISIANA AND ACHcsBrrs. Tha Lataat Betnraa Fr.aa Other State. Di8 Voiirss, Nov. 8 Tha state canvassers to-day ermpleted the canvas. Secretary of Btate H oh', mojorltv la 10,967. IlilB.lS. Cbicaoo. Nov. 8, A Springfield apeclal ta) a MorrisoD, Dem , I undoubtedly elected in the seventeenth district. Th xtepablioan generally concede ahlA, new aerst. Btbacxss, Nov. 8. Taylor, Bap., claim bis election in the 2d assembly dlst. of Kadl- The face of th return eleot Barry. A ncocnt ot U-e vote la demanded. F.Braaylvarsla. HAUCB Cbdsk, Pa. Nov. 8. Tb. latest returns eleot Klutz la this (th eleventh) oon Kresrional district by 103 plurality. Al bright will probably contest. vraaninctoai Tarrltery. FOBTLAirD, Or , Nov. 8 The latest aoV ires from Wathtngton Territory place the ertlon of Brents beyond a doabk. The He- po oilcans elected most of the legielatlv ticket and the district officer. Virginia. BicBMOirn, Nov. 8- A telegram from tha ninth district says K'cnmond, Doner rvatlve, baa a plsurallty over Hclioilea In two of four ccuntte heretofore unheard from, and that be will carry the other two, which will secure hi election. Florida. Jaceborvixlb, Fla.. Nov. 8 The returns thus far received give Btsbee, Bep. for 00 n- gresB, 850 ma, over Hull Dem., with two a untie to hear from. These gave In 1876 a Democratic majority of 756. II It expected there still ba a tailing off In tha vote Jar. - - Af.KWlat. Chicago, Nov. 8 A Yankton dispatch tat Bennett, Rep., for congress, has, 1,059 majority In twenty-eight counties, and Ave more counties to bear from. These ana corrected return, from th. Black Hills will make hi majority 1,500. The return from nine of tbe thirteen legttlativ district give tha Republicana twenty-four and tha Democrats nino. Kaaaae. ToPkKA, Nov 8. The retorns reoelvec from 106 representative district. Of these sixty-five are Reps, and thirty -six opposition. Tha returns on the state and congressional ticket come In very slow. Enough, however, are received to show that the Rep. majoritiea will Lot be a large a two year ago. Haskell, Rep , I elected to congress by a plurality, but HaUowelL the Rep. candidate at large for congress will probably hawe from three to five majority over Crawford, ma. candidate. Booth Carolina. NbwYobk. Nov. 8. The Times' Caarlet- ton special says: The Democracy la South Carolina on the congressional vo e Is over 60, COO. Ot thirty-two ooontles tbe Republicana carry only Beaufort. The three Republicans elf ctcd from tbat county are the only Republican members ot the legislature. In the second congressional district the Democrat refused to appoint a single Republican man ager of election, aad at nine-tenths of the polls the bal'Ota in the boxes exceeded the names on the poll list by hundreds. b extra ballot conn is ted of am ail tissue-paper tickets. mssenrL Br. Louis. Nov. 8 Buckner, Dem., con gress, in tbe 13th dlat., la re-elected by 8 OIK) l.lii.aHiy. laiwe arrxBtbrnctl Rep. maj. In th 9th dirt., reaches 1,500- Clardy, Dem , 1st dlst., part of which Is in this city, will probably have a plurality of 2,500. Frost's plurality in the 3d dlst. over Metcalfe, la Increased by the returns from the county pre cincts to about l,bW In th 11th dlst,, Clark, tba I resent member, has no opposition. There are not enough returns received from other district to give the majorities. Il is pretty .ale to say that tha Democrat ar elected In all of them. Virginia. RicbhosTD, Va., Nov. 8. Tha 9th con gressional dlst. I still in doubt. It la difficult to get returns from several counties. In 11 oonnttee McMulleo, lad. Conservative and Green backer, lead Richmond, Consevative, by 57 vote. It I expected that Newberry, In A Consvrvativa, will dtvlde tha opposition vote with HcKullln in the four remaining counties sufficiently to gtvs Richmond a plurality. Mcatullin get nearly a eolid negro vote. Full returns are not In from the Cret dlst. where there it alMroflg fight