The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1949 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1949
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 7, 1049 tr Spring Fevers IGet a "Tonic Tired Feeling Can Be Defeated With Proper Nutrition -S Thai "tired feeling" which occurs around this time of year, is often called the result of Imagination and the weather. In the light of newer knowledge In nutrition, however, It Is now understood that ["there Is a real cause, and that the f.'right kind of food is important In •;.maintaining ovir energy and sense '.'iof well being. I For example, one of the food elements which may be lacking hi • the diet is Iron. Iron Is essential to the formation of good red blood. Lean meat, especially liver, is a valuable source of Iron, says Reba Staggs, home economist, and she recommends that It be served regularly in the diet, to Insure an adequate supply of this mineral. Especially this Is true in the case of children. . liver is easy to prepare. It can be sliced and broiled or braised If • it Is a large piece, il should be braised. It can also be ground or chopped and broited in patties, baked in a loaf, or combined with other foods to make a variety of tempting spring dishes. An unusual recipe for a liver j dish that will be appetising as well • as beneficial to children Is Liver : Rolls with Sausage" Stuffing, suggested by Miss Staggs. Liver Rolls with Sausage Stuffing 6 large slices liver 6 to 8 links cooked pork sausage 1 cup line dry bread crumbs 1 small onion, grated Vi cup hot water Salt Pepper 6 slices bacon Pour hot water over the liver slices. Sausage left over from breakfast may be cut into pieces for sausage stuffing. If no cooked sausage Is on hand, brown and partially cook the sausage first. Combine \vilh bread crumbs. Season with grated onion, salt and pepper and moisten with hot water. Pile a leaspoonful of bread dressing on each of the scalded liver slices. Roll and wrap a slice of bacon atomic .the outside. Fasten Ihe ends with toothpicks. Place in a baking dish Add one-half cup hot water, cover and cook slowly in a moderate oven for lorly-flve minutes. Remove the cover during the last fifteen minutes In order to brown the bacon. Oven Dinners Lifesaver for Busy Spring Oven dinners are the menu maker's mecca the-se busy spring days, they're hearty, they fill the kitchen will) fragrant cheer, and they take very liltle attention while they're cooking. Casseroles, tlie mainstay of his type of. cookery, arc almost meals In themselves but they often need thai one acccnl in an accompanying dish to round oul the menu. Something new and different for that accompanying dtsh Is baked bananas, a clever way to Irade on the family's fondness for a favorite fruit. Cooked bananas have a ile- liclously different flavor lo offer to ,iny meals and since they can be b:iked in than twenty minutes, prepared almost as quickly as you can strip them of their peel, they make a handy quick cooker to accompany the oven meal. Just put In the baking dish of peeled bananas salted and buttered and Dial's every bit of the attention they claim from yon. They make a mellow note lo dress up any plain meal and they've important nutritional qualities, too, besides tasting so good. Bananas have vitamins A, the B group, and C (ascorbic acid), eleven essential minerals, and food energy. Ilakeil Bananas fi firni bananas' 2 tbsps. melted butter Salt Use all-yellow or slightly Krcen- .Ipped Ininanas. Peer bananas. Place Into a well- buttered baking dish. Brush well with butter and sprinkle lightly with salt. Bake ill a moderate oven (375 F.) 15 to 18 minutes, or until bananas are tender . . . easily pierced with a fork. If desired, bake until almost done; then place under broiler heat until tender and browned. Serve hot as a vegetable. YIELD: Six servings. Traditional Ham Is First Choice For Easter Meal Ham for Easier? or course,'for