The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 28, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 28, 1930
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Served bij the United Press THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI NEWS VOL. xxvir—NO. i.-in Blythevllle Courier, B!ylhcv1llo Herald, Blythevllle Dully News, Mississippi Valley Lender. Boy's Prank Blamed For Poisoning l.ONOKK, Ark., Au,7. 28. t.UP>~ A school boy's prank "to ^et even with the girts" was the only ex- THUKSDAY, AUGUST 28, 10110 How to Know a Dry Agent Committee Appointed As j lunation authorities 1,1 a,T , ft • d' j y lo "is poisoning of ten MUSS Meeting lo tOlllei at Union school Tuesday. With Ginners on Rate. 10- Ti;e Kirls were .stricken drinking from the school wale: ! bucket. Physicians said the poison Voicing confidence that (he cot- j evidently was strychnine. All the ton giniii-is of -Noithea^ Aikanyw I girls were recovering tcdav. None snd Diinklin and PemLseot counties I o ( t |, c boys were ooisosu-d." in Missouri will agree to a rednceJ ! «hr-dnle of ginning rates as endorsed by a niiiis ir.tetiiiu 'of furm- cis at. Osceola last week. A. G. Little. local banker, announced today lhul meetings of !'inrier.s with th" 1 1 committee appointed a 1 , tlie O.sce- ' o!a gathering, will be held o\er iht- ! district in the near future. i Reports re.ichhiK t'r.e commit'cc J apiXJlmed at tlie mass rnonin^. af which Mr. Little is chairman, indicate that. Dinners over the ty will agree to the reduced schedule of i ales which se'.o the p 1 . k-.> of ginning co'.ion at Iwenlv-fivc tents per hundred and of wrapping VIDEStED Local Business Man, Manager o{ Cooperage Plan I Many Years, Dies Today. Prank Pierce Carter. Cl. for 17 i years manager of the Blythcville ; Coop: rage Company, died a: itr-' ' family home at 9:-!0 o'cluek this ! morning after a two months ilhirss of nervoiij prostration, pylilis and complications. He had 1*1-11 at t!i? atill-IIiUlrtt 1 :! .sanitarium at I.lacr.u, Mu., for five weeks iii'.'.l whr:i luk! | day:, ago that inn-,, wr.s no i chance for his recovery he •.:>.'.::-:\ I lo bi- brought home. An amlr.ilant'r: ' j went for him and he mrivcd lal' , Drouth Relief Committee l;is ' nie! ' L „ „. m f p I '" '" Ma ''W>'!e. Ohio, Mr ; UlSCUSSes I lans Id' bup-| Carier came to niythcvillc from! i - o i , r •• Rives, Tenn. His work at tV:e cco;j- plyillg oeCCl to rarmcrs. |c,a g e plant occupied nmch of his' i time and his principal outside In- MTTLE ROCK. Aug. 28. lUP)—I was in the Woodmen of Ihe' SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Of Threatens Divorce; Is Killed Move Seen As Effort to i'ransfer District 17 Suit Into I'cclcval Court. Attorneys for the Ciiuiranty and Trust company of Cleveland anil Otis nnd company, trustees lor the liondhcldors of Drainage Ui.slrlc'. n. seek a re-alignment of partie- In the Milt lllrd in chancery conn recently, which resulted in the appointment ol a receiver for the district, as tin 1 lirsl step hi an ol!ur: to have '.he i.nse Iriin.ili.'rrcd to I federal court. j A tentative dale for Ihe hearing ; ol the plea uf the bondholder^/ ilrusliT.s ha.s Iwcn set fen Mimilay 'befwc Chancellor Fnlrcll lure but • it Is doubtful If any action will be j taken by the chancellor ol Ilia: If the complaining parlies siic- is accepted by ginners a savhm approximately SSCO.GOO will be cured for the farmers. Picking- Price r.G Cents Here's the