between Beale, Conservative, and Round, led, Beale will carry the diet, over Round and ditcher, lad. Conservatives, but It la Impossible to state hi maj. or plurality. Ihe remaining dltt. are as heretofore tele graphed. Haaearhnsetta. Havbhheu., Mass., Nov. 13 A recount of tbe vote, for representative in the state legis lature in this district elect Kimball, Dam., over xi-eney, nep., by V vote. Boston, Nov. 8 Petition, for ths recount of vote, in tba third congrewsional dlstriot in which Walbridge A. Field defeated Benjamin Dean, were Sled to-day with the city clerk. on tbe ground tbat several hundred ballot were counted for Field which did not belong to him. Tha difficulty arose entirely from tbe ballot bavlig th. name of Benjamin Dean for congress duplicated therein. In on case tha name was In large plain type and in the other small type not easily read nor likely to be noticed. One ticket had tbe name of Dean in small type at tha bottom of the slip wnere tne printers name Is often placed. These ballot ware gotten op, It I laid, after legal consultation, II being well understood that if cast aa printed, each ballot would count hot on for Dean. If Field's name was pasted over one of Dean'a pesters and re i maining printed, th. nam. of Dean would neutralise each other and tb. cttiaen w ho intended to vote tor Field la place of Dean onld lot hi vote. Dean being thereby th gainer. bamsiana. Naw York, Not, 8. The Telegram's Naw Orleans specials says that It ha been discov ered that on the eight of the election th as sistant register, voter and prominent Dem ocrat burglariously entered the omo. ot the aecretary of stats, and abstracted a larg number of tally sheets, which have the otliotal form. It Is charged that these have bean used for forged rantc. Neither Randall Gibson or Y. C. Warmoota ware registered, and Ihe aw ol Louisiana declares that their position are scant. Great excitement sxlata. Naw Oblbahs. Nov. 8 The etitsan tlnue to make affidavit against tha Demo-crailo eltetion manager charging baud In tha count, ballot box .tutting, destroy Ing vote polled .to. There frauds iuvolv. toe titles ot the eoograssmen in the 1st and 3d diea well a all tb oandldats tor th ally parieh o Steers. Return from thirty -fir parishes give Burks, Democratle tat treasurer, 8U,730 majority. 1 hey gave the Democrats 10 000 majority in 1876. Tha Democrats assert that the large majority for treasurer wa caused by Ik hostility of th colored people t Uardner. National candidate, who wa for merly a Democrat and wa charged by th colored people with being eanaaoted with las MORNING, NOVEMBER 9, 1878. killing of Job a Balr, In 1874. Oo the other band, tbey beHavad that Bark woald raatala N oboli'i poUoy of conciliation and juittoe. Tba IH mooratl mada larg gain for ooot aai "dfd and lealslatora by making a fusion of tickets la many- to which ttes negroes war acoorded laoh oUJom a theiifr, polio, Jorora, ;jastlce-;of the paaoa, eonatabl and coroner. Tba Republicana, bowerer. ascribe the pecullarttlea of tha throwing of the colored ToU to Intimidation, citing to Ttosa parish affair a a ease in point; alao to the lei or to pot the regular E-pabiloen ticket in tha field. FOREIGN NEWS. Gossip Regarding SehonTaloiTs HoTements. THE KEW GBICIAS MINISTRY negotiations Between Germany and the Yatican. Hireece. THB RgW BUIflSTHX. Athbsb, Nov. 8. Coumoundouroa has formed a new ministry, with himself s. presi dent ot ths council, minister of the Interior atid temporarily minister ot justice; Delysn-nla, foreign minister and temporarily miotater ot finance; Brabonlla, minister ot the marine and temporarily minister of war; Augerinos, mln'ttt" ot education and worship. A sear la. TJBDIBQBQUND TKLBGRAFH 113 London, Nov. 8. Toe Qermaa papers eom- menl ng oo the soapension of telegraphic com-monteafon with Vienna on account of tha prortrat on of the telegraph lines daring the snow atorm Bud day, recommended the Aus trian