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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 3

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1878
Page 3
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ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE : MONDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1878. . oat D'8 HMO S. Ul I tkHt bs ob. can l5 ;er IBaU -l. ii I.0 nl aam.i o o: har, tAl Will I.TMHCB, 1 Barn on it HOUH, Or &OAT4. South su lore aat r at T KBIT. ENT BST.-Alao Inquire of IFACttH. 'OET1 THIS bottom! 0 the nam onab'a. la .A Btate-it. BCILD1F3, a few red 1 sower, Us it arturrmiMa. .bTHBST. ENT. J N a run equirad. 1 A CO.. t Batata, . Bocaaf-f . . 380. 30ND-HA!n IODBB, For Han nge. XKS3 OF A i flaa bQBineaa. i en low far INGSLBT. alda' Arcada, or Sale. L18HBD DBT at ana Unatt took ia fraan, InallT of stora ira deatred at T cottctf ra u Kor fanbaf HLBLBV. e atreet, city. r THB HUD- 3 h; nf tnai etr.aV, ; aax ralir(Mva re : p-ost-oftK aid sell two can oa . WeU li1 ttora. t ice: E pj nbora A tA, venat. ir. H. T. Ml Ug-Pt, aSaVO. I.Water-a ILLII. iat IE A CO. ; NDS, alera In 31A3. sum, A at mai-u &z CO-i-Powr OBS djui aaw a our 1 porter COR00',, iwpt Iht04i rWiaa.1- d.akJ Mr. OB orks Street, ?m erg jooda ma .rj 1 kind ot TRAVELERS RECORD. ARRIVAL AST DKPABTUBM OF TBA INS , ' T&AUtS DKPAJBT. . Xrlrw nod (Awt). ..:! AM. fTy. Express. T:A. tM&DHU 10:154. m. I faUt Boad (WttC). ' St. a. Fa.... T.-004.B. Chi Pa. Iz.. .10:15. M. Acoom 1:00 p. a. n Ectiim.. I iS P BL Imj Srreaa,.I0;;"-Aecom.. J5!I"2" JL W. At Ex. S''5 -Ha Los Ex.. .1108 P.M. CbiSBfto E....10:M . M. Hugala Boad ( WartV St. L.PS..EX.. 6tOA.ll Aeoora . 7:3Ua.bu' Bonion Ex 10:20 A. . Kmta-rant 4 00 r m. - AutmmSoad0atQ. .YJErprss.. DirElPKM... .:35A.M. AUt!Lk- Kx -. 5:06 p. a. Spec Dai EX.. 6:35 P. M. Chi. Pa. Ex 10:15 P.M. trU Boad (Ami). Bajt. axpren.. o.i r. v. BlbosbEx... 6: JO P. a. iota Ontario Boad (Stud Wtrrjt Erpr.12:0SA. . P. . rtfcrn Ex... :1a.. Dp Exp rem. -, 5:46 p. M. ! RUt Ex ?:.. N.Y.Fjrpres.. 9 1 AUantk- Kl .. . :00 P, - Dwrllle Mall. 4:40 p. H. War Express.. :10 P. itn-fwltr and fftaU Lint Road. Charlotte Boad. Acoom 8:z5A. Ktfl :80A.M.! Acoom I:rM- Frl ul PMP..10-45A. M. j 'Meom. : P. Kzpreas S5 p. M. ; Acoom. P. "- northern Central. j AflOOIB o.w r. m. ! Late Ontario Boad ( " Fjrireaa : P. . : Mar T. x Vrfirrjai . I SO P. at Express. " Sxpnm ,BpiLu.?.Xx. 1:00 P.M. TRAINS ARBIYE. Dinct Boad iBaeCy. 84 Loati PM.. 5:a.m. Aroom. - 0:40 A. M. Chi. Pa KI...10-B0 AM. Jo ioailrTatA R.T Kxpre. ?.. Day Express, . . 10 AO A. M. Atlantic Ex... 4:M p. M. ACCOM. Ex ... 8:00 P.M. H. PJn... :i P. - R MhoIwEa... S-.4&P. M. I Kttrai RoadiWrnti. t-M-J-j p:5a? GurtotU Boad. Bw Umis Ex...ll:( p.m. Aeeom......... . ! Brit Bead (South). Aooon 40 p.m. , n--wntaA!. :30a. ml Acoom ; PKiflc Ex 10:88 A M. r. m 1- itn w Awom.. .-3o p. x. R--; - :ivi i. m Strthtm Central. Uaj ExpraM. .11:90 P. M. Erpren (Ex- Avbm Boad (AuQ. f"" J: I " I 'St. iTPaO. Kx.lOflOA k. Expraa ....... . " ! 510 p. m. acXmf and StaU Lint , Expresx.. 7:40 p. M. Boad. j uaJt. Expreaa.. 0:45 p. m. Kltirf. 0:4! A. M. rrlABdftU".. 4:15 P.M. tua ........... 8:50 p. M. I BandaT Traing. Carruwea. 41 FitzhughSt. BaseiTed every week, and good stock of ail leading at; lee coost&nUy on band, and Offered at low prices. Call lie-fore purchasing. BlLOlELUpt. Booh BitKlingt BOOK BINDER) JO! UN C MOOUE, no. so mik'i Aroii, WfatMAta Boat ot Coon Bonn pOCHJEtSXKiS 13 OO It BIJfDEBT, Ka. It XXWOOD BLOCK, Corner Btata and Hala-taa, MW Pamphlet Wort a Specialty. QKEEL & WILSON, (Pacceeson to Creed at ATery), BOOIi-BrjVUEIlS, 28 TEST HA1N BTEEET. mr Eetimatea tor Blank Work, Job Blading ata., at abort nouoe. HOS. BJSSFOBI8 BOOK BINSEBT. gawaw to F. H. Mamhall and Benlord A Andrews), Po. 1 AQUEDUCT BTBEET. nr Wiunvdnpai ftnrl Farlodicala bound In al art tee. from the cheapest to ibe beet. BLANK BOCK0 of ar.y deacription ruled and manufao tcrec to orr., DTTMONT 0. DAKE, M. D (Fcrmeiy of Chicago, I1L), Bai eommecoed his second year's practice; Is Bochester, K.Y. (office S6 Powers Block). He la Beraanently located, and la meeting with great SBccesa, and has no peer la the erciuaive and suo-cetafnl treatment of Chronic Diseases Incident to both sexes. Long practice with the aDllity to diagnose with wonderful acaracy. Voluminous tentnitony of remarkable cures. Charges moderate. ConsnltaQon free. 16 CARD TO THS AFFUOTZD. D& T. EWAJf, 122 Powers' Block, having had a BocoesBf ul experience of twenty reus, both In this country and England, in una treatment of Chronic Dieeases by the use of Bo-taaloal detTjediea only, now annonncea. wtt ie reatest confYdence, his ability to permanently core toe following diseases: Catarrn, In all lea vartoos forms; Consumption, In Its Incipient tana; Bright7 Diaease of the Kidneys, and all troitbles pertaining so the urinary organs; Dyspepsia, and its concomitant, liver complaint all frseaee peculiar to Females: Rheumatism and feuraigla. whether In the form of Bclatica or Tic Poloreaox; Falpitaxion of the Heart, and all nervous disorder; Polypus, Cancerous and Fistulous ToKore eradicated without the use of the knife, tspturee cored by a new method. The Doctor sin oures the worn eases of Tdhenmatlsm, Stiff Joints and Kerrou Debility by the use of the Sei-vafi'tc Battery, at one dollar per treatment. tSF" OmutoI tattoo FHEX. Circulars sent OB ap-Pbcatloa. Oft" re houra, 8 i. M. to 6 F . H, and tnm 7 to 8 F. at, TJiere is Honey In It A HUNDREDS OF THB CITIZSNS OF ROCH-estercan tf stiff in paicQasirga box of Ber y s aic I- lie uictnient, of htco I ohiirene the world to protJccs iu ogoi for FiLKd or any thing that an uiseaiaui 9 usea lor. eia uj Trax uruxnaii. J. BRKKT, Waterloo. . Black Hills Bitters rfOKTAU;THH ACTITB PBINCIPLB1 Of HOPB V' in oottbinntlun with valDable boots and Herbs, ttwra ponureiy prevent and care Uvipepcia. IaOU MapMtit, Indigaat'.on. Liver scd Kidney ltseaea, f6r and Anna, i-smaie Compiaints, Bcrofaia and vKiiiaufa!. It t tee rreittet Btood -Fnnfler ever Bca. Dont tuStt longer, bu procure a botua Ia-fcaly4 KO CUBE, KO PAY. ?IL ASIJ ALL I)IfEA8ES OF THE RECTUM perma-nuj cured without the knife or any ot the old end painful rempdiea. Beferenoea glren to prom-Beat citizen woo bare been cured. ALX, DISEASES ot MEIV Iahos' KHtsf10' mAnner. CONSUL- COcehouia, 9tol2A.IL, 2 to S and 7 to 8 P.M. HOWARD STROPS, M. 0., 1?S 'fifth floopi Powf.' B'ock. Rocheater. N. T. Educational. 8lnginK Lessons. S't2S oboarist ahd musical nt. PxtPUt a rthaiiiravi will vttI.r aPi'S thorooab Initractlon In Hiaging or jmi itpp.y at ai fUatt-au ILUSTON 8IMINARY, 4 T ABTBAA4PTON, MA8B. The aeit Uftbi wll tTeC', 3- Inefuli c.on.jf aiadr in bjth vtjarSv 1-c Departaierits occupies four cmm tt ?ZKa moderns will be dtted to enter the best MemTa " theaad of the third year. Sx. fcaCattJL M e!ewhfre and froe taition to worthy aifipfM-i rwUfcaeecottainiriH to'.'. mf jrmuon, Li. Principal CUTIOIV! U tt fc,,2UT''BB. PuorassoB of elocc. aar pw.Vi.bwlMe Weaieyan (seminary, and for. raire 7 , r a:-Biion to Cacnopia 8arsinary, ir, aaniaj; " " lueiratiion in Biccnuon, iBciuatni raiuc7- a a8Te'opent of the Tolcean 111 jaTkii-.'r'y of in ciaaa, at fan room. No. 'Jt - on ati.Y. . a !D-ln Door, take rr on Hi.T. . i n oun noor. uii rront aieTa-j'Ttlfr. TUL'BoDAVo, I HID A Yd and financial. Thoriour City National Bank Of BOCEE8TKB. U. S. Four Per Cent. Bonds OB BALK. ""4t ready for Immediate delivery. wm. AUQ. WATEU8, Com aw. AL H. F00TE, BAUEEB, " BW'ADWAI, BMW tOUK, ' ?' 'T'lt T,"r! eiarof Maw Tort ? nkir? of Ooi Boara, fcltr- -.1.fia Honda: aJao Stock onntra. .n, t, aud., " - - ',B "am" comaiiaai ina rV''adV;.if.'r'i1' ramptiiM .ntltM " Wail B00 " ttrel', FTowen and Farmln E, tiAiiHOWB, Seat MAija. GIBE1A6ES! Democrat and Chronicle. It and Demth. bt CHinrrcT c. jkhcts. far the IVmocrtu and Cfaroolci. AbeD my fc e w re cJosed in Blamoer On my TlsSmo tbcre caixe creeping Airy forma fBOOunUeM number: Airy form! around me swaying FlittiDK, swayiiifr. lite soft shadows TJp and dowa littnsbaiiows playfnr, FJunjr by cloud ieta o or to neadowi: FtlbtHe forms in fonnleCT fanlon, lDi and mfnglfd in coufuslon. Fairy beirr troopfnr. trosjping" tnowj drapery In profnsinn 'Round about them richly droopfnjr. Here and then in knoU up looping : Badfast befDfn eomiofr, frolna;. Crowned wiih tinted faalo glowing. 8molir, liowjng, brighter growiag; Willi eaca comi&if ttoriii a&d going. Witn eacb giddy revolution Came tht: eirv legion nearer. Growing brighter, purer, clearer. With eacb mystic evolution. Hearer, clearer, atfll lnteaer b.ilowy. roiling lite an ocean Million hutd. id ceaseiem motion, Qrowlng denser, deoaer, denser; Still condensing, coalescing. Till tbe otyriads cease to mingle AH the fife and ligbt compressing loco one all sole sad single I Into one sweet, U!y errata re Crowned with golden threaded tresses. Fay- ike form and faultless feature, Lips that breathed of sweet caresses. - Eyea that shamed the skies above her. Cheeks like roeea, soft and bloomy; And my heart leaped up to love her Aaahe wafted alowly tome; And my arms outstretched to greet her. But I never more eh ail meet her. For the vision tied and left me Fled and of my lore bereft met Then I rose op fn the gloomy XSigbt, and whispered thus unto my Lonely heart within me leaping: O tlat I again were Bleeping 1 Let me sleep again, and borrow For my soui, btfore the morrow. One more draught of this sweet Dleasure i One more gllmpae of this lost treasurer 80 I turned again and slumbered baw again a host unnumbered, M&rchiug, moving, coming, going, Slowly, sacly tn-opine, irouplng Deeper on my vision growing, babie robes aroui d them flowing Knots of crape their robes up-looping Knots of crape and rob s of sadness, W here 1 fain had found such gladness! Still I saw the hosts assemble Saw their black plumes nod and tremble; (raw in wonder and amazement Wondering what each, pallid face meant Wondering what the shadows sitting On each marble brow might token-Ghostly shadows never flitting Uhostly silence, deep, unbroken I Stiil the mystery grew deeper As the mournful shadows auif ted. Till I raw a pall uplifted Baw beneath a lovely steeper. Then my heart grew heavy laden Whhagrief that passes telling. All my Soul with sorrow welling As I aaw the pale