The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1938
Page 3
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SATURDAY. MARCH 2«, 11)38 ycrrcnimiPCDc^ BLYTIfBVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS IN IMPUTE Says "Morgan Mess" Shows Danger In Giving Lxecutive More Power <? RV IIUfiH S. JOHNSON M Uy i/uiifj JVslure Syndicate Rdifor's Note: This article, by Hugh S. Johnson, who was close President Itooxevelt when Hie ,Vw Deal was ttral planned anil iifud of Die NBA, expresses Ibe upjjilon of toiirj-jii Johnson as an independent kHlcr and Columnist and uo( nms.sariiy the editorial opinion uf the papers publishing ills article. If any demonstration were needed that Die terrible neorgnnh-n- tlon bill now being strong-armed and bums-riished llirough the Senate should not pass, it will )>c found in the Morgan mess in the Tennessee Valley Administration, The Reorganization bill in ILs original form gave Die President the power of-a-personal proprietor over all the ijidependent board and commissions which are • called quasi-legislative and quasi-judicial because .to some extent they, like Congress make the law nrd. like the courts, to some extent judge the law. One differoiee between a- dictatorship and a democracy is that In • the former the same authority controls the making, the judging and the execution of the law, and that In the latter the three tasks are religiously kept in separate -i^jnds.,. In .the Reorganization bill t as proposed, by one sweeping slash, cviat .separation was lo be abolished except for Congress and the courts. Senator Byrnes rewrote the bill to except from it some of these'boards and commissions, but the bill as first written expressed the Intent of the third Ne\v\Deal. It gave notice of fundamental purpose to grab more power. Always Called Dangerou. Theoretically such concentration of imwer has always been called dangerous, but maybe that is just theory. The President himself has said something to the effect that in other hands the Executive grab of Congressional and judicial powers would be dangerous to liberty and democracy—theoretically dangerous, but with him practically safe. Well, the Morgan case doesn't bear that out. Defying -the ' } TVA statute .that made Dr. ^jorga'n jeinovanle.jbply by Congress,- 1 'We' 'President' fifed ihitn. He; fired him' because lie re- JH&ed, -to. defend bimself -before a kind' of drumhead court-martial designed and prepared for publicity as a holy, show to discredit him and whitewash his opponents He thought that because in what ' he charged were pei-- v<-rsions of the law by his associates the President had support ed them to an extent that sterilu- e<t him:.Dr. Morgan insisted that the law made him responsible to Congress, that he Imd appealed to Congress for an investigation and would not permit bis case to-be pre-judged and prejudiced in self- serving assertions before a one- man .self-appointed judge whom he regards as biased: Tlie administration's answer lo that Is that it is all'wet. because TVA was once upheld in bu|]din» a dam, because the court held ii was built under the war powers and adds that war powers are J'executlve," . _ the point that there are )»any niore war powers'that nrc legislative than any tnal are executive and the absurdity that filing Dr. Atorgnn was an exercise of executive war .powers, .what does this imply? it Implies that to the extent that