authorities to adopt the ondergronnd system ot constructing telegraph Une on tb most Important routes. BpalBu AB Ie.POKTA.S LaTTBB. Sab Stxba-tas Nov. 8. A letter Is pub lished from Benor Egano, formerly senator from tha Basque provinces, imploring the king to restore Fenroe to divert the total ruin of tbe north and tba serious ooDa-qaenoes which would en roe. The letter has c.used much excitement. Tha army ot the north Is about to be reorganised under a new general. Tnra.y. MTLITABT WORKS OS THB RUSSIANS. Cobstabttiiopijb, Nov. 8 Roasia Is astab- llsfalng a second line ot defense at Adrianopte. EHGLAND AND RUSSIA, Fevers! prominent Turks believing the atti tude of the Russians In Boumaoia, wtU lead to war with Bngland aod Turkey, are anxious to eonvlsee Minister Lsyerd, tbat tha b mode of fighting Afghanistan, would ba to engage Russia la Eoropa. Tba sultan's im mediate entourage, however, are paatno. Several minute ra, and especially the military party favor a definli Ive cession ot a portion of Bosnia to Austria, so as to seour bar neutrality In view ot future eontmgBncles, Prance. THB BXXLB or THB LIOI8LA TUBS, Fabis. Nov. 8. Oambetta yesterday In rece ving a deputation of provincial men says, "On returning to your homes, y oa will tell jour feJow ctttsan how unjustifiable tbe mistrust of those who wished to decapitate Paris by removiog the legislature to V. rsailles where it 1 in qud exile but fortunately not forever.'' COB8BBTBD TO BB A CASDtDATB. Count De Hontalivee, mmlater under lxuls Philippe, haa consented to become a candidate ot tbe left for life senatorshtp. POBBATION OP A FBOVIBIOBAL CABIKBT. A dispatch from Vienna asy tbat a provisional cabinet, under Count Laafa, Conservative, will probably be formed to carry on tbe administration. Sersassy. RELATIONS WITH THB VATICAN. Bxblin, Nov. 8, The Nord Deutsche Zel-tucg Inters from the Provincial Correspondence's article declaring that negotiations between Germany and tha Vatican cannot succeed unless th center party's agitation against the government is Interdicted by ecclesiastical authority, thai negotiation between Germany and the Vatican are not abandoned. The Vatican still hope to bring tba center party in the Reichstag to a lea hostile attitude. The German!, Ultramontane, declares tbat the center party will accept tba result of the negotiations between tha government and th Vatican. ANOTHER HONOR FOR BISMARCK. Tbe emperor tent an adjutant from Gobi ens to congratulate Bismarck on his daughter's marriage and to present him with the grand cross of the order of tbe Red Eagle deoorsted with a aoeptra and crown, the only Prussian decoration which. Bismarck had not before received, and which is said to have been only otiCe before conferred, namely, by Frederick . William, 'tr "' Mnnunf.l RETURN OP THB BHFXROR AND BHPRBSS. The Cologne Gazettte eaye Emperor Wil liam and the empress return to Berlin oo th 5th of December. Ruanla. THB CZAR NOT ILL Paris, Nov. 8. The report tbat the czar Is Indisposed, are believed at the Russian em. basey hre, to be unfounded. BCHOUVALOFT'S A PPOINTHBNT. Bt. Pitbbbbubo, Nov. 8. Nothing 1 know a here ot the alleged appointment of Bchonvalt ff a vice-chancellor. BCBOUVALOrr'B MISSION OOUHTBRM ASDBD. London, Nov. 8 A Vienna dispatch say tbat Count Bcboavaloff'a mission to Pasta to propose another congress to amplify the treaty of Berlin baa been countermanded on account ot the uncertainty of relation be tween England and Russia. THB CZAR'S BBALTH. A correspondent at Paris says that fresh In formation confirm the report of th HI health ot the czar. MORS ABOUT SCHOUVALOrr. A Pari correspondent say that aooordins o tb latest new Scuonvaloff only goea to London to present his letter of recall. It Is relit ved tbat his jonrney will nave aarion ii noetic on the course of the events now causing general anxiety. . Tbe com spendent regard tbe recall of Scbouva'off from London aa preliminary to