sweet maiden: Saw the lovely, lily creature. Crowned with golden threaded tresses. Marble form and palid feature, Lips ttiat breathed no more caresses. Death's dark wand had waved above her, Calling her to the supernal! Yet my heart leaped up to love her Life must end, but Love's eternal! Lowtil, Mirh. Sept. 18, 1876. THE HEWS OF THE STATE. COBBE8FOFIDKKCE AND Ga. BARINGS VKOIlt -HES1KRN NEW KK. iiT.YOSrO.V. Repabllcan'ooonty convention at Geneseo to-morrow (laeadaj). Hon. E. G. Lapham will apeak in Living ston county daring the week of Ootober 21s. SSXECA. The officers of the Beneca county agrical tarsi Bcciety will meet at the Townly hoa-te, in w sterloo. on batarday ol this week, for the par-pope of psylDg premiams awarded at Cbe recent county fair. NIAGARA. The Lockport tTnioD, of Saturday says: " A delegation of cltisens from Rochester arrived here on the noon train, for the purpose of inspecting and negotiating with the Holly steam heating company, with a view of introducing the system in their city." CAYUOA. A livery team belonging to John K. Tall" man, of Auburn, hitched to a two-seated carriage in which were six occupants Messrs. John McCarthy, Eugene McCarthy, George I. Brown, Joseph Kober, John Keogan and James Parker, ran away on State street, Auburn, Friday afternoon at about 4:30 o'clock, injuring all the occupants more or lees and resulting in the death of Policeman Kober. The wagon was overturned, thro wing Officer Kober violently to the sidewalk, his bead striking the curb-stone, rendering him Insensible. He did not recover sensibility, and died abont midnight. He leaves a wife and five children. WYOMING. The Erie railway company are rushing the laying of the double track at Castile at a lively rate Rev. D. M- Stewart, of Pike, has had a call to the presidency of Rtdgevtlle college, Ridgeville, Ind, and will accept. F. Metcalf, for the past three yeve engi neer of the celebrated Portage bridg?, has accepted a position on the East River bridge at New York. At the Democratic county convention of Wyoming county, held at Warsaw Saturday, B. &. Coleman, of Castile, was nominated for assembly: S. D. Pnrdy, for sheriff; Eagene Peck, tor tchool commissioner, first district: Hiram Walklns, second district; Dentoa, K Davis, jnstiee of sessions. ORLEANS. Ex-Ocvernor R. B. Bullock, of Georgia, bas returned to Albion after several months absence. Hon. Charles St. Clair, mayor ot Morgan City, La , formerly of AIoIod, appeals to Orleans county people for assistance for yellow lever sutlerere. The Republican nominee for superintend ent of the poor for Orleans county, having declined to serve, the Republican county cen tral committee met at Albion, Saturday, Octo ber 12tb, 'and substituted John Gates, of Carlton. Charles A. Harrington, an highly esteemed citisen of Albion, died very suddenly on Friday last. He was appointed dehgate to the Medina congressional convention, and being then indisposed, substituted Hon. Daniel H. Cola. FA7XS. H. A. Johnson is erecting a large flu mil' for manufacturing flax straw into tow. The building will be near his oil mm In MLlo, A shooting BtTray occurred in Benton on Tuesday last, which almost proved fatal to Hon. George R. Harden and his eon, Ashley W. Barden. The altercation grew out of a dispute between George and his brother, Martin W., regarding the possession of some property formerly belonging to their father. Archie Barden, Martin's son, armed with two revolvers, entered the field where George and son were at work, and evidently proposed to fight for what he considered his father's right. When near them he Bred both revolvers; one ball jnst missed the son's bead,whlle the othea wounded the father in the right hand. Father and son immediately seized toe belligerent, and he nowawalts the action of the grand jury. ALLEGANY. On account of the prevailing low price ot cheese this season, many large dairies have been employed in making batter, and with increased profits. A musical convention will be held at Belfast, commencing Tuesday, October 22, J878, and closing Friday evening, October 25th, with a concert. The East Valley factory of Alfred sold on Monday last to William C. Burdlck, 122 cheese, the make of the last half of August, at eight and one-balf cents per pound. The people of Allegany county continue to disease, with a great deal of feeling, matters oonnected with the failure ot the banking house of York & Chamberlain. The Wellsville Reporter of the 10th says: " Jnst as we go to press we learn that the store of Leonard & Allison, at Spring Mills, was borned on Wednesday afternoon, with Its entire contents. The post-office, malL fix tores and everything else was burned. The store had been closed for a few hours to give an opportunity to attend the Whitesvllle fair, and the fire was doubtless purely accidental. " CATTARAUGUS. we nave sees a sample of the oil pro duced by the 1 una V alley refining company, and it has all the appearance of a first-class article. We trust this company will receive the heartiest support of the oQ-consuming public In this section, as it is making a gallant effort to fight the monstroas Standard monop oly. Ulean l imes. The Olean Times says: " The work on the Presbyterian church is progressing satis factorily, and trie eoiuce will be In a eondl. tlon to receiva the visitors that are expected to attend the meeting ot tha Synod on the 21st Inst. As we stated last week, the church will be dedicated on Sabbath evening, the 20th Inst , by Rev. James Bhaw, of Roches ter." The shipment of crude oil over the Buf falo, hew York and Philadelphia railroad. from the fid to tba th Inat., Inclnaiva, cava been, by Green line, 5S7 cars or 61,000 bar re la, and by Equitable petroleum company, fifty-nine cars or 6,203 barrels. The rons from this Ulslrls by the United pipe lines have been, In the same period, 27,530 barrels. Oil during the past week haa been fluctuating between eighty and eighty-five cents. Tne market closed on Thursday at 82X centa Olian Timet.' , MONROE. The Rev. Dr. W. W. Evarte, pastor of the First Baptist church in Chicago and formerly pastor of the Baptist church of Whaaaland, In this county, resigned his pastorate last Saturday. His action was a pnrpriee to his eongra-gafion, and the Chicago Inter Ocean has the follow log: "The Rev. Dr. Evarta, whose resignation astoniahed his parishoners last Sunday, left sown yaaterday, it ia stated, and will remain away antil Friday. There Is no settled opinion yet among the people as to what will be done with his resignation. No pastor ever had a larger pro portion of warm personal frie t ds among his nock than has Dr. Evarts, Then, too, there Is no complaint about his preaching; for - it has been frequently remarked of late that the sermons were more excellent than usual. The eanse of tee resignation is still a my atery. At the j time that the church was moved so Its present I site, alter the old edifice on Wabash avenue was burned, there was little jar. many be- I lng opposed to going so far south, but the ma- i jority went with the pastor, and the change was decided upon. Come trace the action so this caute. as the feeling still nrevails with a i large part of the congregation that the move was a bad one. Others hold that the doctor -bas cone ndtd to try and see If hii withdrawal will operate for the financial welfare of the church. The property is under a heavy barden, and, indeed, Is advertised for aale in few days under a mortgage ot $20,000. At any rate, all feel that the action has been honestly taken, and that the pastor thinks it ia tor the best, or he would not resign. THE STATS AT LARGS. Richard Connors was found dead in an old shed in Buffalo Saturday morning. The eanse of death Is supposed to be intemperance. Daniel Van Deusen stabbed Peter Hvde In the Albany penitentiary on Thursday. The wound Is In the abdomen and Is very serious. The stabbing was apparently unprovoked. A reception was on Friday evening ten dered to the Rev. D. R. Frazer, pastor of the First Frestyterian church, of Buffalo, on the occasion of his return to that city and hi pastorate after a three months' sojourn in Europe. General Tllley R. Pratt died at Water- town, Jefferson county, on Saturday. He was appointed brigadier-general, and subsequently major-general, by Governor Silas Wright, in IS 45. He served In this capacity until a new district was formed, when be became a eupernumary. Subsequently, January 2(ib, 1SC5, he was appointed major-general of the fourth dlvielon of the national guards, by Governor Reuben E. Fenton. The Sun says of the Staten Island mystery: "Whether Edward Reinhardt la or not guilty ot the murder ot his wife, who cannot be found, It Is pretty evident that the Silver Lake mystery I solved. The circumstantial evidence going to ahow that the body In the barrel was that of the woman who lived with Reinhardt before the latter left Staten Island to reside in New York seems conclusive. The incident which led to the development of the truth at first attracted but little attention, and people generally were rather inclined to diteredlt the itory told by garrulous old Keymer abont seeing a man digging a bole near where the barrel was discovered. This slight clue resulted UVthe identification and arrest of Reinhardt as" the man who did the digging. How the woman came by her death ia stiil a mystery which tha guilty alone can solve." The caee of Reinhardt will be presented to the grand jury today. Political Corraapoadene. COKORESSIONAi DISAGREEMENT. Axbiow, Oct. 12. 