sifin (hat has biiii ordered li;,- otfieiul cars (if federal pro-| <-ei-d in obtaining it if-allgiiini-ir. liibilion agents in order to protect iniini-er.t citl/ens asiiinst bjndilsi Ol |)ill " 0!l '" " 1C sl1 ' 1 wlll> lll ° l>0 " 11 " s °" j initialed by the state drouth relief] Funeral services are to be con- v -'-'° represent themselves as cllicer... Amos W. W. Woodcock, left • committee. Provision of seed for j ducted Friday afternoon _ from t!w newly appitinli'd prjhibillon director, is .shewn displaying ilu Milt-Id Ihc transferring 0! Ihe case'in Ifd- holdei.s and Ihrlr tmsti-ts as defendants Ihe way will b; 1 o;ien HOT SI'IMNOS, All?. 28. (UP)-- um-ird when his wife chlded him mill him she uas thinking <)' i; a divuiri- marrying another i man. Clarence Strand, 39. year-old lubon r, shot and fatally woumhd her in iholr home here ifxiay. Slroud turned the gun upon his wife rts she wr.s aroused from shiinhiM. The couple's three-year- old !'.:n In her arms was nuharmccl Before leaving the house the en- rnecil ini.ii shot nnd slightly wounded Mrs. Niiiliun Do\c. n-year-old .'Mcr-iii-law. "I dul it lii'L'ause I loved her," filioad told olllccrs who arrestei' him. "1 am not sorry. I will 1)0 sut- Wli'rt v.lth a lifn term or the clcc- trie clnlr. if I can only find a liomi fo! our tinec liltli! children." H'.icnnl shUI Ills wife luul left him ami r.i-ilicted the children. ail grazing! family residence at '2:30 o'clock with ,_i crops and fall g; rd,':ii planting to ! the Rev. 1'. Q. Ko'rie. pastor of t-ia which will be flashed whin his men :,!o;i Mi'.piclmi?: looking automobiles '. erul court and Ihe appointment oi on the road. Al night the sign will be illuminated by tlaslilighl. duced ginning rales farmers hop lo be atlc with strict PCDnomy t-: market their crop al a low cost i!i anticipation oi ihc present low rate of cotton prices, dinners of the Chickasawba dis- at a inci?ling at Marianna. The meeting was called by T. Roy.field, assistant direclor of the state's extension service- "If the fanners hrc not supplied with large wtv?al, oals ivill be forced irict of Mississippi county luivi quantities of winter been requested lo meet with the I and barley seed they „. ,„...... committee at the ofTlce of ihe Bly- [to slaughter their cattle or place ' • theville Chamber of Cosmm-rc: '.hem on a depressed market." Monday morning n; 10 o'cioci; in ar effort to arrive at a price agreement. Following the Muslim lu-rs Kcid said. "The nrpcl lor vide food for Monday morning 'he coinmiu;: 1 iacule," he said, will hold a conference with ginners of Poinselt county at Marked Tre 1 Monday afternoon. Other meetings will be held at Oseeola and in principal to-,s us of Ihe other counties, it is nnucrslci:.). The committee named at Hie O.>- ccola meeting to interview ginncv- and arrive al a price a^reennnt v compused of A. O. Liille. Blylhe -el. Kelalivcs who survive him ar his widow. Mrs. Mariha Carier four sons, P. P. jr.. of Cincinnati who will arrive in Ihe morning : Russell, WoDdrow nnd Charlrs. o' this city: Ihrr-e brothers, A. K. Car- : ler ol here. D. J. Carier ol Mem- ' Carter 31 Mem- • phis, who will also altend the funeral. ' • LOKJiSlK Grand Jury Ordered lo Probe Conflict of Constructors and Fanners. .arden seed to pro- .milks i, equally BaSS Commences Lifc^ 1.0NOKE. AiTT7.ii,. 28. .UP)Term At Tucker Fa?m NOIICC wns served on n urand juiy LITTLE ROCK -- Pionsic" n[ : lo investigate employment lUmcul- ".