bis supplanting Gortacaakoff and adds that a trhstwerthy Informant cxm alders that Bismarck is doing hi rtmost' to bring about that event, Schouvaloff ' acoeatlon to power would be a signal for a policy on tba part of Russia and Germany aiming at a common reactionary end. Scbonvalofra foreign policy would not be pacific, but rather opposite.. RBCRUTTINO. A Berlin dispatch lay 218.000 recruits will be raised by Russia this year Instead of a peace contingent of 150,000. M. B. Chnreta Kxteaeloa. Philadblfbia, Nov. 8. Tbe general com mittee on church extension of the Methodlst- Kpiscopal chorea met here to-day. Bishop Simpson pre aided. A continued decline In receipts we reported. Two hundred and twenty-two churches aided during the year. aidY.uuu were apportioned among various conferee. oss for the coming year. Among lbs apportionments were 81.000 each to Naw York, N. Y , east central N. Y., north era N. Y., aad Troy conferee oca. Tbe appropriation for missions were reduced to 88.000. In tbe evening th thirteenth anniversary of the board of church extension of the Method let-episcopal church wa held. Address war mad by Bishop Simpson, Andrew, Foster, Peck and others, "Ced Forgive Mel" ' New York, Nov. 8 Victor D. a Butler, many years a book-keeper of Haywood & Co , manufacturers, eommltteed suicide by shooting to night. Hs bad been long ad-dloted to drink and wa divorced from hi wife. H. loved tbe daughter ot his landlady. Bbe refused to marry him on account of hi fcabita. Butler had been on a spree several daya. Tbla evening Mlea Clark and two atetsr wrrs in Butlsr's room when b suddenly drew hi revolver and say mg, "Has It come to tbla, Louisa f God forgive met1 blew hi brain, out. Butler we a on ot wealthy parents In Hartford, Conn, reaa arrlvaia. At Moville, th Blat of Loulalana. At Qoeenstown, tha Qaaaa. At London, th Eiytla. and TBE BBBT OF THB DlbTatlCT OF COLUmBlA. Tha Raw Flaai tor He Paysae. Pra-poaaaUby the Comsnleeloat.ra. WAfHiNOTON, Nov. 8- The eommlsslonsr of tb District of Colombia in their forth coming report will propose a new plan for funding all tba outstanding Indebtednea ot tb district, Il oon template a loan by tha United Btate of fifty year four per seat bonds for this purpose. Th securities taken in exchange are to be held aa collateral by tha United States until the proposed apeclal issue to the district has been redeemed and cancelled, Tba total debt proposed to b. funded tn United Btate four per cent, bonds 1 $21,683 650, Including 13,743130 three sixty five bond which la the total amount of them outstanding. Tha commissioners are confident that by funding tha debt a proposed, there will be a saving of principal to be paid at maturity, amounting to 11,453,873, and in the payment of tha annual Interest, a saving of 8176,947. This saving of Interest Invested yearly In four per cent bonds at par would pay off tha entire bent la forty-four year. ON THB MEXICAN ValONTIBB, Ob. Soldier to Every liO Sajaare Mile Discovery et Va.aabla Oraalac Lands and Mineral sslatrlcis Prt-TaUons of tha Troop. Washington, Nov. 8. General Ord re port from the Mexican frontier that his small command gives him only one available aoldter for every 120 square milts of territory to be protebSed. tie said tne exploration oy oouung parties of the mountain west of Feoos have developed unexpectedly well watered aod quite extensive graS'ng lands, both plain and valley. B liver, lead and copper districts nave been discovered and specimens both ef silver and gold ore brought. General Ord reports forty-six persons killed and six wounded by tbe Indians since October 1, 1877, and says this Is a aad commentary upon the efforts made at one lime to re duce the force defending tbe frontier. He say tb climate of th desert Is for th moat part rigoronr and the troops are subjected to extreme of heal In the summer and ot eold In the winter, with frequent privations, saoh a hunger anu thirst. B