1878. To thf Editor of the Democrat and Chroruclt: Bib: The Evening Express, of your city, in speaking of the results of the Republican congressional district convention, held at Medina on the 10th instant, well and truly says, while the Orleans delegation demanded that the nominee for ooDgress be oonceeded to their ccunty, "they uttered no protest against the nomination as made." The fitness of the candidate of Monroe bis loyalty to tbe party and his abi: ity to most fully represent themnd the district lncucRress,werenot called In question whatever. They bnt acted throughout in view of what wss deemed a manifest lack of a spirit of fair dealing or justice on the part of the Republicans ot Monroe, or at least, of the city of Rochester. It was thought and felt that while they had the power nnder the caucus system to take and hold the nomina tion of congressman, the Republicans ct Orleans, to say nothing of the question of county rights, were entitled, by reason ot their strength, or the capital they furnished, to be placed npon an equal tooting with Monroe every way. However, this may be considered more of a matter ot local harmony, interest or pride, than of real political sipr-lfl is rot to be disregarded, having as it always will have more or Icsb bearlr,? upon the success of the parly as well as of the particular candidate or nom inee. The Republicans of Orleans have erred in confining their canvass hitherto for a nomination or a candidate to their own county, and not havicg canvassed the entire district. We are cot eo cure out they have, and that ps?t experience teaches them thia seaicn. It was the remark of a shrewd politician that a man desiring or seeking political preltrxect was did not go among the people, now a-daya, make known his withes and ask their support, ' had no right to expect It, and was a fool If he did' ' It is believed now, that the " smoke of battle baa cleared away," the politicians somewhat subsided, and the people are heard to speak, that the editor of the Bxpres, may be furtner borne out in Baying that " the Repub-liiwi. of Orleans are not in an aggressive or even an onaimable mood, but are disposed to follow the line of duty, and while preserving an attitude of oonsiatency npon a point of bj ecial inter eat to themsetves. .are not to ier- mit a wronj to be done to the political prin ciples they so sincerely profess." The Republican masses of Orleans, unlike, perhaps, the j merely professed Republican masses of Rochester, are governed more k principles than prejudices or passion-patriotism than greed or gain. Therefore, not Questioning the high character and commanding ability ot John Van Voorhls, they are not likely in this crisis and with the threatening aspect of national affaire, to discard him as a nominee or seek to defeat him as such, but rather to rally " once mor ennto the breach," and yet once more 1 A FALSE STATIMX5T COBRECTID. To the Editor of the Democrat and Chronicle: Tbe DaoBVille Express of October 10th, through the management of certain Demo cratic wirepullers, has done the recent Greenback convention held at Geneseo, a well aa certain Individuals in the county, great injustice. In doing eo the Express ha made an allagation:that 1 entirely false, as the pro ceedings of the convention plainly show. ' The sound sense of the convention," aays the Express, " waa shown in tha unanimity with which a motion to make no nomination for the office of county judge was carried, and the Democracy of this county cannot fail to appreciate it. As regards tbe resolu tion offered by Mr. Bart, which was dee lared tabled by scarce a majority vote, the sense of the convention was decidedly in favor ot Judge Noyes, but the right of the convention to comlctte or recommend any one for the office of county judge had been forestalled by former resolutions." Mr. Burt's resolution, referred to by the Express was: "Resolved, That we make no nomination for county judge, but regard the Hon. Daniel W. Noyes as a gentleman uni versally qualified by experience and ability for that position." Now the fact b that this resolution was tabled by a vote of twenty against it, to ten In its favor, and yet the Dans villa Express gravely states, "that a motion that this resolution be tabled, waa carried by a rising vote of twenty to nineteen." A more bald and flagrant untruth was sever written, and the editors of the Express know it. There was method and design in its publication: it waa to back np its fulsome laudation of tbe non-Daniel Webster Noyes, and cause an Impression to prevail, that his popularity is so lrre-presslbly great, that it almost overwhelms the poise and balance of conventions outalde the Democratic party. Mr. Soye Is well enough, he Is a respectable lawyer, bat when his managers those who take stock in his election to th office of county jodge, to serve their own purposes undertake to make him, by false statement like the one I have exposed, a paragon of popularity, I simply wish to aay it 1 going too far, for he is not, and cannot be a popular man in tbe county ot Livingston, although he ia very popular with one Colonel L. B. Faulkner, whs bas assumed th job of electing him county judge this tall. For the truth ot what I say In this report, I appeal to tha result of tbe ensuing eieetloa. The Greenback party to thi county will not In any sense fas with th Democrat, and the decisive manner in which the resolution favoring the claim of D. Webster Noyes to the office of county judge, was voted down prove th truth ot this. Had there been a resolution like this, favoring E. A. Baafa, who will doubtless be the Republican candidate for that office, It would have received as many vote a did Mr.b.irt's resolution. Tbe real reason why no nomination for county judge was made in tha recent Greenback convention, was because oar party be not in thia county any member ot the le-' gal profession of sufilcienl age and experience to be an acceptable candidate for that ollioe, who waa willing to take th nomination. A HEMlllBOrTBSORkiaRACKCOSVB.ITIOS. thmmrille, October 11, 1873. BY TELEGRAPH. Saturday Mabi'a Dispatches. srrpBEssiox of lawlessness. Oplaloai at tfe A MorneyGeawral Be armrallwa: sha l a. or Ua Araay aa ftoas (Jomltaius. Washinotow, Oct 12. The following is the opinion of the attorney-general, In regard to the ns ot troop to aid revenue officers In Arkarsas: It bu been tha practice ot the government tlnce Its organisation, so far as known to me, to permit the military forces of the United States, to be need In subordination to tbe marsball of the United States, when it was deemed necessary that be should have their eld, In order to the enforcement of his process. This practice was deemed to be well anetained nnder tbe 27th section of the judiciary act of 1789, which gave ta the marehall power to command all necessary assistance in the execution of his doty and waa sanctioned not only by the custom of the government, bnt by several opinions of my predecessors. Tbe instructions given by my predecessor, William M. Evarts, Angnst 20, 1868, state particularly the authority ot the marshal la this retard and call attention to tbe fact that the military In such a case obey the summons ' of the marshal as posse eorttifaCus and act In subordination and obedience to the civil officer in whose aid in the execution of the process they are called and only for the effect of receiving its execution. While a right to the use of a portion of the military forces, where It can be spared for duty, are a part of posse comitatut, Is fairly to be inferred from the provision In the judiciary act, which I have already quoted. There is found, however, no express authority by which the marshal may summon any military force ot tbe United States as part of pone comitatus. The fifteenth section ot the act of June 18, 1878, enacts, " From and after the passage of this act, it shall net be lawful to employ any part of the army as potst eomitatus otherwise than for the purpose of executing laws except in such cat et and as such employment of said force may be expressly authorised by the constitution or by the act of congress." In this state of legislation I am of the opinion that the marshal cannot be aided by the military force ot the United w States a posse is the execution ot this process npon the state of the facts aa it now appears. This state of facts will, however, enable the forces to be used for the enforcement of laws, if the president shall deem it proper to take certain additional steps, and if res tetania to the laws should thereafter continue. Section 5,298 of the revised statutes provides, " Whenever, by reason of unlawful obstructions, combinations or assemblages of persons, or rebellion against the authority of the government, it shall become impracticable in the judgment ot the president to enforce by the ordinary course of judicial proceedings the laws of the United States within any state or territory, it shall be lawful for the president to call forth the militia of any or all the states, and to employ such part of the lard and paval force a he may deem necessary to enforce the faithful execution of the laws of the United States, or to suppress such rebellion in whatever state or territory thereof the United States may be forcibly opposed or the execution thereof forcibly obstructed." Section 5,300 is as follows: " Whenever in the judgment of the president it becomes necessary to use military forces un der this title, the president shall forthwith by proclamation command the insurgents to dis perse and retire peaceably to their respective abodes within a limited time, and, if thereafter facts should present a case which in the judgment ot the president justify. he may command the insurgent to disperse ana retire peaceably to their respective abodes within a limited time, and if they shall tail to do so, It will be then lawful for him to employ inch parts of the lands forces as he may deem necessary to enforce the law of tbe united States. In regard to the case immediately before tbe United States, I would respectfully suggest, however, that with the force at tbe com' roand of the collector, with such aid as the marahail should be able to raise, a resolute and. determined effort should be made to execute the laws of the United States in the county referred to before advising the president to issue bis proclamation calling upon the insur gents to disperse. Tli. Rilling:. Csaa. Baixbtos, Oct. 12. The jury has been locked In the court room since Friday at 5 p. m., with guard at the doors, and during the night guard was about tha premises. Retir ing sbcut 12 o'clock, they awoke at 2:30, and for two hoars recommenced an animated discussion, the noise of which was heard in the street. A rumor was circulated that the first vote stood 8 to 4 for conviction, and latter, 11 to 1. Billing anxiously await In his cell underneath the room occupied by the jury, torroanded by his friends all day, Including his father and Rev. Ford. The downcast looks cf Billings's friends, and the anxiety displayed ly hla