•cls for fall gardens nnd winter 1 LITTLE HOCK. A UK. M. lUlM-' tlM tptwce » a HUhv.ay coa-.tnic- ci'Ops is the most Stupor- j Dr. A, J. Bass, former Columbi;;. unit step that can be iaken for tup ) Mu.. dentist wlm was sentenced i-j relief of farmers in ilroull.i-s:rick- ' life imiirusonmenl on liLs plea of Ucn company uroiiih strlrkpn and . (1 " IUI " 11M ilis^'. untied M A-, woe! todnv :i sections, T. Roy Reid, ossktnnt! iiu (o murdering a garage me- |"P ""I" b ? t ' v " e » !;i '"' ; "« l fj ' u '- direcnv hi charge of Ihe state as- j chnnic in Benlon county in an al- • 1^^""^ ^Kmcnl" " '"" The jury meets Monday. Raid by Shaver and Deputies Wiihin Week Nets 3 Prisoners and Rum i a federal receiver, local atlarneys stale. The federal court in tiu event Ihe case Is liansfnred to Its jurisdiction may retain ll:e prrs- Ciil ivceiivr. clmrchlll Hui-k. ur aiipoint nnolher receiver, il K nn- tlerslocd. The suit originally filed in chan- cciy ecnui Auyust Isl, was designed, nc'joitlhig lo reporls, to bring tin dbtrlcl's financial rlltnciiltie.; to ar iminecilale head and was^nt by E. Harper, el al. salt! to tj: own ers of br.iul.s of the district and C. E. Crigycr as a landowner. Vlan Confesses lo Robberies O: ; ,'Ji:Ol,A, Ark.. Aug. 23.—C:ii>- I'jii 1 <A HUT? hundivd callous o! wl-.lskv and the arrest uf three al- li'^cd boDllegKi-Tfi was the rrstill of rai:!.. Milled ne:ir O-cetila l.lle yes. . ,. ... , r er,l. : y by fthf-nlf W. ' l: '"''"'-'- I- ' y ' t "'" m ' s ' .. . Snaver, I rictilune.l Extension yesterday. vlllr-; Richard Cromer. Carson: Lmith Johnson. Marion; E. B. BoyJ Ti'ionza^. and F. B. Feririiy, Park»i Ai a conference held yesterday th< where pastures have been ruined. committee adopted the following ; he add?d. Unless these farmers ! resolulion: I can obtain seed fo 1 . 1 winter gracing ; Whereas, at a mass meeting o! | el(1 p s . many will be forced to sell. farmers and business men held at Osceola on August 20th. it was determined that, with Ihe present low- price o5 cotlon. the farmer ccnU not afford to pay move ihan fi'ty cnus per hundred for pickin", nr,:'. whereas. At said meelh'.i; a resolution was adopted providing for the appoinl- menl of a conunitlce of five mem- | bers to interview the ginners of • Mississippi. Crai^head. Crulendcn, |- Fire of an unknown origin burn- Cross and Poinselt counties in an j ed a hole in the roof of a servant: effort to secure a reduction hi Ihe I h'.use in the rear 1109 West Mam' price of ginning and wrapping: ( street early thi.i afternoon. The Scrrice. said j kged insurance fraud plot, ccm- . raenced serving hus lerm ut Tucker Large quantities of winter wheat,, i prbon faun today. caU barley and rj-e are needed by ! lie was adjudged sane by three phy- lien official, disclurcd fi farmers in many parts of-the-state ! sicians who have been examining threats io<lay. He said two ol BlyihevilKv Two hundred and ntly enllon ?oi.!nd Dead in Parked Car Near Star City PINK 13UIFI' 1 , Alii!. '23. (UPI—H. !