suggest tbat tha regiment tbat have for o many year endured such service should now take their turn for duty tn the vicinity ot ctylilsatlon. Lawlwaeaeea la Ohio. There la great excitement throughout Lake county, O , over a number ot acts of violence recently committed. Some months ago a man named Geyer was murdered by tha aide ot hi wlfs a Potest! by a band of regulators. Afterwards a man named Qtucken- aush was ordered to leave, and did so. Thirty men on June 8th, went to the house of Bteve w bit, colored, kidnapped his i William, whom they took to Winchester, where he wa convicted ot grand larceny and sent, need for a year to the petutentiary. Ha afterwards secured a new trial. At the same ttm Elder White received notice by the regu- la tors to leave tha country. Ha afterward received two similar orders, and not heeding them was shot dead In bis ncruse by a large body of mounted men. Tbe grand Jury found a true bill against Jofaa Arch, Jacob Bundle, William Bbomatta, Albert Dickey, Solomon Ferguson, Oliver Morgan, and Robert Hart for kidnapping White. Thursday Marshal Shafer procured assistance and arrested the entire party. William Bbomatta Is worth 850 000. Since the killing of W bite tea pronnwa-J cltlsen have reOAived order to leave tha county under penalty of death. Coaux-el Putnam, a prominent lawyer of Palestine, received notice aad Immediately left, fearing hi lit to be In danger. Fsvsr Hat, New Orleans, Nov. 8. There have bam two death from yellow fever in tha twenty-four boctre ending noon. United State Marshal Wharton la out of danger and rapidly recovering from an attack of fever. Tha Catholic Relief association organised to carry on tbe work of relief after tne suspension cf tbe other charities, and acting without regard to race or religion, being pressed by appli cants, and nearly out ot funds, solicit further contribution. Memphis. Nov. 8 The board of health officially reported two deaths from yellow fever in the twenty-four hours ending 6 P .nx. both colored. One new case la reported of a person exposed to fever during the epidemic aParooaa. Fraocii Marphy betnt a temperancs enuavde 1b ritw xmk next baaday. Mli' later Seward baa Br rived to Washington from China, to stand a ooogrtasioaaJ in- TfatlgatlOfL O'-vernor Bnbfneon and ton arrived ta New York. Tha red ay. Mayor Ely spent an bonr with tbe governor in the evening. Governor Hampton was hunting deer near Columbia, Thoredtty afternoon, when hln mcle bcD.e frightenad. The bridle breaking the governor lea Lied from the saddle, and his right leg was broken in two places below the knee and his ankle badly hart. Tba Jsq.ea rarlt.r Blectloa Caaa. lloirtREAL, Nov 8 In the court of queen's bench to day Judge Ramsey gave a Judgment In tbe Jaqoes Cartler election case, sen tensing A. r. Forget to iy -a flue of 8200 or one years Imprisonment, A. Coristln and A. Lamarche 8100 or .forty -flv. days and L Pilon 830 o thirty daya Ths judgs lmpr td npon tbe defendants the enormity ot their offenses and said that if Forget had taken his oath of office e deputy returning offioar, he would have fined him $1,000 and three year Imprisonment. The search After Stewart' Body. New York, Nov. 8 Defective were sent to-day to search a number of vaults in 88. Mark's churchyard, where II was rumored that offensive odors had been perceived. The theory wss that thieve, might hava hidden the body ot Stewart la one of the neglected vaults or in tne church. The missing body was no ioona. SaspeBaloa mi aa Baaaraae Coaapaay. New York, Nov. 8. Toe New York Pro-dnoe Exchange Fire insurance campany aua- penoea so-osy. in company commence! four year ago with a capital ot t 00,000. Tbe president of the company stttea that ths company has a net surplus of 81,100 and will pay it indebtedness dollar for dollar. Death Record. William Cotton, the comedian, fell dl in Cincinnati, Friday. Death wa attributed to asthma. Url Bortbolomew, proprietor of tha