counsel, apparently indicate that the rumors aSoat are founded on tbe fact that Jurors Burr and Wlsewell were standing In front of a large window facing the railroad, engaged In an animated discua- tlcn, aL-o In the study ot the map of the Bil lings premises. District Attorney Ormstby and his associate, Mr. Moak, have, Blnce the close of the teetlmony in the case, received about twenty letters from parties, offering to furnish Important evidence in the case. Three of the writers admit that they committed the murder themselves. Hayden Again in Hot Water. New Havx.v, Oct 12. Rev. H. H. Hayden will be brought before the grand jury ot this city Monday, charged with the murder of Mary Stannard. If a true bill is found, his counsel will Insist on an immediate trial. A i law nave need sum moned, and great cire has been exercised by the sheriff in summoning the jury. One of the witnesses, a clerk In Tylet's drug store in Middletown, who sold arsenic to Hayden on the day he says be purchased lt,has been sum- summoned. Tbe clerk says be does not kno Hayden, but does know the purchaser of the arsenic That morning when he went out of the store he stopped on tbe corner and talked with Dr. Bailey. Tbe Fliz Jobs Porter Trial. Naw York, Oct. 12. The court room wa filled with spectator to-day, to ;wltnes the proceedings in the Fit. John Porter case. General Jabal Early testified aa to the event ot Auaost 211, 1802. Early made statement ootelde ot his evidence, which, he said was in justice to the memory of Stonewall Jackson and Gregg. Tbe former's orac le! report contains an error, explained by the fact that it was written by a stall oiUoer who had no military training. Bevenal other witnesses were examined bat gave no Important testimony. An Atrocious ttevsnge. Naw Yc ns:, Oct. 12. The Herald's Tazwell Term., letter gives the details of the horrible torture and death cf a cpgro who was de tected In Ire proper Intimacy with a prominent ytupg whi'e lady, wife of Jesse Rogers, clerk aid master bi the chancery court ot Clair-bcice cour-ty. Her relatives seized the negro titdtimtoa male, dragged him over the mountains, occaslanally letting their horses step on him, then burned his hands off. severed his muscles, hanged and shot him. FOHEIVN NOTES. Tbe New Caledonia insurrection ia spread ing. Further maeecree ot whites by natives have occurred. M. Felix Antolne Philllpe Dupanloop, bishop of Orleans, and a member of the French senate, died suddenly Friday. Seventeen persons have been drowned at Cortemlgnla and Milleslma, Northern Italy, by the overflow tl the Dormida river. A Berlin dispatch says " an agitation to elect the Prince of Montenegro as Prinoa of Bulgaria ha been started in Bulgaria." Talk Pasha commandant of Bayazld haa been removed In disgrace. " Mahomed Pasha, commandant of Alaja Daghi, ha been placed nnder arrest. Austria will pay no attention to the Turkish protest against the occupation of Novl Bazaar. She will proceed to occupy it at tne proper moment. The relschtag, on Saturday, read clause 4 01 tne racialist bill tbe second time after tbe rejection of the amendment ot Here Haenell that the law should not apply to meetings connected with elections for relachtaga and tor uiet. Minister Layard and F aural er have advised Safed Pasha to conclude a military eon vention so a to avert a collision between the Austrian and Turkish troops, leaving the set tlement of th polltloial question for future consideration. Sir Henry Wolff, acting on tha order of th English government, has insisted npon the treaty of Beilln being carried out In Konmella, The other commissioners supported him, whereupon the Russian representative yielded. Tbe commissioners will start tor Phillipcppoli ten day hence. The speech of Gambetta at Grenoble Thursday, greatly pleased the moderate Re publicans. He declared bis belief in the neces slty of the senate, minimised bis former ntter-ance regarding clericalism and made a dex terous and effective appeal to the municipal delegates, who form tbe majority of senatorial electors, to return Republican candidates. Gambetta predicts that the electors will give a Republican majority ot.twanty In tha ten GENERAL NOTES. The governor haa dismissed tbe charges against Abram P. Smith, judge of Cortland county. Tbe Daily Witness, a Ksw Tork religions dally which suspended some time ago, bas resumed publication. At Chicago, Saturday, Hopeful trotted to wagon for a special purse ot $1,000 to beat the fastest tlm on record. The time was 21(54, and the wind blowing. Mr. Beech er informed hla congregation Friday evening that during the comLig winter be would, with few exceptions, withdraw from the lecture field and give hit time to the church. Many importers In New York express dissatisfaction with the collector decision, Friday, regarding the appraisement of imported kid gloves, and consider it a blow to the kid gloye trade. From Information reoelvad In Washington from reliable eonree the estimates of tbe for the cotton crop for the present year will be from five and one quarter to five and one-balf mill ion tales, the largest crop ever grown. The story from Pottsvllle, Pa, that seri ous war is threatened among the coal compa nies to denied in New York at the offices.of the Delaware and Hudson canal company, Reading and Lbiab, coal company, and Le high V alley coal company. The corporation counsel has raised tbe question whether the creditors of New York city can levy an execution npon the prope.-ty of tbe city, such as pictures and furniture in tha city ball, which haa been seized by the sheriff. Jud.e Barrett granted a stay of proceedings, with an order to ahow cause, re turnable on tba 17th lost. Wheat touched, Saturday, the lowest prices known since the war, number 2 spring being quoted at Si2a ; number 2 red winter, tl 0314, and number 2 amber, $1 02. The receipt of wheat at New York thus tar this year have shown an enormous excess over left year, beino- no lee than 47,144,000 bnshels against 10,400,000 bushels during the same perlcd in 1877. William Armstrong Saturday had Ada Applegate, sged eighteen, brought from her father's home into court at Brooklyn on a writ of habeas corpus, claiming her as his wife and was restrained of her Ubeity. It transpired that no marriage ceremony was performed and that the young lady had merely signed a paper promising to be Apple-gate's wife at some future time, bat never had lived with him and was not restrained of her liberty. The writ wu dismissed. POLITICAL ROTES, Congressman Bayler propose to contest the election of Butterworth, his competlsor in the first Ohio district. The following nomination were made by the Prohibitionists at Goshen, Saturday: treasurer, Galen Bennett ; special county judge and justice of sessions, .Noah T.ularke; school commissioners,, Samuel E. Thomas, B, week a The Tiibune says B. 8. Cox announces himself a candidate for speaker. Blackburn's friends allege that he (Blackburn) will be tbe choice of the solid south against Randall. Eleven chairmen of the house committees have already been defeated in this canvass, either tor renomination or re-election. There la a wU defined rumor that the congressional seat of James Tyler from the first district of Vermont, will be contested by A. M. Dickey, the Democratic candidate. Prominent Democrats claim that evidence suf ficient to warrant a contest, though they refuse for the present to .divulge the nature of the same. ' The Odorous PlnF Woeaa These word caught oar eye as w were lazily glancing through "The North and W est Illustrated," and they caused a to long for a trip to tbe home of the " piney woods." Without much thought as to where we should stop, we took oar start from the good city of Louisville, Ky., and soon found ourselves at Chicago. There we found bat one route that could give ns what we were looking tor, and found that to be the New Chicago, St. Paul & Minneapolis line, that led through prairie at d meadow, through hill and valley, along great lakes and streams, and finally into the depths of the pice forests ot Wisconsin, and so on to St. Paul acd Minneapolia Buying oar titkets, we started, and left the Canal an! KlEzie streets depot of the Chicago &; North- W extern Railway, and passed throngs many pleasant villaaes, such as Irving Park, Des- plalnes, Barrlngton, Crystal Lake and Wood stock, and reached Harvard, thence to Belolt, Hanover and Madison, where we are 140 mile from Chicago, and at tha capital nf Wisconsin, a city of over nxteea thousand people. The city Is pleasantly situated on an Isth mus about three-fourths of a mile wide, be tween lakes Mend ota and Monona, in tbe center of a broad valley, surrounded by heights from which It can be seen at a dis tance of several miles. Lake Mendota He northwest of the town, ia six miles long and four miles wide, with clean, gravelly shores, and a depth sufficient for the navigation of steamboat. Lake Monona la somewhat smaller. At 170 miles from Chicago, and thirty miles from Madison, we reached the celebrated Devil Lake. This is a beautiful body of water, eurrouedtd by precipitous moun tains on every aide, except at two points, one burg at the ecutUrn end, whore the rail road enters the lace basin, and tne other al the northern end, where the railroad finds exit from the basin ot tbe lake. On every side of the lake you see " rock piled on rock" in every ccrceivame form, and In immense columns, pillars, piles and masses of very great magnitude and height. The railroad runs along tbe shore of tbe lake on a bed that was literally blasted out of the side of the mountain. From the car windows all the beauties of this wonderful and weirdly mysterious region can readily be seen. This was the home 01 aiUilia.buatua, a uvauuiui uufc uuiorcttnats Indian maiden, and many legends are related of her by the simple-hearted and kindly people of the vicinity. This lake la a favorite eummor resort, and to it the people for many miles around come for plcnldng, sailing, boat ing, fishing and other sports. At Baraboo you reach the Baraboo river, and from thence pas along ita valley for many miles. At Llroy yen are 212 miles from Chicago, and at the southern terminus ot the West Wltconsln railway. From Eire; 700 hastec northward on the new and admirable track of the West Wisconsin road, and soon reach the great pine w ods, which have rendered Wis consin celebrated tbe world over. Into the heart of the pine lumber region you speed, passing through black river falls, Hnmblrd, Augusts, fcau Claire, Alenomooo" i i r'lier noted lumber towns, and fin ,' " " " 'he River St, Croix at Hudson. This . ircr 1 , . je (livldinz line between Wisconsin and l.uae- sota. A few miles bryw, yn rsach a branch to Stillwater, a flourioi...,, t ia on the St. Croix. A fifteen mile rtUu ortogi yoa to St. Pan), acd her.