•'. VicX. 35. memlier of a prominent Sla: 1 City family, was found dead hi hi. [ ; auto parked on the T.imo pike near -Slnr Cily junction la- day. A bnllel had pierced fcrehead. A pislol with one empty chamber in To Hold Session Here Saturday to Discuss Condi- lions Wilhin Counly. In an effort to formulate some material plan for drouth relief In Mississippi county Judge Geo. W. nnrhiim of the county court, who recently returned from a drouth conference at Little Rock, lisa rin- uoiinccd the mctliiiK of a special county relief nmmitlcc at the courthouse here Saturday morning at 10 o'clock. The committee is composed, of a numlier of farmer.s, business men and bankers named by Judge Bar- bum. Hlule aid In drouth relief will not be forthcoming Immediately the judge declared this irornlng and the committee will 'attempt to arrive at some plan for local relief merged with the state, relief pro- Srom whenever It may be extended to ihe counties. A survey by Judge Barhnin and ciunly aBtlcullural agents shows nppioxlmaldy 500 families In the county now suffering because ot employment and drouth conditions anticipates that the number n /-".' i i- and anticipates that the number irce Allies; impll- w \u u , ;H .i, ;l ooo In November. The cates Companion. HOT SPRINGS. AU8. 28. (DP>- Uobbeiits in Lltlle Hock, here rmr Arkailelphlii and Jonrrsboro vn- cleared up here today the nr- rcsi oi John Wilson and Jack SVili-iil. and a confession by Wilion thai the pair had robbed bus!nebs places In ull these lo\uis recently. Wllsni saltl he wns with WrlRht nnd Harold Connelly when llipy tiled lo rob a virorcry slore hi Arkadelpbla Sunday. Wright anc Wilsun were nrresieil. '•\Vrlghl nnd I nlso p.llemptcd (f roh the Marlln Cash store id Jonrsl:o:o about a month We corn crop In Iho county will be luirdly more than bare salvage due lo the drotilh while the liny croa k esimalyd at : approximately 15,000 tons iibout half of the normal crop. Lack of sceil to plant, wln- .er crops and inability lo purchnse seeds K ulso n serious handicap the survey shows. Members of Ihc committee np- Mlnted by Judge Barliam to meet :aturday are: B. A. Lynch, Louis Cherry, Roy Walton, c. G. Smith. T. ,(. Mahan nnd E. D. Ferguson of Blylhevilte.; Charley . Sullenger, . Stanley Carpoiiier, M t,. Summers, Jop Hale. Charley Colcnian of Osceola. Bob Wilmuth, of Etowah, J. M. Million ol Moulin and I,, a. By- . irly ol Leachville. ...... _ D. W. Graves, Ayars Construe-; found at Ihe liouie of W. H him for three months. or slaughter their catlle and otlv.-r t live stock. Turnip and beet seeds, I mustard and kale also are needed i to provide toad for farm families ! and feed.-,luifs or slock. Fire Damages Servant House On West Main : had threatened his family wllh hanging if lie ilkl net emr>:n them. fxdioke residents rleplnred tile incident saying that trouble 1ml JM'. been sMrtcil by farmers in the vi- einiiy, hut a "gang of rowdies from another par! of the enmity."Dr. Fred Keller Guest Secretary Hurley and Party Speaker at Club Luncheon n \~ t i r " - KeadV 1 O r Inspection or. Fred Keller, sniwrintendcnt west, ot lierc-nnd.lKty gallons at (he lioiisp oi-cupied by Whit Pat- lerf.m. a neizro livim: near Hie oil mill north of Osceola. JSSali-r nnd the ue^ro were belli arresled. anrl j Torn Slater. -f.i\ of W. H. Klater : was arirsivr 1 , l:iier in tile, day on a I '.-haij.'e. i j Kilort uil! l/e nu'.dc. H is under- i ! flood, to connect the Slaters will: j j the niM'.uifriuure of ivhisky nt the two bin .'tills caiitnred Saturday mnrnnig or. {he river south of O5- ceola. Tri ili O r Alnna i ntutisj i . Therefore be it reeved, that thi= j bla^e halted in quick order and onlv , call group meetings of Ulight damage resulted. . ' com: the ginners in the above name Early last night a r.egro house at Final plar for an in . Aug. 28 (UP)— being made here •y of War Hurley tour which will .,,„, , 1U at c ,, v H(! • were surprised by a man al whom we ihrew a hammer and escaped." Wilson's confession wild. "Wright and I also conimltteJ robbery In Hot Springs. We go 1 abcml Sl.OCO In two store robber!?! before attempting the robbery at Aikudolphiii. We robbed a filling station of a safe andgol about. $1,000 from 11. Wrlghl'iind 1 robbed tin- Pork Island ticket office in Lit- [the country club late yesterday al-' i!e Reek aboul a month ago, get j lernoon. 