Fra-r.ier House, Elmlra, died Frld.y nl.hL He was one of the best known butal keeper in th United State. BscbIbb et Abollll.Blata. New York, Nov. 8 The reunion ot the early abolotlonist or member of th antl-lavery party, wa held here to-night, being tbe fortieth anniversary of tha founding ot tha antl-elavery party. Letters ot regret were resd from H. B. Powers, Lansingburg, and other. Election la Itrttbh Colaasbla. VicrofciA, Nov. 8. Tha elections for tha Dominion parliament are over. Bunster,Cjn- servrtlve, I re-elected for the Vancouver dis trict by a larg majority. All delegations from ihs province ar supporters of the Mao- Donald government. A few doses of Dr. BULLOCKd KIDNSY REMEDY, NBPBRBTlCUtf, will promptly relieve ail ludney ana rem ale oomptalota, aesponaeney ana general debility. MARRIED. APTHOBP HAN-EY-Ia Him, November 6 h. ItTH, by Bev. b. Kingeley, Mr Charles F. Apthron and Miss M. A. Bsnsry, ail of B ga. tvottce of Credltoia' Dividend. TN TBK DIBTBICT COURT of tha United A 8tate. for the Northern Dl.trlctof New fork. la tbe n alter of Henry E. Woloolt, a bankrupt. No. 61t. Pursuant to aa order of Bob. J. D. Husbands, Register in Bankruptcy, dated October 14, 1878. no k ia hereby given that a ceaeral meeting of the creditors of said ban. nipt will be held at said Rest- lev's office. No. 143 Powers' Blocs, Rochester. N. 1. , Ib said dl.trhit. oa Friday, tbe &d day of November. A. D. 1H78. at lOo'olook A M . for tbe purpose of declaring the first dividend due the eredlior. out or aaia oansmp. . estate, t-urauaox to sectloB oc uiw u.ltea rMeiea nrax-ii " t. Dated Bos-heater. N. V . Noveaiter Mm, 1ST. CHAK1.KH BDKLINUAME. Awtlsnee. HcPoKALU A hoisa, Attoraeya for Petitloalag Orediiora. A PErUONS AHE not aware 14 8 tallow tt shinned from Kooh- rater to New York, Hoaton aad BufTato and returned to Boohester in bosd. Adulterarioa pas ths freight both ways M outsort B " Hire Hoep la Bevrr adulteraled. It waehr ihoae Bna .oariet atocsiBg without dam-a ue I., color. Inelat oa having lu You get good value for the rave-ting. po l OI LY BAWN By tb author of Phyllis AJ1 At PA&ttOW 8, 07 East Halae. Chronicle. CHRONICLE: Established 1868. FOBTI-MITH CO "Oat BBS. Chaas la tha B-tatea aa aTssr aa Ka 6 4Mb Cong 4Sth Cong, is . . , I ! I I I I 8 8 I 4 4 4 411-, 1 I 1 4 18 8 1 I 11 1 1 t 1 t IP II 8 14 4 1 18 8 8 8 1 8 8 10 18 10 II I It 8 8 8 18 11 8 8 18 1 t 8 1 8 ' 8 I " 18 4 8 If 1 8 8 1 7. 7 8 4 8 8 st rr it tt 8 8 1 7 8 8 .. 80 IS 8 11 11 1 !7 17 10 19 8 1 8 8 8 8-8 8 8 . . 10 8 8 1 8 8 8 8 t 8 8 18 18 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 .. 2U3 137 158 Alabama Areenees...... California ..... Colorado Ceajaeotlcut... If, -aware Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana Iowa Katiaaa ........ Kentucky ..... .o-lslana ..... Maine ......... 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Teaches compoel-tloa as well aa playing. By William H. Clarke. Suk;rlhr or tV Jfurtrol Kervr. 1 1 par rear. For Thorough Base Scholar, Johnson's New n.tasa lor itsrasia Bu il). Th. Bin. pleat .no beat methoo to teach Chord p!r-lag. In Bjn n Tums. Uiwrax Pst-aosuxa, Ate. Aak tor ths saw Method. AUwaarae muew W e aar a ts Mweital Waasra, For Binitlnr Clssam. ON WARD! Rlarl, it Hchool nook, by L. O. Emeraon, 87 50 per do and Jab.'oa'. irie.fewa far Sl.ilag t 1 a a. $0 per dosea, are splendid books. difTrrtog la tyrtt . and cont.te, but acoompltsb-tug the asm. excaileBt result in diverse ways, KxamlB both t Adt at XfW oruad for Jfaeaeot Bnera. Any book mailed nest-free tor retail prioe. OLlVKatliiraONJ A CO., . H. IHtsaa A r., 1. K. DltMa A Co., 843 Broadway, N. Y. Wl Ubealnut-Bt PhUa. UAUSCU & JJliAASFlELi' Taatgrana and lsAophan rapyttaa, Mem AdvertUemmU We Don't Make Prices for effect, aor for pc-al i elaases different from those to trade. But wa do mean to maka a nvderaaa profit tn B0 VidS goods over small or rate booses. This it la easy to do by availl