the Reorganization bill passes any great board or commission to executive control it be-1 conies automatically subjected lo ! such one-jnnn dragooning and domineering as the TVA fiasco. Commissions Not Individuals Of course, the President ought to have power to interrogate, discipline, lire and replace any appointed executive individual. Go\ eminent could not function otherwise. But these major commissions are not individuals. They arc great governments within government, Third New Dealers themselves call TVA an "economic province." TVA is part of a trend to replace some •jjjO» ers O j forty-eight State govcrh- rsfnts with seven "economic provinces", responsible to Washington and not to their people. If they are to be regarded as a- sort of military oligarchy commanded by the executive rather than agencies of congress merely administered by the president, that distinction alone goes a< great distance toward one- man rule with all its arbitrary and hateful consequences—such as we have just, seen In the Morgnn'case. That is the effect If not • the purpose of the Reorganization bill even as Improved by Senator Bynis, It is a bad, dangerous bill- just one more colossal snatch in the continuous grab for Presidential power of the last live years. Trees with smooth bark shed .heir yearly growth on the outside' of. the tnink, while rough barked Sank fler-Jap Navy Raises Her the Ihe 1 t^ v™« uvliu< "' s o II , f, ?I ""' ° h ' ! Mlfat "S nnd lots of airplane giu river, and now the Japanese' navy Is .spending money mid innn- •e again, us pictured iilxive. Hut H Imd lo/ljn done, bernmi Hi snip movements on u section of the rlvor now controlled by repair Ihe for use iigainst |ier former mvncre- the Chinese' Not So Fat, Soldier! That's Yankee Ground Tenlh Reduction In I I Years Announced By Municipal Phml JONKSHOHO. Mill-oil as. — Can- MiiiHN-.s it! tin- r-tty wuter mid lli'.lil plum here, wild uliviuiy i-njiiy what ure .Miiii in i u . tj,o low-rat utility rule's in ilii' Southwest, will he |.|vi'n n suvliiKof J21.000 iinmuuly us ihi> result or it,*, ion, mliidloii In i'l<>i> trlc rates In o, e past n ynns. H wns iiimmiiircd yoMmlny. Bills paynbli- (in !lm l uflcr, Muy 1 wit] | J( . under thn new rules, n was iimuiuniTd by Minuter Llc'.yil M. Iti'lunnuMi. Tin- redndlon will filiect nvry I'lin.sumiT, liicludlnu those MI NYuldon and ollim <ml- slito the city limits of Jonesboro. Hull- mliK'ttons in un. , lnB i n years Imp .saved customers of tin> .nitiiilrifiuiiy.mvncd plnnt more limn $1 .auo/KiO, L-mnpariMl \vllli wluit Ihe.v would have paid In lit?/. Otllclals ut tlie company reported a iifl opt-niltnu profit of JM IXJH n:< for 1937. •' i Tin- |ilant has no bonded in- dr-Mcdiii'ss but Ims n cash rcsi-rvi- of $:i(K).Oflo for rcplnrcnu-nus. Thi' plant doi's not share In Ihe clls- trllnillou of any Uixcs but Is np- eralcil toicly by revenue from the sale of I'ln'lrlcily mid water, The plant also provides niuny free Japanese Ir'oops may be in'control of most of Shanghai, but when they try to walk pust ""--'•*"<• '** «'<" back where they car 'War' Clouds Over The Mediterranean At part of France's fleet year because of the king tdeir prows out from behind the screen, which e small s j ze of the smoke machine. 