- yon rest, or push on eleven milts farther, to the active, bustling cities of Minneapolis ecu DC Anthony. At bt. Pctd yen can make close connections, via the the Lake Superior & Misslssppi rail- read, for Dulutb, Morehead, Blsmark and points on tbe line of tee great northern Pa cific rai'.rccd, and also with the St. Paul and Paclflo railway, for Breckenbrldge. Fjrt Garry and points in Monltoa, On the line we have hastily sketched, you have a variety of scenery the qalet, beauu ful prairie country of Northeastern Illinois; the rolling farming country of Southern Wis consin; the wildly romantic mountain scenery of the Devil's lake country ; the breezy, odorous "piney woods," with their busy mills, -ac tive towns and numerous logging camps; and the charming river country of the St. Croix valley. A greater diversity 01 country can not be found anywhere in a journey of the same length. 1 on will find comfortabls. cleanly and commadioua dinning stations and boteia along tbe line, at which.ampleilmo la given for all meals. One manarjrment control tne route, ana Pullman Palace Sleepers ran through to St. Paul and for Minneapolis. It will bs seen that this line runs nearly doe northwest from Chicago to Bt. Paul, and is but a few miles longer than an air line, and tc is the shortest practical route oxer uMrh a railroad line can be built between these points. This as-tares the passengers the quickest time that can be made. No other route is now or can be made as direct. We are now settled down by a quiet brook. where we dally pall from tbe " vasty deep" the speckled beauties we have heard so much about The Courier. ComMttaiott Lock. '9a Eargi&r-Proof Combination Lock TTOTTBE. 8TORK, TRUNK. DRAWS 3. II l-oan-oTioe, CuptKmrd and ota Looks, lhl Lttraes, Ac, with small Flat Keys. . ear-Kill touKa eoid by th Hardware Tras TiVcrviX p LATIN tl dona to order, and Is the bsn manner. EAEGENT & QEEENLEAF. Mount Hope. mill OOMMIWSIOHiilB Of MOLHT HOP1 W!TJ X buit remui&i buiQM uwUni( at tbtir Boat a ft n'rlr.rl A U - I1D Ul -tit. Of tmctt month At ten Cilj Clark's offlM. Th TnMuarar tuna BaiMriAUadval Will sVllO M PI-M.K M emit aaiuvJC. n HE. .)Ainn.n u. i.l.T. MWM1.L A. .TORI, tt.ll K IXHIK. OuKKlMlOQtrf 10 PFfC Ml aTINANCIAl AHD COMEEKU1AK. ROCHESTER M ARRETS Saturday. Bevlsed dafty tot aba Democrat Ohxosdela. 8BAIB BoJln etreet quotation paid by bay-r: Wbtbat-1Q00103o V bsh for ebolo Poet, white atlehlaaa and vreaka, B&OlOOo bosh ro Otawaoa, B&oiooo a) baan tot Amber and act) B&s f) bash for Bed choicest grade only commanding outside rate. Ooas emoted al 430ltSa J 80 He for whit and tfOSOe for yellow. Oats quoted at 31fA33e 9 bosh tot mixed and 33038e Sj bush for white ; new oai quoted at 9032fl for mixed and white. Bra &3fij6e p eo a f or new. Babxit quoted al lOOQHZe for toor-rowed and 860 B5e for two-rowed. BAT ADD STRAW We quote mllng quotation: Bat J7CJ 10 iJ a, according so variety and condition. Baud Bat oOOTOc V 100 bm. Btsaw ff)Qt0 y toa for oat and wheat, 170,18 tor rye. CURB1HT QUOTATIONS PAID BT BUiTEBSt Potatoes 9 bush, according Bo variety... &DCSfte Apples V bush, aoeordfpar to variety.... 25COo Bouar-tiood u cliolca &17c Eexe Freeh f doaen 16ti"c Chewae (wholesale) ft ...., tillM Oahbairea v doaen bead 40r.i)x Onions ajbnsh fejQOOe Tnrnlpa bosh 265 X Tomatoes bush i.- : y''jc Green tomatoes bush 20'2So Pkkle cucumbers V 100 2bO-Vie Pauaeh doaen lOi&t'Je Pumpkins each 4i$fte BTuasmeuona v ooaen zajie winter Apple J bl (barrel Included).... 95ai00e Grape at !fc. according to variety.. .... ..3,5oa4,.:ie ....WCuitHSc ... )ii3)c .... !OalH0c 83at30e ....125iJlSJc ,...i:i5al"5c ,. 1.50a4 .... sas4.oo ijutncesw ocm toarrot inctaaeaf..., Potatoes Ir bM 'shippers price).. Beans New medium bush...... do New marrow brtab do Whit Kldnevs 9 baan do Bed Kidneya ) bush...... Beeds Timothy aj bnsn do Medium oloT.r W bieh., ... do Large clover bash If. T. STOCK AND ItIONET IflARKBTa Following are chantes in tbe stocks named (made up from the last Board Blnce October 11: ADVAMCSD. PaclSu MaTI M Panama 1 Americas Express... Vi ChL ft Alton pref 1 naoLiimi. Delaware ft Hndsoa St) cieve., CoL ft Cla.... H Moms ft tei 2v4 New Jersey Central.. 1 neet'n Union Tel... 1H Cht. ft Itock Island.. M A. ft P. Telerapb... MllwankeeftBI Pan H MIL Bt. Paalpref.. H ToL, Wan. ft West'a. Fort Wavne 1 pi. X. u. at 11. Ii...- Erie Ill Vlchliraa Oentral.l? HtcnigaQ Bonthern, Illinois Central ... . ChL ft Northwest's. ChL ft North 'a pref. : IIS Chicago ft Alton Hi DeL. Lao. ft West .. 2 Bnrllnstnn 4 Qciney.l Has. ft St. Joseph... H noaelary w Yoaa. October 12-6 P. M. Money dosed al 7 V oeni. Prima mercantile paper quoted al 6Q7 m cent, Exchange quoted at 47&M for long and 48SM for short. Gold closed lC'L. Government bond firm. Railroads Irregular. Stocks heavy and unsettled. Sale 174,000 share, of which 38,000 were Lake Shore, 48.0:0 Northwestern, 18,000 Western Union and 48,003 Delaware, Lackawana ft Western. GOVERNMENTS. TJ. 8. On of 'elreg-lO-Ji U. 8.10 40 rei? 105J New -e.VB res;.... ..103 U. B. Newflvereg.lOtJ U. 8. 5-20 r. of '67 10514 New 4V4S, roe 103 U. 8. 5-20 r. of '68.10754 New 4s, reg 9UJ4 RAILWAY STOCKS. Del. A Hudson...., 4'4 ChL & Northwest. . 37 Morris ft lseex 81 Weat'n Union Tel . . 00 Chi. ft North n pre. I''-i vieve.. vol xnn.. at A. ft P. Telegraph. 2o Pacific Mail la N. Y. C ill. R... .111(4 Erie 11 Erie preferred 2H Barlem 135 Michigan Central.. ai Panama 121 Union faclne 63 Michigan Southern 0"Xi Illinois Central.... Cleveland ft Pitts.. 83 New Jersey Cent'L S 2W ChL ft Rock bsl d..ll.1' Mil. & St. Paul SDH MiL 4 St. Panlpre. 64 H Tol , Wab. & West. 14 Fort Wayne Chicago ft Alton... 805 Chi. & Alton pref .lot Ohio ft HiasiaaippL 714 DeL, Lac. & West.. 5044 Burl'ton ft Quincy.l0x nan. Bt. joaepn. a PACI.'IC BAIUtOAD BONDS. Central Pacific... lto, Land Grants 10I-4 Union Pacific 106", U. P. Sink g Fund.l004 EXPRESS 8TOCK8. Adams Expreea 107 Am -Merc'ts Union 49 Weiis, l argo ft Co. 85 United States 48) BANK STATEMENT. The following table shows the changes In the New York city banks thia week a compared with l&st week : Loans, increase $ 75,240 Bpeele, decrease 3,6u8,G00 Legal tenders, decrease 1,311.400 Deposits, decrease 4,082,200 Circulation, increase 15,600 Reserve, decrease 3,904,450 NEW TORK H1RKET8. Nxw York, October 128 P. M eju-rTUK market quiet and heavy; 509 Dates at too 1 oc ror miaaung apisnas. KLOlB AND MEAL Frxms receipts 15C00 bbla Market for State and Western flour rules otoc loner, tales 13.000 barrels as follows: .2.800-1,25 for No. 2, 9:1,5003,76 for superfine Western and State, (3,7504.10 for common to pood extra Western and Btate, 94,154,75 for good to choice extra Wee-tern and State, 84.8O55.t'0 for common to choice white wheat Western extra, 93.90C5.25 for common to good extra Ohio and 94,00f96.2.r for common to choice extra St- Loula market ciosine heavy. l:vs Fial-b market firm and unchanged; sales at 92,75ft3,40 for Stare Oorn M bal mar-ke quiet; s&lea at 92.20&2.76 for yellow. GRAIN Weaat receipts 145,000 boeh: market rules heavy and lQllc lower; aes 611.000 bush at tnucfor No. 2 Fprma. 104c for No. 1 rel. 102vii4c for No. 2 amber. lCnlOT. t-ar N-,. white and 107.108c for white State. Rye martet roles dull andheavy; sales at tile for Stats and Western offered at 57c. Barxxt-market dull and heavy: sa lea mixed rowed State at 118 V; 112c, o. 2 Can&ca at llO&lloc and No. 1 Canada at 130& 135c Mai-t market rules auiet and anchaueed. CoBNrecelpt 136,000 bash; market rules a shade lower: sales 280.U00 &uhU at t24&o for un graded, 47c for steamer and 47V4C for No. 2. Oats receipts 38.000 bash: market rules slightly In buyera' favor; rales 71,00 bush at 3U&31C for No. 1, 2?H'3"c for mixed State and SiAJStac for white State. BAY Marcel rules quiet; quoted at 40045c for iblpp'.Dg. Hops Market rales qalet; New York quoted at 80.15C for poor to choice and yearlings nominal at EfiliPc. GROCEBIKB-Comi: market miea quiet and fcfc lower; cargoes Bio quoted at 134tltc. Su ae marset rules nrm: fair to sood reamer. qacted at 7t 7Hc aad prime at 77-ic. Mol3rs njftrset mill lice maraet uncnangea; BAiee Carolina and Louisiana at (jObatc. ir.iiwji.ra aiaxkec quiet; cruoequotea at U.5 and refined at trio. 1 ALLOW Market rules heavy: sales 75.000 ti at fW'Vtte. PROVISIONS Pose market rnles heavy: sales mess at 98 &0&.SS.&0. Bbkv markpt rules steady. TiKTtca HitKr market quiet, our aikatw market quiet. Middles market heavy at 6t5 for Western locg-clear, CHto for city long-clear and 6te for short-clear. Laud market clowd heavy; sales prime steam at 96,f-T0,05. Bern a - market dull and heavy; aaJea common to prime state at 10025c Cikksa market qniet but steady; saiea common to rnoice mate at of&o. baos market steady; State and Pennylvania quoted at SZ&22J4C. rVTAivraf-HaxEei quiet: saiewpeeriee at 91,70 ,2.1214 and early rone at $1,750.2,25. WHISKY Market rules quiet with 1 L3HC bid. C2 tESEBil, FIABKET8. Cincinnati, October 13 W HUSKY Market active and firm at lU7c Special to Democrat and ChronUU, Itotroli, October 12 WHEAT Mark ralea lower; aalea extra white Micidft&n at fcHo, No. 1 white Miohiyan at caah, SJ 4c seller Octo ber, P3c seiler November, tHc seller December. B-cciiFTB b0,U0 buah wheat. Hit1 m bints 4-,000 boeu wheat. UiiAtN in store Oct. 77 1878. Wheat, bish 480-'66 Com, bush 3,721 Oai. bush 15,1 41 Barley, buab 4,054 Total bushels.. 