5100. [ Ocorge Henry was driver of the Cars Collide"-on 61; Negro Slightly Hurt A Memphis negro was Injured and,a Ford coinje. damaged 'In an "on "- '' ting Arkiulelphia officers returned i Sake him virtually from the source ; was he inctilh of tho Mississippi wors Dr. Fred of the public schools at Jonesboro, spoke al Ihe Rotary luncliecin mcftling loday on "Opportunity for Croperaticn in the Employment Situation" in which he urg^d the j practical insight into the situation in order to quickly obliviate il. Ben F. Phillips and Crawford Film World Mourns Report of Trouble geraled Says Sleele Citi- 7,en; Situation Improved their cilices today with Wilson and Wright. Wright and Wilson wanted by Memphis officers for questioning In connection wllh a lecent robbery of Ihe Oakland Tcnn.. bank. They arc said to Ix e.x-convlcls. . i pi i STEELE. Mo.— Citizens here lo- 01 l,0n Lhancy jday werestronc in their denial that counties for the purpose of sec'ir- ! 10-57 South Lake street, the prop- | . ing (heir cooperation in this ni'.v.-- j sr;y oi J. J. Johnson, was destroy- ! ri »-hn-» ncrinrfir flocris thnn<i ''" """ incnt. Be il further resolved: that j ed by fire. The loss was estimated i " ."' o "neir^rf nowTe ' GrC ° nC ' feth °' h " re ' afler a careful investigation of costs I at S500. The cause of the blaze--- aigmetis now me of labor, bagging, etc.. it is llieopin- j no! dulennined. ion of the committee and of inanv I agitation against negro collon HOLLYWOOD. Calif.. A'.;g. 28.! pickers in Ibis vicinity had reach- tUPi—The liln: world, from the j ed the extent that '.hreals against greates: star to the lowest extra, i negroes had been mule hero by were Believe Militarists to Control NEW YORK. of Ihe ginners interviewed, thai, in view of present prices of cotton, th? price of ginning should be fixed at twenty-five cents per hundred ar.d of wrapping at SI.25 per bale, an:! that all ginncrs be requested tc 1:> as liberal lo the farmers in tin prices paid for seed as possible. ; if . M rcacned hm . lodav to te A. O. Little. Chairman.; 1 .. D1 ,.. ]v abrlnc . d ovcr ,'„<, lms ^. ; j ity of a iKili:ica! movenu-nt heade.: i oar - j iiy militnvy elements. i ing to c:nb. | Leaving here at noon tomorrow I Ihe war secretary plans to fly to | Dayton. O.. according to tentative j plans. He will remain there over- I night and hop next to Minneapolis. ' There he will board one of the Aug. 28. lUPj— : vnr department's river bouts which guests stood with bowed 1-eads today while many citizens and there exists ;iu.Lon Chancy went lo his last rest, any possibility ol an outbreak. a!so While the college moved loward i "Several notices were poslc.