4-TT Club News Notes Dycss Center Tlie Dycss Center 4-H Club met Wednesday, March 23. with James irees wiin smooth bark shed ""wrauisy. «iarcn 23, with James their yearly growth on the outside | Jacote 1'^siding. Thirty-nine club of, the tnink, while rough barked mcmb "s. four leaders and two tgt*, such as oak, retain the outer "' ° """" " •NWlng and add to 11 annuMlv. •Ing and add to it annually. An electrical stunning device for the.slaughter of pigs Is now In use iri Budapest, Hungry, visitors were present, Edith Humble song captain, led the group In singing "America." Mrs. mifie Gossein discussed plans for the Soulh Mississippi County 4-H Club Play Toiirnonienl to be held at Dycss. April i, and 1 assisted the officers in selecting the following club captains- Cotton" Bill Oilliam; pig. park Tale corn Park Tale; gardening and canning Mnrte Hastings; poultry, Edna Dale Cunningham; room Improvement Mary Jacobs. Harold Humble, president of tlie Dycss Council, discussed the possibility of each Dyess club havlno a softball team. " Miss Inez Kincaid, home demonstration agent, gave a demonstration on Home Improvement and D. V, Maloch, assistant county agent, gave one on cotton varieties. KlOTraU •Die Elownh 4-H Club meetlns was held Thursday, March aith with Arloen Campbell, vice president, presiding. There were 29 present. The group sang "plowing", the national 4-H club song for boys, which was led by Mary Evelyn Greenwood. AK-iu walker, pig captain, gave a report on six members of his club; Sue Wilmotli, clothing captain, rojwrted for eleven members of her club; and cteo Fletcher, poultry captain, reported on the four members In her club. Home improvement and Cotton Varieties were discussed by Miss Inez Klncald. home demonstration agent, and D. V. Maloch, assistant county agent. Hcnd courier News Weiiit Ad», Stccle-Cooter Society—Personal •lliitrslullcr-WliKi! Annmincements have arrived here of the innrrluec :if Miss 1-n- cllle White, daughter or Mr. mil) Mrs, R. o. Willie of Hoi- comb in Mr. Eugene Hultstullcr of Keinictt, which occun-ed recently. Tlie bride Is well known here ns slu> ami her parents lived In this vicinity all of her life until tlio past two years. Slur attended Coolt'j hiRh school nnd ivn.s (in oiilstiiudlni! student as well us being excellent in music nnd dramatics. The Jjrlde Broom Is well known at Kcimclt where lie 1ms lived' for several years. They nrc at present making their home with pnrenls on n farm near Kennett. : • » • * Mrs. Enrl Boney wns hostess to a birthday i party in honor of Miss Clara llonn Boncy who was cl|!ht years .old Wednesday .allcrnoon. Various uauies were played until late afternoon when refreshments of sandwiches, birthday cake nnd hot eliacable wns served. * * * Mrs. Micille Stephens. Mrs. II. E Dourner ami Mrs. Jack licnlon visited at Carulh, Snnnlli and Kennett Saturday. Mrs; Sims Michic made her official visit-' nt Hie Eastern Star nieeling in Hornersvlllc Tuesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Chns. Cain nnd children and Mrs. J. w. Kichard- son of Gosnell. Art:., visited Mr. and Mi-s. T. N. Nt-lscn Sunday. Mr. nnd Mrs. IM!S McCaini of Matthews visited their daughter Miss Reva McCnnii whu is iittend- iiiu Cooler high .school Wednesday. Mrs, C. E. Miller nnd Mrs. Mlio O. Atwood nnd their studenl.s In English nnd American Ulernlure of Stcele hi|;)i school are going- (o Cape Qlrnrdcaii over the weekend. Jim Chandler Ims returned home after a business visit In Shreveporl La. Mr. and Mrs. Albei't Vnuglui are moving into the ,loe Russell IIOIISR in Cooler. r