403,183 602,363 376,873 Albanv. October 12 Whkat mark-At vr dull with much lighter receipts. Ry-i quoted at C &36c in ibe street. Coast market qufr-t. Oats quoted at ita&3Qc in the street; sales So. 2 mixed Western at 31c. BAKJ EY-considerable inquiry pales No. six-rowed 8 'ate at 111 i'lOW and Bay by sample at 136c. Malt mar tot steady. Toledo. October 12-Flotjb: market rales firm. We kat market rules dull and lower; sales No. X white Micbuxan at t4o, amber MicbixaB at 01 vjc and No. 2 red Winter at 91 He Oban market wok; high-mixed held at 3&Zc. Oats market Suiet; sales No. 3 at 210. Frsiohts wheat to uflaio HcmnA corn 2c; wheat to Oswego 6c ana corn ihc .eckifts tuvjuu nasa wneat, :XC0 tOEh corn and ),00C bash o&ts. Baiptsrs 136,000 bufh wheat 7,000 bush corn. HI ! In io k eev October 1 2 -FLora market rules Inactive but steady acd unchanged. Whe.t market cpeced settled aid declined lc but closed -steady; r-ales Ho. I bard Milwaukee at lOc and No. 1 soft Mrwaukee at t4c. Corn marxtt rtiles tower; tale No. 2 mfied at 34a Oats market doll aod ocDiinal; sales No. 3 at Ifee. Kra market more active; sales So. 2 a He Bart-ey market weak; pales No. 43 PprtDR at 10T o. Frsiohts wheat to tLfTaio 4c. KxcwPTS 9,000 bbla floor and J,CCO bui-h wheat, hbipm tsra 10,0 JO bols flonr spd !. i,CW) bosh wheat. UKA-liS In Store Oct. 7, Sept. 30, Sept. 2. 1878. 1S78. 1S77. Wheat, bosh l,0:0,4!f, 755,378 3.00 Corn, bush I9,:i88 J9 879 9.4i-S Oata, bush 11 8.201 7tf,74 25.HW Kye, bufb 31.393 2H.801 2,fW5 tianey, ou&n bi.uo o-ttt.o-v-: i.i,-. Total bushels.. 2,06 'f 01 1,732,91)3 602,943 St. Leal . October 12 Floch market rules dull and uiicaanped; sales donble-extra Fall $3,80 C.4.C0. treble-extra Fail at f4-1034.2& and family at Jr4,b4jxl4.). Whiat market rules lower; sales No. 2 red Fall at bZ i&tnc Cork mark at rules lower; Rales No. 3 mixed at 3lc. Oats market quiet; sales No. 2 at ltA4o. Kvn- market rules dull at 40j-i4V'o. li-suix-xt market dull; n&es prime to choice at IC' 1'Gc, Kict KiPTa 6.00J bbls flour. t8,0CO b'.ph wueat, 7,000 bush corn, lyiKJU busb oats. 2,000 bush rye and 7.0OJ bush barley. Bhip-m nts 7,000 bbla floor, 12,0u0 boah wheat and 20,000 boah corn. Afturiffo. October 1 2 Frorrt m arket rnlea steady: saiee 1.200 barrels al 4,o0c&4,75 for clear. f5-2r3,&u ror ro. i epnng, aa.j3oaou ror amoer Winter, 95,5105,75 for white Winter, f 5, 7506,00 for dooble-exLra, 97,6008,00 fn? new process and 512AO$&.oO for Krahaiu. Whcat market ru'es quiet; sales No. 1 while Uiate at 103c, No. 2 white btate at 9t 100c and No 2 red Btate at 95c. Ooxn market rules easier; sales No. 2 Toledo at4flO 47c Oats market quiet: sales mixed Btate at 28c. lURLKT- market rules lower; sales 20.0V0 bush extra bright Canada at 120c, 6,000 buen No. 1 brfKht Canada at l&c 2.&O0 bush Btate 1010105a Corn Mkal quoted at 921,00 V ton for bolted aod '30 ton for unbolted. Mill Fxmo quoted at 912,00 ton for shorts, $13,00 V ton tor ship-stuffs and $17,00 y ton fur raidUlInrs. Railroad Fseiobtr Flour to boston 40, to New York SOe and to Albany f&ct grain and mill-reed aoo to Hoa- ton, 16c to New York and l-Ho to Albany. Cajval FanoHTB-atw steady; wheat and peas 7 He, oorn and rye ro, and barley Be, to New York; lumber. 12,00 to Albany and $-.76 to New York. Ua- ccii-Ta S2.10J bush bailey asd i.e,0C0 feet lum ber. BHipjTa 1,000 bbls floor, 29.000 bosh barley and 302,000 feet lumber 4'bleafto, October 12 Flo ' r market nominally unciiaiiped- Whsat market active and pri-?m lower: sales Nos. 1 and 2 red Winter at 8ttc. No. 2 Chicago epnofr at 8t V4o cash or seller October and hi Ho seiler November. Cons market rules lower; aaits No. 2 and high mixed t 340 cash, 84c seller October and 34 He bid seller November. Oats market dull and prices a shade lower; sales No. 2 at liV canh, 8IH0 seller fVt.ihear and lij-ki stiller Nwveiuoer. livs mar ket steady; sates No. 2 at 43e rah and 4 1 seller November. Baki.xt market ea-rter; fiaVea No. Bprtnp at i04O1044 cash and lOdc setter November. I'OHS market iuacuve and pnoea lower; salts at 97,7607,td canh and $',763,7,77. seller Nnv rn iter. l.iRu market rules lower: sales at $0,224P.Scaeh, 91224 seller atobr aad $V-1l C'l fcvfl seller November. at lOHo, Bu sipts 12,000 bbls flour, 17e,000 bosh wheat, 1 CXXI hruh aorn. 6.00Q bush oat. 61.000 burn barlev and i:.0O0 boah rye. BairMfrasTa 7.0l hr i flrtnr l .Lt uoo biikii wb-at 24vUU0 boah om, 67,000 buah oata, &",0u0 btub rye nd V, 4,000 buh Sept 30, 8ept 24, 1878. . 1877. 482.344 265,203 AVh, S 4,167 6,635 E g ElMkf bar ley. Sept. 24, 177. l,io.7.1l 41'2 l S4i..n 105,753 WhesAtmah .tr,,7!il l.smuM S,WR:w T2X.HHO 6W.5M 22,731 l,Ki,fw. Oai, busb. OH;f.twi Barley, bosh 7R1.X.-4 Hre,l a, onan vna.601 ToAlbortMl...e,413.2fcO 6.WH.817 2.607.688 BaBato, Octocer If Fxom narkat ateady ana nn-hacirrd; aale ROO bl at S5,2fjCA7E for No. 1 cltyrrtrund Cprhut, 4.0014,50 for So. 2 Spring, ao.CaJCfMX) for Amber. 6,7doV lor white Winter and I7.2JC7.75 for new process. Kra tVro quoted at 3,2Se3.BO. MilxVlkn-quotl at tl I 12foTCoafe, 11,7BIT,2S for flne and lf)ffll7 for finished Cob M bal rnosd as 8QfSc for coarse and 8&Q1C&0 for fine. Wasa-r-market onaettled; so sale. Coax market doll; sales hlsh-mlxed Toledo at 43c and sample at 4)V4o OaTS-market dull; sale No. BChicam at 2flvta 3ec. Rrs market inactive; Western and State quoted 0c Babxkv market Inactive. Hilt market atdy ;sAle Btata at lluiaoc and Canada at ll&iriCc Hkkds market nnchantd; timothy aootodat l,J)6iL46, medium etover at (4.60 and large clover al V00. Poat-market steady; heavy mess and shortcut $3,76 1 10, and dear f 12.7D&S13. Lamb market steady; quoted a fcA.Q7c in tk-rcee and barrel. and 74&76a 9 t In tabs and terra. BieHwi.aa quoted at 108e109e for eUy-mada. Kan. soap Fasjoerrs are steady ; wheat eVtc. corn 8o and oata 6c, to New York. Qahai. Fbkohts wheal 8)4c, oorn 7o. rye 7Ha, oaie to, to New York. Pine lumber 12.1b 9 at to Altary, and 13,76 to New York: staves to New York, 12 ton. Bailaoad KacarPTS 2 500 boat finer, 16.000 bosh wheat, 38.000 bush com, 11,000 nuah oats and 3.000 boah barley. Hah. road Ssrp. Murra-8,000 bbla flour, 2,000 bash wheat, 41,000 bosh core, 11,000 bush oat and 1,000 bush barley. Cabal BHiroiirra to tide-ater 267.000 bash wheat. 180.000 bush corn and 29,1.0 buah barley; to Intermediate points 1 1.000 buna wheat and 5.0T 0 bush corn. Laxb Bacaipl 7.000 bole flour, 2t AOto boah wheat, 187,000 buah corn and 41,000 buthoata Liverpool, October 12 Oottom market rule, firm, ajiddling Uplands quoted at 6 &-10d and MKdlrng Orleans at6-ld 2:30 P. M. Fixjra 20kl 23a0d. W B BAT 8 -1 Id QOsSd for Spring. 8a8dl:8el0d for red Winter, 9e-n)O10aC0d for white California and Oai Ida 10e4d for club. GGitN a&uJAE&d tor new, Oats 2sflda2fld. Psas 336d. Bakijv 3a04. Pobi 7ael. Laud ShaPd. Bco 31sCdO32a0d. Tallow 38a3d. Chsksb 4?aOd. Keceinas of wheat tor Abe past three day were 18,000 quarters, of which 13.000 were American. Fstroleune Markets. By Telegrmph.) On. Crrv, October 12-OIL 3ie tM strictly. Irmrrajj, ra.. October 12-oiL 636o bid. Pabxsbs, October 12-OIL 8Tic bid. CumrLAXD, October 12 PETROLEUM Market steady at He for standard white. Bream Corn market. Chicaoo, October 11-BliOOM CORN-The sales cn orders continue tbe same as for some time past, and prices are without change of moment, kxtra green carpet brush quotable at 410. green hurl at 4410, red tipped bnrl at 314&MO, green brush (wttb hurl to work It) at 4&4t4c, red tipped do at 34060, red and Inferior brash at 8c, crooked at c In order to sell consignment slight concession would have to be mace from the prices given. Inter-Ocean. Chicago Llvs Kiosk iriarket. From th Drovers' Journal He port. Chicaoo, October 12-CATTLK receipt 69J head: market steady; sales shipping eteers at i"ce.4,t0, Westers cattle at t-,6'-&3S(j and Teianaat 92'' 2,70. HOGS Beeetpts 10,030 head: shipments 4.200: market closed easy: sales choice b-avy at 93,70 (2,4.00. bt at I i.E0 and mixed at 93,4003.59. SHEEP Receipts 200 head; market unchanged. Apple and Potato narkau. Chicaoo, October 11 APPLES The feeling wss decidedly weak sod the market very doll; consignments had been poaring in until the market ha become overstocked: the atock la generally pre. ty good fall and winter f nits : choice mellow eatli.g apples occasionally sell by the single barrel at 91,75, but then sales are rarely made at over J1.50 V bbl. POT ATeES There ha been considerable business cone In this market during toe past twenty-four hours, but at a range of prices that a, tower than former luotationa : mmim mainly of early rose, and raaawl at 38&40c for small aad 45&4eo for very fine stock in car lot in a email way; choice peachblow sold by the car load at 50c. Inter-Ocean bptxUU Botiee. DR. RUSSELL J. WHITE, Analytic Physician, can be consulted at hi ofhcea a follows: LOCKPORT, AMEBICAN HOTEL, Saturday the 25th of October, and Saturday, the 23d o November. PALMYRA, PALMYRA HOTEL, Thursday, tha 21st of November. . BOCHESTER, OP BURN HOUSE. Wednesday the 23d of October, and Friday, the 2 2d ot November. RATA VTA, BT. JAMES HOTEL, Monday, the 21st of October. LE BOY, LAKPBON HOUBK, Tuesday, tha 22d of October. BBOCKPOBT, GETTY HOUSE, Thursday, tha 24th of October. ALBION, ORLEANS HOUSE, Friday, the 25th of October. PENN V AN. BlTtHAM HOUBK, Tuesday, tha 5th of ToveniDer. CANANDAIUUA, WEBSTER HOUBK, Wednesday, tbe 6th of November. 1ml Whit treats suctxsfnlly Scrofula, Hip Disease, Fever Boree, Ulcers, Paralysis, Rheumatism, Fits. Nervous Maladiee, Female Dinicaltiea, Lia-eaees of the Lungs, Heart, Throat, Liver aad Kidneya, Ecnning from the Ears, Inrlamraatlon ot the Eyes, and all forms of Catarrh. The above dis-ea-"fB we make a eneciaity. We know when we examine a patient the cause of the disease, and tbe remedy to remove it. not bv guessing, but by knowledge. Gonsoltatlona are free. HEADS THAT REBEL ezalsst the rule of taste and beauty, ia their eolor or In the loan of all their color, may be chaiKed ia five minufefl to any BEAUTIFUL 6BADE by a single application of CKItTAOORO'8 HAIR DYE The rapidity of its operatisn, perfect safety, permanent healthful effect and the exceeding depth and richness of the hues It Imparts, diatinrnfeh this preparation from all other Dyes in nee in this country or in Europe. Crlstadoro's Hair: Preservative a valuable adjunct to the Dye. In dressing and promoting the growth and perfect health ot the hair, and of itfelf. when used alone a safeguard that protects the fibers from decay under all circumstances and under all climes. Manufactured by J. CRIfcTAlOBO. No.03 WUliam-St.. New York. Sold by all Druggists. Applied by ail Hair Dressers. 