-; I Fores! Lawn cemetery in Glendalc | around Sleele warning negroes not to a grave beside Chaney's father, to get out." admitted Max L. Kel- every s'.udio in Ho'.lywoorl suspend- ' ley. jusllce of the peace, "but they cd work fo: 1 two minutes. ! do not. represent the sentiment oC — | the community." Farmers and Wives View Marianna Station Twelve Mississippi county farmers and thel r wives who lives near this cily arc at Marianna today, accompanied by Miss Cora Lee Coleman, and J. E. Crltz. county extension agents, for a study of ; the experiment station there. j car which struck the Ford driven by W. 11. Haggard, 55, of Shady Point. Okla., who Is employed here. Doth were going sonlh. When the collision occurred Ihe negro, who was riding on Hcm-y's running baud, was tossed Into the air and fell on (he pavement. His only injuries were lacerations ol the scalp and lie continued his journey lion:2 last night. The coupe had its left. rea r finder torn completely off and Ihe running board damaged. Henry's car received no damages. AU. FOK RKUG10N JACKSONVILLE—Tli-; P.lvcrsidc Park Methodist church is gaining in attendance because it's doing j a lot cf unusual things for its i JACKSONVILLE, f'la. — Elmer congregation. It has already Cohen, c! Palm Beach, is an lion- OM: IN A MILLION Thc ^^Tiv^^^vSiSF^ "^' --— i « ; - s,r ttf s, ta . i "^,sSr. Mi .ss.s i ,r reported in ! li:at reached Blytheville. Richard Cromer. soi Si E. Com GET YEU.OW LIGHTS LIVERPOOL. Aug. 28. — If yen llec?iilly H. J. Turner. •: fo'.md the fender cf watermelons, wcir^rs. ice treani -u^ ni(.i nr\\- ca^ smashed. Feeling c:nrs anil one trap gnu for tile use badly about :'. he got in Ihe car of it's men's gun club. "If we can lo C |TJ V <> .in" and found a r.ole • .,„, ., ,. .-. ,..,,,, -.„ , H ; ndt.ce the public to chev, their inside »nyh, s that Cohen had don- SlidV li^i, :nert" ™,if 1 N'o high-handed methods would be tolerated by the citi/ens of Stc?l* and this district." the Steole justice stated and no tro'ib> is anliri- paled. After an Invc5lip..i'.:oii of il>-> alleged agitation Slirrnf Kobcruon jf WELL SUPPLIED WHITE HALL. 111. (UP)—Th'; baby girl recently born lo Mr. arid Mrs. Guy Long, in Woodriver, Is starting life with plenty ol p'.and- parents. She has the dtellnclion of having eleven grand ;md great- grar.dpnrents l'vi:'.s. There, arc I fcirr ^iirratlons on the parental Uidc of the mother's fide of the ILarge Group to Attend Installation of Pastor Members of the First Presbyterian church and the general public have been extended an Invitation to the installation service this evening when the Rev. Marsh M. Callaway. who has been serving as pastor through thn summer will he , .. . . .Jii'umei, \uu DC • Cm i.thersville is said to have re .llte.mily and three on the maternal of chairman of the Arkansas Presbytery Home Missions, will preach the sermon and preside. The charge to the pastor will be given by the Rev. [icnnr« v-iuiiici. ^-"-i in- milit.T.-y elements. 1 „.. . V . •-•••=•-- •• .—-induce the public to cliev, tl-.cir in=ide snvini! tn.U Cohen had done- ,,.,1 ^rrt .-„ V ™i.t -iVnr^ .,-n •' on L ^ k " . The advices said opinion in Bue- I ? nnt t0 kCC P ,"'" av ; iay '?" y0 "' Gcspe! will, a set .of false- teeth, it. and signed bv that genlleman. ] \ '•",.; "?„, 1 th °" i:1 " • ll " C Aml '' .inlth Johnson. Marion. [ ,,<,,; Aim uidic.ncd that it is en- ! i ° lr ' (! f a / „ V , ;hts ' K cr feed it to them niong with wai- Tunu-r got the "tender fi::cd. K-nt ; Ve'° mmcm' a"air" re 10 cation •infmiHP« (l1 T:> ' rf>n?!1 ~"i t ' rel l' I 10SS11J !« t' 11 "- "Oinethms ^ l.te^l^or tivcrpao"'Umver-itv^l'n crmelon - wo havc won P 00 ^ 0 fc ' r lh - biil 10 Colien - aild rcc « VKl a ! pickers that existed'^ si-.U to Iwv; :°'" n _— I the sort could happen. ' rxperimonls conducted by him in " 1g Ki "E <lo! "'" ' h ' t " sior ?ays 1TC[ ' k P"="!''