Wilson Society—Personal Jimmy Grain, stmicui at Mc- Jaulcy Military Academy, Chattanooga, Tenn.. is here spending Ills spring vacation with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Oils and daughter, Alice Carolyn, left Friday to spend n few days vacationing in Hot Springs, and on their return will visit relatives lii Sheridan and Pordyce, Ark. Mr. MacNabb, district scout executive, was the guest speaker at the regular meeting of the Cub Ecouls held in the tlie high school library Thursday niglit, with the parents. Mr. MacNabb explained the purpose of cubbing nnd how it operates. Mr. W. J. Ludwig was elected Cub Master, Mrs. W. P. Wilson, DCJI Mother, and J. A. Apple, Assistant Cilb Master. Miss Miriam Hulcn left Friday to spend the week end with her parents In Conway, Ark. Miss Sarah Lewis Greene Is spending the week end in Memphis with her parents. Sabotage at Wedding CLEVELAND (UP)—Two youths, denied admission to a wedding reception, retaliated by thoroghly smashing the windows of 13 automobiles parked outside the hall where the reception was in pro"- ress. In 1935, n total of 3,655,705 nio- [or trucks were registered. In tlie United Stftles. Death Pact Only Half Completed .Victim of nn nllcued suicide pact — only I] a 1 r completed — wiia pretty Clip-lotto Mnlthlescin, top jilioln. who wiis shot to dcnil) nccordini! to New York police] by her youthful sweelhcm-l' Donald Carroll, Jr., shown bi-low. Carroll was said '.o have (old police lie .rait n bullet llnouiih ;i corsage which Miss Alalllilescii had pinned to tier breast, but did not carry out his part of the pud because the girl begged, him not to, Just before •slid died. He Is a New York university freshman. '•Kennedy Eyes Governorship A factor ii. the turbulent Pennsylvania political situation Is Lieut.-Gov. Thomas Kennedy, above, who Is seeking the i;ov- crnorship with support of C. I. O. Chairman John L. Lewis. Kennedy, wlio Is secielary- trcnsurCT ot the United Mine Workers Union, is an independent candidate (or the post now held by Gov. George Karte, who is seeking a U. S, Scnalc seat. The Democratic stale committee refused to endorse Kennedy, despite Lewis' insistence. PAGE THREE IN riJK OHANCKfiY COURT FOR THE CIIICKASWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS, USftBAW1JA D1S ™<^ STATK OP ARKANSAS, f'hilntlir, V. No. (1031 UKMNQUBNT LANDS IN 01IICKA3AWBA DISTRICT OP MISSIS KII'IH COUNTY Foiim-run von, NON-PAYMENT OP^AX^ AMU BOI.U TO •nil-: STATK OP ARKANSAS IM°L^ N O T I U B ' , NoticL- Is limby nlvcu Hint pursuant to Ad No. 110 of the Cleiieral A.wniibly of tln> Slntc of Arkansas of |a:ir., (here has been led In 11 ...... ««' «f H>i! Clerk of llw Chancery Cmrt for L el rt wwin' I Wi-let of MtofsitPDl County, Arkniw.; th, ,-omplal of , e KU e |ii Arknnsns lo < m i,..l „.„! ,-,,nnrm In said Sluto the III" to cer I In nids ,, u ,nt,on,d In „,,„ MmMal „,,,, ,„„„ ,„ the Chic towl" - lilcl ill Mlsslssljipl County, Arknn.sii.s All priwms whn oun »t up any rlj-lit t« the mnd s K0 forftlted n,ul II iiir ,,wl;y iviimed to nnncur In Hie c:jianci>ry Court lor "a < (hlckiiMiwtm Dlstria ,,r Ml^lsslppl county, at tho Sep ember ter « rr th.. ptiWica Ion of this, to-wlt „„ the 2011, .Iny of ' ••ii l.'r H ' . »"«« ...... «t »K' connrn,,,,, MiB In Jt'i- .slinpio fii f ,, lk | | UII ,| S „„„ '. II uny thrro b.