It Is as much a part ol Easter as colored eggs nml /lower bedecked Iron- net.s. If the family Is small, It's worth wlille coiiMrtei ing the half ham or even a llilck ham slice. Or If there's to be company at Ihe Easter table, go nil out with a majestic whole ham and dress It up to make It sometlilnt' to remember In (.lie parade ol holiday int'iiLs. Check tlic (hue required for baking liie ham on the Instruction U\s menu Is a grca'l tempter of appe-i tltes. and bacon requires only a short, time to prepare. Put. a single layer of slices in a cold frying pan and cook slowly over low licat. turning occasionally. Pour ofl the fill Iroin time to lime so that the bottom of the pan is only well greased. When tlic bacon Is light golden brown and evenly crisped, remove to a hot platter. Canadian style bacon or ham may also be used If you prefer They are as easily broiled or pim- brollcd. >r wrapper and start the roasting .n time to allow at least a lialt hour [or scoring and glazing. Place Ihe ham, fal side uj). on a. rack In a shallow open porcelain enameled unking pan, These rectangular baking pans arc excellent (or roasting ineat-s because (hey heat evenly and tlicii' gluss coating is easy to clean. Snamcled pans may be placed over direct heal for making gravy after .he meat is removed, too. Bake the ham al n low tempera- j lure (325P.). Hall an hour before } the end of the baking period, remove the ham from the oven. Pour off lite drippings and cut off the •skin or rind, leaving the layer of fal as a smooth finish. Then mark diagonal lines across the ham with Hie knite, making them about 'A inch deep and 1 Inch apart. By marking diagonal lines in both directions, an attractive dlamond- slmped pattern will be Hie result. Glaze (he surface of the fat with brown .suitor, lioncy or apricot Jam and itucl each diamond shape with a whole clove. Return to the oven lo bake for approximately 20 min- ule.s. Garnlbh the platter with simple greens, like parsley. For an extra frill, tuck in some bright carrot curls or arrange pear halves filled with bright jelly amidst the greens Head Courier News Want Ads. ^ "-a J Wl •!•>» iirv V^ PACKED ^THI* tmiA Spring Appetites "Perked Up" With Veal Dumplings The delicate flavor of veal makes H .an excellent food to Include often In the spring diet, when appetites usually need "perking up' While veal cutlets and chops are perhaps the most popular vcnl dishes there are many other ways o bringing veal into the menu foi the family. Reba SLaggs, home economist, suggests as one example Mrving veal dumplings. Teal with Dumplings B pounds^diced-veal shoulder 1 onton 1 quart water 2 tea-spoons salt J { teaspoon pepper Vi teaspoon Worceslcr.shire Aauce 2 cups diced potatoes 6-carrots 4 tablespoons flour *;i cup cold water Have meat cut Inlo one-Inch cubes. Simmer veal and sliced onion in water for one hour. Add salt pepper, Worcestershire saxice, potatoes and sliced carrots, Continue cooking for fifteen minutes. Thlck- . en''mixture with the flour and water which have been blended together. Prepare dumplings and drop by teaspoonfuls on top of the meal Coyer closely and continue for twelve minutes. Dumplings I 1 i-cups flour '3 teaspoons baking powder U teaspoon salt '2-.teaspoons lard ^i cup milk Sift Hour, measure and sift again •with baking powder and salt. Cut in lard until a fine crumb. Add milk and mix to a soft dough. Tempt Family At Breakfast With Variety Breakfast Is a incnl worth a liUle extra planning, for two reasons, says Reba Staggs. food authority. First of all. a really tempting jreakfast will help lo solve- the >rogrnm of getting the "sleepy;" out of bed. They'll pel up If (hey know 11mI they arc going to get n good breiikfast. The second, mad perhaps the most Important reason, according to Miss Staggs, is Ihnt the family and especially the children, will start the day right with good, satisfying tood. An Important point to consider