-'y- j teen due lo low prices f,,r picking j rooms containing window glass lei- Jaj>au's Empress Ifi^'^r^^ Champion of Baclielors I'XlK^rts 11<Ml (white gbss. but shunned thof-e __ ' J equip^dw^iedj.ndj-ellow.g,,,,, Weds aiUl Do fciul B ActiOll •side. There are lour generations | ,, ,. T,.,.,, _, ;. - , _ '?„ both sides of the laser's fan,- i Mnc ^ ccBn ° iCiof "'^S^^^o '^j I charge the congregation. The impressive service will begin TO WED. ; LONDON.—D.'spitc repealed denials, Ihe rumor still p-rsisls thnl Princess Juliana, heiress lo t h « '• throne of the Netherlands, is t- wed Prince Sigvard. son of U-." Swedish Crown Prince. The rumor was recently stirred when the an- ' rioiincemenl. wns made public Prince Henry of the Nstherlanrt* I who before his marriage lo Queen WiUielinina. was Duke of Mecklenburg, was invited lo luncheon by King George. . and .some white worker.' are lo liave hlame.l il:e neitr; ^.T for the Sow prices. Held in Killing of Radio Announcer HOW ELECTRICITY KILT^ BALTIMORE. Md.. Aug. 28. — Dr. O. R. Lnngworthy lias reported to the American Medical Society just how electricity kills persons. He reports that electricity attacks j and destroys the internal structure j of nerve cells in the lower part of. | the brain caller! Ihe medula. When ,: this happens ihe cells no lender | J perform their diuy o! regulating ] i Hie breathing. '! N'O DIFFERENCE ST. LOUfS, Aug. 28—Women arc no different than men when it BV HERBERT I.ITTI.r. comes to hair, despite the belief BALTIMORE. Me;.. Aug. 23 'UP' that women's hnir is finer Ihan --Henry L. Mencken, editor and for men's. Mildred Trotlfr, of Wash- : many years regarded as a woman instin University, proved that when I'.aler because of his tirades on she measured ten hairs from the marriage, was cinbaixru today oii | heads ol 340 persons. She reports a honeymoon, i lhat there is no difference, on ihe ' He was married to Miss Sareh faminir.e and Powell Haardt. Montgomery. A\a.. writer by Rev. Or. Herbert Parrish, an old friend of Ned Brunswick. >'.. J., yesterday in the Ep : .s:o-p:U church pf St. Stephen the Maityr. i average, belwc-en | masculine hair. COSTLY SCHOOLS NEW YORK.—Sending its chil- (iren to school costs New York city with the lormal Episcopal '.iiarria-re i a pretty penny, tr.e loard of edu- service. This was one «c:k bo lore evealed. During . the scheduled cercmonv. ' In an5 " r l ° » fr « n lhc Ull!ted cation hcs just ! the IS: ] the el school I ClllQCQ iiL^nntnvi. lliaililCilitllLJ, ' j I U II J it- 1 T-, T> 1 operation, administration, auxil'arv cd , hp bcl!cvcd thc sl °« 9n D ^ Po '~ i Ancles and nmoimt spent, for new - lte ™ s 'l w keystone for » happy 1 married life, just as it Is "tl-.n best rule for nil human relalrn: mstiuctior.. maintenanc:. ! f qually frr.nk p.nswers. which sl:ow- I siles and bullo'lngs. HOOF AIRPORTS LONDON.—A motion has beer \ put before the Tjondon County; C'Mincil tor tne construction of mof platlorms lor airplane landings and lakc-ofls in central Lon- , don. It is planned to use the roof.-! The empress of b.rgo buildings and the Thames j shown above liver lor accommodating plane'. | portrait, is expecting the birth oi • the mattress to find what caused and the committee Is planning the - - - - ! '•so cf buildings throughout country for this purpose -siiccesfui in l.rndon MONEY MATTRESS ' Some of the questions and his NEW YORK— Mrs. William Dal- answers arc: o Will vour wife rtrnn }•<••<• nres- P P j liano recently siruck il rich when N'asoko of .Japan. :f he investigated a mattress which ent name, assuming yours, and" wll' in her mo,t r?