>, why iJ )P nnd V es Ud m t , ' LIST OP LANDS IN Mississippi f.'OIINTV rillCKASAWIIA IMSTKICT I'lll fl lit ll p (>1 . |i|;j| 'paves / 111 WJinsc l':ir( (jf Avirssi'il Srdlim Hn Tu«'iislil|i 15 North, (o M h, thi Ii. II. H!i;y -,VK HK U. II. llli'.v NW .SK T'liuixln'ii If, 1). 1,. l3avls-«Vi SW NK I), l». Drtvls-N'/j NK SK Alllii Hruwn -l/il. 'I KK UK W. I', llolsclaw- -Lot a NH NW -'(I 31 Nnrlli, :u :n ID Mm-lh, i'.; w.-i 3:1 in N.n-Hi, 10 Idn Mny Qiihui—SW SK Ida May Qiilnti—NW NK ir, B. N. Sphullv, Ksl-S'.j NK KW ai Wnlli'i- Driver—S of If. f;u Ml-; y\ Waller Driver— NE SB yi Wiillcr DrliTr—NW HK "'( Walk'i- »rh'i'i'~.SK Ste a;'j Tiiwiislilp ir. North, I! J. W, Alcy-3 II,M A. \V Jfl u, N'.{. N't. SK ' 10 M. C. Cli-ulry—lol 18 NK ir, 11. t.. Cluiuibcrs—1'YI. SK NK 21 II. Ij. Chambers—BW NK ;>! Timnslilj) II North, i William C. Wood—NB SW 10 Wllllnm c. Wixxl—NW NW id William C. Wood—SK SW U) Wllllnm C. Wood—SW SW 10 Charley Collins—si; NW ri C. R, IMigh—NW NW Cl. U. Nnvc—N'.t M IB - Ntir th. K:iii B (> 30 M K:\tl .|(1 1(1 IC.VO m 111 IM '10 20 2r. '1(1 •1(1 40 Ixit •It) '13 K:isl '•10 10 •ID . •10 M« Tax, I'rniilty and <-'ost If 28.72 28.72 H..10 H.3I) c.nn 24.41 in.ID .H.M i7.!in 2IITJ 28.12 28,12 29 02 2.M 22,-tO 28.72 7.1D Henry Nipper—W!i NK Nl 1 Niuicy Tlmms—Lot a NW Nmicy 'Ilimiis—U)t ^ NW Nnney Thnms— IM n NW :iii Tovi'iulilii 15 Nor Hi, ltnuj!f Amanda 8li!V«ns—W 11.80 Ft. W!<j Lot a ()[ NR W'.i W'.ii W'/j .SR || In Wlinse Tav, IVn.* Name Assi-sscil Lot Kill. A Osl TOWN ()!•• m.YTHl-VII.I.i; Al.'l.sfin Ailillllilli to lllyllii vllll- 10 2.01) uii.iir) 7.18 KM H.3K 3.5D 20.30 2.03 2.[i3 2S.1!) ir>jn Ilainp Hawkins a 1 !'. U. Tlllmon • a 1 P. K. Tllhuou 10 I I'mrl Uiwiks nnd Ella Puller WSi IS •! Annie franklin 8 7 Emma Hicks (| il Einnm nicks 7 B, HurrAu and' Lilly to Hlyllu-vllli- J. O. Scott | W. G. Maxwell 7 Joo Tnylor 12 Frank McClrcffor. 7 .Frank McOrcgor, N '20 Pi> fl lirrknmn Aililltion til Mrs. Mliiulu Mason, S OH * ? t. ,r $io.or. n.:i8 lo.fir. 15.70 io,or t 8.13 3.0U 10.C5 0,8(1 IHylh'c Aililllliin ii> Mrs. Eva Hardln EJf. 11 21 1,82 Mrs, Evil llardln 12 , 21 1,33 Mrs. C. W. Oosnell io :>r, . SO.O^ Tom Howard 1:1 2'l i.'as.BO Mrs. Kvn fliitdln R'.', is 27 '' r»:«n Mrs. Kvallnrdln II) 21 25.80 ifi'iiricttn Good n :i:i an/12' Mrs. Evil llurdln 2 :ifi 13.18 lllytlicvillr l.iniilii-r Cinni'-iny Hcrnnil ytilitllliiii In Hlytliiivill Ira Clray Ii'n Gray fi 20.7. r ) 4.;t,-j ., K. iM. Hryan Addition lo III] Ilii-vlllc J. W. Baiter [ •) 1.82 J. W. Dadcr 2 •! 1.82 J. W. nader 3 -I 1.82 .1. \V, Badcr •! -I 1.B2 Addition to lllylhovllli- Cotton Classing School To Be Held At Manila A cotton classing school will be held at Manila Monday. Tuesday ami Wednesday, with the Mld- Soulh Cotton Growers association and the vocational agricultural department cooperating. There will be no charge for taking the cotton classing course and all cotton erowers are invited to attend, It has been announced by A. E. Thftmsaon, branch manager of the Mid-South'!) Blylhevllle of- floe, who will be In charge of classing Instructions. He will be nssisl- cct by Ray Wliitmore, tcacticr of vocational agriculture in Ihe Ma- 1 nlla school, where the classes will' be conducted. J. w, Bnder M. T. uombfiln.ikl (i E. E. Hawkins 2 C. j. Evrnrri n C. J. Evrnrd I) Charles Nreelham 7 4 10 M 14 1G 10.65 10.05 20.75 3.08 3.08 Chicago Mill anil I.uinlirr Company Aildition In lltyflievllli- W. M. McFnrbnd 11 ('lili'ka.s.i\vl):i Addition ((, lllyllicvillc Mary p. fioWnson 12 8 J.I.IK Davis first Aildltlflii In Blytlirvlltc N. Johns, Ex. 45 Ft, - E'i 2 4. 