ourselves of such RESOURCES aa we oonv nand. But wa respectfully soggis that ws shall meet ALL illegitimate expedients la whatever direction mad to attract trtd for the eceaMtm, by an unrelentiDg warfare aqainet ALL PROFITS. We stand en tas groand. Ws ask no favors in baying, sad recognise in (aning only tba obllgrttooa ot 'equal and exact justice to all." Neither do we seek to protect tha Inter eat at th country merchants, a wa cannot do It without prejudice to consumers, to whom are appeal direct for business. In tha dealing they can sbts one good profit, and wa at the same tlm extend our trade In every quarter. A. 8. MANX & CO. No One Can Deny That wa are gtvtag everybody tbair monsy. worth In ear Woolen Blanket at 84 50. The best weight and sfr.a and tuost sightly gool. we have ever seen at much mora prioe. Be tide tbey ar not nine -tenths cotton, but are pore wool filling, aad bars just cotton anoogh In tbsm to protect against shrinking. A. B. MANN & CO. EVERYONE Who haa looked at the price and quailtte ot our FRESH line ot Black Silks admit their cbeapnsas and bUPERIORirY over the general run of stocks anywhere else. Tblsfaotls beat shown by the very larg SALES in this department th past week. Our customers ere getting well paid for their discrimination and preferenoa. A. 8. MANN & 00. Every Satnrday Wa expect, at this seam of th year, to aaU a great many Cloaks and Bhew'a. Tula men fall if the weather admits. Our .took of Single aad Double Blanket, Beaver Bough and Roogh Bttiped Camel's Hair and other fjarriage enawis, is nnequaied, and wa cm oompar price with anybody. Wa don't propoat to ba beaten or boll-dozed'' on tne question of prices. Th'a may as well be derstood first aa last. Wben we make a pries to oa enstotnsr, tbat is thenceforth the prlos to all no matter wbo it hart, nor whether there to a profit or a loss in the transition. A. B. M ANN ft CO. Onr Underwear Stock ba been well filled up tor Saturday's trade. Wa tell a very nice LadiV Wrapper and Drawer at 40o and 50c; floer goods at 75e and f-1, but all sxcelleat for the mooey. Alec, tba higher cost FULL FASHIONBD goct'e. Including beat fine scarlet make at 1 high price. , In our good for BOYS varitty fcj good from a law price op TJLAK MADE goods. In MZN'3 are seUicg a good COLORED Shirt for and 5Co; aiso in White Goods from half 1st up to tha BEST qualities made in this ocactry, including BcarietB front tl 25 np This mean that there are to-day no better goods made in ANY country than United State. We can show them. It took a long time to believe in our own prodnoaions but tt bad to ocme. A. a MANN tc CO. One Dollar Will buy of us aome excellent heavy Cloth Driving Gloves, leather faced, durable and warm. They are fairly worth 11.50. W j have aleo aome odd lots heavy Hens Leataer Glove, lined cud unlined, at sam prioe. In Men ' Kid Mittens, lined, wa have a good stock. This I one of the most sensible arti cles for anyone to bny. We have also a new aaortrcent of Men's Cloth Glove at 50c, 75a Sid 81. A. S. MANN & CO. Ladies Perinot Kid Glove received In new assortment y rate rosy ; also Ladies' Cloth G ove and lined Eld Mittens, very drs'rable; also a variety of Children's Glove and Mittena, Just what they want Ibi inclement weather. Just now onr stctk of Gloves an 1 Mittens in all Unas Is excellent and at low j rices, aa can well ba seen by ' enmmatlon. We have alao received Men' and Ltdles' Black Kids, all sizes, in Frrinot make best In the world. A. B. MANN & CO. THOSE WHO KNOW Need ret be told, but other also may aa well learn th fact that onr house gave tha FIRST general Introduction of CBESKY'8 American Ei!t.s to tli market. Tbocsicds of yards we old under guarantee of their durability. No fsbrte of any kind has ever given snch UNIVERSAL satlaf action for the enormoa. quantities sold. Ws have always had a PICKED quality and special finish UNLIKB those In the market. Cnstnmar hava always given ours the