<er.; : disluibsd her slumbers, owning :h(s extend to her future writings? The sheriff's dike al Carulhers- \ili<- in a long distance 'elf-phone- co:ivci.-.a:ion this .iJic-nuw.i sUilcd j that all sip.ns of ttu.iblo 'liac' blown 1 o\cr" al iearl. for Ov pieM-'il. I while she ivns Sarah Ilaardt. l bear thai name. What name' | will si^n n> Iiiture books r d'n't • Itaiian PrinCCSS •:now. but in nil such maticrs I trust her t-ocd taste completely. CJ. Have y.'ii any of the Iratli- licnal fluster of a i>rideercom-to- Dies at Age o( 68 uls. I rli?c{rn no tremors. Gc;iin3 mnrrieri. like- getting hanged, is profcablv a great deal less Orc^dfu] than it Is made out to be. Q. After yen:.-! of DK"helorhootl how rhd yoii knnw you xvtre e^^iigli in levr ;o contemplate and invite MILAN. Italy. An-:. US. (UP)—i Prlr.rfs 1 ; Mary P.- .-pi^::o.-i. the for- - nicr Mary Rive] cf N'ew Orleans. Li., died here '.:.:*: i:iehl. Sh" was | Go yeftrs old. ' . . i \\TL1, IN' ACON'V j LONDON".—Hii will was more important !o Is...'.c S::ilt!i. 60. than ' :; ro-riit^l. when !i" was struck K; ; A,,,. I c.n only s,y It was in- Li w ^f S^ ^^\ tuition The H-ly Spirit informed X^e iSilcnav'm.'?- out ills \ and Inspired me. Like all other J vlll ^...j...,., iir'--...v lrc by by-! Inr.iieh I am very superstitious nnd stft;idc , ; .; 'nWtlu-r. "submitted to be-1 always fellow h-.mches. This one . j ne lnkcn - to R ], 0 v,v,!al. where both i weins to have been superb. ,„; , wcrc ni ,.. I!!1 ,.- UC :l. Q. Will you go on a so-called . . iKiievmo-n? What <!o you think! SID WORTH 32500 of that institution? i TOLEDO. O.—After walking Ans. I l-.avc no objections to around for several months with a '• Arrested In connection CIIAXGED HIS MIND HARniSBURG. Pa.—John J. Coals and Mrs. Amanda'Neal. colored, appeared at Hie Dauphin County Courthouse, smiling, to gel a marriage license. Arm In arm they walked out. But a few minutes later John walked back with a mournful look on his face, presented (he license and wanted his money back. When asked why. he j replied ihnt lie had anived at the bride-to-be's home to find that he would have been a stepfather to three children if he had married Mrs. Neal. ! THIS IS NEWS i WOOSTER. O.—When a man i bites a dog it's news, accordini to [the late publisher, Charles Dana. jAnd when a boy biles a snake, It's jmore than news. The papers -, nearly got out nn oxtra when Allen jManson recently did that little i trick. Comin? upon a blue racer, • Allen grubbed It before It could I strike him. The snake colled about Ihtm until he was forced to bite It j until it was nearly dead before he I was released. WEATHER honeymoons, nor to church wed- 520 gold p:ece minted In 1647 in his : of Onra i d Bucldev D ,. the ARKANSAS.-Partly cloudy with . dhiss. nor lo wcarinc a p!u ? hat. In pocket. Clnrk La BO'jnty decided . trolt radio announcer. Ted Plzzino all matters 1 am and always have he'd lo;k up ibe ccin In a caia- : j s pictured above In a New York probable showers in the northeast portion tonight and Friday. According to the official weath- Fr*nctj Carpwiter. the here yesterday lias 8-! • ilnlmum 63 degrees; part-

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