is planning with nn eye to ease of preparation. A really good breakfast need not take too much lime or extra work. For example, the addftior. of crisp bacon slices to the breakfast H*i«'» onolhtl "7iri1~ IDT Kelly*! f rU» Fl*ur . . . IU*t left yeori wiih dUciImtaaling hoai«wiYe» NOW your Icvoiil* oil-put pc*# Hour kilnqi you Kxntlhb? »nltr«]y a»w ,. . on apian tufl of /JourI U(H AftOH K, KUDY M« - HO UVMK - SUM 1 If SACK SUMS -OH 25 It. UO(S OHr • np tit MOT* . .. and prowl Yev Wiih ffilfj'i tntt NfcM, f CM o» bob* i.i a 7nlJy rofcwid ic.l.n afxeo. ir - "- J --' L - •fuldi«;qn». Ar.d nc-.irab*! ihsl i»o >gi oak* a dcady pall of ruitctrul ' s> fv K ""«' & tflLLY'l MIDI flOU* It PACKED IN All Ulti. PHOSPHATID Ot MlF-rjSINO Agi&n Soft i Avoi/ob/* i 35 U>. Sri. Onrv At WAYS THf FINEST w|A< <$* &, ^ ASK YOU* V€AlfK TODAY* MOORE BROTHERS Highway 18 West, Blylheville CHECK THESE WEEKEND MEAT ^ EXPENSIVE MAKE YOURS LAST Yo« can't find * Safer HeachlhanKUTTYHUNK Bluing. H doei not contain SODIUM HYPO- CHLORITE <x any otKor chemical that may "cat" and weaken tlie fabric of your Clothw . . . KUTTY- HUNK n a Safe, Natural bleach that will no), hurt wry fabric that waler *•!! wii net Harm. Sftftiols CALL 832 FOR FREE DELIVERY U.S. Graded "Good" ROUND STEAK - Swift's . . . 3 to 5 Ib. pieces SLAB BACON • Delicious, meaty PORK ROAST - Skinless WIENERS Ib. 45< Armour's or Swift's SLICED BACON Ib. 47* Guaranteed fresh COUNTRY EGGS - - - - doz. Sold V I/*«(linK Independent tin,1 ten, A A P, Kroger, Snfcway, Lib. «Hy, »nd All Chain Grocers. At ,1. !).'» Meat Shop & al 211 South 1st. FRIDAY & SATURDAY ONLY! Orange Cake - - 50(£ With Fresh Ornnge king—2 Layers CURT'S BAKERY Phone 9IM Phone 832 Phone Orders Karly, Please J.D.'s MEAT Shop J. D. LUNSFORD Across from Goff Hotel Phone 832 "S*V Ju ICQ '*»&• 46. G,-, °*. ? '/Je/j ''Hit Jf >tfftoxvte V&CttB -o n Cvc am sl^ c > W cans 0 \<lcn 20c Sliced or Halves Ho. iVa cans 35d SCHL DAY 2 S™ 2 IS S (0cjf No. '1 Sieve »;> at fh/s , 0 Pric fall cans 47, Per CORN 2 Pride of Illinois BEANS \ Standard Cut Green NO. 303 Cans SJ- 29- ( >i'h <«-<*. C *7 S «a <-'d PEAS Standard Fi'csh LSJackeyes 2 No. 2 Qlc Cans 01 43, It's * 5 ho^ / .^; or Salad Dressing EMBASSY PRESERVES 3 EMBASSY Peach. CHEESE FOOD Vfit^* Windsor Club. $9 ! EUAP MILK MARGARINE PRESERVES MACARONI OR SPAGHETTI PORK & BEANS Kroger I'ure Kroger Ealmore Kroger Strawberry 3 T.ill 070 Cans 01 Ctns. 1-lb. Jar 29 Kroger 1-lb -IJTc Kroger Pkg. A 23-oz. Cans 29 C 8 Lb. Home GIVE THIS NEW FLOWER A NAME WIN 525,000-00 102 other eush prizes in Procter Jt Gamble ContesL. Plus $1,500-00 worth of groceries ... to ajiy Kroger customer who wln« first prize am] names Krogor as dealer. Get entry blanks and P ^ G products at Kroger. ORANGES 2 Full Qiiiirls of Juice in Every S Pounds APPLES 5 Lb Baf 49° Oregon Slate Extra Fancy Yellow Newlowns GREEN CORN , 29 Sluicked, Trimmed, Cleaned, Pan Ready POTATOES 10 Lb -£f 49 C cSS- \\ : aslied Red Triumphs Without Coupon, 5!)c ionic LUVIV. EVERYONE! A package of zinnia seeds will be mailed lo everyone who enters. 10c THIS COUPON WORTH TOc on the Purchase of any POTATOES 10c At Regular Low Price Good at your Kroger Store March 31 through April 9, 1949 CHUCK ROAST U.S. graded good or choice. Ib. 49C 59 C BRISKET 0 BEEF Lb 25 [TEAKETTLE RIB ROAST U.S. Graded Good or Choice U.S. Graded Good or Choice BONELESS BEEF '- 59 PORK LOIN ROAST , b 49 U.S. Graded Good or Choice Cut from Young 1'orkers PORK SAUSAGE 2 69 SLICED BACON ,49 Wagner Hrand, Pure Pork All-Kite SKINLESS FRANKS , „ 49 C PERCH FILLETS ,.„. 39 C Armour Star Svvcel Flavor, Delicate Texlure HURRY) OFFER CLOSING SOON'. COMPLETE YOUR SET Of GLAMOROUS Spotlight Coffee PRINCESS PATTERN SILVERWARE NEW ^-^c; DESIGN BEHER IN EVERY WAY •fcmode ol h«n)T olurainum •& itlf-openin^ vtiirtlt * wdir jouge ',ho<ii (onltnli by cup Cet yours today! Offer Limited

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