preference at th extra price. To-day we are enabled to sell them LOWES than ever before. A. 8. MANS Sc CO. FOR A DOLLAR We sell a Black Bilk that nobody oaa object to. So for fl.25, and tha same priosa in all the fashionable COLORS. Indeed our SUk trade, together with Velvets, ha bean an extraordinary business so far. Th beet judge of the goods, and most critical and discriminating people, are SUITED svery tlm. Tbcea who look around wteUIgentty are aura to ocme to onr store perfectly set's Vd to boy their Bilks of us. A. 8. MANN ft CO. PLUM, HAVT, MYRTLE, Seal and Brona Plain American Silk, extra quality; also Trimming Velvets to MATCH all the color. Sam shade also la elegant BROCADE Sllki at 81 50; alao a fresh kit ot Black Brocade opened to-day at tl 50. Another lot of tha 81.50 and ta Bna auk bead Black Trimming Velvet likewise. They all say we beat ALL tha Velvet by a long way in prioe aad make. A. & MANN Ic CO, HO SUCCESS That wa know of equal that ot oar beautiful all wool Camel's Hair Dress Goods at 35a. The amoant we.have eold direct to ooaantnsra tn every part of the stats aad oonatry tab) easen would Oil a warehouse, and the demand to-day la greater than aver. W ar bow receiving th last aapplia for this Bee-son. W bav some beautiful shades of BROWNS Bind GRAYS, and daily axoeot more Bine and Myrtle. Had w aot provided tor an atwrmoos supply, we ahoold long sine have EXHAUSTED tba stock aad disappointed thousand of cos torn rrs. As It was, people law that w win not offsrtng them aa a BAIT, bat la good faith, giving SVERY consumer what they wanted. Ta result ha been to show that oar's 1 tb truly cheap store for (very body who want Dress Goods of any kind. A. 8 MANN & CO, V'EM1LlNO'S LECTURE, In answer to If itigeraoll'a ob tbe Mtwtekeeot Mnaea wilt be puhll led to full la aaxt aUNllAY'd TKIBUNE. For tele at DkKO. 'B bookstore. Asm daakr In ail Papers and Periodicals. APPLHTON'i Handy Volume BarUa Ray-moad; bv edr Thlennt. Price aoc. For sal. by 8CRARTOM, WETMOUE a OO. to Democrat and Chronic!; or bTObciiirior IH ADVANCE. torn van. iArLT oe ran Yas kmi wnttXT- k a Willi I a as Hate 0f AdrortiArfnnr. Per Sgar of Tsa LAwas (Agae-or Lees. Ida..... to S Aev. ea Si 88 00 1 . a nu S Kd, 3bk... .10 00 ,14 00 J oar.... g 25 f days.... s n 1 .... a co eeaa 00 , t M , 18 00 39 00 26 00 arrtaa Orrltnary fintiotm JMe 4tSBt Sew AdvertUm TO-RIOIOWf Eii&y HcriiiE Mm Wmcostasi ths fail rerbaUsa Lecrere of Hod; Geo. WaWesiins' As denVerad atCorlntblsa Hall m aaawerteCaL LkUaitsOLL, aad trffl be oa aaaa by . W. J. WILCOX. EV WAYZBLY BOOK nTOBB, NEW BOOKS. Daisy Thorntoa. By Hra, Nary J. Holaves. ' iNureeryaadWkla AwaJta, Chatterbox. e fo W. i. WILOOXTJ, 150 Stats-Bt, China ana Glass If are. - Slew " HERDEH." ABUITED "WITHJCsARGE INVOICE OF Longvy Crackle Ware. -ALSO J.,aiM FclSiEi mm, HAND PAINTED. Inspection Invited. HEM 1 WISHES, China Hall, 88 State-St. WiElEiy&Ci 85 East Main-St., n V1TK ATTENTION TO THEIR visa DISPLAY OF Crockery. Glassware, China, Plated Ware, Lamps. Clocks and Bronzes, Fancv Goods, ic WEwGooflsiPrices TO BUTT THE TIMES. Q. Ba "WATKXN8, fiXanaer. Roots ana HKoem. A riEW LOT HID BAITERS With she Latest Stria of Hnth sVavanl. Raw. at $2.50 Pair. WsaskaoaH. Gcitt i Pilla? M Mil 16 State Street. LT TOTf WANT GOODS THAT FIT WELL THAT LOOK WELL AND WEAR WELL AT I LOW J i Fiucaa. EASTWOOD'S ! atate Streets 22, Sixfn. oi lo BIO 8XIOIS. Aad yoa wiU b aattsosd. FIJt'K GOODS A SPECIALTY. -MiUtssenry. IIILLIBERYOPEHIHG MISS MOKTON'S, Taaaetay A tBaslaeeAay, as. 8 tat At tat Over Ot State Mti-eet. A MKRIOAN COLLEOfctj and etw At eaa rwoplev By Porter. New wdttiow. taaaitcaa t ullage. Bv Tnwteg. Juat petwrr.4 at tlAEBOw-iy 87 aw Balaraa. PLAY DAYS A Book of Btorte for OhO-draa. By Sarah a Jewtts. aaahar s Bee. haven. ! le. 81 60 . 8TKHJ ATSItl. . sa. w ii i .. in. 200 t BATTER BOX, 1878, RKOKIVnU at aUtMUAM 00.-8. 40 W. Haas.

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