17.22 N. Johns 3 •! 33.37 I»avis Tliinl Addition (n ulytlwviUc Frank C. Douglas 1 2 PrnnJt C. Douglas 2 2 Frank C. Douglas W'i 3 2 B. D. Ferguson E'- 3 2 E. D. Ferguson W", 4 2 Equitable nldg. and Loan 7A -1 Frank C. Douglas S'.-i 1 S I)ou?on Aildlllnn lo Blyllicvllle •I. C. Thurmond, E 10 Fl. S 58 Ft,' 6 2 3.08 Hollipcler-SliOHjo Ailililinn (o Blyllipvillf 20.75 S.liO 15.70 15.17 S.CO 38.42 8.13 J. W. Under 12 |' _ ,.,_,„ l-'clwlu Itoliinson AiIiHIInu ti> lilythi'villi- Mary and Walter Ttirncr i Mary niul Waller Mary nnd Wnllcr llculnh liiicklnuhaiu 8 Miu-y Turner 11 1 , W, White P. W. while Will lioffi Cl. C. Brown Dave Hunt O.ive Hunt Da TO Hunt, Muck Chancy llufus Lemons Percy Smth lilythcvlllc Lbr. Co. 1 Hlylhcvllle Lbr. Co. 2 Ulytlicvlllc Lbv. Co. 3 11 U 7 2 2 II II 10 2 3 r. G n ii 10 m 10 10 14 M 14 18 ID IB . . .„ Huilille Heights Ailiiitlon (o Blylliev in.or, 3.«fl 3 on :i.on s.oa 10.05 ' 3.08 .'1.03 20.75!> 1.82 1.82 1.82 15.70' 3,08 , 3.07 1.82 Mrs. c. W. aosiiell 'i N ij-sldi- Aditllinii !Juruti Ihickner 7 Heprctlri clomons is Ilciircllii Clemens 10 2070 evl'llf 15.10 lO.liS 1.82 „ , „.,, 'Knil .Subilli'h-lnn (a Blythevllli- JIIMU iiostell J.-ine Hoslell Will Turrell Will Turrell TOWN OF i Original Survey : A. II, Clicnlhnin S C, I'lrst Aililltlnii to Dell Ed Medea If c fl Luclndii Martin 3 B Lucfmla Martin 4 C TOWN OK I.EACIIVII.I.E Original Survey Carrie Nnssar Carris Nassar Carrie Nassar Carrie Nnssar Carrie Nassnr' Carrie Nassar Carrie Nassar Carrie Nnssar 7 H o 10 11 7 12 4 ;! 3 ,f 3 3 g 3 10 3.03 8.(i3 fi.49 1.51 0.55 S.05 1.07 1.67 1157 1 01 107 1^55 1,07 1403 Nelson First Aildllion to I.eaclivillc M. M. Thurmond E'.J 2 A 18.5."; Nolson Scroiul Aililillon lo Le.ichvill,- Carrie Nassar 5 Carrie Nassar o Smilti Addition to Luna B. wllhelm 21 Luna n. Wllhelm 22 E. D. Ferguson O. Shonyo • Mary Brinkley O. Shonyo Mary Piirmeel Ora Jonos Ora Jones Lydia ^faroll 14 12 8 II 12 3 4 1 8.13 1.82 13.18 1.82 1.82 13.18 1.82 1.82 Irregular Lots in Blyllieville Section Ifi. Township 15 North, Range 11 East U. W. Scott 23 NW 3.08 . W. Scott 24 NW 3.08 Male Daniels Addition (o Bljthcs-ille John Alsup 12 1 1.82 John Alsup 13 1 1.82 John Alsup 5 ' 2 1.82 Morris Addition to F.lythcvillc J. C. Hopper 3 C 15.70 Park Addition lo niytherllle Mrs. iUarthahone 1 1 20.75 Mrs. U. M. McLoad C 1 15.70 Salllc Adams Est. 1 4 15.70 Prule Addition to Bljlhevllle J. A. Turner 22 H Chile KoMnson Addition In Itlytheville 51.04 H 1 13.18 A. A. Maynard A. A. Mavnard .C D D D Slaiidcnieycr Addition (o . I^aehvlllc F. P. Fisher E'.'. 5 A TOWN OF MANILA Original Survey Eli Margon 32 4 Howard pierce EVj 104 14 9.55 1.07 It! 1.G7 1.C7 2.81 2.81 2.81 2.81 2.81 C, D. Asbaliramcr Addition tri Manila If. M. Milford 6 3 f],GO H. M. Milford Parkview- Addition lo Manila 1.67 G. M. Dcnton Ora C. Dills Ora C. Dilts Ora C. Dills Nannie Dilts Nannie Dills 14 15 4 5 C 12 13 8.55 9.55 1.67 7.30 1.67 1.G7 1.G7 West End Subdivision (o Manila W. W. Shaver 8 210 TOWN OF VARBRO M. C. Flowers 3 i , 3 53 Witness my hand and sen) on this Chancery clerk. By Elizabeth Btythe, D C 23 day of Feb.. 1938. HARVEY MORRIS, Electrons were Introduced into a 60.000-volt high-tension discharge and accelerated to the speed of 83,000 miles a second In scientific experiments,

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