135o Gmrpett mm Oil CiotAe. EOGEES & COHVERSE. We are ccnatacUy receiving all tbe KKWS3T DE1S1GN8 Tn Many of them being patterns to be found at no other store in te city. Our stock of all oarpev rootn goooa m vanea ana ejnensive. war New Oil Cloth Bags & Mats Are very handsome, and we havefmairy new styles of CO. CLOTH bv the yard. UNOLEOS. MAT- TINO, CBUMB CliOTUS, CARPET eWmIAa, ato. uur pnoea are sore to ne aauazactory. ROGERS & CONVERSE 14 rxchhgSi.,Koclitr. PET TALL OFENINO, VS. Large Sled an4 Choice Patterns, SOLD VERY CHEAP. For Cash er en WEEKLY PAYMENTS. I. F. CARTER. 48 and 50 State-St. Oil Cloth Patterns for Stoves and Doors. OIL CLOTHS by the yard, in all widths and qualities. We bare tha largfst and beH- selected stock ever shown In Rochester, and re Mlllcg them at the LOWEST PRICE 3. HOWE &. ROGERS Carpet Ware-Booms, No. 37 State Street Lime. 1L1R3E.I I AM BUimHa the best White Urn ever deUvered In this cltr. Order received at mr WIRE WOBXS, No. 79 State-St. KILN, five mile west ot the city, one-halt mile north of Buffalo Boad aad one-ha. mile sooth of Lrel Boad. Urns will be aold at tn LOWEST MARKET PRICIS. tW AO orders promptly Oiled, and Lints dettv- ert-,i in anv quanuty aealreo. 7 cau a above or address JOHN SNOW, Mmitry, H8.00 S3.G0 A ruix rpnta or dkdkr but of bum 1 TEBTH (Whites or JnaBMV tn Dest mad kt an wortd, oa ttnnoer, ,-i.iiu. ummiiisM baUTH A rtUKAlibat, IPS Fowera' Blocs, nfta Hoot. L. D. & J. 8. WALTEU, PKNT1SXS, T?OOM8 8 ami 83 Hmlth'a i AVBlocB, corner of West Main and .n t rl HARPEK'a MAOAZIS last received al for Ootober DABaoW o. G BAIN in store Ort 7. 1878. OL CLOTHS rolUiceU. Ftrat Asassahlr Dlstnet ( aav.atlom. Th Kepahllcan lector of ttw sevwraj town, and the BtHeeath Ward, oon.poafn the rrrsa aaHsnuy vwuict ox Koaroe Oonatv. an ra- aaested to seaid five delegates front eseb towa sad Its s District Coaveartaoa. to ssbetdatOsa. Blraar Hotel, Plttaforo, on BaUtraav, October 18, aoo, ss aa o cuca A. JL. f or th Dornoss of placinit is omi nation a eaadldate tor KeniBer of Asasmbr; also aeaodtdats for School Oommai aloner. tha etrales rrssa fhstswas aloae sbbs In the latter aomlaatlon. October Z 197& U J. BILUH-JB, HARRISON A. LYH, JOHN BAIXBCK. Watrlct Oojmlllau cosiatv CoavBtlB. The RepDblinaa alar-tort of tbe several town. of Monroe County and ward of the cltv of Hoeh-eeter are reqoMted to send five deleirar. each to a Conaty Conwntlc. to be held at ttoe dtv Hall, in the eirv of Koebeaasr, oa TneadAp, the 16th day of October next, at eleven (11) o clock A. M , for te pnrpoae of Dominating candidates ror eooatv offlces at the eomisa; election, aad to transact aoch other hosiness as may come before the Uoay. vennon. A t lluliiilX, Uialrnaaa. U W. FaWTOw. BecPTtary. NATURALIZATION .in persoos dealrlng to be naturalised, an who Intend to vote the BepubUcaa ticket at the coming election, may have the aeoeasary papers made out FBEE OF CHABQSnpoa application t) POMEROY DICKI590N, No. 84 Arcade, Bocheter, N. Y. Second story over Post office. City ay , General City Tax for 1878. Crrr TRKAsraxa'a Omen, I Rohester. N. Y jnlv iKra f OTICS. The General City Tax Bolls fot X i 1878 have been placed In my hands for eo lectloau All persons named tn said roils are r aueeted to Day the several sqbm immmm to thm respectively as provided by Bee 9i, C.ty Oihanai WT TAiio H BOO Ma PUS aTULY 1st. Cdob all soma remaJcini7 nnoaid on tbn mm day of July, the foil owing charge wlU be added' If p&ld alter the 31st day cf July, and oa or before the 1st day of bept., ONS VKk Ck NT. If paid after the lnt day of September, and oa ot before the 1st day of Oct., TWO PEtt CX3T. If paid after the 1st day of October, and on ot before the 15th day of Oct., THRO. FEB CjT. If paid after the 15th day of October, and on 01 before the 1st day of NovM FOUB PER tit NT. If paid after the 1st day of NovtraNr, and oa ot be fere the loth day of Nov., FIVE PU CEJTT. interest wiu ne crargea upon ail sums remain tea? nnnald after the loth day of November, la addition to the above fees, at the rate of TWKXVI IHH CENT, per annum. Warrants will be Issued for the collection cf all snros remalng unpaid oa the L5thof December, with fee and taferes as above, toireaher wlta collector s te-. KrtAJ. v. n ujAA-Laajio, "VfOTICB TO CONTRACTORS. Notice ft ll hereby given that sealed proposals will bo ecefved at the office of the Cxecutlvo Board, reoond floor City HaJLontfl 12 o clock M.. Thursday, October 17th, 1878, for the following improvements: l. nam plain street tiank walk. Philander street Plank Walk, Btratbsilan Park Pipe Bewer. North Washington street bleach Trap. Every proposal must be acoompanted by a bond r guarantee, signed by two or more responsible persons, to the effect that he or they undertake that tbe person or pearnona propostng will, immedi teiy after being notified that nis or their propos als are accepiea, enter into an ODiieauon, wua good and sufficient sureties, to perform, the work propoaea rot-. HUnk forms of proposal and bond will be fur-nip bed bv the Executive Board. Ho others will ha considered by said Board. 'ine Kxecntive txara reserve me ngni to awara the contract as they may deem to the interests of tbe taxpayers and the city, and also reserve the right to reject any or all bids that may be offered, as shall appear In their opinion to be for the best interests of the ci'y. No contract will be executed except undersuch guaranty as the said Board consider sufficient to insure the completion ot tha work In the best and most workmanlike manner, and within the time to be specified in the contract. Plans and spe?!ficatjon8 may be seen on application at the City Surveyor's office. omja-K tt. ri?AAUVCiv, city surveyor. CITY CLKKK'8 OFFICJBixbAter.S.T Oct 7th, 1878. Notice is hereby given thar all persons interesaed tn the subject matter of the following-described Improvements are requested to attend at the Common Council, in the Common Council Cc amoer, third floor of new City Hail building, on Taesdav evening, October 15th, at 7 o'cloci, when aue- gauons wiu oe nearo: IlfPKOVIFia JLL.lm aTTtBHT. Tbe bnprov&ment of Allea-at. from Platt-at. to Brown-st. (excepting over the Krie canal.) by constructing a roe d way cf McAdam stone, with curbs and gutters of Medina scone on each aide thereof, together with the ceceiaary snr.'ace sewers, lot laterals and cress waits; to include alio the trrad- Ing or each sidewalk acd tne relaying ot al walks on tbe proper grade. ine estiznated expense is ,cuo. ana the territory deemed benefited and. proper to be as-seseed to-One tier of lots oa each aide of Allea-tt. from PlaU-st. to Brown st. STantCH TRAPS R ST. FACT. STRIKT. The attachment of etench trans to t&h cf tba surface sewers in St. Paul-et. between Atwateiss. and the south line of Eiy-st. roe esumateea expense 7,4, ana tne territory deemed benefited and proper to be assessed is One tier of kits on the south side of Bt, Pan el ret t Ircm .aAwater-at. aad the south Una of Kly stxeet. flixb; walk os vabx sruxsrr. The construction of a nlank wala 4 feet wifie en eacn stae or starn-st. from Hudson-st, to North -st. BJto ii. s nee sary croe8-waAaA, The estimated expense is $438, and the ter ritory oeenaed oeneJitea ana proper to be as-Beesed ie One tier of lots on each side of at ark-st, from Hudson -et. to North -st. STKNCH TRAPS OS SOrTH CT IKTOS STREKT. The attachment of stench traps to each of tha surface sewem in South CLfnton-st. between East aialn-et. and the sooth line of Moo roe a venae. ine estimated expense is sju, and the ter ritory aeemea bentntea ana crocer to be a Bessed is One tier of lots on each aide of South Clin' ton-et. between East Maia-at. and the south line Of Monroe avenue. t-DWAB U ANOBTVITfK, City Clerk. ELECTION NOTICE. BaaaiTF'a Onici, Cocrrrr or Mostaoa, 1 July 31st, 1S73. f Notice Is hereby given, pursuant to the (rrctet of this State, and ot the annexed notice from the Secretary of btate, tha the general election la this State will be held in this county on the Tees-day succeeding the first Monday of Nov-eeber Bf xt 'November 6th), at which election the oGeeff named In ths annexed notice will be electtvd. HjblSEY . K1CH&OKD, fihrliL Btatb ofNct Torx, OmCT 0 TBI SlCltXTART OF HTATB, ) AlAVT. JulT 8L 1K7L 70 V Sherif of tht County q Monro: Sin: Notice is hereby given that, at the Genera election to be held in this state on the Tuesda succeeding the first Monday of IS cwemoer next (November Cfih), the foUowlnc officers are to be elected, to wit: An Associate Judge of the Court of Appeal (for a full term), in tbe place of Famoel Ham., (appointed by the Governor In the place of warn n P. Allen, deceased, whose term of office will cx pi re on the last day of December, next. A Justice of the Supreme Court for the Bavecft Judicial Mptttc. bi tiie place of James I. Anglo, Appointed by the Governor ia the of Ueorn W.Bawson. dcteaaed), whose term ot offloe wQ expire OB the last day of December, next. eilso a Kerr eeentarte In the Forty-sixth Ooa-gret of die 1 6 tted Staica, for the Thirtieth Ooa-greesional District, composed of tha Oottivtlea 0t Monroe and Crieana. C0U5TT 0FTICKES, AI.PO TO BS ZLRJTZB FOB SAID COUKTY. Three Members of Aseenbry. Two School OcmnlasionerSL A eherlff, in the ptace of Henry K. Rich mo nd. Two Justicee of t eesiona, tn the place of John Boorst and Peymetir Sherwtvd. Ail whose terms of ofnee will expire on the taK davof DwHwmber nexa. Aleo a County Treasurer, tn the p!aoa of Jama Barris, whoee term of office expiree October loTV Bspeetrnlly yours. Secretary of PtAta Notice to Election Registrars. Cttt Clxrx's Omci 1 Rocbkstkb, N. Y., Oct. 1st, 1878. f REGISTRARS OP ELECTION, take noticeThat yon are required by Chapter 570 Laws of 1872, to sit a Boards ot Registrars in the several K'ection Districts of tbe city of Rochester Tuesday and Wednesday, October liiih and ltita lb". 8, from U o'clock A. M. to 9 o'clock P. M each day, and oa Friday aod 8arrrday, November 1st ana za, crom o a. m. 10 r. m. eacn aay. to maae and peirect ine Registers or voters, at tue touow-irg oiaces. desienated bv the Common Council as places for m&hiog the RegA&tent and bolduig the polls of election: rirsi ware acenrT-s omce, twin noose. Second wmrd Old No. 5 sr-hocl honee. Third WartWFirat dfattrint. ImiMimiiAt. Ammna house.; Third ward Second district, KcOonnell's hotel corner of P-y mouth avenee and Adams screak r onru wira ia angine nouae, CUM screev Fifth watd First diatrict. Alev erinAt a afiore. hS Korth bt. I'aul street. lifth ward-Kecood district, Fred. Mandar'l tore, corner of Oakman and Galusha streeta. rixtn ward utore or Jonn w. iinaoa, corner or Clinton street and Clinton place. tSevenih ward First district, BrownelTS shoe Store, corner Monroe and Union streets. Seventh ward -Second dtatnet. atra. llarcut a. corner Monroe and Meis streeta. Kigntn ward rim district, ino. so west avenne. Kighth ward ttecond diatricA No. S3 Mouth Francis street. Ainili ward First district, Campbell buEdina Corner Smith and Lyell streets. Ninth ward tVccsd district, Peter B. BAmsey Store corner rbeips and Lake avenues. Tenth ward-atf north Cnioa street, betws Asylum and Charlotte streeta. Eleventh ward First district, Kleyenth Wa house. Grape street. Kiev-nth ward becond district, BhalTera store Lyell street. iweirtn wara irm ajstrwrc, uwreanewaiQerv Store, 77 gouih avenue. Twelfth ward bcoDd dlttriot. John Amoldt bouse, IZo South avenue. rhlrteenth ward-First distriot, J. A. P. Waiter Store, 1LU Hudeon street. lli.rteothi ward becona oistnca, . no decser's store, corner bt. Joseph street and ato Locaki avenue. Fourteenth ward GUder's barber shop. No. 11 Fifteenth ward John Beia store, corner Jap and Child streets. Sixteenth ward First district, Joseph Hoam Store, LH Goodman street. Sixteenth ward isMXnd district. Bunding a Toll Gate, corner East Main and Bay streets. Sixteenth ward Third district, Andrew Berg's store, 1.40 St. Josepn atreet. Hasan a books and atiknery oan be obtained a toy ofRce, baiurOay and Monw, . Oftober 1'Jth an 1 . . a. aTDU'i U 1 14th. KPWABD ANGKV1NK. Oty Clerk. Notices SUPREME COURT, Francis W. Little ts. Thomas W. Ouinby. Lewis p. Boss vs. Themava W. OulnbT. 1 itrauant to tit orders of the Court, ma-le la theae acuonn. October 8. 1S7S, 1 will sell the boot and shoes, attached as the property of the defendant, at pi.blto sale, as my ortioe in the Oour House, 9.t tUK-n?ttrr, . oa tne lout aay a Octor, lb7ts at 10 o'clock a. m H. K. RICHMOND, Hberiff. O KPT EMBER aLAQAZLKEa and Faahlon taj ixOantai VAOaWW w. WSW W1KTXB ABRAttaaXI2fT. ERIE RAILWAY. g" 'J oeoav, re. SStk, 1978, traM I. , f? !rBi rrt, At Rochester ac toa. aows Oew Torh ttme): lt9 A. . KaXixnOU KXFKK88 Tkrooas) to Bmh-a. corrnwr a Avos f or Oaledos fa. I- v. Aaucs, Waaw, CssSUs. rTiTlBa ar-v ptntt.i. i r, : a aar 9l0 A- L--iIW YOBX DAY IUKB-0By, teej gnooay; arrhnnf Hew Yor si . LT Connerts at Avon aw-, (rata jor uaaiwoo. Ml. Morria avd b.osTDl.; aAao-taksdool I 'Any, uwaviB, amca ui iSt-'ais, arrfvic. sa the la-jer c'ty at 13:46 P. BL 4lO) P. M. ATI-AHTIC IXPnTVA-trm In Mf. anfts a Hew Yor 7 25 A. r 4:40 P. MDAJlHViiAii KAIT-Oomrtlzie aa Avon with train for airxJontaj ;Uoy, Bat- via, AtCra aad Warsaw. Arrivm at Wa :10 F. M.-WAY EiFRIMH TO OORN1II9, daUT except Bend jr. Or-Mertlng at Corainr 1th Express for Hew York. mWZrJhrn! rrf the eaxt: Daarv-Tls luo, g 60.A.M.PacinefcrpffJM, A. M.; VmVurVi Jxp rem, 0:10 V. ; tofrio areaa, flO P. a-jjay a-Axpresa, 1130 P. M. CssT-ror tbrongb tickets or rptag iVMatai , pieasa apply nt toerai Oftoa, IvBT. where fuA paMMcnl&fW. wHkW ba obtained. JNO. UBOTT, &eral Pinvirt Amt, iw Yon JOHS lifcARTLETT. Foerttoern Paaaenger Ajrent, Boftato. NSW YORK CENTRAL, HUUeoa RIYajti -aArt,.4r, aUD' Oa aad after MONDAY, Jane 94. 1173, Trtn leave awOobester as foUowa; BOOra KA0T BT PIRXCT BO AO. nrecial Hew York aUpitas f -aj 4. at ew York Kxpress A. epee-ailiay Express 10-15 A. M Lay Express 1545 A- Accoinmodatlosi tXP K tthwest AUantie Kxpre-a QAtxptA Oar) Hon days invades J 4 CP. H niortdirweat AtiaaUe iBlep4iu Oar) 8xa- dayi tecioded ;15 p, f EL Lonis tigress (Sleeping Car) Bandar included 11:06 P. M 0OIB3 KASri BT AUBUEfl BOAD. Pew Tork lxpresa i-rfi A. H Pay kJWW 7:23 . H 'AtianHc Express 1:06 ?. H Baltimore Kxpres s-ajo P. BtaLoc Cxpreas S.iSP, m ftOlWa WEST BT BUFFALO RQAIX. Bt. teocls Pacifle aVxpreas ..n t 40 A. at Accommodation 7 jc A. It nadeago Pacific Expreaa. ..w10:15 A. M AecommodaUoo and Freight li-90 P. M KinlgTant M 4-00 i. V Day agrees......... B BP. at Bpeelal Cdcago Expreaa. IS 20 P. M BOll9 WE8T BT KlAOABA FAXXfl BOAD. Bt, Lonis Pacific Express 7:- a. X Chicago Pacifte Exp rasa 10:15 A.M Aocom modax.lon irOCP. 14 Day Express I Kf. aalTran 6-50 P. X Ohloaco agrees. ...UsB F. M It&n aa Biinday. TBA17B FOB CHARLOTTB. Lttft-IA A. W IJ0 P, M. 1SB P. aC, and ifM P. M. AJTtTa-t-SS . H t F. M. 45 P. M andt. P.M. C B. mktjlkh, Seal Faati ill J. TTTJ.nf8HAiTt BenT enpt. Rochester and State Use Railway On and after Bator day, July 20th, 1STS, traia will depart rrom and arrive at ttocneexer as foliows (A bany time Id minutaa faster than Rochester.) 6.0 A A. MEXPBJSB-Throigti to Baia-aJv macca and the west: oonneen att Le Boy with H.Y.C. train for Batarla: as E-aFt Oaines-vule with Erie for HorneUfvTlAie and fenffaio, and with Silver Lake railway; at Machias with B, N. Y. and P. railway for Olean. Emporium and Bradford, arriving at Bradford at 1:15 p. m.; arriving at Sa.ananca at 11:10, connecting wtth a. S. w. a. westwaro ror Jamestown, uorry, aieaa- viiie, Cincinnati, ( b'.casro.'arg. and all potna vm ana son in; wun sne Gram ror on Bi-adford.arrtv- big at 1 p. m. in.JCA. M. FREIGHT acd PA88EHQEB lU.iO Connects at LeEoy with N. Y. C for Batavta: at Pachias with B., N Y. and P ra-, -ray ftir Olean, Emporium and Bradford : at Balamaacs. -with A. A G. W. Railroad for Mead viae and intermediate stations, end with Erie for Bradford. P. M. EXFBF8S Oonnecta at LeRoy ssWt) with Erie trains from Avon and N. Y. O. t re ins from Canandaigna; at East Gainesville with Erie trains going eaat; at Salamanca with A. 4 G. W. treji ji westward for Meadvit'e. Clndenas aod itermriiate statacua. emd misM Erie trains westward frr Dcckirk. tv- Trains arrive from t. West! Expr?w froiB pU,amarr-. 9 45 A. M ; Fr ft an Passenger, 4:15 P.M.; HaJi and Exprees I- 0P. SL ail tralna concertlrr at Rochester kiltl : ains on all branchea Of K.Y.a at H.R.RR. rfcNAU iHTOS. General Passenger Agent. J. 1? CHIT.Of. Genera! oupgrin tecient- Steamboat. feKlNECA TiAKE St4?am SaTigatlon Company Take atfec Hay, 13, 178. Eteainers teave Watkiss at 6 A, M. and 1 rSQ P. Bt., arrtving at Geneve at 8:40 A. M. and 6 P. K. Leave Geneva at 7:20 A. SL and 2:30 P. M., a? riving in Watkins at l'J:45 A. M. and 6 F. M.: B mira at 12rZ3 acd 7:55 P. M. Petesengery and baggage transferred free. Meais served reguiariy. Barber shop, rooms and every aoocmnuj da tic.-a of a firswsua line. Lioeral Indooaacaa to exenr"!cn partJee. J. D. PAT AMVeapt,. Watkina, . T DAILY IilKH TO CANADA 9 Mum aAOCH KSTjBH TH2 HPLFJiDlD NEW LAI 8IEAXE3 NORSEMAN, CARRY lit' a U. B. AXD CANADA - WT. Slfiiie and Expreas f corcmEcina' y on- argjE day or Tueecay evening next, will tea7t t-ie port of Rochester every evening 'Sundays excepted) at 8 o'clock, for Coboorg and Port Hope, except Sav iiruay, when she leaTe at 3 P. M. for Port Hops direct, connecting there with Grand Truck aed kiidiand sLBa. nwrnlng trains tor mH poiata ta Hera rnfcg. leeveej Cobourg every morning at 7 Pert Hope at 8r00 o'clock, on arrival of GrazJ 1 runk morBing trains from east and west. Calta at BrAfthton Tuesday and laaur&clay mornlegs. at Co borne every mcmlrg except Monday and Wednesday: at Whitby. Oa&awa. Dartfegtos Ian4 BewcaeOe oa Wednesday "Tgt. aoooad traignr Offer. In is Is tbe fnvorfte rontc from BnchetteT for Toronto, Belleville, Kinrwon. Broekvtlie, Pi eauota, Ottawa. Cornwall. Meaauna Spiinga, M nnrrnai. etc. Aleo tor the celebrated Kca Utka fiahin aad bunttnr grounds, north of Cbourg. paw- etocK Dcyers wui nco tme tne amexeos ass cheapest roata from the spleaoid stoca ooonsry north of Lake Ontario to Albany, Htiraors and all point east and south frcm Rochester. $jr- Oars leave tha H. T. 0. Depot to connect wish steamer at Chartotte. bU.'Agept. 92 MOl-st., Rocheaaai. CAFT. SHKHWQQD, Port Hope. Ont. Ooeait itttamer QUION LINE, fjnrTatD mTBf Milt rriA'iiai, FOR QCBaWt?TOW!t AID UYaTRPOOI. Leavlnf Pier 3 It. foot of Ktng-rt. M0HTANA TUB?D AY, (KT. 15. M. WlffCOfi!lN ,TCAcDAY, OCT. jl P. al WYOMINi........TUKriDAT. SOY. 57l P. at NEVADA TVKSDATJOVl J 6JOAK kONTAAAa. TLb1)AY, MOV. lit. Moon. ta Tbee itAavsen are bsilt of Iron, tn water -t'-gBt eooiparLmanta. vod are fars'.sbed with arv reccuale to asafca tha paaaaga aeroas Ute Atiantie both aaia a&S agreetabia, bT iiiaj Bili - room, iokiiu-rooin. Drw-Ing-room. Ptaco and Library; ao sxpeneooed 0ar wo, otwBruH bacii tauesTen- uo on auMeaaar. in llLswrrMirr. vr avi! i;n dark ihm Inanrii-j r nnaa i i at of vUicxiATtea U aea. perfect. vDUiatxioa aat taibi. CABIM P AAUS taorxr.iojr to Sut-rooal, tfltT ta ia: LNTKRM BDIATBL Xalll i aTlRRii: l lhl Ottoe. Ho. 49 Sroadwaf. W I TLJ AM J a GUiOsT North German Lloyd teaaaaklp Lias nstwasai ft.w York. BomtstasBptcii, Losdo, Havre and llramau. THS 8TSAJIEBS OF THIS CX'MPAS T rTf. WlU sail every Saturday from - j jj ffl raa rner. toot or l ftira strvet, rioooKea. BATED OF PASSAiiB-rom New , or a to rjorrh-areptoa, lAndoai, Havre and Bremea, first eabia. 9iuu; aeooaa caota, sou. aota: Bteeraxe. hi cur- rency. For frelKht or pasaae apply to QbU.itiCH9 A CO., 2 Bowung (in a lAA. x howuiue ureen, cew so Eotk; sc QXao. M AUK: B. Ajrent for Rxppr. Anthracite Retail Prices. In V'd rf,l'd Toau U Taa. u Tnal J4 75 f 5 CO 3 UO il 4. Pill. . 4 75 a CO too It rrove seo s ss a to it CHEfTKUT t 0 5 16 S 66 1. October au, abyb. S. B. STUAKT & CO., mMIOTIffimmi3IQUS CAL. OFTtOt AND YARD: FOKD BTBEET, Corner of H1U. Ixnit YallcT CcalC cswaiiii 16 OOAL AJ WBOLKSALX aad SSTAIU Asm, HOBBIB KUM and FA1X BBOOK 8TKAH 00 AU Oeseral OfBoe: 8 West Xla -St, uti-aOC U Arcade. A. C. YATKS. $500 REWARD TEX ABOVB RKWARD wtH be paid tor the arrest aad ooavterioa of the persoa or frreoas oauain U death ot FKlsUU0a: HA 41, eat Saturday eventa. ltareh aSo, 1T8, bv aboottcz wlta a doabia-barreMd snot-ana, ba-tweea the aoor ot ? Bad 0 o'cioe of that avea-tag. la tbe town of Ciartwa, Mocipo. Ooaaty, A. Y. Dated ttoeaester, iar,-h sttth, Ikts. SLKNKY K. KiUUHOHD, tgwrta Moaroe Oa. K. T. 1 KMORPE From th Freneb. ot Beittsoa. XV Price 40c paper, Tf Ulh- For sale By BCUAKiVM. VYHTHOltltAtXV.. WaaiaiawA qpHE CliltAslIO AH.-A -,r r.; xrv aal

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